Dual International Speed Racer Trailers Launch!

March 9, 2008
Source: iklipz

International Speed Racer Trailers

Apparently there is a brand new Speed Racer trailer playing in front of 10,000 B.C., but unfortunately I haven't seen it yet because I'm in Austin, TX for SXSW. While that trailer is still awaiting its online debut, Warner Brothers has launched two new international trailers for the summer movie. You need to see these - I am excited as HELL for this. I know I may be alone and I know this may create controversy, but it's designed to look like a video game and I think it's going to kick some serious ass. The Wachowski's are back and they're going to blow your mind again with Speed Racer, I guarantee.

I'd love to talk A LOT more about this, but I'll save my subjective statements until we have the official domestic trailer released. Stay tuned for more on that this week when that trailer hits.

Watch the FIRST new international trailer for Speed Racer:

[flv:speed-racer-int1.flv 504 214]

Watch the SECOND new international trailer for Speed Racer:

[flv:speed-racer-int2.flv 504 214]

I think people are completely missing the point with this movie - it's supposed to look like a video game, or more specifically, an animated movie. It's a visual style that The Wachowski's are inventing. Did anyone think bullet time was a real visual style for movies before The Matrix? I think not, and when you think that this is The Wachowski's, then you might realize that this will be as awesome as I'm expecting.

Speed Racer is written and directed by Larry and Andy Wachowski, of the Matrix trilogy and V for Vendetta. The movie arrives in theaters this summer on May 9th.

Do you think these trailers are an improvement over the first teaser trailer or worse?

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Hey dude, i'm right there with you! I hear people complain about the look of this movie but hey, let's take it for what it is, shall we? I think it looks freaking awesome and like a lot of fun! Speedracer a go go!

Markus on Mar 9, 2008


I like these trailers a lot more than the other one, this is gonna be a tasty venture

Kail on Mar 9, 2008


Really looking forward to this film, have been since I saw the first trailer, just kinda looks like my kinda film. Loving these new trailers aswell though.

Noddy on Mar 9, 2008


why call them international trailers when they're obviously for distribution in the UK therefore making them UK trailers.

newmi on Mar 9, 2008


Hey hey Alex, Good find.. I have been trying to explain this to my friends for a while... and Matrix is about the only example I can find each time of how the new technical visuals will be trend-setting in this film. Nice find.. see you on Tuesday - see you for drinks at the Napaleon(between Bally's and Paris) after the Kung Fu Panda 9:30 screening?

Dusty on Mar 9, 2008


I think the 2nd trailer is better, but i keep thinking it's The Phantom Menace of this decade.

Carlos on Mar 9, 2008


Looks absolute shit. fuck this movie.

Jojo on Mar 9, 2008


jojo doesnt offer a very intelligent argument. i think it looks great, if the plots not too great, then atleast itll be a sure treat for the eyes!

Max on Mar 9, 2008


The MAJOR DIFFERENCE between a movie like The Matrix (even the trilogy for that matter) is that they had a great storyline to go along with the great special effects i.e. the birth of bullet time to compliment it. Speed Racer in my opinion should not be compared to a classic like The Matrix. Besides the special effects that make this look not only cheesy and immature, but it looks like it has a lame story. The big wig from V For Vendetta has a case to close with Speed Racer and so he threatens him to race and/or die....honestly, who cares? Also, I don't really care for Matthew Fox. Not in Lost and certainly not for Vantage Point and this doesn't look like a very good move for him either - respect wise. Wachoswski brothers are some of my favorite filmmakers ever, but this looks like a wash to me. If they wanted to make a movie that looks animated, then why not make an animated movie? After all, the series was animated to start with. I'm outta here.

Conrad on Mar 9, 2008


I didn't like the first trailer at all. Looked like a silly cartoon movie for kids. But these new trailers - WOW, I'm completely sold! They are so different and I hope the movie can live up to these new trailers. If so, we're gonna be in for another visual hell ride from the Wachowski's!

Alex B on Mar 9, 2008


Sheer Awesomeness.

potocki on Mar 9, 2008


alex the first one is the one i saw on 10,000 bc

ha1rball on Mar 9, 2008


Alex your not alone this movie looks amazing.

