ET's Sneak Peek at the New Terminator Salvation Trailer!

December 4, 2008

ET's Sneak Peek at the New Terminator Salvation Trailer!

Entertainment Tonight will debut the brand new Terminator Salvation trailer next Tuesday and it will also show in theaters in front of The Day the Earth Stood Still, but to hold us over until then, they've got a short sneak peek that I think you'll want to watch. There is quite a bit of juicy new footage and a scene right at the end that should make some of you very excited. Besides a short teaser and some footage at Comic-Con, we haven't see too much from Terminator Salvation yet, but I've got a good feeling this new trailer is finally going to make this one of the most anticipated summer flicks next year. Take a look!

Watch the sneak peek at the new trailer for Terminator Salvation:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/terminator-ET-sneakpeek.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/terminator-ET-sneakpeek.jpg 480 270]

Terminator Salvation is directed by McG, of Charlie's Angels and We Are Marshall previously. The script was written by writing duo John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris, of Into the Sun, The Net, The Game, and Terminator 3 previously. This marks the return of the Terminator franchise after Terminator 3 in 2003. Terminator Salvation arrives in theaters next summer on May 22nd, 2009. Stay tuned for more!

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honestly..it looks horrible.

Bob on Dec 4, 2008


WHAAAAA, #1 that theme music just puts a girlie smile on my face... #2 the robot at the end cured any doubt i had of this movie. truly i don't see terminator doing anything extreme but being another one in the series. However the addition of Christian Bale is amazing and this may be a movie driven by acting + action which I found rare in the other ones, as I saw those mainly driven by action but that didn't bother me. Meh, I think a lot of people will complain about CGI and all the graphic thingies but after that shot I think we're in for a good surprise, I'm happy.

Matthew on Dec 4, 2008


This is one franchise that i have no interest in seeing more of. The mediocre T3, poor at best Sarah Connor Chronicles and now this. Let's be honest is there really anyone out there who believes this will be anything but more of the same dreck we have been seeing in recent years ? I personally do not, i will always hold out hope i guess. But Terminator is only T1 and T2. Anything after doesn't exist.

xmulderx on Dec 4, 2008


I agree w/ Matthew. Bale has always brought great acting to the table, and can mix it well w/ action, i.e. Dark Knight. This movie looks fun.

Nate on Dec 4, 2008


Cant dis up on the terminator, plus the bombs were finally dropped were finally gonna see a movie actually surrounding the war.

Cody on Dec 4, 2008


I think this looks amazing.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Dec 4, 2008


CAN'T WAIT for full trailer in beautiful QT HD!!! Bale will be amazing in this! This will be the Terminator I've been waiting for. First was good for it's time, second was ok, third was eh. Never been a big fan for Arnie's, except True Lies. He just can't act and he sounds so ridiculous. Hopefully this won't have any stupid one liners. I won't be back!

K on Dec 4, 2008


i will see it but i would already know it cant live up to terminator 2. You cant top that film.

Darrin on Dec 4, 2008


yo man...this looks super amazing. and thank goodness they're able to use the original theme music rather than the cheesy knock off music in T3. I too do not hold T3 as canon, but one has to admit that this movie's plot brings new light and energy to the story rather than totally disregarding John Connor as useless like T3 did.

Matt Suhu on Dec 4, 2008



Matty on Dec 4, 2008


When all else fails, make the robots bigger.

Tom Brazelton on Dec 4, 2008


At least they still use the same Terminator that Stan Winston made it !

kill the batman on Dec 4, 2008


I like Christian Bale and all (almost reaching mancrush status) but... why?? Oh well, at least there's still T2.

JustinWhy on Dec 4, 2008


Looks like Transformers 2!

ebbie on Dec 4, 2008


Anyone who says this is going to be lame has had their head in the sand for the past 6 months. Sarah Conner Chronicles has pushed the story into completely new ground. They are not separate but part of the same story. What you think of the machines is about to change. The past three films are just one time line. Once that time line is altered everything changes. Including the role of John Conner. To say that the Sarah Conner Chronicles is lame or "poor at best" is missing the big picture. The past 5 episodes have been refreshing and engaging, moving the story in a very different direction. Showing how changing one thing can have major implications. I for one am very much looking forward to this.

Bryanmakeup on Dec 4, 2008


It's Transormers 2!!!

