First Negative Dark Knight Review - And Why It's Bullsh*t

July 14, 2008
Source: New York Magazine

First Negative Dark Knight Review

If you haven't already noticed, The Dark Knight currently has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, which falls right in line with my own initial reaction to the film. Although I was hoping it would remain one of the best reviewed films of the year, the first negative review has shown its ugly head courtesy of David Edelstein at New York Magazine. The so-called critic chimes on the morbid elements of the film, calling it "noisy, jumbled, and sadistic." I wanted to wait to address this, because I'm on my way to see The Dark Knight for my second time right now, but alas it's become the talk of the web and I can't help but address it before other critics get their chance to see it this morning as well. If you care to still stay spoiler free, I'd suggest you walk away now, but for those who want to see how bad film criticism has become, read on.

I'm not going to spend too much time addressing Edelstein's review, because it's easier for everyone to simply read it for themselves (unless you want to stay spoiler free). This isn't just a matter of complaining about a critic who didn't like a film that I loved, this guy really doesn't get the movie. It seems like he's just attacking its more brilliant aspects just to spite its otherwise perfect rating. "It's a shock—and very effective—to see a comic-book villain come on like a Quentin Tarantino reservoir dog. But then the novelty wears off and the lack of imagination, visual and otherwise, turns into a drag." Are you kidding?! The film's "novelty" never wears off, in fact, it keeps escalating all the way through to the end - that's what really made the story stand out so much! At least he "got" how amazing the Joker was as a villain.

Edelstein also mentions that "Nolan appears to have no clue how to stage or shoot action." This is completely subjective, but considering the visuals (in IMAX), which included extensive fight scenes, were part of what made my jaw drop, I can say he's very far from being accurate on this one. It simply sounds like another complaint from a critic who didn't know that you shouldn't sit in the front row of the IMAX theater. And as for the morbid aspect, Edelstein says that "it could only be darker if Batman died." While it is a very dark film, that edginess is what gave the film more depth and intensity than any other comic book movie before it. He even goes as far as to compare it to Tim Burton's Batman - negatively. "When Burton's Batman came out, some prominent critics griped that the film was too violent for kids. Wait'll they get a load of this."

Yes, we will wait until those critics get a load of this. So far they've said things like if "Batman Begins, the 2005 film that launched Nolan's series, was a mere five-finger exercise… This is the full symphony." (via Time) Hopefully this hasn't put a damper on anyone's day, because it's a review that can easily be looked past. And when the film finally arrives on Friday, you'll all be able to see for yourselves just how wrong Edelstein actually is. Until then, it may be best to skip reviews this bad, or else his ignorance may even frustrate you. We knew this was coming, someone had to give it a bad review, but we just didn't think it would be someone who wasn't able to comprehend what Christopher Nolan has brought us.

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Alex, david is an idiot. But at least thanks for posting an argument. That guy should be fired.

wiki on Jul 14, 2008


Actually, I've read more than a few negative reviews. They're in the minority of course, but the consistent complaint seems to be that it's overkill. But Dark Knight will be critic-proof, so really, what does it matter? Some critics are out there just trying to make a name for themselves by throwing rocks at the throne.

Tom Brazelton on Jul 14, 2008


I haven't seen it yet, and nor am I one to typically crucify a man for his opinion, but Mr. Edelstein comes across as "the guy who wants to be 'The guy who trashed Dark Knight'." Give me a break. "It could only be darker if Batman died." Awwwww, that's a shame.....the little guy has nightmares. His convoluted image of a comic book seems to be stuck in the bubblegum era of the Adam West Batman, where they are simply children's stories and should be all fanciful and friendly. If he had even bothered to read a remotely recent Batman comic involving the Joker, his perceptions would be quickly snapped into order. Pow! Bop! Kazam! The Killing Joke, Arkham Asylum....hell, even Death in the Family. These are not in your Saturday morning lineup. In contrast, was Batman Begins that "dark"? No. And there's a reason why it wasn't and this is. There's a method to the madness. This is the Joker. Perhaps the greatest villain ever given to us by the graphic literature medium. He is intended to frighten. He is intended to be apathy, fear, madness, unpredictability, and evil incarnate. "Too violent for kids"? I should hope so. Critic, indeed. The matinee for Hancock is waiting, sir.

