First Look: Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time!

August 11, 2008
Source: Just Jared

First Look: Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time!

Paparazzi from Just Jared have brought us our very first look at Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan in Disney's upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The photo comes from the set of the film currently shooting in Morocco with big tough Gyllenhaal holding hands with the sweet Reese Witherspoon. If you had any doubts about this guy filling the role, this will finally put all those to rest! Not only does he look the part, but he is ripped! If anything, this photos makes me so much more excited to finally see one of my favorite video games come to life on the big screen. This truly will be the first time in Hollywood that we'll see a good video game adaptation! Check out the full photo of Gyllenhaal below.

We also recently announced that Prince of Persia was pushed back from next summer to May of 2010. Some of the speculation I've heard focused on the fact that the production had hit some snags, but it's obvious that this is moving ahead at full steam and they'll finish with more than a year of time for post-production. The initial reaction to Gyllenhaal seemed to be quite negative. Has this photo changed your mind?

Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Prince of Persia is being produced by powerhouse producer Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Donnie Brasco, Mona Lisa Smile and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire helmer Mike Newell, and written by both Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow) and one of the game's creators, Jordan Mechner. Prince of Persia stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, and Alfred Molina. Disney has pushed the release date back all the way to May 28th, 2010.

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Josh on Aug 11, 2008


not sure his hair could look any more fake.

Tom on Aug 11, 2008


Looks like a defector from 'Pineapple Express'. 🙂 I still don't know though. This reminds me of 10,000 B.C.

Blue Silver on Aug 11, 2008


Oh very sexy 😀

CSpuppydog on Aug 11, 2008


Geez, this is the same scrawny kid from Donnie Darko? He looks freakin bad ass. I'm a bit more interested now, I'm sure these pictures will make quite a few women VERY interested as well.

Icarus on Aug 11, 2008


I'm not so sure. Still.

Melissa on Aug 11, 2008


I'm with you on that one Icarus (@ 5) I was getting increasingly more interested in the project, then heard that Gyllenhaal was on board. It was striking and shocking at first, but now I can actually see it and I think it should be good. Can't wait for the trailer.

Garrett.king on Aug 11, 2008


"This truly will be the first time in Hollywood that we'll see a good video game adaptation!" I suppose you're right, but only 'cause Hollywood refuses to acknowledge Uwe Boll's genius!

Diego on Aug 11, 2008


He doesn't look persian at all.

Cameron on Aug 11, 2008


wait so since its disney will this be rated "G"??? ... b /c I LOVE the video game I think it should be a dark mysterious movie least PG-13

matt on Aug 11, 2008


Jake's beard doesn't look happy, but at least she brought paparazzi with her. LOL!

Tim on Aug 11, 2008


Looks sike an odiferous caveman. I thibk this is one movie I'll not await with baited beath. Witherspoos is much moe attractive. A perfect pair. If they breed, I'd like pick of the litter.

alyn brodsky on Aug 11, 2008


I am a fan of Prince of Persia, I had faith in the movie until I saw this. Looks more like a direct to video version of Brokeback Mountain 2 or something. He is a good actor and looks rip but to me he just doesn't feel right. But, can be proven wrong just as Heath Ledger did.

avery on Aug 11, 2008


I'm sorry, but all I can think about is BubbleBoy. Yes, he is totally ripped and my jaw dropped. But I have such a hard time attaching his face to that body.

Mama Gaea on Aug 11, 2008


OMG how has the small little fella filled out so quickly? What on earth do they give these guys? Are they all happy and willing to pump up on steroids cos I know u cant get that big so quick naturally. It takes years to build muscle mass.

dom on Aug 11, 2008


He actually kinda looks the part. Still unsure about this one.

Brandon on Aug 11, 2008


Thank god the success of this movie won't be decided on Gyllenhaal's hairpiece. hopefully

Keith on Aug 11, 2008


nice might be good after all.

Xerxex on Aug 11, 2008


I'm starting to have misgivings about this after seeing this picture and knowing that they pushed the release back. *shakes head* I don't think this looks promising.

janet on Aug 11, 2008


He looks ridiculous to me.

Viper on Aug 11, 2008


This looks terrible. Thanks, Disney.

Lauren on Aug 11, 2008


I thought to be a Persian prince you had to look a bit more I don't know, Persian? This could be a western for all I know. Bad form Bruck, bad form.

