Exclusive: Wanted's Mark Millar Settles the Score for Fans

June 24, 2008

Wanted's Mark Millar

After seeing Wanted last week and being blown away by the film, I was angered to find that many fans aren't even giving the film a chance. Their reason: they're concerned that it's too much of a deviation from the source material and doesn't stick with the violent, villains-win storyline that Mark Millar and J.G. Jones so brilliantly put to paper in the comic. To prove to all of them that Wanted is the perfect adaptation of the comic, I exclusively went to Wanted's creator, Mark Millar himself, and asked him a few brief questions to settle any disputes. His answers were exactly what I thought he'd say - Millar has been involved from the start and made sure Wanted was the proper adaptation of the comic.

Below you'll find Millar's answers to my five quick question regarding the film. To put it simply, Timur Bekmambetov kicks ass. If it wasn't for the constant collaboration with Mark and Timur's creative mind, Wanted wouldn't have been as awesome as it was. Even Millar says below that he had lots of faith in Timur and thought that the film was really on-track once he came on-board. Hopefully this puts to rest any concerns you have about Wanted - because you definitely don't want to miss it this weekend.

How involved were you in the production and the script? Did you ever visit the set?

Mark Millar: Oh God, yes. JG and I were producers on the picture. It's not like the old days where the creators get ripped off. We comic guys own these properties now and we're involved at various stages throughout the entire production. I met with the producers very soon after we did the deal and we agreed on lots of things before moving forward. Then I met with the director to see what he had in mind. Then we had notes on various drafts of the scripts from the very large team of writers working on the movie. Then they flew me out in February to watch over a final cut and make some dialogue tweaks. Comics are very autonomous, but a movie is a huge collaboration.

Were you ever concerned that the story would deviate too far from your own comic and become something else entirely?

Millar: I was when I saw an early draft of the script, before Timur came on board. The super-powers were removed and the whole thing was a very straight crime story. The producers felt we could have legal problems with the super-villain stuff in the book as so much was analogous of Marvel and DC characters and history, but Timur came up with an interesting way of giving the killers powers again. Once he was onboard I knew the property was safe. He just absolutely got it and kept about 70% of the book. There's a lot of new stuff he came up with for the middle act, but the first hour and the last half hour is the same as the book for the most part. And the changes make it better.

How much communication did you have with Timur?

Millar: We swap emails and phone calls semi-regularly. I love him to bits. Being Russian, he has no idea what I'm saying half the time because I have a thick Scottish accent and being Scottish, English is like a second language to me, too. But we get on very well, despite all this.

Although the film ended up with all of the blood and violence that's featured in the comic, was there ever a consideration to tone it down or did the production team always plan for it to be as violent as the comic?

Millar: No way. I would have walked. This was always going to be R rated. The guys always completely got that and Universal assured me this wouldn't be a problem. They've been terrific on this thing from day one.

Have you seen the film? What did you think of the final result?

Millar: Fucking Hell. I loved it. I could not love it more. As the writer of the original material, it's weird passing your wee baby over to someone else, but this was like putting someone up for adoption and seeing him come back as Einstein. It's the best comic adaptation I think I've ever seen and hopefully heralds a whole new type of superhero material. Suddenly, the old characters seem pretty old. Timur really raised the bar here. Batman better be really, really good to top this.

Thanks to Mark and Top Cow for setting this up. It's truly great to hear that Millar's involvement was so integral and that they didn't deviate too far from the original story. Most will find that Wanted kicks a lot more ass than they might be expecting this weekend. It definitely surpassed all my expectations. I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks is owed to Dave from my favorite geek site Geeks of Doom for actually setting this interview up. Thanks for the help putting this together my friend!

Wanted Poster

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"He just absolutely got it and kept about 70% of the book" I'm sorry Alex but I have to completely disagree... that quote even means it's not a perfect adaptation. Of course the creators of the comics are going to say it's a great movie because they want the fans of their comic to see it.. they are making money from it. The fact is that I am not giving the movie a fair chance because it is in-fact way to far off from there original material... does the movie have a monster made of shit and aliens? I doubt it. Now with that said I am going to prolly go see the movie cause well it's you guys and I will see everything you guys do... but next time I think you should read the comic itself and make judgment.. I mean hell if you want I will lend you my copy of it.

CSpuppydog on Jun 24, 2008


well that puts me a little more at ease, with assurance from Mark I shall go see this film.

Garrett.king on Jun 24, 2008


I haven't read the book but the trailers look awesome and McAvoy is a great actor so I can't wait to see Wanted. They're not screening it here in Sweden until September so I'll have to wait a while longer but I'll see it as soon as possible! =)

Andreas on Jun 24, 2008


#1 - You're insane man, just GET OVER IT! It is not meant to be a frame-by-frame adaptation, that was done by 300 and reserved for those types of movies. This is a different interpretation. It's insane to whine and sit back and complain before you've even seen the movie! Millar, who if you knew, speaks honestly about everything, actually says he loved what Timur made it into! Just get over it man, stop complaining before you even SEE the movie!!

Alex Billington on Jun 24, 2008


This is fucking nuts. You go to the guy who made the comic, and you still got people disagreeing. Disagreeing with... definitions of what constitutes a true adaptation? What the fuck is going on here? I love comics, but fucking hate comic fans. No adaptation is perfect, and even if it is - remember Sin City? Frame for Frame adaptation? I saw it and was bored as hell. It was like... well, like seeing the comic again. I don't think anyone wants to see that.

DCompose on Jun 24, 2008


Frankly if this movie did have a monster made of shit and aliens I probably wouldn't go see it because that sounds pretty damn stupid. It sounds to me like they got a cool idea from a comic and made an awesome movie out of that. What more could anymore ask for, if even the comic creator likes it, then hell, whoever still doesn't want to see it can go watch wall-e and ---- imo.

