First Look: Justin Chatwin as Goku in Dragonball

May 15, 2008

First Look: Justin Chatwin as Goku in Dragonball

We already shared with you some photos from the set of Dragonball, but they were quickly removed from Fox. Now we have our very first look at Justin Chatwin as Goku and Emmy Rossum as Bulma from the movie. I'm not exactly how many people have an interest in this Dragonball movie, but I'm guessing there are enough of you to warrant sharing these photos. Plus I just love Emmy Rossum, so I can't help myself when it comes to photos of her. Unfortunately since the movie was pushed back to April of 2009, we probably won't see any new official photos or footage until much later this year - at least until Comic-Con.

The Dragonball - The Movie blog was sent the exclusive scans of the Japanese magazine named Weekly Young Jump. You can check the pages out full-size at that link but we've cropped out the Dragonball portions below. How does Justin Chatwin look as Goku?

Justin Chatwin as Goku in Dragonball

Goku and Bulma in Dragonball

Based on the popular Japanese manga created by Akira Toriyama, whose work spawned best selling graphic novels, video games and a phenomenally successful television series, Dragonball centers on the heroic Goku, a powerful warrior who protects the Earth from an endless stream of rogues bent on dominating the Universe and controlling the mystical objects from which the film takes its name.

Dragonball stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. The movie arrives in theaters on April 3rd, 2009.

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Ugh...Goku's hair does NOT translate well to film...I'm guessing it'll be the same for the rest of the characters and their odd appearances.

Sean on May 15, 2008


hey this actually looks like SHIT!

bltzie on May 15, 2008


This looks worse everytime I see it.

Ian Kazimer on May 15, 2008


I for one am looking forward to it, and I think Chatwin looks really good as Goku.

Stephen on May 15, 2008


My stomach feels upset after looking at this... I get the feeling imma have to turn away everytime i see a preview of this movie. I think it will be on par with the Mario Brothers movie. Which is bad- so-so- bad.

What? on May 15, 2008


I don't know what's more disturbing, those pics or the fact that the people on the movie blog think this looks good. The hair looks pretty bad, you're right it doesn't translate well, which makes me wonder what else is lost in translation.

Rob on May 15, 2008


Physics doesn't allow for Goku's hair to work in the real world. The movie's still probably gonna suck, but still, nit picking over the hair just seems lame.

Hawkdragon on May 15, 2008


I am a die hard dragonball Z fan, i dont know too much about dragonball, i know this is a younger version of goku and i dont think it looks that bad. the wild hairstyles in DBZ are not going to look good in live action but im willing to give it a chance, i believe the sequel will be a lot better though

dre on May 15, 2008


Goku is suppose to be a kid raised in the mountains by a monk, not a raver kid. this looks nightmare inducing the more and more they show, jesus what does Piccolo look like?

The Delightful Deviant on May 15, 2008


I wouldn't have minded if they got the kid from the Forbidden Kingdom to play Goku.

The Better Bard on May 15, 2008


EPIC FAIL!! This deserves a face palm epic enough to make Chuck Norris flinch. How can they do this to Dragonball?! They could at least die Bulma's hair blue, I mean come on! Ugh. I'm gonna go curl up in the fetal position.

Nettle on May 15, 2008


....Sigh... This is something that should never have been made into a live action movie. I personally am a fan of the DragonBall and DragonBall Z series. But I expect NOTHING from this. I hope it bombs at the box office so they realize what a bunch of idiots they are for even attempting this. As for the topic at hand. Chatwin, Say goodbye to your would-be career..

Silence on May 15, 2008


I hope they make this movie out of paper so i can wipe my ass with it.

Great on May 15, 2008


none of the characters looks the way there spolls to by maybe that could be a good thing, they would look totally goofy if they went the same way as the anime. I dont have much faith in this movie but just enough to not give up on it yet.

Curtis on May 15, 2008


I concede that this movie will most likely suck...but I must say that Justin Chatwin doesn't look all that bad as Goku. Yeah, he's a bit young and slim...but I'm sure if there's a sequel planned, Justin will look better as his face ages and his body thickens. And I think the hair is a good translation from the anime. And...Emmy Rossum looks hot as Bulma.

Matt Suhu on May 15, 2008


Nettle in most anime the different colored hair like blue or purple is supposed to represent a different shade of black.

The Better Bard on May 15, 2008


the better bard you said it yourself in most animes, but that's not the case of dragonball Bulma was mostly presented with light blue hair, it was not a dark blue with black shadows and clear blue lighting techniques, it was clearly blue. Granted that would look odd on a live action movie but I can't help thinking they should've gone something a la speed racer with this film.

bltzie on May 16, 2008


It's got Emmy Rossum. Damn it. Now I'll have to see this film.

Colin (brother of Mike) Hunt on May 16, 2008


Hey, do you know what'll really top this off? Chatwin speaking entirely in racist engrish!

Nathan on May 16, 2008


give it a chance, it cant be exactly like the show, it wouldnt work! stop your bitching! its too early to tell if this movie will be any good. i think dragonball z would be a completely different movie separate from this and maybe they would use different actors.

dre on May 16, 2008


a completely CGI DBZ movie wouldnt be a bad idea. advent children type of movie, the anime hair looked really good in that movie.

dre on May 16, 2008


DBZ fan.... this looks like SHIT! they should only have asian people in this movie give this movie to the japanese movie makers

cb on May 16, 2008


Big Fan. Looks good to me. Look forward to it.

l.21 on May 16, 2008


Oh jesus! way to fuck a good anime. Shitty idea.