CSpuppydog on Mar 9, 2008


Thanks for letting me know ha1rball! Wow... I didn't even get a chance to really watch both of these until this morning and holy CRAP, the second one KICKS ASS!! This movie looks downright incredible... I wish I could argue all of you haters about this forever! Bring it!

Alex Billington on Mar 9, 2008


Did anyone else notice that there where yokohama tires on his car?

Burger on Mar 9, 2008


Alright I'm kinda hyped for this movie, I didn't grow up with Speed Racer (Before my time) but I gotta admit the visuals are pulling me in.

Pimpslapstick on Mar 9, 2008


woot. The sound design is so crazy.

OwlBoy on Mar 9, 2008


This looks so good............................ will be there day 1

SHANE D on Mar 9, 2008


Yeah, the first one was infront of my screening of 10,000B.C. too. However after seeing some of the film in an advance test screening, it really is NOT too good at all. I think this will be the big-budget flop of the year, I really see NO audience, after seeing this trailer in THREE crowded theaters and almost NO positive reaction to it.

Ryan on Mar 9, 2008


Honestly, this looks like a kids movie. I really think somebody like the wachowskis should have done something more with their creative potential than this cgi massacre. Doesn´t look interesting at all.

Exile on Mar 9, 2008


I sat through the incredibly mediocre 10,000 B.C. and didn't see a SINGLE new trailer. I was robbed!!! Vic on Mar 9, 2008


nothing wrong with kids movies. this looks bloody amazing!!!

louise on Mar 9, 2008


I'm with you Alex people are so caught up on how bad the visuals look, in my opinion they look awesome and its something different, people don't like different they want everything the same. I was a little skeptical on the first trailer but now i have changed my mind completely after watching these trailers looks like it will be a blast to watch!

Curtis on Mar 9, 2008


To Conrad... why make an animated movie about an animated series? What's wrong with pushing the envelope? Bridging the gap between animation and live-action? I see nothing wrong with doing something different. As a matter of fact it looks ridiculously amazing. I must admit though, I forgot this movie was coming out til I saw these new trailers. Yet another summer movie I can't wait to see!

Alfredo on Mar 9, 2008


I think it looks like a weak story, bad acting, overuse of effects, and no mach 5, so no thanks ill pass on this

Alexander on Mar 9, 2008


my friend's excited to see this. i didn't grow up watching speedracer, so i have no idea what it's about. but to me, the story is way cheesy and blows. but i'm up for seeing the visual effects in full. i welcome the introduction of new trends.

craziemutant on Mar 10, 2008


A movie for kids with animations made by kids, i don't really care about the story if the animation would be awsome but this looks a home made 3dmax animation made by some fans 🙂 .

Siamac on Mar 10, 2008


There was a laughing monkey in the trailer. I am soooooooo going to see that

koew on Mar 10, 2008


hey anyone know when this comes out i used to love this show when i was a kid i cannot wait for this movie and if u hate it then fuck you!

john on Mar 10, 2008


I prefer story over visuals any day of the week. The Matrix movies were an example of having both. Speed Racer, I fear, is overhyped and if I wanted to be blown away by graphics I'd by a Playstation 3 and put on some racing game. Seriously.

blueberry on Mar 10, 2008


"it's supposed to look like a video game... It's a visual style that The Wachowski's are inventing" bullshit. go watch tron.

nanodust on Mar 10, 2008


@nanodust - I'm in complete agreement with you. Personaly I just hope they don't mess up the Tron sequel.

Absinth on Mar 10, 2008


hmmmmm - could be one of those 'all the best bits are in the trailer' movies but looks worth a watch

TommyP on Mar 10, 2008


this looks like dog vomit, so stupid.

garbage on Mar 10, 2008


Still didn't have the Speed Racer theme in the trailers, but other than that I'm still looking forward to this movie.

Justy Ueki on Mar 10, 2008


While it may look amazing and it looks like a videogame, with actors. My only problem is that it doesn't remind me of anything like the original Speed Racer. Whats with the race tracks, and the backgrounds. I'll skip it.

