First Stylish Poster for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie

September 25, 2008
Source: RopeofSilicon

First Awesome Poster for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie Debuts

We know that United Artists moved up the release of Bryan Singer's WWII film Valkyrie to December this year, but we haven't exactly seen another trailer. The first one showed up last November and it's now nearly a year later we haven't seen anything else. Thankfully the guys at RopeofSilicon have debuted the first poster for the film and it kicks ass. I'm not saying that lightly either, this poster really is quite impressive. I definitely want one of these up on my walls right away. They've obviously chosen to go with a more stylized design than anything that resembles the gritty feeling of the film. This is one of those posters where everyone needs to drop what they're doing and check it out. Hopefully it lives up to all my hype…

Answering Brad's concerns on his site, I really think Valkyrie is trying to play as many audiences as it can. I think United Artists (and Bryan Singer) want a movie that will be big in the Oscar run and a movie that will appeal to the younger audiences and those looking for action heavy entertainment. I think this poster is perfect for floating between those two; no floating heads, no sensational quotes, just attractive design.

Valkyrie Poster

At the height of WW2, a group of high-ranking German officers hatched a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, and seize power of the military command in order to end the war. The operation was codenamed "Valkyrie", for the emergency plan that was meant to be used in case of a revolt against the Nazi government. This plan had been modified by the conspirators to ensure their success, but for various reasons the plot failed when finally carried out on July 20th, 1944.

Valkyrie is directed by Bryan Singer, who previously directed The Usual Suspects, X-Men 1 & 2, and Superman Returns. The film's screenplay was written by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, The Way of the Gun) and Nathan Alexander. Valkyrie arrives in theaters on December 26th this year.

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looks two modern for this movie but it looks good its better than putting floating heads eveywhere

Darren on Sep 25, 2008


"two" modern? ahah this is another recent tom cruise movie that wont reach the $ 100 million. no oscars neither

Not You on Sep 25, 2008


Hey Not You, Don't you mean "No Oscars, either." See, that stuff can happen to anyone. It's a really good poster, though. Easy, great color scheme. Maybe they've actually got something here, after all.

Colin Boyd on Sep 25, 2008


WOW...I didn't know that the leaders of the SS were making their debut in another Las Vegas heist movie. I noticed what seems to be that the red line leads to not only the mastermind behind the scheme, but also the vault behind him.

Marqwest on Sep 25, 2008


Looks good. I think it will be a great movie but people won't see it cause Tom scares them or something. What ever. Give me another MI4 with Tom and JJ and I will be happy.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 25, 2008


Yeah, that is why there were so many delays UA really wanted to call it "Ocean's 14: Germany Heist" but Warner wouldn't let them. But in all seriousness I want this movie to come out. I can't wait until December, we were supposed to see this last December right?

Red Buttons on Sep 25, 2008


The director of the usual suspects....dont even care what its about I am in.

Cody on Sep 25, 2008


People, people, use your intelligence: It's a diagram on how to get to plant a bomb in Hitler's situacion room (room with chairs and a big table at the end of the red line), which was a failed try to kill him. That's what the story is all about.

rodpop on Sep 25, 2008


"rodpop"...I'm going to ask you to do the same and I quote you: "Use your intellegence"...It was called sarcasm. And all your explanation below was unnecessary, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Go see a comedy and get out more.

Marqwest on Sep 25, 2008


Marqwest, alas, that does not happen very often around here. Sad as well. I really enjoy getting information, to share with students and friends. But make one comment no matter how off the wall, you get a lot of ridicule. Perhaps a test of some kind before a comment. Btw, I want to see this picture, and after the delays and the dreaded RESHOOTS I hope it works. My Wife is not a big "Cruiser" so we will see what happens. Keep up the good work Marquest!

D-9 on Sep 25, 2008


I know.... These delays have been horrible. I too worry about the reshoots, but I read somewhere that Singer was heavily (directing) involved with the reshoots. Can some one confirm that.

Red Buttons on Sep 25, 2008


Does anyone else trust Singer after Superman Returns?

eflnmagic on Sep 25, 2008


this movie will have action sequences right?

Darrin on Sep 25, 2008


ah hahahah, 'Not you' gets the 'retard of the day award'.

Jimmy on Sep 25, 2008


ah the whole red,black,grey thing is so beyond overused

twispious on Sep 26, 2008


Horrible poster for potentially horrible movie starring a horrible actor. No thanks.

Spencer on Sep 26, 2008


I really enjoy the poster (the background a blueprint), but it looks more like a heist movie. WAY too modern.

Ryan on Sep 26, 2008


the director of x-men and superman returns brings us: the super nazis who tried to kill hitler. wtf?! anyone know what the valkyrie thing really was about?! and scientology-cruise in the movie about it... oh my, i've got to vomit. be right back. oh, and give me back that history book. thanks.

TN on Sep 26, 2008


I just rewatched this and went looking for a large copy of the poster, which I'd found impressive even before seeing the movie.  I wanted to leave a comment that the poster is wrong, since it shows both Stauffenberg's (Tom Cruise) hands.  Anyway, nearly three years later, it's interesting to see whose predictions panned out with this movie and whose didn't. 

kushibo on Aug 27, 2011

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