AngryDBZfan on May 16, 2008


If that's goku then whats Mr Popo gonna look like? D:

bored on May 16, 2008


why arent the characters japaneese.

Darrin on May 16, 2008


saiyans are not japanese, why would they look japanese, they dont even look japanese in the cartoon, your just talking out of your ass. this movie is going to be descent.

dre on May 16, 2008


@ The Better Bard - NO, you have been banned from the internets. The kid from forbidden kingdom should never get another role in A NY movie. he was horrible and ruined every scene he was in. Also, how can bulma NOT have blue hair? this is just going to be weird. I'm just hoping stephen Chow knows what he's doing still (he'd be the ONLY person I would trust with a dragonball movie). Goku seems like teenage goku (before he had gohan or even married chi-chi) I'll hold off my judgement on the actual movie for now, but no blue hair for bulma? as long as krillin is still bald I'll be fine.

Avelanch on May 16, 2008


bulma would look retarded with blue hair, stephen chow has nothing to do with this movie, it was a rumor, krillin is not in this movie either.

dre on May 16, 2008



dre on May 16, 2008


He's so skinny. This is like casting him to play superman. The guy you cast for Superman is the guy you cast for son Goku.

Discateia on May 16, 2008


The hair looks awful. You can't just force something that is unique in the comic into a real live movie.

d_c on May 16, 2008


i give up

dre on May 16, 2008


The TV show was just so whacky and took place in this off-center alternate world. I'm just wondering what the script is going to be like and what kind of approach they're gonna use i.e. straight down the line, or whacky like the TV show. And what the hell kinda white guy has a name like Goku? They'd have been better off calling him "Greg".

Manfred Powell on May 16, 2008


You would think U boll had something to do with this but I still won't see it

SHANE D on May 16, 2008


Nettle's the reason why I hate the internet. But this movie looks good to me, I don't know what you guys are talking about, the hair looks fine.

Kail on May 16, 2008


Shouldn't they have casted an Asain cast???? Like Emmy but she has been picking crap after crap lately.

Ryan on May 16, 2008


this looks like absolute garbage in every conceivable way. Justin Chatwin's hair is almost laughably ridiculous. Also, I don't understand how you could have a Bulma WITHOUT blue hair? I don't want to hear about how it's "representative of a shade of brown/black". Bulma has blue hair. End of story. Goku doesn't go to high school and have "teen problems". I bet there's a wacky scene in this movie where he stands up to the class bully with his newfound AMAZING powers!!! Pure CW garbage. Just another nail in the coffin for all these actor's careers. Thanks guys, can't wait to see the abortion that Piccolo turns out to be.

Matt on May 16, 2008


i agree with kail

dre on May 16, 2008


How can you trash the movie when you haven't seen any previews? If you make the characters look like they do on the cartoon it would look stupid.

dobbsfather on May 16, 2008


next thing piccolo turns out to be pink.

ni.Je on May 16, 2008


Well, have any of you seen the pics of Piccolo? He brutally murdered him!! Instead of being green with the pink muscley things, he's wearing black leather! Granted we haven't seen the face, but it's still a nightmare. Look! (It's in the photo section) And maybe the people who aren't giant fans of DBZ, like I am, don't understand how much of the ... essence of the anime is going to be gone. All I can say is they better recreate the episode where Piccolo and Goku get teir drivers license or am I'm not doing it.

Nettle on May 16, 2008


The jury is still out on whether I will see this film To make my decision I need to: A) See what Piccolo looks like. B) See a decent trailer.

Sean Kelly on May 16, 2008


Now... I'm not really into Dragonball, so I will only see this film if it is really good. But looking from the pictures, it does no look like that. Thewierd hairstyles clashing with the mundane cloathing is just awful. I don't know about the future of this film, but it doesn't bode well.

Ajax on May 16, 2008


Dear Lord, don't let DragonBall come out. AAAAMEN

theTruth on May 17, 2008


this movie has over 100 millon budget, wait till the trailer then be a critic, Goku dosent look half bad in this anyways, they cant make the hair the same or it would look stupid.

Ricardo on May 17, 2008


I really like the director and I think he can do a great job because of his prior work. The characters look like crap so far but it's still quite a ways off. If the fight scenes are as brutal and destructive as in the anime then it will be a hit. He did a great job in Kung Fu Hustle so I've got my hopes up.

Q on May 17, 2008


When the fuck did goku were that. I'm a fan of DBZ so I'm gonna try a be optimistic about these pics and say mybe....and that a I don't think their's a chance in hell they were thinking this,mybe. But they might of came up with a 2008 and beyond DBZ story and that's why goku looks like any other high school/college guy I see walking around everyday. Atleast I hope lol.

areyoufuckinserious on May 19, 2008


the wachowski's should've did this instead of Speed Shitter

Ion on May 21, 2008


Hey, check out this new picture of Justin Chatwin as Goku from an issue of the Japanese Roadshow magazine... Thanks to Adam...the sites Administrator for the update!

