First Look: Rachel McAdams in The Time Traveler's Wife

January 1, 2008
Source: Just Jared

The Time Traveler's Wife

Below is our first look at Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana in The Time Traveler's Wife. The film is directed by Flightplan director Robert Schwentke and adapted from a novel by Audrey Niffenegger of the same name. In The Time Traveler's Wife, Eric Bana plays Henry De Tamble, a Chicago librarian with a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel when he is stressed. Though he disappears often for long periods of time, he tries to build a romantic relationship with artist Clare Abshire, played by McAdams. I'll admit, I had not heard of this movie until I saw these photos. And I'll also admit, now I'm interested. Partially because of how gorgeous Rachel McAdams is, and partially because of the intriguing plot.

Thanks to gossip blog Just Jared for originally posting the photos.

The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife

Does this sound like a funny mix of Jumper and The Time Machine to anyone else? Not that it is, but just on the surface it does. Unless the trailer shows something different, I'm definitely into this.

The Time Traveler's Wife is directed by German filmmaker Robert Schwentke of The Family Jewels and Flightplan previously. The film is written by Jeremy Leven (The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Notebook) and Bruce Joel Rubin (Jacob's Ladder, Deep Impact, The Last Mimzy) and adapted from the novel by Audrey Niffenegger. The Time Traveler's Wife doesn't have a release date yet, but is expected to arrive in theaters sometime in 2008.

The Time Traveler's Wife

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The book was great, and the casting and the photos look promising. I am hopeful that this will be good, and worried that it won't live up to my expectations. It jumps around in time a lot; I think it'll be hard to film.

elkit on Jan 1, 2008


If the film stays true to the story in the book it will be a great film...hopefully they will keep the same themes and ideas and make a good drama, and not dilute it into another rom-com.

chris on Jan 2, 2008


sounds interesting...cant get enough of Rachel McAdams...great actress...wish she was in more films.

sixth on Jan 2, 2008


It sounds like the TV show Journey Man was based on the book then. Interesting.

Brian on Jan 2, 2008


Sounded a bit like Butterfly Effect to me.

heckle0 on Jan 2, 2008


This was a disappointing book. Its concept was far greater than its execution. Much more a romantic tale than a lazy scifi. Although the casting is perfect for these characters, I'm doubtful that they'll be able to portray the Insequent time jumps of the book sufficiently to keep a movie audience anchored to that particular time. I therefore expect it to be more linear than the book and less of a draw to me personally. I am, however, very intrigued to see if it works and its an easy sell the the girlfriend. I'll go see it and I expect to be pleasantly surprised.

Dr.Duvel on Jan 3, 2008


Excellent excellent book!!!!!! Just hope the film doesn't disappoint!!!

spook on Jan 9, 2008


I am really disappointed that Rachel McAdams is playing this character. She's not anything CLOSE to what I'd pictured while reading this book. Hopefully, she can perform/act better than I'm imaging her to.

STrsk37 on Jan 11, 2008


Yeh i have to agree with you there STrs37!! The Claire that i had in my head was very fine featured with really long ginger red curly hair!! .......That's the only problem with making books into films,you already have the cast in your head...when it goes to screen they're never how you pictured them!!

spook on Jan 12, 2008


It was with the Casting news of Rachal McAdams that intially got me interested in the book. Obviously I have no problem with her in the lead role. If they decide to make this mostly an intelligent chick flick then I see no problem adapting this book into a film by a competant film makeer. If they go for the heart it will be succesful.

nei on Jan 29, 2008


this book was excellent!!! i really hope the movie is good and not a flop!

