First Look: Four New Dragonball Promo Photos

August 1, 2008
Source: HoyCinema,

First Look: Four New Dragonball Promo Photos

Why do I keep writing about Dragonball? Almost everyone who comments on any article I write about it only has negative things to say. Do I have some odd peculiar attraction to it? Or do I just think running photos like this will appease the fans, even if they don't like them? I'll let you guys debate that one, because today we've got four new high resolution promo photos from Dragonball to share with you! Oddly, these still don't do anything for my interest in the film largely because they're just bland promo photos. However, I guess we do get our first look at Jamie Chung as Chi-Chi and Eriko Tamura as Mai in addition to photos of Justin Chatwin as Goku and Emmy Rossum as Bulma. Feast your eyes on these beauties!

Thanks to both HoyCinema and for these new promo photos below. Chi-Chi is in the lower left corner and Mai is in the lower right corner. Is everyone still opposed to this film?

Dragonball Promo Photos  Dragonball Promo Photos

Dragonball Promo Photos  Dragonball Promo Photos

Dragonball is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing the Dragonball movie in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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JAMIE CHUNG IS NOT AN ACTRESS SHE IS A NO TALENT WHORE FROM THE REAL WORLD. Whatever hope this had for being good is gone. They couldn't even get the casting right. This movie cannot be salvaged even if Darron Aronofsky were to direct it.

Alex on Aug 1, 2008


Still Gay

alex on Aug 1, 2008


Yeah why do you bother Alex?

MICHAEL on Aug 1, 2008


Wait, I didn't see before that the guy who wrote Bullet is writting this. I loved that movie. However, it made no sense to me (or my friend). So I guess this movie will have some cool scenes (action or otherwise) and collectively make no sense... in addition to being a bastardazation of the original work. sigh.

dave13 on Aug 1, 2008


I started to watch dragonball in...idk...1996??? When I heard the possibility of a live action movie back in 2005 i was soo excited! Now I am even more happy with this new movie and cannot wait until it comes out in May 2009. Idk why so many people are dissing this movie? :/ obviously the movie cannot be exactly like the comics and cartoons, it just wouldn't be realistic. Also, alot of people have been arguing that Goku should be japanese. I disagree. He's an alien so they (Wong etc) can cast whoever they want. So far these images look super cool. Thank you alex billington! i really appreciate you taking your time to write these updates. I am a huge fan of the dragonball series and really believe this movie will be great and if it happens to not be, then its not 🙂

Jaymie on Aug 1, 2008


I think the actor looks totally gay and not like Goku is supposed to look like. I think if you want to make a dragonball live action work, you have to go big with the special effects and a really cool cast. I dont see this happeniong. Nevertheless i'm will watch this movie, pure out of curiosity. Who knows, maybe it will suprise us all.

Rico on Aug 1, 2008


I think the reason why they keep posting stuff about this movie is the same reason why we all read about it.... to get a good laugh and see people's reactions 😀

Diego on Aug 1, 2008


Hahhahaha@ The White Kid!!!

REAL6 on Aug 1, 2008


#3 Why are there so many damn alexes on this site? This town aint big enough for all of us, somebody's got to go....

Alex on Aug 1, 2008



Alex on Aug 1, 2008


when is the trailer coming out.

Darrin on Aug 1, 2008


these pictures are is gunna be terrible....waste of news spot imo...

Mortuus on Aug 1, 2008


Fuck you all. DB will be solid. Those expecting it to be just like cartoon are idiots. Why didn't you complain when transformers wasn't exactly like the cartoon you fucking hypocrites.

Jojo on Aug 1, 2008



slappy on Aug 1, 2008


goku looks like Billy Joe Armstroung

XXX on Aug 1, 2008


If you didn't tell me these pictures were of Dragonball, I would never have guessed as such. They look like promo pictures from some Japanese martial arts television show. Something filmed with the same quality film as soap operas in the US.

