First Twilight Teaser Trailer - Freaky?

May 5, 2008
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Twilight Teaser Trailer

The Twilight hype is currently at crazy levels of intensity and it probably has to do with the fact that the first teaser trailer has finally hit. If you're not familiar with the film, Twilight is based off of the best-selling series of novels by Stephenie Meyer about a teenage girl who falls in love with another teenage vampire. Our writer Kevin Powers has been fruitfully covering the film so far, but now I'll be the first to say this teaser trailer doesn't look half bad. But then again, Kevin makes a great point - the whole concept is really designed for teenage girls and just watching the trailer it feels like a mix of The Covenant, Never Been Kissed, and 30 Days of Night, and not in a good way. See for yourself below…

Watch the first teaser trailer for Twilight:

[flv: 480 270]

Twilight is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke of Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, and The Nativity Story. The screenplay was written by Melissa Rosenberg (of "The O.C." and "Dexter") and adapted from Stephenie Meyer's novel. Twilight will hit theaters later this year on December 12th.

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I LOVE the books, but this seems like it's LOOSELY based off of them. I still have high hopes that it will be good, me and my girlfriend will be there opening day to see it.

DavidR on May 5, 2008


Lets face it everyone is gonna be bitching, "It's not as good as the book"

haze on May 5, 2008


Lord of the Rings and To Kill A Mockingbird are on par with the books their based on, so it's not like it's not possible for them to make this good.

DavidR on May 5, 2008


The movie will probably be just as good as the book, boring & forgettable.

Scorpio on May 5, 2008


I can't believe someone just compared a vampire teen drama to To Kill A Mockingbird.

John on May 5, 2008


cute chick, thats about all this film has going for it

harrison on May 5, 2008


It's a superhero movie, until he fights the rest of the vampires. And I'm not sure I've ever heard any hype for this movie other than on this website. Not anywhere else online....

Andrew Wickliffe on May 5, 2008


Was i supposed to laugh? Because their performances were laughable...hope this was a trailer for fans... ditto #7 Alex if this is the way this project is going YOU should stop giving it publicity. "You shouldn't have said that." whoosh

silver on May 5, 2008


Oh look, an angsty teen drama, but it has supernatural elements! Yeah, pass...

SG Dave on May 5, 2008


meh...this looks a little better then The Covenant and The Convenant was quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen!

Jeff Warner on May 5, 2008


Aaah! I love it! =D I'm trying not to get my hopes up for the movie (because I don't think it's possible for a movie to be as good as a book. ;D) -- but things like this get me riled up and anxious to see the film! =D I was an extra in a few of the scenes, so it's awesome to recognize a few faces walking in the background. <3 Cheers!

shadowed-light-waves on May 5, 2008



Alyx on May 5, 2008


Wow, I HATE Bella's actress. She doesn't do it right. Ed's kind of cute though.

Nettle on May 5, 2008


*snicker* *snicker* ^

silver on May 5, 2008


erm..what the fuck is twilight? I said this in a thread yesterday..if nothing else, it will be a decent rent. not sure if I'm prepared to go to the theater for this..teaser trailer was horrible.

Garrett.king on May 5, 2008


Looks really stupid. They did put a nice filmic feel to it, but from what I gathered from the plot and of my experience with teenage romances, it will undoutably disappoint. You know what, scratch that. I saw it again. No nice filmic feel at all. Its going to be shit through and through.

Vega Bro on May 5, 2008


Poor Kevin really got ripped on his review. I would be interested to see what he thinks of the trailer. Also, I can't believe that you called it Never Been Kissed...where did that come from? haha I wasn't sure about the trailer when I first saw it because I'm not sure about the direction that they're taking the movie but the more I watch it the more I like it (hate the music though). It's obviously targeted towards teenage girls but I still think there will be some guys who are interested in it. Anyway, I'm excited. Thanks!

