Finish Uwe Boll Off - One Million Signatures Required!

April 7, 2008

Uwe Boll

We haven't mentioned Uwe Boll or his movies much on, and for good reason. Uwe is that German director who has made some of the worst video game movies ever, including House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, Postal, and In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. Everyone knows he's a hack, but somehow, he still lives on, making new movies almost every year. However, now is the time where we can, as a collective group, bring down Uwe Boll once and for all. He's stated outright that if this online petition gets one million signatures, he'll stop making movies.

So the story goes that this petition was created to stop Uwe Boll from making more movies and it's currently up to around 30,000 signatures. The guys over at FEARnet recently interviewed Boll and mentioned the petition. At the time it only had 18,000 signatures, and he said that "18,000 is not enough to convince me." So of course the next question was "how many would it take?" Uwe's answer: "One million. Now we have a new goal." Yes we do! Only 970,000 more to go!

There we have it. Now it's our mission (and SlashFilm's and Cinematical's) to stop this man from disgracing cinema once and for all. Take a stand and sign the petition now! There's no questioning - this needs to be done right away. Spread the word, get all of your friends to sign, get everyone you know to join in the fight to stop Uwe Boll! Apparently Tunnel Rats, Far Cry, Zombie Massacre, and BloodRayne 3 are already in production, so we can't stop those, but we can stop everything after that! Sign it now!

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I did it! I hope it will stop this man... ; ))

m4st4 on Apr 7, 2008


God, 30,000 signatures aren't enough to tell this idiot how bad his flicks are?! Signed anyway. A million may be unreachable.

Brad on Apr 7, 2008


Uwe Boll is bad, but there are so many other directors I'd rather see crash and burn... His movies suck, but they do have a cheesy quality making them "fun". BloodRayne 2 is probably the worst movie ever next to D-Wars, but I still can't hate the guy. I've always dreamed of making money on doing the things I love, haven't quite made it yet, but Uwe is living his dream and our nightmares. I would be pissed if people tried to stop me from achieving my dreams, so I'm not going to stop him. Let the fraker make his movies, just don't go see them 😉 If he doesn't get money, he can't finance his next adventure. In 30 years we need a "new" Ed Wood, why not use Uwe Boll. Shawn Levy, Tim Story and Brian Robbins, now we are talking about crappy directors we don't need. People making big budget crap is worse than little Uwe making Postal for 20mill... That's all folks 🙂

Enola on Apr 7, 2008


Passion is a word that I don't see associated with new directors nowadays... Levy, Story, Robbins and especially Uwe effin' Boll lack said passion as seen with their films. Ed Wood, though as a drunkard and incompetent, still had a love of the cinema, and he obviously didn't to do it for the money! When you can see a shitty story and/or shitty production of the film you are watching, then the film's director has failed in their profession.

Ivan on Apr 7, 2008


No no no, this petition is wrong. Look let's get this out in the open Boll is an awful director, possibly one of the worst in the world, possibly ever. But however much we hate his movies it's wrong to force someone to stop because they're bad at something, would you tell a child he can't paint because he's not very good? The bottom line is that Boll, despite being recognized as one of the worst directors on the planet and mocked day after day, film after film keeps on going, that's surely demonstrates a passion for film, and whilst everyone might claim he only keeps going for the money and that he doesn't give a frak whether the film's good or not, they might like to remember the whole boxing ring incident, if all he cared about was the money would he have got so angry at his critics that he invited them into a boxing ring? Making Uwe Boll give up film would not just be wrong, it would be borderline tragic. Every ladder needs it's bottom rung

Sinbad on Apr 7, 2008


i totally just signed that shit... what a dooshbag...

sam on Apr 7, 2008


far cry is such a good game, why would they choose him to direct

Darrin on Apr 7, 2008


I'm half-tempted to sign the petition just to see is Boll will be good to his word - but the spirit behind this initiative is completely wrong. I'm not a fan of Boll's work, but who am I to tell him he can't make films? Besides, he provides much more entertainment to me as a punchline than his films could possibly hope to! Make your movies, Boll and I'll be right there to criticize them. But don't leave the door open to the internet community DARING them to make you live up to a promise to leave the business based on a petition. He'll probably end up being a producer, or something - having more influence and control, making more money and technically not breaking his word.