Nthngmn on Jul 14, 2008


I read the review after you posted a link to it in an article yesterday. I'm not familiar with this guy at all, but users on that site were blasting this guy since he apparently gave Don't Mess With Zohan a positive review and thendogged TDK. I agree with a lot of people who just think he's trying to make a name for himself by being the only person negatively reviewing the film. Well he's certainly made a name for himself - that he's the biggest idiot in the world. ...what he's just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in his rambling, incoherent response were he even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in is now dumber for having read it. I award him no points, and may God have mercy on his soul...

Boo-Yah on Jul 14, 2008


clearly a publicity stunt to get tthis guy more hits. His reasoning is as flawed as it gets and he doesnt realise the backlash that will come with this review. long live the internets

tw on Jul 14, 2008


He has an opposing viewpoint. It may be wrong overall and wrong in your opinion, but you sound like such a fan boy by freaking out like this. Have some journalistic integrity. I know you love movies Alex, but it seems to me that you get so caught up in the hype of some movies that you just cannot take any criticism that goes against something you really enjoyed. The most difficult thing to do is to take the criticism of something you love by someone else. But in doing that you come off as the more intelligent person overall. This is not Harry Knowles website. If I wanted to read that sort of drivel I would. Accept the criticism of others for what it is, don't try to stir up an internet fervor because you only come off as a child.

John on Jul 14, 2008


This might be a negative review but he still gave a critics' pick award so its actually positive???? http://nymag.com/listings/movie/the-dark-knight/

Manic on Jul 14, 2008


I give the guy credit for witting a good negative review of TDK; I didn't think it was possible.

Reuben on Jul 14, 2008


I agree with you. It will be awesome. But the joker seems to lack one of the joker's key elements. His sinister smile. For some reason, i sometimes smiles. But, the joker that jack Nicholson played as, he just kept smiling. That's what I like about the joker. His sinister, devilish personality all hidden behind is creepy smile. I still can't wait to see it.

Daniel on Jul 14, 2008


i meant to say "he sometimes smiles"

Daniel on Jul 14, 2008


From reading his review I thought it was "negative", but then I saw it had the "Critic's Pick" check-mark... So I think that means it's still overall a positive review. Sure it's not glowing, but it's still good... at least I think it is. I hate it when critics don't give a rating. I mean, how hard is it to say 3 Stars or 7/10 or B??

JT on Jul 14, 2008


#4 nice billy madison reference It sounds like this guy just wants to be in a restaurant full of crictics and go "hey look at me, look at me, why doesnt anyone care about me...uumm the dark knight sucked. Yeah I said it. AAAh please dont throw your forks at me..."

rodan8812 on Jul 14, 2008


I agree with John, bullshit should not be in the headline of this website, grow up a little.

Staatz on Jul 14, 2008


HE'S A FUCKING CRITIC FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!!! Who actually thought that this movie would go unscathed in the world of "I get payed for my oppinions,and I'm right" Film critics. This guy would only give raving reviews for stuffy novel scripts. He probably hates comic books or just doesn't think the subject matter is even worthy to be put on film. He writes for New York Magazine, what'd you expect. When it's all said and done it will break records, make money have raving reviews, and several awards. Not since the LOTR will a movie be this good. AND THAT"S MY HUMBLE OPPINION.

Dave V. on Jul 14, 2008


i checked every single day to see if someone would spoil the perfect 100% rating (has any film ever got that rating) and now someone has. just cuz he gave a negative review, doesn't mean everyone has to take it personally and attack the guy, bcuz there's gonna be atleast one more of these reviews, but its just one guys opinion. i'm not defending the guy but its not like it's gonna stop me from seeing the movie. i know its not gonna stop me

LeeMan on Jul 14, 2008


The review was fair. Fanboys (which I am one) make me laugh sometime. "If you dare say something that isn't popular, then you're just trying to get attention". That is what's bullshit. I get the feeling more and more critics are just over praising Dark Knight because fanboys will say shit about this unless they conform. Individual thought is irrelevant Individual opinion is irrelevant You will be assimilated or be flamed! For the record, I gave Dark Knight an 8.5 out of 10

John Campea on Jul 14, 2008


So are we gonna get a editorial piece on every negative review that this movie gets cause its coming, every person in the world can't like the same thing.