Richard on Jun 24, 2008


How many movies based on books, comics, etc follow the source material 100%? None. Because there are just some things that are not filmable or hinder the pace of the movie. Movies and books are completely different media and don't necessarily translate from one to to the other. There's also a difference btw just saying things to get people in the theatre and really, honestly liking the work. I don't think Millar is simply saying the movie is awesome to get people to go see it. He's obviously been involved from step 1 and would have voiced any concerns along the way. I've never heard any one say 'Fucking Hell I loved it" when they're just going through the motions. I'm not saying fanboys are wrong for having passion behind the source stuff, but not going to see a movie because they only adapted 70% of it? Bogus. These are probably the same people who cried when Optimus Prime had flames. BFD - the movie was still sweet. I'm sure the graphic novel for Wanted is great and I'm sure that the movie, from the sounds of it, has taken the spirit and made it into something that is awesome in its own way. If the writer's approval isn't enough, stay out of the theatre then...

Boo-Yah on Jun 24, 2008


The last part of the comic book was horrible. I hope they changed things.

Discateia on Jun 24, 2008


Sometimes its good for a comic to be adapted on screen, it's 2 different mediums. People should give it a break already. I have the comics and they are great but I suspect the movie will be amazing.

James on Jun 24, 2008


Alex, have you read the comic? I really doubt you would love the movie so much if you had read the book. And you keep saying how violent the book is but the movie is pretty violent as well. I don't care what Millar says. He has to say those things. There were interviews with screenwriters who had complete ignorance and disdain for the original source material. I have trouble reading these 2 interviews and believeing that what the comic book guy has to say is the truth in the matter. Furthermore, Timur Bekmambetov, is a giant hack. Has anybody here actually seen Night Watch/ Day Watch? I can't think of too many movies that are more style over substance. And to have him directing a movie that removes the substance of what made the Wanted story interesting, is why a good deal of people think this movie looks like garbage. I'm sure you can just point fingers and say I'm a huge fanboy and I don't want my beloved graphic novels changed, but my point is, the only reason they're still calling it wanted is because A: they can say based on a graphic novel, and B: It gets the comic book nerds in the door. Why couldn't they make this movie and just call it Adventures of Super Assassin or some sort of derivative title that fits the subject matter much better.

Nick on Jun 24, 2008

11 watch the clip 30 secs in hahahahahahaha, tell me if that wasn't horrible. like they could have done a way better job with the cg stuff, from the cars to the awful bullet time. hopefully this isnt the final rendering of the movie.

dee on Jun 24, 2008


"Wanted is one of the rankest, crudest, least artful impact-for-impact's-sake thrillers of all time -- certainly one of the least original and most vulgar I've ever suffered through. Alll thrust and fists and taunts, it reeks of brute grotesque Russian machismo through and through. It seems to have been made for the goons and gorillas who, some filmmakers feel, need to be gut-slammed by sound and eye-flash so they'll pay attention or "get" anything." from: This is from a very good film reviewer who 9 out of 10 has upstanding taste in movies.

Nick on Jun 24, 2008


Nick, I know who Jeffrey Wells is and follow his blog, but frankly, this time, he's wrong. Wanted was incredible and he was just unable to sit back and appreciate the mindless entertainment that it was. It's not anything life changing, but it was one of the most exciting and enjoyable films I've seen all summer, without a doubt. Wells is one of the very FEW who didn't like it at all...

Alex Billington on Jun 24, 2008


Sorry for this rant! the internet is a breeding ground for hate.. 'fans' come online and hate on *everything*. The creator basically says 'yeah its good' and he's lieing and being paid to say it. The creator says 'i hate it don't put my name to it' and he's and crazy fool. The film follows the comic *exactly* and it's 'boring because i've already read it' There is no pleasing ANYONE. The shitstorm over Watchmen is going to be off the charts, if i was involved in that movie i'd be fearing for my well being i really would... Anyway, to all the hate mongers: i hope someone whacks you across the face with your own keyboard in slow motion. Fuck You indeed. It must be hard living a life where you don't let yourself enjoy things on their own merits.

chrisUK on Jun 24, 2008


Stop whining like b*tches, Just go watch the movie and either you like it or you don't. If you have such a problem with it not following the original material then don't ever lay your eyes on it, EVER... but I bet after all the whining and b*tching, most of you will still see the film.

omega728 on Jun 24, 2008


Yeah....still not gonna see it

PimpSlapStick on Jun 24, 2008


I would like to see the "MANY" actual critics who are responding favorably to Wanted. I read the Variety review and like most Variety reviews he sums up the plot and than tosses in some fancy adjectives and in the end it doesn't sound like there's much to like. From the Variety review: "Relentless, in-your-face action and a classy cast led by a beefed-up James McAvoy and a heavily tatted Angelina Jolie combine to promise powerful B.O. prospects worldwide for Universal." That is not praise. That sounds like abuse. I skimmed the reviews and they all read the same. "hyperkinetic", "visceral", "CGI"etc. No mention of a story or a performance or a screenplay. If this is what you want, by all means support this movie. The more people that love these infantile mediocre-to-awful movies means the more we will keep getting them. It makes me angry because I love scifi/action/genre films, and most of what we get nowadays is utter shit. Iron Man was ok, but people went nuts because it had a decent story/acting.

Nick on Jun 24, 2008


ign uk reviewed the film and gave it 4 out of 5. these are the same people that gave iron man 3 out of 5 so these assholes must really love this flick

Darrin on Jun 24, 2008


WOOHOO... thank you ChrisUK #14 for saving me the typing. Honestly.. It is a film, and while I like to see films close to source... but HOW could a film be made where anyone involved was proud of it that had people like Jonny two-dicks, Shithead, and the others. Seriously, IT IS THE FILM BASED ON THE COMIC. As I said before... BASED BASED BASED... not a live-action replay of the comic. Honestly, if Millar had the comfort to say that 70% was in, than he knows they deviated from the other 30% ... even the author said 1/3 of the movie will be different. Guess what, I think that takes guts to admit... if he wanted to hook his 'fanboys' he would have LIED TO YOU and said it is like 95% there... now go see the same shit you read.... But he knew it HAD TO BE DIFFERENT to work as a film adaptation... or in this case, a more appropriate term is, evolution. The story has changed, but the premise OF THE MAIN CHARACTER will be intact. No, super villians didn't win everything, etc etc etc. Let the film stand on its own and stop using the graphic novel as a reference point for success.

