Does This Scare You? New Poster for The Strangers

April 21, 2008

New The Strangers Poster

I'm trying to gauge the level of interest and the level of scariness of this upcoming movie - The Strangers. It is one of the only horror movie hitting theaters this entire summer (besides maybe The X-Files: I Want to Believe or Baghead or Midnight Meat Train), which goes to show that Universal seems pretty damn confident in it. STYD has debuted the latest poster which features nothing more than a scene cut directly from the trailer (how original). It's interesting that they chose this photo because I'm guessing they think it's going to creep people out enough to get them to see it. So I'm wondering, does it scare you?

Another interesting thing to note - this is Rated R for for violence/terror and language. I think that's a good sign in lieu of Andy's discussion on horror recently. If you haven't already seen the trailer, go take a look, it'll help you make a better determination on how scary this all really seems.

The Strangers

What I think about when I look at this is - how scary can it be? The movie only really features two people, Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, who get chased around by a total of three masked strangers. I'm sure no one else dies or gets hacked up for most of the movie, so how much horror can there be? Maybe that's why this looks so good - maybe it's the one horror movie in recent years that doesn't need gore to be scary.

After returning from a wedding reception, a couple staying in an isolated vacation house receive a knock on the door in the mid-hours of the night. What ensues is a violent invasion by three strangers, their faces hidden behind masks. The couple find themselves in a violent struggle, in which they go beyond what either of them thought capable in order to survive.

The Strangers is both written and directed by Bryan Bertino as his first feature film. The film arrives in theaters this summer on May 30th.

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That's a pretty chilling image in the distance. I hope this turns out to be all its cracked up to be.

Spider on Apr 21, 2008



Frame on Apr 21, 2008


Wow, that looks creepy. I haven't been too big on horror flicks over the past few years for the reasons mentioned in the linked articles, but this one catches my interest. This poster is just unsettling enough to grab you.

Lunchbox on Apr 21, 2008


that scene is in the preview and I must admit that it was pretty creepy when I saw it

rstevens on Apr 21, 2008


The french film this is based off of ILS aka THEM is now on dvd. I suggest renting it and avoiding this remake.

Stabmaster Arson on Apr 21, 2008


that looks like a great poster. i hope people go see this flick. im getting really tired of cgi

darrin on Apr 21, 2008


And btw, it's not the only horror film hitting theaters this summer. Rogue, Frontiers, Stuck, Mother of Tears (all of which have limited theatrical release) and Mirrors come out this summer, as well as CB's new film.

Stabmaster Arson on Apr 21, 2008


ok, um. _yes_ I've got the total whimwhams now. *goes to check the closets*

Melissa on Apr 21, 2008


this movie better live up to all the creepy/disturbing/scary hype it has going for it!

Nick O. on Apr 21, 2008


just looks like another jumpy "we're getting chased a lot" movie. boring.

conor on Apr 22, 2008


my prediction: the first 50% or so will be bad-ass, but then it'll level out and just be OK. the sneaky creepy factor looks like it'll be great, but that will probably wane once the masked characters really come into focus. b/c then you have to wonder, why the hell are they wearing those masks? since this was "inspired by true events," we're probably assured of them not being devilish ghosts ala The Orphanage. however, if the intruders actually end up killing Tyler and Speedman, that would it pretty darn disturbing. (that won't happen, of course!) back to the original query, yes, it definitely scures me! 🙂

kevin powers on Apr 22, 2008


Why is she pointing at her feet ? ? ? ?

aldude on Apr 22, 2008


Because she wants people to look at the only sexy part of her body. Hell, I might see it, if only to see her get butchered. Anyway, the poster looks pretty good, but I agree with #10.

IHateChildren on Apr 22, 2008


She's pointing at her feet because in the trailer she was smoking a cigarrette in that scene. They took it out. Probably so all the 16 yro's that sneek into this movie won't be tempted to smoke upon seeing the poster. You know... these kids today. Who can trust them?

NotyomommasCat on Apr 22, 2008


I dunno. I'm more interested in finding out what events inspired it, read about them, and save myself $12

Nathan on Apr 22, 2008


Poster reminds me of the original HALLOWEEN. Is this where horror is going now? From torture horror to home invasion/torture horror (FUNNY GAMES and this). I used to love horror because it was escapist, but these new movies where families are attacked in their own homes is too "real" and I have no desire to see any of them. I remember seeing this stuff years ago (LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE). I didn't like it then and am totally turned off by it now.

tommyturner on Apr 22, 2008


I think to many people nowadays confuse Gore with Horror...Horror is associated with intense fear, apprehension, dread, extreme doesn't actually have to have any killing whatsoever to be horror in the terms of the word itself... Yet, the movies basically all follow the BLOOD, KILLING, MONSTER formula and label it Horror. Now i'm not against something having blood and killing in it, but the plot and the feel shouldn't be Gore if the point of the movie is Horror. Sunshine, would actually be considered more Horror than this movie. Sunshine's premise was about fear, the unknown, isolation, trust...all things people would consider something horrible in the right situation. Personally The Exorcist, Children of the Corn, Silence of the Lambs, and In the Mouth of Madness come to mind as really good Horror movies, while they do have some gore involved, the premise was inline with what horror would mean.

Nicc on Apr 22, 2008


I have high hopes for this movie being scary and well made. Personally, I find isolation really terrifying, and this movie plays on that. The poster doesn't really do anything for me, but I like that its a simple screen shot and doesn't try to present itself as something that its not, it just is what it is. Plus, Liv Tyler's awesome, so I'm sold just on her being in it. I read an article last summer, I think, where she talked about making this film and how emotionally distraught she was throughout the process, so if that tells us anything, it should be pretty terrifying.

Traveler on Apr 22, 2008


Looks very good but I kind fo liked the first poster though that one looks like more of a torture porn flick. This poster makes it look more thriller. Wish there was a combination of the two somehow....

Ryan on Apr 22, 2008


I saw this trailer in November I think and it was freakin' me out and I can stand ALOT of "scares". I think it may have been the look of the trailer, who knows. I will see it and be pumped up while watching it. I hope it has freaky shit, not just gore. Freaky like Lynch, but we all know no one hold a candle these days to Lynch. I did hear this is neck and neck with a French film that just came out called THEM. I hope this movie is good and delivers horror...not a knife in the vagina or the hacking of a dick...but chainsaws still kick ass.

wm on Apr 22, 2008


It's Scarecrow and Ghost Face all wrapped up in one

Bat on Apr 22, 2008


idk it looks pretty cool. and its based on true events? pretty creepy...

Joker Girl on May 16, 2008


It's scary how liv tyler looks chubby in that shirt, she needs to show more skin and wear a skirt.

kevin on May 22, 2008

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