First Look: G.I. Joe's Complete Cast - General Hawk, Destro, Duke, Baroness, Ripcord, and More!

May 7, 2008

First Look: G.I. Joe's Destro, Heavy Duty, and Storm Shadow!

Screw those leaked photos that hit a few weeks ago, we've got some brand new never-before-seen photos of G.I. Joe's Destro, Heavy Duty, and Storm Shadow. Unfortunately we did not get invited to the set of G.I. Joe like these other sites, but instead we've got these to share with all of you. These are definitely the first hardcore photos from the movie, with Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Heavy Duty in action, Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow with his blades drawn, and Christopher Eccleston as Destro just… standing there. My interest in this movie is defintiely growing every day because of photos like these and past news like this. I definitely have a feeling this is going to be one badass movie next summer!

We've also added new photos of both Saïd Taghmaoui as Breaker and Dennis Quaid as General Hawk below. We've also just added the last new photos of Sienna Miller as The Baroness, Channing Tatum as Duke, and Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. What are your thoughts on these photos? Do they impress you at all or does this make the movie look worse than it already was?

Click each photo to see full-size versions.

Dennis Quaid as General Hawk

General Hawk is the commander of the G.I. Joe Team. Born in Denver, Colorado, he comes from a wealthy family whose influence enabled him to enroll in West Point where he graduated at the top of his class. He was even able to gain experience in the battlefield in several trouble spots. One description of him is that he is "keenly intelligent and perceptive and quite capable of totally selfless acts in support of his team-mates. An excellent leader!" Check out Collider for a full-size version of General Hawk.

Channing Tatum as Duke

Duke is the field commander and second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk. He is one of the key characters of G.I. Joe and a fan-favorite. He was at the top of his class at Fort Benning, has undergone Special Forces training and worked with South Vietnamese Tribesmen. Check out MTV for a full-size version of Duke.

Marlon Wayans as Ripcord

Ripcord is a team leader skilled at skydiving from great heights to avoid detection. He has great confidence in his skills, experience and coolness under pressure. Check out CHUD for a full-size version of Ripcord.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty serves as the G.I. Joe Team's heavy ordnance specialist with a passion for classical guitars and Bach. He is described as being unafraid of any situation despite heavy enemy fire. Check out SuperHeroHype for a full-size version of Heavy Duty.

Saïd Taghmaoui as Breaker

Breaker is the G.I. Joe Team's original communications officer who can speak seven languages and has a habit of chewing bubblegum in any situation. Breaker is familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact communication gear as well as most world export devices. His file card describes him as "efficient and self-assured and has an uncanny ability to turn adverse situations to his favor." Check out Dark Horizons for a full-size version of Breaker.

Christopher Eccleston as Destro

Destro is the "faceless" power behind Military Armaments Research System, the largest manufacturer of state-of-the-art weaponry. To Destro, war is man's most natural state: the fittest survive and the greatest technological advances are made. He maintains a luxurious lifestyle around the world. Destro provides high-tech arms to any side able to meet his price and will incite war where it does not exist. He dons his silver battle mask (a family tradition) and enters battle himself, either with COBRA Command (Destro is their major weapons supplier) or against them if it's better for business. Check out IESB for a full-size version of Destro.

Sienna Miller as The Baroness

The Baroness serves as the COBRA Organization's intelligence officer and lieutenant to Cobra Commander. With long black hair, black rimmed glasses, and a black leather outfit, Baroness is a dark, sensual femme fatale whose beauty is matched only by her ruthlessness. In both comic and cartoon incarnations, she has romantic relationships with Destro. Check out IGN for a full-size version of The Baroness.

Byung-hun Lee as Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow is best known as the Cobra Commander's ninja bodyguard and assassin at times. He is the only member of the team to change sides several times, conflicted in loyalties between Cobra, G.I. Joe and his long relationship with his swordbrother Snake Eyes. Check out Latino Review for a full-size version of Storm Shadow.

G.I. Joe is directed by Stephen Sommers (Deep Rising, The Mummy, Van Helsing) and written by both Stuart Beattie and Skip Woods. The movie arrives in theaters on August 7th, 2009.