Dusty on Jun 24, 2008


WELL NICK>. THANK GOD THEY FOLLOWED THE STORY LINE IN IRON MAN... cause I know noone went for the action Wait was that Vietnam, cause it sure looked like the middle east... hmm.. nevermind.. mute point... cause the story followed the comic to the line... HMMM... THIS IS A SUMMER ACTION FLICK... big damned explosions, story to setup a sequel, and actors that were at the gym for 6 hours a day for 3 months prior to filming.... You can hate the formula all your want... sorry that your graphic novel got caught in that trap of wanting to be an action flick.

Dusty on Jun 24, 2008


Dusty have you read the book? What would your definition of the premise of the main character? I really don't care if movies make changes to the source material if it benefits the story and the movie that is being made. But completely changing the basic premise of the comic book to make a watered down retread of dozens of movies we have seen before just smacks of giant sized egos and standard hollywood stupidity. That is not based. Again from this link: Comment #12 "The concept of the comic book was not centered around an ancient order of assassins, it was based around the lead characters introduction to a group of Super Villains. The premise was that there was a world that had been filled with super-powered heroes and villains and, after having their asses handed to them time and time again by the heroes, the villains finally created an allaince that would allow them to take over the world. They killed all the heroes, divied up the world, and then made everyone in the world forget that there were ever super-powered beings. This way they were able to control everything from the shadows without any opposition. There was nothing resembling morality to their motivations, and the journey the lead character takes is a dark mirror of the 'Heroes Journey'. The climax of the story is him making a very conscious decision to let go of any ideals or morals and to live an entirely greedy, self-involved, evil life and revel in it. It's an unrepentant 'Villain's Journey' story in other words." This is the basic premise. It's extremely bleak and nihilistic. Wanted in the theaters will be no such thing. What are the people on this post, like Dusty, actually defending? Hollywood's constant desire to water down content to the lowest common denominator? Why bother? Why do you care? I care because I appreciate author's original voices and original stories and I like to see my movies that adapt these stories preserve what makes them entertaining. Why does Wanted have to be different than the comic? The basic premise that I posted above could be done with no costumes, and no "borrowed" DC archetypal villains. But it wasn't made that way because Hollywood is deathly afraid of any sort of challenging or morally difficult story, and that is why I complain.

Nick on Jun 24, 2008


Not defending anyone, no reason to, the author defends his movie, I don't need to .. just annoyed that people can't let a movie stand on its own.. instead have to constantly compare it to a book it was BASED on. No, honestly, until we see the movie.. and people are pleasantly surprised or horribly heart broke all of this conversation will be a mute point... The best part.. most REPUTABLE reviews, that I have seen have been positive... then again.. that all depends on who reads them... 3 out of 5 could be good if you are excited about a film... or could be terrible if you already thought it would be... lets wait and see this weekend. I just have to chime in when I see folks that have not seen a flick OTHER THAN TRAILERS gripe about the differences it has from the source. Is it OUT OF THE QUESTION, that they did not give you every last bit of the story in a trailer. NOTE.. please don't quote that article... is not worth the read to me..... Here is an interesting stat I saw when comparing the readers of that site to FirstShowings to me .. this looks like a LOT more people come to FirstSHowing to read the reviews and information that that site.. But just my opinion... and I guess I am defending this article since I am apparently defending someone. WAIT.. I know.. I am defending hollywood, IT IS A BUSINESS... give me some eye-candy and excitement during the summer and gushy stuff in the winter... it works for me... but that is just me. Good discussion... and honestly, not frustrated, just seems silly to have these debates prior to any of us seeing the movie. If I saw Alex and Jeffery Wells having this discussion I would value it, for us.. it is just uncomformed thoughts of how we think the story will roll out.

Dusty on Jun 24, 2008


oh and before someone says WTH is that link.. just look at the chart... ignore the site on the page... OOPS.. it was on the permalink I pulled up for the comparison.. Alex, if this is just rude to you can go head and delete it.. but I sure thought it interesting

Dusty on Jun 24, 2008


Whatever ALex. Their loss. This movie was AMAZINGLY FUN!

Ryan on Jun 24, 2008


Not sure why website traffic figures into this discussion, but whatever. I used H-Elsewehere as a counterpoint because he runs a film comment site that actually contains commentary and not just press releases and endless shilling for the studios. As Alex is fond of mentioning, everybody in the country saw Spiderman 3 and that movie is one of the worst I've ever seen. So I don't know why how many people look at the site's content really matters. Hollywood has always been a business, but just because it is a business doesn't mean they can't make a good movie, action or no. Pixar as also a business but they try really hard to make a kick ass film every time. And they rewarded for their efforts. Dusty, if all you want in your movies is for something to blow up in the summer, and someone to cry in the winter, than honestly, I feel bad for you. I wish more people would be critical of the (summer) entertainment that they're given so the people who are responsible for this would step up their game, and make some halfway decent popcorn movies. Sites like First Showing do nothing but help the studios sell their crap. And I have seen the movie and it's worthless. Utter garbage. And that's why I get so worked up over this and spend my time yammering on this website. There was no reason for Wanted to be terrible. They had a perfect blueprint in the comic to make a very entertaining film, but they chucked it for cheap thrills and explosions. Hooray.

Nick on Jun 24, 2008


I have to agree with number 1. I'm a huge hater of this film ever since I saw the trailer, and the comic is easily a top 10. Frank Miller is probably like 95% to the comic, and it's worked amazingly because the comics were great. If this is 70% towards the comic they must have shown nothing but that 30% on the Trailer. First off I think that having Angelina Jolie as Fox is 30% different on it's own. How hard could Hale Berry of been to get? What was the last movie she did? X3? What was that 2 years ago? I mean Jolie is smokin' hot don't get me wrong, but Berry would have been perfect. Morgan Freeman is an alright actor who makes way too many movies (I think he did well over 300 last year). He plays a white character. Not really a big deal, but theres another 1% difference. I bet that train scene lasts atleast 5 minutes, that's not in the comic book at all if I remember correctly there's another 5%. That corny ass flip where that guy hits Jolie's Corvette is not in the comic (thank god) theres atleast 2%. And although the main guy that plays Wesley isn't necessarily different he doesn't look like he could act his way out of a shoe box. When I see this movie (which I may) and I enjoy it (which I probably won't) I will comment writing an apology. However I have no intention on paying money to see this Hollywood bullshit. I hope enough people take my way and show Millar and others that the comic geeks make up a hefty amount of their gross ticket sales. /rant

D on Jun 24, 2008


I like how everyone is freaking out because 1 person disagreed. I think those that are agreeing need to take a chill pill and stop crying.