Sean on May 21, 2008


I am sure this has the potential of being a good movie if they use totally different names, and certain that this will end up worse than Speed Racer especially in Asia where everyone's boycotting it

Pwo on May 22, 2008


As long as 5 minutes of actual plot takes at least an hour to progress, broken up only by varying camera angles of intense grunting and furrowed brows with speed lines coming from all angles until your eyeballs feel like they're elongating, then I don't see what the problem is.

Djo. on May 22, 2008


I hate this it doesnt show different aliens and different features of each character. I hate it its so repulsive. The only good thing about is how they amost perfect the move set like kamahameha, and specail beam canon. I hope this movie doesn't make it and have very low ratings by the critcs. I just hope i dont throw up after watching this movie. 🙁

DBZ Fanatic on May 25, 2008


ok after seeing those pics from this site i feel sick, because unless something crazy happens. Hollywood is gonna fuck up DB.

areyoufuckinserious on May 25, 2008


que mucho critican por lo menos estan haciendo algo de lo q nos gustan chorro de bocones dbz va hacer un exito!!!!! and i am a 1# fan of all dragon ball, dragon ball z and dragon ball gt all of you wait and seee the movie and later speek DBZ THES BEST MOVIE IS SO EXCITED!!!!!!! BULMA YOU ARE HOTT!!!!!!! GOKU SAVE THE WORLD

EL_CHICO_FAMOUS on May 26, 2008


I m so excited for the DBZ movie GOKU is the BEST

antonio on May 28, 2008


maybe this is all just for publicity and to get the fans raving, and then they'll reveal later that this is nothing what the characters will be like. IMO you'd have to merge real-life movie with cgi really heavily and make it stylized in a realistic cartoon way to make this movie even close to descent. Which would probably mean that steven spielberg, peter jackson, and somebody else who's familiar with anime/dbz to pull this off. don't think this movie will be good if compared to db at all. i'm sure if this movie was just it's own thing and db didn't exist, then people wouldn't mind. but since everyone is going to compare the two, this movie is screwed.

dalton on May 30, 2008


why ARE PEOPLE hating so much on this movie .....MAN have at least some fucking FAITH!!! this shit HAPPENED when everyone found out TOBY was Gonna BE SPIDERMAN!!! and look at what happened!! He totally ROCKED AS SPIDEY!!! then a lot of so called fans BLASTED!! WHEN x men came on screen because they had DIFFERENT COSTUMES!!! and then WHAT HAPPENED!! THOSE MOVIES FUCKING KICKED SO MUCH ASS!! you ended up having 3 cheekS!!!! SO now you are all blasting this movie and ARE ACTUALLY hoping it FAILS!!!??? what THE FUCK IS WroNG WITH YOU ALL!! FAKE ASS FANS if anything you should be HOPING THEY KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK!!! cause I love the DB and DBZ storyline!! and A LIVE MOVIE IS BETTER THAN NO NEW MOVIE!!! have some faith and stop HATING so much!1 at SHIT you havent even SEEN and can only SPECULATE!!!!

ReaL dbz FAN!!! on May 31, 2008


i see a lottt more ppl wit better hair than that for goku. shit, my hair could look better for this dragonball z movie. but yeh, DBZ FAN! this movie is kinda..... th fuck? but we'll see , shit better b good, dey can messs up dragonball z man, itll b fucked up.

Vincent on May 31, 2008


Has anybody happened to read who was set to direct this movie at first call? Stephen Chow (Writer/Directer for Kung Fu hustle). He turned the director's chair but instead is a producer. Now, sit down, shut up, and let the professionals do their work.

Xenotaru on May 31, 2008


personally i think this movie will kick ass!! I am a huge fan of both dragon ball, dragon ball z and even dragon ball gt and i think this movie has the potential to be the best action movie ever!! Plus I think that its cool the way they tried to make Goku's hair look in the real world and i have always wondered what Dragon ball or Dragon ball z would look like in real life so I think that thats awesome, I think that if we give this movie a chance it will be kick ass

Dave on Jun 1, 2008


why isnt bulmas hair blue!!! what the fuck piccalo should be green and have pointy ears goku cant go to school hes supposed to be dumb and what happened to krillin gahhhhhhhhh what the hell

grappler on Jun 3, 2008


Too expansive of a show and storyline to cram into 90+ mins. this will crash and DIE like the 3rd matrix.

jmoneysolo on Jun 3, 2008


Will people stop talking about Stephen Chow? He's not even involved in this stupidity

draou on Jun 4, 2008



Anna on Jun 5, 2008


watch them get samuel l. jackson for mr.popo. why did they cut krillian? D=

Anna on Jun 5, 2008


Also. OBVIOUSLY goku is a teenager. like he was in the martial arts tournament when he faced picciolo remember? their setting it from that storyline so obviously bulma is now in her twenties. Hey if they MUST send goku to school without krillian, his REAL best friend, then goku better be as dumb as a post. the least they can do it make goku funny and stupid. (:

Anna on Jun 5, 2008


I had a feeling a long time ago, that this was going to happen. But I was sceptical about the looks of the characters. I does't reallt look too bad. Besides I'm interested in how they will pull off the giant ape, and Super Saijan. I think it might be pretty cool. I'm a big Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT fan anyway, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Go get em' Goku!