Jack M. on Jul 14, 2008


Reply to #6 Are you smokin' bat sh*t?? Why are you trying to make an issue where there is none? He simply wrote about the first guy to give TDK a bad review... I believe this is actually "news-worthy" because everyone else that has seen the movie has nothing but positive things to say. What's with the garbage you wrote about criticism too? Are you trying to give us all a "life" lesson? Lol, take your skewed personality and views somewhere else. Were your feelings hurt by what Alex wrote? Should I get you a cookie to ease the pain?

Realistic on Jul 14, 2008


I just want to know when David Edelstein, who's been doing this longer than you've been alive, became a "so-called critic." So he disagreed with you, big deal. Even if he completely misunderstands the movie, big deal. It's not like I've never looked at Roger Ebert giving something four stars or one star and completely scratch my head. Critics get things wrong all the time; I do it several times a year, and I know you'd probably like to go back and change a few opinions.

Colin Boyd on Jul 14, 2008


the guy is probably a huge fan of spider-man or something. his review doesnt effect the excitement and anticipation for my IMAX screening.

isaac on Jul 14, 2008


Hey Alex, You know when I bashed you about your opinion on Hell Boy II and you being a jaded tool of a critic? Well, its post like this that is what I do love. You are giving your unbiased nerd opinion. I don't want you to be my personal anti-critic but its stuff like this that makes me feel that you actually do care about giving an honest opinion. Thank you for taking the the bashing from everyone on Hell Boy. Kudos to you sir.

Tom on Jul 14, 2008


let me take my pills before i get really mad. You know what fuck the pills, im coming to america to kick that guy's ass. i bet the only reason he wrote that is because we all knoe the other critics are going to say its great and since this is a negative review guess which paper will get more sale. fuck you New york times.

Darrin on Jul 14, 2008


Jeez Alex, is this article really necessary? Let the guy have an opinion and who cares if he's wrong. I mean did you really expect this movie to maintain a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes during its whole release? A little unrealistic of you. I mean its bound to get a couple of bad reviews which is not a big deal. This just seems really petty and fanboy-like to me Alex.

Daas on Jul 14, 2008


Wow, one guy writes a bad review for The Dark Knight and he's getting savagely eaten by wolves seconds later. Once the fans shatter his fleshless skull with a sledgehammer, I don't think anyone will even THINK about publishing a negative review for this film. Anyway, to be frank, this critic sounds downright amateurish and not worthy of anyone's attention. His arguements about the film's darkness and inappropriateness for children aren't even arguements. It's BATMAN. He's SUPPOSED to be dark and this film ISN"T for young children (unless they could handle Batman Begins). This sounds more like a Parent Previews article than a real review. A critic is supposed to understand what the film is about and what it's trying to say/do when they review it, but this junior high school blogger doesn't have a clue. This interpretation of the Joker IS the Joker. It captures everything about the character that makes him so popular, and adds a unique spin to it that we haven't seen before. And if this guy wants to meet a person who doesn't have a clue how to shoot action, he should see a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. Christopher Nolan knows more about shooting action than you ever will.

Andrew on Jul 14, 2008


Alex you say that everyone is free to their opinion and at the same time you say his opinion of good action is "bullshit" as you so carefully said in the headline. Whatever happened to the "no more spoilers" or "too much Dark Knight Coverage" or to the simple professional courtesy eg not calling someones opinion bullshit especially when we are talking about good action which os one of the most opinionated point of views a move fan can have ?

Shige on Jul 14, 2008


Alex is such a hypocrite. Its becoming really comical.