D on Jun 24, 2008


Hey Alex... did you really read the book? Can you believe a single thing this guy says now? The end of the book pretty much says "yeah go screw yourself and keep buying my comics you loser". Now how can i believe that he's not just doing that now? Visuals aren't enough to make a movie good. I might understand the idea of the choice to turn Super villains into assassins but then to put them on the side of good? COME ON! That's not the same premise. hey I read Schindler's List. I'm going to make a movie about a bunch of German's who run summer camps with the world's best showers and baking ovens. It's got some of the same ideas and I'll have a huge amount of special effects so it's going to be the same thing right? Go screw Alex. Mark Millar doesn't care about anything but the bottom line.

Kent on Jun 24, 2008


WOOHOO... I love it... we argue great points... yet we still disagree... So moving on.. tried to find something intellectual to say.. but this thread has long since been highjacked to discuss content .. and honestly, I could care less about ANY SOURCE MATERIAL... I want an entertaining movie, if I am entertained, then the movie suited its purpose... Since we are getting personal, no reason to feel bad for me Nick, I promise I will be entertained and enjoy the movies that I enjoy and hate the ones I hate. I will either like the film or hate it... but honestly will give two shits less if it is true to ANY SOURCE MATERIAL. When I go to a steakhouse, I go to have a good tasting steak... not one that looks like a damned cow. This was fun... and part the reason I love this site. I pointed out the stat earlier to point out that people come here to discuss and interact and read about MOVIE NEWS, REVIEWS, NEWS RELEASES(oh no!!!), and all the other items that come up. The other site has 'some' people that frequent it. Then again, thinking about it... if the fans (masses) believed as some do, that Hollywood bastardized stories for business and they are terrible movies as a result.... wouldn't they STOP GOING... yet even in a looming recession people take their money and head to the theatres to BE ENTERTAINED. And while my rant was entertaining for me, and I had a good giggle arguing 'bad cop' to the art of cinema, I will sign off by saying ... Could they(Hollywood) do better? OF COURSE. But Film stopped being art a LONG time ago, and is just a level of entertainment now. Just my thoughts, have a great evening

Dusty on Jun 24, 2008


hell yeah blood and gore Im sold

Cody on Jun 24, 2008


Aight, screw it, I'm just going to tell this to you guys so you can stop complaining. If you'd SEE the movie you would realize the huge ending SPOILER is that all the guys you "thought" were good were all VILLAINS! The Fraternity, which includes Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, and Common, they're all villains! Wow, look at that, it DOES follow the comic storyline! The reason this is not in the trailers is because of the people who are going to see this movie, 10% of them actually are familiar with the comic. So Universal doesn't want to spoil what is a VERY COOL plot point in the trailers. It was a fantastic reveal because Sloan explains in this great scene that what they have become is the more superior killers, doing what they want, killing whoever they want, becoming the ultimate gods essentially. Hmmm... sound a bit like the comic??? I'm telling you this because they didn't show this in the trailers but you need to know that it is a LOT like the comic!! That is why Mark Millar supports the movie - he knows they didn't fuck it up! The only reason I'm revealing this is because I think this movie deserves more credit than most of you fanboys are giving it. You're criticizing Universal's marketing more than you're criticizing the actual film. I would suggest you see it and discover that storyline before you really go off on it. And Millar's statements are not fake, he doesn't do that. This is an adaptation that even he approved and it does kick ass - you'll see on Friday.

Alex Billington on Jun 25, 2008


ummm...I just watched the movie, and Alex couldn't be more wrong about it. They are not villains, they are assassins. Villains are enemies to superheroes. No villains here, no superheroes either. Just a bunch of assassins being manipulated by Morgan Freeman and him having them kill bad people so that the people that they kill can't kill lots and lots of innocent people. Hence the quote from Angelina "Kill a thousand" Why would villains care if innocent people got killed? They wouldn't, that's why the movie is dumb. That's why they are assassins not villains. The only thing that the movie and the comic book have in common is that the main character's name is Wesley. I also don't really understand what they are going to do for a sequel

Wesley on Jun 25, 2008


"Just a bunch of assassins being manipulated by Morgan Freeman and him having them kill bad people..." Uh, isn't that the exact definition of a villain? Someone who is killing people who don't fully deserve it. It was kind of like Minority Report, a question of how they knew it was legit. But if you watched it, which right now I don't believe, they CLEARLY revealed that they were villains. I'm sorry but adapting a movie where the villains seriously kill people like in the comic just won't work in a film... That's the 30% that Millar is talking about. The 70% is everything else. They were villains, but it still gave us hope for Wesley. Name a film in the history of Hollywood were the villains actually win? Tell me "Wesley," did you enjoy the movie? You mentioned that it didn't have anything common, but you NEVER mentioned whether you enjoyed it or not... That's because I bet you liked it, although it had "nothing in common." Which brings me back to the original point that this is NOT a frame-by-frame adaptation. A movie can BE a separate thing from a comic - it does NOT have to be frame-by-frame!

Alex Billington on Jun 25, 2008


Alex, what exactly are you trying to do? Inform or change opinions? There are many more films more faithful to the source material (like LOTR) than Wanted but people will still dislike their adaptation. It's nice you enjoyed the film, but not everybody wants to see it. I might have been interested had it been a tale of supervillains, but I know what I would see this weekend (as I'm British, I'm off to see Prince Caspian, if I were in America, I'd be off to see WALL-E).

