First Look: Complete Watchmen Costumes Officially Revealed!!

March 5, 2008
Source: Official Watchmen Blog

First Look: Complete Watchmen Costumes Officially Revealed!!

As Zack Snyder states on the official blog - here we are, one year from the theatrical release of Watchmen on March 6th, 2009. To ease the pain of waiting another 12 months to finally see the film, Snyder has released complete costumed photos of five of the main characters: The Comedian, Nite Owl, Ozymandias, Rorschach, and Silk Spectre. These may be the most downright incredible photos I've seen in the last six months from any comic book movie. It's time to begin the 12 month process of showing you how amazing Zack Snyder's Watchmen is actually going to be!

Don't let anyone fool you. If you hear other webmasters or critics out there railing on these photos, it's because they can't handle a movie being so good. They've got to tear it apart at any cost and can't just sit back and appreciate something truly amazing. Don't listen to them. These are amazing and I hope you can respect the work that Zack Snyder and his team have put into this.

Click each photo for full-sized versions!

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian in Watchmen

Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl
Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl in Watchmen

Matthew Goode as Ozymandias
Matthew Goode as Ozymandias in Watchmen

Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach
Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach in Watchmen

Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre
Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre in Watchmen

Notice the updated Owl Ship in the background of Nite Owl's photo? If not, you may want to go back and take a second look. These are the photos that Watchmen really needed in order to start building buzz for it even a year out. You may only be thinking about this upcoming summer's movies, but don't forget to always keep Zack Snyder's Watchmen in the back of your mind.

A complex, multi-layered mystery adventure, Watchmen is set in an alternate 1985 America in which costumed superheroes are part of the fabric of everyday society, and the "Doomsday Clock" - which charts the USA's tension with the Soviet Union - is permanently set at five minutes to midnight. When one of his former colleagues is murdered, the washed-up but no less determined masked vigilante Rorschach sets out to uncover a plot to kill and discredit all past and present superheroes. As he reconnects with his former crime-fighting legion - a ragtag group of retired superheroes, only one of whom has true powers - Rorschach glimpses a wide-ranging and disturbing conspiracy with links to their shared past and catastrophic consequences for the future. Their mission is to watch over humanity… but who is watching the watchmen?

I hope by now all of you Watchmen doubters are finally starting to realize that this movie is going to turn out absolutely incredible! What are your honest thoughts so far on all of these costumes?

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The movie arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more exclusives right here at!

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looks pretty awesome

mike on Mar 5, 2008


Omehgawd... hot sex. I am so excited for this movie. I think I am more excited for this movie than any other movie coming out that I can think of... maybe AT the Mountains of Madness... but Jesus.. this is gonna be sweet.

CSpuppydog on Mar 5, 2008


I agree that these are fantastic, and it gives me more hope that this movie won't actually be the travesty I originally thought it would be (not because of anything to do with the production, just because I think it's impossible to live up to the source material). One slight point of constructive criticism: nipples. Didn't George Clooney teach us that nipples on superhero costumes was a bad idea? Apparently Ozymandias didn't get that memo. Still, I think I can live with it.

Nevin on Mar 5, 2008


That looks simply amazing.

Heckle on Mar 5, 2008


Ho-ly shit, in-freaking-credible!!

Rob G on Mar 5, 2008


i dont know some of the actors dont look the part at all, Matthew Goode as Ozymandias?! He doesnt even look the part, too shrimpy looking to be the smartest and supposedly most attractive guy (as it states in the comic), in America. I kinda like how everyone else looks, but something just does not feel right, and i dont know why.......

alex on Mar 5, 2008


i forgot to mention that he is supposed to be the strongest guy too

alex on Mar 5, 2008


Yes, they really ARE amazing!!! I hope they'll show us Dr. Manhattan soon... ->What about that stupid lawsuit from Fox? It makes me sick to even think about this amazing movie being shut down, now that it's done! Go home Fox! DC and Warner are the same thing! ->No. 1 The Dark Knight ->No. 2. Indy IV ->No.3. Watchmen Oh, I forgot that Cameron movie ; )))

m4st4 on Mar 6, 2008


It's creepy how close to the comic Rorschach is. I wonder... I heard his mask is going to be CG... that the design on the mask will be constantly in flux. I hope that is the case, cause the book used that to really good effect. I just wonder how close to the books it will be, and what parts they'll leave out. I mean... those books take a lot of strange detours, and some of them - like the pirate comic that one character is reading the whole time - might be something they would chop out of the film version. Yet some of those sections are hard to imagine not being in the watchmen. But if this is done well enough I don't think it would bother me if they made cuts, so long as they don't do something crazy and make up whole sections of plot to patch huge ripped out sections.

Squiggly_P on Mar 6, 2008


Rocks, Rocks, Rocks!! These pics quell some of the "tonal" misgivings I have had. The comedian is perfect. NiteOwl always ways a BatWimp and that pic is spot on. It is, alas, the all too obvious weak link that the critics will focus on regardless of how well the film is executed. Where's big blue though ? No surprise they'll keep him under wraps for a bit longer. Now. Running Time? Thats the outstanding concern I have for this flickeroo. It is a complex tale indeed and if rushed could be ruined. I want a Ben Hur Epic. Tell me its so Zac, please, go on, will ya? huh? huh? please?

Dr.Duvel on Mar 6, 2008


Alex, NICE find my friend! Vic on Mar 6, 2008


Nice snag Alex... this just rekindled my thoughts about this film (had wrote it off)... and I am right with you Duvel#10 - GIVE ME A 2 1/2 hour film... if it is chopped to another 90 minute ACTION SNAPSHOT film, it will be ruined.

Dusty on Mar 6, 2008


Wow. Talk about being done right, with care and attention to detail. Agree with another poster above, can't wait to see Manhattan, that's gonna be a tough one. And also agree that running time is going to be crucial. Hell, if they can have a three hour "Fellowship of the Rings", I am pretty sure that they should give Snyder at least that much to tell this story in a way befitting one of the greatest graphic novels ever.

