First Look: Gavin Hood's X-Men Origins: Wolverine

February 13, 2008
Source: USA Today

First Look: Gavin Hood's X-Men Origins: Wolverine

First things first, we all know what Hugh Jackman looks like as Wolverine - we've seen him in three X-Men movies - so this isn't about a first look at Wolverine, but rather a first look at the new movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and some interesting quotes from USA Today. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a spin-off prequel that focuses on the character of Logan, aka Wolverine. USA Today caught up recently with Hugh Jackman, who is currently filming Wolverine down in New Zealand, and got some worthwhile quotes out of him on top of a brand new photo.

Let's just get right down to it, I know you all want to see the photo, so without further ado here it is.

Hugh Jackman in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

We've been talking about X-Men Origins: Wolverine for quite a while here on, as it's been a project that sounds better and better at every new turn. An Oscar-winning director is attached, Gavin Hood, and Jackman is back again not only as Wolvie but also as a producer. You might wonder why Jackman is reprising his role for a fourth time when some actors won't even do a sequel as the same character. Well, Jackman admits that "I became a fan of Wolverine like everyone else. That's why I keep holding on to the character." And that's not all he has to say about the reprising the character that will impress fans.

"I know it seems odd given, you know, the guy is already half animal," Jackman tells USA Today. "But with all the success of the X-Men, you feel the pressure to keep pushing it further."

The new film will focus on Wolverine's past as he "discovers the world of mutants and, ultimately, the ominous Weapon X program, which turns people into living weapons." It's been mention many times previously that both William Stryker, who was portrayed by Brian Cox in the X-Men films, and Wolvie's arch-nemesis Sabretooth will have a role in the story. Jackman promises that Sabretooth "is going to play a big part in it." But that's not all, he also says that we will see "a good bit of cameos" of new and familiar mutants and that "you can't give too much away, because fans are pretty hard-core. Their expectations go up a level every time you come out with a new film." That's certainly true!

I wish we had more from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but unfortunately we've got to wait more than year for the movie, due out in theaters on May 1st, 2009. Unfortunately this photo will have to hold over Wolverine fans until Comic-Con in July. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Rendition) and written by David Benioff (25th Hour, Troy, The Kite Runner).

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Can't wait for this one.. Damn nice pic too, but those blades don't seem to come outta the hand (seem artificial).

Gdn | TD on Feb 13, 2008


Cant wait for this movie loved the 1st two 3rd one just plain out sucked. The picture looks awesome really looking forward to seeing this next year

Curtis on Feb 14, 2008


Of course they're artificial... he doesn't really have blades that come out of his hand... it's a movie you idiot.

Jocko on Feb 15, 2008


I know what he means though, they seem like the claws are resting on his hands instead of protruding outwards.

blu on Feb 15, 2008


anyone know why his teeth are bone if his skeleton was replaced with the metal "adamantium"??

ry on Feb 15, 2008


I know what you mean Gdn, but I imagine the post production wasn't finished so those are probably just stand-ins. those look like i could have photoshopped them in. the final will probably look much more natural. and jocko i forgive you for being rude because you've clearly been disillusioned by movies in the past. yesterday, when you found out movies weren't real, did it make you sad? is that why you're so bitter?

x on Feb 15, 2008


Yeah I hope this one is better then the otherones, wasn't a big fan, but this one will look nice on bigscreen :).

Lamonte on Feb 15, 2008


At first I was a little "meh" at this since we've already been through 3 X-Men movies and, while they were decent popcorn flicks, that's all they were. However, that was before I read that it's being directed by the same guy that did Tsotsi & Rendition (both excellent movies above the standard Hollywood fare), and written by the same guy that wrote Kite Runner and Spike Lee's 25th Hour (certainly not who I expected for this type of movie, a very intriguing choice)

Jack Sparrow on Feb 15, 2008


Can't wait to see how they screw with the actual backstory and make Wolverine an American instead of Canadian.

