First Look: Dragonball Costumes and Characters

April 6, 2008
Source: JoBlo

First Look: Dragonball Costumes and Characters

After originally posting (and quickly removing) an awesome photo of a set piece for Dragonball a few weeks ago, JoBlo has posted a plethora of new photos - including characters in costume and more. As I mentioned in that post a few weeks back, this Dragonball movie is starting to look better and better with every new photo that gets out. Unfortunately these will probably be removed by Fox rather quickly, but I'm excited to at least share them with you for the time being. If you're a Dragonball fan at all, then make sure you check these out before they go down and let us know what you think!

The photos have been removed at the request of 20th Century Fox.

You can see a lot more photos over at JoBlo - so head over if you want to see them all!

Based on the popular Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama, whose work spawned best selling graphic novels, video games and a phenomenally successful television series, Dragonball centers on the heroic Goku, a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name.

Dragonball stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. The movie arrives in theaters on April 3rd, 2009.

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Alex, are you really think because of this photos movie is going to be good? Damn, I thought it's gonna be great yesterday, but after seening this pictures I'm strating to think that this is going to be one of the biggest dissapointments of the year...

Santiago on Apr 6, 2008


Set photo: awesome These photos: mediocre at best

Icarus on Apr 6, 2008


oh man... this is NOT going to be good. i'm cringing already. can anyone say "mortal fighting"?!?!

joshua on Apr 6, 2008


I really like the pictures. I am a fan of Dragonball and think the movie stands a descent chance.

Stephen on Apr 6, 2008


who is that in first pic... i know it ain't Justin Chatwin

JNYCE on Apr 6, 2008


I agree JNYCE, no one looks familiar. Cant' say whether or not it will be bad right now.

AJ on Apr 6, 2008


JNYCE, yeah - it's definitely not Goku. Maybe it's Yamcha or some new character, which didn't appeared in Dragon Ball anime/manga.

Santiago on Apr 6, 2008


Oh my God some of you people are such babies, these are not movie stills, they are not professional. I am so sick of people with no common sense.

Lilia on Apr 6, 2008


they better not disappoint me this looks so damn lame from the pics i feel i have been stabbed in the back 1000 times because goku dosen't even look like go. THEY BETTER NOT RUIN THIS CLASSIC !!!!

sky on Apr 6, 2008


Looks like its going to be better the speed racer.

Joel on Apr 6, 2008


I am a Big Fan Of the DragonBall Universe and Even I am Worried about the Possible outcome of this Movie Please Don't DisapointME 🙁

ZERO on Apr 6, 2008


I'll be honest, these photos have sort of a Disney Channel feel. It's just in the costumes and the attitudes of the actors. Oh well, the Wachowskis can't direct everything.

Michael Hansen on Apr 6, 2008


The guy wearing the Gi is either another student or Chatwins double.

Stephen on Apr 6, 2008


*weep weep* they butchered it...DAMN you ALL! DAMN YOU ALL to HELL!

Unknown on Apr 6, 2008


Seriously? I don't think there's a single good thing about any of these pictures. I genuinely hope a band of friends got together and faked these, otherwise this movie's going to bomb harder than I already thought it would. But I'll still be in line to see it.

Ian Kazimer on Apr 6, 2008


The pic which is suppose to be Goku in the GI outfit is Jackson Spidell, Chatwin's stunt double. And to let some of you haters know these aren't official stills, thy were taken from a fan, that's why there not great. So don't worry, the post-production will make em' look awesome!

Sean on Apr 6, 2008



Rob G on Apr 6, 2008


Damn you FOX, why are you doing this to us? I have a right to know if your going to fuck up my childhood! You better not screw this up your going to have one hell of a time with boycotting fans.

Sean on Apr 6, 2008


Sean #16... I am not sure who they are 'trying' to portrait in that pic... BUT ... Post prodution BETTER pull this through... I wish I saw the full budget layout for this film, cause we would all know from that if it was going to be worth a damn .... CGI - 75%, live action/actors - 25%.. honestly, I think it is the only way they can give me the gut-wrenching, ground-pounding action that I am DEMANDING from this film. and YES, I know it is not going to be something where we see Cell and all this other 'bad guys', it is gonna be tournament time, but still, it needs to be one-hella fight film. One the other hand, if they do not take the time to build Goku from the BEGINNING then this story will be lost in the DVD shelves with the Mortal Combat and Street Fighter films(though I enjoyed those, as cheesy as they were).

Dusty on Apr 6, 2008


Dusty #19..... I'm positive Jackson Spidell is Goku's/Chatwin's stunt double for the film. Trust me dude, I've been keeping tabs on this movie since it was announced official back in November. And James Marsters has said the budget is to be $100 Million.

