First Look: Nic Cage in Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass

September 10, 2008

First Look: Nic Cage in Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass

"If I absolutely have to go to jail for a comic-book movie then I accept no substitutes. This is the one. I hereby declare Kick-Ass as the greatest movie of 2009." That's how author Mark Millar starts out his blog on the production of Kick-Ass, the comic book adaptation directed by Matthew Vaughn that's currently shooting in London. In addition to Millar's lengthy update, the guys over at have snagged a few photos of Nic Cage, who doesn't play the title character, but rather a guy named Damon who is the father of a little 11-year-old hit-girl. Millar's blog update comes from (via SlashFilm) and is an interesting read, although he seems more excited about this movie than I have ever been.

Millar says that nothing "can prepare you for Nic and Chloe as Big Daddy and Hit-Girl. As I said to Nic after the first scene was shot on Saturday morning, this is a movie about comic-book guys MADE by comic-book guys. We are absolutely in our comfort zone here and doing something really special. Cage's eyes just gleamed. He said it's the most excited he's been by a role in a long time." One of the first photos can be seen below, with more of Nic Cage and his mustache found by clicking the photo below.

Nic Cage in Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass

If you're just a moviegoer like me and haven't ever picked up the comic, let's give you an idea of what it's like. "The first scene shot on the movie was the first scene I wrote on the comic (now the opening to issue six) and it's Hit-Girl in her secret identity, wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt and a kevlar vest as her Dad pumps round after round into her chest so she knows how a bullet feels." They've only been shooting for just a few days, but Millar has already proclaimed Chloe Moretz, who plays the hit-girl, as the star of the show. "Chloe Moretz is going to be a superstar after this picture. There are so many great actors and characters running around here, but this kid is just spectacular." Starring in the lead role is Aaron Johnson and also part of the cast are Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Lyndsy Fonseca.

I told you we'd be keeping a close watch on this film! Ever since we wrote that Matthew Vaughn funded this $30 million film entirely on his own because he wanted to stay true to the violent vision of the comics and no studio would agree to it, I've been very excited. I'm not as excited as Mark Millar himself, but I've got a good feeling this early that this film is going to kick some serious ass. Cage's role isn't big enough to make a difference, and thankfully we've got other younger kids in the main roles, so there's still hope that this could turn out great. We'll keep following Millar's updates and hopefully get some more juicy details on Kick-Ass soon. And if anyone from the production is reading, I'd love to come visit the set, since this film still doesn't have a distributor. What do you think: does Nic Cage look too ridiculous for Kick-Ass?

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Mark Millar is the Kayne West of comic book movies

Chad on Sep 10, 2008


There's a theory out there that the ridiculousness of Nicolas Cage's hair is quantifiably linked to the quality of his movies (Theater Hopper even did a strip about it here). In that case, this movie looks to be about a 4/10. You think that they fan his hair out like that to hide the fact that he's balding? Seriously, put your hand over the top of those pics and he looks like a 9th grade history teacher.

Peter on Sep 10, 2008


Just doesn't sound good. A low budget action movie about an 11 year old girl. Sounds like crap.

Darunia on Sep 10, 2008


I'm optimistic about this - I like Vaughn's films. I just wish Cage would admit defeat on the hairloss front and shave it off short like Bruce Willis. Much less ridiculous than these wigs or whatever the hell's going on up there.

Daaaave on Sep 10, 2008


I remember a low budget "action" movie about a 12 year old girl. And it wasn't crap.

Buttons on Sep 10, 2008


i'll still check it out

darrin on Sep 10, 2008


Hey is that Tom Kotch?!? Does anyone know Tom Kotch?!?!

My One-Eyed Willy on Sep 10, 2008


Which is worse....the hair or the actor. I have to say the hair CAN ACT better. PERIOD! There are several LBMs about a 12 year old girl Red, what are you saying?!?

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 10, 2008


NIC CAGE LOOKS KIK ASSS ! He is what the character is...if dat makes sense dudes!! His acting skills are suprior, obviously he reads the scripts before signing onto them.