Viper on Aug 1, 2008


Number seven's Comments are spot on! Fuck justin Chatwin! And Fuck Fox For making this dumbass film!

Ray on Aug 1, 2008


I'm actually really excited for this fucking movie, I dont give a shit what any of you assholes say

Kail on Aug 1, 2008


they look ok but the only way i can actually get excited for this movie is if we see a great trailer. Where the hell is Piccolo for god sakes.

Curtis on Aug 1, 2008


I'll give it a chance but I'm locking it down, down in the cold surfaces of my brain.

Xerxex on Aug 1, 2008


The cartoon is poorly animated shite, and this movie will also be shite.

Breach on Aug 1, 2008


Why...? Just why?

SillySil on Aug 1, 2008


i wish someone would write a good musical for emma rossum i wouldnt even care if they named it Rossum: The Musical she is fantastic...more than this garbage

Josh on Aug 1, 2008


i mean Emmy

Josh on Aug 1, 2008


I'm still trying to figure out why they keep putting white actors in anime/manga based movies instead of asian actors, male asian actors in particular. Aside from being the villain, mentor or bestfriend where are the Asian-American DeNiros, Morgan Freemans, Anthony Hopkins, Will Smiths? etc... Fuck this movie

PimpSlapStick on Aug 1, 2008


Why do they keep putting this crap out. This movie will be a milestone!!!!! for other movies that should not be released. People will think about making a crappy movie and then pause, and be like - You remember Dbz the movie? Then they will say, Oh, shit-yeah...nevermind. It will be the great wall of china for stupid, poorly developed movies throughout time... this movie will make sure no other movies that are crap get made. It will be the standard for horrible movies and casting. Lol! It's gonna be on par with the Super Mario Brothers movie from the 90's. LMAO!!!!!! THAT IS BAD, MAN. I hope there is a count of how many people walk out of this movie or ask for refunds.

Great on Aug 1, 2008


it's gonna be bomb shit and ya'll know it

Clamson on Aug 1, 2008


Looks SO bad. I like Emmy Rossum but she has dug a hole for herself now that she will never be able to get back out of.

Ryan on Aug 1, 2008


well... judging by the photos i can tell it is going to be a little lame and almost like mortal combat graphics. Me and my son are always glad to see super hero movies. ironman is the one to beat. that is just almost like the comic and cartoon. if you stick to the comic or cartoon you wont go wrong. already there is too many girls. main guys are goku and vagita. I just showed my son the goku and he said he like the one in the cartoons. i hate to see this movie go to waste. this has a lot of potential and could have awesome graphics but it just does not seem like it will. i could be wrong but i doubt it. everyone is cashing on the super hero movies. first is wolverine, thor, and ironman 2 then the most awaited one avengers. To me dragonball z is just as good as the avengers but like i said do it right get the right people to play the parts. like robert downey jr, he was perfect for ironman. dont go get someone that does not even know any martial arts. make us all believe the movie and make us want to see more than one show. good luck with it.

juan on Aug 1, 2008


I love the anime, and this movie looks like crap, but being the fan that I am...i am forced to go see this movie

Mr. Pockets on Aug 1, 2008


stop dissing the movie! im sure people (like most of you) complained about transformers. Is anyone complaining now?

Jaymie on Aug 2, 2008


Whether it's gonna be a good movie or not, I still think it might be fun as long as they capture the atmosphere of the manga/TV series! Can't wait to see the trailer!

Jill on Aug 2, 2008


#11 Yeah.