Janet on May 6, 2008


the preview isn't a lot to go on, really, but it seems to cast the film as more action/thriller than romance. I wonder how much that'll change as we near December. and the few lines we get seem stiff and cliche. but I suppose some audience members (of the younger, female variety) probably don't really care, since Edward is so swoon-worthy. but anyway...I do like the Volvo C30

kevin powers on May 6, 2008


I thought it was a decent teaser. I'm looking forward to this b/c I'm a huge fan of Kristen Stewart. All three of the novels were pretty awesome, so I'll keep an open mind to this when I watch it in theaters.

Robert_B on May 6, 2008


OME!!! Trying to breathe...this movie is going to be better than we first thought! Thank you')

Kim on May 6, 2008


Reminds me of the COVENENT..... hmmmm

SHANE D on May 6, 2008


I would comment on how ball-shrinkingly lame this looks, but I don't want to comment here because the last time I commented about this stupid-looking film I had my e-mail Inbox engorged by 30 bazillion girls crying about how all their boyfriends loved the books and the movie is going to rock. A.B., you could have also thrown in "Wolf" (the deer chasing scene) and ANY Dawson's Creek/The OC/Gossip Girl-type show from WB/UPN/CW into that mix of yours. No doubt about it, the style-over-substance paradigm is here to stay!

kevjohn on May 6, 2008


No way is it gonna be better than the book! Im not really looking forward to the movie...I dont want to change my view of the story because, in my opinion, there is no way anything can beat the book. The actors arent as good as I imagined but to be honest not many people could pull off the parts of the Cullen family It doesnt look too bad though...compared to other movies...

Sabs on May 6, 2008


Why do people always say "angsty" it's so very annoying. So just because their teens it's a teens only film? People are so short sighted it's insane. I'm looking forward to the film and the chemistry between Rob and Kristen is AMAZING. I literally couldn't breathe. I have high hopes for this film but i don't want to get to hyped up in case it lets me down but i don't think it will, i hope now. I just have to add that Stephenie's novels are best sellers for a reason. And also since we're talking about it we're giving it more publicity, it's a vicious circle. And trailers always are different to the finished film, they need catchy stuff to pull people in, one liners and great shots and isn't that just what they've done. I rest my case.

Kirsty on May 6, 2008



jason_md2020 on May 6, 2008


Something that needs to be cleared up right now is that nobody is saying anything about these books. I know I'm not because I haven't read them and really don't have any intention on reading them. I understand that fans of the book series take critical comments about the movie to be taking a swipe at the books, but that's not what the majority of naysayers are doing. If this movie ends up being as bad as it looks right now, you'll have my sympathies because I understand what it is to have good material turn into crap. Want proof? Look at the Corman Fantastic Four movie, the 90's Captain America movie, or Nick Fury starring David Hasselhoff. It took a long time for comic movies to be taken seriously, so I understand and empathize with you. I said "angsty" because that's what it looks like: brooding, whiny teens in a CW tv show. That's what the initial photo looks like and the trailer didn't change my mind at all. I will also be the first to admit that I'm not the target audience. I'm not saying it's going to bomb at the box office. I hated Disturbia, but it did just fine. I'm not broken up over it and fans of the movie aren't either. As for saying that trailers are supposed to have one-liners and great shots to pull you in, Kirsty, you are absolutely right. The problem is that I saw neither in the trailer. Now, to be fair, it's entirely possible that these scenes in the context of reading the books create an entirely different reaction in you, but it did absolutely nothing for me. I hope the film makes fans of the books happy, but I'll be passing unless it gets amazing reviews from people I trust.

SG Dave on May 6, 2008


I like this trailer and all, but I think the movie might lead too far away from the book. 1. Why are Bella and Edward in the woods when she finds out he's a vampire? I'm pretty sure they were somewhere else (I think they were at La Bella Italia unless i'm mistaken) 2. Wasn't Edward supposed to tackle Bella onto the couch in his bedroom after saying "You really shouldn't have said that"? I was looking forward to that scen 😛 and I do wonder why he jumps out the window after pulling her onto his back... kinda odd but still a bit cool 3. Victoria is going to be at the prom. WTF. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Hopefully a good thing. I'm hoping Twilight will still be a good movie. Hopefully, the scenes that weren't in the book will make up for the scenes that were in the book but not in the movie.

