First Trailer for David Wain's Comedy Role Models

August 5, 2008
Source: MTV

Role Models Trailer

The first trailer for Role Models has arrived courtesy of MTV. The film stars Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott as two energy drink reps who are forced to enroll in a Big Brother program in order to stay out of jail. Although comedies with kids usually don't turn out great, Role Models actually looks pretty good, and I think that's due to the addition of Superbad's McLovin (aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse) as one of the kids. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. I'm admittedly nervous that this will turn out terrible, but for the sake of Rudd and Scott's career, I hope it's fantastic. If anyone is concerned of Seann William Scott, he's really cleaned himself up (acting wise) and did a great job in The Promotion, another hilarious comedy, so I wouldn't be so quick to shrug him off. Let us know what you think of the trailer below.

Watch the trailer for Role Models:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the Role Models trailer in High Definition on MTV

Role Models is both co-written and directed by actor and filmmaker David Wain, of Wet Hot American Summer, The Ten, and "Wainy Days" previously. The script was co-written by Wain, Timothy Dowling (George Lucas in Love), Ken Marino (Diggers, The Ten) and actor Paul Rudd. Universal is releasing Role Models in theaters on November 14th this year. Hope to see you there!

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you're white , you're ben affleck

Darrin on Aug 5, 2008



lasko on Aug 5, 2008


"...but for the sake of Rudd and Scott's career, I hope it's fantastic." Wait. I know Scott's been in some stinkers, but since when has Rudd's career been on the line? I liked the trailer a lot. Seems to me that their aiming for that sweet spot where "raunchy" intersects with "warm fuzzies." You can kind of see "The Big Lesson" from a mile away, but, hey, it worked for Knocked Up. Plus, it was written by a couple of alumni from The State. Good sign! If anyone is the loser in this situation, it's Mintz-Plasse. He's positioning himself as this generation's Anthony Michael Hall. Not a good thing.

Tom Brazelton on Aug 5, 2008


I'll see it cause David Wain is attached. And it looks funny.

DCompose on Aug 5, 2008


yeah, let's see Mintz-Plasse in something other than uberdork.

dave13 on Aug 5, 2008


"Wait. I know Scott's been in some stinkers, but since when has Rudd's career been on the line?" Four words: Over Her Dead Body

TonyD on Aug 5, 2008


A man the other day told me I looked like Ben Affleck. His wife promptly agreed. I'm white.

Collin on Aug 5, 2008


I knew I'd get called out by someone for writing that sentence! Rudd isn't doing that bad, per se, but he's been in terrible comedies and flops like Diggers, The Ten, Over Her Dead Body, and so on... He should be a hit actor with lead roles, but he seems stuck in a rut...

Alex Billington on Aug 5, 2008


Hey why isn't this a sitcom? This is a video of a cocky black kid. Probably the same one but he aged :/

Josh Rowe on Aug 5, 2008


meh, looks like formulaic crap. And I'm not a huge fan of either leading man, so that's not a plus.

kevjohn on Aug 5, 2008


I think this looks like it should be funny. Although most anyone who has seen a few comedies can probably already tell you exactly how the plot will carry out, the comedic abilities of the actors hopefully will pull this movie through. Here's hoping.

David on Aug 5, 2008


... you guys are forgetting Dr. Ken

LW on Aug 5, 2008


looks fun

james on Aug 5, 2008


Looks good! I hope this is a hit for both of these guys! I'll be watching this! 🙂

Spider on Aug 5, 2008


Whoa, I am surprised all of you guys like this. It looks so formulaic and cheap. Also, when did Elizabeth Banks start showing up in every movie????

Ryan on Aug 5, 2008


why did my comment get taken down, wtf???

ck on Aug 5, 2008


I went to a test screening of this last week at Universal Studios. It wasn't bad. Pretty predictable/formulaic and not very original, but the cast was good enough (I'm a huge Rudd fan) to make it entertaining.

Lawrence on Aug 5, 2008


"Rudd isn't doing that bad, per se, but he's been in terrible comedies and flops like Diggers, The Ten, Over Her Dead Body, and so on… He should be a hit actor with lead roles, but he seems stuck in a rut…" Alex, c'mon. I'll give you Over Her Dead Body. That was an out-and-out flop. But that wasn't "his" movie. That was Eva Longoria's picture and I say lay the blame at her feet. Neither Diggers or The Ten were films marketed to mainstream audiences. They were indies and there's nothing wrong with that. Incidentally, both of those movies were written by alumni of The State as well - Marino and Wain, respectively. I don't think anyone looks at Rudd and says "Man, this guy is blowing it." He's like a pinch hitter. He comes in, kills a cameo and moves onto the next thing. He's just a guy who likes to work. Not everyone has aspirations to be the next big thing. Rudd isn't squandering his talent. Scott, on the other hand, has been on a steady slide after America Pie. But if you consider he was able to parlay the "jerk" role into an actual career, I'd say he's doing pretty well for himself!

