First Look: Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth in Wolverine

March 4, 2008
Source: Just Jared

First Look: Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth in Wolverine

The first few spy photos of Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth, aka Victor Creed, in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine have hit the internet courtesy of Just Jared. I'll admit that I was one of the few who just couldn't picture Schreiber as Sabretooth, especially after Tyler Mane played him in the first X-Men. However, these photos now have me convinced, which ads more to the long list of great things going for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Despite these aren't much, they're worth taking a look at, especially if you're a big fan of Wolverine or Sabretooth.

Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth in Wolverine

SabretoothLiev Schreiber as Sabretooth in Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe.

Hugh Jackman previously stated that Sabretooth "is going to play a big part in [the movie]." Sabretooth's only previous appearance was in the first X-Men, where he was played by the massive (6' 8") Tyler Mane. Both Victor Creed and Logan were victims of the Weapon X program; Sabretooth has healing abilities and superhuman physical strength like Wolverine, as well as fangs and claws. Sabretooth saw Wolverine as competition and thus tried to make his life miserable, and the two have been bitter adversaries ever since. This is probably the story we're going to see evolve in the film.

I wish we had more from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but unfortunately we've got to wait more than year for the movie, due out in theaters on May 1st, 2009. X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar-winning Tsotsi and Rendition, and was written by David Benioff (25th Hour, Troy, The Kite Runner).

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This movie gets better and better.

Enola on Mar 4, 2008


Shouldn't sabertooth have muscles and actually look in shape?

zippy on Mar 4, 2008


alex. im not sure that the weapon X program was the thing that "turned" them into mutants. Wolverine was always a mutant with his mutant power being insane regeneration, and heightened senses. same with sabertooth, the weapon x program turned him into a psycho killing machine and gave him the adamantium coating on his bones. Also, victor creed didnt see wolverine as competition, i just finished xmen origins, wolverine, and he was wolverine's lead trainer in the field, and basically made his life a living hell which turned him into the killing machine that he is now, sabertooth was the one who trained wolverine and did the interrogation techniques on him and the mental beatdown that made wolverine who he is. Now, i am not 100% sure about this as to i am not a wolverine expert, but this is what i gathered from my research and readings. So, i may be wrong. If you have not read the comics, i strongly suggest it, its pretty cool as to what happens and the cross overs of marvel characters whom i hope that we will see in the movies. also, i think they should make the civil war series into a movie later on down the road, just a thought.

taurinh on Mar 4, 2008


Okay, there is a reason that movie studios don't like early spy photos like this getting out and it's because your impressions are based on un-edited photos of a character in a scene you know nothing about. Who knows that this isn't before creed even is part of the Weapon X program and in this state he's meant to be flabby and out of shape. Then after he goes through it, that's when he becomes buff. You have no clue when or where or what part of the movie this is from... So, case in point, don't jump to conclusions based on this alone. The movie will certainly be a LOT different than what you see in spy photos...

Alex Billington on Mar 4, 2008


Even though this is just a small thing, taurinh is correct - the Weapon X program did not "turn" Wolverine and Sabretooth into mutants. That was never what the Weapon X program was about. Rather, the program was made to take exceptional people and make them into living weapons. In particular, the Weapon X program is what fused the adamantium into Wolverine's bones, making them unbreakable. I'm not sure about this, but I think that it was the Weapon X program which also gave Wolverine the ability to sprout his now-famous claws. However, it was Logan's mutant power of regeneration that allowed him to survive the whole ordeal (they tried it on some others beforehand, but they never survived). The Weapon X program also always tried something different with each person who was subject to their experiments, which explains why the Weapon X program has been around for a while and Wolverine is the only one with unbreakable bones and claws...although Lady Deathstrike was a very close copy. Now, as for the history and relationship between Logan and Creed, I know that there was a particularly HUGE revelation quite a few years ago, but I don't know if it has since been retconned or not, so I won't post it here. Other than this possible "revelation", Logan and Creed did in fact work with each other at some point (as mercs, I believe). The most likely scenario is that the movie is only going to focus on one or two facets of the Sabretooth/Wolverine relationship, especially due to how involved it has been over the years in the comic world. Regardless, it's good to know that they're aware enough to make sure Sabretooth is a prominent figure in the Wolverine Origins flick.

Micah on Mar 4, 2008


wolverine was able to use his claws before at least in the ultimates and origin series, but either way, This movie is gonna kick serious butt, and i dont think Liv looks all that bad, he looks like a cool mercenary type person, i think they did a fantastic job casting him, he looks like wolverine and i am excited to see what they are gonna do, i hope that we get to really see wolvie kickin butt and takin names! he started to in xmen 3, but they kinda neutered him a bit for the PG-13 rating, lets see him tear some people up! oh, and am i the only one that wants to see him use his claws to climb a wall?

taurinh on Mar 4, 2008


"I'm not sure about this, but I think that it was the Weapon X program which also gave Wolverine the ability to sprout his now-famous claws." Logan always had the claws, but weapon X coated them with adamantium, making them effective weapons. There is an arc of the comic where (I think) Magneto pulls all the metal out of Logan. He still has the claws, but they are just bone and not nearly as effective a weapon.