Riddler on Sep 10, 2008


Riddler....# 10 You are kidding right? Seriously. His Uncle is the only reason why is even wasting our time in the Cinema. If you take out Valley Girl, there is not one performance that is not inept, no timing,clumsey and besides he looks like shit. "His acting skills are suprior, obviously he reads the scripts before signing onto them." Please Riddler, you speak well in this Forum and respect the past things you have said. But either your drunk, or kidding. I check the Calender and it is not April 1st. Please tell us your not serious.

D-9 on Sep 10, 2008


I say the Riddler is drunk. Well, actually Cage has no acting skills.

mulder on Sep 10, 2008


Do none of you people actually read Kick Ass? It's an excellent comic, go check it out. Romita Jr's work on it is awesome. Big Daddy and Hit-Girl are secondary characters. Gruesome, coldblooded secondary characters. I'd rather see some pics of the protagonist and maybe some costume shots. Those are usually the telling sign of a bad comic book movie.

Peter on Sep 10, 2008


... Didn't he win an oscar? Hmmm. Wait. No that was Nick Cannon anyway we have Raising Arizona leaving las vegas the rock face/off bringing out the dead adaptation Lord of war The weatherman Those are some pretty damn good movies if i say so myself. All i know is i haven't acted in any great films HINT HINT HINT Smile.

buttons on Sep 10, 2008


So buttons, are you saying that you are in fact the guy in the picture up there, THEE Tom Kotch?

My One-Eyed Willy on Sep 10, 2008


LOL Yes Yes i am

buttons on Sep 10, 2008


But seriously though. I am not.

buttons on Sep 10, 2008


Hey "Red", all of the movies you mentioned ( Face Off are you kidding) I guess that proves alot of folks point. A freak'n blind monkey can potray a Red Neck, a drunk loser, and some guy walking around shooting a bow and arrow. Come on. You really do not do justice to your name sake. It takes a writer and director plus a co-star to cover up flaws in your acting, besides great ediitng to cover up your timing. This is elementary. You honestly think if your in frame with Sir Sean Connery your total and blatant lack of talent does not show through? Don't get me started on Lord of War. I am sure all of us could come up with a list of Oscar winners who either did not deserve it, or were the false hope of a production company. But it sure does not hurt when your Uncle is, wait for it Red FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA!

mulder on Sep 11, 2008


Red.....please. So what your saying, in 1995 Richard Dreufuss, Sir Anthony Hopkins ( best actor in the World besides Michael Caine) and even Sean Penn could not hold a candle to Hack Boy.....that is just plain WRONG! Jesus, my old nemisis returns with another deranged and obtuse statement..What is next, Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger derserved their awards as well....Tatun O'Neal? Robert Benigni? Cher? The Riddler is not drunk, you are!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 11, 2008


Good one #18. Hey Red! Your namesake won an Oscar in 1957 for "Sayonara" At least your namesake did have good timing. And if your in a film ( Adaption) with Meryl Streep and Tilda Swinton, let alone the screenplay by Kaufman, your weakness gets hidden. Like , for instance, NOT BEING ABLE TO ACT YOUR WAY OUT OF A PAPER BAG! And did you get the Coppola reference?

mulder on Sep 11, 2008


This is too good to pass up. Red, please get a clue. Clover, your right on as usual ( and thank you for giving Red his namesake reference, even though he does not get it, CLEARLY. Mulder #17, you derseve credit for actually knowing something about this business. And perceiving a lame ass who has a famous Uncle.) Red is, as usual once again mis-informed. Los Angeles traffic is like Nicolas Cage: it's dull, rude, annoying-looking and it causes me to kill people unwittingly. I swear, everyone in this city is trying to be someone they're not, and most of the time they're just trying to live. What's the matter? And now for a word on the poster: Do you remember that "Lord of War" movie that came out about three seconds ago? Look at Mr. Cage in that picture and then compare it to his picture in "The Weather Man." Anyway, if you compare the pictures you'll notice that they're exactly the same, because the man is incapable of acting as anyone other than Nicolas Cage. In my book, that defines a bad actor. It's really easy to avoid being typecast (all you have to do is turn down jobs, which I guess is hard for a hammy actor). If you'll excuse me, I'll be listening all this week to students in the film school who clearly know more about what I should like than I do. Ugh. I'm sick of explaining things. PS Red, you forgot Bangkok Dangerous on your list. What a waste.

