First Trailer for Jason Statham's Death Race!

June 13, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Death Race Trailer

Here's something intense to end your week with! The first trailer for the Death Race remake starring Jason Statham has arrived. Have we seen too many action movie trailers this week?! We've featured trailers for: Transporter 3, Babylon A.D., Punisher: War Zone, and now Death Race. Which one takes the top prize? That's up to you to decide! As for Death Race, I will say this looks pretty badass. And although the story, written by Paul W.S. Anderson, is guaranteed to suck, at least it will have some style! I hate to say it, but this looks like an adult version of Speed Racer, complete with the profile shots of Statham and Joan Allen. But you know what, it looks awesome. As Ian McShane says "now that's entertainment!"

Watch the first trailer for Death Race:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the Death Race trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Death Race is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, of Mortal Kombat, Soldier, Resident Evil, and Alien vs Predator, with a screenplay written by J.F. Lawton, of Under Siege, Blankman, Chain Reaction, and Dead or Alive. The film is a remake of the 1975 cult classic B-movie Death Race 2000 directed by Paul Bartel and starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. Death Race arrives in theaters on August 22nd.

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Hahaha love gotta Paul Ws Anderson.

Jojo on Jun 13, 2008


Hmmm... I wish I hadn't watched that mini-movie of a trailer. What's left of the plot?

gakera on Jun 13, 2008


The point of the old death race was to run people over for points, this movie looks like it is just kill the other drivers. It is a completely different story line, just the same name without the 2000. And where is Frankenstein?!!!!

Emmanuel Munoz on Jun 13, 2008


looks insane (i meant that in a good way)

Darrin on Jun 13, 2008


After seeing the trailer it feels like I've seen the entire story already. Who's idea was it to start revealing the entire movie in trailers anyway?

Andreas on Jun 13, 2008


wow, i felt my IQ drop...

Reza on Jun 13, 2008


Emmanuel.....shut up.

Coyotegrey on Jun 13, 2008


EM. I was kind of thinking the same thing! where's the points system!? But I'm so in. I can't wait. PS Have they ever actually seen a NASCAR driver? (personally amused)

Melissa on Jun 13, 2008


the trailer pretty much tells the entire story but who care is anyone actually going to see this for the story, its all about the awesome action and the cheesy dialogue im so in..

Curtis on Jun 13, 2008

10 looks like itll fun at least but, theyre right ^^, there's nothing left to the story at all. that's all trailers are anymore - masturbation. they're as close to watching the movie as u can get without actually watching it

Josh on Jun 13, 2008


YAWN! If they aren't allowed to kill civilians ( which was the BEST thing about the original film ) I'm not interested. Friggin P.C. world...

Matt on Jun 13, 2008


I have no idea about what the original was like, never seen it and don't really care, this looked fun and pretty kick ass I must say! I agree we know the entire movie now but still, looks amusing.

Richard on Jun 13, 2008


I say this looks like the best out of the four trailers.

Christopher on Jun 13, 2008


i'm gonna agree with number gakera at #2. There's no reason to go rent it or watch it in theater or anything now. fine with me.

Garrett.king on Jun 13, 2008


well is there any plot left to actually entice anyone to go see the movie?

Alexander on Jun 13, 2008


Looks fun. And Stratham is the man. So I'm there.

Movie Fan on Jun 13, 2008


This should have been titled The Condemned 2: Death Race. It is almost the same except they race and they are not on a island. And you know Statham and Tyrese and going to bring down the Warden in the end and escape bruised, but not dead with Statham's navigator. This said, I will still see the movie for the action!

David on Jun 13, 2008


im so going to defend this trailer, and that reason is , well , we all saw the trailers for spiderman 3 which pretty much told the entire story in 2mins and 30 sec. and that movie turned out with big numbers at the box office. besides you guys saw the spiderman 3 trailers as well, why didnt you say that same thing for that film.