William Mize on Mar 6, 2008


@Squiggly_P: Tales Of The Black Freighter is going to be included on the DVD as an extra featuring Gerard Butler:

smikwily on Mar 6, 2008


Rorschach? Absolutely. Ozy? Absolutely not.

Ian on Mar 6, 2008


Awesome, I am surprised though Malin Akerman was cast. This isn't a bad thing though, I am just kind of surprised, she kind of looks like Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Ryan on Mar 6, 2008


Just finished reading Watchmen, its great! These costumes all look awesome. Ozymandias looks fine, not as 'captain america adonis' style as in the comic, but he certainly has that 'i am better than you and i know it' look...i guess the character was a bit of gymnast aswell as a very fast fighter, and Goode looks pretty ripped in some photo's on his fan site, the perfect physique for that sort of role imo... i think the body shaped armour \ costume is what makes him look a bit iffy to some people, although seeing the actual actor he looks great for the role. The comedian looks awesome! I really can't wait, i just hope the doc isn't too CGI and fake looking

chris on Mar 6, 2008


Holy sh*t, this is sexy

Davis on Mar 6, 2008


Matthew Goode looks too much like Toby Maguire. Holy sht! spiderman is play ozymandias?

david on Mar 6, 2008



resident on Mar 6, 2008


The "Doomsday Clock" isn't fictional and it isn't just about tracking tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, it "conveys how close humanity is to catastrophic destruction" Ironically in 1985 the real Doomsday clock was at 3 minutes to midnight. The Doomsday clock is currently at 5 minutes to midnight today. The Doomsday clock is maintained by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and can be found online at: That said, the costumes look excellent.

Zachary on Mar 6, 2008


I just creamed myself! 😀

Si on Mar 6, 2008


Ozymandias looks a lot different from the graphic novel. Where's the blonde hair and gold suit? The black post-Michael Keaton-era Batman suit takes away from the whole light/dark motif that is so prevalent. Also, who will play Doc Manhattan?

Wes on Mar 6, 2008


Holy kickass! I had heard rumors of the Watchmen movie, but didn't realize it was in production and coming next year! Can't wait!!!! I hope they make it long enough to tell the story as well as the graphic novel / comix did.... If they hold true to the story and feel of the original material, it should be a good flick 😀

free playstation 3 on Mar 6, 2008


Billy Crudup (Almost Famous) plays the Doc, but Matthew Goode as Ozy??? Sorry but totally disagree with the decision. He better do a friggin amazing job then, because he looks too wimpy. I would've liked to see the gold suit. I would have rather seen Jude Law as ozy like he wanted. The rest look great, though for some reason the comedian doesnt look as big as in the books, his head looks too big for his body.

Tito on Mar 6, 2008


the costumes look pretty cool and i love the watchmen but you can't say this movie is going to be great just cause of the costumes and that everyone who has a contrary opinion just can't accept a movie being great don't get me wrong, i would love for the watchmen to be a killer movie and i hope it is but i have a lot of fears that the plot is far to dark and too many tragic things happen in it for the actual movie to come anywhere close to the original story just my opinion though

sae on Mar 6, 2008


Ummm...The Incredibles? League of Extraordinary gentlemen? Am I missing something?

Chris on Mar 6, 2008


Looks just a bit too " Mystery Men" for me. But I've already accepted that Zack Snyder is incapable of translating one of the most sophisticated structures of a novel, let alone graphic novel, ever to see print. Comedian looks badass. Ozymandias looks smarmy. Nite Owl's supposed to FAT, enn he? Unless that's the younger version of him. Half the point of him & Silk Spectre hookin' up is that he's an unfulfilled, washed up tech-nerd who followed in his Hero, Hollis's footsteps. I wonder who's playing Hollis. To me, Watchmen's more important characters are its supporting cast. The aging superheroes (Silk Spectre Sr., Hollis Mason) and of course Moloch. It's strongest scenes, equally important to the biographical chapters of the principals, are the flashbacks of the original Watchmen getting together & eventually disbanding. Each character is like a different, post-war ideal, visibly out of touch with the changes going on around them, each maladjusted to the times in their own unique way. Watching their disintegration is half the key of establishing the mood of "Watchmen". The other key- as I've said before, time & again, is juggling an ensemble cast. Can Zack do it? Can Stanley Kubrick be proven wrong, and movie-making really be completely reliant on story boards? All I have to say is, if this movie is anything shorter than 2 1/2 hours, there's no possible way he did the novel justice. That- and the DVD version should amount to at least 3. C'mon Zack. Quit smiling & get to WORK. Who knows. Snyder's WATCHMEN might succeed where Moore's hadn't: It might DESTROY the Superhero Genre single-handedly. -Djo p.s. I do think Billy Crudup could end up holding this WHOLE film aloft, if he turns in a career-making performance as Dr. Manhattan.

Djoser on Mar 6, 2008


I sincerely, sincerely hope they find a way to have the Rorschach blots on his mask morph to emulate his emotions. A demostration of that alone would solidify my faith that he's making a worthy rendition of the source material. THAT would be an example of appropriate use of Special FX. If his masks' pattern stays static, THAT would be an example of directorial ineptness and lack of creativity. C'MON SNYDER. SHOW US WHAT YOU REALLY GOT. -Raw Shark

Djoser on Mar 6, 2008


Ozymandias is not supposed to look intense.. he's usually either smiling softly or looking sad, occasionally doing both at the same time. It feels like a possible miscast, based on that one shot. I really hope they don't butcher the complexity of his character.

