First Teaser Trailer for Notorious B.I.G.'s Biopic

September 23, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Notorious Trailer

So there's this little film that we forgot all about called Notorious. As everyone probably already knows, it's the life and death story of legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G. This film is definitely going to burst on the scene today in a big way with this teaser trailer. I really don't know what to say or think about this, but I guess it doesn't look too bad? To me, it just seems like another standard biopic about a deceased rapper and nothing more. Don't take that the wrong way, but it just doesn't seem like anything I'll get too into. And the fact that Fox is putting this out in January shows that it's not much more than a throwaway film. If you're a Notorious B.I.G. fan on the other hand, this may be one of the most exciting teaser you'll ever watch.

Watch the teaser trailer for Notorious:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the Notorious trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Notorious is directed by producer and filmmaker George Tillman Jr., of Soul Food and Men of Honor previously. The screenplay was written by Reggie Rock Bythewood (Get on the Bus, Biker Boyz) and Cheo Hodari Coker. Fox Searchlight is distributing Notorious and will be premiering it in limited theaters starting on January 16th, 2009. Anyone already planning on seeing this in theaters?

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Cashcow. Biggie's name is a prominent figure in music. Not rap. Music, period. That's why they have a bunch of nobodies portraying these roles. They know they'll hit high numbers with this picture regardless if it's trash, and looking at the cast it doesn't look particularly deep. Biggie being the poster boy for the New York hip hop scene I was interested in his relationship with his peers, particularly Jay-Z, and his low-key beef with Raekwon and Ghostface. This movie looks to be shit everyone already knows about and its his conflicts with Pac.

Frame on Sep 23, 2008


Fail!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

REAL6 on Sep 23, 2008


Best soundtrack of '09. Mark it down.

Jack Donaghy on Sep 23, 2008


Wow Alex do u even realize this isn't a fox film. This is a fox searchlight film. Fox has nothing to do with this. Seriously you should quit writing articles on movies because you are the most hypocrite and biased movie writer on the net.

Jojo on Sep 23, 2008


Are they gonna show how his death was retaliation of his own part in the death of a much better, in every way, artist, Tupac? I bet they wont so this movie = crap.

Richard on Sep 23, 2008


Tupacs lame. EAST SIDE

Jesse on Sep 23, 2008


i love BIG but no. please no

Darrin on Sep 23, 2008


2Pac wasn't a better artist, but he certainly wasn't lame, neither. Biggie was a better lyricist and Pac had broader subject matter.

Frame on Sep 23, 2008


Hi Alex, now that we are talking about musical biopics (by the way, this one looks terrible), And you are always bringing us the fresh news, I was wondering if you could make some space in the future for the uncoming Gainsbourg biopic, I think the film is in production. Anyway, I hope that when the time comes for this Gainsbourg movie, you will have the trailer for us, loyal and handsome readers. Greetings.

Mario Tenorio on Sep 23, 2008


This movie does look bad. Now I love biggie and 2-Pac. But to certain people those guys were like Elvis or The Beatles. So to make a movie portary wither one of them is going to be a hard task. I hope it is a good movie. But who knows from this crappy trailer. It wont be RAY at all.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 23, 2008


I'm so there for this movie B.I.G.

PimpSlapStick on Sep 23, 2008


#8 Your completely right, both are top notch rappers, but for different reasons. Biggie was the coldest MC and Pac was the deepest MC

PimpSlapStick on Sep 23, 2008


“Hit 'Em Up” the best song by 2pac!!!!! B.I.G. aint nothing!

jvj590 on Sep 23, 2008


man i didnt even see his face, how am i supposed to judge that. That was a bad trailer but I cant even say anything about the movie from it since it doesnt show anything.

Al Sharp on Sep 23, 2008


frame has the right idea....pac was nice as hell with his storyboard and delivery....big just always had you feelin it off the jump. dude had it like that!! the movie trailer looks fukkin horrible. big is turnin over in his grave right now. this is embarassing

big titty porn on Sep 24, 2008


to #4 obviously you didn't read the end of the article " Fox Searchlight is distributing Notorious and will be premiering it in limited theaters starting on January 16th, 2009. " Alex Billington. The nerve of some people...Biggie rocks BTW

JNYCE on Sep 24, 2008


He got rich AND died trying. heh

kevjohn on Sep 24, 2008


I think it could be ok...I mean Anthony Mackie is a pretty damn good actor but I have no idea about the rest of the cast.

rblitz7 on Sep 24, 2008


I think it's kind of brave for the director to cast someone overweight in the lead role because most rappers look like 50 Cent.

