First Look: Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love

October 13, 2008
Source: Twitch

First Look: Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love

This might be the weekend that Jean Claude Van Damme truly makes a comeback. We ran the official trailer for JCVD over the weekend, which has garnered an enthusiastic response, and now we've got some photos of JCVD in yet another film. Full Love is Van Damme's latest project that he wrote, directed, and is starring in along with his two children, Kristopher and Bianca Van Varenberg. Apparently there isn't an official plot available, but it's described as "based on a true story, based in another reality" and "about love, friendship, and dedication." Thanks to Twitch, we've got our first look at Van Damme in the film.

There are a few more photos that can be found over on Twitch. I've featured the best of the batch below for your viewing pleasure. Does this look like it could potentially be an interesting feature film?

Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love

Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love

Jean Claude Van Damme in Full Love

I don't want to start making claims that Jean Claude Van Damme has completely reinvented himself, but so far he's doing a great job. JCVD is, as I said before, a very entertaining movie. And these photos alone have already sold me on seeing Full Love. I hope we find out more about this project soon, because I'm curious to see whether Van Damme is actually a good director or not. He actually directed his own 1996 film The Quest, but I don't think too many people liked that movie. Although there's only a handful of people who have seen JCVD, I'm wondering whether I'm alone in my excitement for Van Damme's potential comeback?

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OK, JCVD, do a deadpan face... thats right... now do it for the full 95 mins. Seriously, thats all I can get from these shots. Mocking aside, I would like to see a bit more before I mak judgements.

Marcus on Oct 13, 2008


Nope... you´s not alone... there is a few of us who impatiently monitor what recently happening with Van Damme´s career

Dragonrage on Oct 13, 2008


You are definitely not alone, Alex. I, too share your enthusiasm for wanting to see Van Damme make a big comeback. It's been good to see that he seems to be demonstrating an interest in stretching and doing flicks that he really cares about, instead of a by-the-numbers action flick. I sure hope that this flick and "JCVD" get the mainstream treatment. Then, perhaps we may see the "Universal Soldier" flick at the theater. Despite the few Van Damme haters, I'm sure Damme glad to see him back!

Spider on Oct 13, 2008


He should just make a sequel to "Double Impact" and call it "Quadruple Impact". Skip the triplets, go for the quad. That way we can hear the line " Deah's FO' of dem!"

djo on Oct 13, 2008


Hell yeah! Van Dammage is on a roll again! I like this! He should do a sequel to 'Cyborg' that would really kick ass and shut the hell out of the couple of detractors on the 'JCVD' thread! Yep Yep!

Blue Silver on Oct 13, 2008


At the old video store I used to go to, you know, one of the old "$1.99" rental places where you bring the tape back the next day, they had a whole section of the new release wall dedicated to Jean Claude Van Damme. They also had Stallone and Bruce Willis, but Van Damme's was the most popular cause all the movies were always gone. And this was only 5 years ago, if people saw one of his movies in front of them they'd rent it or buy it or see it because they think "oh damn son I remember this guy."

Kail on Oct 13, 2008


dude do another bloodsport flick.

darrin on Oct 13, 2008


I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to the next Van Dammage flick!

Conrad on Oct 14, 2008


Most of all his movies were great. Problems was the promotion, distribution and the fact that critics ignore writing about it while consentrating on Paris Hilton and all those other untalented people in Hollywood. Time Cop and all those other movies he made inbetween which were considered ok are much better than half the trash put out every month in Fake City! He was always 100 times a better actor than Segal. Van Damme deserves to take his place again in film. Congratulations. I won't say welcome back because your fans were always with you.

Ana on Nov 8, 2008


I have seen JCVD and I was impressed by his performance, although that maybe due to my low expectations. But I learned that his face can be very expressive and he sounds much better in French. I though of the JCVD movie as a career turning point for Van Damme and I was praying he would keep the momentum going by continuing to collaborate with good directors who are able to emphasize his acting qualities. But I think he blew it with "Full love". Like many other movie stars he wants to try his hand at directing, without understanding that this would require a totally different set of skills, which he does not posses. It certainly shows his poor judgment.

roxy on Nov 30, 2008


I always saw Van Damme's movies as inspirational. Even in the midst of violence, I thought he always had a way of putting heart into his roles. Bloodsport is an all time favorite of mine for it's exceptional portrayal of courage, respect, and passion. I think Van damme holds many qualities that we've potentially failed to notice, and after seing JCVD I'm convinced he's finally found himself, and is now ready to deliver the real man behind the muscles; a kind, passionate, good hearted fellow with unfinished business. I'm behind him all the way, GO JC! =P

Phil on Oct 12, 2009

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