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DESTRO?! Where's the chrome dome?

greg on May 7, 2008


Looking worse and worse every update!!! But Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is an ill actor!!!

REAL6 on May 7, 2008


That's like when they had Dennis Hopper as King Koopa, in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Why is he a human? How hard is it to have a metal facemask for him? They should have just made a "Snake Eyes and Scarlet" movie, and from there, created an entire franchise. Too many characters, too many chefs in the kitchen, too much suck-level ideas.

Djo. on May 7, 2008


Okay, read the bio. But still. He's supposed to be a bigger dude than that. I always pictured him as a black dude, too, with a deep voice. Oh well. This will suck, the more they try to 'innovate'. That machine gun does look fun, though. Storm Shadow's a bit underwhelming. Looks like a Ninja Halloween costume. I guess it all depends what his voice sounds like, but right now he does NOT look evil in the least. Or all that tough, or scary, or intimidating. Or clean. Actually, I'll give them that. Storm Shadow has NEVER looked so fresh & bleach white. Like a Downey-Soft-Shadow. Ahhh....

Djo. on May 7, 2008


I can't believe you people don't realise this is Destro before he wears the mask. And he's a Scottish noble, so there.

Chris on May 7, 2008


So... he's faceless, huh? Then why'd you just show us his FACE?

Djo. on May 7, 2008


did they run out of budget when they got to storm shadow?? It looks like some left over bed sheets stapled together and a white snowmobile mask. Shouls have used Roadblock, not heavy duty ...

Lightning on May 7, 2008


Storm Shadow looks like a butler. Is that a coat tail hanging behind him?

jjappy on May 7, 2008


storm shadow looks like a burn victim. they should have used scorpion's ninja costume from the second mortal kombat movie or from the video games as inspiration and then work from there.

Matt Suhu on May 7, 2008


I really don't know why everyone has such a problem with this movie and all of the costumes?! I guarantee you by this time next year, everyone is going to be pissing their pants in excitement for G.I. Joe. It's exactly like Transformers - you've got to hate all of the original designs and production work and everything up until we get a trailer and it starts to actually look badass in previews... then everyone will be excited!

Alex Billington on May 7, 2008

11 just don't get it do you... I'm not even going to explain it to you... Anyways... I think these photos are great. I for one, am excited already... where is that trailer!?

Jeff Warner on May 7, 2008


Ah- they keep rolling on in! I'll look forward to the Bridge Layer, Zartan (if they have the balls to include a cameo, at least) Baroness (any chick in funky glasses w/ a cobra on her chest would be tight) & Cobra Commander, obviously. (I hope they make him really funny and include alot of comic relief on his behalf. Those ridiculous boot covers of his are essential to the physical comedy of the world domineering-Loser that is Cobra Commander!)

Got to get tough... Or This'll Blow! on May 7, 2008


Yeah, number six! Get a clue! When they say faceless! They mean we can't see him, cuz he don't exist!

Yeah man, what the heck! on May 7, 2008


Dear yeah man, what the heck: It's a joke. Get a clue.

Ha-tcha-tcha on May 7, 2008


Dear Get a Clue: Duh! Destro IS faceless! He's the real weapons supplier of weapons that fire and I think you're a liar that wears cheesy attire Sorry man, diggin' this act It's groovy-! But I thought this was Heathcliff- got the wrong movie!

Get a clue on May 7, 2008


I think this looks awesome. Except for Storm Shadow. And everyone needs to lay off #6. None of you got the joke. Get a clue.

Because GI Joe's supposed to be sophinsticated on May 7, 2008


Poor Storm Shadow! He definitely got the shaft with his costume. Or maybe it's the "gala night" version for the red carpet premiere.

jjzappy on May 7, 2008


Any real G.I. Joe fan, such as myself, would agree that this is looking worse w' every update. I agree w' most of the comments above. This is not the live action G.I. Joe we fans have been waiting for. It was basically doomed from the start with Sommers directing. Van Helsing, The Mummy & Deep Rising? Are you kidding me? Storm Shadow's a bad mothaf@#!er and his groom costume does not represent this. Destro does not turn into Destro until the end of the film? I'm guessing to set up the sequel. If this turns out as bad as many of us think, there shouldn't even be a part 1, let alone a sequel. Also, the casting is completely baffling. Other than Ray Park as Snake Eyes, whats to be excited about? I desperately hope I'm wrong but this is not going to turn out well.

