First Look: Mia Wasikowska in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

September 26, 2008

First Look: Mia Wasikowska in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

For those who didn't know, Tim Burton is directing a twisted remake of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, as we first announced in November last year. In addition to the news earlier this week that Johnny Depp would be playing the Mad Hatter in the film, INF Daily (via SlashFilm) has snapped the first few photos of young actress Mia Wasikowska on set in England. She is playing Burton's version of Alice and definitely looks like she fits the role. This film isn't set to hit theaters until sometime in 2010, but it's off to a strong start with a great cast and exciting first look photos like this. These may not be much to go off of, but I've got a good feeling these (and the Depp news) will jump start the early buzz on this movie.

Thanks again to INF Daily for posting these. The photos come from a set in Cornwall, England, where the film was shooting on a massive ship. You can see a lot more photos over on their site.

Mia Wasikowska in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Mia Wasikowska in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

The script for Alice in Wonderland (which will be presented in 3D), obviously based on Lewis Carroll's classic novel, was penned by Disney writer Linda Woolverton (of Beauty and the Beast, Homeward Bound, and Lion King) and is being directed by Tim Burton himself. It's expected to be a visually stunning film that will combine performance-capture imagery, the kind you see in Beowulf, with live-action footage. My guess is that the oddball characters from the fairy tale, like the caterpillar and the rabbit and the Queen of Hearts, will be done in CG, while (obviously) Alice and the Mad Hatter will all be real actors. Even though I'm not a big fan of the story, this definitely looks good so far! Will this new Alice in Wonderland be the next Disney classic?

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I think it definitely has possibilities if it takes a darker tone. It doens't have to be overwhelmingly dark, but just enough to feel "real"

L on Sep 26, 2008


Loved her in In Treatment.

MBD on Sep 26, 2008


...I hate to say it, but Burton's last few "reimaginings" really turned me off to his movies. I hope Alice will be better but I dont really have any faith.

breach on Sep 27, 2008


I wish it was along the lines of American McGee's Alice. That would just be so damn cool.

Chem on Sep 27, 2008


Is there any singing involved?

OhOh on Sep 27, 2008


#3 Hope so too.

Shige on Sep 27, 2008


I ask the same question as #5. Is there any singing? Even if there was, I love Tim Burton's Films. Especially the animated ones. Like The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. I am also waiting for Caroline to come out too.

Daniel on Sep 27, 2008


i think it would be fantastic if he made it kind of dark and twisted, cuz the story kind of freaked me out anyway lol and it'd be cool if he added the trippy-ness of it. plus im so excited for johnny depp as the mad hatter!

CelinaMoon on Sep 27, 2008


I am going to say it and stick by it, Tim Burton is overrated.

John on Sep 27, 2008


well it would be good to stop giving him films to update or re-imagine, but that is what happens when the studio bucks meet depp/burton in the toilet of some club. i liked the one about ed wood and sissorhands of all his movies which seemed original enough.

bassbin on Sep 27, 2008


Freaking Brilliant. Love the costuming, is Helena Bonham Carter still the Queen of Hearts? Mia is just perfect for Alice. What a talent!

D-9 on Sep 27, 2008


I know John, vision, imagination, thinking outside of the box, focus to"see" the final product, ability to perceive beyond the lens, questioning what the frame is telling you with in transfer....Burton is way over-rated in these aspects.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 28, 2008


i'll probably go check it out. wish the American McGee's Alice version would actually get made and come out.

crAziemutant on Sep 28, 2008


Well, Burton does seem to polarise people, which is better than apathy, I guess. I love all his films (except Planet Of The Apes), and I'm looking forward to this. There have been lots of adaptations of it over the years, but a great story can be revisited often and still have power. Looks terrific already! On another note, I wonder which part of Cornwall they're filming in?

Daaaave on Sep 28, 2008


Just looked it up, sounds like it's St. Austell. Lovely part of the world!

