First Look: Smoke and Engines from Fast and the Furious 4

June 24, 2008
Source: USA Today

First Look: Fast and the Furious 4

Someone please tell my why this franchise continues to live on?! I'll admit the first Fast and the Furious was mildly entertaining, but 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift were both dreadful sequels. Unfortunately I know America's obsession with cars means these franchise will probably live on forever. USA Today has the first look at three fresh new photos from the fourth installment, titled just Fast and Furious. This time they're "rebooting" the franchise, bringing back Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Michelle Rodriguez, and telling some sort of new story that takes place in between the others. If you're a car-obsessed Fast and the Furious fan, you definitely won't want to miss these first few photos from the upcoming film.

Fast and the Furious 4

Fast and the Furious 4

Fast and the Furious 4

Vin Diesel explains that he returned after a two film hiatus because "I saw how people related to the characters' stories as much as the cars and action." Really? Are you sure about that? As for Paul Walker, his reasoning isn't as sophisticated. "Who doesn't like fast cars and hot women?" And he adds that, "this isn't Shakespeare, so we don't take ourselves too seriously." Hopefully that attitude will result in a film as good as the first. I hate to say it, but Fast and Furious looks like a dumbed down, unstylized version of Death Race. I'd suggest you take an interest in that film far before this one.

Fast and Furious is directed by up-and-coming Taiwanese filmmaker Justin Lin, of Better Luck Tomorrow, Annapolis, and of course, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The screenplay was written by Chris Morgan, of Cellular, Tokyo Drift, and Wanted. Fast and Furious races into theaters on June 5th, 2009.

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Only reason I liked the first F&F movie is because of the incredibly gorgeous and orgasmic Dodge Charger. The ricer cars in Tokyo Drift turned me off of F&F movies forever. If they bring back the hemis, I might come back too.

Chris H. on Jun 24, 2008


I loved Fast and the Furious, never even wanted and still haven't seen 2 Fast 2 Furious, but I thought Tokyo Drift was an awesome installment. And that they didn't just try to rehash the first film and just did another story completely was awesome. Some asked me "Well if it doesn't even have Vin Diesel or Paul Walker, then how is it a F&F movie?" Well..the spirit is very much there and if they had done just a film about tokyo drift racing and not put F&F in front of it, then noone would have went to see it because they'd all be bitching about how "they're just ripping off F&F and trying to cash in on a franchise" blah blah blah. enough on that shit. I can't wait for the next Fast and The Furious movie, isn't it supposed to be a prequel to Tokyo Drift? I read that somewhere (haven't read the article yet, so yeah)

Garrett.king on Jun 24, 2008


I actually think this will be good. I loved the first one, and if the story is decent at best it should entertain for sure. Its not an oscar winner, its not some prestigous franchise, its built to entertain. And walker is right, hot women and fast cars is an easy sell!

Andy Adair on Jun 24, 2008


I can't understand why people don't love the series! It's fun! Why is it that this type of film gets crapped all over when the fact is if this film came out 20 years ago it'd be hailed as a classic. The last two Fast and the Furious films are filmed extremely well, have a fun plot and are good ways to just throw away your worries and relax. If you watch these films on a big TV with a nice sound system you won't be worried about all the drama going on out there. They're an escape. They're perfect guy films. They have hot chicks and fast cars. Now don't call me a dummy or think that i'm stupid by any means. I love indie films, dramatic films, hate most comedies that get forced on the public but I understand the purpose of the fun escapist film. I just don't want to watch a dramatically heavy film every time i put something in my DVD player. Don't act like a snob! I'm sick of it

Kent on Jun 24, 2008


Toky Drift was cool.

Discateia on Jun 24, 2008


First was the best and now that they are bringing back the old cast I'm in. Also the second two weren't so bad Alex....just have fun and really? DEATH RACE looks more "sophisticated" then this?

Ryan on Jun 24, 2008


The series is NOT that bad.

Ian Kazimer on Jun 24, 2008



Cinexcellence on Jun 24, 2008


The first Fast and the Furious looked and sounded great, while the story was a mash-up of Point Break, which is no bad thing 🙂 I wasn't keen on the sequels, but bringing the original cast back is a tasty recipe for success.

avoidz on Jun 24, 2008


In 2009, the same year the next “Fast and Furious” movie comes out, the only authentic look at the street racing scene will be released as a full feature length street racing documentary. This documentary has been in the works for over 8 years, and pokes fun at the fake “Fast and Furious” series, as well as attempting to debunk some other racing myths. Featuring interviews with the most important figures in automotive history, this street racing documentary will finally shed light on the topic which has never been documented accurately, up until this point. Please visit the website to learn more and watch the trailer: Or, watch the trailer on YouTube:

www1320MOVIEcom on Jun 24, 2008


*Yawn* I don't care about "authentic" street racing docos; I want to see another cool Fast and Furious movie 😀

avoidz on Jun 24, 2008


Sorry Alex .......................... TOKYO DRIFT was great and I will watch this one too

insanartist on Jun 24, 2008


Kent - I have to agree with your points 100%. I like these movies for exactly the same reasons Paul Walker mentioned - hot girls (I mean, Eva Mendes in 2!) and fast cars. We all know these movies aren't going to blow the world away with their scripts or acting. They are what they are - eye candy which are fun to watch and sound great in surround sound, haha. Garrett - I heard (or read) a similar thing - that this movie was going to take place before Toyko Drift and fill in events where the first left off and would also explain how/why Vin Diesel showed up at the end. Can't recall where I heard that was though...