Sinner on May 7, 2008


Wow, this looks ridiculous.

John on May 7, 2008


1. Where the hell is Sargent Slaughter?????????? How can there be a movie without the Sarge????????????????????????

DAC on May 7, 2008


I agree with 18. This is looking worse with every update. Anyone familiar with GIjoe series will know these photos are far from what they should be. GIJoes team members were individuals that all wore different uniforms. Destro had a chrome head. Storm shadow is looking better than his first pics but not by much. The only 2 that looked ok were scarlett and snake eyes. The rest are crap. Alex go to a toy store and look at the 25th anniversary release of the action figures. That is GIjoe.

Heckle on May 7, 2008


i totally agree with #20. part of what made gijoe awesome was each character's unique uniform and weapon. i know Sommers is trying to go all realistic and everything, but there has to be some individuality besides persona. and what about the vehicles? gijoe had awesome vehicles with guns sticking out of em in every possible hole and space. will we see ray park hanging out of the side of a havok while shooting an uzi? i highly doubt that.

Matt Suhu on May 7, 2008

23 over to ign for a look at the BARONESS! *prepare to be disappointed* Sienna Miller looks like Jennifer Garner from Alias.

Matt Suhu on May 7, 2008


Update it with a few more photos to complete the entire cast and have shifted the order - now it goes down in chain of command and also organized by G.I. Joe and Cobra. Enjoy!

Alex Billington on May 7, 2008


Apart from Breaker I've got no problems with anything so far... For some reason that pic of breaker just seems really cheesy but I'm sure it was just the pic lol... As for Storm Shadow I hope they go into the character and explain he's a ninja with a sense of style to explain the white tails cause I'm digging the costume and if they have him with a certain flare for fashion that would be awesome lol.. the perfect opposite for SnakeEyes... SnakeEyes being serious to the point clean and slick... Storm Shadow will beat your ass in style

Eric on May 7, 2008


I think part of what made GI Joe characters cool was that they were differant and had their own style of clothes and weapons, I dont see that here at all. They've tried to do what the X-Men movie did by making them samey...Ill reserve judgment but Im leaning on this movie going straight to sucktown next to Uwe Boll movies on the B shelf

interl0per on May 7, 2008


the Baroness sucks! sienna miller looks like jennifer garner from alias.

Matt Suhu on May 7, 2008


Going to bomb. Sommers never really had any film talent, he kind of just lucked out with The Mummy. These all look pathetic.

Brad on May 7, 2008


Yeah, saying this is going to be just like Transformers is discounting what a hack Sommers really is.

John on May 7, 2008


i hate that Storm Shadow, where the hell is Roadblock?? who is this Heavy Duty? we need, Shipwreck, Alpine, Bazooka and Quick Kick!

The Delightful Deviant on May 7, 2008


Hell yeah! Where is RoadBlock? Or Gung Ho? These are the characters people really wanna see, Breaker and Heavy Duty, bad choices if you wanna get people excited about the movie. This looks really bad, like on level with the Street Fighter film. Oh, and uh, did anyone notice that Ripcord is being played by a Wayons brother?! What the crap is that! I love GI Joe, but damn, I don't think I could force myself to see this.

Tim on May 7, 2008


ithere's way more 2 come people!!! the guy from the mummy 1&2 as Zartan, The Rock as Shipwreck, and Brendan Fraiser as Gung Ho if i'm not mistaken. and don't forget we haven't seen Cobra Commander or a trailer yet...

DDOT3 on May 7, 2008


Oh man. This is turning out to be another franchise gone wrong. Looking at these pictures reminds me of StreetFighter. The idea was there, but they just went and screwed it up. Snake Eyes is the only decent character so far. As for Marlon Wayans....What the hell were they thinking?!?! This "Gear" they are sporting is nothing new, it's just another X-Men rip off. C'mon hollywood. Give us something fresh. Stop ruining everything you touch.