Joel on Mar 4, 2008


"and am i the only one that wants to see him use his claws to climb a wall?" ...or a sentinel. Like he did in the old X-men cartoon. I always thought that was Wolverine's most bad-ass moment

Alfredo on Mar 4, 2008


I always thought the most bad-ass Wolverine moments in the comics are when he'd team up with Colossus for the "Cannonball Special." Too bad in X-3 you could practically see the wires.

Tom Brazelton on Mar 4, 2008


The further this movie goes from Miller's rendition, trying to include as many fanboy characters as insanely possible, the less this becomes about wolverine, and the more it resembles a jerk-fest for fanboys only. This should be a character study, not a fanboy flip-book that alienates non-comics readers. I certainly hope Gavin Hood is focusing on Wolverine as a character, so this doesn't end up being another X-3 or Spider Man 3, literally squeezing in extra characters at the expense of an appealing and well told story. I've said this time & again: Bryan Singer succeeded w/ the first Xmen movie b/c he knew how to direct an ensemble cast, evidenced in Usual Suspects. Wolverine's convoluted "Origin" as fans know it today is not what I'd call the Classic Wolverine origin story. At first it sounded like he was incorporating Weapon X, Wolverine (the Frank Miller gr. novel). If this focuses on Wolverine & Sabretooth, that has potential to be a great film that sparks a worthy franchise. If it's a rogues gallery of his enemies, that weaves them across the story of his own development, that could work too. But if it's just a condensation of 25+ years worth of comics & characters in 2 hours, it won't come across well. I'm sure this movie won't completely suck, but it's walking a shifty line, introducing all these other characters, in my opinion. Who needs Deadpool in a Wolverine origin story, really? I never saw Wolverine as a subset of the Xmen franchise, but a wholly separate character, who happened to be an X-man. He definitely deserves his own movie. I just hope this movie is about him, and not just another attempt to bring more X-characters to the screen.

Djoser on Mar 5, 2008


Looks like her can pull off looking like Sabertooth cant wait to see him in the movie.

Curtis on Mar 5, 2008


check out those 99 cent Halloween nails!!! just kidding, the wolverine movie is gunna kick a$$

zurtker on Mar 5, 2008


I think Liev Schreiber is a great actor. Much better than Tyler Mane, (no offense, Tyler). However, when it comes to Sabretooth. The greatest thing about him as a villan WAS his presence, not the believability of his dialoge. Looking at Liev, I'm sorry I just don't see Sabretooth, I mean I'm trying to be as opptomistic as can about it and nomatter how many ways I try to convince myself, Liev is not Victor Creed. The presence of Tyler Mane WAS Sabretooth. All I can say is I hope Liev has some serious workout plan before shooting. Otherwise there are gonna be alot of disappointed fans.

Tiburon on Apr 15, 2008


i'm with Tiburon

Darren on Jun 21, 2008


"Okay, there is a reason that movie studios don't like early spy photos like this getting out and it's because your impressions are based on un-edited photos of a character in a scene you know nothing about. Who knows that this isn't before creed even is part of the Weapon X program and in this state he's meant to be flabby and out of shape. Then after he goes through it, that's when he becomes buff. You have no clue when or where or what part of the movie this is from… So, case in point, don't jump to conclusions based on this alone. The movie will certainly be a LOT different than what you see in spy photos… Alex Billington on Mar 4, 2008" Dude, if u look at the pics, u can c he has talons on his hands. This is after he was in the Weapon X program. And he definately doesn't have the looks. They should have gotten Tyler Mane back or another big guy.

Nick on Sep 17, 2008


ok guys here we meet the big bro of our short stuff (yeah he is half big bro of james's as daddy logan had his way with momma howlett as hinted in the "origin" story :D) for the first time in the flesh so lets cherish the moment 😀 in X men Tyler Mane was ok as sabretooth but the sabretooth we know is brutal, sadisticly savage and ,yes ,very very cunning. so tyler didnt fit in the role imo but Liv looks the part, ok he may not be as big as tyler mane and with wolvie played by Jackman is way longer than what he is supposed to be the height difference may be reduced but still he is one big guy 😀 and can act at the same part 😀 i think i'll vote him ok as Sabretooth 😀

burak on Dec 24, 2008


I am so disappointed that they chose him to play SabreTooth .... I look more like the character than even he does .... I have naturally redish/blond long hair .... STOUT Body, half and half athletic and just big ..... and after I just redid my beard, I really look like the character ..... But this fool does not look or even sound like the Raw and Gritty SabreTooth .... But I guess I will have to see the movie I think the character of Wolverine though is fine, and Hugh is a okay choice for him .... BUT WHEN DO WE GET TO SEE THE DAMN YELLOW SUIT AND MASK