Boo-Yah on Jun 24, 2008


Totally and completly agree with Garrett.King (#2). The 1st one was great fun. The 2nd one was punch me in the face awful. The 3rd one I was expecting to suck but was pleasntly surprised. And yes, this 4th one takes place between the 2nd and 3rd chronologically. Han (dude who dies in the 3rd) is in this one, "back when he used to role with me" as Vin says in his cameo at the end of the Tokyo Drift. I'll be there for this one!

Cmurder on Jun 24, 2008


Good thing there finally going back to the normal cast the other ones were terrible 2nd one is fun to watch but was pretty bad (Mendes is damn hot) the third one was just terrible nothing else. The first one was good and im hoping it lives up to the first, but im not holding my breath, it should be a fun ride and ill be seeing it either in theaters or DVD.

Curtis on Jun 24, 2008


tokyo drift was alright, but 2 fast 2furious was non-sense. i hope this film does good.

Darrin on Jun 24, 2008


I agree with #4 Kent. I loved the Fast and Furious movies good old relax action film. Though the second one was all great. The 1st is the best and Tokyo Drift was awesome too except for some bad acting. Cant wait till the 4th.

Avaris on Jun 24, 2008


Tokyo Drift was cool.

Arkkade on Jun 24, 2008


The Fast and the Furious was cool. (Except for destroying such a sweet muscle car at the end. BLASPHEMY!) 2 Fast 2 Furious was okay... Tokyo Drift was cool. (Except for turning a Mustang into a drift car. BLASPHEMY!) From what I hear the new F&F will take place after 2F2F but before Tokyo Drift. I've also heard that the black guy (names elude me at the moment) from 2F2F will be making an 'exit' early in the movie and that the asian good guy from 2F2F who made an 'exit' in that movie will make an 'entrance' in this movie. lol I'll see this one opening day.

JeepFu on Jun 24, 2008


FF3 I thought was the best one, it at least tried to have kind of a story and depth, as much as it could for a cars+scantily clad hotties and yakuza kind of movie. Well see for FF4, hopefully it wont be total drek like FF2, easily the worst in the series.

interl0per on Jun 24, 2008


Vin Diesel is coming back to this series because his career is tanking fast. He hasn't made a decent movie in quite some time, and Babylon AD probably won't be the answer he's looking for. I don't hate these movies, but I don't really like them either....not enough to see Tokyo Drift anyway. They're good summer flicks, but considering these are "car" movies....they really need to amp up the chase/race scenes. When you compare them to most action flicks, this supposed "car" movie really doesn't push the limits on what should be the essential action scenes for the movie. Seriously the opening race sequence from the movie "Cars" was better than any of the race scenes in these films. I'm aware that's a CGI movie with different capabilities, but if I'm going to buy into this franchise again they need to do something other than showing blurry shots of Paul Walker gritting his teeth with some engine noises in the background.

Ricky on Jun 24, 2008


I'm a fan of the original because it was a sick movie. Vin killed it (in a good way), Michelle Rodriguez is a sexy badass & "Brian" was the perfect character for Paul Walker. Part 2 was barely watchable & part 3 was horrible in my opinion. Both, very forgettable. I'm excited to get back to the roots of the first film & with the original cast. Very exciting news.

Sinner on Jun 24, 2008


Alex Billington can Tokyo Drift my balls

Danny on Jun 24, 2008


Wish will be a earthshaking one!

led display on Jun 24, 2008


Are they going to call it 4 fast 4 4rious? Because that in itself would make it the best movie ever.

dancinbojangles on Jun 25, 2008


The first one was great. 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift sucked, get over it. This one could be good again.

Tom on Jun 25, 2008


Come on Alex, they aren't bad. I actually liked the films. Of course it does help that I like fast cars and exciting on screen action, and Diesel is fun to watch...although I do prefer the lovely ladies!!

