Edgar Wright Finally Updates Marvel's Ant-Man!

June 28, 2008
Source: Cinematical

Edgar Wright and Ant-Man

Although Edgar Wright is currently off working on Scott Pilgrim in order to prove his abilities in adapting a comic book (at least in my mind), we all know that he's also been contracted to bring Marvel's Ant-Man to the big screen for years. Since all of the news hit about both Scott Pilgrim and The Avengers, there hasn't been much mention of Ant-Man. However, Wright finally updated the status of the project with PiQ Magazine via Cinematical recently. It's not much, but it is an update and from the sounds of it, Ant-Man is working its way towards being included in The Avengers after Wright introduces us to him sometime in 2010. Wrights also reveals an interesting tidbit about the superhero's origin.

Screenwriter Joe Cornish ("The Adam and Joe Show") has been working on the script for the film and Wright confirms that the second draft is still being written. Wright previously mentioned that the film will combine two of the major characters from the comic books, since throughout Ant-Man's history at least three various people have become the superhero. As for the origin story, Edgar reveals this enticing tidbit. The film will feature a "different way of seeing a superhero origin, because you've seen so many of them and we really tried to figure out a fresh take on that story. So it's definitely a Marvel film but it's got a little twist on it in terms of the way that it plays out."

If there are fans of Ant-Man who are still concerned about Wright's comedic background (Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), you needn't worry too much. Wright has mentioned numerous times, most recently to Cinematical in March, that the film will be light on the comedy. He reiterated recently that he'll be playing it "straight" with Ant-Man. But let me remind you, Tony Stark was a great character and Iron Man had a lot of humor in it anyway. I think Wright can definitely find the perfect balance between the comic book aspect and comedy, as Iron Man certainly did. The latest on the expect release date - still 2010. Let's hope Marvel actually gives this the greenlight before then or Ant-Man might not end up in The Avengers.

Ant-Man is a superhero from the Marvel universe that was originally created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962. Various characters, including Dr. Hank Pym, Scott Lang, and Eric O'Grady, have all taken on the role of Ant-Man. For reference, in the first origin of Ant-Man, Dr. Pym developed a method of altering size and his first self-test went awry and gave him the ability to shrink. After discovering his ability, Pym developed a helmet that helped him communicate with and control insects. I've actually been looking forward to this project for a long time and think Wright could pull it off. Of course it comes down to casting Ant-Man anyway and right now I can't even guess who might be a good fit. What are your thoughts?

Is Ant-Man a good character to introduce in 2010 before going on to join The Avengers?

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This is one of the those hit-or-miss things. Hit because Edgar Wright is a certified genius. Miss because, well, we know geeks are gonna go see this but will mainstream America? If it's gonna be a Marvel flick it really all hinges on where Edgar takes the character and whether or not that character comes across as hokey or awesome. I have nothing but faith in Edgar so it's definitely a wait and see.

Brian on Jun 28, 2008


I feel this is going to be one of those middling comic book flicks like GHOST RIDER and DAREDEVIL.

Ryan on Jun 28, 2008


On the note of discussing who could be Ant-man, I think that Sam Rockwell would be an interesting choice. Something about him just already makes me think of a comic book character.

Tyler on Jun 28, 2008


tyler made an excellent choice for ant man. Sam Rockwell is pretty much one of the greatest actors that never made it big. This would bring him as an A-lister.

Darrin on Jun 28, 2008


Those worrying about how the mainstream will take Ant-Man should remember that its a Marvel produced film and can have any number of crossovers from one of the other Marvel films. Since I see this movie as either a late summer or December release in 2010, it could feature appearances by either Iron Man/Tony Stark, Hulk/Bruce Banner, or Thor (although I doubt Thor). Marvel knows how to market, I doubt they'll release it on its own without any kind of support from their other products. Now obviously the Ant-Man movie isn't gonna put up Iron Man numbers or even Incredible Hulk numbers but I do see it doing good at the box office, and nobody would expect more than that I would assume.

Daas on Jun 28, 2008


i have to agree sam rockwell would be great, can fill the role of scientist and kickass superhero better than maybe even downey jr has

harrison on Jun 28, 2008


I actually like the idea of Sam Rockwell. Good choice.

