First Teaser Trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit!

April 19, 2008
Source: MTV

The Spirit Teaser Trailer

The very first teaser trailer for Frank Miller's adaptation of Will Eisner's The Spirit has finally debuted. The film focuses on the masked superhero The Spirit, whose mission is to fight against the bad forces in Central City. I think Frank Miller has got this thing down. I love the feeling, I love the look to this, the music, everything. I don't know why anyone doubted Frank Miller to begin with? This feels like 300 and Sin City combined, but with an even more classic touch. There's no other footage besides Gabriel Macht as The Spirit in this, but that's all that matters at this point. We've got plenty of time to go! Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

Watch the teaser trailer for The Spirit:

[flv:spirit-teaser.flv 598 336]

You can also watch The Spirit trailer in High Definition at MTV

Adapted from the legendary comic book series created by Will Eisner, The Spirit is a classic action-adventure-romance written for the screen and directed by genre-twister Frank Miller. It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch-enemy, the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) has a different mission: he's going to wipe out Spirit's beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality. The Spirit tracks this cold-hearted killer from Central City's rundown warehouses, to the damp catacombs, to the windswept waterfront… all the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who either want to seduce, love or kill our masked crusader.

The Spirit is both written and directed by legendary comic book author Frank Miller, who previously worked with Robert Rodriguez to direct segments of Sin City. The film is based Will Eisner's newspaper comic strip of the same name that originally debuted in 1940. The Spirit will hit theaters everywhere on December 25th, Christmas Day, later this year.

The Spirit Poster

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looks like another sin city hope is has the same feel.

Darrin on Apr 19, 2008


looks cooool

KG on Apr 19, 2008


Meh... Need more before I get too interested.

Andrew on Apr 19, 2008


hmmm, I don;t know much about this, since i never read the comics, but it shows some promise

Alexander on Apr 19, 2008


I remember someone (the producers maybe?) saying this will definitely have a unique feel apart from Sin City, but this trailer looks like a deleted scene from the film. But don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing.

Michael Hansen on Apr 19, 2008


It definitely looks to be destined for greatness. The look of it tells it all. It looks better than Sin City or 300 combined. It will probably be PG-13 since it's a superhero film that's hero also worked wit Batman in the past. Aside from the Dark Knight, this will be the best superhero film in quite some time.

Sean on Apr 19, 2008


Does his movement strike anyone else as "off"?

John on Apr 19, 2008


i do agree with john... his movements are not quite graceful, especially in the scene when he did a flip on a roof top... when he landed, it almost looked like he's gonna stumble and when he gets on the roof it looked liked he just feel rather than getting off the roof with a skill... well, that's just me... let's wait and see... will try to watch this though, either in a theater or dvd, being a comic fan that i am...

miracle disease on Apr 19, 2008


Alex, You and others above mentioned how much you liked the music in this teaser. I don't think however this will be the musical theme for the actual movie considering the majority of it was from the score to Brian De Palma's "The Untouchables". The two films do share a very specific period in time however and I suspect that is exactly what the teaser was supposed to evoke. Unless Frank Miller is using the same composer I imagine the music in the Spirit will be a little different.

Jeremy on Apr 19, 2008


aside from the tiny details, I simply can't wait for this!! I think it's going to be great!

kevin powers on Apr 19, 2008


Didn't anyone feel that the music immediately set this film apart from Sin City? Sin City felt very different -- at least to me, and I think Miller's managed to combine his style and Will Eisner's classic story to equal out to an absolutely mesmerizing experience. While I can't bet all my marbles on the film, I trust Miller to do right by his mentor.

Michael on Apr 19, 2008


Yeah im not sure on this yet. His movement on the rooftops was really bothering me. Looked very wire fu.

heckle on Apr 19, 2008


Yeah that music is from The Untouchables opening credits...This movie will have an added level of awesomeness if Ennio Morricone did the music, but maybe I hold out too much hope

Ginger on Apr 20, 2008


Need a little more to tell if it will really be amazing but this trailer really does look like ti could be. The rooftop comments I laughed at because I really noticed it too. Anyway, maybe this iwll mean SIN CITY 2 FINALLY! Christ! Johnny Depp even signed on to it!

Ryan on Apr 20, 2008


Not a huge fan of Sin City, and this seems too much like Sin City. But its only a teaser, and not even a real scene from the movie anyways so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Joel on Apr 20, 2008


I don't know. Like some of you guys commented, it is very obvious that the actor is on wires when he moves. Could be a cool movie but the impression I got from this teaser is that it isn't as well done as Sin City. Rodriguez and his crew at Troublemaker have a lot of special effects knowledge that Frank miller might lack.

Andreas Climent on Apr 20, 2008


I know in movie terms "Sin City" came first. But Sin City in the comics (and a lot of Millers work in general) is him channeling Eisners work. This looks like it will be Millers love letter to Eisner. The poster itself is very Eisner-esque, and even the part in the trailer where he's standing on top of the films logo. The music piece as a few people have said is from The Untouchables. It should be noted that the piece on the soundtrack it's from is called "On the Rooftops". Heh.

Dan on Apr 20, 2008


damn i love this trailer and cannot wait to see the final results, its more than what Sin City was looks awesome should be another great Frank Miller movie.

Curtis on Apr 20, 2008


Not really satisfied with this........... too bad Was really hyped for this will wait to pass judgment

SHANE D on Apr 20, 2008


Did anyone ever think that he's meant to look that in the film? The Spirit is known to look goofy. 😉

Michael on Apr 20, 2008


I'm happy with what I'm seeing. This totally alleviates any fears I had about Frank Miller directing. Just a great teaser...

Rtaylor32 on Apr 20, 2008


Thank you Frank... Thank you... I am pumped.. this is the look I wanted for this film.. I hope we see it stick to this style. NOTE:: I am with you on the roof movement, hopefully much of this trailer was just pre-viz and it will all be cleaned up ... I am sure that is the case.

Dusty on Apr 20, 2008


Really good...Miller is genius, Eisner is genius, I hope this will be better then Sin City (and SC was four out of five stars)

m4st4 on Apr 21, 2008


I saw the teaser poster in NYC the other day a couple blocks from St. Marks Place, this one looks good

Kail on Apr 21, 2008


This looks REMARKABLE. As someone who's read most of Eisner's "The Spirit", I guess the only thing that threw me off is the Spirit's voice. For some weird reason, known only to my comic reading brain, I heard it differently in my head. Perhaps somewhat higher. But I agree in that Miller has nailed this thing dead on. I'll be there opening day, for sure. - Bill Creator of the Denton Ward and Monty Crocetti mystery series

William Mize on Apr 21, 2008


Looks like Spiderman in mufti wandered into some of theleftover plywood and cardboard "Sin City" sets. Good grief !! Will Eisner, where are you ??

dick dornisch on Apr 23, 2008


"She is my mother. She is my lover."!? eww

silver on Apr 26, 2008


they're using the music from the Untouchables....why?!? Is there still pre-production type things going on?!

Aberskene on May 13, 2008


Finally. Sin City II!

Scott on May 14, 2008


Lookign forward to this one, looks good so far.

Mik on Jul 17, 2008


Since most of you boner breathed f(_)ckheads don't really know much about Frank Miller or Will Eisner please eat a dick before judging poorly on a short trailer.

Ryan on Aug 20, 2008

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