Richard Brunton (Filmstalker) on Jun 25, 2008


the first one was good. i'm not a big paul walker fan but i guess can tolerate his crappy acting. the second one wasnt that great. i think that he should have started with the evo trashed that piece of crap and got the skyline and tyrese should have at least gotten an S15. the evo 8 and eclipse spider were just fugly imo. the third one i enjoyed more than part 2. no paul walker? i'm in. hot main girl with ausie accent? at least i think it's aussie. I'M DEFINITELY IN. actual drifiting. i'm sold but that's just me and i'm a drift nut. but i think they should choose their cars more wisely. i love that they're bringing muscle cars into this one, but if you're going to choose a car dont try to make a Maxima into a tuner car or ad and ugly ass paint job to an S14 with a wing that looks like it has no place on that car.

Chris on Jun 25, 2008


fun car movie. i'm in. i'm not going to be there for the midnight showing, but i'll probably make a trip to the cinema with my brother.

craziemutant on Jun 25, 2008


I have loved all 3 movies so far and am very excited to see Vin Diesel & Walker coming back together for a 4th! I can't wait to see this one!

Liz on Jul 4, 2008


Actually Tokyo Drift was a fantastic movie, well written, emotive, perfectly executed, and ultimately very satisfying. I'm very happy that the same director is helming #4.

YK on Jul 5, 2008


okay for one fast in the furious is a great movie and two so is 2 fast and 2 furious... tokyo drift was shit an shity movie flat out why would you even give it that name with out the same characters involved other then the last to minutes!! i am a true fan of this movie and i hope they make this one better than the first two i cant wait !! =]

junell on Jul 25, 2008


who ever left message 22 yes his name is paul walker but the character he played was brian o'conner pls get that str8 leearn you fact....jeez

junell on Jul 25, 2008


Oh, come on Alex... The last two films weren't the best thing to come out of Hollywood, but like the original, they were still really fun and entertaining. No matter what this one will be like, I'll still watch it because I'm also very much into the characters' stories and not just the cars.

Merc on Aug 4, 2008


to #32 and others; tokyo drift was bomb! its different, and just bc it doesnt have the same characters doesnt mean that its not worth watching. i mean vin dies and paul walk arent the only street racers out there. In ff3 people knew their cars; in ff1 ja rule pointed out an intake manifold and said "he got enough NOS to blow himself up" WTF....anyways i would hate to sit 1 1/2 hours to watch 10 sec drags in slow mo!

Andy on Aug 27, 2008


reply to #28 "i think that he should have started with the evo trashed that piece of crap" its hell of alot better then the piece of shit you drive

asdf on Aug 31, 2008


reply to 33 questioning 22,i think you have missunderstood his post,and tokyo drift was wank,as was the 2 stupid jumps in 2f2f,No.4 Should be a lot better with both original characters,it says on this site sumwhere that brian has just come out of prison,why the hell can that be when we watch him walk away on 2f2f?

Toro+ on Jan 1, 2009


the ricers were sick. theres ricers out there that can beat many american muscles. take the Evo X for example. it smoked a 08 charger by 3.5 second on a quarter mile. iv'e seen it. check youtube.

dillon on Jan 18, 2009


The first Fast and Furious was by far the best one so far especially with the charger at the end. It just blows that it had to be wrecked because i fell in love when i saw that car. The second one was ok but also kinda cheesy because they had what looked like toys for cars the (eclipse and evo). The third one was worse than the first two but it wasn't awful. The drifting was pretty solid but the cars weren't except for the Plymouth in the end of the movie-that car was sweet. I mean don't get me wrong i know that there are a number of imports and tuner cars that can beat muscle cars but there is still nothing like pure American muscle. You just can't beat it, and as many others have said you can't beat fast solid cars and beautiful babes on the screen together-very good combination. Hopefully the fourth movie will live up to the first one. Definitely will be seeing it ASAP.

Matt on Jan 18, 2009


D'ont get me wrong i like those little import,there ''cute''look like RC cars or even something that came out of a cereal box.But no one can compaire American Muscle to anything else,not even exotique cars.Freind of mind both himself a porche 911.awsome car...with a lots of history backing it up.Other freind has a old beat up 68 charger.He star it fixing it up,440 six packs super commando moter,6 speed viper trans.both best suspention money can buy.....all together bit less than $40 000.better than knew.i call the two friend,meet up and race. ¼ miles charger kill the porche like it was standing still .going sladom betwene the cone....taking corner charger fuck im up.....People forget that 40-50 year ago Muscle cars beat ferrari,lamborginie and any other cars of that era,so update your old muscle like my freind did and your still be KING OF THE STREET.

frenchie on Mar 13, 2009


I think FnF is the best thing thats ever appeared on the screen. I don't care much about the characters all i care about is the HOT HOT HOT cars and MEGA HOT girls lol I play Need for speed and i spend hours making the FnF cars i can't w8 to see FnF4

Steven on Mar 27, 2009



Andy on Mar 27, 2009


i like fnf 4 because it haves an chevelle like my dad haves

jean on Apr 2, 2009


The third one was worse than the first two but it wasn't awful. The drifting was pretty solid but the cars weren't except for the Plymouth in the end of the movie-that car was sweet.

shopping basket on Nov 10, 2010

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