Final Breathless Cloverfield TV Spot - New Monster Footage

January 10, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

Final Breathless Cloverfield TV Spot

We're just over a week away from finally being introduced to Cloverfield. I promise this is the last new footage or trailer we'll run before it comes out, and it's all because I couldn't pass this up. I want to continue to build the hype and get this back to the level that it was when Transformers came out and the trailer first debuted. I hope this final TV spot will help cap off the excitement for everyone else, too. There's just a quick glimpse of the monster and it's worth checking out. Although (of course) the actual monster won't be revealed until the film hits, this is the last bit we'll get.

LAist has a great interview with the film's director, Matt Reeves, and we've run a few quotes about the trailer and idea of the movie.

"The thing we talked about a lot was the trailer for Close Encounters. There was a great teaser trailer that sort of looked like weird documentary footage and there was this really scary, almost frontline-esque narrator and he was talking about different close encounters. When it ended you were like 'What was that?!?' The idea of having that experience where, as a moviegoer, you could discover something—before the age of Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight and all the websites."

"When it comes to modern trailers, a lot of the way that they sell movies now is to give you the whole thing right up front. This was a throwback. We knew that it was going to be on Transformers if we make it in time. We thought that it would be really interesting. Here will be this completely under-the-radar movie being previewed in front of a movie that they were already anticipating there'd be a huge audience. I think that the real reason there was all of that crazy reaction was that the trailer was so widely seen and so completely mysterious. I think that people began to project themselves into the mystery to figure out what it was, and that created this whole sort of engagement with the viewers. Anytime you're confronted with a mystery, you immediately need to have answers, and we were just really lucky. We did not expect there to be this level of reaction."

Another of the questions asked was about of the film was inspired by Godzilla, and his answer not only covers that, but also goes into a lot of great explanation behind J.J. Abrams' inspiration for Cloverfield.

"Here's the thing—there's been a lot of speculation, but J.J. has already answered the question. What really happened was that during Mission Impossible 3, J.J. took his son to Japan for the premiere. While they were there, they visited a toy store in Tokyo. They saw shelf after shelf, row after row, of Godzilla toys. Just this huge toy store filled with toys. The image was really striking to J.J. He said, 'Look at this. This is like a national monster.' He started thinking, 'You know, we need our own national monster.' Obviously King Kong is kind of a national monster but not really in that way. That's a great movie and he's a legendary figure in film lore, but it's not really the same thing. So the way that Godzilla was sort of a metaphor for the time, and for that place, the idea of creating a new monster for this time and place came about. It's an original monster, and a monster that was inspired, really, by Godzilla."

Cloverfield will land in theaters on January 18th! Be prepared for one hell of a show!

Cloverfield poster

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ACK! I can't take it any longer!!!!!

Breebaby on Jan 10, 2008


And if the trailer is not enough then look at this, we have our first legit Cloverfield review, it has just been posted on AICN http://www.aintitcool.com/node/35236 . A quote from the reviewer "Like SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, but instead of Nazis it’s a giant monster" The review has amplified my excitement 10x, it looks like the movie is actually going to deliver on all the hype.

Jason on Jan 10, 2008


I saw a screening of it yesterday and let me say this film does not disappoint. The LAist interview with Matt Reeves is quite informative and elucidates their approach to a monster movie. It was executed perfectly! You really identify with the characters, which is key because if one didn't, it would just dilapidate into a monster movie with handheld cameras. If you read the interview w/ Reeves, you might ask yourself, "Does the framework ever constraint or take you out of the storytelling?" The answer is a resounding NO. Everything about it (from the wardrobe to the music playing at the party to the geography of the city - the smaller details) rings authenticly. There were many times at which I was pointing at the screen saying, "Do I know that person?" I did not walk into the theatre thinking it was gonna blow me away, so, I hope I'm not puffing this up too much. That said, I think it was satisfying on every level. It will be interesting to see if the viral marketing will continue as the film opens and more people see it. They've already created a universe for this story and there are many stories that can grow from it and questions that need answering. Also, it does not hurt that the two female leads are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

bagal on Jan 10, 2008


7 days. Let's do this!