Alex on Aug 2, 2008


This flick will so get boycotted when it shows in Japan and the rest of Asia

PWO on Aug 2, 2008


*sigh* I honestly dont know anymore... :/

Carlos on Aug 2, 2008


Look at the crew for this, directed by James Wong who made the atrocious "The One" and the who gives a crap FD 1 and FD Ben Ramsey...awful project. Sorry Alex, I can't side with you on this one. You shouldn't even bother posting these... peace

Conrad on Aug 3, 2008


dude the movie is going to be awsome and peoplez if your looking for trailers of it on youtube well................. sorry its not the real thing so if your made because of the so called Offical movie trailers then sorry its a dud no good in short so people relax and wait tell it comes out

kiKi lolol jess on Aug 3, 2008


Holy christ... They are ruining Dragonball completely, this is not a B-movie it's a D movie... unbelievable... maybe, MAYBE, you can make a real life Dragonball movie, but then you'll need Peter Jackson and a good cast and not this... weird shit... The clothing isn't even normal it's like weird puppet clothing! The movie is going to be shite... only normal actor is Justin Chatwin, why he even took this role... my god.. Please, please... let this all be nothing but a rumor and please leave Dragonball as it is, the greatest Anime the world has ever seen. Don't turn it into somekine of Mortal Kombat movie... cause that movie got the game a bad name... and this will give Dragonball a bad name... like Hitman didn't really do a good job either on the movie. Let's hope they know how to work with computers and can make the fighting worth watching and let's hope that the actors don't ruin it... Let's hope the movie will get a overall score of: 4-5 out of 10....

WhatThe.... on Aug 4, 2008


"this is not a B-movie it's a D movie..." D for DRAGONBALL! yeah! this is going to be the worst movie ever. seriously, who the hell allowed this to happen?

schwing on Aug 4, 2008


Alex B you have such a bad taste... and you even get paid for writing this trash My only regret is that Emmy is taking part of this stupid... thing...

Angel on Aug 5, 2008


this movie is gonna suck real bad it wont even make enough money 2 pay for making it. It's all a joke just stop its only gonna get worse

jojo roman on Aug 5, 2008


Dear God, why they are doing this to Dragon Ball? Such an awesome manga and anime, even the old chinese movie looks better than this crap. Goku on high school? WTF? Since when does Goku looks like an emo guy? Fox should take a look at the Dragon Ball cosplayers, sites like Cure ( and has awesome portrays of real life DBZ characters. At least they should change the name. The shame could be less if they do it.

Buruma on Aug 6, 2008


The promotional pictures are really lame. But yeah I'm keeping an open mind about the movie, although not gonna expect something good anymore lol.

sasha on Aug 7, 2008


I saw a breif clip of one of the fight scenes. I must say, needs more work. The effects are all wrong, when someone gets hit into a rock wall we expect more than a small jut of smoke, we expect cracks, large holes and lots of rubble flying. Even hand to hand scenes needs to be epic, surrounding needs to break apart, dust being stirred, louder music. Ki blasts need to be felt, LOUD explosions, mega moutains dissappearing. One last thing about getting hit into a wall- expect to be covered in boulders, not laying on the surface (movie foam rocks). With a 100 million budget they NEED to overexagerate epicness. Cuts and injuries are also missing, odd. They got about 100 days, they better watch some of brolly awakening and buu sega, then fix these problems.

fan3563 on Aug 9, 2008


The actor looks nothing like goku and i honestly think the movie will dissapoint all the dbg fans including me... Ill probably still go watch it but i know i wont be excited.

nelson on Aug 10, 2008


No... Disaster movie is the worst movie ever. On that note, Its doesn't even have a trailer yet, so why judge now?

Dyi on Aug 10, 2008


Ker-ching!!....hmmm no matter how bad they make this movie the DBZ fanboys (and girls) will all go and see it can get 0 out of 10 by the critics and the fanbase will still ensure it makes a fat wad of cash....shameful.

Cheeba Cheeba on Aug 10, 2008


#49 I agree, and I've been following this movie since it was first announced back in Novemeber. But I have faith in it, although I don't see how anyone can judge it by a few little pictures. Haven't you people ever heard the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover? At least wait for a trailer before you completely bash it.