Tiffanie on May 6, 2008


"…WHY THE F#CK ARE THESE SUPPOSED VAMPIRES HUNTING DEER & SAVING TEENAGE GIRLS FROM AUTO ACCIDENTS UNDER BLUE F#CKING SKIES & DAYLIGHT!?!?!?!" If you would bother to read the books, then yes this would all be explained to you.

renfro on May 6, 2008


Tiffanie - there are a number of scene changes from the book because so many of the conversations between Edward and Bella take place in his car. That would become extremely boring in a movie, so they changed it up for the cinematic aspect. The conversation where Bella asks Edward how old he is, etc. takes place in his car when they are going back to Forks from Port Angeles. The books are also all from Bella's perspective and with the movie, the director decided to make it more rounded where we are seeing things that Bella was not necessarily aware of - as in Edward's hunting. The whole thing with Victoria at the prom is a puzzle. No idea why they would add that in since it clearly was not in the book. I'm kind of bothered by that one too.

renfro on May 6, 2008


Never Been Kissed? WTf??

julie on May 6, 2008


Oh, I really do hope they do justice to the books....that's all i ask for.

beth on May 6, 2008


Hot guy who's nailed brooding. Rhetorical questions on immortality. Hot guy saves girl from danger and has supernatural powers. Teengirl who could be any girl. Over 5 million copies of the first book alone in print and another in release this summer making it a hot topic in every high school in America. What part of this trailer isn't appealing again to the majority of the 12-25 year-old female target audience? I must have missed it.

Laura on May 6, 2008


I loved it. & if you don't like it, don't fucken watch it. wow, is that so hard?

Y on May 6, 2008


Edward goes after that deer because he is a "vegetarian" - he doesn't kill humans...I don't understand why saving teenage girls from auto accidents contradicts the vampire myth, or any sort of logic whatsoever...and he's in daylight because Twilight vampires aren't affected by it. There you go, go read the book x_x And the trailer is awesome, b.t.w.! =)

Faktririjekt on May 6, 2008


Andrew Wickliffe: What on earth? Really. If you haven't read the book, why would you be making crazy assumptions like that? On both points, you're terribly WRONG. SG Dave: "Not the targeted audience"...right. Twilight is, by definition, a young adult book. It follows seventeen-year-old junior Bella Swan. But the fanbase has never been only teenage girls. is a website where the requirements to join are: 25 and over, married, or a mom. My 50-year-old mother as well as my 47-year-old father read them all and love it, as well as my 16-year-old brother. All my friend's parents have read them, and even a few grandparents. Why do they love it? They love these books because Bella is NOT whiny, or angsty, or shallow, or mean. Bella is intelligent, strong, perceptive and holds her ground. She is a real role model. "I said "angsty" because that's what it looks like: brooding, whiny teens in a CW tv show." No. No, no, no. Twilight is not a brooding, emo-type story, where all the characters cry themselves to sleep after a friend insults their outfit. In Twilight, everybody has troubles and a lot of them, it's true, but the characters don't wallow: they really try to figure out what to do; what's the right decision to make from here. Twilight is mainly a romance, but it's also about growing up, making choices, and doing what's right, and the director and actors have noted on this. "As for saying that trailers are supposed to have one-liners and great shots to pull you in[...]." But this wasn't a trailer! It was a TEASER trailer! A TEASER TRAILER! How much can you put into a teaser trailer when you've only JUST finished filming and have only a minute to use? Kevin Powers: After your first comment, isn't the rest of it kind of redundant? --- I'm not saying it isn't allowed to bash Twilight in any way, Everybody has their own opinions, and of course I respect that. But I just don't like it when an opinion with no (known) basis on fact is told like it is just that. Thanks, and sorry for the editorial.

