Even Fans Don't Want Dane Cook in Movies Anymore!

September 17, 2008

Dane Cook

We just received a rather interesting e-mail today from the folks at Their latest poll, voted on by a mere 2000 people, shows that audiences don't want to see Dane Cook in movies anymore. Apparently 37% said that he should "stick to stand-up comedy", 36% said he should "keep acting" and 27% said he should "give away humpback whales". He's appearing next in the upcoming My Best Friend's Girl, but his last few films include Dan in Real Life, Good Luck Chuck, Mr. Brooks, and Employee of the Month. I'm pretty damn sure most of the readers here will say that those films really prove that Cook shouldn't be acting at all, in any movie, at any time. What better time than now to bring up this discussion?

I don't personally hate Dane Cook as much as a few other people I know, but he's not the best actor, by any means. The reason why I love him as a comedian is because his on-stage dynamic is quite funny and his jokes are hilarious. But when he's reading from a script, he loses both of those elements, and thus he loses the characteristics that made him who he was. I wish some smart producers would realize that he's not a great actor and stop casting him, but right now they're banking on his star power. And unfortunately 36% of the voters did say they still want to see him act. I know I don't ever see his name and think that movie will be good or bad, but he's not an actor I'm ever really looking forward to seeing in any movie.

Should Dane Cook continue acting? Will he ever improve? Or should he disappear from the big screen forever?

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Personally, I think he knows how to act. He might not be a good actor, but he knows what to do. I suggest you all watch "My Best Friend's Girl" first, 'cause it's a good comedy with a few great jokes. Watch "Employee of the Month" as well, take a look at Daine (Cook) there, you'll love him.

o'Ryan on Sep 17, 2008


The only thing I think Dane Cook was good in was Mr. Brooks. Everything else is an abomination.

Alex S. on Sep 17, 2008


Actually, I forgot to mention that I also enjoyed his role in Waiting...

Alex S. on Sep 17, 2008


he was good in mr brooks cause it was first role where he had a serious character if he does more films like mr brooks he will do fine

nelson on Sep 17, 2008


Give him a break. Dane tries and his movies aren't awful, I mean the people you rated Cook on his ability's probably saw hies films thousands of times, and most likely laugh at D.C. He isn't that bad of an actor.

Xerxex on Sep 17, 2008


I personally liked Dan In Real Life, but I agree that he's a shitty actor. Also his stand up his horrible.

Robert on Sep 17, 2008


I don't think he's a bad actor. He's been in a couple of bad movies but I don't think anyone with a potential Oscar winner is going to be looking for Dane Cook quite yet. He's solid, I think people are a bit harsh on him.

Max on Sep 17, 2008


His stand up is good is fun. Although he steals from others. his movies are horrible and they need to stop. I love watching Dane Cook on stage, but he is no Robin Williams or Steve Martin on the big screen. I really do wish he would oNny focus on stand up and maybe go to an improv school to learn some stuff cause when he was on SNL, he wasnt that good. But still I am a fan of his and I know if he keeps doing this, that I wil end up hating him.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 17, 2008


I've been a Dane Cook fan for a long time, up until lately. His downfall sort of started with "Employee of the month". He might have something with this new movie, mostly because he plays an asshole. That seems to be a part he loves to play. He needs a TV show (even though the one he did never made it). He just has to find the right part. He hasn't yet, so we have to wait. It takes time. He could have a show like Seinfeld, but yeah I'm sort of against him in movies.

Brian on Sep 17, 2008


Dane Cook is a very funny person. His stand-up comedy is great in my opinion but everyone has different opinions on what they think is "funny." The main problem with his movies aren't his acting. It is the role he plays in. Dan In Real Life was a very good movie. Dane made a fine performance. I think he acted fine in all of his movies, but the pressure is on him for one reason. Fans want his stand-up to be like the roles he plays in movies and that can't really happen all the time. It is a fantastic experience to be even cast in a Hollywood production. If you were given the chance, but weren't a very good actor, you would do it too.

Cory on Sep 17, 2008


Show like Seinfeld? NO COMMENT!

D-9 on Sep 17, 2008


never liked his comedy, his acting is okay, but he's very obnoxious. He thinks he is hilarious because he shouts.

Movieraider321 on Sep 17, 2008


Dane Cook has fans? He's a comedy hack and thief. Louis CK should get credit where it's due. Stupid Dane!

KEnt on Sep 17, 2008


He should co-host the upcoming Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and we can have all the hack comedians in one convenient avoidable location.