Daaaave on Sep 28, 2008


so excited for this movie. WOOHOO. i cant wait. this is going to be fantastic. i am already overly excited. johnny depp is in it. so of course, it is gonna be great! 'alice' looks a bit older for the part... but she can rock it, i hope! tim burton... DO A GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Becky on Sep 28, 2008


Well not everything with Depp in it has been a blockbuster, contrary to popular (mostly incredibly female) opinion. But this really does have potential, especially if he focuses more on the realistic aspect. Not the completely surreal, if not stupidly wacky, antics that was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Zach on Sep 28, 2008


This is like a Dream come true!!! Lewis Carol combined with Tim Burton. Does anyone know if Danny Elfman is composting the score, because that would just top the bill..

Christopher Hunt on Sep 29, 2008


I think I'd rather just watch Tom Petty's video for "Don't Come Around Here No More."

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Sep 29, 2008


The Queen of Hearts will not be done in CG. Tim Burton's wife, Helena Bonem Carter will play her...

starryeyedstatic on Sep 29, 2008


Thanks Static! Perfect!

D-9 on Oct 1, 2008


my favourite book + my favourite director could it be better?? hope he respect the book!

me on Oct 3, 2008


Burton has many surprises up his sleeve for this upcoming film, many of which we wouldn’t dare spoil for you, but we were quite enthusiastic to hear that Tim and Helena’s ten month old infant will have somewhat of an important role in the film. I'll keep on checking the updates!

Daniel on Oct 4, 2008


I would've prefer AnnaSophia Robb, her age is more similar to Alice's too.

Daxion on Oct 9, 2008


ahhhh cant wait lol alice inwonderland by far my fav book and i'm dying to see wat tim's doin to it. personally i would of liked to see depp as the march hare, as a really serious sort of crazy u no? but i'm sure he'll do great and does anyone no who's playing the cheaser cat?? omg! pink! lol the singer how mad would she be as like a sexy crazy cheaser cat lol or even cameron diaz with the big smile lol

codz on Oct 17, 2008


Will Depp be doing his horrible Wonka-esque version of the Mad Hatter? Please no. Did Burton not want to share a credit with American McGee?

George on Oct 18, 2008


i cannot wait for this movie! Helena Bonham Carter is my idol, & Johnny Depp is my second husband 😉 Tim Burton is an awesome director <3 i'm super excited!

beccatrix on Oct 26, 2008


omg!!! i freakin cant wait to see this frappin movie!!!! helena bonham carter will totally rock her part! and so will johnny depp. this movie will be sooooooo epic! and the artist behind all of this, who has never failed me w/ all of his movies this will be a work of art! no doubt

corey on Nov 19, 2008


i heard johnny depp will be the mad hatter

nomipie on Jan 1, 2009


#7 Ur fucking retarded Tim burton isn't doing coroline And he didn't do the nightmare before christmas Its titled after him and he produced it The movie is based on his characters and story. He orignally was going to make it when he was working at disney but disney said it was too dark to be a childs movie. So he dropped it. Later they did the movie in inspiration of tim burton. Caroline Thompson wrote the screenplay. And henry selick who directed NBC is also the director of coroline and im pretty sure james and the giant peach. But Tim did do corpse bride. Psh call urselves tim burton fans yall make me sick Tim burtons gonna make this shit amazing. Plus having Helena and Johnny is amazing too. I hope its more like lewis' story than the disney version. Im excited! Can't wait.

samantha on Jan 3, 2009


I doubt it will do well box office wise, because 20th Century Fox postponed a very hyped A-Team movie to round about the same time as Wonderland. Also, Marvel Studios are set to release Thor and Iron Man 2 in summer 2010 as well. Could be a cult classic if The A-Team is out of action for another year.

Homer on Feb 16, 2009


I just thought of something here! Tim Burton is releasing Alice in Wonderland around the time when the 2010 World Cup starts. In other words instead of going to a cinema seeing a visually impressive Lewis Carrol cult classic, people might sit by their T.Vs and watch several 90 minute football games, particulary if their home countries are playing e.g german people seeing Germany playing or french people seeing France playing e.t.c. Anybody can probably understand the matter of personal priorirty there.