Dave on Jun 5, 2008


OK im really hoping that they dont screw Dragonball up wit this movie. I heard Michael Bay is directing this movie (i dont know if thats true) but if he is then i kinda have high hopes for this movie cause his work on Transformers was really good. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WHO EVER IS DIRECTING OR MAKING THIS MOVIE DO NOT MESS THIS PERFECT SERIES UP. If you do then a giant mob will be hunting you down.

Billy on Jun 5, 2008


hi i have seen the dragonball pics of the movie and i think all of you should give this movie a chance. i'm glad they are making a dragonball movie. i dont think theirs anything wrong with the guy playing goku. he might look right for the part. and i heard that the girl playing bluma does where a blue wig. i'm not sure. the director said they had to have the hait syles like the cartooons. he said justin's hair was already spikey for the part. he did'nt want to be goofy. this is the real world. they cant make characters hair from a movie. the director said it would be goofy having the characters look like the cartoon. i saw people dressing like the characters on google and you guys have to understand what the director meant. go look at the costumes. and i saw a picture of piccolo from the movie. he looks just like his cartoon self. he is not going to wear black. you cant beleave anything you see on the internet. at least goku is waering the outfit from dragonball. also chung young fat looks good for the part as master roshi. think about it everyone. if his hair was shaved and wore the glassess he would look funny. sometimes people cant make anything like from a cartoon. i did hear they were making robotech the movie with real people. my point is you have to give this movie a chance. look speed racer that movie made a lot of money cause they stuck to the cartoo. who knows how the movie will be. i did see previews of the dragonballz movie coming in 2010 or 2011 on youtube. if they do make someone look like the part of vegeta, i heard it could be hude jackman. i'm not sure. i think zack effrom would make a good part for future trunks. who do you think could make the part for vegeta. i also did hear krillin and tien will not be in this movie, mabe the second one. basically if the director made the characters like the tv show it would look goofy than the movie might flop. well i'm not sure about goku going to school, but they cant do everything from the episodes. that's why the director is fixing the movie a little bit. all of you who seen the dragonball series will know what happens next if they have everything from the episodes. still i saw piccolo's face look on google for his live action face.

marcy on Jun 8, 2008


yeah miswrote a few words. i said the director thought justin chatwin's har looked spikey for the part and i also said they cant make everything from a anime characters from dragonball. that 's all i'm just correcting what i wrote form the first part of the sentences.

marcy on Jun 8, 2008


Dragon Ball Z is the best cartoon of all time, and Hopefully youll make this movie the best of all time. SAdly though so far this article is makeing me want to puke. All the characters dont match the actors!

Daniel on Jun 8, 2008


lmfao, i love how everyone is saying this is going to ruin a 'good' anime! the show sucked ass.. it disgraces anime in every way.. that show is the reason that anime fans are called nerds/losers.. people take one look at it (because of its popularity) and think, "wow this is the stupidest shit i've ever seen, anyone who watches this must suck too." when a lot of anime are really good.. anyways, i have a lot of faith in this movie.. i think it will be great.. people(fans) have to realise how stupid an exact replica of the show would look in liveaction.. and that they are making this for EVERYONE, not just fans of the anime... they have to make it make sence to people who dont know about the show.. and chatwin looks badass, as goku..

blake on Jun 9, 2008


wow, not even 4 of chatwins put 2gether could make up for the real goku, sure hope it doenst suck as bad as u guy say..

izzy on Jun 12, 2008


he dont look like goku (espeacially the hair) but i am a big DBZ fan so, i'll give it a shot

tatoka on Jun 13, 2008


The hair looks good, but it looks like it will be like the Mario Bros. Movie...Such a great actor, such a great history, but this is gonna be lame... /(XD)\

XD Reyes on Jun 15, 2008


I fam not a fan of Chatwin as an actor...the invisible was a disappointing film that could have been amazing but Chatwin was the worst cast member so the movie he is playing an iconic character that all anime fans know and love...I am not a fan of the show but I remember talking about what the movie would be like if it was made into one...I made jokes on how the sets would be made of cardboard and the special effects would look like something from a made for tv sci fi film...I hope I am wrong because this could be a great film...and James Wong is directing and I loved his film Final Destination

Maxx on Jun 24, 2008


Their obviously not going to adapt the cartoon directly into the movie. And who seriously cares about the hair? Goku obviously wouldn't care about his hair if someone was trying to kill him. Marcy made great points. But Blake, seriously dude. How could Dragonball Z make anime look bad? If anything it makes it better. I see all these kids reading and watching these new anime. Naruto is one. Then they have crappy action anime with villains that have ridiculous outfits and powers that would be retarded in real life. Justin Chatwin is a mediocre actor. Maybe not the best candidate for Goku, but I'll give um a chance. However, I'm not going to assume this is going to be anything spectacular. But those critics that are waiting for the chance to criticize this movie in every little thing, can go to hell, now. Dragonball made history with everyone I knew back in elementary school all the way up to middle school and still in high school. Losers are the people that don't feel comfortable in their own skin and put on a fake shell to hide the real loser inside.

Anthony on Jun 26, 2008


@ anthony lol Sorry i didn't put that clearly enough... I think Naruto, also sucks... most anime that people SEE suck, but there are quite a few slightly unknown abime that are amazing.. try watching something like DeathNote and i think you'll know what i mean... sorry about the misunderstanding, i just mean, kiddy anime in general is bad.. such as, yu-gi-oh, pokemon, digimon, naruto, dbz, ect. people see them and think that all anime is for younger audiances, then when you say an anime you like, they assume you are immature or whatever, you know what i mean man? but yeah, i USED to love DBZ, but i moved on and started watching the more mature anime, witch are much better.. again my apologies..

blake b on Jun 26, 2008


It isn't bad it is actually prety close. By the way Dragonball,Z fans I learned that 20th Century Fox must hde Dragonball since it is the most rich, Exstrordanary movie and people want it.

