First Trailer for Katherine Heigl's The Ugly Truth

November 27, 2008

The Ugly Truth Trailer

Thought you were done with romantic comedies this week? Guess again. The first trailer for The Ugly Truth, starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl, has debuted online. First off, Heigl looks sexier than she has ever looked and her character is exactly my kind of girl. And second, I think Butler is as good in comedies as he is in action films. But unfortunately this is another stale and unoriginal story - the girl just wants love, she falls for the pretty guy who she really likes, but realizes it's really her friend (or the guy she doesn't like) that is actually perfect for her. Haven't we already seen this exact story enough already?!

Watch the trailer for The Ugly Truth:

[flv: 598 282]

You can also watch The Ugly Truth trailer in High Definition on AOL

The Ugly Truth is directed by Australian filmmaker Robert Luketic, of Legally Blonde, Monster-in-Law, and 21 most recently. The story was developed by newcomer Nicole Eastman and the screenplay was written by Eastman and writing duo Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith (Legally Blonde, She's the Man, The House Bunny). Sony will premiere The Ugly Truth in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009.

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Haha, it looks funny, Alex, what are you talking about?! It's a great cast and I think the R-rating can actually give it an edge. I also like the director a lot.

Ryan on Nov 27, 2008


This looks really similar to 27 Dresses, which is not a good thing. On the bright side, Heigl does look a lot better than in her previous work. Maybe she took Gerard's advice and spent some quality time with a stair master.

David on Nov 27, 2008


Okay looks funny...great cast, but the story line is one of many we've already seen..."Roxanne" with Steve Martin, "27 Dresses" as David (#2) listed above...I'm a Gerard fan, but no enough to see this one in the theater...definitely a DVD kind of movie...

Triston on Nov 27, 2008


definitely a bit torrent kind of movie...

Bucker on Nov 27, 2008


What a surprise, Heigl plays a cunt. Because a guy says he likes to drink red wine, he can't drink anything else? And it's not creepy at all that she carries internet dating profiles around with her... After this is out of theatres (quickly) she'll probably go on about how sexist it is.

Colin on Nov 27, 2008


Wow that's the guy that played the asshole in Harold and Kumar II...weird...

Steven on Nov 27, 2008


I think this looks kinda funny. Probably very predictable, but it'll probably have alot of good one-liners. **'s a movie.... get over it....yes the character is a slightly creepy broad. Douche

ClerksFan on Nov 27, 2008


I just adore Katherine Heigl - the woman is totally gorgeous and wonderful actress as well. The R rating should certainly mean there is a lot more to follow that they can't show us in the trailer..certainly should make it a lot edgier. I am really looking forward to this one.

Andy on Nov 27, 2008


It must be hard being an actress. The only movies you get to do are fluffy romantic comedy recycles like all the Meg Ryan/Sandra Bullock flicks (granted, some of those are entertaining) Oh, no, that's not right...Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, Ellen Page, Selma Blair, Dakota Fanning, have done substantial character work. Heigl just doesn't cut it for me...she was just okay in Knocked Up and 27 Dresses has to be one of the worst movies ever made...she is a real far. They write these movies for women, and women should be angry that this is the best Hollywood can do. Smart women probably are.

kitano0 on Nov 27, 2008


Yuck. Katherine Heigl is a human-sized Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

avoidz on Nov 27, 2008


yea its been done a million times but this actually looks fun and butlers hilarios, also who can say no to catherine heigl?

harrison on Nov 27, 2008


Not gonna lie, I can enjoy a lot of chick flicks. We may have seen it before somewhere, but I'll still see it.

Will S. on Nov 27, 2008


Wow Colin, I hope you don't kiss your mother with this mouth, I'd say girlfriend but with that mentality I'd be incredibly surprised if you'd found one who would put up with your misogynistic bullshit. /rant I'll see this, and enjoy it.

Samma on Nov 28, 2008


Heigl is indeed a beauty but she is ruined by the fact that she is a devout smoker. Chain smokes in fact. Looks great in pictures and on the big screen but her breath, hair and clothing stinks like a bar. Angelina Jolie is a hottie from the neck up but her rockin body is ruined by all those trashy tattoos.

Cajun_Mike on Nov 28, 2008


I'm sooooooooo tired of Judy Greer playing second fiddle to the leads. She always steals every scene she's in, so can we please give her a lead role. Not that I don't like Katherine, but Judy just steals the scenes, hands down.

Cody on Nov 29, 2008


Looks ok. It's probably gonna be a standard romantic-comedy. It would be a shocker if Butler and Heigl ends up together if you know what I mean.

The Awsome Dude With Sunglasses on Nov 30, 2008


Looks funny... gotta love Butler and Heigl.

Yamika on Nov 30, 2008


Gerard Butler in a romantic comedy/chick flick..... no.... it.... BuRNS... MY EYES!!!?!!1

bozoconnors on Dec 1, 2008


Surprisingly, this actually looks funny. Not sure if I'll actually pay $10 to see it, but I'll definitely rent the DVD.

Jimmy on Dec 7, 2008


i don't know, looks okay

Susana on Dec 11, 2008


This is definitely a circle of connection with Heigl, Butler, and Jeffery Dean morgan. I feel like playing 7 degrees of separation! lol But yeah....the two look like they have good chemistry, the ending is most likely very predictable, but I might go see it in theaters. If I don't, I'll definitely end up watching it on the internet. Cute! And who can't resist Butler? There's no way he can look UNattractive...

Maria on Dec 14, 2008


Why is everyone so surprised to see Gerard Butler in a romantic comedy? He already played in one last year -- P.S. I Love You.. Granted, he was only in it for the first 30 minutes or so, but he was pretty quirky and fun in that too! I'm pretty open-minded about all sorts of movies - chick flicks included - but I think I may wait for this to come out on DVD... looks fun and light-hearted enough, but there's a lot of other movies out there coming up this year 😉

justine on Jan 18, 2009


This movie looks funny.

canvas art on Feb 6, 2009


How many kinds of story-line could there possibly be? It isn't the cliche part that counts, it is the way they do it (though I'll admit 27 Dresses wasn't very good, but James Marsden was HOT). Hey, maybe it will actually be good. Maybe..

EmpressSayuri on Mar 21, 2009


The good guy is literaly gay. Not spoiler, just intuition.

Mauro on Jul 31, 2009

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