D-9 on Sep 11, 2008


who is "red"

buttons on Sep 11, 2008


OMG Red, are you really that out of touch? Put it all into scope. Your last name, your first name. Did you not get the 1957 reference at all from david, I mean mulder? Geez, and I thought I had it bad. Ugh. I'm sick of explaining things....again!

D-9 on Sep 11, 2008


Gosh! I am still in school and I even got the reference buttons. I do love this FS and don't comment often, but as a woman, I must agree with other posts. Mr. Cage is really lame. The Red Buttons thing is LOL!

Nut-Meg on Sep 11, 2008


Now i am sad. You all make fun of me for enjoying movies. I will write about this on LJ Wahhhhhhh oh wait I am not 12 Next topic. 🙂

buttons on Sep 11, 2008


Attention 24. wow man, get over your self. As far as I can see, I just learned alot concerning alot of peoples views on Cage. Most informative and educational. And no one made fun of you for movies. There was debate and commentary concerning a bad actor with a famous Uncle. Kinda reminds me of the current President. Famous father, bad President. Red Buttons, you should feel honored these people and fans were giving you a nick name, and backing up what they said about Cage and all. Instead you reacted like a PUSSY! Look below and learn something. You really take the fun out of this forum. Biography Early life Red Buttons was born Aaron Chwatt[1] on February 5, 1919 in New York City to Jewish immigrants.[2] At sixteen years old, Buttons got a job as an entertaining bellhop at Ryan's Tavern in City Island, Bronx. The combination of his red hair and the shiny buttoned bellhop uniform inspired orchestra leader Charles "Dinty" Moore to call him Red Buttons, the name under which he would later perform. Later that same summer, Buttons worked on the Borscht Belt;[1] his straight man was Robert Alda. In 1939, Buttons started working for Minsky's Burlesque; in 1941, José Ferrer chose Buttons to appear in a Broadway show The Admiral Had a Wife. The show was a farce set in Pearl Harbor, and it was due to open on December 8, 1941. It never did, as it was deemed inappropriate after the Japanese attack. In later years Buttons would joke that the Japanese only attacked Pearl Harbor to keep him off Broadway. [edit] Career In September 1942, Buttons at last got his Broadway debut in Vickie with Ferrer and Uta Hagen. Later that year, he appeared in the Minsky's show Wine, Women and Song; this was the last Burlesque show in New York City history, as the Mayor La Guardia administration closed it down. Buttons was on stage when the show was raided. 1943 saw Buttons in the Army Air Corps. He was chosen to appear in the Broadway show Winged Victory, as well as appearing in the Darryl F. Zanuck movie version. He later went on to entertain troops in the European Theater of operations in the same unit as Mickey Rooney. After the war, Buttons continued to do Broadway shows. He also performed at Broadway movie houses with the Big Bands. In 1952, Buttons received his own variety series on television - The Red Buttons Show ran for three years, and achieved high levels of success. His catch phrase from the show, "strange things are happening," entered the national vocabulary briefly in the mid-1950s. His role in Sayonara was a dramatic departure from his previous work. In that film, he played Joe Kelly, an American airman stationed in Kobe, Japan during the Korean War, who falls in love with Katsumi, a Japanese woman (played by Miyoshi Umeki), but is barred from marrying her by military rules intended to reassure the local populace that the U.S. presence is temporary. His portrayal of Kelly's calm resolve not to abandon the relationship and touching reassurance of Katsumi impressed audiences and critics alike; both he and Umeki won Academy Awards for the film. After his Oscar-winning role, Buttons performed in numerous feature films, including Hatari!, The Longest Day, Harlow, The Poseidon Adventure, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Pete's Dragon, and 18 Again! with George Burns. Buttons also made many memorable TV appearances on programs including Little House on the Prairie, It's Garry Shandling's Show, ER and Roseanne. He became a nationally recognizable comedian, and his "Never Got A Dinner" sketch was a standard at the Dean Martin roasts for many years. Number 71 on Comedy Central's list of the 100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time, Buttons received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for television, located at 1651 Vine Street. [edit] Personal life Buttons was married to actress Roxanne Arlen in 1947, but it soon ended in divorce. His next marriage was to Helayne McNorton, from December 8, 1949 until 1963. His last marriage was to Alicia Pratt, which lasted from January 27, 1964 until her death in March 2001. Buttons had two children, daughter Amy Buttons and son Adam Buttons. He was the advertising spokesman for the Century Village, Florida retirement community. Buttons was an early member of the Synagogue for the Performing Arts, and at the time, Rabbi Jerome Cutler was the Rabbi.[3] [edit] Death Buttons died of vascular disease on July 13, 2006 at his home in the Century City area of Los Angeles. Buttons had been ill for some time and was with family members when he died.[1] [edit] Filmography Year Film Role Other notes 1947 Winged Victory Whitey/Andrews Sister as Cpl. Red Buttons 13 Rue Madeleine Second Jump Master uncredited 1951 Footlight Varieties Himself 1957 Sayonara Airman Joe Kelly Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture Nominated - BAFTA Award for most promising newcomer 1958 Imitation General Cpl. Chan Derby 1959 The Big Circus Randy Sherman 1961 One, Two, Three MP sergeant uncredited 1962 Hatari! Pockets Five Weeks in a Balloon Donald O'Shay The Longest Day Pvt. John Steele Gay Purr-ee Robespierre voice 1963 A Ticklish Affair Uncle Cy 1964 Your Cheatin' Heart Shorty Younger 1965 Up from the Beach Pfc. Harry Devine Harlow Arthur Landau Nominated - Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture 1966 Stagecoach Peacock 1969 The Moviemakers Himself short subject They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Sailor Nominated - Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture 1971 Who Killed Mary What's 'Er Name? Mickey 1972 The Poseidon Adventure James Martin 1976 Gable and Lombard Ivan Cooper 1977 Viva Knievel! Ben Andrews Pete's Dragon Hoagy 1978 Movie Movie Peanuts/Jinks Murphy 1979 C.H.O.M.P.S. Bracken 1980 When Time Ran Out Francis Fendly 1985 Alice in Wonderland The White Rabbit 1988 18 Again! Charlie 1990 The Ambulance Elias Zacharai 1994 It Could Happen to You Walter Zakuto 1999 The Story of Us Arnie Jordan 2001 Odessa or Bust The Old Man short subject 2004 Goodnight, We Love You documentary 2005 Sid Bernstein Presents... Himself documentary Awards and achievements Preceded by Anthony Quinn for Lust for Life Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1957 for Sayonara Succeeded by Burl Ives for The Big Country Preceded by Earl Holliman for The Rainmaker Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture 1958 for Sayonara Succeeded by Burl Ives for The Big Country

