First Poster for James Bond 22: Quantum of Solace

February 7, 2008
Source: Cinematical

First Poster for James Bond 22: Quantum of Solace

The very first teaser poster for the 22nd James Bond film, titled Quantum of Solace, has debuted and it's pretty impressive. Last year's teaser poster for Casino Royale with Bond sitting at the poker table with a gun was one of my all-time favorite Bond posters ever, an incredible feat. This new one now ranks pretty high on my list as well, impressive for a poster this early in the year! If you're ready to stop listening to my boring nonsense introduction, then let's cut to the chase and enjoy this slick new poster.

The poster comes from our friends at Cinematical, so send some love their way. This reminds me a lot of the international Bourne Ultimatum posters that popped up last year (check those out here), but still has that Bond sensibility to it.

Some new details have been revealed as well, including confirmation that "there will be twice as much action in 'Solace' as there was in 'Casino Royale'" and that the film "picks up a mere 20 minutes after 'Casino Royale' concludes." This is the first time in history that any Bond film has been a direct sequel.

Quantum of Solace Poster

Incase you didn't catch the connection, that shadow is from the very last scene of Casino Royale, where Bond shoots the villain character in his driveway and comes walking up with that very same gun. Given Casino Royale was the must financially successful Bond movie ever, they're really use that film as the driving point for all marketing this year. On top of that, Quantum of Solace continues from that exact same moment, right where Casino Royale ends, Quantum of Solace picks up.

I love this poster for quite a few reasons, mainly the simplicity and minimalism of it. Just like that last aforementioned teaser poster, this one is striking enough to resonate in the minds of Casino Royale fans and James Bond fans everywhere, which is all they really need to market Quantum of Solace at the moment. What are your thoughts?

Quantum of Solace will arrive in theaters on November 14th. The film will be directed by Marc Forster of Stranger Than Fiction and The Kite Runner.

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Brilliant!! i don't care what anyone says! there is no one more badass then Bond!!

ha1rball on Feb 7, 2008


Sweet Merciful crap...a shadow! How inspired! First the obscure title, now a picture of a shadow, I think I'll wait for the trailer to get excited. Just my opinion.

Nathan on Feb 7, 2008


I like it. Simple but effective. Quantum should kick ass.

Brad on Feb 7, 2008


I like it. The minimalist approach Alex mentioned works for me. I've always been a fan of "less or more". The title is odd, but if you have any doubts, then watch Casino Royale again. It's brilliant. It excites me to see this be a direct sequal too. I love the serial style movies. I always want to know what's going to happen next. Daniel Craig may not look like your dad's James Bond, but he's the closest we've had to Sean Connery. I like him, and I hope he sticks around longer than Brosnan did.

TCox on Feb 7, 2008


Great poster. The title is a bit of a mouthful of marbles, but I guess it makes sense in the scheme of things. Daniel Craig is a terrific Bond (it makes me chuckle to remember the Craig-Not-Bond haters).

avoidz on Feb 7, 2008


Is it just me or has James Bond gotten taller

Marcelles on Feb 7, 2008


The main thing to be looking at here is the fact that Bond isn't holding his usual hand gun - but rather a machine gun - again the producers are trying to stir up the formula that has worked for 20 odd films - hmmmm

dom on Feb 8, 2008


You're right about that Dom, they are really switching up the formula. But it worked with Casino Royale, very well, considering it was the top grossing Bond film EVER, so I think they like their new formula and marketing techniques and will continue to implement them for as long as they can. Why not define something new instead of going with the old...?

Alex Billington on Feb 8, 2008


Marc Forster directing the new James Bond movie which is a direct sequel to "Casino Royale", holy shittt! I am hyped for this shit. Knowing Forster, he'll put it up in an artsy way. Great poster!

Conrad on Feb 9, 2008


Cute and Effective Poster! But, the Title lacks Punch... Does it mean our ruthless Bond is after a Quantum of Solace?? Somebody, help me please...

chris abraham on May 4, 2008


What makes this Bond so good to me, is that he's a mans man. No pretty boy type,rough and tough and can still get the ladies.Keep it up Bro!

John on Jun 30, 2008


fuck off you fucking fuckers! you are so fucking sad to worry about a fucking poster! Dom should fucking wear a fucking condom next time he fucking fucks his fucking mum!

gaylord focker on Jan 20, 2009


I think you are all mother fucking cunts by the way!!!!!!!

gaylord focker on Jan 20, 2009


haha. i cant believe you all, gay motherfucking cunts. lol. talking about a shit james bond poster, how fucked up can you get.

gaylord focker on Jan 20, 2009


Gaylord focker is right u r all sad knobs.

voldamort on Jan 20, 2009


I think we should ALL calm down.

Voldermort on Jan 20, 2009


John, Daniel Craig doesn't look at this knobby.

voldamort on Jan 20, 2009

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