Secret Z fan on Jun 26, 2008


This country must have a pretty huge supply of stupid idiots. While the overwhelming majority of the world's boycotting this, there are still idiots here who are making excuses for this cinematic monstrosity

Pwo on Jun 28, 2008


@ Pwo, and everyone else who boycotts/disagree's with this film.. Yes we are the country of idiots for not boycotting a movie. =/ (i'm being sarcastic) A. Shut the fuck up, because i can guarantee that your country sucks... Unless of coarse you are a self-hating American.. and B. People who boycott anything other than Michael Moore films are pathetic.. If you people were true fans of DB you'd be excentric!! You should not be boycotting, you should be anticipating the masterpiece that this can, and probly will be... People like you need to stop bitching and just accept that you're the biggest nerds in the world and get over it...seriously, it's sad... Just watch the fucking movie, then, if you don't like it, complain.. give this shit a chance... It's the same damn thing that happened with Spiderman, X-men, Ironman, Transformers, and every other superhero movie (with the exeption of Ang Lee's the Hulk, ) And if i remember correctly they all KICKED ASS!!! And most of the people who did nothing but talk shit about them and say they weren't even going to watch them, shut their damn mouths, and loved them.. so, please, stop being a bunch of little vagina's...

blake b on Jun 28, 2008


I heard that Steven Chow is going to produce this movie, so I might give it a chance...

XD Reyes on Jul 6, 2008


See what I mean? The Americans have an overwhelming majority of self-centred idiots who pay no respect to other cultures. Makes me want to laugh when they call themselves DB fans and advertise for this cinematic atrocity. @ XD Reyes Stephen Chow's not producing this, in fact he doesn't have a hand in this movie at all. Fox is just putting him on the staff list to cheat his fans.

Pwo on Jul 12, 2008


So the visual of the characters doesnt look good and i cant really tell whats going on from the pictures so i expect a different story. luckly Goku is really the only one with a weird hair style who will be appearing in this movie Vegeta who maybe in the sequel while it may look weird will probably be better then goku as for Radditz and Gohan two long haired people is fine dont really need to try and copy their hair styles. I think this actually wont be half bad like everything that is usually translated from book to film changes usually take place true with Wanted (which wasnt really wanted when you think about it) Max Payne (i know very little about it but demons and angels?) and I doubt Dragonball will be any different they could've started off with Goku as a kid and did a trilogy of dragonball with Justin Chatwin as the teen/adult Goku and then do a dragonball Z trilogy or whatever. i expect this to be just a kug-fu movie with the names of the characters of dragonball but not a true adoptation of Dragonball

Samuel on Jul 13, 2008


WHY OH WHY! Do they need to Americanize it, it didn't work with Speed Racer so why do they think it's gonna work with Dragonball!

YankeeHateh on Jul 21, 2008


Well, I can safely say I am quite the Dragonball expert. Saw it all many times since it is the best animated show ever! Trying to make a real movie based on the show is tough. I am glad they are trying it. This guy could go for a 14-15 year old Goku if he would smile some more and not look that serious. Well, we'll see I guess!

Sam on Jul 30, 2008


db & DBz are heavily based off of Asian mythology and values. Heck, it was written by a Japanese writer. To cast the main guy as a white alien instead of an asian alien (Saiyan)is heresy. WTF is wrong with fox. and why is chow yun fat picked to play roshi? Chinese is different from Japanese!

mokee on Jul 30, 2008


I beleive it will be a good movie and I think the hair is ok, I am a die hard DBZ fan but I would rather have the movie surprise me then knowing what is going to happen. and I hope to see vegeta in the next movie after this one, hopfully 3rd movie see Goku turn super sayien, I hope they make 7 or 8 movies of this. PLEASE I have waited so long for this movie and all these other poeple are to picky I think the directors, actors, and cast are doing a good job on this movie. Keep the good work up. and thankyou.

brian fulton on Aug 1, 2008


omg in every movie he is such a good actor. plus he always looks good too!

alyssa & ashley on Aug 9, 2008


Some people going to the cinemas for this should be so surprised they'll want to leap from something high afterwards

PWO on Aug 11, 2008


guys guys guys. what you dont understand is that, why would the creator of dbz allow these guys to make a movie based off his anime and manga if he knew it was gonna bomb. look at the past anime/cartoon live action adaption movies that people thought were gonna suck, now they feel like idiots cos they were wrong (Spiderman, X-Men, Transformers etc.) the actors of this movie may not look like the best choice for the characters, but still... you havnt even seen a trailer or anything so stop crying about how these actors are gonna suck, they may surprise you... i have a feeling this movie will have the fun CGI fighting feeling like Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer, i bet his helping out James Wong on the directors chair. and whats with the insults on there APPEARANCE? its not half bad, i reckon its pretty cool how they arent making an exact real life replica of a cartoon character and finding there own unique adaption to the characters appearance. imagine bulma with blue hair. it would look shit. but i saw a poster with goku in the Z fighter suit, it looks too fake. but thats all the criticism im giving. STOP CRYING AND GIVE THE DAMN MOVIE A CHANCE.