Chris on Jun 25, 2008


As I mentioned before ... and the post got ... deleted. All I said was it was funny how this whole thread isn't about the comic vs original source material so much as it's Alex trying to prove his own opinion. Even the interview is slanted with Alex simply trying to validate what he already believes and anyone on this thread who has an OPINION that is different, Alex jumps on with his facts and theories ... I know this isn't actually a review site ... but I just think the whole thing is way off. Review films or don't ... but review them fairly ... and don't try to slant people's opinions with your own or attack them for not agreeing with you or calling them INSANE.

E on Jun 25, 2008


Kent said: "hey I read Schindler's List. I'm going to make a movie about a bunch of German's who run summer camps with the world's best showers and baking ovens." Kent thats a horrible, horrible thing to say but I understand your point. And I also agree with Nick who said: "...but it wasn't made that way because Hollywood is deathly afraid of any sort of challenging or morally difficult story" That's the problem with most films. Had Wanted stayed what it should have stayed and forced people to really actually hmmm ... I dunno ... THINK? And QUESTION and REALIZE something? Then we'd have something worth watching ... But who wants to think ... its summer and this is America ... So lame.

E on Jun 25, 2008


#35 - Let me clarify... You're right, and I'm just heated in defending this film this time because I loved it so much. Everyone is most certainly allowed to have an opinion and think what they want. However, I don't think it's right when they're claiming that the movie "doesn't have villains" when it clearly does, they just haven't seen it yet and are judging it based on creative constructed trailers. I am trying to emphasize that there is more to a movie than what the trailers tell you... 🙂

Alex Billington on Jun 25, 2008


Well I'm going to see it on Sunday. I also have the book ordered which I will wind up reading after seeing the movie. I'm going in to see a popcorn movie with no preconceptions. I did the same thing with Interview with the Vampire. Saw the movie first then read the book. I loved the movie for what it was, then when I read the book I was like, "wow this is different", but it didn't make me like the movie any less. I think this is what will happen with Wanted. Usually If I read the book first(Jurassic Park) I was pissed at the movie. Now I tend to read it after seeing it. I still think it will be an enjoyable movie. I will post again after seeing it.

ObiWop on Jun 25, 2008


This movie looks great. I wish people who haven't seen it would quit complaining about it, whether they've read the comics or not, and watch it first. Seriously, why all the hate?

Reverend on Jun 25, 2008


Alex, I didn't enjoy it fully, I could have waited for the DVD. I would say that I liked about 50% of the movie. Alex, I think that you way overhyped it. I liked the training stuff, I didn't like the train scene, or how they are basically all stuntmen able to make cars jump and however they want. I also had a problem with the "source" that tells them who to kill. I still hold to my point that there are no villains in the movie, just assassins. If you want to keep saying there are villains, keep lying to yourself, but ask yourself one question, who is the hero/good guy? If they can't stay remotely true to the original source, than don't call it "Wanted". Call it something else. Call it "Assassin's Club" or "Assassin's 2" the sequel to that Sylvester Stallone movie. I still don't see why they couldn't stick to the original source 90-100%. And the way the movie ended, what are they supposed to do for the sequel that is supposedly already in development?

Wesley on Jun 25, 2008


I'm just not going to see the movie because Mark Millar supports John McCain, and by association, 100 years of war in Iraq.

Mike Caprio on Jun 25, 2008


Did you actually read the graphic novel? Because it doesn't sound like you did. How do you write an article defending a movie based off a graphic novel without actually reading the graphic novel? That is like writing a book report from the movie version you saw. Seriously stop blindly defending the movie without reading the graphic novel. The movie might be cool but it will definitely be a disappoint to fans of the graphic novel the way you are describing it.

Tom on Jun 25, 2008


I don't know about you, but I think the movie looks absolutely idiotic. Visually, I'm sure Timur did some cool things, what I know from Night Watch or Day Watch he does make things look cool, but can have a dredged down boring story and everything as a vehicle for his neat little visuals. That being said, this looks like Speed Racer, but instead of creating a new world where cars can flip upside down all the time, they're just doing it for the heck of it. It looks like an odd reality for these cars. I hear it's violent, so I'm interested, but this is all seperate from my familiarity with the book. More importantly if there's "hope of Wesley" as you say Alex, than no, it's nothing like the book. The whole point of the book is that he embraced this evil life because of the boredom of his regular life. It's sort of like Fight Club without the complications of multiple personality and all that stuff. The overreaching point is that, "your life probably sucks, how much cooler would it be if you could kill people all the time". If there's no superheroes (the reason the book was clever) and nothing along the lines of commonplace disgusting rape or other atrocities among the assassins then this movie REALLY misses the point of the book.

Zak on Jun 25, 2008


"I'm sorry but adapting a movie where the villains seriously kill people like in the comic just won't work in a film" Alex are you serious?? How could that not work?? The whole graphic novel COULD Work. The ONLY reason it was changed was because Universal (and most of Hollywood) are too big of pussies to put out a movie that is in a MORAL GREY AREA!!! They don't the main character to murder and rape just because he can!! Its sad..the reason Wanted stood out was because it was so turned the good guy/bad guy thing on its head. NICK"S POST FROM JUNE 24 IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! Its sad more people arent understanding why a majority of Wanted fans are pissed. Especially since Millar didnt really address the real problem in all his interviews. Why did you change things in regards to the super-villians running the world? Why didnt the characters keep there evil tendencies? Why have you taken away the motivations of almost the the main characters?? Did Universal ask you to change the concept so that you would sell more tickets?? These are the kind of questions that bastard didnt answer whew....

goodbar1979 on Jun 25, 2008


its all about making $$$$$$$$$ thats the only reason they changed things..period

goodbar1979 on Jun 25, 2008


FUCK THIS movie its a disgrace to the comic and i will piss on this movie! Its about villians okay super-villians not proctectors of justice and peace that is bullshit, faggy and sucks major sack. U allwoed them to destroy ur image and create some lame fuckin bullshit sap story about assasins keeping the ballance of the world in order..... sorry but thats fuckin weak in comparison of the original, i hope ur haunted by the decision to destroy something so amazing. At no point am i trying to say this is going to be a bad movie only that it should not be the WANTED movie an assasin movie sure but to completly fuck ur story in the ass like that is just unbelievable, i am going to learn from u and every other asshole out thier that ever destroyed somthing great and "I" someday will fix everything u fuckin pussies were too afraid to do, bring a vision to life "without" having to change a thing just cause some pricks may find it offensive, i will sell out oneday like everyone but never to the point were my work was changed so crazily i mean if some one brought me one of my short storys and they had kept names and ideas but changed the plot i created, whoever wrote it would get a kick in the fuckin'balls!!! Sincerly a fan, Mike James Beattie

Mike on Jun 25, 2008


I got a question for you "Mark" (If it really is you): 1. How much money did they wave in your face to make you say that bullcrap?