Angela on Jan 31, 2008


the recent spell of time travelling without machine movies and tv shows was kicked off by this book it was read widely by writers, producers, and actors in hollywood and I really hope that the poorly done tv shows do not hurt the appeal of this movie because the book was so good, and if this movie is not, I will be strongly in the column of those who oppose any movie versions of their favorite books also I hope they actually get the right locations in chicago, because if they don't get the feel of the neighborhoods, or the actual newberry library, I'll be too distracted to fully enjoy the movie

jake on Feb 4, 2008


My friend forced me to read this book when it first came out. It was a hard sell (not into drippy romance, not into sci-fi) but I'm glad I did - it's now one of my favorites. Funny, after reading it I first said to myself, "How would they ever make this into a movie??". But then I read an interview with Niffenegger saying how she pictured the story as a screenplay while she was writing it (but then there's another interview where she says she got "freaked out" reading some potential screenplays - so maybe I'm mixing things up). I'm wondering though if it'll be a hard sell to audiences - especially with a popcorn-type movie like "Jumper" coming out several months before its release. As for the casting, Niffenegger also once said that she ideally pictured Henry and Clare being played by Adrian Brody and Lauren Ambrose (a, but alas!, schedules, salary budgets and publicists...) Would've been nice but I think Rachel McAdams is a good pick. She can play sweet & feisty in a way that plays out well on screen. I wouldn't be surprised if the hair color was changed because she already had red-ish hair in The Notebook. Kinda of a lame reason, but could've had something to do with the marketing. At the end of the day - with some exceptions - how much can you really expect from a book-turned-movie? I'm more concerned with screenwriters keeping the themes/central plots of books rather than physical characteristics. In any case, the link below is a pretty cool recap of a talk given by Niffenegger about the writing of the book and a little about it being a movie:

jaylar on Feb 10, 2008


What makes the book such a good read is the fact that it doesn't venture too deeply into the sci-fi genre. Instead of weighing "The Time Traveler's Wife" down in techy explanations, Niffenegger lets the time travel (chrono displacement) occur naturally, using it as a vehicle to show the timeless and sincere love between Henry and Claire. If the film can do the same, it should be a must-see at the theater.

Van on Mar 10, 2008


I hope I fall in love with the characters in the movie as much as I did in the book. That book broke my heart...

Julz on May 11, 2008


Great casting! love the book.

Rachel on May 17, 2008


IF DONE RIGHT this could join such tragi/romantic giants like Greta Garbo's Camille, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Casablanca, Out of Africa and the greatest of them all Franco Zeffirelli's 'Romeo and Juliet'.

neil on May 24, 2008


Don't forget Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Hopefully it will be as good as that wonderful film.

Debbie on May 28, 2008


The book is one of my all-time favourites, I'm praying hard that the movie does justice to it. Not too sure about Eric Bana though...he doesn't look like how I'd pictured Henry in my head!

sooyin on Jul 3, 2008


In regards to comment number 18: Somewhere in Time is and will always be one of my all time favorite movies. I fell in love with it as a young child and still as an adult when i watch is very endearing. I am a huge Rachel McAdams fan. When I discovered she was in a new movie to be released, "The Time Travelers Wife"..I immediately rushed off to find the book. I absolutely LOVED this book. I could not put it down and finished it in 2 days. Matter of fact that was a month ago, and I have just picked it back up to re-read because there are so many things to re-discover and like a puzzle piece together. I think Rachel McAdams is going to do a wonderful job playing Claire. Truth is, she is a wonderful actress and with each role she plays, you can see her maturing in her craft. I expect she will embrace the character of Claire and for her fans--reassure us....and for the skeptics---perhaps, surprise them. I await the day of its "big screen" release.....