Sean on Apr 6, 2008


So far the 100 million isn't appearing on that pics. Whatever I am hoping for an entertaining movie.

Jojo on Apr 6, 2008


this movie could have awesome special effects, fight scenes and backdrops but story wise its not going to do well and characters might look a little ridiculous.

Curtis on Apr 7, 2008


my hair looks more like goku's hair than this movie and i just woke up.....

JNYCE on Apr 7, 2008


The best way to make this would be to have 30 seconds of action occur over a 2 and a Half hour span.

DJO on Apr 8, 2008


no vegeta why?

roja on Apr 9, 2008


After what you said about this and Michael Bay having done a great job on Transformers, I must conclude you have an awful bad taste. Who on earth would believe that is Goku? There it goes another good one completely ruined... so what's next, Robotech? no wait, that was already spoiled... Macross?? Saint Seiya?? Kimba the White Lion?? as it goes, even Popples and Rainbow Brite will get a live action film, awful, of course.

Reiem on Apr 9, 2008


This is just going to drive up the anger throughout the DB fandom. Soon it'll not only be the Japanese who's organizing boycotts against this movie

Ikes on Apr 10, 2008


I swear alot of ya'll on here are just corny, what the hell do you expect? It's not like they can take the anime cartoons and bring them to life. Damn, goku, yamcha, vegeta, aren't real damn people. They casted who they felt could fit the roles the best they could. So if you wann keep complaining saying "Oh god i think this is going to be horrible" then save ya lil $8.00 and don't go see it. It's that simple!!!

Yezzir on Apr 11, 2008


Some people just have to be accomplices to hardselling Fox's crap

Dirsir on Apr 14, 2008


OMG FOR THE LAST TIME MAKE A JAPANESE OR ASIAN PERSON PLAY AS GOKU!!! white-goku does NOT MATCH dammn fox is gonna ruin dbz forever it already has such a white-taste to it not being racist or anything lol but if a japanese anime is to be turned into a live-action movie, the cast also needs to be japanese!! maybe this guy can play as vegeta lol

hanq on May 2, 2008


dose any 1 know where to get some clothes like gokus ??

sambo on May 8, 2008


I think all of you in the bottom are crazy!!, this movie is gonna be great, everyone knows even though the show is over that dbz is still in everyones minds, and what can be better than a movie!, this movie is not gonna a be a big hit in the box but is gonna give us a chance to refresh our minds on what to me was the best fighting anime ever made. stop hating on it and be happy this movie is even beign made.

Andres P on May 15, 2008


What can be better than this movie? Everything! People should be going on a boycott against this like those guys in Asia!

Pwo on May 22, 2008


This is going to be horrible.....

Merc on Jun 17, 2008


Just looking at Goku makes me want to kill myself!!!!

javier simental on Jul 9, 2008


you need to remember that fox need to make this film so that KIDS who might not even have heard of DBZ before (not adults in there early/mid twenties who want to pretend there kids again!!!!) can watch it without being completely confused with whats going. lets hope they dont make a complete hash up of it and that a new generation of KIDS go away wanting to see what the original cartoon was like and fall in love with it as we all did. give it a chance!!!!

qwerty on Jul 27, 2008


@qwerty you know, the kids who never watched Dragonball won't want to watch the original series after watching this, because they'll think the anime's as dumb as the live-action

