First Look: Oliver Stone's Complete White House Cabinet

September 19, 2008
Source: Vanity Fair

First Look: Oliver Stone's Complete White House Cabinet

We've been covering Oliver Stone's W. quite intently over the last few months and probably won't stop all the way through its release. We've seen the trailer, plenty of posters, and quite a bit more - so what's left? Well, Vanity Fair has unveiled a glorious photo featuring the entire White House Cabinet that's in the film. From George W. Bush all the way down to Ari Fleischer, Donald Rumsfeld, and so many more. The photo can be seen below in addition to the latest print copies of Variety Fair, if you're so inclined to tape this up on your wall. Take a look if you dare, because it might just infuriate a few of you!

From the article: "Stone—who served in Vietnam, unlike the president—has singular standing to reimagine a chief executive whose actual over-the-top actions have sometimes managed to make even the wildest conspiracy theories seem tame." I'm still mildly intrigued by this movie and will probably catch a screening of it as soon as I possibly can. For now, we'll hold out until we see a second trailer.

Oliver Stone's Complete White House Cabinet

From left: Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell, Toby Jones as Karl Rove, Dennis Boutsikaris as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney, Josh Brolin as George W. Bush, Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice, Rob Corddry as Ari Fleischer, Bruce McGill as George Tenet, and Scott Glenn as Donald Rumsfeld.

W. is directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street, JFK, Nixon, Alexander) with a screenplay written by Stanley Weiser (Project X, Wall Street). The film is a chronicle on the life and presidency of George W. Bush, as portrayed by actor Josh Brolin. Lionsgate picked up the distribution rights to W. and will be releasing it on October 17th just before the election.

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The full trailer for this is at the beginning of Burn After Reading. It's absolutely incredible. The almost-full theater was dead silent after the trailer, save me rubbing my hands together and evilly giggling, "Yezzzz, yezzzz!" Then there was a bit of a quiet hum before the next trailer started. It's going to be an epic film.

Colin Dean on Sep 19, 2008


The same thing happened in my theater in Los Angeles too. Nobody was evilly giggling though. Hmmm. I keep wondering if it is in fact coincidence that the release date for this film is scheduled for October 17, which is exactly less than one month and one day prior to the presidential election. Well, I hope that this is done tastefully and respectfully, so that maybe even Bush himself can get a laugh or two.

Feo Amante on Sep 19, 2008


Scott Glenn is such a likable guy. How will he play an asshole ?

Shige on Sep 19, 2008


The October 17 release date is not a coincidence. Stone wants it released then.

Giuseppe on Sep 19, 2008


Prime SNL material.

vegeta on Sep 19, 2008


I sure hope they beat Thandie Newton with an ugly stick before shooting, cause she is WAAAY! too hot to pass for that android condolezza. maybe they got the make-up people from "Monster"

theotherbluth on Sep 19, 2008


Democrats like Mr. Stone and Mr. Moore will stop at nothing, nor spare any expense to help win back the white house. Maybe we should let them have it. My Father always said "be careful what you wish for".

Bill Torio on Sep 19, 2008


Exactly # 6. Thandie is smoking. And Moore is not a Democrat. I pray Mr. Stone will show the Country what an absolute fuck-up Bush is (BTW which never won the last two elections) and the real EVIL in our beloved Nation is Chain-ee. Scott Glen has played assholes before and is terrific, which will play a maniac like Rumsfield to a T. As a Patriot, I hope this will help the Sheep see the truth. I pray it will.

D-9 on Sep 19, 2008


I hope this makes me lmao, or atleast lol

Kail on Sep 21, 2008


#6- "I sure hope they beat Thandie Newton with an ugly stick before shooting, cause she is WAAAY! too hot to pass for that android condolezza. maybe they got the make-up people from "Monster" This is why the Left sucks. Between Stone and the morons who believe the crap he expouses we get this kind of shit. Good ole 'theotherbluth' shows us just how ugly he is; and how politically immature and hopelessly ignorant most of the leftist supporters are that feel comfortable making rabid comments on this site. #8 D-9 -"what an absolute fuck-up Bush is...I hope this will help the Sheep see the truth" Sheep, meet D-9 the Mushroom. This film deserves to fail for being the creepy hack job it is.

nef deppard on Sep 21, 2008


#8....."and Moore is not a Democrat", what a joke. I guess you still believe in Santa Clause too!

Bill Torio on Sep 22, 2008


Moore is a Independant, not a Democrat. And at least Stone served in Vietnam. And sounds like D-9 is a Patriot. I guess when the Supreme Court appoints an OIL MAN for King...errr President that means when Bush took office crude oil was $7.82 a barrell. Now what is it? $125.00 or so? You know what, "I know nef deppard, and Sir, you are no nef deppard"! Maybe that is why the GOP did not include ANY of Bush's last 8 years during the convention. Sheep, meet Nef and Torio. The MUSHROOMs!

mulder on Sep 22, 2008


Yea, I believe in Santa!