Silence on May 7, 2008


WARNING: this movie may suck....balls that is.

theTruth on May 8, 2008


They should've just dropped Destro, if they aren't going to do him right

L on May 8, 2008


NO. 32 Are you effing kidding me?! More to come? Did you say the Rock and Brenden Frasier? As if this movie wasn't gonna be bad enough, you had to tell me that! The Rock is a total sold out douchebag and Brenden Frasier as Gung Ho?! Right, were gonna have George of the freaking Jungle play one of the most toughest characters ever, sounds great. Anyone excited to see Brenden Frasier pay Gung Ho should be castrated.

Tim on May 8, 2008


It'll probably be better than Mortal Kombat. But there is the looming possibility that it won't be by much... I can't believe they got Sienna Miller. I'll be the first to disagree on this board that I think she looks TIGHT. (But as any of my exes or currents can tell you, I have a real weakness for dark rimmed brunettes)

Because GI Joe's supposed to be sophinsticated on May 8, 2008


It's a shame that I couldn't tell if I was looking at Scarlett or the Baroness. Whoever chose to cast Heavy Duty over Roadblock should be castrated. And why do they have to F with the characters??? If they got stuck with a Wayans brother, why not cast him as Stalker, a much more interesting character than Ripcord. What did Ripcord ever do? Aside from falling gaga in love with "Bongo the Balloon Bear," a woman in a bear suit who delivered balloons to kid's birthday parties. And Breaker, I was looking forward to a bearded Tennessee mountain boy popping bubbles like the one I grew up with. I somehow doubt the actor pictured above will have a hillbilly accent. I think Sommers went into this project with an action story in mind, and needed certain character TYPES to tell that story. Then he just slapped a bunch of Joe names onto the characters to make it a GI Joe movie. As for taking the Joes out of their old-style individualized uniforms, I'm sure Sommers said he wanted it to be more realistic and gritty. Little did we know that all the Joes would be wearing Starship Trooper-reject outfits that no elite unit of any military in the world would be caught dead wearing. The whole look of the rest of the Joes lessens the coolness of Snake Eyes. Now, whoever slips a black mask on could pass for Snake Eyes. And yes, Roadblock's (I mean Heavy Duty's) gatling gun looks cool, but knowing Sommers, it'll probably shoot blue laser beams.

firespotter on May 8, 2008


first of all, ripcord was white, and marlon wayans? why? i like marlon wayans but not in a military movie, especially GI JOE. general quad is a good actor i guess but he wouldve been better as duke. duke looks about 17 years old, and isnt that guy a dancer? kid from step up? oh brother! breaker looks like a middle eastern guy, why? horrible choice for Destro, we shouldnt even be seeing his face, in the cartoon and the old marvel comics, we never saw his face. WHO THE HELL IS HEAVY DUTY? he was in one episode, i looked it up, Gung-ho was the heavy weapons specialists, get that guy out of there! baroness looks sexy as hell!!!!! and how hard is it to make a good looking ninja uniform? he looks like hes going to prom but had to hide his face cuz of an acne breakout. snake eyes is the best looking out of all of them, hopefully he will dominate the movie, maybe they should just make a snake eyes movie, i like ray park. the uniforms suck, why dont they just keep it real, they should all be wearing their original clothes, that was a GI joe trademark, they all had their own uniform that was a part of their personalities. I doubt that they will include all the cool vehicles, that was also a GI Joe trademark, the USS FLAGG was my favorite. i could imagine how retarded cobra commander will look. im sure he will look like a blue kukluxklan wizard. lol this movie is going to suck, just like dragonball will, not even close to transformers, dont dare compare.

dre on May 8, 2008


I don't care how cook the costumes look, how well-done the special effects are, or the quality of the actors involved: this is still a bad idea and always will be.