Tom Brazelton on Apr 7, 2008


I am choosing not to sign this petition. The guy mostly finances his own movies and they make what the make. I actually enjoyed In the Name of the King. If he wishes to make the movies that he makes with his own money, then so be it. If you don't like his movies, then don't go to them. I would however, sign a petition to stop Eddie Murphy from making those horrible shitty ass movies like Norbit...because he doesn't finance those so it isn't his money.

Jeff Warner on Apr 7, 2008


There's no way he'll stop making movies. Not even if he gets three point five billion. This is just like when 50 Cent said he'd quit the music industry if Kanye West's album outsold his. He wants to remind us that Postal exists and... I guess it's coming out soon?

DCompose on Apr 7, 2008


48,003 now i actually enjoyed alone in the dark, the only thing that killed it was the complete lack acting ability in the lead roles, the chick who works at the museum just found out her friend the security guard was just eaten, and she close to it but no go back to researching ancient runes ya dumb broade

harrison on Apr 7, 2008


I also am signing it to only see if he can make it to 1 million.... and just to get a cheap laugh at his expense Honestly.. as I read it above... he is the one saying he will stop making movies... lord knows we could never force someone to stop...

Dusty on Apr 7, 2008



heckle0 on Apr 7, 2008


i'd sign a petition to stop hack internet 'journalists' from spreading shit like this :op

chris^_() on Apr 7, 2008



Nunya on Apr 7, 2008


I am pretty sure I am going to Spam this everywhere.. we have to end this NOW! 54,729 Oh and #14 go fuck yourslef if you have any love for movies at all you would wnat this guy to stop.. we need thsi to be done.. Alex posted this cause he cares.. besides basically every movie blog posted this.. so please... shut the fuck up.

CSpuppydog on Apr 7, 2008


I can't figure out if this is all just tongue-n-cheek, because it sure seems troubling if for real. Why would anyone try to stop someone from doing what they love to do, unless it's harming someone. If you don't like his work, don't pay to see it. Pretty simple concept. And obviously, people wouldn't finance his movies or participate in their distribution if he didn't make them money, so again, obviously, not everyone agrees with some of you people here. Okay...I get it. This is all just a big joke and I fell for it. Silly me.

cufford on Apr 7, 2008


I love movies! I have respect for this website! I don't particularly see Uwe Boll's movies. Having said that, I won't sign the petition. If I don't like him nor his movies, then I will focus my attention elsewhere, end of story.

Marco on Apr 7, 2008


what's next: a petition to keep Britney Spears from making cameos on tv shows??? lol

Pickle on Apr 7, 2008


I wont sign this petition , not because ithink uwes movies are anything special but because being an avid gamer i cant see anyone else making the movies of the games i play as bad as they are its better the devil you know

Fenris on Apr 7, 2008



Ryan on Apr 7, 2008


This is a pretty stupid petition. Petition something important. Boll is a hack, but who else is going to be giving us the MST3K fodder for tomorrow? I would love to see the guy fail - he honestly thinks he's a good director - but I'd rather see him fail because people finally wised up and stopped going to see his piles of crap. If nothing else, Boll is the perfect example of what's wrong with the film industry. The problem really has nothing at all to do with the industry and everything to do with the audience. So long as people will pay just to see a little blood and hear people curse there will be Boll. So long as people continue to throw money at horrible films like his - and all the countless other piles of crap that don't deserve half of what they make in the theater - there will be Boll. Were it not for their 'Searchlight' division, you could lump FOX into the same category. These guys make films on shoestring budgets, hype the hell out of them and then get 300% returns on their investment. To an investor, that looks good - no matter what the films are. It's us that are giving them those returns. The best thing to do would be to warn everyone you know about these films, and implore them to not go see them. The internet won't work, you have to tell people face to face. Spread the word and maybe we can break the system that allows these films to be profitable.

Squiggly_P on Apr 7, 2008


I'd sign in an instant, but I need more things to bitch about in my life. I enjoy seeing his films sink. It's also kind of inspiring..if studios will give moron's like Uwe Boll money to make a film that they, relatively, know will bomb..then there's hope for us indy filmmakers yet.