Sinner on Jan 10, 2008


My biggest fear was that this movie *was* going to be Godzilla for the 21st century. I'm still worried, to tell you the truth. But the comment from Jason about the first review has me thinking everything will be okay. The hardest part, for me, is to not let it get spoiled b/c I can't go to the theater and see it. I have to wait for the DVD.

Movie Lover on Jan 11, 2008


Everyone that knows me knows I'm excited as shit for this, it's gonna be a tasty little movie. Hopefully someone doesn't cook the bacon that the monster was saving, as it's been proven that that angers people.

Kail on Jan 11, 2008


Now someone tell me PLEASE - how is this NOT a Godzilla remake??? it all starts in Japan. Japanese scientists and industry dug into this story like ticks. a Japanese product the likely cause of it all. ???. how is this an original American monster??? just because it kicks NYC's ass first??? Some pretty thin sh*t . But the FX do looko good so maybe it wil pass on that alone. Stranger things have happened.

cornholio_by_the_sea on Jan 12, 2008


It's too easy. I'll let the others rip you to shreds cornholio.

Sinner on Jan 12, 2008


well i wasn't going to write anything at all but then reading sinners disregard for what seems to be, a question no one is willing to ask, whilst eating a big spoonfull o' hype. It obviously must be realitve in size to godzilla. Idea came from a toy of godzilla. Innocents are totally confused and left scrambling and running around a city from an attack that must come from out of the water. Gee New York that's near some water and Americans identify with it immediately. Man.. Seems like Cornholio might have been on to something actually. with that said, i'm going to see it and honestly think i'm going to greatly enjoy it regardless if the above statements ring true or not, it just looks interesting, i get a better vibe from it with the few shots i've seen than 28 days later (loved that one) so if they amp it up a little bit and add a big monster. i'm in.

fdisc0 on Jan 12, 2008


Aside from the missiles, does anyone else see TWO monsters here, possibly fighting? If you keep clicking the line to make it loop, it looks like the one on the left's arm is in front of/or hitting the other one. Maybe that's why they're tearing up the city, not just random aggression bs? They also look like T-Rexes. Jurassic Park 4 anyone?? Imdb says JP4 comes out 2008, but still listed as pre-production....hmmm. Ppl are so wrapped up thinking its Godzilla, they forgot about JP (which happens to be our national monster). I can't find it mentioned anywhere. Oh well... If so, you heard it here first... Cheers, to Slusho! 🙂

Doug on Jan 15, 2008


Technically, a Godzilla remake would star some version of Godzilla, which this does not. I thought we were speaking in literal terms. My bad, I guess.

Sinner on Jan 15, 2008


I was thinking the monster might have come into existence as the result of global warming...meaning it was well frozen for millions of years, but with the ice melting it reappears. There's a reference somewhere to making sure you keeping slusho frozen. 🙂

Del on Jan 17, 2008


Just got back from seeing the show.............there was no doubt in my mind that I knew at the end of it I had just seen a classic in it's day.............like Bladerunner was, or the first Matrix was. The story line is nothing like those others, but you'll know what I mean after you see it. Intense, riveting, engaging. The movie flew by. You really bond with the characters and go through a night of hell with them. You very much feel like you are there with them. Bravo Matt Reeves.

Mike on Jan 18, 2008


Cloverfield? Is it questionable?The truth lies between the lines!

Jamicabty on Jan 20, 2008


If it was or is Godzilla i think i would eat my self never liked the fil and will never like them its too well dark?..... to be Godzilla anyway was hoping it would be somthing different on forums someone said it was Cthulhu was hoping it would be true but i doubt it 😛

Ben on Jan 22, 2008


this movie sucks it makes no sense i wasted good money on a movie like this do not watch tis movie

sam washinton on Jan 28, 2008

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