Odgie on May 8, 2008


Yes it will suck. But to answer your question Heavy Duty was listed as being the nephew of Roadblock. Still heavy weapons but showed up more during the awful sigma 6 cartoons than the ones mot people are familiar with. As for Marlon Wayans, I HATE when they completely change the background of a character for no reason (a la most Hollywood movies). Ripcord was indeed Caucasian, did they just decide there weren't enough "ethnic," people in the movie needed to change the names to fit something they're not. The Joe cartoon was pretty balanced and regardless of how cheesey almost every ethnic background was represented, with the number of character available why start breaking things?

Doc on May 8, 2008


I have no idea what GI Joe is about.

DCompose on May 8, 2008


No I don't want to see more ;( I was really looking forward to watching this. Now it looks like Ul boll got a hold of it

SHANE D on May 8, 2008


I think it's going to be a decent movie. They did what the had to do. They can't take things exactly from the cartoon, they had to update it. They had to make it more universal and appeal to a larger audience not just the fanbase otherwise it wouldn't make enough money. All these are, are pictures I think people should give the movie a chance, we haven't even seen a trailer yet.

Drew on May 9, 2008


can someone give the costumdesigner a sciccor because stormshadow has some unneccery fabrics

malax on May 9, 2008


this movie looks stupid, and cheesy. Oh of course it's the same guys that brought us shitty movies like the Mummy. do yourself a favor guys don't bother bringing this movie out.

Joe on May 12, 2008


Well, I have to agree with most of the crowd. I am a HUGE G.I. JOE fan, but I beieve this will bomb in a big way. I dont think it will show in the figures because lets be honest, all of us WILL go and see it. Its just a question of whether or not we will like it. What is going on with Hollywood today? This, so far not so good looking, remake gets all green lights, but the Halo movie has nothing but problems? Halo:Arms Race looks amazing! Have them make the GI JOE movie. Then it wont suck!

Brian on May 13, 2008


I have to say these pictures just make me very, very sad. I'm too depressed to be angry. With the exception of Baroness and Snake Eyes the costumes and casting choices are horrible. I'll give Dennis Quaid a pass, as well as Destro. I'm sure they (the movies writers/producers) have more planned for those characters, but as of right now they're not to impressive. Storm Shadown is a just a bunch of bad jokes waiting to happen in a Leno or Conan monologue. The rest of the cast is just plain awful. I'm sure they're not the worst actors in the world just terribly cast in their respective roles. I understand the studio's choice for making a more international team to make the film marketable overseas, but I agree that the costumes totally take away any scrap of personality these characters(mostly the Joe's) had. If the Watchmen costumes have shown us anything, it's that you can stay true to the source material and still end up with a cool look for comic book/cartoon characters. All black is just cheap and cliche as hell. I'm sorry Alex, but you are way off the mark with this one. Unless the greatest trailer I have ever seen comes out for the movie then I'm not optimistic.

J on May 15, 2008


This movie will be good just keep the outfits tactical and non-flashy. Make the movie Grimey, Bloody and Violent with a strong sense of tension and suspense. You dont really have to introduce these characters you can just start the movie from the middle and have fans figure out the plot. Give us the background info in the Credits. Let Stallone have a piece of this move he made Rambo 4 into a masterpiece!!!!

Dion on May 16, 2008


this movie is going to be garbage.. just like Transformers was.

kev on May 19, 2008


The costumes are HORRIBLE. The actor/actress selection is even worse. I don't think I had ever been more excited about about a movie....that was until I came across this site and IMDB. I should have stayed away. At least then I could have enjoyed more anticipation time. Now, I will hate it in post-production before it even hits the screen. What are they thinking in F'ing Tinsel Town? No one wants to see their childhood action characters in tight, black rubber. Where is Roadblock? Where is Lt. Falcon? Where is Sgt. Slaughter? Where are the REAL BADASSES of GI Joe? Let me make the movie. Get these no tact ass-clowns out of the studios. I really hope for our sakes that those guys read comments like this. Everything about this movie makes my stomach turn. Marlon Wayans? George of the Jungle? Hey, I got an idea! Why don't they also take a crap on this amazing piece of culture and end it with a crystal skull, which happens to be an alien head, which happens to come alive when you reattach it, which then burns people alive, which then flies away in its flying saucer, that no one ever knew was buried in South America?! Street Fighter the movie was more on point than this cluster.