Watch Me, Mommy! on Mar 6, 2008


Silk Spectre looks like the new take on Cat Woman. Can't wait to see this movie - looks incredible. A lot of suspense and intensity. I 'll like this as much as a good game of 9 Ball Pool or Brick Jam at my fave game site ...unlimited possibilities - both places! Cariad

Cariad on Mar 6, 2008


All great, except for Ozymandias. The core of his character is that he is the best, the smartest, the strongest and fastest, and this excellence has corrupted him and robbed him of his humanity. He is not some pufter in a rubber suit, complete with nipples. Unless that is cloth stretched taut over his ripped physique, and it doesn't look to be, the costume is totally foolish. The Comedian is picture perfect. At first I thought Night Owl's costume was too artificial, but I think that fits the character. He was pretty dependant on gadgets, that was his thing so I think it is OK. Ozymandias sucks, but I covered that. I remember Rorschach's coat being a tad longer, but he looks pretty sharp and it really hinges on whether Jacky Earl Harley can nail the voice. Silk Specter looks pretty good, but I don't seem to remember the scene she is in. Am I forgetting something?

Ramses on Mar 6, 2008


Jesus..i'm looking forward to it too, but the ***** rating this article is giving the movie a year before it's out is just as bad as the haters.

Andrew on Mar 6, 2008


My major gripe is with Matheew Goode as Ozymandias - simply seems to "wimpy." However, the comedian looks utterly maniacal (more like the joker) and less like his tragically misunderstood self. If they don't do a good job with Dr.Manhattan.....

BigFan (Novel) on Mar 6, 2008


This only proves that this movie will be garbage. Ozymandias and the Silk Specter look horrible, as does Night Owl. Why? Because he's not supposed to look like a bad ass. He's supposed to look like a middle-aged loser in tights. Also, although I will agree that The Comedian and Rorschach look awesome, the fact is the look doesn't match the comic. Although the designs themselves are almost spot-on, Snyder's clearly going for this stupid gritty look, and that's just not Watchmen at all. Yes, the story is VERY gritty, but the look of it is colorful and vibrant like the comics Moore used to read as a kid. And although it doesn't seem like this new look is a problem at first, it is. If Snyder fucked that up, then he fucked everything else up. Because really this contrast is the whole thing, the whole point of Watchmen. Because this contrast is not only in the look, but the story of the comic as well. Anyone who really understood Watchmen will know what I'm talking about.

Someguy? on Mar 6, 2008


Silk Spectre kind of looks like the mom from The Incredibles... but with a different color

brandon on Mar 6, 2008


Oh goody. It's alot of characters that look like black repaints. If anything this just serves to prove that Snyder is going to try and "improve" something done by a superior writer like he did with his crappy additional narration in 300.

readabook on Mar 6, 2008


They do look really amazing, but does anyone else think that they all look a bit young?

brodie on Mar 6, 2008


I don't know, i kind of like their take on Ozymandias.. We'll see how this turns out. BTW, Nite Owl wasn't fat, just a bit lumpy!;)

potocki on Mar 6, 2008


I think only Ozymandias looks too young; maybe they'll explain that he's discovered/invented some sort of youth elixir. Nite Owl is supposed to be in his early forties (I think); Silk Spectre is 35.

poover on Mar 6, 2008


This just kills me. The Watchmen movie will only be enjoyed by people who've never read a comic book, and a few fans who have only read it two or three times. Those pictures at the top of this page are not the characters in Watchmen. They're fucking toy's.

Morgan on Mar 6, 2008


I don't follow. Should I have read it 10 or 12 times to be a *real fan* like you, Morgan?

Mike on Mar 6, 2008


Hellz yeah, this has got me excited. Man I hope Zack Snyder pulls this off, because if he doesn't he'll have a legion of fanboys calling for his head on a pike. Nite Owl looks badass and Rorschach is spot on, Silk Spectre? I'm honestly more interested in Carla Gugino as the original SS that is one fine woman. Mmm..Mmmh.

Pimpslapstick on Mar 6, 2008


I heard Black Freighter's going to be on the DVD, starring Girard Butler. That has potential. I know from shots of Dave Gibbons on set that they'll be doing some of the Under the Hood stuff, since I saw one of the old heroes (Top Dollar? Dollar Bill?) on the wall. I dunno. I really hope they do a good job. I have to wonder what was cut out, and what they'll leave in, b/c to get a proper return on their investment the theatrical release will undoubtedly have a ton left out. I just hope, for those of us who've been amazed by how the novel's held up over time, that he includes a LOT of that stuff on the DVD. B/c if he smart & realistic, he'll make the DVD collection the big draw- that shiny volume worth having in your collection. And the theatrical Watchmen will be more like an inter-generational murder mystery/conspiracy/social commentary, at best. The two key voices to keeping the commentary remotely intact are the Dr. Manhattan & Rorschach bio. chapters. If he sandwiches the movie with those, and develops the other characters by weaving them, he might strike the balance that'll make this thing tick. (No pun intended)

Djoser on Mar 6, 2008


"I don't follow. Should I have read it 10 or 12 times to be a *real fan* like you, Morgan? Mike on Mar 6, 2008" I'm not saying that at all. I'm just saying that Watchmen is a multi-layered piece of art, and I don't think it's eletist to say that to truly appreciate it, you need to go through it more than a few times. And if you do understand what it really is, you know it's not this trumped up excuse of a puppet show. And for the casual Watchmen fan, this will probably kick ass, but for the people who live and breath Watchmen, this is a real let down.