E on Jul 14, 2008


gliding through the air is not an action scene. you know what he meant by action scene. the disappointing fight sequences that were in batman begins, duh. he was spot on about heath's portrayal of the joker. that goofy forced cagney wannabe voice was so painful. the only time he ever sounded good was his raspy ("WHY SO SERIOUS?!") which is funny because that's not how joker is supposed to sound, that's how batman is supposed to sound, and even funnier is that bale couldn't do a decent batman voice if his life depended on it. now lets stop obsessing over bale and ledger's star quality and rate them objectively and see them for how they really are. good actors in other movies, but subpar in batman.

shhh on Jul 14, 2008


Everyone has a right to an opinion. Alex's opinion is that this guy's opinion is bullshit. Anyone's opinion can be that anyone else's opinion is bullshit. This is wide open.

DCompose on Jul 14, 2008


I loved Batman Begins...AWESOME!!! However, I afraid to admit that there is something, rather something lacking from this latest effort. I've watched all the trailers over and over trying to put my finger on it. On paper, it all makes sense...but I am not seeing it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Batman, and I want to be head over heels in love with this one too...but something is a miss here. I guess it may be the entire environment of the first one to the second one. Gotham looks...well frankly, lame in the new one. It just looks like any other downtown...where before it looked so "Gothic". If I'm wrong about this, I will be the first to eat crow...but I just do not think it is going to live up to its expectations. Kind of like Spidy 3 or X-Men 3...they were just kind of flat, yet the hype was through the roof.

Winged Gecko on Jul 14, 2008


First off, is this article really necessary? No, but it is informative for TDK fans and everyone knows that a couple of negative critiques isn't going to stop TDK from doing well at the box office. Second, #29.... do you really know how the Joker and Batman is suppose to sound like? Really? You made it sound like you actually shook hands with the Joker and knew exactly how he's suppose to sound. You're basing this assumption on your own opinion. There's been so many voice interpretations for these characters from the campy early tv shows, to the various cartoons, to the movies. Nobody really knows, maybe except for Bob Kane himself.

Omega728 on Jul 14, 2008


"so-called critic" huh? I thought critics were supposed to write what they think and not join the queue in praise just because a movie's going to make a billion dollars. What you wrote is semi-literate. there are other negative reviews coming in (this is copied from a site called Green Cine): "Warner Bros has continued to drain the poetry, fantasy, and comedy out of Tim Burton's original conception for Batman (1989), completing the job of coarsening the material into hyperviolent summer action spectacle." David Denby in the New Yorker: "Yet The Dark Knight is hardly routine - it has a kicky sadism in scene after scene, which keeps you on edge and sends you out onto the street with post-movie stress disorder. And it has one startling and artful element: the sinister and frightening performance of the late Heath Ledger as the psychopathic murderer the Joker. That part of the movie is upsetting to watch, and, in retrospect, both painful and stirring to think about." "[Director Christopher] Nolan wants to prove that a superhero movie needn't be disposable, effects-ridden junk food, and you have to admire his ambition," writes David Ansen. "But this is Batman, not Hamlet. Call me shallow, but I wish it were a little more fun."

JasonC on Jul 14, 2008


Yeah you guys liked spiderman 3 here. You are right, reviewers are full of bull shxx

Steven on Jul 14, 2008


I am eagerly anticipating this Friday's release and I'm sure I will not be disappointed. Perhaps some of you may have expected a negative review or two and more will come trickling in on the release date. Oh well, it doesn't matter to me because the overall consensus for the film will probably be very positive and that's what counts. Alfred: "Some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn..."

Robin on Jul 14, 2008


REMINDER...Batman himself is:Dark and Psychotic he is not a Super Hero by any stretch of the word. Like Batman Begins and Batman (Tim Burton) Dark is what made the movie: fighting is what we as the audience lives for; and the bigger the explosions the more we want. I LOVED. LOVED the movie and to see the Joker player has Heath has done was BRILLIANT...BRAVO. As for peoples opinion..."some get it, some don't"...if you don't, well go see Bambi...

Triston on Jul 14, 2008


He has a right to his opinion. Even if it sucks. You have to picture, some people praise things by complaining & whining about them. That's just their way of communicating. ...Some people are really STUPID! What do you think George Carlin would think of Batman? I think he'd say something like: "They finally got it right! Guy dresses as a Bat based on childhood inflicted Shell Shock, beats up criminals for thrills and even goes toe to toe with guys dressed as clowns. Sounds like Saturday Morning Fare to ME!"