SmartGuy on Aug 11, 2008


can't wait to see the teaser/trailer, I'll reserve my comments until then.

andrew on Aug 11, 2008


That looks really bizarre. I like Gylenhaal and all, but he looks really weird as a huge buff guy. Does that mean the lisp is gone??

Bobby on Aug 11, 2008


He needs a tan, pronto. What's the point of him being the Prince of Persia if he has a farmer's tan?

Nettle on Aug 11, 2008


Hair looks REAL fake.

Ryan on Aug 11, 2008


So, in all of Los Angeles they could NOT find a Persian actor to play this role? There are far better looking persian guys than Jake.

iDavid on Aug 11, 2008


I don't like the look. He looks less like a Persian prince and more like a surfer dude.

Sean Kelly on Aug 11, 2008


Nope, he might have beefed up for the role, but his face and voice still resemble a 12 year old, can't get Bubble Boy out of my head.

Timmy on Aug 11, 2008


I've been a fan of Prince of Persia since the original 2D incarnations, and I love the newer games. I think Jake Gyllenhaal is a good actor, and this should be great.

Reverend on Aug 11, 2008


I hope Jake will give the character more depth like jhonny depp did with Sparrow. I don't care about the color of the skin, that would make me racist. Color of the skin is not enough to ruin a movie for me. You guys should give him a break!

Hector N on Aug 11, 2008


#11: Disney has done several non-G rated films. Here's an example: the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (which is also from Jerry Bruckheimer). Or the National Treasure films (also from Bruckheimer)? Personally, I think he looks awful. Compare his look to that of the video game for cring out loud. I've got an itching feeling this will suck big time.

Chris on Aug 11, 2008


max payne will be cooler

Clark on Aug 12, 2008


I really liked the past trilogy of games, but to get it right they're going to have to get all the wall running/jumping/swinging absolutely spot-on, because if it looks fake it'll kill the film flat. Doubtless it'll look gorgeous though, if they've taken their cues from the games. Not sure about Jake too. Very well muscled, but I can't quite see him doing the stunts. I'd imagined a screen POP would be physically strong but a bit more sinewy, like an athlete or acrobat.

sleepykid on Aug 12, 2008


So far though, wardrobe production is doing their job. I think I need to hear him speak with an accent. I bet there's a shitload of wirework in the film. Not to mention Disney will find a way to kill this movie.

Nick Sears on Aug 12, 2008


I've seen Disney's name attached to No Country for Old Men, and that was rated 'R'.

JL on Aug 12, 2008


Uwe Boll sucks.

JL on Aug 12, 2008


wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig. PS - Agreed with sleepykid on body-type.

dRailer on Aug 12, 2008


I like Gyllenhaal and everything, but the guy in Sands of Time was way better looking

Mr. Pockets on Aug 12, 2008


Piece of crap. It looks like garbage. Why would they get an american to play the prince of persia. They should've went with a no name. But maybe it'll be better than 10,000 bc. Just maybe.

Fisherman on Aug 12, 2008


They could have gone with the guy who plays Suresh on Heroes. I don't think he's persian, but a better match than Gyllenhaal.

JL on Aug 12, 2008


JL, No Country for Old Men was released by Miramax, which is owned by Disney. The ratings talk is about films released by Walt Disney Pictures (i.e. the films with the castle logo) If I remember correctly, Pirates of the Caribbean was the first Disney film to get a PG-13 rating and that was mostly due to Bruckheimer campaigning for the higher rating.

Sean Kelly on Aug 12, 2008


*sings* Lothaaaar of the Hill Peopleeeee~

Atsuko on Aug 12, 2008


The pinky from Persia, should have got this dude to play him. I imagine this film will be okay, but based completely in fantasy land where all Persians (at least those in important roles) are decidedly whiter than they would usually be.

Crapola on Aug 12, 2008


oooh... Jake is hot, but really not sure about the wig! Doesn't this film seem a bit too 'mainstream' for Jake?....

Reks on Aug 12, 2008



DNA on Aug 12, 2008


Being a hardcore gamer. Umm. Nah.

vu on Aug 12, 2008


Brokeback: Sands of Quer!

Ray on Aug 12, 2008


Um. No. And #41, I totally agree. Suresh should totally have been the one in this part. Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of PERSIA is just sad.

Hyacinth on Aug 13, 2008


Looks like a really bad cosplay...