Morgan on Mar 6, 2008


The Watchmen film is coming out and you are its target audience. Movie studios are banking on the fact that fans will shell out cash for a name they recognize, and that they won’t have to spare the product one modicum of dignity in order to snare your money. It’s time to send them a message that some comics simply don’t deserve the monumental disrespect that they will invariably be given on the big screen, The Watchmen being at the top of that list. Send the most important message that a consumer and a comic fan can and boycott the Watchmen movie! Long story: There is a certain phenomenon that occurs in the American mind. Whenever a particularly salient form of entertainment rises to the top of its respective medium, a common phrase is always bandied about. “Boy, this is an engaging book. This television show is exciting. This video game has me enrapt. It sure would make a great movie!” When Jackson Pollack was destroying and rebuilding notions of art with the swing of his arm, he was hoping that his action paintings would translate into a pretty good action film. When Ray Charles was proving himself as quite ironically one of the most visionary musicians to ever live, he was sure to pepper his life with some hardships so it would make for a sellable screenplay. When the Biblical authors were presenting the story of Jesus, they tailored the character in the hopes that Willem Dafoe could be signed onto the project. It’s as if people are convinced that the end-all be-all form of artistic expression is film. The reason for all of this is simple: the movie industry rakes in tens of billions of dollars a year. The profits of the Harry Potter novels, the most popular book series in several decades, still lag behind the profits of their movie counterparts. It took the Spider-Man of print forty years to make the same amount of money that the Spider-Man of film made in three days. A great idea might make you rich, but a mediocre movie of the same idea will make you richer, and boy do movie producers know that. In order to keep it that way, they spend exorbitant amounts of money on advertisements of all sorts to convince the consuming public that a movie is the final step, the last plateau to be reached by the creator and their property. After all is said and done, it amounts to a win-lose-lose situation. The movie industry wins an amount greater than the GDP of most countries by getting your warm body into a dark room. The creator very seldomly receives but a fraction of that money, all to the tune of seeing their brainchild be perverted into a dumbed-down explosion-fest. And you, the viewer, lose by being coerced into seeing a cherished icon be ground and packed into the movie format like meat into sausage casing. For fans of sequential art, discussions about good comic book movies invariably become exercises in the process of elimination. The best comic book movie is the best because it wasn’t as bad as the rest. But, when all is said and done, it’s not like the distinction between good and evil here, yin and yang. The Punisher was featured in a few bad movies, but he was featured in a few bad comic books as well. Stupid, stilted dialogue said on film can probably be matched to stupid, stilted dialogue said on paper. The Ant Man movie is coming out soon. The corollary to that is: “who cares about Ant Man, honestly? They’re all just dumb, fun books and I’ll go to see a dumb, fun movie.” But what happens when the next comic book on the chopping block is the absolute farthest from dumb that you can get? The Watchmen is viewed by most as the greatest comic book series ever. The criticisms of it only amount to its complexity, its forcing of comic books to “grow up,” and its boundary-breaking nature. To sum up, “it’s too good.” Now, I don’t want to get overly dramatic here, but this is the last frontier in comics. The Watchmen is, in all reality, the comic-to-movie Rubicon. Once this property is stomped all over and you’re left leaving the theater with a bad taste in your mouth and a sufficiently perforated soul, the quality of the next comic book movie won’t matter. After that no other comic will be sacred, no comic spared. “You hear they are going to make The Sandman movie with Jim Carrey as Morpheus?” “Yeah, and I wanted to get angry and write letters and stuff, but that Watchmen movie kinda knocked the wind out of me.” You might be thinking to yourself that The Watchmen movie, while not being good for the diehard, will be a beacon for the non-fan. Once Maynard G. Muskievote wanders in looking for a weekend turn-off-your-brain popcorn-seller and is subsequently blown away by what comics can be, he’ll become a comic devotee in an instant, right? If anything, watching Daredevil and Fantastic Four makes me want to AVOID those comics. Just ask yourself what you would rather be saying to someone who might be a comic convert: “Yeah, I know the movie was dumb, but put that out of your mind and read the book. It won’t be as disappointing as watching the movie,” or simply “Read this book. It’s great.” It might be too late to stop the movie from being released, but it’s not too late to send the message that there are a few things that the movie industry is simply not allowed to stick its meat hooks into. Preserve comics for comics’ sake and tell everyone you know to boycott The Watchmen movie. “In a way, I’m glad because it wouldn’t have been up to the book.” –Dave Gibbons, artist of The Watchmen, upon the movie’s 2002 non-release “I met Terry Gilliam, and he asked me, ‘How would you make a film of Watchmen?’ And I said, ‘Don’t.’” –Alan Moore, writer of The Watchmen (Some of you might be concerned that I am begging the question of the concept of a Watchmen movie being inexorable from the concept of a BAD Watchmen movie. In a way, that doesn’t matter simply because Watchmen is made to be a comic. Alan Moore says “I didn’t design it to show off the similarities between cinema and comics, which are there, but in my opinion are fairly unremarkable. It was designed to show off the things that comics could do that cinema and literature couldn’t.” Anyone who claims they enjoy comics should understand that the instant the movie makes more money than the book is sending the message that “movies are always and without question better than the best comics, and I would rather see a movie than read a comic book any day of the week.” But still, there are those among you that feel it could still be the greatest comic movie ever and you are sacrificing your own enjoyment. For those I will add a loophole: if, after its release, Alan Moore endorses it as a quality film and a faithful adaptation that is dedicated to its source, feel free to see it. Better to wait on the only acceptable movie review than to take an unlikely gamble with your eight dollars, right?)