Homer on Feb 17, 2009


Once again Hollywood thinks it can "improve" on Alice by its own invention. Will there lbe a dreary prologue/epilogue with characters like "Lord Ascot" (who's he?) and "Fiona Chataway (based on the real Gertrude Chataway?) as there was in a truly appalling TV version a while ago. Just as this appears to be, that one was visually lovely with great actors and a deadly script; whenever it held to the original lines in the book it came alive, but most of it was a modern writer's awful work. I expect the same will be true here. There is no ship in this book; perhaps he's confused it with The Hunting of the Snark? This girl is two to three times the age of the character. Anne Hathaway is much too young to be the White Queen, who does not appear in Wonderland. Mixing the characters from Through the Looking-Glass and Wonderland shows the usual dearth of imagination. Singing will only make it worse.

Churchy on Feb 19, 2009


Tim burton is a god to me I love all of his movie. If someone were to ask which is my favorite Tim Buton film I could pick becuase I love all of them. I think it would be awesome if Tim Burton re made Beauty and the beast like what he is doing with alice and wonderland

Ryan C on Feb 20, 2009


What does everyone think about that

Ryan C on Feb 20, 2009


Johnny Depp is stupid enough to turn down the A-Team for what will probably be one of his least hyped movies. He was tipped to take the role of either Face or Murdoch. Also Mike Judge, creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead, was keen to cast Johnny Depp as Butthead (Sean William Scott would probably be Beavis) if there is a live action adaptation of Beavis and Butthead.

Homer on Feb 20, 2009


so first off your soooooo f-ing wrong! he is not doing a RE-MAKE of "Disney's" Alice in wonderland disney did a terrible job of that story! that and its a live action/animation/still picture how is that a remake of a cartoon? have you even read the books? that movie had potential and they didn't bother doing it Burton is taking the real story it was supposed to be like a nightmare and he's going to do a fabulous job he's going to do it right! i can't wait so next time you do a review you should get a better writer interpreting it ! oh and the release date is March 5 /10

pissed off on Feb 20, 2009


Which comment was 37 referring to? In the UK (Britain), Wonderland is being released sometime in June with none other than The A-Team not far behind. Many people in Britain loved the original tv. series The A-Team, more than Lewis Caroll's books. As B.A would say: I pity the fool that releases Wonderland near the same time as The A-Team.

Homer on Feb 21, 2009


Movies gonna be dope. whether your a fan of Burton or not, he's got talent. The only reason Tim Burton is over rated is because of his fans. Not all fans, but the ones that like his work just to be cool. "his movies are so trippy man!" thats what everyone says. And i'm sure only 10% of the people that say that have actually tripped before. I'm not trying to act as an anti-poser spokesman, but If you say you love Burton then be prepared to back it up. Which should go hand in hand. I think everyone in this forum just needs to drop some cid. Then even Burton's toughest critic would be worshiping him & his whacked works of art

Kizzy on Feb 23, 2009


According to Wikipedia, Danny Elfman is set to compose/write the score/music for Tim Burton's Wonderland. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You can decide for yourself in your next comments. Johnny Depp is only in this movie because he turned down the A-Team. If I was him I'd rather fight the Middle East than serve tea parties. The secret to the Burton/Depp partnership is that Johnny Depp is a freak in real life.

Homer on Feb 25, 2009


Here is some trivia for you: When Lewis Carrol's books Alice in Wonderland, and it's sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass were first published, they ecllipsed Oliver Twist. In other words they breifly supassed Dickens' stronghold on the novel market at that time. Victorian novels don't tend to work for the big screen. Roman Polanski can tell you as he reworked Oliver Twist to make it quite dark, but it didn't make a lot of money.