J. Castel De Oro on Sep 17, 2008


You know I don't think Dane Cook is that bad of an actor. I don't think he's any better or worse than Jim Carrey to be honest. I think they're both fairly comparable. Carrey is just more unique in his delivery because he's a loveable goof, and Cook is a cocky frat guy. No one wants to admit they like that guy! The problem with Cook is for one he picks bad movies, and second he's either too timid to improv, or the directors try to keep him reeled in so he doesn't saturate the film with his "Dane-ness" but I think in order for him to have a hit he's going to have to go all out, because that's what makes him funny. It's what made Jim Carrey's early films funny. He just went all out no matter how obnoxious it seemed. Granted he was good at making himself stick to characters (Ace Ventura vs. Cable Guy) but his role as "normal guy" was always just Carrey being a rubberfaced goof (Liar, Liar - Fun With Dick and Jane). I didn't think Cook was all that bad in Good Luck Chuck because you could tell they let him go a little bit (the scene with him the penguin suit comes to mind) but the movie itself was still lacking script wise. I think there's a shot that if they let him go in My Best Friends Girl that it could be a big role for him because it has a potential to show him as a jerk. That's what his schtick needs to be, and he keeps taking these fluffy roles as the nice guy who finishes last and not only is it not believable but it leaves him no room to improv because it would be out of character. His best role might have been his bit part in Waiting, because he played a jerk, he improved....and he had a small enough role where he stood out based on his comedic talents. With all of this said I was a fan of him when he first appeared on Comedy Central along time ago, but he's burnt himself out as a comedian by relying to much on repeating himself with a sarcastic tone and all the shouting. He had a nice thing going, but he ruined it by over doing himself.

ImaginaryVisionary on Sep 17, 2008


Ryan Reynolds > Dane Cook I'm a Dane Cook hater, and more so towards his shitty stand-up. But I DID like him in Waiting. But that's not to say he's a good, let alone decent actor in the first place.

Marty McFly on Sep 17, 2008


I think it is no chance for Dane to appear in a show like Seinfeld. I don't think you can get that exact chemistry Seinfeld held between the actors, even so much as the writers. Seinfeld was a rare gem.

Buttons on Sep 17, 2008


I don't think he is that bad, MR. BROOKS was very good with him. Everything else though..... :/

Ryan on Sep 17, 2008


Oh, come on, the guy doesn't do things that bad. I can say that I actually liked most of his movies. They are Oscar-stuff?? Of course not! but they are entertaining (I laughed a lot with Good Luck Chuck), and besides, he's always coupled with some of the most wow-girls that you can see this days (Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, come on!!) give the man a break!

Jorge Leiner on Sep 17, 2008


I liked seeing him in Mr. Brooks...but that's only because his character...well, those who have seen it will understand. @10 I find that extremely insulting to Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.

MacGruber on Sep 17, 2008


I don't really have a problem with any of his acting really. In Mr.Brooks and Dan in Real Life he didn't really play big roles so I didn't really pay attention to what he was doing too much. And in his lead roles in Employee of the Month and Good Luck Chuck I wouldn't say I enjoyed his acting but I also didn't hate it. He was in roles that are reliant on humor. A quality he obviously has. I'm just not looking forward to the day someone gives him a serious lead role. And I also agree with MacGruber about Brian's comment

ClerksFan on Sep 17, 2008


Actually, I find Cook more tollerable when he's NOT playing to his "strengths". He was much better in Dan in Real Life and Mr. Brooks than he was in Good Luck Chuck or he's likely to be in My Best Friend's Girl.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 18, 2008


finally a article that nails it on the head

hooray on Sep 18, 2008


Red Buttons FINALLY makes sense on a comment! Holy Shit, it must be the end of the World!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 18, 2008


lol, yup. I can make sense some of the time.

Red Buttons on Sep 18, 2008


dane's actually never been that funny, IMO. he's got that adolescent sort of rampant charm on stage, which goes a long way in helping his rather bland act. that just doesn't seem to translate to well onto the big screen. perhaps he should just stick to the stage.

uncle not clever on Sep 18, 2008


he's not a bad actor at all.

jon on Sep 18, 2008


who cares, its obvious enough people like him in movies, otherwise they wouldnt make money and he would be finished anyway.

troy on Sep 18, 2008


yeah his movies are making money now but he's gonna wear thin soon can imagine if Dane Cook voiced Optimus Prime? Now that would be funny!

vu on Sep 20, 2008


god he should just die i hate his "comedy routines" and any movie he touches!

brrl on Sep 22, 2008


Dane Cook is less funny than a childrens cancer ward. People who find him funny are comedically disabled and this retard is their champion.

Wolfgang on Jan 13, 2009

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