Django on Jul 14, 2008


Alex, this isn't even the only negative review anymore btw, there are a couple more now. Dark Knight is down to 86% at Rotten Tomatoes currently and it will more than likely get a few more negative reviews. I'm still really looking forward to it though, a few negative reviews are not a big deal. This article is just silly.

Daas on Jul 14, 2008


Diddums, did woo cry when woo wed da bed wevooo?

Robert on Jul 14, 2008


can't the guy have his own opinions? why the heck are you bringing this up alex? i mean, when someone gave Wall-E a bad review, the only 10/10 this year i might add, you didn't write an entire article on it or blow it up to something bigger than it was.... i mean seriously, don't take yourself or this movie to seriously. and btw, i think everyone who visits this site knows how you feel about TDK because you've been hyping it like it's the best thing sinced sliced bread. let some other people have an opinion for once and allow it to spark some healthy discussion about what you call, the greatest movie since LOTR III. peace out! sorry for hating!

BRBomber on Jul 14, 2008


Does anyone really, truly, honest to God care what a critic says about a movie? It didn't bother me to read the review, because Edelstein clearly didn't get the material. That's ok. I personally think that "No Country For Old Men" sucks balls, but it won Best Picture. Critics are just paid MOVIE SNOBS anyway. You can almost guess at what they will like and dislike when you watch a trailer for the first time. Alex. I'm a loyal reader of this site, so don't take this the wrong way, but constantly drawing attention to something will not help, but make it worse. By posting this article, you've done nothing more than increase hits to a website, and review, that you yourself disagree with. That makes you no better than Edelstein. If you're gonna write movie reviews for a website, then don't throw stones at others who do. It's hypocritical. Now, I must point out that his review was all over the place. He makes many references to things that seemed completely off the mark, and required the reader to open Wikipedia for translation. It was like listening to Dennis Miller ramble on about subject matter clearly over the heads of everyone else. His attempt at sounding uber-intelligent only made himself sound like an ass. But like I mentioned before...who cares?

TCox on Jul 14, 2008


one more thing Alex.... Thanks for pointing out that you're on your way to see it the 2nd time. The rest of us appreciate you rubbing our noses in it.

TCox on Jul 14, 2008


Honestly, a bad reviewer maybe, but your treating his review like he just killed your mom or something. Critics in a pissing match...TDK must be badass or the most overhyped thing ever

interl0per on Jul 14, 2008


well said alex your fucking spot on this critic is a dickhead

jono on Jul 14, 2008


Was it this bad for spider man three? this movie is starting a minor war, i didn't think spider man three was that great after just seeing it again,there was good action don't get me wrong but.. Anyway i'm sure the tomatometer will go back to near perfect as more critics review it,Iron man stayed a steady 93% sooo.. as it is i have to wait an extra week to not hear about things till I see it at I-max in manhattan since the first week is all sold out

mike on Jul 14, 2008


The New York review DOES suck, but not because it's wrong about THE DARK KNIGHT. It sucks because the reviewer writes like a pretentious twat, and embodies all the worst stereotypes of "the critic-" he is a snob, he condescends, and he writes for some imaginary audience that is exactly like himself. That being said, I'd rather have to suffer through a dozen insufferably snobby reviews than read another word of DARK KNIGHT hype from Alex "Warner Sycophant" Billington.

M. on Jul 14, 2008


How DARE this man at some magazine in some city named New York write his own opinion in a detailed, intelligent review! It's as if he doesn't think the way everyone else does! I mean, who the hell does he think he is, huh??

Neil on Jul 14, 2008


Another reason why you should NEVER listen to a film critic. Their job description is the biggest con in the film industry. Most of them are failed screenwriters and actors. Make your own judgement when you see the film for yourself.

Trent on Jul 14, 2008


Didn't this genius like Sandler's Zohan movie?