Drake on Jun 13, 2008


IAN MCSHANE!!!! I will now go see this movie, haha

rblitz7 on Jun 13, 2008


WTF is Joan Allen doing in this sort of crap? She deserves so much better...

Derek on Jun 13, 2008


doesn't it feel like deja vue for a minute there i thought the driver might have been the govinator himself arnol shwarzenegger. lol. death race should be called running man 2.

jesse b on Jun 13, 2008


have to agree with Joshua and David on this, definitely sounds like 'The Condemned' on wheels to me, the film critiques are going to love this.

Andrew on Jun 13, 2008


No insane story plots... Excessive explosions, violence etc... I'm gonna see this! It looks great! It's time for a good, senseless action flick.

nate on Jun 13, 2008


So this is pretty much The Condemned on wheels? It looks okay.

Joshua on Jun 13, 2008


Looks like a fun ride. No thinking just enjoying. And nice to hear GnR in a movie trailler.

Heckle on Jun 14, 2008


Haha great trailer, yes Im serious. Im not saying it will translate into a great movie, but at least its aesthetics are pleasing. Speed Racer meets Condemned FTW

Keith on Jun 14, 2008


lol at the villain! XD "Don't worry! All he has are pro-NASCAR driving skills and the deadliest car in the world. He'll never get away!" lol ^^

LW on Jun 14, 2008


Hey I'm there!! Go Statham!!

nha on Jun 14, 2008


The spiderman 3 trailer didn't give away the whole plot. It didn't show that Spidey and the hobgoblin hooked up, or even that Harry would lose his memory.

Aldonn on Jun 14, 2008


Looks good but they should have jsut gave it a different title considering how it has nothing to do with the original. Also it gave away EVERYTHING. Nicely made but whoever made it should have realized that they put WAY too much in.

Ryan on Jun 14, 2008


Carmagedon + GTA %)))

Hairgel_Addict on Jun 14, 2008


Lookls good I'm the relationship between Gibson and Statham is pretty obivious, there gonna help each other out in the end besides that It'll be good.

Xerxex on Jun 14, 2008


Well I will be there day 1. Anything with Jason "Chev Chelios" Statham is pretty much gold in my book.

John on Jun 14, 2008


Boogie Nights, Magnolia, There Will Be Blood, and now... this? oh, wrong Paul Anderson. I no longer care about this movie.

Eric on Jun 14, 2008


Great yet another remake.......Don't Hollyweird do original films anymore? so far this year i have heard of remakes of "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "Get Smart", yes it's a remake because it is based on a filmed project ( does not matter that it is a TV series ) and there were two tv movies anyway.... and now a remake of "Death Race." Sad Really all these remakes and nothing worth watching, i'm a huge film fan but in the last twenty or so years have found that Hollyweird has been doing more and more rema

neftoon on Jun 14, 2008


another remake how sad, i would not mind if they remade films that need to be remade like, Titanic or any of the star wars prequels and sequles because they were just plain Bad.....but, they always seem to remake and butcher the best from their past, that's not to say that the Original "Death Race" wasn't flawed but unlike the remake of Oceans 11 that is part of the original Death Race's charm.

neftoon on Jun 14, 2008


I don't care if it's a remake. It's like eating the same delicious meal twice.

DCompose on Jun 14, 2008


Good action Flick another brual remake. No running over pedestrians for points???? COME ON That was the twisted stuff that made DR2000 so AWESOME> Still will see this though, looks very entertaning...Really feels like they just made a Twisted Metal moive without Sweet Tooth or Calypso. Anyone else get that vibe

Ripper on Jun 15, 2008


If the pope does not get killed in this... what's the point? I remember laughing until my ass bled! (I'm catholic btw - its FILM, suspend disbelief for a second please) I have fond memories of the original film. This is not a remake. It's just a title. I may rent it for the heavy British accent in the cast but thats all.

BobaJob on Jun 15, 2008


it looks kind like twisted metal

beto on Jun 15, 2008


Aight juss got 2 say this looks like the Transporter meets with a bad-azz fast paced flick...Hellz JEah....