Josh on May 28, 2008


Josh i must say that i feel your pain buddy. we ALL feel your pain. every boy (and some girls) who ever grew up in America came up watching G.I. Joe and now Hollywood is about to smear everything this cartoon ever brought to the table by bringing in second-rate actors & possibly a script that was written by 5th graders. way to go Hollywood, you've out done yourself on this one....suckaz!

theTruth on May 28, 2008


I did not grow up watching the cartoons. However; I do read the G.I.JOE *AMERICA'S ELITE * by DEVIL'S DUE PUBLISHING. The Movie will probably be more like DEVIL'S DUE PUBLISHING'S comic book then the cartoons. I don't prejudge movies. Critics are sometimes right and most of the time wrong. I liked Iron Man.Yet the critics prejudged it before seeing it. The Iron Man Movie turned out to be good for the fans, the non fans and the movie studios. It was successful on all fronts. Since I have never been a watcher of cartoons; I can't comment on the cartoon. I prefer to read comic books then to watch cartoons. However; I do empathize with the cartoon watchers. They are the best judges of a G.I. JOE cartoon turned into a live action movie. However; if it turns out more like the DEVIL'S DUE PUBLISHING comics then I will enjoy it.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 28, 2008


everyone pliz lets just give G.I.Joe some air okay.whether the movie sucks in any form or not pliz lets wait for the teaser then start the great debate.

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


I think it looks kinda cheesey.. No offense ntended =]

Blake B on Jul 30, 2008


doesnt look like GI Joe at all without there signature uniforms or masks, looks like a typical B rated movie. When characters are so established u should be able to tell who they are without knowing what the movie title is ... IMO

GI Joe on Sep 2, 2008


whoa. what the hell is going on here? hollywood, i'm on my knees begging-PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!!! take your time and develop something original, instead of exhuming the olden and tossing around the corpses of our wonderful past, in all its cheesy glory. GODDAMN U HOLLYWOOD. DAMN YOU. now kids growing up see this crap you try to sell and eat it up like pigs at a trough, not knowing they're ingesting 99.99% fecal matter. GI FREAKIN JOE?? HOW FAR WILL YOU GO FOR A BUCK??? IT'S JUST MONEY. You are ruining timeless classics here. instead of making a GI JOE live action movie, why not just go the animated route??? or better yet, press all the old cheesy episodes onto dvds for mass consumption. ps-getting the guy that directed the mummy and (lol) Van Helsing to do something like gi joe-Jesus H. Christ- are we in for some bull. a hefty ton of fluffy bull.

vic on Sep 7, 2008


yea, I got to say this looks weak. The worst part is that this film will be the only exposure to Joe many people will ever have. Lucky for my son I still got most of my Joes from the 80s with the exception of shipwrecks parrot who went to the bottom of the lake. Shipwreck stayed in Sgt. Slaughters amphibious tank with the Baroness, hes smooth like that.

Dano on Oct 3, 2008


quote #1 is exactly right where's the chrome dome? destro looks terrible, and the Joes all look the same, they look like they got the hockey pad outfits that the fake batman dudes had in the dark knight.......

larry m on Jan 1, 2009


i am so worried that this movie might tank. i feel the marines in the transformers movie looked more like the GIjoe team than this ultra sleek metal gear looking dudes.

robert on Jan 5, 2009


This looks like it has an almost X-Men quality to it = not so good 🙁

LAva on Jan 7, 2009


I agree with some of the earlier comments...Heavy Duty over Roadblock C'mon...Ripcord turned black over Stalker C'mon... Not too late to change those names is it? Destro C'mon...Where is Flint who is high ranking Joe? Where's Lady J who was probably the most popular female Joe...C'mon! All said... I have to disagree with the outcome... I still think it will be a great action packed movie!

Green on Feb 13, 2009


OK 1. show the whole cast 2. the rock should be hevy duty and 3. were's the crome face on destro?

Breanna on Jul 21, 2009

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