Duke Nukem Headed to Hollywood With Max Payne Producer

September 9, 2008
Source: Kotaku

Duke Nukem

One of the most well-known classic video games is now headed to the big screen - Duke Nukem. The game first arrived on PC way back in 1991 and has since gone on to become one of the most well-known shooters that helped launch the action genre into the mainstream. Producer Scott Faye, who is currently finishing Max Payne, is working on adapting this video game and promises that "I'd rather not make the movie than make a poor adaptation." Faye's still developing the story and doesn't want to shop it around Hollywood until "until all the people involved in the project feel solid about where we are creatively." I thought Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the only classic game being adapted at the moment, but I guess I was wrong.

Although there aren't too many solid details on this yet, Faye did explain to Kotaku that "I'm working diligently at making a Duke Nukem movie scenario that will live up to the character and its importance in the videogame world." As we all know, video game movies have yet to prove themselves, and I fear Max Payne still isn't going to be the movie that will change our minds. Even Faye knows that games and movies are two different mediums that work quite differently. "Of course, a game is a game and a film is a film, and decisions need to be made, as is the case in any adaptation. But it’s important to be true to the source material." He can go on and on about how to adapt games and the time being right and so on, but it comes down to the story more than anything and whether it lives up to the game.

"Frankly, if I'm going to play a videogame based on a feature film, the last thing I want to do is play through the film narrative. If it's an interesting universe, it's an interesting universe," Faye says. Thanks again to our friends at Kotaku for breaking this news, as it's always intriguing to hear about the next big video game adaptation. As iconic and memorable as the character and name of Duke Nukem is, I can't even remember what the story was about. And that definitely may be a problem considering the story is so important here. Maybe I just need a refresher, but is the story in Duke Nukem good enough to be manhandled by Hollywood and still come out entertaining? I just really hope Duke Nukem isn't the next Doom. Thoughts?

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All I think is that the movie can be entertaining if it's ridiculously badass in an almost funny way like "Shoot 'Em Up". I enjoyed how the action in that movie was ridiculous and they can make Duke the same way.

Peter S on Sep 9, 2008


Doom the movie just... sucked. I can see how they'd ruin Duke Nukem. Duke Nukem seems a bit hard to work with... it's a cocky womanizer blowing away aliens and hitting on strippers... I just can't see a great story line coming from that but who knows.. The trailers for Max Payne look much better than the bore of the Hitman trailers so I'm positive about a good Max Payne movie. on a side note: I'd love to see an Unreal Tournament movie and an Elder Scrolls movie made.

Mo Sparx on Sep 9, 2008


I really hope duke doesnt get made into a movie, I dont think anyone can replace Jon St John and have the same effect.

Tom Dearsley on Sep 9, 2008


Now more than ever we need a hero who lives to stomp pig cop aliens and impregnate as many women as possible.

DCompose on Sep 9, 2008


Nice, Hopefully this movie doesn't stay in limbo like the next installment of the game is.

Chris Acuna on Sep 9, 2008


I think they should cast Mickey Rourke, lol.

The Real Alex on Sep 9, 2008



Jookie Juice on Sep 9, 2008


Duke Nukem is a dork anyway and would make a lousy character in any movie. This franchise isn't worthy of becoming a movie.

MrSammich on Sep 9, 2008


I suspect the chance of a Duke Nukem movie beeing made is as likely as the Duke Nukem forever game being completed.

Bjorn from Gnolad on Sep 9, 2008


This will take as iong as the new game to come out.

Jesse on Sep 9, 2008


Not really concerned. Shame the Splinter Cell movie seems to have stalled, because there's a game that could work just fine on the screen.

sleepykid on Sep 9, 2008


why not let Paul W.S Anderson direct it and have Milla Jovovich as the Duke, i mean diverting completely from the plot doesn't necessarily make it a failure/ sarcasm.

The Delightful Deviant on Sep 9, 2008


I don't know about this one guys... What made Duke fun was the Campiness & humor that gave it that anti-doom appeal. Not sure how this one'll work.

jmoney on Sep 9, 2008


How can this rumor be anymore true than the years of rumors about the next game? I will doubt this rumor until I see a teaser for it.

Kyle A. Koyote on Sep 9, 2008


BTW...Duke Nukem stole almost every line from the Evil Dead series...all his lines were so heavily influenced by Ash I find it mind blowing that they even think of making a movie.

Kyle A. Koyote on Sep 9, 2008


The only characters I see could have played this role are Arnie or Mickey Rourke who would have pulled it off well. Apart from them, I think it shouldnt be touched otherwise they will screw it up

Fearl3ss on Sep 9, 2008



Branden on Sep 9, 2008

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