Garrett on Apr 7, 2008


I'm number 59726!

jason_md2020 on Apr 7, 2008


61808 at 3:35 central

AJ on Apr 7, 2008


Who really cares about the fate of Uwe Boll in Hollywood? I'd say let it go. One hack goes down, another dozen or so take his place. Big deal! I've seen better directors disappear because they have one commercial failure, so nothing will really stop Uwe Boll despite failure after failure. Let's suppose he does stop making films, what then, welcome to tv land and he'll be directing half hour shows of your favorite sitcoms---and maybe a guest shot on Dancing with the stars. this is too funny. He'll then get his own reality show.

Python on Apr 7, 2008

27 another one is going now....sign this too.

chris on Apr 7, 2008


It's good to see the majority of people here disagree with the petition signing (as preferred to the "OMG his movies SUX! WTF!" trolls). I can't defend his movies as quality, but I will claim they have more entertainment value than 70% of the horror fluff coming out. I'm talking about regurgitated Asian tek-horror, PG-13 torture porn, and movies starring lesser cast members of CW shows. Uwe Boll is hard to beat in the so-bad-its-good camp fare. Plus, the DVD commentary on these movies is comedic gold. Uwe candidly bicker about the many terrible and few enjoyable moments of his films (Michael Madsen being too drunk to climb out of a row boat, surrounding Meatloaf with actual prostitutes for a Vampire hedonism scene, and the art department failing to make Tara Reed look intelligent as an archaeologist, even after putting glasses on her). Finally, I went to a screening of Postal last fall. The movie did have some grade F acting, and five minutes of full frontal David Foley. But it also had some really funny moments. At least funnier than Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Super Hero Movie. I guess those movies are just too boring to petition.

Brad on Apr 7, 2008


Signed this morning but giving a update 73375

SHANE D on Apr 7, 2008


Uwe Boll= DVD succes. Studios pay director scrap and finance scrap budgets and yet, he makes a profit. Bearing this in mind, Uwe Boll will not go anywhere. His films will continue.

Day Trader on Apr 7, 2008


What's the deadline for this petition?

Paul on Apr 7, 2008


thought id see if anyone signed the save boll petition and as of 10:40 eastern it had 8 signatures, i think thats everybody that liked his work

harrison on Apr 7, 2008


80198 ... please keep up the GREAT work. Save us all from this monstrosity.

E on Apr 7, 2008



Jack on Apr 7, 2008


leave the guy alone - i think its cool that he is still making movies. i can't wait to see what new depths of film making he can uncover. As long as he sticks with video game movies i don't have much of a problem with the guy...

Rtaylor32 on Apr 7, 2008


"As long as he sticks with video game movies i don't have much of a problem with the guy…" I'm not sure I even want to comment on that. You obviously hate video games and that's certainly fine.

E on Apr 8, 2008


I signed in at 98,214. Within two minutes it was at 98,459 and increasing at two signatures a second. I think we will get there.

Tyler Weese on Apr 8, 2008


Uwe you suck!!!

Johnny on Apr 8, 2008


I do hate video games and the movies that are made about them...lets start a petition to ban them. Anyway the petition is a perfect marketing ploy to attract more viewers to his new movie. Postal directed by the most hated man on the internet - come and see if he is really as bad as all the fan boys say he is. The saddest thing is that you are doing it for free.

Rtaylor32 on Apr 8, 2008


For those of you that support this petition: I made a facebook group to try to get the word out to more people... It's global and it's called "Help Stop the Tyranny of Uwe Boll." To the bleeding hearts here: how many chances does this guy get? He's destroying wonderful franchises that could and should be great movies! Why should we allow that if we have a chance to stop it? Have any of you ever seen House of the Dead? HOLY SHIT! SOOOO BAD!

Conor on Apr 8, 2008


come on people we need to stop this mad man he is ruining great franchises and plainly just the whole filming industry with his utter crap movies, how many chances is this man gonna get, look at one of his recent films Seed its the 30th worst movie on IMDB we must put this to a stop...