Sergio on Dec 4, 2008


For everyone hating on this movie and the trailer how can you call yourselves Terminator fans. If you were honestly a true fan you'd welcome any chance to see these characters in action again...especially portrayed by Christian Bale. Even if the movie is terrible I'll still enjoy seeing Connor tearing up the machines because you never know when you'll actually get to see him come to life again. I've watched the originals probably more than any other movie so don't say "just go back and watch the first two instead of supporting this"...and they're not ruining the Terminator franchise by making another so stop acting offended...it's an homage to the original creators and not a replacement. ...Plus Cameron had a hand in polishing up the script so maybe that will give you some faith.

Peloquin on Dec 4, 2008


i just came.

Rey on Dec 4, 2008


yay! transformers

toonfed on Dec 4, 2008


Now it's time for a Terminator vs. Transformers crossover film!! Anyone want to place bets on the winner?

Michael on Dec 4, 2008


Looks awesome... to all those close minded idiots out there... don't deny it!

?? on Dec 4, 2008


Christian Bale, an opposite star recommended by James Cameron, and now Peloquin says Cameron himself polished up the script, I am more than intrigued.

Silver on Dec 4, 2008


Hey guys, aren't we running to conclusion too fast.. We haven't even seen the complete trailer yet!!! (although i will admit that i don't have much faith on McG directing skill). But its christian bale dude...

Lucky on Dec 4, 2008


giant fucking robots o my cant wait for this to make up for T3's shit acting and that terrible sarah connor chronicles

harrison on Dec 4, 2008


#14 #16 and #19 go fuck yourselves after jerking off with each other seriously... this looks awesome and anyone with an open mind will tell you the same

big r on Dec 4, 2008


In Peloquin we TRUST!

D-9 on Dec 4, 2008


I actually said "holy crap" out loud when I saw the big robot. Looks awesome.

N on Dec 4, 2008


Terminator + Transformers = Terminator Salvation. (Get your fist out of your ass, #26).

avoidz on Dec 4, 2008


nothing much to really gage on this footage! Transformers cliche applies though

mike on Dec 4, 2008


I liked part 3 and Im a big fan of The Sarah Conner Chronicles! Im interested in what direction this new film takes the story! chuck

entertainmenttodayandbeyond.com on Dec 4, 2008


lol #32^. you liking T3 is not something you should be going around and declaring....hahaha.

Matt Suhu on Dec 4, 2008


YES wow that looks awesome! I think were gonna see what the machines are really capable of now. I have to agree that the Sarah Connor Chronicles is great, it shows that there are any number of times lines and if you remember the first terminator Kyle Reese says they won the war, well once they sent the terminator back everything is screwed now, now not only will we not win the war (the way we originally did) but we may be in a war we can't win (what John Connor ways in the teaser) i love the time dilations, they make my brain explode but are fun. I love now TSCC just skipped over the 3rd movie like, oh that was a different time line that just got erased (which it deserved) lol. Anyone who says they don't like the series anymore GTFO IMO.

Richard on Dec 4, 2008


Anyone who disses on The Sarah Connor Chronicles just shows how stupid they are, because that has become, bar none, one of the best shows on TV.

Gale on Dec 4, 2008


I agree Gale,I thought chronicles was hit and miss in some parts but mostly brilliant TV,this trailer looks very promising,and with Bale doing great work hopefully it will be great,finally we see the war.

leo on Dec 5, 2008


I am Optimus Prime

Dusty on Dec 5, 2008


GO McG ? ... Be careful what you wish for. You see the big robot in that trailer preview. McG may go to far and that robot you see will open up to reveal Charlies Angels (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu) Terminator models, who come out fight Christian Bale. 😛

xmulderx on Dec 5, 2008


Holy ****

werdnafaz on Dec 5, 2008


OHHHHH SHYT LOOK AT DEM MUH FUCKIN WHEELS....dam this is soooo serialllll

ill will on Dec 6, 2008



Lauren on Dec 6, 2008


This movie looks awesome, all the people that i know want to see it, and the beatiful,gorgeous, Bryce Dallas Howard is in it,

Fabrizzio on Dec 8, 2008


and the trailer is coming up tomorrow yeah¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Fabrizzio on Dec 8, 2008


No way! Fabrizzio, is she really?

Lauren on Dec 9, 2008



Andres Cardona on Dec 9, 2008



Fabrizzio on Dec 10, 2008

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