Bender on Mar 4, 2009



Krystina on Mar 20, 2009


# 37 YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystina on Mar 20, 2009


Well Thor is out for another year so Tim Burton's Alice inWonderland could be a cult classic afterall even if The A-Team ain't out of action. However The A-Team is more hyped overall

Bender on Mar 20, 2009


I cant wait until this movie comes out!! Im a huge burton fan, i loved his last, sweeney todd, and after hearing about burtons latest venture i was so excited!! i couldnt wait to see his take on the classic story (which frankly disney messed up). Then i found out that it wasnt just a remake, but an almost whole new story. Tim Burton is one of THE greatest directors EVER!! just thought i'd share.

mo on Mar 24, 2009


Iron Man 2 has a lot of advantages over Alice in Wonderland, which would likely to result in Wonderland bombing big time. Iron Man 2 has the sex appeal that Wonderland lacks a lot of (Scarlet Johanson in a black PVC catsuit as The Black Widow against Mia Wasikowska in a blue dress as Alice). Iron Man 1 was released in cinemas just a year ago, so it is a recent memory. Marvel, the studio Iron Man comes from is currently more popular than Disney, which is distributing Tim Burton's Wonderland. Iron Man 2 is designed to look visually cool as supossed to Wonderland trying to look cool. The idea of a superhero that's built with stablisers, rockets and guns is more visually stunning than a girl who cries gigantic tears and grows everytime she eats something. The story of Alice in wondarland is a very complicated story; there's all kinds of things in it about the power of the atom and british culture. Also in this version there is another girl who at the start is very mean to Alice, so her wonderland is a way to get away from this girl who torments her. Basically Iron Man 2 is generally more hyped than Wonderland.

Bender on Mar 25, 2009


Actually, Im pleased to see how close to the original Alice they've kept her. Her costume is amazing, and they've even used the curly blonde hair Alice had in the original illustrations (black and white illustrations, but we are lead to believe she's blonde by the fact that her hair remained white instead of black) Awesome stuff, I cant wait to see how it turns out.

Adam on Apr 12, 2009


If Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team up again to make another Bad Boys movie, Tim Burton's money making chances for Wonderland are pretty much out the window. Are you more prepared to sit through A) Up to 2 hours of gun fights and car chases? or B) A reworking of a cult classic book? or C) something else?

Zapp Brinnigan on Apr 12, 2009


Tim Burton better hope Jackass Number 3 ain't released yet. Some say that when Jackass Number 3 get's the green light, it's gonna be more hyped than Wonderland. Many would pay to see Johnny Knoxville, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Bam Margera, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Chris Pontious, Ehren McGhehey, and Preston Lacey performing extreme stunts rather than Johnny Depp serving tea parties, Helena Bononhm Carter yelling "Cut off the head", Alan Rickman smoking and Mia Wasikowska changing size every time she eats something.

Jack on Apr 17, 2009


I like most of the Tim Burton movies I have seen But I must say... I strongly dislike her hairstyle and her outfit. I (obviously) have not yet seen this movie But I really just don't think it works... Mia is a really good choice for Alice... But the overall "New Alice" design is just bad *cry* It's really just kinda saddening Maybe it will work for what he is trying to do... I just really don't think so

Neko (oh yeah~!) on Apr 23, 2009


she´s soo fckng ugly!!!! i love tim burton!.. but shee is like... i don´t know...she´s UGLYY

meeee on May 10, 2009


I read somewhere that this movie could feature live action, CG, stop motion and even hand drawn animation all at the same time. I doubt thare has ever been a movie from any studio (let alone Disney) that has used all 3 styles of animation at the same time AND combining it with live action. If this goes well this could be more sucessful moneywise than Titanic and that's something. Though Titanic was rated PG-13 when it was released. There were roumours that this might be rated R, meaning it's audience would be more limited. In a way it's a pro and a con.

Beavis on Jun 6, 2009


Hurray for Mia Wasikowska getting this big roll. I remember seeing her the first time in Spencer Susser's 'I Love Sarah Jane'. Great short movie:

A boy with glasses on Jun 15, 2009


it's gonna be dark, so far as I know: Alice grew up, so did wonderland.

Matty on Jun 16, 2009


I could see Tim Burton remaking the Wizard of Oz and making it more twisted (even though he almost had his own Oz show but it never aired), considering he mostly remakes movies...