Sean on Aug 11, 2008


c'mon, stop dissing you fucking haters! you keep going on about bad films thinking you know better than the people working on the movie themselves, you're all entitled to your opinions but you don't have to diss it that much, you haven't even seen it yet! and i think the reason it made it to the big screen is because the people working hard for it and the people behind it believe in the movie so there! stop dissing it and wait for the trailer! btw emmy rossum is hot and is great! good or bad the movie becomes she will stand above it!

Jay on Aug 11, 2008


You know, I think to fanbase is actually going to hurt this flick, because people over in Japan's ready to boycott it already

PWO on Aug 11, 2008


Come on. James Marsters as Piccolo. How can this film be bad??? Seriously.

Aldonn on Aug 11, 2008


Seriously, how can this film be good

PWO on Aug 14, 2008


growing up i was the biggest dragonball/z/gt fan ever, i had action figures, movies, i knew everything about it, and i was literally sweating out of suspense to see what it would look like, and sadly the casting is alllllllll wrong, the story is totally skewed, but you never know until i see the trailer, but one thing is for sure, the acting isnt going to be that good, so they need to balance it out with over the top effects and atmosphere, because when you think about the characters blasting blue fire out of their hands, and lazers out their fingertips, you think big, and thats what they have to make it absolutley stunning to make this work, but since im such a loyal fan, i will go either way lol,

Epic on Aug 17, 2008


Get ready for an epic fail.

blacknotes on Aug 21, 2008


its going to be a really cheesy ass movie

??? on Aug 25, 2008


This movie isn't even deemed worthy of being released on VHS only. Yes I said VHS because it's going to be that pathetic.

Aravena on Sep 5, 2008


id written a long and well thought out comment but forgot to put email and it was erased but it can be summed up as Gay!

neonblue120 on Sep 8, 2008


The guy looks sort of out of place and I can't imagine him playing Goku at all...likewise that guy from buffy playing all just seems horribly out of place for if all those things i've read about random new characters, Goku being a high school student and no Krillin are all starting to stack me against this movie....but you know what in one for or another I'll end up seeing it so to be fair I'm proving a point with these big anticipated franchises that have fan bases you don't essentially have to get things rights to get make money.

Andy on Sep 8, 2008


How do you put a comment on the page B+(=P cause my friend's got deleted nagga negga nooga nogga nugga haters!

Blonde on Sep 8, 2008


cant w8 for this to come out looks awesome

karl on Sep 11, 2008


Well, Im going to think positive. I have always been a fan of DBZ and DBGT for a long time now (years and years) and I hoping the movie wont let me down. It can't be no worse than the x-men movies..Lol

Ollie on Sep 15, 2008


All Asians cast except the man him self is white?

Dom on Sep 18, 2008


@Ollie Maybe it'll actually be worse than x-men

PWO on Sep 18, 2008


If Dragon Ball is to get a good hit. can they do things originally like a japanese Scriptwriter, Japanese actors and actresses. Japanese directors and producers to do the work. Cause it is not fair to mock dargon ball anime characters by chossing totally wrong actors and actresses to play that role and I strongly belive that the it'll be a waste of time and money to any how invest their money like that. Meaning if they insist their way than don't ever think of getting the oscars. As a dragon ball fan myself I hope it'll come out the original japanese way than others trying to ruin it. Lets face the fact that even in Godzilla's movie in the us way, Godzila is firece but no link to the original as in it's like a pirated version of Godzilla trying to make it big in the box office. I hope if any Japanses producer, director, actors, actresses and scriptwritor see this message I hope they could change everything and try to make Dragon ball as original as it could be. other wise not only will the movie be a flop but the younger generations and most of the dragonball fans feel damn disappointed. So whoever is conducting this movie, do you prefer a comment stating wow that a great movie or a comment that says, I'm so pissed and disappointed with the show cause it sucks. No offense taken, Just stating the facts and representing all dragonball fans how will they feel bout it.