Zeronos on Jun 25, 2008


damn straight Mike!!!!

goodbar1979 on Jun 25, 2008


Alex Billington! "If you saw Indiana Jones back in May, you got just a quick tease of Eagle Eye. Now here we go again! This full trailer picks up right where that one left one and it doesn't stop. This looks absolutely amazing. Incredibly unique action, a mysterious storyline, and Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan working together. This already looks like the big sleeper hit of the fall, but I'm sure by the time it comes out we'll all be talking about it anyway." I found out who taught you how to write your entertainment articles

Zak on Jun 25, 2008


I haven't read the graphic novel nor watched the film, but I must say that this discussion is typical of many others you'll find on the tubes, in so much as you have a clash between art and entertainment/commerce. Sometimes I want the art and other times the entertainment. Thing is I would have to side with the folks who feel that the film is a bastardization of the graphic novel and it is therefore disingenuous of the author to state otherwise. Keep in mind that Hollywood allows these projects to be green lit because they have a built in audience. When whole aspects of the plot are tossed aside in the hopes of capturing a larger audience, there is a level of deception employed that I find rather sleazy. Good films win over audiences in spite of difficult subject matter, they tend not to wantonly pander to the lowest common denominator. For those of you who glibly throw out the 'why the hate' and 'deal with it lines' remember that although you might be entertained by these spectacles that Hollywood turns out year after year, how many times are you not entertained and feel somewhat, or totally cheated by what you've just watched and pay good money to do so. Now imagine if you knew the source material actually had merit but was eviserated to misguidedly reach every paying rube on the planet. Also, these bang, bang, big explosion films with very little story that Hollywood churns out regularly are beginning to have diminishing returns and are sinking whole studios, therefore your perception that this is how films should be made doesn't/hasn't stood the test of time and please don't quote yearly domestic box office increases because inflation adjusted they are down precipitously. In addition, there is more to a films ROI than domestic box office. Pap that flees your mind moments after viewing will never be on AFI's list of best film s ever, but good story telling with or without explosions, CGI, T&A, etc, will. In conclusion I'd like to state that realistically you can't always have, nor do you necessarily want, an exact reproduction of the source material, but at least make an effort in keeping the more salient points intact.

Voice o' Reason on Jun 25, 2008


#37 Alex ... 🙂 I use to review film. What I learned in those years is that to review a film you have to have ALL THE INFORMATION. A good film review isn't just your opinion ... its an EDUCATED opinion. If all you want to do is just say ... this film looks great, this film sucks, this kicks ass and not explain WHY it does (aside from just because you think so) then you're not actually reviewing film ... you're not doing anything except what any mundane fanboy or girl does after they walk out of the movie theatre. You obviously have some intelligence somewhere and you and this website have the creds to get access to information and interviews and with all of that ... all you do is bitch and moan when people don't agree with you and come at things from such a childish point of view. You could have a good site here ... you could actually come at film from a standpoint of real critical thinking. You could research, interview, and get your facts straight and provide something more than the equivalent of listening to some lame conversation between two smartass morons who just thought Spiderman 3 was the best thing ever. Isn't there enough of that already? Those of us that feel strongly about Wanted have valid reasons for doing so ... Alex all you're doing is defending your opinion with you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong. We're not wrong. You just don't want to see the point because you don't care to and that's hardly critical thinking and hardly a fair way of reviewing. I agree the film looks cool, I agree that to the masses, it will be a really cool summer movie, I agree that it's got all the bells and whistles ... However, its NOT WANTED. That's the point. No ..."version" is. This is some version of Wanted thrown together to SELL ... some agreeable, watered down, mundane, watchable film version for the nearsighted masses who don't want to think when they watch movies. They want to scream, yell, and jack--- at all the eye candy. I get that. Its all well and good and fine ... you've been doing it yourself since you started talking about it. But that's not a review. It's a handful of you know what and that may be great for you ... but for the rest of us who read, think, enjoy film, and really watch film for both entertainment and art ... it's just your opinionated joyride.

E on Jun 25, 2008


first of all, what would mark millar have said if he DIDN'T like the movie? ... BEFORE IT WAS RELEASED? he's probably contractually obligated to keep his mouth shut on negs. second, "all the violence" is probably not preserved. there is a lot of violence in hollywood movies but none of the amoral viciousness in the comic book. wesley goes around RAPING AND MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE for fs sake. in the trailers, angelina jolie says "kill one, save a thousand".... that is SOOOOOOOOO NOT THE POINT OF THE COMIC! there is no SAVING involved. you rape and kill because you feel like raping and killing. there is no moral justification. these are SUPER VILLAINS. how in the world can anyone, including millar, say that the movie is faithful? because i highly HIGHLY doubt that they kept in the unsavoriness of the comic. jin

jin on Jun 25, 2008


Alex said: Name a film in the history of Hollywood were the villains actually win? Answer: Here's one ... Jeepers Creepers. And that's just off the top of my head. I think there's about a hundred more. At the end of this film the character whom you have been following, identifying with, gets brutally and horribly tortured and has his skin flayed off and his eyes pulled out. You even get the opportunity to hear him screaming. The villain ... the ridiculous Creeper ... is the last thing you see on the screen. All you are left with is a hole in your gut at the end while the credits role. Why bother setting up characters for the audience to like, identify with, follow, and even root for if at the end he's going to be killed in such a horrible way. Why bother? Because people DIE. Because people LOSE. Because in the real world ... CRAP HAPPENS and tides come and wash even the strongest people away. The Creeper isnt the hero of the story because he looks cool, eats people, and provides the most entertainment. Sorry ... he's the bad guy and he's not dead at the end ... the good guy is ... he's so dead that his skin gets used to make weapons. Now nice for him. People go to the movies to escape that reality ... not to sit and watch the news ... but to SELL YOURSELF out for money ... to tell a kind of interesting truth and reality and then SELL IT into a fantasy because you can - is the worst kind of betrayal. 10% of the world even knows about the graphic novel ... I'm sure Mark couldn't have been too happy about that ... but I bet his sales will go up now ... Jolie's lips and ink and all that Max Payne bullet time are going to make him a hot taco. How nice for him. Maybe he needs gas money ... poor guy.