Joshayy on Aug 19, 2008


@Joshayy Have you heard how Fox kicked the creator Akira Toriyama out of production because he wasn't happy with what they were doing? And besides, Stephen Chow's not involved at all. Fox wouldn't accept any of his ideas, and Stephen himself left production after seeing how horrendous it's all turning out. So it's not us not giving this movie a chance. This movie killed what chances it could have had by driving people to the point of boycott.

PWO on Aug 21, 2008


I can sum it up in one word- TRANSFORMERS. They got someone who knows nothing about the original cartoon, and is just doing it to make money. THe ORGINAL ANIMATED transformers movie was perfect, the Michael bay live action crap was...crap. Optimus prime saying "MY BAD"??? SO imagine what they'll do with goku... he's already a white dude in high school, not a little monkey boy in a jungle.. BTW they shouldn't cast ALL ASIAN people because not all the characters were ASIAN!!! Roshii was japanese, kryllin and chichi were maybe chinese, but goku was SAIYAN, Bulma was WHITE, Trunks was half white half sayian. Picollo was another alien... jeese figure it out. Just because it's written by a japanese guy doesn't mean all his characters are japanese. Anyway, movie will suck... hey at least IRON MAN wasn't half bad.

Chris on Aug 23, 2008


alot of dbz fans worldwide are prolly thinkin "WTF". And who knows what Toriyama is thinking. At first i thought "this can't be good, one of the best animes is going live action (sigh)". Then i thought back to transformers and my satisfaction with that, so i'll hafta give the movie a chance before letting my judgment go too far. after all, japanese movies don't usually have the best quality (samurai, ninja, jap dramas- all good but not hollywood surreal) I definitely think that toriyama should have some say or part in the creation of this movie since he definitely deserves it- after all his amazing dedication and effort into making dbz one of the best. Then i realized this isn't drabonball 'Z', duz that mean therez no trunks or vegeta? oh man, that really sucks it up for me and alot of other ppl. The actor for goku is kinda scrawny. He's good lookin and all but can he really pull of a goku? i neglect the idea of goku having an ethnic background regardless of being based of the monkey king, since well, he's from outer space and isn't a human. But seeing this guy really irks me as being a bad goku, he looks like a stone character- it seems to contradict the monkey king's charisma (plaster a goofy smile or show some hint of charisma! goku does that even when the world's ending- jet li did a good job of pulling it off too, the whole carefree bit)

sanch on Aug 27, 2008


This looks like it is going to be horrible. Goku needs to be asian just look at any freaking picture of Goku.

Kevin on Aug 30, 2008


@Kevin That's really dumb to say. First of all every character in DB looks the same except for their hair and clothes. Eyes, noses, ears, all the same. Second of all, Goku is an ALIEN, not an ASIAN. Get it right. Stop being pro-asian. Just because a story is written by a japanese doesn't mean all the characters have to be japanese.

Chris on Aug 30, 2008


somebody please kill me......

Joe on Sep 6, 2008


the pictures make me both laugh and cry.... i think i just started hating justin chatwin... well i'm seeing this movie anyways... fuck it.. you know you'll be there too!

2 cents on Sep 16, 2008


No, No, NO ---------Horrible, No justice served, worst person ever, the concepts aren't even there, please don't call this movie a dragonball Z movie.

chick who loves goku on Sep 22, 2008


holi crap... i love the series and the actors in this movie... but dragonball is such a beloved anime, so this movie has a huge expectation to live upto ill giv it a chance ... but to be honest i wont be surprised if it bombs and a whole horde of fanatics and critics bury the movie in shit still... good luck i suppose 🙂

Camille on Sep 28, 2008


...if its made by asians..came from asia...and the language is asian to start with..i kinda think its suppose to be an asian concept..unless the creator says other wise..Akira Toriyama is the only person that really knows..AND the Dragon Ball series is an adaptation of a asian folk novel "Journey to The West" and i would like to see finally an asian leading actor for an asian concept movie..and a white person having an asian name never sounds right..anyways this movie is nothing even close to the anime/manga..if u seen the leaked trailer online now and read about how the movie is going to be like..ull understand that it isnt Dragon Ball..this movie is just a mixture of Smallville, Spider-Man, The Matrix, The Forbidden Kindom, and Power Rangers.. Smallville - alien from another planet with super human abilites Spider-Man - unpopular high school teen who's love intrest is a popular girl as always Matrix - the prophecy about being "The One" The Forbidden Kingdom - Journey to save the world with asian side kicks and asian master(s) Power Ranger - the bad effects and explosions, and low budget martial arts fighting style im gonna tell you guys a little part about how this movie is going to look like.. The thing that makes Goku a "saiyan" is his tail..and the only time he ever had a tail was when he was a child..and its the only thing that makes him and the others a "Saiyan"..because of the tail, it has the effect to give them there true power to transform into an "Oozaru" or giant monkey/baboon whenever they look or glance at the FULL MOON even for a millisecond..but in the movie they seem to make it that "Saiyans" can transform into a eight foot person/beast when looking at an elcipse instead of a full moon Without their tail... and this is just a tiny Tiny TINY part of the movie..theres a lot of things that have been changed..if u think about it..this is more like a dragon ball z about Gohan and Videl..cause of Gohan being in high school and looking at the picture of Chi-Chi in the Offical Pictures. she is wearing clothes that are similar and resembles to Videl with the loose white shirt and tight black pants.. this movie only has the so called title and just the characters names..thats the only thing that seems to convince people that this is Dragon Ball..the title isnt even right Dragon Ball is two words not one..and the entire script is off im believing that fox are having some rights issues with the entire thing..thats why they have changed so that they cant get sued for plagiarizing

Karson on Oct 7, 2008


It scares me how much this movie looks like "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation." I think I might cry. Chow -Yun Fat as Roshi is a decent pick but I still want to vomit with rage.