Scorpio on Mar 10, 2008


I can't believe I'm seeing the same trailer that you are. I like genre and FX films, but this looks like utter, empty-headed pap to me. Critics will (rightfully) call this another video game masquerading as a film. Empty, flashy exercises like this do nothing to help the cause of action/sci-fi films. The Wachowski Bros (sister?) need to get back to actual story-driven film-making like Bound. Relying on visuals is a crutch. The audience deserves more.

TheTruth on Mar 10, 2008


I'm showing my age, but all I can see on the race scenes is Tron + Peter Max, and I love it.

Scott Rafer on Mar 10, 2008


Skidoobles. Gunna ruck like dem fierst one. Forrizz

Jah Weeble-Wobble on Mar 10, 2008


Thy style reminds me of the game dethkarz. The racetracks looked pretty much the same.

Lerk on Mar 10, 2008


it's all about story - and based on the trailer there is none.

steved on Mar 10, 2008


New trailer or no, it's still gonna give the kids ADHD if ya take 'em to see it. Get back to makin' grown up movies, boys (& uh, it). Rodriguez did Spy Kids 3D, and then used the loot to open his own studio. If that's the plan, then cool, on with business. If not, then just get back to making good goddamn movies.

Djoser on Mar 10, 2008


Actually the race scenes remind me of Wipeout XL on the original Playstation.

jason_md2020 on Mar 10, 2008


I was NOT a fan of the tv series, but I'm totally in love with the visual style presented in these trailers. I can't wait for this movie. Go, Speed Racer, Go.

Aggie_knight on Mar 10, 2008


Djoser, relax with the ADHD. You sound like a bad infomercial. Uber-paranoid parents... the worst.

conrad73 on Mar 10, 2008


I personally didn't like it. I expected it to be full fledged movie instead what I may see in a theater is some nonsensical crap. Too bad I was excited for the movie before I saw the trailer massacre.

Harm on Mar 11, 2008


i think this looks awesome. on par with sin city and 300 in creating a visual style that fits the source material like a glove . i hope the film has the same goofy surreal energy as the trailers.

pd on Mar 11, 2008


ah, a good old-fashioned kids/cannabis flick! i-am-therrrre! i also want a "go" cap, please.

kitano0 on Mar 11, 2008


Any body that speaks ill of this movie, I will personally race you to the toilet the next time you have to go number 2 and your rear and you will play peak a boo all over yourself!!!!!!!!!!! You won't place, hell, you won't even finish the race!!!!!!!!

Damien on Mar 12, 2008


Boy I just dont know about this one.

john on Mar 13, 2008


This film will be best watched with Shooms

MK5 on Mar 13, 2008


I've always liked Speed Racer. I might be biased towards this, though, because it reminds me of the racing scene in Spy Kids 3D (it was an aweful movie, which is exactly my point.) I hope I'm proven wrong in my opinion that this looks... Spy Kids 3D racing scene-y

Kyle on Mar 21, 2008


ok i half to admit this movie looks like it's ganna kick ass. me and my brothers grew up watching speed racer so we can't wait for it to come.

jacy on Mar 23, 2008


I am so unbelievably excited for this film. IF only for the sheer fact that it looks awesome but to top it off Emile Hirsche, Matthew Fox, Susan Surandon and Christina Richie star as well as Rain is in it. Now that is just plain exciting.

Anthony on Mar 23, 2008


I think the movie looks great! I get as excited watching these trailers as I did when I would hear the theme song come on every day at 5 o clock when I was a kid. At that time we only had a Black and White TV set that got four channels and you had to get up and turn the knob to change the channel. The first three cartoons I ever loved were Speed Racer, Marine Boy and Spiderman. Did you hear how Matthew Fox talked as Racer X? He sounded dead on like the cartoon. And you know the true star of the show is the Mach 5. This is what shaped the imagination of young boys long before video games. And what adult male who loves cars and racing didn't dream as a kid that we could actually race cars as cool as the Mach 5. Heck I still do. I just hope they don't forget the theme song. Oh yeah, and it would be cool if Speed did that startled "Ah!?" noise at least once. I can't wait!

Rusty on Mar 27, 2008


I'm so psyched for this! I especially love the second international trailer. The music and the editing is right on!

Andrew Braid on Mar 31, 2008


what is the song called in the international trailer b? it goes right with the movie.

danielson on Apr 10, 2008

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