First Look: Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in Public Enemies

November 28, 2008
Source: Empire

First Look: Christian Bale and Johnny Depp in Public Enemies

Give or take Miami Vice, Michael Mann is usually a very solid director. His next project is one called Public Enemies, about the real story of notorious American gangster John Dillinger and his FBI pursuer Melvin Purvis in the 1930s. Think of it as something like The Untouchables, except set in the 1930's and told from the side of the bad guys. It's being described as somewhat like Heat II, which could mean a lot of good things and a lot of bad things (do we really need more sequels?). However you look at it, with the debut of these two new photos from Empire today, I think it shows we don't we have much to be worried about at all. While they're fairly simple shots, they look great so far, and we haven't even seen any footage yet either.

On the left you'll see Johnny Depp as gangster John Dillinger, nicknamed the "Jackrabbit" for the way he leaped over counters during bank heists. On the right you'll see Christian Bale as FBI agent Melvin Purvis, known for capturing more "public enemies" than anyone in history and eventually taking down Dillinger.

Public EnemiesPublic Enemies

If you're liking the way these look, you might as well head back and check out the batch of photos taken while Public Enemies was shooting in Wisconsin in March. The shots aren't as clear as these, but you can see Depp robbing a bank with tommy gun and money bag in hand. The more and more I see of this, the more excited I get. I just have the feeling that Public Enemies could turn out as legendary as The Untouchables, but with some extra grit thanks to Michael Mann and both Depp and Bale. Also in the cast are Channing Tatum, Giovanni Ribisi, David Wenham, Leelee Sobieski, Marion Cotillard, and Billy Crudup as J. Edgar Hoover. Public Enemies is slated to hit theaters on July 1st, 2009 next summer.

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can't wait for the trailer!

egghub on Nov 28, 2008


sweet, original gangster film. finally something different.

matt on Nov 28, 2008


let's bring it on point: depp & bale mann gangsters heat II conclusion --> just phenomenal

Roman on Nov 28, 2008


I'm sold.

Lady Aerin on Nov 28, 2008


Excuse me while i wet myself

Bob on Nov 28, 2008


Ohhhh. Okay, this is what Empire meant by Heat II. I thought there was an actual sequel going on. Well, this looks pretty good. Mann, Depp and Bale are three names that go pretty well together in my book.

Alfredo on Nov 28, 2008



big r on Nov 28, 2008


Totally there!

Brooke on Nov 28, 2008


I came

Red Buttons on Nov 28, 2008


So Batmans going after Dillinger... sounds interesting.

Joker on Nov 28, 2008


I would've liked to see Bale as the gangster, but it still looks pretty dang good! Totally seeing it.

Lauren on Nov 28, 2008


After seeing last of the mohicans badassery this will be sweet. Plus tommy guns and bale

Cody on Nov 28, 2008


LET'S GET IT ON! I'm ready to rumble... Will definitely watch out for this... trailer! trailer! trailer!

miracle disease on Nov 28, 2008


BALE IS #1!!!!!!!!!!

Cesar on Nov 28, 2008


prelude to batman 3? lol Pics look interesting so far.

james on Nov 28, 2008


There is no Heat II. And I hope there never will be the first one was bad enough.

Me on Nov 28, 2008


i hope it turns out as good as "hoodlum" did. roth, fishburne, and garcia were kick @ss in that one. and, i'm sure depp and bale won't disappoint.

dan on Nov 28, 2008


It is cool to see Depp star in something that doesn't require him being a Pirate or some kind of Burtonesque freak show. Ill hold my reserve but this sounds like it should be spectacular! And I hope it doesnt compare to Heat, honestly aside the most badass street battle ever put on film, I thought the move drug it's feet the rest of the time.

interl0per on Nov 28, 2008


Haha. Depp looks convincing, but all I see on the right is Bruce Wayne in a fedora.

Justin on Nov 28, 2008


*drools* Pure sex!

tzarinna on Nov 28, 2008


o hell yes!!! johnny depp ftw!

LeeMan on Nov 28, 2008


Between this, the new Scorsese picture, Watchmen, and the Ricky Gervais comedy involving basically every amazing comedic actor, next year is going to totally pwn this year.

Itri on Nov 28, 2008


alright ceasar bale is not that great, I can name a few movies where he sucked total balls!!! but he has recently uped his awsomeness. reign of fire was sick and of course Batman. the Machinest was really cool too. not to mention equalibrium it wasnt that great but the idea was tight and so was bale . just put Depp in anything other than another pirates movie and Im sold.

tyker on Nov 28, 2008


so Terminator: Salvation already finished filming?

Matt Suhu on Nov 28, 2008


they were filming bank scenes for this movie like a year ago. In a bank near my hometown in Wisconsin

Richard on Nov 28, 2008


cool! can't wait for it

F.C. on Nov 29, 2008


Looks good. Let's hope Mann is back on form after the dire mis-step that was Miami Vice.

sleepykid on Nov 29, 2008


21 said it all

Chris W on Nov 29, 2008


Oh, hell yeah! Two great actors. Michael Mann. I could see where they get HEAT II. I'll be there.

Brian on Nov 29, 2008


pretty cool to me!!!

Candy Castle on Nov 30, 2008


Looks great1 Can't wait for this one!

Conrad on Nov 30, 2008


"do we really need more sequels"....this doesn't make sense since this isn't a sequel and you know this as well, no need to promote confusion. How in any way shape or form could this be confused as a sequel to Heat? Maybe in the tone of it or the themes as a crook vs. the law type film, but it ends there. You could say it's a sequel to any cops and robbers crime film based on that.

Lincoln on Nov 30, 2008


"I just have the feeling that Public Enemies could turn out as legendary as The Untouchables..." Oh, Alex, ever the editorializing hypester.

Black Guy on Dec 1, 2008


Depp looks good. Could be a fun one.

nick@Come Get Me on Dec 2, 2008


Bale vs. Depp, this is going to be great. Love Johnny.

al-X on Dec 11, 2008


Comment 16 says Heat sucked! STONE HIM! STTOOONNEEE HIIIMMM!!! As far as this movie goes, can't wait, gonna be awesome.

NorthDude on Jan 19, 2009

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