Eli Roth Going PG-13 and Sci-Fi Next!

April 24, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Eli Roth

You may hate his movies, but you can't deny that Eli Roth is definitely a cool guy. If you need a refresher, you can always go listen to this interview. If you're sick and tired of the torture porn that Roth created in Hostel, then don't worry, so is he. "I feel like I pushed the violence in R movies about as far as I can push it. I feel like I'm bled out. I wanna switch it up." Besides the aforementioned Trailer Trash movie, we've been waiting to see what Roth will take on next. Now we know the answer - a PG-13 sci-fi action film.

Roth spoke to Yahoo last week and told them that he is two weeks away from finishing a new script for a science-fiction action film inspired by Cloverfield and Transformers. "This will be my first big-budget, PG-13, mass-destruction movie. I went total chaos and pandemonium." Roth wouldn't share any further details pending an announcement coming in May. However, he did go on to say later that although the film would initially be PG-13, he would shoot "some gratuitous violence to include on an unrated version of the DVD" in order to appease his fans' desire for the gore that Roth is really known for.

I'm definitely very excited to see what this project is all about. Not a lot of people like Eli Roth, but I'm certainly a big fan. His passion and enthusiasm for cinema and appreciation for every last side of it (including, obviously, the very gory side) is what makes me realize he's more than just a boring filmmaker like Uwe Boll. I think he's got a lot going for him and maybe this will finally be the time when people realize how talented he is and no longer complain about how pointless torture porn movies like Hostel are.

When he mentions that Cloverfield and Transformers inspired this, I think that can be interpreted quite literally because I know Roth loved both of those films and probably went out to make something that would honor them specifically. We'll be sure to cover his official announcement due out in May.

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WHEN WILL HE DO CELL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan on Apr 24, 2008


F- this self indulgent, spoiled brat. Ever since I saw the documentary on the "Cabin Fever" DVD, I grew to dislike him immensely. He is the American version of Uwe Boll. The overwhelming obnoxious, better than thou, attitude is sickening. Bryan Singer laughs at him, that's how bad he is. Sorry to be a hater, but such is life.

Scorpio on Apr 24, 2008


i could not agree with you more Scorpio his movies JUST Fu*&ing SUCK cabin fever worst movie ever following by hostel this guy should quit or do something else for living

Davor on Apr 24, 2008


I thought Cabin Fever and Hostel Part one where great but Hostel Part 2 suxed i hope he redeems himself with this awesome sounding new movie.

Curtis on Apr 24, 2008


He's a no-talent hack. I don't know one person who liked cabin fever. Take away the violence, and he's not even a good visualist. I agree fully with the above haters. Besides, it isn't hating if there's even half-truth that a lot of people agree with. I love it...he's the american Uwe Boll...harsh words, man...harsh words...but at least a bit of truth to it.

brian on Apr 24, 2008


Right now any horror movie/slasher movie can sell. His movies (thus far) are variations on tried and true formula's..why should we get excited that he is just adopting a new formula and genre? I am absolutely positive it will be bursting with originality....

Kyle A. K. on Apr 24, 2008


"Roth spoke to Yahoo last week and told them that he is two weeks away from finishing a new script for a science-fiction action film inspired by Cloverfield and Transformers." Jesus, Eli. How about making something that isn't based on other things you've already seen? This is our future, kids... the filmmaker as self-indulgent, immature fanboy asswipe.

SB on Apr 25, 2008


While I really only liked his Cabin Fever, I do think he's got something, I just wish he'd use his cleverness instead of "o-for-shock" tactics.

Liesel on Apr 25, 2008


Congratulations Eli Roth haters, you are unintelligent and unoriginal. As for his attitude, he is better than you. How many successful movies have you made? Second, he makes movies that he (and others like him) would want to see. If you don't like it, he didn't make it for you. Finally, his films do have tact and consideration. Anyone that watches and evaluates different types of horror could easily see that. I'm assuming that most of you didn't realize how broad the genre is. Plus, you're probably used to seeing really great horror. The stuff that goes in theaters is (hypothetically) supposed to be good, sanitized, and having mainstream appeal. It's odd that something so graphic would be allowed in theaters at all. If you do watch a lot of horror, you would probably watch foreign stuff (which can also be incredibly great) and straight-to-dvd. Then you would recognize bad horror.

ryan on Apr 19, 2009

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