Nut-Meg on Sep 11, 2008


sarcasm doesn't flow well on the internet machine.

buttons on Sep 11, 2008


I never thought i took the Fun out of this place. This site is my Home page. I was an avid twitcher until i got sent here by one of their links and I fell in love.

buttons on Sep 11, 2008


I've read the comics, they are wonderful, (and only having 4 issues out and having a film shooting already must say something), but that's not really the issue. What bothers me is that they seem to be making this a movie about Hit Girl and Big Daddy, taking the focus off of the actual main character and story line, that about an ordinary kid who, through feelings of inadequacy, chose to try and become a super hero. Try being the optimum word... Where in this movie is the story of Kick-Ass?

mightymoose on Sep 11, 2008


You think every movie looks good..... this guy is a kiss ass...

Kyle on Sep 11, 2008


Neither does ignorance "Red". ( which I have been calling you for over 2 months and you did not get it!!!) I cannot believe a HighSchool girl punked Red Buttons. Freak'n Classic. mulder, D-9, Nut-Meg......BRAVO!...and Riddler, you are the Man....see what you started? You baited Red into a situation that he fell into with the Cage Mind-less dribble concerning acting skill, while all around him exposed this freakish love for the worst actor in the history of cinema. WOAT? I would say a big Yes! God I love it.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Sep 12, 2008



Buttons on Sep 12, 2008


I thought twitcher was a meth head. Buttons is a Pussy!

Shilo on Sep 12, 2008


I thought twitcher was a meth head. Buttons is a Pussy!

Shilo on Sep 12, 2008


well dam nut meg sure had a lot to say!!! And hey buttons, I was just kidding, I know you are THEE Nick Cage, not Tom Kotch, I know this because in your list of movies you didnt mention Ghost Rider!!

My One-Eyed Willy on Sep 15, 2008

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