Malachi on Aug 13, 2008


Come on people! Why are sooo many people trashing this FIRST pic of Jake as the POP. Just like 52 said, Ledger got trashed when it was first announced he would be the Joker and looked how that turned out. Jake's an excellent actor about time he's doing something a little more hardcore. I look forward to seeing some more pics, how they are going to run with this and eventually (fingers crossed) a kick ass trailer/movie. Also, it not out for almost another 20 months, relax people, this is just the beginning, I'm sure it will keep getting better and better. We go through this everytime, it's really very aggrivating. Peace out playa haters!

K on Aug 13, 2008


Lets wait till the movie comes out and judge. Although any game based movie is an automatic -10 scale start.

Shige on Aug 13, 2008



IcyOne on Aug 13, 2008


# 16 UR kinda wrong about that because my cousin who is 15 got those kind of muscle resuts in 4 months without roids because he wouldn't know were to get them and get the SHIT kicked out of him by his family if he did use them

IcyOne on Aug 13, 2008


#53 People trashed him at first announcement...but when they first SAW him as th joker every1 was like holy %^&*. Jake looks so fake....just plain bad casting. Can they at least get some1 that looks close to arabic not just a tan white guy?

Obi Nneji on Aug 13, 2008


So is that a sock stuffed down his pants or does he still get a boner every time Kirsten Dunst holds his hand? Both maybe.

poopeepantalones on Aug 14, 2008



lanasback22 on Aug 14, 2008


Like any other movie I will wait to see it before I judge it completely. I LOVE Prince of Persia and yes I'm not a huge Jake fan but I think he could pull it off. I mean Heath was in question about being the Joker at first and he Kicked ASS!! With Jerry at the helm I won't be too bad. I for one am excited about the Next Generation Prince of Persia game coming out WOOT!! Also, that's not Kirsten Dunst. That's Reese Witherspoon. Don't bother responding to my post cuz I won't care what others have to say about my opinion. That's why it's an opinion. ROCK ON JAKE!!

Dontjudgebeforeyouveseen on Aug 15, 2008


If I recall the original PoP game like NES and all that the Prince character was pretty much white. He had the outfit but white skin. It's all about CGI. In fact the new PoP game coming out the Prince looks more Persian than the Sands of Time. He also in my opinion became decreasingly less Persian looking from Warrior Within and Two Thrones. And yes I don't know what a Persian accent sounds like but the movies in the game the voice over didn't sound completely Persian in my opinion. I do agree the wig could use some work however this is just an early photo I think waiting til the first trailer or whatever would be a little more respectful. But let's face it most people who do reviews like this aren't respectful. And with that I hope this Movie Kicks Ass! Just so all the bad reviews are proven wrong... Don't bother replying cause I don't give a flying rats ass about what negative things you have to say.

xcrazytrainx on Aug 15, 2008


Jake's hair looks awful. Jake's fake girlfriend looks awful too.

Tommy on Aug 15, 2008


"So is that a sock stuffed down his pants or does he still get a boner every time Kirsten Dunst holds his hand?" LOL! Jake is still gay and he most certainly isn't f*cking Reese Witherspoon.

Big Boy on Aug 15, 2008


What the F%^CK!?!? He looks sooo SHITE!!! This is the least looking Persian Guy to play a Persian guy ever! The prince of persia is supposed to be slick and cool...THIS IS NOT SLICK AND COOL!! This movie is going to be soooo crap...EXTREMELY CRAP! I heard they were making a Prince of Persia movie and I was like yay! and then they cast him?!? WTF? In all of the USA they couldn't find a single Persian actor? This is just stupid...The only reason he's got the part is for the poster girls...This is gonna suck...It looks like it will be a direct to DVD release or something...It's gonna be like the Scorpion King...I guarantee that!

Ameer on Aug 16, 2008


dude. wtf. jake glyhshsbsuwnsdj lol. idk man...he has a baby face...and his voice...he better pull some heath ledger type action and make his voice raspier or something. i think they could have made a better selection...but who knows. maybe he killed it. we'll see. i'm not too excited for this. but what i AM excited for is max payne with wahlberg!

natasha s on Aug 21, 2008


and ameer, i agree bro.

natasha s on Aug 21, 2008

65 looks good and he looks like the prince from the warrior within....correct me if i wam wrong

vipin trisal on Aug 23, 2008


No you are right!! He looks like Warrior Within guy!! Don't get me wrong, i am one of the most Hardcore fans of Prince of persia and have played all the games starting from 1989 to 2005!! But i don't have so much high hopes from this movie as you can see from my name!!

Prince Fucked on Aug 24, 2008


Hey, they gave prince a name.Haaa...