Sarah on May 6, 2008



Sparklesrule on May 6, 2008


How about we all just calm down? It's a teaser trailer... Nothing life threatening there... Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, for sure. But let's be respectable, mk? No need to start a war in here over this. = ) As for me... This trailer made my dreams come true.... That is all. =D

Fallon on May 6, 2008


to Garrett.king: if you want to know what Twilight is, quit bitching about it and go look it up yourself! go to wikipedia for god sake! and to jason_md2020: read the book to find out why... and to all the people who compare this movie to the craptastic Covenant... where to begin... 1) In the covenant, THERE ARE NO VAMPIRES!!! in the covenant they are fucking warlocks dammit get your facts straight! 2) The plot line is completely different... and who the hell would compare this to Kill a Mockingbird? thats just stupid!

deb on May 6, 2008


The trailer was amazing!

Amy on May 6, 2008


looks kinda of lame and typical almost Underworld/Convenant type movies though ill give it a chance ill see what its like when we see the next full trailer and decide then. Kristen Stewart is looking hot and it will be a least worth a rent.

Curtis on May 6, 2008


i am really excited

sarah kelley(heart) on May 6, 2008


"...1. Why are Bella and Edward in the woods when she finds out he's a vampire? I'm pretty sure they were somewhere else (I think they were at La Bella Italia unless i'm mistaken) 2. Wasn't Edward supposed to tackle Bella onto the couch in his bedroom after saying "You really shouldn't have said that"? I was looking forward to that scen and I do wonder why he jumps out the window after pulling her onto his back… kinda odd but still a bit cool 3. Victoria is going to be at the prom. WTF. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Hopefully a good thing...." Actually, Jacob Black tells her about him being a vampire, then she confronts him at the restaurant. I was looking forward to the couch scene, too...I guess they just couldn't make it work. And Why the HECK is Victoria at the prom? She's not even a major character until New Moon! AND she's the bad guy. I love the books, but from watching this trailer I'm afraid it's not going to be even close to what it should be. I guess it's hard to capture on screen, but they aren't doing Stephenie Meyer justice.

Danika on May 6, 2008


okay. it looks good. as much as know it won;t be as good as the book, they never are, i still am deely optimistic. i love these books. and so far i'm impressed. i had a little tiny orgasm when i saw it the first time.

katiekat on May 6, 2008


Listen, guys: the teaser trailer will look complete different to a fan of the books than it will to someone wo has never heard of Twilight before. Take, for example, the few sentences that are spoken in the video. To those of us who know the series by heart and can recite paragraph after paragraph, "a while" and "you really shouldn't have said that" are incredibly important to us. The scenes that encompass those lines are extremely vital to the books. But, to a person who watched the teaser purely for enjoyment, the lines do seem quite "stiff and cliche." Then, take into count the movie's summary. "A girl falls in love with a vampire." Honestly, guys... here's a question to you extreme fans out there. When you try to explain the plot of Twilight to someone, don't you feel sort of silly sometimes? You want to explain how deep and provocative the book truly is, and how realistically the characters are written, but when your thoughts try to come out of your mouth, it sounds like: "It's about this girl, and she kind of falls in love with a vampire... and he falls in love with her, too. But he really, really wants to kill her, too." ... I don't know about you, but I've certainly blushed once or twice while attempting to explain the premise of the story. And when you add the summary together with the cast image, of course non-readers are going to think it's just an angsty, brooding teenage drama. I'll admit that. At the moment, when you've got no background perspective on the story, it looks like a angsty-ridden supernatural episode from The OC. And when you combine every component of the movie that has been released -- the teaser trailer, the behind-the-scenes footage, the official cast picture, and now the official poster -- it doesn't look too hot. But, for those of you who haven't read the books, you've got to acknowledge that the teaser trailer is only one minute long; it's not nearly long enough to give a good enough explanation of what the movie is all about. This is just one video; the cast picture is just one image; there are still seven months until the movie is actually released. If I were you, I'd try to keep an open mind until you see the full-length trailer, or merely here some more information on the movie. Of course, if you want to classify it right now as "an angsty teen drama with supernatural elements" and call it "ball-shrinkingly lame", then be my guest. You have your own opinions, and I'm not going to bash them. If you don't want to see the movie, fine; save your seven dollars. It's your money -- your choice. And if I sound sarcastic right now, I'm not trying to be... truly, you're the one making the decision. I'll just try to tune out the bashers, and take in the good criticism you guys are giving. I did come here to say something positive, though. I think the teaser trailer looks pretty good. The scenes have been changed up a tad, and some new parts have been added in -- but I'm not complaining. I'm still eager for the movie's release, and I still love all the cast members. Things are looking good to me. Thanks for the article.

