Don't Watch: Eagle Eye's Alternate Ending - This is Bad!

December 30, 2008
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Eagle Eye's Alternate Ending

One of the most successful posts we've ever written was for I Am Legend's original ending (it has received 1478 comments). The reason I went out of my way to mention it at the time was because I think it was a far superior ending that should've been in the movie. However, today we have an example of the exact opposite - an alternate ending for Eagle Eye that was thankfully not in the movie. Not only is it a mini commercial for Rock Band (maybe they couldn't get the rights?), but it's just plain bad. Check it out below, if you so wish, before Paramount whips it off of YouTube and forces you to pay money to buy the DVD to see it.

I actually don't even really remember what the ending was before this. I enjoyed some of the earlier parts of Eagle Eye, but I guess I just lost interest by the time it got to the end. I'm not even that excited to watch it again now that it's out on Blu-Ray. That said, I'll admit that this is an interesting ending, but that's it. There seems to be an increasingly popular trend of ending movies on a note that says this is just the beginning of more (e.g. No Country for Old Men, Funny Games). I think it's sometimes a bold move, but in Eagle Eye, it would've been awfully cheesy, especially setup around a bunch of kids playing Rock Band. Thoughts?

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So its a setup for a sequel. Why a sequel. Just leave movies alone, but I guess Hollywood likes to make sequels and destroy great art, like books and comic books. No more originality. Because everything is done already. I liked the old ending of Eagle Eye, I hope nobody buys this version, wait to late.

Andrew on Dec 30, 2008


Considering the rest of the movie is absolutely terrible, it would've worked.

Colin on Dec 30, 2008


I haven't seen the alternative ending to Eagle Eye but I totally agree with you that WB chose the wrong ending for I am Legend. The DVD alternative was superior in every way including the musical score which ended the film into credits! chuck on Dec 30, 2008


wait, why target a kid? like a little kid. he gonna rob a bank for the big scary bad guys? damn that was weak.

Al on Dec 30, 2008


That was confusing and made me sad that was even a consideration for the ending.

Nick on Dec 30, 2008


wat the............

Rigo on Dec 30, 2008


as bad as the I am Legend alternate ending. Stop being such a fag.

smacky on Dec 30, 2008


That ending could have done without the Sam singing with his friends. I though this movie was insane and I am sure they could write up another script for a sequel. That computer can't stay shut down forever. The back up it started must have worked well enough. It could be starting to rebuild itself etc. Looking forward to seeing what they can do.

Silence on Dec 31, 2008


Sam brings Rock band to kids as present in original ending too, so it's not question of rights.

xMort on Dec 31, 2008


The theatre ending ended when she kissed him on the cheek and that was it. But this one is awful, the song and then targeting the kid. THE COMPUTER WAS KILLED! Thank-god this wasn't the ending. I wonder if this was actually in the script and they did it for fun.

Ryan on Dec 31, 2008


umm where is the video?

dom on Dec 31, 2008


to be quite honest i liked Eagle Eye a lot. However, it is the type of movie that shouldn't be franchised. So the fact that they didn't have that ending in the movie is really great because a sequel would have killed the whole damn movie for me...

KyB on Dec 31, 2008


oh god oO

Padme on Dec 31, 2008


I almost think I should watch the movie, just to see how this ending could be so atrocious. But then I think... no. No I shouldn't.

The Don on Dec 31, 2008


That was so f'n stupid

Anthony on Dec 31, 2008


That was so awful! The cinema version where he gives Rock Band to the kid was bad enough, but to actually see a montage of all the kids 'enjoying' it is incredible disgusting!

Joel on Dec 31, 2008


Will Aria be back ?...It looks like that by the end of it. Time will tell....

Fisherr on Jan 1, 2009


bummer... the video is gone now. Anyway, just wanted to say that I watched Eagle Eye last night on DVD and it ROCKS. I had low expectations based on some reviews, but was pleasantly surprised. I don't remember the ending being anything special, but I'm glad they didn't go with what this alternative sounds like from the comments. I'll also add that I saw I am Legend and was disappointed. Probably expected too much from it. I do remember thinking that its ending was poor. Anyway, two thumbs up for Eagle Eye! ~ Frank aka trade show displays

Frank aka trade show displays on Apr 28, 2009

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