Edgar Ramirez to Play Pablo Escobar in Two Films?!

August 14, 2008
Source: CHUD

Edgar Ramirez

A sleeper of a bad-ass, Edgar Ramirez (seen above), is in the news today with word coming (via CHUD) that director Smokin' Joe Carnahan is eying the Venezuelan actor to play the notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar, in Carnahan's 2009 biopic, Killing Pablo. There's only one problem with this. Ramirez is reportedly slated to play the same character in Antoine Fuqua's competing film, Escobar, for which Oliver Stone is executive producing. What gives? Word came down a few weeks ago that despite rumoring to the contrary, Javier Bardem would not headline Carnahan's film, so it's been know that the director was looking for another lead. We've also known that Carnahan has zero love for Fuqua and Stone's parallel production. So has Carnahan spirited Ramirez away from the competing film and on to his own?

CHUD received a message directly from Carnahan talking about Ramirez's potential involvement. "I spent the last week in Colombia with Edgar Ramirez talking Pablo and he has every intention of portraying Escobar and I couldn't be more fired up by the prospect. He's coming at it with boundless enthusiasm, conviction to the role and and the understanding that he's going to have to pack on anywhere from 35 to 40lbs." I guess that message didn't include a big "f*ck you" to Fuqua and lots of gloating that Carnahan stole his front runner? Perhaps I missed news where Ramirez was up for grabs? Carnahan please chime in!

Whatever the back story, I'm definitely more excited about Carnahan's project. Whereas Fuqua's Escobar will focus on the relationship between Pablo and his brother Roberto - Carnahan describes it as a "wholly fictionalized Butch and Sundance angle" - Charnahan's Killing Pablo will center on the Columbian gangster and the battles he waged with various parties that eventually brought him to his assassination. One of those warring factions was the US. In the film, a Delta Force commander that leads the special forces team will will be played by none other than Christian Bale. I think it's time Fuqua folds.

As for Ramirez, I've been a follower of his ever since seeing him as the long-haired bounty hunter in Domino. The guy's got a menace about him that is quite unique. If you're curious, Domino is worth the watch. He had (what I think) was a pretty small role in Vantage Point, as well; but I wouldn't really want anyone to suffer through that. If you want to wait, Ramirez is set to appear in Steven Soderbergh's epic Che double feature. We'll continue to bring you details as I imagine this casting confusion over the two competing films will be sorted out soon enough. Ramirez isn't 100% locked on either, so who knows what will happen. What do you think of this situation and Ramirez as Pablo Escobar?

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id really like to see luis tosar have a part in this movies. he's a bad ass

jont on Aug 14, 2008


I'm so happy my fellow Venezuelan is getting so much attention recently. Not only is he really talented, he's a really down-to-earth guy, no pretensions. He deserves everything that comes for him. I really hope he'll take to the Carnahan project too. I hope you get to see Edgar at his fullest in CYRANO FERNANDEZ, if you ever find a subbed or dubbed copy. This guy is the real deal -- best to him!

Juan Carlo on Aug 14, 2008


this reminds me of 'medellin' from entourage, where vince plays escobar.

Lars on Aug 14, 2008


i thought Javier Bardem was playing pablo!!!

Shelby on Aug 14, 2008


Hah he looks like hes getting interviewed at Parental Control

Shelby on Aug 14, 2008


Another intresting story. Again, Carnahan with bad luck 🙂

Ryan on Aug 14, 2008


Good to know that this fellow VENEZOLANO is getting the attention that deserves (as quoted by Juan Carlos). I really liked his roles in VANTAGE POINT and THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (though they were small ones...and I still gotta watch DOMINO). It certainly would be interesting seeing him portraying Escobar...I truly hope it happens!!! ^_^

Maru on Aug 14, 2008


It would seem that, unless one has read both scripts, it might be prudent to hold off on commenting whether one project is better than the other. Otherwise, it appears there's a personal bias. Like saying Antoine should call it quits. Why? They not only have Antoine, but Oliver Stone, and a script by David McKenna. That combo is strong enough to, at minimum, to hold off making any type of predicition. In fact, both projects could be good and worth watching. This whole competition thing turns me off. I love good movies. I don't have any personal animous towards any of the people involved. Although, I will have to say it's kinds childish to try and steal someone away from another picture. Talk about making things personl.

Brandon on Aug 19, 2008


I cant understand why Ramirez for this part ? Carnahan should get someone who can act .

Jeff Tyrone on Oct 16, 2008


Have you SEEN any of Ramirez's other movies? DOT AND LINE (Punto y Raya)? CYRANO FERNANDEZ? No? Then we'll talk later.

Juan Carlo on Oct 18, 2008


Everybody will be suprised .....Edgar is the right choice for the role....he knows Escobar's story very venezuelan and especially living very close to the Venezuelan-Colombian border, he has a pretty good sense of all the problems involved in the life of Escobar... Just wait and see....

MFP on Oct 19, 2008


---Instead of wasting time with decades stale -seen to death -subjects like this STONE should be virulently outting the fact that his entire industry ---and America and media generally -are on financial all fours before the most awesomely genocidal regime in history -bar none ---across the Pacific! 70 million murdered in 'peacetime' -completely unoutted, unquestioned and unanswered for ---while the direct heirs of the perpetrators wield junk credit and vast market favors for Hollywood's circle-jerk techno-wampum. ----Ahhh! --but then America -with its own shining legacy of 45 million exterminations of the unborn in the name of 'convenience' ----may be needing a little enabling for itself ---from whatever quarter. Indeed...

bunyan 10 on Jan 1, 2010

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