First Look: Jason Statham in Crank 2: High Voltage

August 27, 2008

First Look: Jason Statham in Crank 2: High Voltage

This time we've got an actual photo of Jason Statham, not some incredibly creepy giant rubber heads (see those here). Crank 2: High Voltage is set to hit theaters next April, but the buzz has already begun. I was able to see an early trailer for this at Comic-Con and it looked insane, in a very good way. Imagine the first Crank ramped up with twice the energy and excitement (and scenes of Statham zapping himself with everything from defibrillators to electrical boxes) and you might begin to comprehend how crazy Crank 2 looked. This photo doesn't show too much, but I hope that it at least gets you excited for the return of Chev Chelios next year. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Jason Statham in Crank 2: High Voltage

In this high-octane sequel, hitman Chev Chelios launches himself on an electrifying chase through Los Angeles in pursuit of the Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart.

Crank 2: High Voltage is both written and directed by mastermind filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the two crazy guys behind Crank and the upcoming Game and Jonah Hex as well. The film was produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and is being distributed by Lionsgate. Crank 2: High Voltage arrives in theaters everywhere on April 17th, 2009 next year. Get ready for a shock!

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It'll kick ass. No question asked.

Gab on Aug 27, 2008


Didn't he die in the 1st one?

Darunia on Aug 27, 2008


well a lot of people think he died but then right before the credits rolled his heart let out a beat and i think he either twitched or blinked or both. i dont really remember.

Chris on Aug 27, 2008


He should of died, so as to put an early and necessary end to this horrible movie series.

Brad on Aug 27, 2008


Really? I enjoyed the first movie, I wasn't expecting a "juno" or "last king of scotland" I expected a violent and sex filled movie with a great ending. Which this movie provided. So bring on the sequels.

Buttons on Aug 28, 2008


Crank was a waste of time. This is just ridiculous

Matt on Aug 28, 2008


No Crank was what Death Race is A moive that Knows what it is and Dosent rey and Hide it. Sex, Drugs, Violance. I will Be there no dout. He Blinked at the End.

Ripper on Aug 28, 2008


Crank was a badazz movie ....i dont wut u haters are all bitching about ....the whole movie was RUSH!!! it was never boring more crank ...aight then bring it!!

Shelby on Aug 28, 2008


"Sex, Drugs, Violance" Bad spelling aside, those 3 words there are the content of every 13 year olds wet dream, and exactly the reason this movie appeals to them and those with the mind of one. I can enjoy a good action movie, and a good action movie Crank is not, for even action flicks should have a hint of intelligence behind them.

Brad on Aug 28, 2008


I got to seee the screen of the flick before it came out, I was not a huge fan of it. The movie did deliver what you expect from the previews, it had a lot of unique elements that did make it stand out. I did not expect a super deep plot because it was not intended to be that. It deleivered what you expect, I can see why so many enjoy it and other dislike it. Is one of those you hate or love.

eddie adyr on Aug 28, 2008


I agree with everything Brad said.

lee on Aug 28, 2008


i didn't even hear of the flick when i rented it on dvd and it completeley blew me away. it was action-packed from start to when he lifted his nostrils after that insane fall. i wish ricky verona was in this one just so i could hear statham say ricky fucking verona again.

LeeMan on Aug 28, 2008


Where did I leave my high horse?

Buttons on Aug 28, 2008


While I like Jason Stratham I must say I hated Crank with a passion. The two guys who directed it have no talent at all and the film as a whole is completely VILE! The scene were He's having sex with his girlfriend in public is pathetic. By far Strathan's worst film! on Aug 28, 2008


I loved crank, but even if he blinked at the end it wouldn't make much sense seeing as he had just fallen from a friggan helicopter onto concrete... He should've died and I have no idea how they're going to bring him back...What's up with the crazy big head too?

Peloquin on Aug 28, 2008


You people are idiots!!! when released you all will praise films such as sin city,the dark knight,and the lord of the rings movies as bad ass movies. And call the dark knight a great film (which i agree it was as were the others i mentioned)and in the dark knight two face falls supposedly to his death and you all still hold out hoping he is still alive. Nothing in crank was meant to be realistic it was just fun action/violence/comedy. If Tarrantino had done crank with the exact same action sequences and story line with a little more put into the dialogue you all would have been calling it genius!

garl on Aug 28, 2008


Hey brad was wrong with watching silly movies, everything doesn't have to be all paint dried like the movies you enjoy

Jesse on Aug 28, 2008


I have no clue how you are excited for this Alex and I won't say anything else.