E on Jun 25, 2008


For those who saw it, was it better than Jumpers. I got my money on tied with Jumpers.

D on Jun 25, 2008


Yes, Wanted is better than Jumper. They are kind of tough to compare though. Jumper could have done a lot more if it was rated "R" like Wanted.

Wesley on Jun 25, 2008


Mark Millar's work - including on the Wanted series / graphic novle is compelling and groundbreaking. Mark Millar's approach to having this movie made is total bullshit. He sold right the fuck out on the double-quick in order to get his foot in the Hollywood door. Should this come as any surprise, given the jaded, nihilistic view of the world he presents time and again in his writing (please see: "Wanted", "Kick Ass", "Wolverine: Enemy of the State", "The Ultimates" I and II, "Civil War" and "The Authority")? Not at all. Mark appears to be willing to sell to the highest bidder and give us the middle finger...Hell, just look at the last page of the final issue of the Wanted series. I'm not bitching about the movie - I haven't seen it yet, but I will soon. The bottom line is, Nick @ 24 is totally right on the money: the original story was both extremely harsh and extremely compelling, and the movie "adaptation" is nothing more than a hacked-to-pieces cash grab by Millar. Do I blame him for doing that? Not really - I'd like to be paid millions of dollars for work that I had already done too. Will I put up with him praising the movie and telling me it's true to the source material? Not for a fucking second. Oh, and I can't wait to see what a steaming pile of shit the movie based on "Kick Ass" is going to be - he's casting for it right now.

Brine on Jun 25, 2008


I read "Wanted" after the trailers came out, and I had no idea that the comic book and the movie had anything to do with each other until... well, I still don't think that they have anything to do with each other. "Wanted" the movie obviously has nothing to do with "Wanted" the comic book. But if Millar (and I hope Jones and Mounts) are making any money off of it, good for them. Especially in this era of "Sin City" and such, where gritty, true to frame comic book movies are making money and winning fans. I guess what I mean to say, is, WHAT where you thinking? Obviously, you couldn't get Eminem and Halle Barry to be your leads, but the book's about BAD GUYS. Bad, motherfucking, evil, raping, BAD, BAD guys. They didn't kill one to save a thousand. They killed a thousand to satisfy the evil of one.

rocky on Jun 26, 2008


What's the point of changing it in the first place? There are plenty of good "straight crime stories" out there and there was no need to condense Wanted for time (with it only being a four issue run). Every studio needs to follow the lead of Marvel Studios and realize that sticking to the script of a comic sells. Going to see it anyway. heh

sunny beach on Jun 26, 2008


This is one of the funniest fake interviews I've ever read. The only thing funnier would be someone who thought it was real, since it contradicts just about every other published fact about this subject.

bshock on Jun 26, 2008


Actually, Mark Millar has had only good things to say about the movie as far as I've heard. bshock, do you have some of the info that contradicts the interview? I'm curious.

Zak on Jun 26, 2008


@ Zak (#60) - read posts 21 and, more to your point, my own at 58. millar hasn't said anything negative about the movie - fans of his work on the comic have. that's sort of the point of this thread... i imagine the conversation between millar and universal went something like this: universal pictures: hey ur storie is gud! can we change it completely so that middle amerika doesn't freak out? mark millar: sure! this huge bag of money will keep my empty soul warm at night - LOL! do u want me to sey nice thngs about the film, wich is similar to my comic only in title? universal pictures: 4 sure, if u wudn't mind. maybe we wud look at ur script 4 "Kick Ass" if u did...?

Brine on Jun 26, 2008


I think the point of this whole discussion at first was to give the film a chance. Even though a lot of you feel that the film has little to do with the original source material, that has nothing to do with how good the film is or isn't. Maybe the film is nothing like the graphic novel, but that doesn't mean that it still can't be a good movie. I don't know why there's so many complaints when most of you haven't even seen the movie. The point, stop complaining about a movie that you haven't even seen yet, maybe you might end up liking it anyways for what it is... If you still don't like it after you've seen it then you can continue complaining.

Omega728 on Jun 26, 2008


Right, Brine I knew all of that. I was more responding to bshock (#59) since he claims that this is a fake interview beause it contradictsevery published fact about this subject. That implies that every published fact has had Mark Millar being unhappy with this movie, and I've only heard that he's been very happy with the movie. That doesn't mean he is happy, he's probably under contract to promote the movie. Also, a MUCH bigger aspect is probably that he wants it to do well because he's a producer as well as the creator of the source material. He definitely gets a cut and becomes a hot commodity in Hollywood if this does well. He's not as much being used by Hollywood in exchange for money as he is joining "Hollywood" (in the negative sense) in exchange for money. Either way it doesn't matter, the movie took out the TWO most important things in the comic. That doens't mean the movie is bad (which I think it will be, but that's unimportant). All it means is that this movie is not REALLY Wanted and we will now not see Wanted in movie form. I just am unaware of what published materials bshock is referring to. I'm pretty cool with taking a movie as a different medium that can be interpreted and changed if the person wants to. Sometimes it's a bad decision and sometimes it can be a good decision. In this case, I really don't think it's the same story at all, and I earnestly believe that.