Basia on Jul 10, 2008


I absolutley loved this book! The best love story I've read. I think McAdams is perfect for the role of Claire. I think it will be a tough book to make into a movie, but i'm definitely going to watch it.

sdot on Jul 11, 2008


i absolutely loved this book. i think they couldn't have picked a better actress to play clare than rachel mcadams. im not so sure about eric bana as henry though. i was thinking more along the lines of scrawny, like edward norton scrawny (not suggesting norton as henry though, just thinking of his scrawniness).

sandra on Jul 15, 2008


This book is by far the greatest fictional love story created. This book gives hope to any love struck person who has any difficulties in their relationship. It shows how love can move mountains and can over come anything. It also reveals how time plays such a huge factor in our lives and to never waste it, especially with those we love. This book is truly touching and amazingly written. I hope that this movie captures the true essence of this book. This movie has a lot to live up to. I believe that is can blow Titanic out of the water, as far as a great love story go, and will be even better than the Notebook. (Which is hard to compete with) I hope this move can evoke the same emotions out of people that the book did. I am very happy with the casting options. Rachel McAdams is great and she is a great actress to portray the innocence of Clare. Bana also is a great actor to capture the sexiness and strength of Henry. I can't wait to see this movie. I pray is doesn't disappoint!!!

Andrea on Aug 13, 2008


The book was just simply AMAZING, I'm really excited bout this film coming out bet extreamly nervous at the same time.

Ria on Aug 26, 2008


I just love this book and have read and re-read it so many times. I really hope Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams can do it justice, but i think i'm going to be slightly disapointed as movies are never going to live up to the version that you have in your mind when reading the book. I also agree that McAdams is totally not how i pictured Clare to look like at all, nor to a certain extent is Bana, he's almost too good-looking to play the part, i imagined him rougher and skinnier, but we shall see. Fingers crossed they do the book justice and dont cut too much of the story out.

Cala on Sep 4, 2008


My daughter raved about this book, so after a while I read it , AB-FAB , loved it , loved it, loved it ,cant wait for film .

jane on Sep 18, 2008


This book was so amazing!!! I really hope the movie is just as good. I hate gomez so much i have to point that out! I wish the novel ended up differently because im a romanticist and henry should have never died!

britney on Sep 18, 2008


I have to say that the book was so good and I couldn't put it down, and while I was reading I pictured that it could make a great movie. I am so glad that Rachel McAdams is in this because she is so great at what she does. I will watch the movie and take it for as is, because if you compare you will always be dissapointed. The story is a great one to tell and on film it will be just as interesting. I can't wait to see the movie!

Sherry on Sep 26, 2008


I kept thinking my perfect Clare would have been the tall redheaded actress from That 70's Show. Physically she would have been perfect and I think she's a good strong actress. Although no doubt Rachel McAdams will do a good job. I couldn't place who I thought would be a good Henry however Eric is not a bad choice (although character of Henry is a lot leaner physically)

Helen O on Sep 28, 2008


I read the book about two years ago and have just finished reading it for a second time. The concept of time travel as an illness is incredibly believable and the relationship between the characters is intense. First sight of the actors portraying the roles of Clare and Henry fit what I imagined very well. Film versions rarely manage to include all the detail a book can but am looking forward to seeing the story on screen all the same.

Ronnie on Nov 11, 2008


I read the book some time ago and have just finished reading it for a second time. The concept of time travel as an illness is incredibly believable and the relationship between the characters is intense. First sight of the actors portraying the roles of Clare and Henry fit what I imagined very well. Film versions rarely manage to include all the detail a book can but I am looking forward to seeing the story on screen all the same.

Ronnie on Nov 11, 2008


I agree with you Helen O. I am not at all thrilled with the choices for Clare and Henry. I viewed Clare in a similar light to Helen O's description. Taller, Thinner and with much more vibrant, red hair. I imagined Henry as having a much leaner, and more stereotypically American look to him. I am mostly worried however that the film will not be successful in capturing the story correctly. There are just so very many odd, random moments throughout the book. i wonder how they would translate on film!

Karina S. on Dec 3, 2008


Does anyone know when the movie is coming out??? I've been waiting for the movie all year and thought it was supposed to come out at christmas this year!!

Camille S. on Dec 5, 2008


I kept picturing Claire played by Gwyenth Paltrow. I was disappointed to see the release has been pushed back from the original Dec. 25 date. Does anyone know when it will be released?