Dahaka the beast on Aug 27, 2008


i am middle eastre and i think that this man ..... Jake........!!!!!!!!!!!! he sux 4 this one man nooooo way he can be the prince f persia u know i am a big fan of this game i finished it all sands of time.......warior within.......the 2 thrones...and i loove it soo much as a game it is my favoirite game ever they cant make this cute blonde here do the role nooooooooooooooooooooooooo way he is soooooooo white 4 it no fance i am white 2 but he is not the suitable face and he must have a face of a serious man i mean this one looks soo innocent like a child naaaaah he can make romance it is ok but not this one so sa'eed jarrah might be good 4 this role but there is more people who can do it better arab actors who acts arab movies or tv shows maybe they didnt act in hollywood yet but this dont mean the wont love to or they cant do it it is just that they didnt have the chance so i recommend that the director starts to thin seriously its time 4 him 2 cut the craaap thnx

SilentShadoW on Sep 6, 2008


He looks good, But not for the roll... It's all politics... They wont' cast dark man to play the part? What a crap.... Maybe they are not confident and want a known face to support their screenplay.

Dipendra on Sep 22, 2008


God, they're turning him into the next Brad Pitt. I expected better things from him. He should stick to playing sensitive Jewish guys like himself.

Jia on Sep 22, 2008


This looks terrible, and WTF with the wig.

Katie on Oct 26, 2008


I've heard that they are even considering making it a trilogy. If they choose to do so, then they need a different prince. This... guy they chose, may make a good for the first movie. But as we see in the games, the prince changes as his experience, knowledge about the sands (and the Dahaka chasing him of course) and combat skills grows. Have they come out with a trailer, or a date for the movie yet??

Milhouse on Nov 17, 2008


Jake Gyllenhaal is too much man for anyone to have it. I heard he was borne by two mothers, being too much baby for just one. When he was born he burst out of their uteri like Alien and didn't give a FUCK. He saved that for viking mansex with Heath Ledger, and last time I checked, that guy was dead. Connection? You decide.

Jordyjordy on Dec 12, 2008


Seems like this movie's gonna kick ass, David Belle already confirmed in his blog that he's going to be the stunt coordinator for the parkour sequences... IT'S GONNA BE FUCKING AWESOME!! <3

Finrandi on Dec 23, 2008


I was there where they filmed in "North Africa". They should've made it better, and some where else instead of that location.

Michelle Lauer on Dec 30, 2008


WTF Are All Youh Guy"s Bombiing On Jake For Am ii The Only One Who Thiink He Actually Looks Good I Mean Yeah The Wigg iis A Little Bad But Thiis Moviie"s Gunna Be Badd Ass!! And Have None Of Youh Played The Recent Priince Of Persia That Came Out On The 360 & Ps3 Sounds Nothing Like a Persian Sounds Lyke An American Soo They Piicked The Riight Guy For Tha Moviie

Jonathan on Jan 5, 2009


This looks stupid... I am a big fan of the video games and was kinda interest in the movie until I saw that Jake was going to play Dastan... I don't mind Jake as an actor but he isn't a Dastan. Not by looks nor attitude. Probably won't watch this mainstream Disney movie, have to keep my faith in the games.

Kat on Apr 10, 2009


i was so excited abt dis film bt now im not , jake looks so gay in long hair . i wanted tom cruise to play dis role , he surely would have looked like a prince

ryan on Jul 27, 2009


Jake - i like, love , awesome character as bubbly easy going. for me he is perfect for this char, i love bubbly prince !!!!! i dont like old kind of prince serious, so epic... jake char is humble, energetic, positive, a char with full spirit.. but ppl expect a prince like old same boring char. i rather not watch old same stuff char.. the movie has several killing scene then a balance somethings inspiring char like jake and his lover came out so beautiful, thats why this movie is success .. and good for children to watch!!!!! family movie!!! pls appreciate the movie.. be humble you would understand the beauty of his char.

des on May 29, 2010


Ummmm yea no thats the whole point of the Prince of Persia he's not kind he's not friendly. the only time that the prince had a glimps of inocense was the Sands of Time game. After that no more this movie just goes to show that J.R.R. Tolken was right about Disney. They take everything and ruin it. They games are about survival i mean come on he's a ruthless general with endless hords of sand creatures hunting after him If people don't like the way that it was (Dark & Bloody) then why play the game stop tryin to family fun everything up and just stay on your side of the fence.

IcyOne on May 29, 2010


i love persia

Lila_omad on Feb 15, 2011

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