Shelby on Jun 15, 2008


this film is in no way shape or form a "remake" of the orginal movie! the only thing the same is the title and only part of it at that! looks like a good action film but WAY too much info in the trailer, nothing left to the imagination or for the opening weekend. will probably wait for it on dvd, i'd hate to waste 10 bucks and walk out pissed off i'll buy it when it ends up in the $5 dollar bin at wal mart, and YES it will end up there VERY VERY SOON!

thejugfather on Jun 16, 2008


No way is this even close to a remake - this has more relation to 'Running Man' than 'Death Race 2k'. 🙁

Psybil on Jun 17, 2008


C'mon guys, this is modern-day hollywood.... They're not going to stick to the roots of any franchise nowdays, It's all about the cash. These things will be chopped and changed in any way that makes it easier for the filmakers to get that cash. Despite being a fan of the originals, I'm going with the current flow... because most of these new films are quite entertaining. Heck, having Statham in it is a major bonus... This flick looks freakin' awesome If you imagine you never saw "Death Race" printed on it.

Merc on Jun 17, 2008


Testosterone driven action, corny lines - im in.

Cyfer1 on Jun 18, 2008


This has two things going for it so far: Guns N' Roses and "I guess he didn't like the oatmeal".

Conrad on Jun 26, 2008


This movie looks so awesome who cares about the god dam story its all about the action isnt it.

Don on Jun 27, 2008


In Hollywood, the term "remake" is code for "use the name to generate any decent buzz left among those who liked whatever original form that title was in." You can call this one Hot guy, Fast Car, Damage, Mayhem, Take 1,789,789. Makes no difference. Statham will be introduced, annoyed, forced into a situation he loathes, then will kick assorted butt until he is the last one standing and limping away. Joan Allen can't hang out looking for Jason Bourne anymore, so looks like she's switching sides. Could be interesting. Or, it could be like watching Aunt Bea trying to out-tough a Hell's Angel. Either way, it's new in this incarnation, it's action packed, and it's Jason Statham. Call it Bambi Meets the Transporter for all I care. I'm THERE! "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and go well with ketchup."

Dawif on Jul 2, 2008


statham; hot chicks; action; cars; plenty of beatings; and oatmeal. I'M IN!

jabos on Jul 7, 2008


I'm not.

Dave on Jul 14, 2008


did anyone else notice how ALL the women prisoners are hotties? ive never been to a womens prison, but after watching this trailer (twice), im pretty sure the film makers havent either...

WB on Jul 29, 2008


Has any one heard of twisted metal games.Looks like if the players get saved from prison and play a game to stay out of prison.Ring any bells? Calypso,Sweet tooth?

Esteban Echandi on Jul 31, 2008


this is bullshit wat is a movie like this coming out without sweet tooth, calypso or any other characther from twisted metal. i think they should make a movie with all off those people in it and they shouldnt have a race they should just drive around and kill each other that would make this movie more badass sweet tooth forever bitches

shane Brockman on Sep 26, 2008


so seriously, why in the hell did the people redo a movie without twisted metal black assemblys? the movie would be a whole lot better if you actually made a violent image like the twisted metal era,and put that right into a movie. so basically what i'm saying is quit the craptastics,i want a twisted metal movie,and i think the producers should create a twisted metal movie,just as violent,gory,crude just like twisted metal black. i want to see Minion,Sweet Tooth,Calypso,Axel,Spectre,Junkyard Dog,Shadow,Manslaughter,Darkside,Roadkill,Outlaw!!!!gimme what i want!

Alex on Sep 26, 2008


you guys should play maplestory this movey was pretty badass no twisted metal shit twisted metal is gay just like twisted metal fans

Mapleman on Jan 8, 2009


have aproblem email me at

Mapleman on Jan 8, 2009


The film's music composer is Paul Haslinger. He has done the music for Blue Crush and Crank, also. BTW, I have downloaded the trailer from IGN before theatrical release.

Rebecca on Jan 31, 2009

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