Meab on Jul 14, 2008


Ha ha ha....The last 2 posts are hilarious ..and are really intelligent... The real deal is ..all of them are right...No one has rights to go ahead and call this movie a 'bullsh*t'.. Mr. David (I'm the only critic who didn't like TDK) Eidelstein must have a look at these blogs...this is what happens when someone messes with fans..

ukip on Jul 14, 2008


Congratulations, David Edelstein you have become the "Joel Schumacher" of critics. So start preparing for your new job using these words, "Do you want fries with that?"

onemansword on Jul 14, 2008


This movie's gonna be bigger than Jesus. I bought tickets to a screening at 12:15 in the morning. You know why? Cause this movie is like cocaine to me. I need this cocaine movie. I want the shit. I'm going to see it three times, and take a photo of myself watching it and wear it around my neck.

DCompose on Jul 14, 2008


I don't think anyone who's writing style consists soley of praise-laden paragraphs and copy-pasted plot summaries can comment on someone elses words. Nor can someone with the excitability and professional courtesy of a 12 year old. God forbid anyone have an opinion other than yours, Alex. You should find out how to post real news without your "lalala I can't hear you" attitude before you post again. These are only movies and that was only an opinion.

Brad on Jul 15, 2008


I remember when this site used to be a place for some more intelligent comments. Now it looks like IMDB. Full of fanboys trying to make them selves look smart and using the latest IT slang to do achieve that. I have to say, news posts like this make good promo for this site but attract not exactly mature readers.

Shige on Jul 15, 2008


Ok. One guy didn't get it and was a little bit of a failed show-off in the "verbiage" department. I can deal with that. The only thing that pisses me off is the disregard for readers by not warning about the spoilers. Alex, I know you warned us about the spoilers next to the link, and I can still enjoy a movie even with this knowledge beforehand. But I feel sorry for the poor shmuck who just picked up a copy of the magazine while sitting at the dentists office. POW! BANG!! ZAP!!! Movie ruined. Edelstein is the critcal equivalent of nipples on the bat suit.

jason_md2020 on Jul 15, 2008


Shero (#54)....Hats off Man !! You stole the show with one dialogue...

ukip on Jul 15, 2008


There's always one rotten egg in the basket. I'm sure this moron is not representative of all American film critics. The problem with this review is not so much that it went against the grain and was negative, it was the reasoning behind his views. What he in turn did, was not only reveal his real dislikes of the comic book genre, but these kinds of films in general. That's a given, especially since he gave Zohna and Step Brother glowing reviews.

T1-Billion on Jul 17, 2008


i'm wondering if katie holmes regrets her decision to turn down the role...all films have flaws but i did not notice any in THE DARK KNIGHT...can any other actor portray joker as effective as Heath Ledger did?

sheng on Jul 18, 2008


Just because someone has a different opinion on certain aspects of the film, doesn't mean that they don't "get it". He would have prefered a more fantasy-like setting instead of a modern one. He would have prefered a more traditional super hero movie instead of gory movie centered around ethics. So what? I don't see why those thoughts shouldn't be considered legit commentary. Anyway. I did like the movie for the most part. I thought it was mostly well done. However, I hated the ending. (SPOILER ALERT). I understand that in a modern setting, anyone who takes justice into their own hands is going to face some criticism. But I didn't like the fact that Batman CHOSE to convince people that he was a villain. It may have been "noble", sure, but it wasn't a satisfying ending.

annie on Jul 19, 2008


This guy is just the kind of moron the Joker was talking about-chaos is fine as long as it's part of the plan. As long as noone we like dies, as long as it's 'safe' chaos. CHAOS IS NOT SAFE AND THE INNOCENT USUALLY DIE FIRST!!! Idiot.