Curtis on Apr 8, 2008


i don't think it will help but i'm in. the name is Valon Oddity

valon Oddity on Apr 9, 2008



Death to BOLL on Apr 9, 2008


All 3 directors suck major ass. But if i had to pick one id prob pick Eli Roth even thou his films are all the same. But in a fight id have to go with Uwe Boll!!! Roth wears mascara and eye shadow so he'd loose. Michael Bay, might be close but Boll is German and an Alcoholic. SO you know he's gonna be like the Terminator!!! I agree with April, bring back Celebrity Deathmatch but use the real people, not claymation. My 2 cents 🙂

REAL6 on Apr 10, 2008


@conor "To the bleeding hearts here: how many chances does this guy get? He's destroying wonderful franchises that could and should be great movies! Why should we allow that if we have a chance to stop it? Have any of you ever seen House of the Dead? HOLY SHIT! SOOOO BAD!" Who's fault is it really? Boll's or the idiot, greedy games publishers who allow their work to be made a laughing stock? Kojima has gone on the record saying that he would never allow some shit director / writer to just make some crap Metal Gear movie for money - and I'm sure they get a TON of offers from studios for such a huge franchise. Only FOX could be more greedy than Boll for continuing to produce and distribute his garbage. But they make a TON of money from these crap films. That's the draw here. Stop giving them cash and they'll stop making the movies. You can't blame them for trying to further fleece the idiot kids that buy the crap games he's made into movies (alone in the dark being the only decent game in there, and the game is so old - and the movie so unlike the game in every aspect - that I doubt anyone would even connect the two were it not for Boll's insistence that it's actually based on the game). The game companies that publish that crap are even fleecing the kids. Blood Rayne a good game? Postal a good game? Dungeon Siege was decent, but it was a direct cash-in rip-off of the diablo series, so no surprises that the publishers are just after the money. This is a case of one group of prostitutes allowing other prostitutes to work their turf, so long as they get royalties. It's that simple. No wonder they don't give a shit if the movies are actually decent.

Squiggly_P on Apr 10, 2008


Alex post Uwe Boll 's replay in a new post to let everyone know what is his respond , I will give you the link .. Now I am really angry for such an idiot to speak like that about Michael Bay or George Clooney and his last word : I am the only genies in the all business .. The problem is that I don't think there is 1000 000 people on this planet who watch his movies that is why maybe we will not get 1000 000 votes 🙂 I hope they will do the same online petition for the Production Companie : The Global Asylum who make ripoffs and lie to the people by stealing the name of the movies and make a similler for their fucking DVD films : # 100 Million BC (2008) (V) ... Production Company # Monster (2008) (V) ... Production Company # Alien vs. Hunter (2007) ... Production Company # I Am Omega (2007) (V) ... Production Company # 666: The Beast (2007) (V) ... Production Company # 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2007) (V) ... Production Company # Universal Soldiers (2007) ... Production Company # The Apocalypse (2007) ... Production Company # The Hitchhiker (2007) ... Production Company # Snakes on a Train (2006) (V) ... Production Company # Pirates of Treasure Island: Behind the Scenes (2006) (V) ... Production Company # 666: The Child - Behind the Scenes (2006) (V) ... Production Company # The Da Vinci Treasure (2006) ... Production Company # When a Killer Calls: Behind the Scenes (2006) (V) ... Production Company # Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers (2006) (V) ... Production Company and # War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave (2008) (V) ... Distributor (2008) # 2012 Doomsday (2008) (V) ... Distributor (2008) (worldwide) (DVD) # Dragon (2006/II) Just read the names of the movies and you will see what a hell they are doing ....

shero on Apr 11, 2008


stupid action. no one is forces to see bolls movies. i have only seen postal and this movie, as poor as the screenplay may be, is not bad in its message. of course it needs some more brain to understand bolls point than bays f.e. (best thing about transformers is the soundtrack) so: dont vote for some man you don't even know to stop his work (he won't do this anyways), go find a job or mate...

sensi on Apr 12, 2008


This is just for the heck of it sensi. It's something fun to do. As you said yourself "he won't do this anyways". So please don't start with the " go find a job or mate" line, cause that's kinda cheesy and doesn't say much about yourself...

bltzie on Apr 12, 2008


I disagree with this and basically if you don't like the movies don't watch them it's simple. Somebody has some issues and making some crusade against this guy. I like movies plain and simple I don't care who makes them or how bad they are because I can find some enjoyment out of even the most criticised I can sometimes even enjoy it or at least decide I won't ever watch that again. So just stop all this bull shit crusading against this guy. People need to just stop all this non sense. Why do you care who makes a movie? You follow the directors you like you can avoid the ones you don't like. I have seen much worse films than this guys.

RandomName on Apr 13, 2008


I mean I do enjoy most if not all films I watch. Some people are just assholes sometimes and they have to be very critical about every single movie they watch saying things like "Worst movie ever" take a look at imdb theres some asshole who will say that about just about every single movie they watch, where as most people I think just watch the movie and enjoy it. Thats what the movies are for just watch and enjoy.