Boycott Watchmen on Mar 6, 2008


There is another reason for cinema's value other than capital: It's sensory coverage. You don't have to you use your imagination much, watching a movie. Comics- we're left figuring out the character's voiced & filling in the blanks of pacing, perhaps inserting some theme music of our own if we're truly using our noggins. Alan Moore's already boycotting Watchmen. He's already boycotting Hollywood, in fact. His signing off on V for Vendetta was his last blow, that he wants nothing to do w/ this watering down, mass appeal-filter process you speak of. Hey- I love comics. But I also like movies. I'd prefer it if the movies are made by fans, who contribute their own visions while being loyal to the material because they "Got it" in the first place, and feel up to the task of translating the feeling of it. I'd like to boycott the movie. Tried to get people online to boycott Spielberg's "A.I." b/c of what he did to Kubrick's treatment, inserting "Spielberg-isms" all over it, and killing that goddamned ending. Ugh. Hulk was the same way. Fantastic potential, horrendously misleading marketing for what was a psychological drama-w/ monster action sequences. I 'lobbied' online to get the 45 unecessary minutes of exposition before you saw the monster cut out for the dvd. Obviously no go there. The fact is, I've made peace w/ novels being turned into films, if it shares the author's vision w/ a wider audience. I've even reneged my policy of reading books before seeing movies. Reason: the movies are ALWAYS disappointing if you see them after reading the book. Comics to movies are no different. With the exception of Batman Begins & Iron Bloke, who both are doing things far more interesting on screen than what we've seen by & large in their books. Let me ask you this: what's more harmful in contributing to instant gratification? Comics or movies? The movie industry, thanks to sites like these, now builds anticipation over so many months, sometimes a year, before you get to see the product. Comics are published within only a few months of conception, for the most part. The Laws of Art haven't changed. Works concieved wholistically, as one work, as opposed to endlessly convoluting franchises, stand the test of time. There's a REASON there is no "Watchmen 2: Rorschach's Revenge." It's ending was final. It's journey, it's story, was complete. So: Movies are 90% Crap. Guess what? So are Comics. This movie will never live up to the original. If it did, it'd resemble "Southland Tales" in its scope & scale, and no one w/ a movie ticket would get it. Don't expect it to live up to the original. You can't get sentimental if change is already in motion, or you'll end up looking like a dinosaur. But you can recognize 'trends' when you see them. The comic movies have been coming b/c they've become a bankable catch phrase for coked up meetings between execs & producers. Snyder's jumping the gun by making this, the penultimate comics movie, now- but so what. If it's bad, it'll put a nail in the coffin of a fast convoluting trend. If it's good, it'll give some credence to the idea that good movies can be made from this stuff, if they're true enough to the material. This is supposedly "the most true rendering" of a comic, ever. Yeah, and photorealist paintings are the best paintings ever made, because they look like photographs. True artists know that you have to bend the rules, to lie a little, to get the essential Truth at the core of a subject across. Just like in portraiture- slight exagerrations in light & texture reveal more about the character of a subject than a flat, literal translation of their every last detail. Hopefully, Zack Snyder enjoyed the book enough to think that HE got something from it. Hopefully, he'll try to get that across, while staying faithful to the material. If he doesn't, then movie makers go back to making movies and comics makers go back to making comics, and everybody's happy b/c everything's "in it's right place". Unfortunately, Zack said something along the lines of: "My only hope is that Alan Moore puts this in his DVD player on a rainy day in London and says, 'that's not half bad'." ALAN MOORE LIVES NOWHERE NEAR LONDON, DOUCHE. And something tells me he doesn't have a Netflix account. So Zack's got work to do. If we don't keep the heat on him, he'll be happy w/ his results and produce a piece of shit. And if that's what happens, you'll right- I'll skewer his head on a rusty stake, and fillet his innards, sautee'd in a mix of his own blood & kerosene. And before you knock my reaction, ask yourself: What Would Rorschach Do? -

Djoser on Mar 6, 2008


This movie is going to SUCK. The whole fucking POINT of the comic was that these guys are washed-up, middle-aged schmoes wishing they could relive the glory days. So OBVIOUSLY the cast should be relatively young and sexy and their costumes should be state-of-the-art, right? Hollywood BULLSHIT. What glory days are they reliving, high school? (Most of the actors are in their 30s or early 40s. They should all be pushing 50 to play these roles. Come on.) I'm not even that much of a fanboy, though I think the comic is the best ever. But what is the point of adapting it if you're going to deliberately do it completely dishonestly? How about just making an original super hero movie, if you're gonna spend the money. Look, I get that Hwood won't bankroll a movie if it doesn't meet incredibly narrow standards for casting and audience appeal - but I don't have to like it. And I won't drool over it. Fuck Hollywood and fuck this movie.

Studebaker Jingletoes on Mar 7, 2008


Um, i don't know if i'm going colour blind or anything, but isn't Ozymandias supposed to be in gold and purple!!!!!!! And as someone else commented, he looks too serious. The others i recognised straight away, but i had to look at the caption just to see who that was.

Geoff on Mar 7, 2008


RE Nite Owl and SS..those photo's could be of their costumes from when they start adventuring again to help Rorschach etc... in which case thats AFTER Owl gets re-motivated so his bad ass costume would be entirely fitting to the story....we just don't know yet.

