First Trailer for Step Brothers Arrives, Too

February 27, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Step Brothers Trailer

In addition to a new trailer for Steve Carell's Get Smart, the first trailer for Step Brothers starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly has debuted. If you're not digging this within the first 30 seconds, just wait until the end, I'm sure you'll be laughing then. "You like guacamole?" This looks great and all, but there's one thing it's missing - Judd Apatow. I will admit I laughed quite a bit, but I also laughed during the Talladega Nights trailers (and we all know how that turned out), and this is from the same guy. I'm just not sure yet, but take a look for yourself…

Neil over at Film School Rejects reviewed the script and claims that it's it could be "another classic Ferrell movie" saying "this one has the potential to be every bit as ridiculous as Anchorman and as overwhelmingly crude as Semi-Pro…" After watching the trailer I'm just not sure it has the right touch, like any and all of Apatow's movies. I think it's time for Ferrell to move over (or join the Apatow team) and Apatow to fill in. I'm already predicting this is going to be the final non-Apatow big summer comedy.

Watch the trailer for Step Brothers:

[flv:step-brothers.flv 500 270]

You can also watch the Step Brothers trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

Step Brothers is directed and co-written by Adam McKay, of Talladega Nights and Anchorman previously. Ferrell and McKay originally signed a deal with Sony to make three movies, Anchorman being the first, Talladega Nights the second, and now Step Brothers. The movie arrives in theaters this summer on July 25th.

Step Brothers Poster

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It looks really funny to me.

Stephen on Feb 27, 2008


That last bit was pretty funny but I'm still going to reserve judgment. Talladega wasn't all that. BTW, when is the actual release date? You say June 20th but the poster says otherwise.

Kit on Feb 27, 2008


I'm pretty sure he made a typo.

Stephen on Feb 27, 2008


Loved Anchorman and Talladega this should be another classic Ferrell movie.

Curtis on Feb 27, 2008


You are correct, it was a typo. 🙂 July 25th is the correct release date.

Alex Billington on Feb 27, 2008


Personally, I thought that looked great. I agree maybe Talladega Nights wasn't all that, but it had it's moments. And even if Step Brothers doesn't have "the Apatow touch," it's clear that's the direction they're pointed in. I'm really starting to enjoy not only the Will Ferrell / John C. Reily comedy partnership, but REALLY enjoying the evolution of John C. Reily as a comedy star after he spent so long languishing in character actor parts. You know the old saying "Drama is easy, comedy is hard." I think Reily must be some kind of genius because he's brilliant in both. That doesn't happen often.

Tom Brazelton on Feb 27, 2008


Judd Apatow has been a producing Ferrell flicks since Anchorman, so he is involved with this one. I would consider Ferrell to be part of the Apatow team.

James on Feb 28, 2008


A little too eager to namedrop "Apatow" as often as possible? Not everything his name is attached to has his "touch," and that's ok (though Drillbit Taylor looks terrible.) Hell, he wrote Walk Hard and THAT didn't really have his "touch."

R on Feb 28, 2008


Damn, you're right, this is an Apatow movie. What the heck? I still think it looks quite funny either way...

Alex Billington on Feb 28, 2008


I love Will Ferrell and John C Reilly and I think this movie looks great. But then I loved all Will's other movies. I find it odd that not a lot of people liked Talladega Nights, I guess most people were just watching for a quick laugh, but the real humor was how everything they did was making fun of the NASCAR culture. It also looks like Ferrell will be straying away from his recurring character (strong, dominate, manslut ) in this one, which might attract people who don't like him playing that role over and over.

Mark R on Feb 28, 2008


Really Mark R? It doesn't looks like Ferrell is straying too far away from his constant role to me. Not that I'm complaining, but I would like to see him branch out like Jim Carrey did (if he is able to). Ferrell's movies seem to be really 1 dimensional lately that it's starting to grow old. I'll still go, laugh, and quote lines after, but deep down I'll want something more.

Avelanch on Feb 28, 2008


I think when you say Apatow movie you might be imagining the ones in the rated R category (knocked up, superbad)

mamamiya on Feb 28, 2008


This looks like ti can be pretty good.

Ryan on Feb 28, 2008


that gotta hurt.

Jojo on Feb 28, 2008


This looks pretty funny. I like Judd Apatow alright, but I don't love him or think he is the new savior of comedy or anything like a lot of other people do. He is just a guy who has made a few funny films.

Zach D. on Feb 29, 2008


I didnt think it was possible...a movie where Ferrell made me laugh...I guess anything really is possible, huh??? amazing....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Feb 29, 2008


This is an ABOMINATION!!!!! Looks so horrible!!! Will Ferrell is just not funny to me. Dry ass Humor. Just my 2 Cents...

REAL6 on Mar 3, 2008


I do see your point Avelanch. I really liked Stranger Than Fiction and that was a whole new direction for Ferrell but he doesn't seem to want to stick with it. Don't get me wrong I like all his movies but it was good to see him trying something new.

Adam G on Mar 4, 2008


Too funny...............Do you like Guacamole I agree with #2 reserve my judgment with out the crew of TALA and ANCHOR I just don't see this being as funny

SHANE D on Mar 6, 2008


Big fan of Anchorman. Thought Elf was neither funny nor amusing. This looks unfunny.

Wes on Mar 15, 2008


yea. that's gonna be pretty funny. i don't thin it would be as clever as anchorman, but still funny. especially the last part of the trailer. that was the icing on the cake.

Steenz on Mar 15, 2008


not going to the theater to see it but will definitely rent it. it's got potential.

joe on Apr 29, 2008



preatorius on Apr 29, 2008


That looked really awful to me.

poetic07 on May 25, 2008


OhMyGod. Seen This Film And LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE funniest film I have EVER seen, Seriously. xx

courtneeh x on Sep 28, 2008


- Althooh I Do admit the trailor doesnt seem so good , deffo dusnt do the actual film justice. xx

courtneeh x on Sep 28, 2008

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