Taylor on Jun 21, 2009


I love Alice in Wonderland and I want the truth to come out because the movie and most sale jhonny deep, I love the movies of Tim Burton wants to please not take much camila

arantaza on Jun 29, 2009


I love Tim Burtons movies, all of them. He is my idle, I wish to be like him someday. Im even going into animation at the art institute so I can be an animator and hopefully someday work with him. 😀 But Johnny Depp even though he would be good as mad hatter I dont think he will be. Iv searched the internet and this isnt a real photo of him and no one has even brought it up to him its just rumors that he will be, nothings been talked about. Just like Sweeney Todd they wrote the screenplay and all the songs picturing Depp in the role but no one talked to him about it until right before and they were lucky that he said yes let alone no one knew if he could sing or not they were lucky at that one too. Dont be dumbasses either and tell me Im bullshitting how do I know because I heard Tim Burton say it all himself on the special features of sweeney todd so Im not. But as for the mad hatter thing, i heard it from too many sources for it to be fake ok....but I do hope he does get the role. That would be sweet!!!

Alaina on Jul 11, 2009


I rekon that Mia Wasikowska could win an MTV award for her breakthrough performance as Alice in the female breakthrough category. The male equivilant is probably going to one of the boys from The Hangover. Out of that lot probably Ed Helms performance as Stu, the one who "lost a tooth" and "married a whore". Bonham Carter may get nominated for best villain for her queen, Depp as a hatter will likely be beat by Sacha Naron Cohen as Bruno.

Hamster on Jul 11, 2009


Tim Burton and Johnny Depp DESTROYED Willy Wonka. Alice is SEVEN AND A HALF years old, not SEVENTEEN. As far as Wonderland being a dark place is concerned: I just read both books. It is bizarre and mad, but not dark. No one dies, except for the oysters (who deserved top be eaten, they're so stupid, and the jabberwock.) There is no blood. Remember the singing puppets blowing themselves up in Charlie? Sorry mr Burton, If you perpetrate the same violence on Alice you would deserve to be thrown down the rubbish chute!

bielie on Jul 12, 2009


Oh Yes. American McGee is a sicko Alice: "Your majesty shouldn't purr so loud,' Alice said, rubbing her eyes, and addressing the kitten, respectfully, yet with some severity. 'You woke me out of oh! such a nice dream! And you've been along with me, Kitty--all through the Looking-Glass world. Did you know it, dear?" This is hardly a kid waking from a nightmare.

bielie on Jul 12, 2009


@ Bielie, I don't know what you know about movies but Charley and the chocolate factory was actually very good... And maybe you didn't looked it up but: ALICE GREW UP, SO DID WONDERLAND... Oh and when was the last time you saw blood in a Burton? Like blood that looked like blood? Hmmmm.... For the next time, shut the hell up and talk about things you know something about 😉

Matty on Jul 12, 2009



Christabel J Welbeck on Jul 27, 2009


@Matty In my opinion mr Wonka sucked. Have you read the books, Matty? Dahl's mr Wonka was an anti-adult. In the Dahl universe there are adults. They are villians, cruel, unimaginative and kid hating. Like George's grandmother, James' aunts, The Trunchbull, etc. And then there are the Anti-adults: Grown ups who never quite grew up, who kept their childhood dreams intact. Miss Honey, Luke's grandmother in "Witches", and MR WONKA. Johnny Depp's vision of an traumatized, angst ridden adult survivor of childhood dental abuse made me sick. If I were in charge of the Dahl Trust, I would sue Burton's pants off. As far as "Alice growing up" is concerned, Burton is free to do with the source material as he sees fit, since it is in the public domain. But he has proven that he cannot be trusted to have any respect for the literature he abuses.

bielie on Aug 24, 2009


@ bielie wow... but Burton's version of Mr. Wonka, you have exactly the same... His father was a bad grownup... that's the reason why he staid childish. And Bielie... have you ever filmed? You know, one of Dahl's stories? Try to do that and before you know it, you didn't put any of yourself in it. And I will assure you... that's a bad movie... I think if Dahl saw the tim burton version, he would have been happy with it cause he would have seen that his stories survive in the interpretations and minds of others... if you can't understand that... maybe study arts than 😉 oh and dear Bielie... I read the books... all of it. I'm actually filming The Landlady right now... and I put something of myself in it... some fantasy... Cause I want it to be really good... and NOT a representation of the story... And Bielie... one thing, don't judge a movie you haven't seen (Alice) Matty

Matty on Aug 25, 2009


Sacha Baron Cohen will probably try to take the mickey out of this using Ali G. I can see it now. Da Ali G Show presents Ali G Inda Wonderland, a fantasy film in which Ali G stumbles in a sinkhole to a land full of bikini clad women.