chris on Mar 7, 2008


Snyder's a douche. He said in an interview: "My only hope is that on a rainy Sunday in London, Alan Moore pops in the DVD and says, hey, that ain't half bad." Alan Moore does NOT live in London. And I hardly think he's they type to have a Netflix account, but I know for SURE he's not going to say something like "that ain't half bad." Most film-makers that adapt authors works consult the authors, or at the very least read up on the author's background for having written the work. They try to get the feel across of it, even if the incongruities btw. film & literature necessitate omissions & slight, artistic changes. WATCHMEN IS A PROPERTY OF DC COMICS, NOT OF ALAN MOORE< so all Zack had to do was phone in that he wanted to do it. They no longer have any vested interest in anything but creating a jump in new Watchmen book sales, and they no longer are on speaking terms w/ Alan Moore after V for Vendetta- so as far as DC's concerned, fucking over a guy who takes his name off their work is exactly what they wouldn't mind doing. Is Alan Moore an incorrigable Ass for behaving this way? Did he have it coming? Does he care? No. Because he's done his job, and you can hold it in your hands & turn its pages to see what he really thinks of the world. SNYDER. GET YOUR FUCKING KARMA TOGETHER, That's RIGHT, the Stuff that the stupid tattoo on your forearm refers to- AND MAKE A FILM WORTHY OF IT'S SOURCE MATERIAL, ASIDE FROM USING THEM AS STORY-BOARDS. COMICS ARE NOT STORYBOARDS ANY MORE THAN STORY BOARDS ARE COMICS. Use your fucking imagination for Christ's sake and make a respectable Goddamn film. No, not THAT imagination. The one that makes GOOD FILMS! Shit. I just realized something. You're going to take credit for the whole thing if it turns out good, aren't you? It's going to say: ZACK SNYDER'S "WATCHMEN". You SUCK so royally. If this movie sucks, I will personally skewer your smarmy smile on a rusty fencepost, and fillet your innards in a mixture of your own blood w/ kerosene. And then I'll LIGHT THE BASTARD. Ask yourself, fans. What Would Rorschach Do? Or Dr. M, for that matter. In which case, if this movie sucks, I'll personally split your atoms one by one, but only after moving them through Space-Time into outer space, where your already Bloated Head will be joined by your body. Which will pop first? I'm betting on your Heart, since it's clearly already full of Hot fucking AIR. MAKE A GOOD MOVIE ZACK! STOP READING THESE BLOGS AND JUST MAKE A RESPECTABLE GODDAMN FILM! STOP MAKING DEALS W/ TOY COMPANIES TO CASH IN ON THE 'WATCHMEN' FRANCHISE YOU'RE CREATING. STOP HOOKING UP WITH YOUNG ACTRESSES AND FOCUS ON MAKING A WORK OF ART. GET YOUR FOOT OUT OF YOUR GODDAMNED ASS AND SHOW US YOU'RE WORTH SOMETHING MORE THAN "STORYBOARD INTERPRETER". And if not- know that we know where you live. WATCHMEN is a scathing condemnation of the Modern Age of War on our collective imagination. Scientists try to find a solution. Politicians try to drum up an excuse for a solution. Artists, realizing this, try to find hope, while ordinary working folks struggle to find a sense of purpose in a world that could end in a split second. And all the while, businesses try to figure out how to profit from the ensuing chaos. Welcome to the Post Modern age. That's as literal as it gets. And you picked up this novel just because you thought it had some cool violence and neat costumed characters, didn't you? You industry shill. You pompous, fucking industry shill. Go make your own fucking movie, instead of trying make yourself look big, by standing on the shoulders of Giants... MAKE A GOOD FILM!

Djoser on Mar 7, 2008


Costumes look good, but the characters themselves all look rather young and toned for the actual characters in the Watchmen. The point of the Watchmen was that these people are old and world weary, not 20 somethings that spend all day in the gym. Zac's a good director, lets hope he takes that into account and keeps the film sympathetic to the comic book.

Paul on Mar 7, 2008


This comment thread could be published as a book entitled, "Everything Wrong with the Internet."

Bob on Mar 7, 2008


..which features a special appearance by Bob as 'The troll who adds nothing to an internet discussion'

chris on Mar 7, 2008


looks amazing, wicked awesome costumes cant wait for this movie. Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks totally badass!!!

Curtis on Mar 7, 2008


I understand that many fans of the book are really concerned about how this film will turn out. I hope at the very least that it will capture much of the intelligence and scope of the novel. But - and this is aimed particularly at "Boycott Watchmen", whose post is eloquently written - even if Snyder's flick is to the source material what Stallone's Judge Dredd is to the original comics (crap!), we still have the graphic novel to hold aloft as a great piece of work. And the film can never change that! As it stands, I feel cautiously optimistic.

Matt Waterhouse on Mar 8, 2008


Hey, I have an idea - let's take a piece of art, knowing full well we don't have consent of the author, and completely pervert everything it was trying to convey. Nice one, Zach.

Ash on Mar 8, 2008


Whoever posted number 51 is an idiot. Gibbons signed off on this, because Alan Moore is a conceited asshole. "My comics are comics and thats it." Well then you shouldn't mind if someone makes them into movies. Also, he's using the comic as a storyboard.....and that's a bad thing how? It means every perfectly framed shot from the comic ends up a perfectly framed shot from the movie. I hate idiots, i really do. We all have a vested interest in this movie being loyal, and Snyder is doing everything he can. Fuck, he's even filming the black freighter scenes. I wish you fanboys would just fuck right off.

Eric on Mar 9, 2008


He's making the Black Freighter into an Anime Styled piece, voiced by Gerard Butler. I'll give him that he's attempting to make it, but if there are speed lines that'll just be cheesy. Calling me an idiot suits you fine. It doesn't change the fact that Zack Snyder has no track record to prove that he can do a faithful adaptation of a novel as complex as Watchmen. You want movies reliant on storyboards? Attack of the Clones is a fine example of one. The first star wars still had a semblance of film-making technique. Pacing, character, mood. Has Zack Snyder proven he can accomplish any of these things? No. Like you, I'm hoping he pulls a rabbit out of a hat, too. Doesn't change a single fact on this matter. Snyder's got a year. He'd better use his time wisely, cuz these costumes look like a Wachowski rendition, more than anything else. And they were at least smart enough not to ATTEMPT directing V for Vendetta. They only produced it. Storyboards are good for action sequences, but directing an ensemble cast in a way which gets the characters across is just a wee bit more complex than that. SUCK IT.

Djoser on Mar 9, 2008


Where does it say he's reliant on the story boards? He's using them for framing, not for pacing and story telling. The costumes? The graphic novel used costumes to parody superhero comics. The movie looks to be using them to lampoon super hero movies. if you don't think snyder gets it, you're missing the point.