Joshua on Jun 28, 2008


meh. Ant man? sounds like a tier 3 hero. Why am I going to get excited over him or "wasp woman"? They both seem lame.

iDavid on Jun 28, 2008


Don't attack me for this, as I've never attempted to cast someone before...but what about Michael C. Hall. I think he could definitely pull off a scientist role, and if you've watched Dexter you know he can pull off being angry and scare the heck out of you (Hank Pym / Ant-Man has anger management problems and the like). And yes, you have to have Ant-Man. You can't have an Avengers movie with the original members and leave out just one of them because he isn't famous like the others. The movie Ant-Man will need to also introduce his wife, The Wasp, another original Avenger. And by original, I mean people who were there in the very first story arc.

Viper on Jun 28, 2008


Daas... as sad as it is, Hulk isn't exactly pulling in big numbers. I really was hoping it would and considering Wall-E and Wanted both opened this weekend, I see it fading away into oblivion, which means there won't be Incredible Hulk 2. Alex, any news on that? Marvel's been mum this whole time. In regards to Ant-Man, I don't see mainstream potential. Maybe it'll just remain a niche movie. I just can't see people goin crazy over Ant-Man, and it'll be sad to see it being dismissed as well. Maybe they can play up on his scientist side, and he creates all kinds of cool things and droids to be used in the Avengers movie.

Alfredo on Jun 28, 2008


I always thought either Ben Foster or Simon Pegg if he could pull off an American accent for Ant-man, Hank Pym should be kinda a loser a genuis loser, but a loser nonetheless.

PimpSlapStick on Jun 28, 2008


I have always been a comic book fan and collected for a good 10yrs straight or so. I have hardly every heard more then mention of Ant-man, why are they even bothering? There are some superheros that many people may no nothing about, never knew the story but always recognize the name or costume, those superheros will reach the mass audiences but Ant-man, I have a real feeling this will flop, not that I want it to, or I actually don't care if it does or not. For a fan like me, it'll be hard to really care or feel excited to see this hero brought to the big screen since I don't have any emotions or memories of this guy to pull out and relate...

Richard on Jun 28, 2008


i remember antman from the comics but this movie will not appeal to the public at large and will in no way put up numbers close to hulk or ironman BUT he is an avenger and should be in the movie. not his own movie but in the avengers as a small backup role...

thejugfather on Jun 30, 2008


Alfredo, while Incredible Hulk isn't exactly lighting up the box office, the movie is still doing pretty well. Its well on pace to surpass Ang Lee's Hulk and considering it had to overcome that movie's bad press and had some really stiff competition around its release date, I'd say its been a success. I see it clearing the $150 million domestic mark without a problem, and maybe the $300 million worldwide mark as well (I believe it hasn't opened in some foreign markets yet). I think its doing about as well as Marvel expected, though I'm sure they were aiming for $200 million domestic but are definitely satisfied with how its done. And for everyone saying that they don't think Ant-Man will appeal to the public at large, I wanna remind you that just a few months ago, no one in the mainstream public knew or cared who Iron Man was. And now he's THE superstar of the year. Trust me, Marvel knows how to market, they'll find a great wayto play this movie off to the public. Like I said, an Ant-Man movie won't light up the box office but I see it doing as well some of the smaller Marvel films like Ghost Rider, Daredevil, Blade, etc. And those movies were considered decent box office successes considering their low profiles, I see Ant-Man turning out something similar.

Daas on Jun 30, 2008


Leonardo Di Caprio as Hank Pym, Simon Pegg as Scott Lang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff Said True Believers!!!!!!

ulik on May 14, 2009


i will see ant-man movie on ant-man movie starring simon pegg im telling you i like when he played buck on ice age ; dawn of the dinosarus he did a great job im glad he is playing hank pym // ant-man i like simon pegg he cool and awsome i like him because he plays hank pym // ant-man this is so exciting i like simon pegg so i like simon pegg as hank pym // ant-man so i will see simon pegg on all marvel movies coming soon im glad im a ant-man fan.

andries price on Aug 6, 2009


It hasn't been confirmed yet that Simon Pegg will be in this movie yet although it has been confirmed that both characters Hank Pym and Scott Lang will be in it. Simon Pegg is a great comical actor and I'm sure he can do serious acting too but he would not be right to portray Hank Pym but as Scott Lang,yes he would. Ant/Man is a very underrated and a mostly disliked character only Leo diCaprio could do him right and make him likeable even though Hank Pym can be an ass. That's why I think that Leonardo can do it ,look at his portrayal of Howard Hughes in "The Aviator", very similar to Hank Pym but also similar to Tony Stark. Edgar Wright needs to hurry up and move his ass on this movie and get Leo Dicaprio as Hank Pym ASAP!!! Pay him what he wants and you will get a blockbuster classic movie done right and get a HUGE profit.

ulik on Aug 7, 2009

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