Richard on Feb 15, 2008


@ 5) teeth aren't made of bone

macross on Feb 15, 2008


"anyone know why his teeth are bone if his skeleton was replaced with the metal "adamantium"??" 1) Your teeth are separate from your skeleton 2) In the comic, his bones are not replaced with adamantium. Instead, grooves are cut into his skeleton and adamantium is inserted. (Kinda like putting a steel rod on the inside of a wooden post.) This is something you could do to anyone, but they did it to Wolverine because his healing mutation would actually let him survive it. The surgeons were not dentists, ergo they left his teeth alone. 😉

Mr. T on Feb 15, 2008


Sphincters don't have a bone in them...wait, your's might

josepi on Feb 15, 2008


His bone was not totally replaced. they just added metal to it.

onesojourner on Feb 15, 2008


ry: his skeleton wasn't replaced, the adamantium was grafted onto his bones.

anon on Feb 15, 2008


HUGH JACKMAN MAKES A LAME WOLVERINE. For x's sake, wolverine's supposed to have some sense of sarcastic humour, be short, and act tough, but with a sensitive touch. Jackman's is all sensitiveness, no humor and a bit o toughness, but not near enough. Enough? Enough of those love-struck faces/soap opera barnish. We just want action. The only guy in showbizness who could've played the role is Mr. Wolf himself, the wonderful Harvey Keitel. No other. The problem is that the guy was born 20 years ahead of the technology required to make the movies, but the good thing is he could go on doing more interesting things than summer blockbuster... and so should other wasted directors, such as Christopher Nolan and Brian Synger. Not that I'm putting them on the same level as Mr. Keitel, but they could get there if they dedicated themselves to more appropriate endeavours. That said, I'll be checking out the wolverine movie when it comes out, not that anybody should mind.

Kraftman on Feb 15, 2008


Nicely researched - It's being filmed in New Zealand

Bob on Feb 15, 2008


Its called a joke, Josepi. Loosen up your non-adamantium laced sphincter and laugh a little.

The Amazing Clue by Four on Feb 15, 2008


Gavin Hood has not won an Oscar. That's balls out wrong.

Prove It on Feb 15, 2008


..and don't give me Tsotsi, the producers get that award - not Gavin Hood. He has no Oscar on his resume.

Prove It: Electric Boogaloo on Feb 15, 2008


Okay, the producers DO get the award, that's true, BUT, because it's in the foreign film category, their judging the film based on all aspects, especially directing, since their isn't another individual category for that. So I would certainly say Gavin Hood is Oscar-winning for that reason... Their may be some confusion that he didn't win Best Director, but for his film Tsotsi... However, the point is that... No other director who has ever made a comic book movie has been bestowed with that honor, have they? I mean Bryan Singer and The Usual Suspects maybe, but to me, that's a bring thing regarding Gavin making this film. I have a lot more confidence and lot higher hopes for this because Gavin is an "Oscar-winner", or at least, his movie is... Make sense now?

Alex Billington on Feb 15, 2008


The colours look great, but to be honest, his claw-blades look like they were just placed on his hand in photoshop. I'm not overly impressed.

Spitball on Feb 15, 2008


Photo? Photo(shopped) more like. His arms aren't that big.

Name on Feb 15, 2008


Still not buying this argument. Nothing on Gavin Hood's resume doesn't remotely rise to the level of Bryan Singer. You can say that Gavin Hood directed the Oscar-winning Tsotsi. And the "no other director who has ever made a comic book" argument folds under the weight of Ang Lee and his film Hulk. Ang Lee has won an Oscar. Sam Raimi is a far better director then Hood ever will be. Tim Burton is a better director. Christopher Nolan is a better director. Guillermo del Toro took on a similar challenge with Blade 2 and made a film better than the first. Need I even mention that Warren Beatty made Dick Tracy and he's won multiple Oscar's? Altman directed Popeye and he's won numerous Oscar's. Road to Perdition was a graphic novel, serious comic if you will, and that was directed by on Oscar winner. So yeah, other comic films have had greater talent behind the camera. Gavin Hood followed up Tsotsi with Rendition. Not so good. I'd be more interested as to who is writing this film, rather then who is behind it. More often then not, indie directors put on big films lose focus and control over the material succumbing to star-power and pushy producers. We'll see. Look, anything will be better then Ratner and his X3. At least this will have a style.

Prove It: All Night Long on Feb 15, 2008


You actually make a very convincing argument there, however I won't say that everyone you mentioned is better than Gavin Hood. I'm surprised you've actually seen both Tsotsi and Rendition. In regards to your last bit about indie directors losing focus and control, check out this article about Wolverine with quotes from Gavin that we wrote last year: The way he talks about the film and the character and everything really makes me think that Gavin knows how to direct this quite well and is really getting into it. He is not losing focus and control at all, it sounds like he really knows what he is doing. It's things like that quote and everything else I've heard that's got me feeling confident in Gavin.