Nut-Meg on Sep 22, 2008


Hey Sheeps!!!! Feo,Torio,nef deppard, the Kool-Aid drinkers. This looks like a great way to help those who have not registered to Vote, get out there and make the change and save this Country! Holy Shit! And Merry Christmas everybody! I believe!

sobercity300 on Sep 22, 2008


Hey sobercity is board hopping from Green Hornet and spreading its keyboard courage around! Now you need to jump over to An American Carol to get my joke. Ask your Mom for permission first! Ha! As for the Los Angeles theater I was in, that Oliver Stone trailer comes on and leaves a silent room. I was only echoing what Colin noticed. You didn't call him a Kool-Aid drinker, so thanks for playing the game and remaining an unobservant sheep! I'll leave you with the last word, not that any of yours have made sense so far. I just like watching you bury yourself.

Feo Amante on Sep 22, 2008


Happy Holidays Everybody! I believe too!

elfnmagic on Sep 22, 2008


Happy Christmas. I want to believe.

nesppin on Sep 23, 2008


OK sorry Feo, that was insensative. ( I had a hangover). But the RIGHT is WRONG as usual on this one. There now are 4 major World changing events that has happened on this um, whatever, I guess president's watch, since he never won twice. But the 4 make him the worst of all time, how can you still hold on to the nonsense that being the worst president of all time and still side with the GOP?

sobercity300 on Sep 23, 2008


What are you talking about? Like Colin I too saw the trailer. I'm sure we weren't in the same theater. I too noticed the silence after the W. trailer. Everything after that was a call back to the An American Carol post. Read that and you'll get my joke - as I said. Where does all of this other stuff come from?

Feo Amante on Sep 23, 2008


#12 Oh, so being "Independent" means you don't vote Democratic and support the liberal Democratic agenda?? or is he "Independent" so he can do his Democratic friends dirty work as he takes political cheap shots at the Republicans?? By the way, please name me ONE Democrat he doesn't agree with!

Bill Torio on Sep 23, 2008


#12 Quote- "I know nef deppard, and Sir, you are no nef deppard" Lol. After reading your rambling comment on whatever it was you were trying to say, I honestly believe you don't know shit from ham. #12 "Sheep, meet Nef and Torio. The MUSHROOMs!" No prize for second either! Can't you be original?

nef deppard on Sep 23, 2008


Marsha Borenstein Meyer Braiterman Richard Bruce Matthew Chachere Jonathan Cohen Ken Diamondstone Zita Fearon David Galarza Judy Hoffman Nosheen Hussain Bill Leavitt Eric McClure Raul Rothblatt Aaron Rudelson Steve Somerstein Joe Lieberman OH Toriol........for starters and this is what I was saying Fuck-nut right winger facist......... "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy" was a phrase spoken by American Democratic vice-presidential candidate Senator Lloyd Bentsen to Republican vice-presidential candidate Senator Dan Quayle during the 1988 vice-presidential debate. Jack Kennedy was a reference to John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. Since then, the words "You're no Jack Kennedy," or some other variation on Bentsen's famous remark, have become a part of the political lexicon as a way to deflate politicians or other individuals who think too highly of themselves. But since you know so much about it, you would have got the reference. IDIOT! Do you get it now and playing off of a comment is ment to be a dig to the orginal statement. Did you not pay attention while asking your parents what stock to buy???!!!! Glad things are oh so perfect in your right wing blind and deaf World. Hope you used your graduations money on a bullet proof stock. Just remember.....McCain will re-instite the draft and your going to the DMZ. Unless your parents buy your way out, just like Busy's did. Hope you like sand in your designer underwear. Can't even comment on something with out numb GOP loving out of touch rich, right wing cocksuckers making ignorant bloodsucking comments. Cannot even realize the truth on oil prices. So your stock in EXXon is doing so well. Facist! Racist! Fuck you and this forum. My God how can you be so stupid. Goodbye, thanks Alex, it was fun while it lasted.

mulder on Sep 24, 2008


Wow. Glad the brat is gone. But at least Mulder left behind such intellectually stimulating prose and unassailable learned Wiki arguments. Boy, who wouldn't want to be on his side now? Any takers? I don't suppose it would hurt to code these comment pages in such a way that trolls are forced to comment in a slightly more respectful tone? Sheesh!

Feo Amante on Sep 24, 2008


Damn. Seasons Greetings everyone! I want to believe! Quote from Alex "Take a look if you dare, because it might just infuriate a few of you!" un-quote. Alex was right! Farewell mulder. I thought is was funny.

scully on Sep 24, 2008


Mulder, you are the perfect example of liberalism at it's best.

Bill Torio on Sep 25, 2008


Father Christmas? Is that you?

eflnmagic on Sep 25, 2008

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