Fridge Money on Mar 24, 2009


I'm sorry to admit this but I saw the leaked copy and I must say I am soooooooooo in love with Sabretooth! He is so bad its good. I promise you all the ladies that see the movies will swoon. First of all he's dark and his voice is chilling. His body is so big I get chills, watching this movie is "girl porn", I'm addicted. I cant stop watching and..I love it! Its action packed, the cast is incredible and the effects are mind blowing! Not only that…it has an actual plot and the storyline is interesting, entertaining and easy to follow for viewers who aren't long time fans. The movie is full of action and eye candy, Sabre gets my vote for sexiest villain hands down. Jackman doesn't play wolverine, he "is" wolverine! The girl is beautiful beyond words, and Gambit….whew Lord dont get me started on his fine ass! (sorry man, but I have to write this in a way all the ladies can understand, LOL) Gambit could be my boy toy any day. I just wanna bite him! But no, I'm waaay to in love with Sabre. My only complaint is that Gambit didnt have the thick Creole' accent that made me fall for him in the cartoon. ( Yeah, I was once in love with a cartoon… silly I know. LOL) But really Gambit needed the accent and a little more screen time. So just a message to all you girls, if your man wants to see this instead of something romantic, shut your mouth and go for it! You wont be disappointed. Oh yeah….. your gonna want Sabretooth but back off! He's mine, I saw him first!

Angel on Apr 10, 2009


I just saw the movie tonight and Liev Schreiber certainly brings out the primal in Sabertooth. He truly delivered the raw masculinity of Sabertooth as well as the deep duality of the brotherly love/hate between the characters. I can't wait to own this on DVD.

Sharon on May 1, 2009


I saw the movie and had mixed feelings about it. First off, Liev as Sabretooth was the best part of the movie, with Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Wade Wilson being the second best part. The focus on Wolverine was weak. There are so many aspects of his character that are ignored. No one watching the film would know that he has the skills without the mutant ability to be a CIA operative (great Jason Bourne-like ability to fight and speak multiple languages). Midway thru the film Wolverine says "I'm the best there is at what I do," but he hasn't displayed any of that ability in the film by the time he makes that statement. Victor Creed by that time has been almost the full focus (and he does a great job...enuff to make me want to own the DVD). Until Wolverine gets the adamantiam claws, he can't take out Sabretooth in a fight (which makes him seem really lame). The focus on Wolverine's struggle with his animal nature is hardly noticeable. He seems more like a "boyscout." He doesn't want anyone to kill anyone and hardly even seems like he enjoys a fight. Not a bad film, but the directors need to spend time to develop these movies better. Special effects and fight scenes shouldn't be the only focus. There are dimensions that can be capitalized on and make these movies competitive to better made films if time will be taken to focus on their more redeeming qualities of the plot.

Madcat on May 3, 2009


# 15 - Nick, well Sabretooth was never in the "Weapon" program and even in the movie we get to see he had talon-ish long fingers way back when he was as he said "keeping company" to a scik James lying in bed and even in the film he wants to be in the program, begs to be given the adamantium but was rejected. to come to the movie itself, I completely agree on the bunch who has stated that the movie was a good action flick it was definetely not a Wolverine story he is an expert fighting machine, very very skilled if not top notch in multiple if not all known martial arts. although deep inside he is honorable, noble intent guy, he is infact really brutal if need be and has a high level of alpha male hormones that often tend to result in at least bar brawl level violence, he is always in constant agony to control that violent side, trying to remain human. in the movie all we see about him being a human killing machine way before the program as Madcat has mentioned is the Hummer scene and definetly in an out of place phrase. the only real feral scene was on the island as he was kicking sabretooths ass and wiping the floor with him. and his sudden superiority to Sabretooth being tied to the adamantium was really off, wolvie could always take out sabretooth when on the same level with him only limitation was his control over his "animal side". most of the best characterisation regarding Logan could be seen during the opening credits where a timeline has been presented for us viewers to catch up to the movie's present time point. we can see the difference between the two brothers where ones necessary violence as opposed to the others taking a like in the violence, and the first mentioned one realising the others true nature and their difference and during the movie this difference and its realisation building to the inescapable blood feud between the two. so some quick my-point-of-views; >the cast was very strong and well done >great Sabretooth, perfect cast perfect acting >great Wade Wilson, (very poor deadpool 🙁 ) >cool Blob >ok Wraith >perfect Silver Fox 😀 >very good Gambit (but they needed that accent, its the only mistake about the character) >good hints regarding Emma Frost and Scott Summers future love interest and definetely Frost's Hellions >very very bad CG on Prof X at the end >needles to have Ma and Pa Kent similarity >good tie in with the xmen via the motorcycle and the jacket but were all those necessary in a Wolverine origin story??? or were it that necessary to have them cramped all in one movie... they could have done it better in story wise but who asked us veteran followers right they just needed to have it tie in to the xmen franchise and done in such style... so to wrap it up, it was a good action flick but fell very short as a wolverine story i just hope they can do another Aliens, Xmen II, Spiderman II, Terminator II move and and do a better sequel to be recognisable as the mentioned ones and not ruin the franchise anyfurther cheers PS: i will definetely own the DVD , if not only for the beautiful eyes of SilverFox alone but also for the bone claws 😀

burak "Daequitas" on May 4, 2009


hi!!! he is so hot and i really like his character in X-men!!!!he's so cool!!! i like his coat!!heheh

graxe on May 13, 2009

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