Jessica on May 6, 2008


I've seen the Covenant and Underworld & Blood and Chocolate for that matter, I can assure you Twilight won't be like that. And as for it being a teen angst drama that will let you down romantically.. i can also assure you that it won't do that either. I'm not saying this sassy either, but if you did read the books you would know that it's from Bella's perspective and Edward is the most amazing thing that has ever walked the face of the planet and he could never do anything wrong. BUT there's more to the story than Edward being perfect.. that wouldn't make it a very good movie. Just wait a little while, as more trailers come out and us "fans" start getting impatient. That will be the time to worry about FANGS. It's going to be a good movie and it will be worth going to the movies for. I'd say its better than some of the trash that has come out so far. (p.s. on the note of trailers, they never really do a good job of portraying a film. I was dead set on NEVER seeing Iron Man after I saw the trailer, well I went anyways. And i loved it. So, don't judge a book by its cover and don't judge a movie by its trailer!) 🙂 Twilighters, are you curious if Edward will sparkle??! I am!

Heather Mc on May 6, 2008


We are so lucky that Summit and Catherine Hardwick took notice of Stephenie Meyer's amazing work. I've been stoked about this movie from the beginning- watching, reading and listening to anything I could get my hands on. I know that critics write this off as an unsubstantial teen story, but that is just not true. I have studied literature for most of my adult life, having my BA in English and being an avid reader in general, and Stephenie just has something special that draws you in. I am giddy after watching this teaser trailer, oh, about a million times. And I know that I, and all of her millions of fans, will be just as eagerly awaiting any small morsel that the media will throw our way. I cannot wait until December case you didn't catch that, I give this trailer 2 thumbs up! P.S. The negative commenters on this site seem to be so much more angry than other sites. Just let me remind Stephenie's fans that she doesn't condone evil behavior towards those who express their disdain for her work and the movie. Even though it may be funny, she doesn't like it. She has okayed everything throughout the filming process, so please dont be ANXIOUS about the movie shying away from the true heart of the Twilight Saga. I think we'll all be happy come December.

Mrs. Hull 2 on May 6, 2008


Ugh. Movie-bashers in the Twilight fandom, can we PLEASE stop obsessing that the movie doesn't everything in the book EXACTLY? I mean, for god's sake, it's getting old. A movie and a book are two completely different medias and have to be done in completely different ways. If you want something exactly like the book, then just reread the book! Honestly, Stephenie Meyer was involved in the whole process of making the movie, and she approves of it all. If she likes it, then please just RELAX. Also, Twilight-bashers, I don't care how stupid or lame you think the books/movie might be, take your rudeness elsewhere. It's fine to have an opinion, but not when you're simply rude about it. You don't like it, we do. I do not mind the people hitting on the movie. Everyone has their own opinion, as I've said. I think Kristen Stewart's performance was a bit on the disappointing side whereas Robert Pattinson blew me away, but hey-- that was one minute. Sixty seconds. Let's see what they have left to throw at us, yes? 😉

