First Look: British Horror Flick Eden Lake's Poster

August 8, 2008
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

First Look: British Horror Flick Eden Lake's Poster

I'm always up for a good foreign horror movie. Dare I say that these days crossing either pond is almost the only way to find humble gems of the genre. Earlier this year the Weinsteins acquired North American rights to a UK-thriller, Eden Lake, for which Rotten Tomatoes brings us an exclusive first look at the film's UK poster. While importing a scare definitely piques my interest, Eden Lake's poster looks awfully familiar, but I still have hope considering the writer-director's comments to Fangoria back in May. "We show people's heads on fire, neck-stabbing with glass, stomach-slashing revealing intestines and kidneys and metal spikes through feet. Gritty realism in moments of ramped-up tension." Interested?

"When nursery teacher Jenny (Kelly Reilly) escapes to the country for a relaxing weekend away with her boyfriend, she is unaware of a romantic surprise he has in store. The location is perfect. A lake enclosed by woodlands, seemingly deserted. The scene is set for a picturesque proposal. But before the happy couple can enjoy the retreat, their peace is shattered by a gang of violent youths. What begins is a shocking and unrelenting game of cat-and-mouse, as Jenny is forced to fight back against her aggressors."

Now, if you saw the 2006 French horror film, Them, I imagine you have a deja-vu look on your face right about now. That film surrounded a young couple in a secluded, wooded house who was toyed with by a band of psychotic youths, and presumably was the inspiration for The Strangers released earlier this year. In fact, one of the lead nut-jobs chasing down the female protagonist in Them wore a hood the entire time, not unlike the character you can see in the poster. All in all, I think we've been here before.

Eden Lake

It's interesting how the poster seems to show four classes of bad dudes. Going from right to left, you seemingly have the regular level-headed guy calmly standing upright, hands in pockets; then there's the hooded, quietly nutty one; then the group's muscle, looming large like he's about to strike; and then the really crazy one, who tilts his head in almost curious amusement. I might be going too far here, but I think the visual hints at a interesting spectrum of villains. If this is true, points to writer and first-time director James Watkins. I'll try not to hold the fact that Watkins is a writer on The Descent 2 against the film.

So what do you think? Is this more or less a rerun, or something worth keeping an eye on? Bear in mind, the couple is played by English actress Kelly Reilly (Pride and Prejudice) and Michael Fassbender, the wild-eyed Spartan from 300. It could be worse, I suppose…

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first comment looks scary and sounds gory. Most movies like this are lame. Lets hope this one ain't.

Daniel on Aug 8, 2008


hell, as long as it isn't an American made horror movie these days, there's a chance it will be good

Mr. Pockets on Aug 8, 2008


Pretty much sounds like Ils (Them) and The Strangers.

John D. on Aug 8, 2008


here's a link to they wrote about "Eden lake" a few weeks back and it sounds really cool....europe has much more talent than america when it comes to horror films: check out this oster...quite disturbing. hope SF doesn't mind I'm refering folks out of their web site, but I did hear of QE I guess it's ok.

israelidude on Aug 9, 2008


OH DAMN I'm on FS, not SF.....getting bllurry from all of this movie sites....sorry guys!!!!

israelidude on Aug 9, 2008


sounds like it could be good, there hasn't been a good horror movie for a while i hope this might change that but im not getting my hopes up.

Curtis on Aug 9, 2008


thanks for the tip #4...if the author is right and Watkins did use "High Tension" as a source of inspiration, then I'm even more intrigued. LOVE that film!

Kevin Powers on Aug 9, 2008


Do you think this is tapping into fears regarding the current British social climate by any chance? i.e. middle-class professionals terrorized by "chavs"?

sleepykid on Aug 9, 2008


Again, nothing new. Sounds similar to "I Spit On Your Grave" from the 80's.

tommyturner on Aug 9, 2008


Idea also reminds me of 'Funny Games' which was quite a movie (original German version anyways, havent seen remake).

dave13 on Aug 9, 2008



Crapola on Aug 10, 2008


it sounds like an exact copy of Them which is one of the best horror films i've seen in the last couple of years

Shawn on Aug 10, 2008


"but I still have hope considering the writer-director's comments to Fangoria back in May. "We show people's heads on fire, neck-stabbing with glass, stomach-slashing revealing intestines and kidneys and metal spikes through feet. Gritty realism in moments of ramped-up tension" So is it official now? Gore = horror? Boo.

Barry on Aug 11, 2008


I like the way you've broken down four of the Classes of Bad Dudes. I need to start looking at these posters more closely. heh

kevjohn on Aug 11, 2008


saw eden lake the other day and it is tapping into the current terrorism of middle class people by "chavs" but its very real andthesecharacterscould b anyone you know. it was terrifiying i came out of the cinema shaking.

beckie on Sep 27, 2008


Just watched this film and having seen "them" last year was a little dissapointed. Eden lake is almost a carbon copy but unfortunately falls down on the cleverness stakes. I found "them" highly entertaining as the tormentors where hidden or unidentifiable and there was hardly any dialogue, which may sound strange for a film, but worked very well. Eden Lake on the other hand goes more for class struggle i.e. chavs versus middle class, but uses some truly horrific disturbing scenes. Like with them, im sure the director and writers could have achieved there goal without subjecting the audience to some really harsh scenes. I did watch the film all the way through but I would only recommend this to sane, strong stomached people. It is certainly not for under 18's which unfortunately i feel will be watched by many.

andrew on Jan 2, 2009

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