Valeriewriter on Sep 24, 2008


Negative people suck. How do you find new talent if you don't give them a chance. And by the way his name was BIG for a reason. He was not a small man, therefore a small man could not play the role. How about we give a movie a chance to suck before we scrutinize clips that may not even appear in the actual film. People who can't do, hate.

dicp on Sep 24, 2008


Biggie is the best Rapper that ever lived and this movie looks surprisingly good. Can't wait to see the full trailer. And Alex, #4 is right. Do your home work next time.

Film-Book dot Com on Sep 24, 2008


epic fail

Not You on Sep 24, 2008



D-9 on Sep 24, 2008


wow... this movie looks like it will be... A MAJOR FLOP.

J: on Sep 24, 2008


Is that Guerilla Black?!?! .

BinYe East on Sep 25, 2008


#8 i agree with you all the way but from seeing this trailer i dont know yet so i just will have to see more

raider98 on Sep 25, 2008


Biggie Smalls. Rest in (incredibly large) pieces. Didn't poof daddy kill him for profit? After all Tupac was just an actor pretending to be a gangster, much like Biggie really. Real gangsters don't rap

Crapola on Sep 26, 2008


Guerilla Black?! guess ill check it out.

Cyfer1 on Sep 29, 2008


whats the name of the song in the teaser? it sounds so familiar to me

BILLY on Oct 1, 2008


damn this movie looks good as hell. i love biggie, and 2pac greatest lyricists of all time

joey d on Oct 6, 2008


I cant wait! BROOKYLN stand up!..29...its hypnotize angela basset plays his mom, maybe it wont be so bad

desiree on Oct 8, 2008


cant really say much about the trailer it was all right i guess BIG was and is one of the best emcees of all time he just had it the flow, the lyrics, the swagger, the voice dope dope as hell rapper it might be interesting i dont think they will be able to accurately portray pac though you just cant As far as a pac biopic although it may be interesting i cant see anyone being able to play his role the man was just so complex. Pac by far and large is the better artist of course but hands down i give the skills as a rapper to BIG but Pac is still better overall

phoenix on Oct 13, 2008


In my opinion if this was a fictional movie, you probably would have given it a better review.. i don't remember much from the news reports and all that, but the tupac biggie buff was the most publicised beef in hip-hop history.. one that some people even believe cops were involved with (biggie's murder).. my opinion is that you don't know the whole story, it is directly showing the life about a hip-hop artist, but a movie reviewer as yourself should know his story can also be an inspiration about how someone can go from gang activities and selling drugs (not saying he didn't continue that, if i got rich i would still do the same things) into a millionare just by talking through i microphone... i think everyone should pay their respects on Oct 25, 2008


and 27, 2pac was a fake but biggie was the real thing hip hop saved him from prison, even tho that might have kept him alive longer... and puffy didn't kill him, biggies death was a retaliation to 2pac, even though tupac was killed by bloods for stomping out one of their gang offiliates in a casino after the tyson fight.. on Oct 25, 2008


Anybody here putting down biggies name, doesn't no sh*t about him, or what he's done. All you people watch is lyrical discretions, not what people may have done or what they accomplished. Biggie was a believer, he rapped about what was around him, they way life could only be. The way it was in Brooklyn, Ny at that time was incredibly hard to get through. I should know because iv'e been living in Brooklyn for the past 17 years. It's amazing that i had actually met Christopher Wallace (His real name), at City Lights Diner on Atlantic avenue in Brooklyn. It wasn't a fan to celebrity conversation, it was a person to person conversation, and how he described the way his lyrics come to mind was amazing, i would never forget that day. R.I.P - Christopher "Biggie Smalls" Wallace --- May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997

Notorious on Nov 14, 2008


Oh, and to #34 (Brett_The_Builder), to be clear, 2Pacs murder wasn't connected to any gang affiliation. If you were alive during that time, or just old enough to understand, you would of heard the reports, and news coverage about it. Suge Knight was the most highly anticipated person to be connected to his murder. Biggie Smalls, was never connected in anyway, as i was at two confrences discussing that matter..., if you want information or just need a touch up, feel free to email me.

R.I.P---Biggie Smalls on Nov 14, 2008


yeah like someone else said i wanna give this movie a chance to suck before labelling it garbage, i honestly want it to be good but everything is resting on the character who plays biggie; if i can buy his character and not think of him as just a fat guy trying extra and obviously hard to be b.i.g, then it should be decent. and who the hell is honestly saying tupac was fake? tupac wasn't the biggest gangster but the side you guys were thinking was the business man behind the bandanna. Gangsta shit sells, ask 50. he just followed the footsteps of pac, that relentlessness; that ruthless intensity that only pac had that 50 adopted. but in his time, nobody on the scene had the same fire in his eyes as Pac. if you're gonna call 2pac fake for his music then you might as well get mad at actors who act in movies where they have to play the role of an actor; you gotta hype things up to a certain extent when you're in the music business which is largely just hype. but with that being said: nobody can question the passion and heart that was Tupac.

m.izzo on Nov 16, 2008

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