Ehren Kruger Adapting Boston Teran's God Is a Bullet

September 14, 2008

Ehren Kruger Adapting Boston Teran's God Is a Bullet

Veteran screenwriter Ehren Kruger will write an adaptation of Boston Teran's thriller "God Is a Bullet". The story follows the journey of a California lawman forced to go undercover to rescue his daughter from the ruthless gang of criminals who've abducted her. Kruger will produce as well and is hoping to sell the film as a package deal to a studio that's interested. The rights were picked up by executive producer Bradley Bell for a mid-six figure deal. Kruger's latest work includes the script for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as well as David Fincher's Torso, which shows that he's quite a prominent Hollywood writer.

Strung-out on junk and tattooed with the dates of helter-skelter-style deaths they've caused, the kids who walk "The Left-Handed Path" talk Satanic talk and spread terror through the very Christian Southern California town of Clay. This tautly paced and harrowing debut thriller begins with the cult's murder of desk cop Bob Hightower's ex-wife and her husband, and the kidnapping of his 14-year-old daughter, Gabi. Desperate and driven, Hightower takes a leave of absence to look for the abducted girl.

"God Is a Bullet" was published in 2002 and seems to be getting fairly positive reviews from those who have read it. It actually sounds like a rather interesting story worthy of being adapted and I'm curious to see how this develops, including whether Kruger might direct it since he just got his first gig directing an adaptation (that he wrote) of Jennifer Egan's "The Keep." I can't say that Kruger's past work, which includes Arlington Road, Scream 3, The Ring, and Blood and Chocolate, is all that impressive, but he must have found his calling because Transformers and Torso aren't exactly throwaway jobs. Thoughts?

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This doesn't sound like a very unique story...hopefully Kruger will give it a fresh perspective. I'm noticing lately that execution takes precedence over an original concept. So as long as the casting, cinematography, acting, and script are executed well I'll be able to overlook that this is the same revenge tale we've seen countless times in Hollywood. The most recent one that comes to mind with a similar plot synopsis would be 'Taken' mixed with a little bit of 'Funny Games'.

Peloquin on Sep 15, 2008


This isn't the most original story ever told, but Teran tells it in such a way that the fact it's been done before is very easy to overlook. It's not a revenge tale though, just a father's quest to find a loved one in a world that isn't his own. As I said, not that novel. I hope Kruger produces a strong script to work upon - it'll need it. The cinematography can't falter either. If there's one recent film that 'GiaB' could do well to look and sound like, and I hope it does, it's 'No Country For Old Men' - the vast, bleak deserts mixed with small towns, peppered (but not flooded) with dialogue, would be just right for this film.

Odd Cinema on Sep 16, 2008


who is Boston Teran?

paul caruso on Nov 9, 2008


Boston Teran is a modern day, darker Hemmingway ... he is positively brilliant. God is a Bullet stays with you .... forever.

Michael on Oct 18, 2009


God is a bullet is one of the most amazing novels I have ever read. The story may not be the most original, but it gets right under your skin and into your veins. I am a little skeptical about whether the movie will ever live up to my expectations, however if it does not I can always go back and read the novel again. Lets hope Kruger pulls it off.

Lily Anne on Mar 3, 2010


I am reading the novel for the second time, just to try & get my head around the amazing characters that Boston Teran has given us, it is a thought provoking novel (images of the Manson Family come to mind) but there is a twist revolving around one of the characters in the novel. The BIG question is, would a movie do the book justice, it is very rare to get a true adaptation of a story as deep as this onto film and to show the thoughts and feelings of the characters, if whoever directs this does achieve it then it will be a brilliant movie, like the other comment from 'Odd Cinema' stated like ' No Country for Old men'. Good Luck choosing the actors to play the parts though, I think it should be some new talent and not your regular hero types.

Gary on Jun 8, 2011


the book was intense, I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to see it on the bid screen!

Sarah_toddx on Nov 27, 2011


You question if Kruger's work including" Arlington Road,Scream 3, The Ring, Skeleton Key" etc. "  is all that impressive?  Well, let's just say, three of those four are among the best written thrillers, horrorfilms of the past years. Kruger is one of the most talented writers in Hollywood and Hollywood knows it.  You should too.

Vincent on Jan 15, 2012

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