Mike on Oct 9, 2008


holy crap, this is a perfect example of what is wrong with hollywood BURN IT BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Brutal on Oct 17, 2008


I am a big DB, DBZ and DBGT fan. I understand that it would be hard to translate to film, but common, you don't have to water it down. Most fans ( which are a lot of poeple) are going to wait till it come out, let someoneelse go see it and then tell everyone that it sucks. The hair thing, understand, it's hard to translate, but it don't even looked like they tried hard. They are not taking the show seriously. They think it is a kiddy show, not realising that a lot of grown-ups are big fans. Bulma should have blue hair. That was one of the things that every fan will remember about the show, Bulma's blue hair. Whowever made Kung fu cult master kinda got close to what this movie should look like. Guku was interested in one thing fighting and getting stronger. No highschool, pimple poping, I have a crush, I don't want to fight bullshit please! Master Roshi was a pervert and bald. If there is no Krillen then you might as well pack it up. Every fan knows that without krillen dying Goku never goes super. This movie could be good but I don't the poeple making really care about the actual show. They just trying to make a movie. So it is going to be bad. Anyone that thinks it's will good after seeing the trailor is not a real DB, DBZ fan. If you gonna make the movie make it for the real fans.

A real Fan on Oct 18, 2008


OMG.. LOVE IT.. SO PRO... ... .... not =,= srsly i feel pity for the ones who actually thought this was going to work :p a normal person who doesnt have to be a fan already knows this is sht xD *thumbs down*

Mikagoh on Oct 20, 2008


The biggest fail in fukn movie history Justin Chatwin as Goku is the biggest joke.. Even I can kick his ass that puny gay bastard. Justin Timberlake playing goku is bad.. but Justin Chatwin playing him is the worst. Dont give me the bullshit that the hair in anime can't be done in real life.. I did it when I was 14 years old easy with gel. Bulma with dark brown hair.. its called hair dye .. wtf.. dis is gonna be just as bad as that korean movie Dragon Wars. If I'm to watch this movie.. Ill wait till it goes on DVD and download the shit because this isn't worth any money to pay for. Horrible Casting, Character Design.. and prolee story gonna suck too. Justin Chatwin and Stephen Chow Can lick My Dragonballs. I hear Krylin's going to have hair. What's next? There going to make Gary Coleman and Bill Goldberg play Vegeta and Nappa?

Jrzil4shizzle on Oct 20, 2008


Another Street Fighter-like-f#$k-up ? Why the hell they have a white dude playing Goku...? This iconic char should be played by Japanese at least with Krillen as a chinese monk, Chi Chi also Asian and Roshi as a horny japanese gramp. Please oh please... do it for the fans! , this better not end up in the guiness book of epic fails 2009 because Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark will definately be on the first page with speech bubble "I don't do it for fans because they download doovd". You know what, they should've chose the native language and played subtitles! I wouldn't had mind that! I was very happy when i heard Stephen Chow was gonna take part in making the film, but now like him, he is totally pissed off with it, because all his advice, tips was rejected so he gave a big fook you and left. Same goes with the creator Akira, he is totally peed off with these americanz screwing up his dragonball franchise. So James Wong --- good luck, hope you haven't made the wong moovie. As for Stephen and Akira, -- if this movie bombed, you guys are welcome to make a reboot! Peace!

Azkaros on Oct 28, 2008


What the F**k! What the F**k! What the F**k! First and foremost. Who's this corny white dude playing Goku! (No offense all my white folks out there!) So you mean to tell me that they could'nt find any young talented Asian actor/martial artist to play GOKU! More proof that Hollywood is racist as hell!!! Secondly, where's Krillin? It's good to see Buffy star James Masters back to beatin people up but this movie is straight Bulls**t!!!

D-Rock on Nov 1, 2008


I got all the movies of Dragon Ball on dvd i love the series i watch them often as well.....but gay in fact it's so gay that even gay people will say it's gay!!!!

Foster on Nov 8, 2008


This looks like shit. Absolute fucking shit. Damn you fox studios! Anyone that pays to see this piece of filth and supports it is an honorary burnt turd in my opinion.