PWO on Aug 4, 2008


What type of B.S. is this this movie is going to be f-ing stupid!!!!! How are they going to make a movie about Dragon Ball and not go by the stoy line. Why dosent goku's hair change colors. People are already saing O ONE'S GOING TO WATCH IT because the US is just f-ing up a great Anime by doing this for example: Mara2Wild say's ; america sucks Booty for making all these movies is such a cookie cutter white bread "racist" way....I SAY that we dont even deserve to have good actor like them to play in our movies because all america does is F*** up asian movies...I mean come on have you seen these "Scarry" would think hollywood can do better...and it pisses me off watching the ring...FOR ONE because My name is Samara...I got alot of shit about that...ANYWAY im off topic...yea and the ppl that are rumored to be in death note...I rather Puke and Eat it than see ZACH EFRON play in any major motion picture!!! merlose say's, Goku is an alien but that doesn't take away fact that he was brought up by asian culture.The clothes,symbols,food and style are all asian.Why the hell is he even going to an american school? Why is justin chatwin taking the goku role. Honestly,he's a pretty good looking guy but to me he's just another bullshit excuse to make the male role a white person.Goku had black hair and brown hair yet this goku has blue eyes and brown hair.What's sad is the story is based in america once again and completely ignored on fact that he came from an asian background and brough up in asian culture and they even make goku go to an all american school.For those who keep saying it's "american" version so therefore it should be white that's just an excuse because you can always use asian american actors.This movie is going to be very bias.One of the lame excuse for goku being white is because he has big eyes and that when he transformed he turns to blonde hair super saiyan.First there are asian people with big eyes and secondly asian can dye their hair blonde.If you look at the asian cosplay you'll see they look much more like anime characters. badfishnat17 wrote: its an american remake of course they will cast people from hollywood. think of it this way if japan makes a remake of a movie from the states would they cast american actors? the cast will depend on the setting right???” Response from merlosep:don't ever remember "Japan" remaking any movies from america but your reasoning is just an excuse to justify that american actors should be use instead.If that's the case why not use asian american actors? .sure they aresome backup roles asian actors like chi chi (not suprising), master roshi,yamcha ect but all eyes will be focused on Goku.Sadly this movie will also promote the idea that goku being brought from a white american background and that's just wrong. He's an asian created character and always will be.This is an international movie more people would be watching and get all confused of the facts. badfishnat17:lol i dint say that japan made one. I was making an example for people to understand easily. well I just saw the trailer and from the looks of it. IT SUCKS. and whats with the hostility about a white guy playing a role of an asian dude. I just dont get it.(by the way im asian) so im not defending. I think most of the people that will watch this show already knows about the series so dont worry about people getting confused. smegmatic: its a freakin live action dbz movie.. thats just wrong freakin wrong in itself. Eugene2814:Man white people can't even see their own racism because it's so internalized , You can't say "it's an american movie of course they're gonna cast white actors" and compare it to HYD in korea and japan. Koreans are korean and japanese are japanese, however white does not equal American.You people who keep saying that it's an American movie therefore white actors just make the assumption that only white people are american. Which is grossly racist and inaccurate because if it really wanted to be american you should cast Native American indians. Its pointless to even argue against you people because you are soooooo racist in your subconscious that you can't even really look at it the way it really is...and yet they cast asian in the supporting roles another and chichi is asian too. it's just another way to imply that asian women are romantically and sexually available to white men and asian men are inferior forever cursed to be the background, and yes Goku is and alien but that doesn't default him as white and Goku is a japanese name why dont they change his name. kamisue:As a First American Indian, I see your point with the ethinicity issues; we, had Italian or even Caucasian actor's (with bad make-up) protraying us. Even though I am Southern Paiute Indian and German Descent (yes, being half white); I associate my race as Native American Indian. As for Dragon Ball Z, I always seen Goku and other's as light Asian's (some Asian's are fair skinned, but they are full blooded Asian's). Just know, not all American's are white, and have narrow minded views. We are a very young country, so we are very immature. Sorry for their ignorance. I believe Goku should have been an Asian actor. tongiethao: i hate the fact how they make an asian movie they have every other cast member asian but except the main character. like wtf is up with that??!!! like take for an example, The Forbidden Kingdom and now this? oh dear gaawd!! cyphk999 wrote: it's hollywood of course they have to make adaptations and some changes to fit and cater to their viewers otherwise what's the point of redoing it at all, with the remake of hana kimi in taiwan do you expect them to cast japanese actors hehehe.. i think it's more racist to claim unfounded discriminations - to claim what is for asians and what is not.. this is a borderless world anyway, it's been years since the asian entertainment industry borrow ideas from hollywood now it's the other way around - so i interpret this as a compliment to asian writers and moviemakers instead..” Umm your point also shows a very good reason why asians never make it big in america.” hahaha funny now you are saying asians would never make it big in america??now who is downplaying who?? with all due respect to the asian entertainment - asian movies is now starting to make it big in america... remember - the ring, the grudge, the eye ( japan) , shutter (thailand), the echo (philippines).. these are just a few of the movies that was remade by hollywood - which made a lot of people around the globe be interested in asian films and made them more interested in watching the original version and other films from these countries as well.. i never watched japanese movies, never been seen and heard until all the hollywood hype eh... now in terms of singing, asians are starting to make it big too - let me introduce you to charice pempengco huh?!? in the world of boxing - manny paquio huh?!?.. jackie chan, jet li huh?!? dancing -philippine all stars huh?!? if making it big in america means an asian should be playing this character whatever - then why did hollywood movies made it big in asia huh?!? you mean spiderman should be asian as well in order to penetrate the asian market huh?!? if people in america would think the way you do ? they would have just shut their door to anything asian and vice versa.. Me: He's right re making some asian movies did make it big here in the us, but compared to their asian conterparts they floped, the ring, the grudge, the eye ( japan) , shutter (thailand), the echo (philippines) were a 1000 X's better than thee american Versions.

Erica on Oct 23, 2008


This What a lot of people are saying about this movie. This movie gets no stars and should never be put on DVD, Blue ray, VHS or be shown on T.V EVER!!!!!!!!!

Erica on Oct 23, 2008

40 Vote Asian!!!

Daichi on Dec 16, 2008

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