Zak on Jun 26, 2008


@62 you just don't get it and you probably never will. This isn't a matter of whether Wanted is a good or bad movie (thumbs up thumbs down; we've become Romans), but rather the sleazy use of employing the psychological impetus of word of mouth promotion, promotion that Hollywood knowingly calculates to be derived from loyal fans of the source material. You might think it doesn't matter, however groups of fanboy's and fangirl's entering/exiting a showing of a flick that someone has seen the adverts for is a persuasion to that persons plunking down their hard earned dollar to see said flick. Think velvet rope and overbooked restaurant.

Voice o' Reason on Jun 26, 2008


64. I don't think you get it. First off, the discussion was about giving the film a chance and the film not staying true to the original material. I'm pretty sure the majority of the people who had negative comments about the film hasn't even seen the film. As you said yourself that you haven't even read the book or seen the movie yourself. My point plain and simple, see the movie first before you start comparing what is and isn't. For those who has seen the movie and made their opinions, I respect their views... but for those who hasn't (which is the majority) and already saying how it's not like this and that. Please... save your breathe.

Omega728 on Jun 26, 2008


@ 62: fair enough. sorry to misinterpret your comments at #60, zak. @ 60: see comments at #64 - fanboys (like me, admittedly) aren't pissed off that a movie was made that isn't true to the source material; rather, some of us are disappointed that the author of the original source material is falsely touting the accuracy of the rendition of the story to film - it's just not true.

Brine on Jun 26, 2008


holy shit, alot of people aren't getting the point behind selling urself out... every body and anybody who reads this comic especially the bonus material in which Mark explains that the story behind this comic was inspired by his older brother back in Scotland when he was a kid growing up, is pissed off no matter what even if the movie is good its crap that something that seemed to mean alot too sombody could sell out so damn easy its like bending over and letting everyone in hollywood fuck u right up the ass, not just hollywood but the world a vision is avision it should never have been changed......and yes i fuckin saw this movie.... i hated it...amzing effects but i fuckin hated it!!!!!

Mike on Jun 27, 2008


Hmm... 67 comments later and ChrisUK(#14) is still right. The more you describe the comic (which I've never read), the most I can see how it could have never been made into a large budget film with headlining actors. Or for that matter, produced at all -- go find a decent actor who wants to play an amoral unrepentant super-villian who likes to rape and murder. You honestly think Halle Berry or Eminem would want some of that action? That's just the reality that your kung-fu grip on the source material is blinding you to.

Jason on Jun 27, 2008


Amazing movie with so much fun.Overall this movie returns what ever we spent before entering a hall to view the movie.

Movie Quiz on Jul 1, 2008


I really wanted to like this. I like the cast. I consider myself a fan of jolie and freeman. I really thought it was going to rock my world. I had never heard of the comic and did not know it was a comic until I was at the theater. I hated this movie. I havn't hated a movie this bad since million dollar baby (I expected to see a movie about a female boxer and instead got one about a boxer who spends half the movie as a paraplegic and DIES! it sucks!) . From everything I now know about the comic the idea of a world in which supervillains win is an interesting concept that would be so cool on the big screen. now, the movies assassin fraternity concept was o.k. too. (spoiler alert) When good characters (angelina jolie's for instance) are created that make the movie exciting for you the thing I hate most is the death of the characters. the sequence where everyone dies and jolie commits suicide is the about the stupidest thing I ever saw on screen. I also have problems with the story. say I want a group of assassins dead. who should I hire I wonder? I know! (stroke of genius!) I'll hire the assassins I want dead to kill themselves!!!! with the help of a sewing machine thing. the coded names will appear one by one and when everyone has killed each other, hell, I'll deliver the name of the group's leader (as the next target) to.....the group's leader! this is the stupidest script I have ever seen and makes Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter look like the most intelligent movie ever made! no,actually I would hire someone unconnected to the target to eliminate the target! does that make any sense? as far as the comic goes, I was completely objective. If the comic did not exist, this movie still sucks hard! comic or no it is truly terrible. the director is talented and visionary. and has yet to make anything I like. hated daywatch and nightwatch (but not as much as wanted!) cars and bullets that defy all laws of physics in completely unbelievable ways! he is way over the top and is truly style over substance. there are movies out there with very cool unbelievable stunts that still don't destroy the movie (xxx, fast and the furious, the matrix,equilibrium to name a few.) as cool as everything looks in daywatch,nightwatch,and wanted, it just ends up being waaayy too much. And I love how just because a guy is one of the world's best assassins that means he can fly(!) from his building to the the one where his assassins are. and shoot them down while flying (in the beginning of the film). wouldnt shooting a gun actually destroy your forward momentum and even take you BACKWARDS, (even if it were humanly possible to jump that far)? oh, and I did like jumper, by the way. waaaay better! unfamiliar with the comic (it's from a comic?) so could give a shit if it mirrors the source material. sin city (and daywatch/nightwatch for that matter) painted a surreal world, so completely unbelievable over the top sequences actually work. Wanted is less surreal, and as exciting as the eye candy might be it just doesn't work and makes the whole film a bit stupid. does anyone know if it is actually possible to "curve" a bullet? there's one for the Mythbusters!

joe parato on Aug 8, 2008


Before the movie was released in theatres, I was unaware that it was first a graphic novel. And I want to read it, but only because a majority of the fans who read the book plainly expressed it was not stupid like the movie. Frankly, I was hoping it would be good. I liked the concept. And it could have been good, but the stupid joke at the end and the entire abscence of historical development concerning this secret society of telekinetic assassins only demonstrated how shallow and unsatisfactory this film was.

G on Sep 4, 2008


U comic book NERDS are bunch of WHINING BEYOTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh no they changed their costume they ruined my dreams???? oh his powers are not like in the comics damn those bastards oh no they and screweing with mythology of my superhereo they screwed this they screw that >>>>>>>> get my point and seriosly GROW THE FARK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! u people are motsly MIDDELE AGE OLD FARTS or some some mammab's boy who live in their basements and read COMIC BOOKS movies are juts movies CHILAX u all should worry more about something important than how your GAYES comic book heroes are getting ruined by hollywood GO GET LAID of find some new hobbys NERDS

Super on Jul 3, 2009


and CS PUPPYDOG u fite my critera of whinning COMIC BOOK NERD

Super on Jul 3, 2009

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