Eric on Mar 9, 2008



gfdsgsd on Mar 10, 2008


Watchmen is not a parody, it's a satire. There's a difference. This, incidentally, looks like neither. It just looks like a surface skimming action movie treatment. And before anyone asks me what's wrong with action movies - read the freaking book, and you tell me if it screams "Blockbuster Treatment" to you. If it does, then I have nothing to say to you. Snyder has detailed his story-board-based film making technique in every 300 blog and interview up to date. I am currently hinging this movie on the actor playing Ozymandias, the actor playing Rorschach, and Billy Crudup, as John Osterman. If they are able to portray their characters effectively and faithfully, then this could come across quite well. If Snyder understands how to weave their performances together in the editing process so that their stories are fluid, rather than crammed or forced, or piecemeal, then that is exactly what he needs to do to make this a good film. Costumes ammount to nothing.

Djoser on Mar 10, 2008


This quote from Hayter, the screen writer, gives me hope: "Alan Moore's Watchmen presents one of the most brilliantly plotted, exciting and original stories to ever grace the pages of a comic book, novel or any other genre," Hayter told The Hollywood Reporter. "It is my goal to realize that on film. My primary hope is to retain the relationships between what is being said and the images presented. In the graphic novel, everything you see and hear is interconnected on many, many different levels; I think this will translate very well to film. Like the book, people should be able to watch the film six or seven times and get something different from it each time." That stirs my imagination a bit- keeping the mystery aspects, making it worth re-watching over and over. It would mark a first for New Hollywood, given their track record over the past few years, save perhaps Usual Suspects. The modus operandi seems to've been 'needs to be digestable in one viewing'. This movie could well change that. If they can pull off a movie worth watching and re-watching (pun intended), I think we can all agree that this would translate the feeling that reading the book imbued in all of us. I extend the olive branch to you all. If the script was being treated that carefully, then the director's literal interpretation of it will actually serve as an advantage. As long as SOMEone thought this through before they dove in head first. Incidentally- Hayter proved he could juggle an ensemble cast of characters by writing the first 2 X men movies- the first of which I must say did a fine job of juggling characters w/out cramming of convoluting itself. It's a balancing act, and I think a whodunnit approach would at least preserve many of the novel's strengths. In the words of Daniel Plainview: "I'm finished."

Djoser on Mar 10, 2008


I'm sorry. I can't look at these anymore. This just looks horrible. If any of you are really wondering what a film-makers work can be, if they treat film itself as a craft and don't rely on storyboards in the fashion of Zack Snyder, see Chris Nolan's work. There's a fine article highlighting the upcoming Dark Knight, linked from this very page: "If he barely uses storyboards, let alone the computer-animated “previsualization” wizardry common to effects-heavy films, Mr. Nolan is on the cutting edge with one technology. He used the unwieldy Imax cameras to shoot about 30 minutes of “The Dark Knight,” including the entire opening." Cinema is a 100 year old art form. I think the guys that came before Zack might've picked a few things up along the way. Bottom line is: it seems directors are now taking on comic films b/c it saves them time, and, as 'boycott watchmen' mentioned- they have this knee-jerk reaction that "This would make a great movie." WATCHMEN's major accomplishment was uplifting the standards, possibilities, and potential of its own art form. It's the Citizen Kane of comics, as another poster mentioned. To assume that it will translate literally, without a proportional level of artistry, is ludicrious. I stand by my argument, and may very well boycott this movie. (the Dark Knight, on the other hand, is giving me the shivers the more we get of it...)

Djoser on Mar 10, 2008


As far as the costumes go, everyone but the comedian sucks. The costume designer should be fired. There are so many things wrong with the Silk Spectre, her costume in the book is so easy to replicate, why did they have to make it out of latex?!? The Nite Owl is no where near the actual costume. I went to Comic Con 2007 and the kids that got up to ask questions imitated the costumes better than these high-tech piece of crap costumes. Also, the book was based in 1985, the costumes were all rudamentary on purpose. I hope and pray that these costumes are not a sneak preview of the rest of the movie being bad. I had full faith in Zac up until now.

ViX on Mar 11, 2008


Maybe if Snyder wore a suit, instead of a T-shirt & jeans all the time, we'd take him more seriously. Nah. Focus, Zach. Make a better movie than you're even capable of making. You can do it. Achieve the impossible. The fact that I have very little faith in you doesn't matter. Just focus on making the best fucking film interpretation of that novel possible. And don't think about anything else. Godspeed.

Djoser on Mar 11, 2008


Glad to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan moving out of the romantic comedy genre.

CatK on Mar 12, 2008


looks kind'a old batmanish costums hope it'll look better on the big screen then my screen

Joe on Mar 13, 2008


these shots are meant to be the best. so, if they look great, it's because they are meant to. they are to entice you to go see the film. maniacal. good costume, tho. nite-owl...i don't like the costume. most comic costumes don't represent well on film, so production tends to add texture to them. it makes sense, but his costume doesn't suit his simplicity as a character. ozymandias...again, too much texture. i think "less is more" would have worked for him. the actor seems fitting, tho, with his intensity and youthful looks. can't mess him up. i am eager to see how JEH portrays him. silk...meh. i am one of the weird ones that says you just cannot make this into a movie. it isn't a comic. it isn't even a graphic novel. it's a tome. an epic. a legend. i am sure that it will do ok, but, again, there are parts of the movie that one (casual reader/observer) just WON'T get. and, this isn't a sequel story, either, so you can't tell it all in just one movie. (it's a one-shot, so you have around 2-3 hours for character development of 5-7 main characters, that it will skim and simplify where it shouldn't be done.) i just don't see it doing very well, and, for those on the border of "getting it", well, i think they'll be lost. there's not enough action/violence in it for the casual peeps to get into it, and i think it will marginalize those who have had this as their favorite read so much they had to buy the graphic novel to keep from opening the mylar bags. to summarize, it will look good, seem good, but it won't attract the casual movie-goer, and it will turn off the hardcore watchmen fans. imho.

The Detective on Mar 27, 2008


Silk Spectre's look is terrible. I watched the director's interview and I think the movie will be awesome.