RandomName on Apr 13, 2008


This is the most publicity he's received in a long time. It's cheap publicity, but there's no rules regarding this shit. Cheap movies, cheap shots at more popular directors, cheap rants about fans and detractors. Everything about this guy stinks. But, at the same time, nobody can be surprised. This is what he does. If people make fun of him, he invites them to a boxing spectacle. Maybe he'd be better as a marketing somethingsomething. As a salesman. As the mascot for a store. That's his calling. But he has a dream. He has a dream of being a big shot. He wants people to love him. And, as we know, the first step to being loved is being hated. Which follows closely after being a joke. Which is preceded by being a nobody. And before that you're a baby. And babies are stupid. But not as stupid as Uwe Boll. See you guys in 2012!

DCompose on Apr 14, 2008


@RandomName Because when bad adaptations of video games get made and bomb at the box office, real honest-to-goodness filmmakers who actually want to take the source material seriously find it more difficult, if not nearly impossible to convince major studios to finance the project.

John D. on Apr 15, 2008


'Would you tell a child he can't paint because he's not very good? ' it's not the same thing. a child can learn to paint better. uwe boll has been given every chance in the world to improve. sometimes you have to admit to yourself that you don't belong in a certain field. 'I went to a screening of Postal last fall. The movie did have some grade F acting, and five minutes of full frontal David Foley. But it also had some really funny moments. At least funnier than Epic Movie, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Super Hero Movie. I guess those movies are just too boring to petition.' almost every shitty movie has at least one decent laugh in it, or a cool explosion or something. it doesn't mean that people should waste their time and other peoples' money to make them . i don't think it's fair to say that uwe boll deserves keep making movies because some assholes in hollywood keep making terrible parody movies that are arguably worse.

derbesy on Apr 16, 2008


p.s. 200,000

derbesy on Apr 16, 2008


Just don't watch 'em.

Ian Kazimer on Apr 16, 2008


we shouldnt kill off uvah bowl. he is fun to make fun of, and fun to watch, kinda like george w bush. except that uvah bowl doesnt cause long term damage to our economy or kill thousands of americans in a war because of his own personal grudges and greed.

big daddy on Apr 16, 2008


How many signatures are there as of this today?? By the way I sigined it.

Scorpio on Apr 17, 2008


You know, I was all tempted to sign this, as House of the Dead completely offended me to the point of suicide, but once you stop and think, why bother? Why give him MORE attention, if his stuff that bad? Just forget about him and let his sink into obscurity.

Johnny 5 on Apr 18, 2008


I wouldn't care the least about his movies and just not watch them if it weren't for the fact that once he has made a crappy movie based on a game that game won't get another movie. He ruins the chances for good games to become good movies by killing them before they get a chance to become great.

GhostNULL on Apr 18, 2008


stop this stupid jerk!!!

Perturabo on Apr 19, 2008


you know a good approch to this is to ask the people of the changed the theme song of the mets to never gonna give you up so if they have that kind of power maybe it can help

mexico on Apr 22, 2008


its up to 240,000 people. lets go! ITS GETTING THERE! RID THE WORLD OF THIS CRAP!

ethermay on Apr 25, 2008


Oh yes. Let's put all our energy into stopping some guy from making movies based on video games. SO very noble and such a good use of time! There aren't other petitions you all could be signing.

Liesel on Apr 25, 2008


It's funny that you guys are doing this, but I can't sign a petition keeping a man from working. If production companies are willing to give this dude job after job, he's obviously making them money (or maybe he has pictures of one of the top brass with a goat or something). Entertaining as it is, I can't sign this. Just stop going to his bad movies. If he bankrupts a studio or two, that'll do it.

Phil on Apr 25, 2008


I don't know if I'm gonna sign it or not, because even 1,000,000 signatures may not be enough to stop him. It all comes down to the studio execuatives who give him the money anyway. Since he hasn't been stopped yet with his bad films, why would they stop him now??? He can only go up (since he can't go any lower).

Ajax on Apr 26, 2008


maybe we can reach it. its already at 227,263.

Eric on Apr 27, 2008


KEEP IT GOING KIDS, next we'll take on Eli Roth. hahahaha

Scorpio on Apr 29, 2008

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