Eddie Murphy is Retiring - Our Prayers Have Been Answered!

June 30, 2008
Source: Extra

Eddie Murphy

It looks like the life support is running out on Eddie Murphy's movie career. Presumably, the near 50-year-old and recent bachelor is set to please audiences nationwide - something he hasn't done in years - by going back to his comedy nightclub roots and staying out of the theater. Murphy recently told Extra, "I have close to fifty movies and it's like, why am I in the movies? I've done that part now. I'll go back to the stage and do stand-up." This news is taking much longer to type, as I can't stop from clapping. Now, I'll certainly admit the guy has done some good work (Dreamgirls, the voice of Donkey in Shrek), but the vast majority of his films in recent memory has been awful. If you need any proof of that, check out this ludicrous advertising for his next project, Meet Dave.

I pity anyone that has had to endure this insanely stupid (and potentially rage-worthy) highway spectacle. Not too surprising, the guy went sour a long time ago with Beverly Hills Cop 3. Of the 1994 film, Murphy goes on to tell Extra, "They said this is how much we're going to pay you. I said, 'let's go shoot it! I don't care if the script ain't right." While he's certainly not the most avarice of actors, that statement is the all the more insulting considering what audiences have had to endure over the years. And while I was moderately excited about a future Beverly Hills Cop 4, I'm not disappointed with Murphy putting those rumors to rest. "The movie wasn't ready to be done," he says. Gladly, you can't say the same for Murphy's career. Am I just caffeine hungry and grumpy, or is this really good news? Is finally time to rejoice?

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THANK GOD...thats all i have to say...its about friggin time.

one on Jun 30, 2008


is he still gonna voice the donkey in Shrek 4?!

alex on Jun 30, 2008


I like the guy but he has basically turned his career into a joke with these overly silly roles one after another. I really don't think he could save his career with a masterpiece movie even if he wanted to. Too many people would just be thinking about all his unmentionables the entire time. Since he's going back to stand-up, I hope he doesn't hold back and lets everything fly like in that special that HBO (or whatever channel) plays occasionally, Eddie Murphy Raw.

Viper on Jun 30, 2008


Finally!!! He is just a sad little man. His fame and glory ended a long time ago.

Galethog on Jun 30, 2008


The problem with Eddie Murphy is that he's always been one of those reclusive geniuses - kind of like Mike Myers - that doesn't collaborate well and doesn't respond well to criticism. In some ways, it's a strength. Think of all the joy he's brought people over the years with his single mindedness. Artistically, in terms of growth, it's death. I think it's VERY good news he's going back to doing stand up for a while. It might actually be humbling. What's disappointing about the arc of his career is that people always felt he could do more than race-baiting stereotypes and gross out comedy. Dreamgirls proved it. UNLIKE Mike Myers, he's actually a VERY talented actor. He just needs to get over himself and stop playing to the lowest common denominator.

Tom Brazelton on Jun 30, 2008


Pinch me i must be dreaming!

Curtis on Jun 30, 2008


Yeah I saw the commercial for this movie and I looked over at my friend and said -- What happened to Eddie Murphy. He was a funny guy, who was in some good movies -- but now he just seem to do cr-p, with Dreamgirls being the exception. I just don't get it. He must have a good amount of money in the bank-- why take every cr-p movie. I mean he was huge and made millions per film -- is it a case of bad money management or just more more more that leads an actor to take anything for the money even if it isn't good I will say I thought Daddy Daycare was cute, not great, but cute. I had no interest in Norbit and can't remember another film of his I've seen in the last five/ten years. Maybe he'll get back into stand up and find what was in him years ago. Something to get out of playing multiple characters all the time (funny in Coming to America, but now just an old tired trick)

BHcolin on Jun 30, 2008


And i do think if he was away for a few years and came back and did a great drama or well written comedy (that wasn't just about him being multiple characters) he could get some respect back for his career. I think he just needs to find what he's been missing - love for his craft. He's a funny guy and done some good stuff, so we know he has it in him

BHcolin on Jun 30, 2008


I didn't mind NORBIT but MEET DAVE? Please, he is doing himself a favor. Feel bad for the guy but I think he actually WANTS to do this. However, EXTRA? I say he is doing this for publicity.