Tom Brazelton on Aug 5, 2008


Tom, are we arguing about Scott vs Rudd? Or are we arguing about Rudd solo? I don't think it's vs by any means, but on the other hand, Scott isn't doing so hot either, although he was great in The Promotion. And I think Rudd is a funny guy and I've got nothing against his acting... It sounds like you're speaking about him like you're his manager. "He's just a guy who likes to work. Not everyone has aspirations to be the next big thing." Do you know him that well? Or is that just a guess? He doesn't have to be going for the next big thing, but my point is that I like him, however he's not one of those people that pops in (even in cameos) and doesn't have enough of an impact to make a difference in my opinion. He was great in Anchorman, but in recent years he's just been mediocre... And I feel like he's got great comedy in him, he's just not using all of his potential.

Alex Billington on Aug 5, 2008


This looks pretty good. Definitely seems to have some funny bits without completely relying on slapstick humor.

Ron Paul on Aug 5, 2008


BILLINGTON! The Ten wasn't a bad movie. Get your head in the game!

DCompose on Aug 5, 2008


Uhh... The Ten was one of the WORST movies I've ever seen in my life. I HATED that movie, even with Rudd in it!

Alex Billington on Aug 5, 2008


Not comparing Rudd against Scott. But I'm sticking up for him against your unit of measurement - which seems to be against big-name comic actors. I like Rudd as well, but I don't think he's going to be the comedy actor you envision him to be. He's an excellent utility player and I think his resume reflects that. It's pretty diverse. Am I talking like his manager? Maybe like his apologist - but yeah... regarding his career aspirations, it's a guess. It's just the vibe I get from him. He doesn't seem overly concerned if it all went away tomorrow - which, for me, is a large part of his appeal. And, for the record, I liked both Diggers AND The Ten.

Tom Brazelton on Aug 5, 2008


Wow, Gotta love Scott and Rudd. "You're electricity's out," "Just doin my part to save this big blue planet." "You're water's off too," "Like I said." "Maybe You should think about losing the cape." "People tend to advoid people in capes."

Xerxex on Aug 5, 2008


I agree that Rudd seems pretty laid back about his career but that he doesnt seem concerned if it left? I think he would be concerned when he wasnt getting paid anymore... But really he deserves better than the movies he has been in recently...I hope this film turns out to be great because I am rooting for both Scott and Rudd...I would like to see Scott do more dramatic characters honestly and Rudd has amazing comedic timing... Hey anybody remember Paul Rudd in Clueless? Who ever thought he would be as funny as he is?

Maxx on Aug 5, 2008


Scott did a great job in the easily forgotten Southland Tales, and Rudd was great in KNOCKED UP, so Rudd and Scott are gifted funny men, and have talent.

Xerxex on Aug 5, 2008


:/, I'll netfix it...

Keith on Aug 6, 2008


looks stupid, I'd watch it.

Crapola on Aug 6, 2008


Wow, Did they really just put the entire movie into the trailer? I feel like I have seen the whole thing.

Spiritwnd on Aug 6, 2008


Don't forget Bulletproof Monk. That was a good Action-Comedy, Scott was in. I think it looks entertaining. And thats enough for me.

Dyi on Aug 6, 2008


Looks pretty funny nothing spectacular but i really like Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott so im down for a good laugh, Mclovin is the man!

Curtis on Aug 6, 2008


this movie looks pretty cool ill watch it on bootleg that is

raider98 on Aug 8, 2008


The Ten was hilarious, and you probably won't like any of David Wains humour, all of the trailers for his movies will try and make it more cookie-cutter than it actually is, I'm sure there will be the classic wain humour in here just like his others.

tuwhitt on Aug 9, 2008


The trailer was pretty good but it seems as if "Role Models" will become another light hearted comedy with a few rip roaring hillarious scenes occampanied by a seemingly predictable ending. Hoping I'm wrong but feelings suggest otherwise

Sean on Aug 17, 2008


Looking forward to this movie. Rudd plays the same role everytime but he's always pretty funny. I'm a big fan of Wain. He plays the regular guy who gets it on with hot girls in Wainy Days. Here's one of Elizabeth Banks making out with some other hot chick. Check it out:

austinscott on Sep 9, 2008


Looking forward to this movie. Rudd always plays the same role but he's good at it. I'm a big fan of Wain. He plays the average joe who gets it on with hot girls in Wainy Days. If you haven't seen it, here's one of Elizabeth Banks making out with some other hot chick.

austinscott on Sep 9, 2008


oh crap I posted twice. How do you delete a comment?

austinscott on Sep 9, 2008


I just saw this movie last night as a free screening, and I have to say it was pretty good. Sure it was a little formulaic, but it's fine with the actors doing their bit to make the material fresh. McLovin is my favorite part of the movie.

richard on Sep 25, 2008


Figured I'd post this on all the Role Models pages I've posted negative comments on before.... Hi again, everybody! 🙂 I had to search for this post because I had to come back and say I was 100% wrong and I feel like an idiot. My movie group scheduled a screening of this and I must admit this movie was fucking hysterical!! It gets a bit sappy in parts, but overall it was about as funny as anything I saw in all of 2008. Go check it out at the second-run theaters, rent it, or buy the DVD. Meanwhile, I'm going to start recalibrating my Trailer Judgment Scale, because I was WAY off with this one. (no, I don't think people are following my every word or anything. But if I helped influence a single person to not see this I'd like to try to repent for that sin.)

kevjohn on Jan 6, 2009

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