MikeZ on Nov 11, 2008


i personally think we have another flop on the way wtf did the directors think when they got chris chatwin to do the role of goku they had alot better choices he may look like him from the face but his physique is no way like goku's they could have at least got him to build up or even tone up. i hope they do that with all the other characters of the movie dragon ball z like vegita the action looks fake the spins and i think it just has not been translated on to the big screen as people would have expected i could guarentee it as a flop even without seeing the thing the audience expected to see that goku is a built and macho guy if the want a young goku then they should have gone for a 12 year old. that chatwin has spioled goku. peoiple expected to see goku differently and i dont even think that chatwin has put any effort in to developing to at least become goku so he could portray him on tv. i wish the best of luck to this move as they need it and that as kid it was my best manga and will allways remain i even thought how the characters will look but i am disapointed as a DRAGON BALL fan though damn chi chi and BUlma they rock you see chi chi 's chracter has been portrayed properly because she watched DB and followed the series good on ya and shee is hot same to Bulma character good on ya. but chatwin disapointed. but as eva i am amazed by piccalo well done guy from vampire show you know the role well and look fab oulous looking forward to see your actingin both DB and DBZ.

Tahir Hussain on Nov 21, 2008


Check this out and shut the F@#$@ UP EVERY ONE enough said and if you dont like it or you think is gonna be FAIL then its simple right? DONT GO SEE IT!! No body is holding any of you at gun point and making you go see it, that just means more room for us who actually are excited about seeing Dragonball in live action with awesome special effects and a hollywood score and are looking for some good entertainment, besides the sequel will be 10X better than the first but thats only if people go to see the 1st cause look what happened with Spider-Man, the first one was ok I guess I mean it was freaking awesome to see what it looks like if Spiderman was real living in New York City and what it looks like to web swing in real life, but the goblin was cheesy and the bright colors all over the movie ruined it for me, still lots of memorable scenes, but the SECOND Spiderman movie THATS WHEN THEY GOT IT RIGHT, I MEAN I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING BAD ABOUT THAT MOVIE IT WAS PURE GENIOUS!!! And thats what I think is gonna happen with these dragonball movies, the first one ok, is dragonball, dragonball kinda sucked in my opinion anyway, ITS DRAGONBALL Z THAT HAD ALL THE ACTION AND THATS WHAT I WANNA SEE IN THE BIG SCREEN, BUT TO GET DRAGON BALL Z, THE FIRST MOVIE HAS TO DO GOOD, SO LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS. F ALL YOU HATTERS! Peace!

chris V on Nov 24, 2008


in the trailers he says cool when bulma uses the capsiles its so shit im going to watch it and probally conplain ohh and this means fox is going to lose millions ass holes they had a classic a truely amazing thing and turn it into a black and white cartoon with some spesial effects oh and monks never made the dragonballs it says that in the teaser trailer an well there is more bad stuff just watch the trailers this makes me sick if i could i would spit at the director and that shit character justin chatwin (anime haters) anime rocks yess

nadim cameron on Jan 1, 2009


this chatwick kid sucks he looks like a bitch ,,, goku was a man he looked like a soldier,,, the saiyin race is a race of fighters this kid seems like a unic or he takes estrogen whoever picked this ass 4 the part should die just saying,,,,,,chatwick says the movie if for children if he honestly said that he dosnt know shit about dragon ball ignorant sob....... to add some dumbass with no knowledge of the dragonball series put this movie together,,,, i like the relation to super mario bros that movie sucked as well, if you say chatwick looks like goku you are honestly not a true fan and should go play in traffic (i advise this) plus dragon ball was when goku was a child get it right.... there also getting rid of krillin wtf hes an advent character ,,,, cant w8 to see how they fuck up veggeta ,,,, hopefully somthing horrable happens like for exaple the cast of poltergeist pretty much they all died ,,,,,,,y is chatwick the only white person wtf ok im done complaining ,sad part s ill probly see it cause im a hard core fan ... sucks

frankthebunny on Jan 26, 2009


I think I'll give them some credit because at least some one did finally realize how much fans did want it. I remember over 5 years ago people were complaining and talking about when were they gonna make a DragonBall Movie. Well, at least they made it. It may not be exactly what we expected, but it's a start. Look at windows when it first came out back in '85. Now look at it now Version 7.0. They can always make vast improvements when they do sequels. As long as it doesn't go the way of Mortal Kmobat Annihilation. The graphics from the previews are awesome though. You gotta admit that, since it's the same ones that did Kung Fu Hustle.

DBZ Ultimate on Mar 7, 2009


I think this is going to suck also. Justin Chatwin as Goku just does not work. He is too lanky and not at all buff as Goku should be. What is up with the hair? Only Asian guys can pull off hair like that come one producers you are screwing up a good cartoon.

George on Mar 8, 2009


I think..I will like this movie n of course justin as goku..come on guys 'dont judge a book by its cover'

aj on Mar 17, 2009


i have just seen dragonball, i cant believe theres no krillin, and whats up with the hair, i know its almost physical impossilble but whats bulmas excuse? i think they should recast the movie and add more CGI, and i think goku should be younger, piccolo needs a major make over, imagin what mr popo will look like :P. i think they should make it more futuristic, they didnt even show piccolo spitting his egg (piccolo recarnated). on the cartoon goku kills jis grandpa not piccolo and his ladie friend, which i dont know how the fuck she is ? wheres nimbus 🙁 and wheres yajarobi ? i think this movie is a upset. they shouldnt have made it a movie. i love dragonball, dragonball z, and dragonball gt so i hope they dont ruin those aswell. o m g, i wonder what vegeta and gohan, and trunks and goten are going to look like ? they probably stuff then up as well. lets hope they just stop, unless they can redem themselves.

dragonball fan on Feb 4, 2011


where is GOKUS tail ?

gokus tails M I A ? on Feb 4, 2011

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