Alex Billington on Feb 15, 2008


Probably should've thrown Zemeckis in that list. Roger Rabbit contains comic elements, and was based on the mass market mystery, "Who Censored Roger Rabbit". Seeing Tsotsi and Rendition, small achievement, but thank you. Prouder of seeing things like F for Fake, The Orphic Trilogy, Stalker, Solaris, hell most Tarkovsky films. Stuff like 8 1/2, The Third Man, or Welles' Chimes at Midnight - that's stuff you've got to seek out. Tsotsi and Rendition come to you. Kurosawa, Bob Fosse's excellent All that Jazz. Catching a 70mm print of Lawrence of Arabia or driving for 5 hours in the upper midwest to Milwaukee to see Pulp Fiction and Ed Wood on the same day. The really good stuff, the lost memories that many producers outright steal from, excuse me - remake, are like dim bulbs in a jalopy of a theater. Seen by a handful, forgotten by most, left to be eaten away by acids in a cannister at the bottom of some basement. That my friend, blows ass.

Prove It: Quest for Peace on Feb 15, 2008


One of the sets is across the road from my house. They have had two all-night filming sessions this week.

Stu on Feb 16, 2008


I guess "Prove It: Quest for Peace" posts already got the point but, just to underline this, Gavin Hood *has not* won a Oscar. A film he directed has. I think it's only good journalism to point this out. Facts, not perception. You may perceive him as a fantastic director and try to back this out by pointing out that Tsotsi, a film he direct, has won an Foreign Movie Oscar Award but you can never say that he won an Oscar. And you've included an link to IMDb's Gavin Hood profile there. If your readers check the link, they won't see an Oscar award on that profile -- which will, in turn, look bad for you.

Storm on Feb 17, 2008


check out the site for a full-length script for X-Men 4: Fall of the Mutants! Here's the synopsis, but I promise, the story is LOADED with the characters we want, the storylines we've been waiting for, and twists you won't see coming...! Synopsis: The effects of the Mutant Cure were only temporary, which again, sends the governments of the world in to a panic, knowing that Magneto or someone or some group like him, will bring the human world to its knees. Feeling that the Mutant Cure was a more humane way of dealing with mutants, a secret faction of the United States government, led by Bolivar Trask, has designed a much more permanent cure: annihilation of the mutant race by way of 12-story tall robots also known as Sentinels.

Phil Good on May 3, 2008


Omg why are you guys arguing if Gavin Hood has won an Oscar or not? Was he not a part of Tsotsi? Without him, the direction would not have been the same. I don't care if the Oscar was given to the producers, it really was a team effort :D. ANYWAYS, I'm looking forward to seeing this. I'm gonna hold my opinions until I see the movie, which some of you won't do. Thanks and have a great day.

Yum on May 18, 2008


This aready looks better than the crap before it... At least he has some freakin' HAIR on his arms FINALLY! And his claws are finally looking long enough too. Seriously, compare it. I never realized it before, well, with ALL the things wrong with the X-men movies... it's difficult to keep track.

ARlFan on Jun 8, 2008


Arch nemesis isnt it Gambit. ON That note it wouldnt it be in the step in the right direction maybe a battle scene in the danger room or add the mutant massacre which included sabertooth just a thought

tom on Jun 9, 2008


jackman looks more wolverine type on this picture,as meationed by ARIFan ,he seems to have HAIR on his arms now and the claws,they could do serious damage.

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


wish the hair was longer and more like the comics weapon x, its all short in the movies the pic hair looks like a normal guys hair and I wonder if he will rock the comic mask they left that out of the films to. wolverine is 5 foot 3 so others should tower over him, thats one reason he is so cool, the short guy that will tear up the bad guys.

banerman on Jul 12, 2008


keep the x-men movies coming add new characters,cool cameos,and spin offs. some really cool characters to use are apocalypse, sinister, chambers story is awesome, husks power is pretty cool, and some cool looking mutants are glob herman the wax man, mammomax the elephant man, prosimian the ape man, squidboy, angel salvadore the bug girl, and the more evolved beak that looks like a hawk man. what do you think?????

chris on Aug 13, 2008


will someone please tell them to reboot the resident evil franchise m ore like the first game and re0, the director could be m. night shamalan.oooo keep the x-movies coming more more more..