Deborah on Dec 9, 2008


I read this book when my fiance was out of the country for school, and I fell in love with the story. I felt like I could very easily be Clare, and my fiance could be Henry. I am so excited for the movie! This book quickly jumped to the top of my list of favorites!

Lindsey on Dec 13, 2008


The Time Traveler's Wife was one of the best books I have ever read. I have been waiting all year for this movie.. when is it coming out? I know I didn't miss the release of it and I have looked up movie releases in 2009 via this site and nothing was said about it.. I would be crushed if it doesn't come out.. the cast looks incredible and of course I am expecting the book to out shine the movie, but none-the-less I presume it would still be a wonderful film!

Erica on Dec 27, 2008


The Time Traveler's Wife was one of the best for me too & I am also waiting for the movie. Please don't disappoint us.

evie on Dec 27, 2008


I enjoyed the book. It wasn't until after I'd finished it that I found out it was being made into a film. As for the casting- Rachel pulled off her role in The Notebook, perhaps she can pull of Clare. I thought Eric Bana was an interesting choice. If their chemistry is strong and the right parts are left in the script the movie should shine.

Kayla on Jan 16, 2009


I loved the book. All i want to know is a rough guess of when it will be that too much to ask? The year is simply not enough.

Sara on Jan 20, 2009


I have nothing against moles but Clare didn't have one on her left cheek. I would have noticed that when I was engrossed in the book. How did that happen?

Rob8 on Jan 26, 2009


the book was sooo goooooood!!! i read it in two days. im a little worried about the movie though. i mean i love the cast and stuff. but the book i imagine would be hard to convert into a movie. so im curious what the movie will be like. im excited about it none the less.

taylor on Feb 8, 2009


The book was amazing- one of the best books I have ever read. But, it was also one of the most confusing, if not THE most confusing book I have ever read. The scenes and plot jumps all over with Henry's unpredictable jumps in time, and keeping up is very difficult. Though I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, I don't know how they'll manage the scenes and plot, and I don't see how anyone will be able to understand what's going on without having read the book prior to seeing the movie.

Colette on Feb 25, 2009


Loved the book! Can't wait for the movie, but the movie scares me. Where is Kimy in the cast. Henry's life evolved around 3 strong women in his life. Clare, Annette, and Kimy. You can not have a movie without Kimy! She raised Henry

Em on Feb 28, 2009


the book is one of my favorites. its absolutely awsome and has a great plot. like nothing ive read before. i just hope that they dont mess too much with it cause in the end they will end up messing it up. the cast is great and i can imagine them being the characters.

Superafim on Apr 17, 2009


just joined a book club and the TTW was out 3rd book... loved it!!! only found out that the movie is due to be realeased in August 2009.. cant wait.. yes i hope Kimy is in the movie.. great choice of Rachel McAdams, great actress loved her in the note book.. not sure about Eric Bana?? wonder i the movie will adapt to all the jumping around that Henry does... cant wait to see it though.. not long now!!!

sandra on May 18, 2009


this book is amazing so far. i haven't finished reading it, but i am already in love with it. i just found out that there is going to be a movie and i am soo excited. the cast looks promising; rachael mcadams is a wonderful actress, and eric bana is not a familiar face, but he looks similar to how i pictured henry. i hope a lot of people go to check out this movie, and i don't think anyone will be disappointed! 🙂

xxkelsixx on May 27, 2009


I love Rachael she is such a great actress! I loves the Notebook and cannot wait to see the time travelers wife! does anyone know what the song is called in the previews for the movie?

Mandy on Jun 15, 2009


The song is called "Broken" by Lifehouse

dfkljdfk on Jun 30, 2009


Ever since Eric Bana was in Troy I have been in love with him!!!! He is by far the best looking man in hollywood!!!

reese on Jul 13, 2009

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