Jezza on Sep 5, 2009


Love it, love it, love it! Can't wait to see the film...Alice grew up, yes I did!

Alice on Sep 11, 2009


I may have underestimated this movie afterall. Given imdb's poll about the most anticipated movie of 2010 that is. But how the hell can a super cool superhero get beaten by a young girl in an imagined land?

Bender on Sep 30, 2009


Are people actually trying to defend Burton's Wonka? Please Burton destroyed the character, worse Dahl adaptation ever. I've read the script for this film btw, it plays out like a really poor fanfiction sequel...

Shelly on Nov 11, 2009


I'm defending it? The problem is with you guys is that you are blind in your 'I'm an über Roald Dahl fan'. If you read a story and you see a film after... you guys expect exactly the same story. But if that's sort of your rules in film land... Then I want to talk about Lord of the Rings. I think Tolkien would be crying in his grave right now. But guess what! I don't think he's crying and don't defend, maybe hard to understand, something 'in the name' of a passed person 'cause the past person hasn't got a voice for his own. I think Roald Dahl would have loved Burton's charlie and the chocolate factory...

Matty on Nov 11, 2009


'I'm defending it!' *

Matty on Nov 11, 2009


I Love Alice In Wonderland its my fav Disney movie and my fav book!!!!! Cant wait for the movie to come out!!! I am so excited that Johnny Depp is playing the Mad Hatter I love him he is so hott he is my fav actor.... I think that he will do an Amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Johnny Depp has NEVER made a bad move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren on Nov 17, 2009


Really looking forward to this movie. A graphic novel publisher called Campfire has just launched their adaptation of this awesome story too. If anyone is interested, have a look here -

Andrew Dodd on Nov 19, 2009


Have to agree with Matty. CATCF was a good movie and Willy Wonka is everything a Dahl character should be, according to bielie. He's anti adult and holding on to his childhood because of his terrible childhood. Personally I loved the backstory they gave to Wonka, which if I remember correctly wasn't in the book. I guess I'm defending it too. BTW, Wonderland will be another great movie to add to the Burton/Depp collection. Admit it, even if you didn't like CATCF, the rest of their films are pretty sweet.

Kris on Dec 21, 2009


Ok, first off, this isn't really Alice in Wonderland. It's Through the Looking Glass, more like a sequel to Alice in Wonderland. That's why they talk about how Alice is RETURNING and that's why Alice is older. That is also why it's the Red Queen and not the Queen of Hearts. Two different people. Second, a lot of people are saying this movie isnt as hyped, Depp made a mistake not taking the role for the more popular movie "A-Team" or whatever. Personally, Neither me or any of my friends have even heard of it. We've all been waiting for this movie to come out for MONTHS. Get your shit straight before posting.

Hana on Feb 18, 2010


This is my favorite story, actors, and director all packed into one, I can't wait for it to come out! Ok, #30? I don't know what your problem is, but you need to chill. So what if Tim Burton did those movies or not? Oh, and he did your your information. Stop acting like you're all that, you can have your own opinions. You probobly faked all that crap to get people to think you're smart. So what if we're Tim Burton fans? Oh, I'm sure you know every single detail of every movie he did and did not do. I'm sorry for not respecting the biggest Tim Burton fan to walk the planet. Way to curse everyone off and then close by happily saying you can't wait for the movie.

Tori on Mar 3, 2010


I really like when she playing the character,.. also the one of the star of defiance movie... love this new actress...

Premium Trick on May 27, 2010



Jazminebates12 on May 9, 2011

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