GuesssWho on Jul 19, 2008


I am reminded of the Summer of 1994, when during a phone call with my father he asks me "have you seen that new movie Pulp Fiction?" We've never really talked much about movies before so I was a bit surprised that he's actually seen THE hot new film. Before I could start gushing about what a fantastic and groundbreaking film it was, he proceeded to tell me how much he HATED it because of the busloads foul language and the drug use. It was then that I realized that some people just aren't going to like some things just because it sets off a few triggers within them. Whether those triggers are based on profanity, sex/nudity, violence, all those other things that get the MPAA's attention, we all have them in some form. Nothing is above being hateable. I LOVED TDK with all my movie-going heart. But I can also easily see someone else not liking it at all, purely for how dark and depressing this film is. Hell, there were people earlier panning Wall-E becasue they didn't agree with the radical sentiment that we shouldn't destroy the Earth! TDK was rated PG-13 for "intense sequences of violence and some menace." There are certainly some intense sequences and the film is very menacing all the way down to its core. Not everyone can handle that. There are some people who only want to see bright, happy, shiny things on the big screen. New York Magazine, however, should probably not employ one of those people as its film critic.

kevjohn on Jul 21, 2008


Oh who cares if he didn't like the movie. Everyone has the right to have their own opinion, even if that opinion drives you nuts. I love Nolan's Batman movies, but my best friend hates Batman Begins and I can't get him to see The Dark Knight. When I asked him why he didn't like Batman Begins, he said "because it's not funny." I looked at him and said, "the good guy saw his parents get murdered when he was a little kid and decided to become a scary, demon-looking vigilante who takes the law into his own hands. That shouldn't be funny." I may not agree with him or his love for Arnold as Mr. Freeze, but that's his opinion.

Nic on Jul 21, 2008


The negative reviews are few and far between. I liked it and am going to see it a third time. Who are movie critics anyway?

Kris on Jul 28, 2008


Batman is a Liar. He doesn't say a single true word in that entire movie. God I love him. Joker's the Truth.

Django on Jul 28, 2008


I hated "The Dark Knight." Here's my negative review: http://www.pollystaffle.com/thrillers/thedarkknight.shtml

CCF on Aug 7, 2008


CCF: Knowing that this was probably just a ploy to get some traffic to your less-than-stellar site, I decided to check out your review anyway. Now that I've seen it and perused its contents a bit, I know never to go back to that worthless bastard again. On to your review... First of all, totally malapropos usage of the Public Enemy lyric quote. Stick to Creed, Kid Rock, and Miley Cyrus, dude. P.E. may be beyond your depth. Second, you thought George Clooney's Bruce Wayne/Batman was better than Bale's? Burton's semi-comical Gotham is better than Nolan's vision of a city on the edge of ruin? Ledger's performance is a "caricature" of Jack Nicholson's?? You also seem to be indicating Roger Moore is/was your favorite James Bond. Also, you are the only person I know of who doesn't like the Tumbler. Not enough neon lights on it for you like with with Joel Schumacher's Batmo-bortions? Or is it that it just doesn't look penis-y enough for your tastes? No pun intended. I usually try to respect other people's opinions (see my post above), but dude you are fucking nuts. Nuts and wrong. I wish you hadn't gotten turned away from Journey to the Center of the Earth, a 3D movie with 1D acting. Maybe then you wouldn't have been in the Dark Knight theater harshing everyone else's buzz. Next time stick to Disney movies and chick flicks if you want a film with a happy ending that will 'inspire and assure' you that the world is a yummyyummygumdrop place. On a positive note, the next time I see some metro-Goth loser forget that everybody fucking hates goths and dresses up like he's going to an audition for the latest horrible Crow sequel, I'll smile and think of that lame ass movie. And you. 🙂

kevjohn on Aug 7, 2008


CCF: I've tried several times to post my reply to your posting, but the site just doesn't want to take it. That's a shame too, because it was beautifully written, insightful, profane, and full of disdain for the heaping pile of llama shit you call a review. The world is much poorer on this day, for being denied my wonderful comment. 😛

kevjohn on Aug 8, 2008


You're response is entirely subjective. While the Edelstein actually backs up his points using his film knowledge, all you do is write completely subjective phrases, such as, 'the movie is edgy', or 'the novelty never wears off'. Btw, fanboys, this movie is a crock of shit.

Jbirch on Sep 4, 2009


I thought it was just a poor movie, I couldn't even finish it in one sitting. The characters never once interested me and there was no significant moments that had me cheering for batman.

Dtweak on Oct 19, 2011

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