Ryan on Aug 28, 2008


Crank was garbage. I will not be seeing this film. Love Stratham, only his transporter movies get my attention

big r on Aug 29, 2008


I liked crank. it was an ok movie and it really had me when i watched it for the first time. the second time i watched it it was boring though. as 16 said and someone else mentioned before, it could have used some more dialog and a little bit more depth. when i first heard there was going to be a second part i was a bit shocked about the attempt to squeeze money out of a dead stratham. i thought it would be a bad prequel or some movie with some other actor facing the same problem... but it's worse: an artificial heart??? which has to be powered by electric shocks??? doesn't anyone feel intellectually raped? even the 13-year-olds??? it may bee 'just an action movie' where you 'don't have to use your brain to enjoy' but they are violating the rules of the world established in the first part, spit in the face of the viewer and run away laughing with our money in their pockets. i mean: i think it's funny too, but i'm definetly not being the one who watches this shit. i will stand in front of the cinema and wonder which of the people coming out watched this shit and have a good laugh at their expense. thanks for this movie... whoever this two guys are...

TN on Aug 30, 2008


I think the trailer for Crank made the film look better than it actually was. The trailer was brilliant, just the right music, fast, simple, but the movie wasn't as good. Don't get me wrong, though. The film was exactly what it was supposed to be, a fun little romp and I enjoyed it for that. If I'm in the mood for mindless violence when this hits DVD, I'll be sure to check it out.

JL on Aug 30, 2008


I'd enjoy seeing how many versions of Crank they can conceive, I mean lets face it, its a low grade action flick, so lets milk it and see how many different ways he can be killed and survive.

Nibiru on Oct 6, 2008


You know I thought I would catch myself responging to other peoples opinions (as I think most blogers have no soul and try to act as if they have a life or that they are"a creditable expert")but here I am a damn hippie and this is what I think... first off commentin on somons spelin aint not a smart of funy thing if you wanna dis creidt som1 do it with retart to there content not there spelling and gramer. Next yes crank was "fucking bad ass" and yes "he should be dead" but I feel as though I need to see crank 2 for a few reasons 1 crank was bad I stated 2 how in the name of f.u.c.k. Did he live....3 crank was bad ass.... I know this will prolly get some wicked banter but there it is.... thanks....p.s. I waz splin bad on porposie

Wolf on Jan 6, 2009


damn you people need to learn how to spell. oh yeah, i love the movie and was excited to hear there is another one coming.

jennifer anne on Mar 23, 2009


The first Crank movie was, to say the least, insanely awesome and well thought through. I was watching a low quality version on my computer and I personally had an adrenaline rush. Perhaps this movie isn't for every one but i think the many who enjoy this type of action and think of Jason as something of a film god will find this as enjoyable as the first. I personally will be counting down the days until its release. Saying the first crank was anything less than AMAZING would be like saying to any hardcore action film watcher that Vin Diesel isn't bad ass. This movie is like the second coming of Jesus. GO JASON STATHAM. I think that Frank was the perfect character and the movie wouldn't be as interesting as the first without him, it also probably wouldn't be as funny : ) but in any event whether you are posting here because you disliked the first movie, don't think sequels can be as good as the first movie (i just saw the new Fast and Furious so i can prove you wrong), or because your just trying to be a fucking dip shit, i don't really care.... No matter what reviews i will watch this movie!

Adrian Bezanis on Apr 5, 2009


also #4, #6, 9#,#14 you have no right to rip on this movie, obviously you aren't a fan of this kind of action flick... so... just get the fuck out... why the hell would you waste your time finding this movie and posting about it... your just sad. Everybody else is trying to have a somewhat interesting discussion and you have to sit there on your 800000$ computer that you got of your husband by gold digging and rip on movies that you dont want your 20 year old sons to watch because your an over protective bitch... it sickens me that you would actually spend some of your housewife time sitting at the computer looking up movies that you dont like and post awful comments about them... go make my fucking dinner bitch.

Adrian Bezanis on Apr 5, 2009


just saw the movie friday it was amazing... i think it was n-17.... there had been rumors about most of the female cast being porn stars but until i saw the movie i didn't believe it! It was very good and hilarious (not as good as the first) but in general more creative. The fact that i saw it with my... dad kind of ruined more "interesting" parts of the movie but nonetheless creative. If you dont like a LOT of sex then just stay away trust me... Have fun!

Adrian Bezanis on Apr 21, 2009

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