George on Mar 29, 2008


Funny thing about people getting all upset about if he'll do Moore's work justice is that Moore of all people could care less. He's said it before and he'll say it again. His books and the movies based on them are two totally different things. Basically will he be "boycotting" Watchmen? No (so long as they don't try to attach his name to the movie) because he has better things to do. BTW Dave Gibbons seems to like it and he is just as responsible as Alan Moore for what Watchmen is. So maybe base your opinion on the movie as a whole rather than just a few static pictures.

batcountry on Apr 16, 2008


silk spectre is a bit skinny, but she works, she looks pretty special and you would have to be to catch Dr manhattans eye. comedian - great, rorschach - great, nite owl - bit too buff, and his glasses are too square, they supposed to be owl-like, but again, overall works for me. ozymandias - he looks like a geek. He should be like a short blonde superman, except smarter.

eilidh on Apr 28, 2008


THIS IS GOING TO SUCK GUYS. COME ON. There's no way that a film can live up to the g.n. It's going to be commercialized, the subtext will be ripped from it and it will be watered down. Plus, there's not even any good actors in it. And you can argue that that's a good thing, but you'd be wrong. Good actors equal good movies. This is a flop in the making. I mean even those pictures look like shit. Remember the first Punisher movie, the one with Dolph Lundgren? Well, there you wave the upcoming Watchmen film. But, this will be even worse. Because its taking what many fans believe to be the absolute peak of comic book artistry and storytelling. Don't get your hopes up, you fools. No one will be watching the Watchmen when this stinkpot comes out.

The TRUTH on May 2, 2008


I'm really disappointed in Ozymandias, looks way too much like the villain, well yes he is the villain, but he's supposed to be the golden boy and should look the part. I'm not too impressed with Rorscach, but i don't expect them to be able to capture it on film anyway, The Comedian is dead on, Silk Spectre who cares she's the silk spectre, where is Doctor Manhattan makes me wonder is he actually nude like the comic. Allen Moore probably isn't (and shouldn't be) happy about this. I'm a firm believe that watchmen is great on it's own and should not be adapted to film. Shame people who have never touched a copy of the work will now think they're "comic educated" after seeing this film which in no way will be able to capture the essence of Moore's style.

Seth on May 8, 2008


why the hell is night owl in shape and why is the silk spectre so young. this movie will be good since the sorce material is amazing, but why would you change such important things as the nature of some of the chareters? not only is night owl supposed to be overwieght old and impotent but all the heroes are supposed to be less than heroic.

nick colen on Jun 6, 2008


He isn't in shape. Compare it to other pics floating around of the "flashback" group shot ( and you can see that he's got a bit of a beer gut. I thought they did a decent job of what appears to be a costume he'd make for himself that would flatter him, even if he wasn't in perfect shape.

smikwily on Jun 6, 2008


this so cool and close to perfection but why ozy wears a blue costume i taught he wears gold warrior like and how come the characters are so young the only young character base on the comic is silk spectre...and others more like 30's above and also mr. Manhattan i think he never gets old since he's the only one has supernatural powers in the story and a god like i..oh well i hope they don't make changes on the story plot cause if they do it's gonna suck and yeah it's ok if they cut some scenes...

chris on Sep 6, 2008


Am I the ONLY one pissed off by the costumes? I'm have something to say about ALL of them.

White on Dec 30, 2008


The Comedian: Spot on. A+ The Night Owl: Wrong! D- He's a middle aged man trying to fit back into the suit because he has to out of necessity. He's past his prime yet here he's fit and trim and ready to kick ass. The costume is supposed to be old instead of new and shiny. Ozmandias: Wrong! F- He's supposed to be attracitve and radiant. Where's the gold? Where's the long flowing blonde hair? He modeled his costume after Alexander the great. Flowing robes with gold accents, not molded plastic! Rorschach: Right! A++ Even better than the comedian. Dirty, gritty and simple. The voice isn't "crazy" enough in my view, a bit too stable. It needs to be more disjointed and nutty sounding. Silk Spectre: Wrong! F- She's called the Silk Spectre because... she wears silk! Long flowing silk costume, not tight leather! She also looks a bit too young. She was 16 when the accord hit, so she's supposed to be around what? 26? 27?

Stalvos on Jan 9, 2009


Oops. I take that back. Working on four hours sleep here. The pictures a bit dark on Ror but I think it's missing the purple. Purple pin striped pants, purple gloves, and purple band on the hat. Also I take back the comedian. I just looked at his closet to refresh my memory and it's all wrong. so: The comedian: C- too much leather. No red,white, & blue accents. Rorshach: B+ everything's there except the highlights. Overall I'm disappointed with the costumes. From what I can tell the director has been very careful to film exact scenes that look straight from the comic, yet all the costumes are wrong. Oh well. Hopefully the acting and storyline presentation will work.. crosses fingers.

Stalvos on Jan 9, 2009


you can write a scoop about: purists wouldn't like watchmen, the film complete plot analysis, spoilers and differences between comic and film

17k on Mar 5, 2009


boring shit piece of crap. had to come because of some stupid driving rule so someone else could go I was so disappointed I was really not looking forward to it in the first place and I was right to be disappointed as it just seemed to have a really pathetic story and action for no apparent reason then to just have action. sin city all over again and I hated every minute. unmake the movie now so I can get rid of all the trauma from that night.

csss on Mar 7, 2009


The performance is wonderful. I wonder how the costumes are made.

Christopher on Jun 17, 2009


The costumes are gaining popularity especially during the Halloween day. You can get one for yorself for the unique and new look!

Hallow@Cheap Adult Halloween Costumes on Sep 16, 2009


Was just wondering how easy it could be to replicate these costumes at home? Some look to be fairly complicated.

Loween@ Homemade Halloween Costumes on Sep 16, 2009

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