D.J. Caruso's Y: The Last Man Movie Struggling With its Script?

December 30, 2008
Source: ComingSoon

Y: The Last Man

One comic book adaptation we're very anxious to see is Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man. It's been in development at New Line Cinema for a long time, with Eagle Eye and Disturbia director D.J. Caruso attached as director and Shia LaBeouf attached as its star. For as much as we've written about the project and even talked to Caruso himself about it, apparently it's still struggling. ComingSoon ran their interview Caruso yesterday but we didn't notice this until today. "I think it's one of those that the source material is fantastic stuff, it's great, but it's a tough one to lick into getting into a screenplay," Caruso said.

He continues: "I've tried to feel like it's a trilogy of movies and I think everyone sort of agrees, but at the same time, just getting the first movie right and getting the right beats and knowing what to put in, it's been really tough. You have great minds like David Goyer and you've got Carl Ellsworth and you've got Brian K. Vaughn [all working on the screenplay], and I'm working with them to just kind of crack it and get it down. And we're almost there. I know it's a slow process, but I think eventually we'll get it. We're going to get it and we'll get it right, but we had a pretty good breakthrough a couple weeks ago in the final act, and hopefully we'll get there."

As an optimistic person, I think this means it's likely we'll see it one day. Although I didn't like Eagle Eye too much, I loved Disturbia, and still think D.J. Caruso is a great director for this project. When asked if he might still make Y: The Last Man his next movie, he seemed unsure. "Well, I think we'll probably do one in between if we don't get the script going soon, but we'll see. I have not found a movie that's there yet. I just think if we turn in Y after the holiday and it came in and got going quick then it would be up for sure. I'm open to it, but I need to eventually make a living." We'll let you know once there are more updates.

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He's a talentless director, and i'm sick of Shia. Disturbia was a lite movie, so no wonder he did a "nice job" with it, there wasn't much wrong he could've done. Eagle Eye was just bad.

Darunia on Dec 30, 2008


I really hope Shia doesn't get cast as Yorick. How old was the character when he started out in issue #1, I'm not even sure Shia is old enough.

BahHumbug on Dec 30, 2008


I think in all honesty Shia would be a good cast for Yorick, it's the only type of character that he can do properly, who else would you guys want to cast anyways? I'm excited either way though, this has to be one of the greatest comic books I've been pretty psyched ever since they announced that they were gonna make it into a movie.

Nick on Dec 30, 2008


Shia isnt write for the role. I have not read the comic or anything, but I know he isnt right, because he is a douche and shouldnt play any role beside that Witwiki kid in transformers.

MrSammich on Dec 30, 2008


This would work better at a television show. It was never about the epidemic. It was about the women Yorick met and how they changed his life.

Fuelbot on Dec 31, 2008


shia is the perfect age #2 in book he is a kid in college and eagle eye wasn't bad just the concept was so outdated

nelson on Dec 31, 2008


Y:The Last Man was one of the best comic book of it's time,The Concept was amazing.Hope Shia plays out the role well.

Fisherr on Jan 1, 2009


is it just me or does ryan reynolds look just like yorick in that photo

Zach on Jan 1, 2009


Shia is NOT a good cast for this role. I couldn't think of a young actor any LESS suited for the role of Yorick. Shia isn't capable of conveying the kind of maturity and things that Yorick has to experience in his journey. Shia always just comes off like a whiny brat, both in his movies and in real life. Who else would I like to cast instead? How about Hunter Parrish off of Weeds? Not only does he look the part, but he plays that perfect line between stupid kid and adult. There's one suggestion. It's not as if there is only one young male actor in all of Hollywood that we have to keep casting. I have no opinion about the director. I hope they stay true to the source material. If you make the ending Hollywood, you're just going to ruin it. And for everybody's sake, do not let Shia Lebeouf butcher this role.

Kyle on Jan 2, 2009


Shia is NOT the right guy for this role. It'll take more than wide eyed shouting to make the character of Yorick. Also, if it's a trilogy and by some miracle they pull a good performance out of him, then you will have all the other tripe Shia will be contracted to churn out diluting any good work done on Y. No thanks. There are many good actors who could carry this better, without the baggage and without spunking half the budget on their salary. I need this film to stand on it's own merits – not to just be this quarters Shia film before he does "Santa Clause versus Homeland Security" or whatever. Dod

dodfaefife on Jan 3, 2009


It's a journey story far too detailed to fit into a single movie and too flowing to be broken up into several films. The only way it would be done justice imo is a serial TV show with a decent budget. I hope they can this film asap so it doesn't spoil the potential success of a tv series.

Shikaka on Jan 4, 2009


Give me a break! This is an easy adaptation, and they already nailed it, way back when Jeff Vintar did the first draft. The problem was that New Line just doesn't get the project, and so now everyone is struggling to try to do something new. Brian K. Vaughn's drafts threw out the original comic book for a totally new ill-conceived direction; and Carl Ellsworth's drafts have been crap. All they have to do is pull Vintar's first draft off the shelf, dust it off, and film it. It was faithful to the source material, hilarious, and thought-provoking. The problem is that when a project is at the wrong studio, and the guys in chrage making the decisions--meaning Toby Emmerich and his new bosses at Warners--just don't see the movie, there is no hope. The development goes off in crazy directions and by the time the film is made, the fans just shake their head and say, what were they thinking? The original comic book is ready-made for film, and you already have a great script--just FILM IT!

Steve on Jan 5, 2009


Just finished the comic today, If Shia is in, I am out

jimmy on Jan 20, 2009


well, if you read the comic book from start to finish then there really is no need to see a movie version, is there?

leonitogoto on Feb 19, 2009


Shia was great in TRansformers but he will SUCK as Yorick. Come on they don't even LOOK remotely alike. Please please please don't use him, go with an unknown.

scott on Feb 20, 2009


This should be a eight-to-twelve hour-long miniseries. New Line needs to turn it over to HBO.

K26dp on Feb 26, 2009


My pick for 355: Jasika Nicole from Fringe.

hauser on Mar 9, 2009


1. Scott, shia was not great in transformers, there was no "great" in transformers. 2. Evryone else is right that Shia is not right for this. 3. Leonitogoto nailed it. Can't we just leave comics as comics? The authors arent writing screenplays, they're writing fucking comics! Having said that, the guy from "Weeds" could work.

Spiva on Mar 12, 2009

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