Ryan on Jun 30, 2008


Coming to America was the last thing he did I actually enjoyed, due to the supporting cast. I did not like Donkey either. I honestly can't say we could be this lucky.....it is just another con of his.......maybe he should just get back with Scarey Spice!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Jun 30, 2008


Let see....RAW, coming to america, beverly hills cop 1-2, shrek, boomerang, Nutty Professor....the man is a comedic genius. His problem is his age and the roles written for him..how do you write for a guy that has the humor of a 20 sumthing at the age of 50 sumthing....

zippy7fo on Jun 30, 2008


A suggested soundtrack for reading this post: http://www.hallelujah-chorus.com/audio/hallelujah-chorus-9MB.mp3 Cheers! Drinks all around!

Devon Shaw on Jun 30, 2008


No, I am not rejoicing. I actually like Eddie Murphy and I feel sad about how his career has sunk. Dreamgirls showed promise and I think he might have reignited his career if he moved into dramas.

Sean Kelly on Jun 30, 2008


Come now, stop with the bit about "audiences having to endure" crap. Nobody forced anyone to go see any of Eddie's movies. Has he stunk it up over the last few years? Oh, yeah. Yet still, no one has been coerced to see the steaming piles and so I am annoyed by you suggesting otherwise. I really enjoy this site, so please dispense with such foolishness. Thanks!

Kevin on Jun 30, 2008


sad to see him go but its time, now just got to hope he brings his stand up to boston soon, if he and his brother tour together that would be amazing im sure he'll still do voice work such as donkey, but it is too late for him to kill meet dave? can he call in a favor and have all knowledge and the existence of that movie erased before it hits theatres and further ruins his name

harrison on Jun 30, 2008


I'm sorry, but Pluto Nash was the greatest and best film of all time

Kail on Jun 30, 2008


I'm with #14.. Nobody is Perfect.. :p So, stick to the good ones, belittle the bad ones & make fun of the stupid ones.. 😀 Thats the spirit of a true critic.. haha! RiP!

Gdn | TD on Jul 1, 2008


The man revolutionized the fat suit!

DCompose on Jul 1, 2008


I haven't seen an Eddy Murphy movie I liked in a really, really long time. The 'Meet Dave' trailer is painful to watch. I, for one, will not miss him in the theaters. I still like his old stuff (SNL, The Golden Child, Coming to America) but unless his new stuff resembles his old stuff...I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. The same goes for his stand up.

JeepFu on Jul 5, 2008


anybody remember Metro? that was a really good Eddie Murphy drama movie, he proved that he can actually act... Harlem Nights was awesome, Eddie, Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, Arsenio Hall... if anything, I'd like to see Eddie and Arsenio in a movie together again. Another good Eddie movie is Vampire in Brooklyn, Boomerang, Life with Martin, The Nutty Professor, Coming to America, Dr Doolittle, Dreamgirls... that's all I can think of, but Eddie has done some good work, so I'm glad he's getting out of the theaters and going back to his roots

Rod on Jul 11, 2008


As I read the critics I saw a lot of racist critics ... that just wish that Eddie to give acting .... What happen people it was 2006 when he was nominated for an Oscar " Dreamgirls " ? ...what about his voice in Shrek ? and both Showtime (2002) and I Spy (2002) were good as a comedy movies ... I will not go to the 90th or the 80th ...because we all know that he got a lot of great movies in that time too ... Why the hell no one speak about Ben stiller or Adam Sandler with all the low movies they did until now ??? is it because they are Jew and white ???? What is the great movies that Stiller and Sandler did until now ??? It is all hate and nothing ells and what about a word ( Rumor ) to be put on this topic because as I see in his profile : # The Incredible Shrinking Man (2010) (in production) # Untitled Eddie Murphy/Romeo and Juliet Project (2009) (announced) # Shrek Goes Fourth (2010) (pre-production) (voice) .... Donkey # A Thousand Words (2009) (filming) # NowhereLand (2009) (completed) .... Evan

Shero on Jul 12, 2008

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