chris on Aug 13, 2008


ive seen teh comic con trailer for this movie and it honestly looks like it will be better than any x men movie ever, they are finally introducing gambit into the movies which they refused to do at first because his personality was similar to wolverine, but i heard they are going to make him a villian, which is untrue, it could make one hell of a final battle, overall this site needs that trailer cuz the trailer at is low quality, and its absolutley amazing, Epic pwn

Epic on Aug 17, 2008


where is omega red? and suaron? anyone?? anyone??

chris on Aug 27, 2008


bring on chamber,and husk.

chris on Aug 29, 2008


prosimian, mammomax,orb weaver,glob herman,and john sublime.oooh and apocalypse,and sinister.

chris on Aug 29, 2008


district-x movie,and generation-x staring chamber and husk.district-x would be a bishop movie.

chris on Aug 29, 2008


charlize therone as white queen, josh hollowel as gambit,ron perlman as apocalypse,and crispin glover as sinister in an actual x-men 4 movie sequel.

chris on Aug 29, 2008


Ok, are there any other comic geeks out there that remember Hulk 181, in which it is clearly stated that Wolverine is actually 5ft 5in tall? When and why, I wonder, was he shrunk down to 5ft 3in? Hmmm...

Tyler Durden on Sep 7, 2008


only one thing to say.......awsome......

theori on Oct 2, 2008


yes they look artificial as he is wearing gloves if ya look closely u can see the different shades of skin as the claws are attached to the gloves. also the knuckles stuck out of the glove weirdly .

cas on Oct 8, 2008


i hope there is a tie in with cap or nick fury since wolvy is the 10th(X) super soldier

keith on Nov 2, 2008


I heard they are making a magneto movie too. Does anyone know if thats true?

TIm on Nov 7, 2008


a few things for you all: 1st...from the top. the blades are coming out of the hands as they should be (if you know anything about wolverine and the fictional anatomy, prof x developes an opening in his hands later to allow the blades to pop out without breaking skin...hence the way they looked with his gloves through almost every comic or animated show. so get over it. 2nd...magneto movie is true but on the back burner. research that one on also on / 3rd...yeah the comic version of wolverine is told to be 5'3'' or 5'5'' many actors that short do you know of who are as bad ass as hugh jackman? i say again...get over it. 4th...marvel makes amazing comics as well as movies (besides HULK...hahaha) so trust their judgement on actors. how many of you laughed the first time you heard Heath Ledger was cast as the joker? exactly. 5th..."Mr. T" save "ergo" for the matrix and find a better suiting comment name if you're going to articulate and set someone straight. 6th..."Kraftman" why don't you sent harvey a letter expressing your love for him instead of on here. thank you. P.S. you don't have the slightest clue how to cast do you? in other words...get excited about the movie. quit critiquing it before you see it. stop using gay names for yourselves (its embarrassing). THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO KICK ASS. P.S. hope you are all ready for Fathom and the Darkness movies too........that is, if you even knew about them. R.I.P. Michael Turner

Gavin on Nov 17, 2008


Looks like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag just like the rest of the X-MEN movies. Im sure it will kickass for those with limited attention spans but for the love of god come on. How do they keep making these films?

velequest on Nov 29, 2008


At first I was a little "meh" at this since we've already been through 3 X-Men movies and, while they were decent popcorn flicks, that's all they were. However, that was before I read that it's being directed by the same guy that did Tsotsi & Rendition (both excellent movies above the standard Hollywood fare), and written by the same guy that wrote Kite Runner and Spike Lee's 25th Hour (certainly not who I expected for this type of movie, a very intriguing choice) Plus, the best moments of the X-Men movies were always when Wolvie tore a new hole in everyone 🙂

web on Dec 3, 2008


Harvey Keitel? hmmm has a hard look to him but come on he doesnt look that tough 😀 Back in the late 80's and the very early 90's me and a couple of my gang used to do casting for the xmen and our fav grunt wolvie Magneto to be played by Clint Eastwood Rouge by Sheryl Fenn Colossus by Arnold and Wolvie would be played perfectly by Danzig 😀 for those who know him in performance you know what i mean and for those who dont, check him out 😀 and his bones are not replaced by adamantium but had been laced by adamantium in a controlled way hence the snow white teeth 😀 every other bone in his body is laced by A only his teeth are not. cheers

burak on Dec 24, 2008

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