Jack on Sep 19, 2008


I think the Japanese would have done a better job at live action than Americans. Casting an American guy for Goku is just wrong. WTFUX are you thinking? This movie is going to turn out to be a B-rated movie about cosplay idiots.

jtlangel on Sep 21, 2008


totally agree with 67 on the cosplay idiots. It looks really forced and corny. I was never a fan of the show, but still was willing to give it a chance when I heard about the movie. Now after seein these stills of the movie, I think that a movie of somebody rolling around in shit could be better,oh wait we have jackass.

Javier on Sep 28, 2008


sorry I'm not like hating the movie- okay My view probably sounds like it but still its just that are u watching something different to wat i have just watch? Im a fan at heart and i was giving this movie a chance but sorry i cnt now. why: 1) HOLLYWOOD:- if hollywood cnt do it then no one can? wateva u just made it worse.... I have given so much in hollywood b4 like in movies such as hmm lets think back- DEAD or ALIVE, MOTO KOMBAT etc which have bring such disappointment results not to mention street fighter 👿 - ooh god lets not even go there. i thought maybe lets give Dragonball a go because it was more successful than the others so its bound be a great movie NOT TO MENTION the bloody budget!! and wat they come wiv another moto kombat stage, fires spitting out fake rocks, SOMEhow cnt afford to make a real cloud so they got a YELLOW SPORTS CAR and NAMED IT NIMBUS!! thats leads to my second point 2) THE STORY JEEZ WEN DID THE FUCK did GOKU GO TO HIGH SCHOOL--- yes yes those who don't agree with me can say "they made it so that they can relate to 21st century and to relate to also non-fans of DB." "an adaptation of the movie and non-conan blah blah..." sorry but to draw in non-fans u cant change the whole story u have to make it more special by adding great effects making the scenery (which is not ""beautiful"" at all) better then that of wat i just saw and keep it original. GOKU AND CHCHI ARE TEENS WHERE CHI CHI IS POPULAR AND GOKU IS A GEEK OMG ISN'T THAT THE MOST CLICHÉ AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL FILM- LIKE (SUPER-BAD for example) god i cnt say any more on that issue. WHERE THE FUCK IS KRILLIN!!!. Probably, if KRILLIN WAS IN THE MOVIE THEY WILL JUST MAKE HIM THE MORE GEEKY ONE OUT OF HIM AND GOKU WHO GOES "OOOOH MAN GOKU YOU HITCH WIV CHICHI THE MOST POPULAR GIRL IN SCHOOL OR SOMETHING SO GEEKY LIKE DAT" 3) "IM NOT READY FOR THIS....." - WTF this is something u except Harry Potter to say not Goku. Bloody hell THE goku that i know and the goku U shud know will neva say something like this . Goku was up for any challenge no matter he was obsessed not AFRAID!!! 4) Race im NOT racist in anyway, i work for racial harmony so PLZ DONT get offend but i always imagine that if there was going to be a dragonball live action or wateva i always imagine him being japanese or at least aisan because……. he is!! And before ANYONE OF U HU says "BUT HE IS AN ALIEN" must think agen because yes he is from another planet but hello he has asian features IF U CAN'T SEE WAT IM SEEING then i fink u got the wrong show because a pale skin man wiv black hair and martial art suit is defo asian( japanese etc) Making Justin Chatwin as Goku is like making Denzel Washington as SUPERMAN who is also not human BUT STILL white!!! To me hollywood wants its main superhero character to be white and not interested in hiring other ethnic minatory and please dont mention something like (HANCOCK- SCTIPT WRITERS B4 U SAY ANTHING) - THIS IS WAT i call racism . so this wat i have to say and u can argue back and back but its not gonna change my mind or anyones else's who agrees wiv me - i just lost hope in this film 😀

janet on Oct 16, 2008


I mean, the whole point of Dragonball is that it's so over the top and absolutely fantastical. Since that's just not going to work in a live-action movie, I don't even see why they're bothering trying. I mean, this is going to be more absurd than the "Forbidden Kingdom," but at least that had Jet Li and Jackie Chan.

Willy on Dec 5, 2008

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