LaTC on May 6, 2008


Before I get accused of saying that nobody outside of 14 year-old girls will like this movie, I'd like to set a couple of things straight. First of all, I said that *I* am not part of the demo for this movie. I wasn't speaking for anybody besides myself. It's been made abundantly clear that there is a broad fandom for this movie, I just don't see myself in it. Again, I'm not disrespecting the source material, I'm recognizing that this kind of movie probably isn't going to appeal to me, so I'm not going to waste anybody's time by seeing it and then saying how bad it is. As for whether it's a "teen drama" (I'm going to refrain from saying angsty because it seems to make people stabby and that really isn't my intention), I'm basing this opinion solely on the trailer that I've seen. What I saw gave me the impression that I stated before. Part of making a movie is that it's going to be exposed to people who aren't familiar with the source material. You have to make your trailer appeal to fans and non-fans alike. This teaser didn't do it. Sarah, when I was talking about the lack of big scenes, etc., I was responding to Kirsty's post that was two up from mine. If you're willing to say something, be prepared to back it up. I was calling that statement out. As for "Y", brilliant comment aside, I checked out the trailer because of the ferver caused by the other post that I commented in. It's clear that this movie has a following and I wanted to give it a fair chance despite my initial reaction to the publicity photo. Fortunately, enough fans of this series with more than a functional knowledge of spelling have prove that all fans aren't simply trolls like yourself. It is to those fans that I wish you nothing but the best and that this film does the books that you have such affection for justice. Just because I don't think this movie is for me doesn't mean that I hope it sucks and is a huge box office flop.

SG Dave on May 6, 2008


and prove = proven. Don't you love it when you misspell something in the very sentence you just called someone else out on for the same thing? 😀

SG Dave on May 6, 2008


The trailer was great! The movie will rock! Has anyone bashing actually read the books? For the most part you just sound uninformed if you comment and you dont even have a clue about the subject matter just to piss off fans. Furthure more losers if you are trying to pick fights with "tweens" as you all seem to think we are. Im not. We are a diverse, passionate fan base, and the books are completely different than any other vampire series and hopefully the movie(s) will be too. Whether you like the teaser or not we will be going in droves to see this flick and its gonna blow up the box office!

waterlily on May 6, 2008


the trailer is great and it is a very long time until the movie comes out my family has talked with stephinie and she aproves of every thing the actors the sets the mystrious things that people can't figuar out like why victoria is at the prom i think that one is alittle obvious but whatever the book and the movie will not mach up the same some people will like one better than others all together the trailer shows just enough to get you're hopes up and get you ready for even more interviews and vidios until this december

smilelygirl on May 6, 2008


Ahh... this is annoying. I love the books, ask anybody who knows me, and they will tell you I am obsessed. I would really appreciate it if people stop comparing it to The covenant, they are two very different movies. The teaser trailer really does not show the real feeling of the movie, nor what the whole movie is about. I you have read the books, you will now its a Romance novel, and the teaser show most of the action in the movie, which is not much either. I love Kristen for Bella, Edward I am still getting used to, especially the few lines he says in the teaser, which sound kind of stiff, but still, I know there is no real Edward out there. And even after this teaser trailer, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!! yes, that is how obsessed I am.

Alaris24 on May 6, 2008


Obviously this movie may not be for everyone, but comments like: 'another Covenant/Harry Potter/Never Been Kissed (???wha???hmmm)...well, all that talk (rediculaous as most of it is) just adds fuel to the fire...and that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned, because I want to see the rest of the book series on the big screen...So what if it's not another Warner Bros massive budget film about YET another DC comic hero??...I will put my money on the fact that is will be at least as good visually as any fill-in-the-blank-comicbook-movie AND girls will want to see it...over and over and over again (I know I will).

Tina on May 6, 2008


Oh dear, and please ignore the typos and grammatical errors I made. I was in such a frenzy to reply, I didn't even bother to go back and reread it through. My apologies. 🙂

Jessica on May 6, 2008


forgot to mention... for all of those out there who are saying that this movie does not have a big are so wrong, its nothing like HP, I admit, I don't think there will ever be something like HP again. And, for those who say that there is really few people out there who even know about this...(again) you are so wrong, I went to by the book this weekend (do not misinterpret, I read the books months ago, but only had the money to by my own until now) and the cashier, told me (and she most certainly was not a teenage girl) that she loved the books, and that she had bought the books for her sister who read them in three days. And last but not least, the book appeals to EVERYBODY, not just young adults, and not just teenage girls like me, though we are probably the majority.

Alaris24 on May 6, 2008



Maria on May 6, 2008


that little face was supposed to be this... =(

Maria on May 6, 2008


? is the best way to put it.

Ryan on May 6, 2008


Meh, I'm a fan of the books and I've been following the filming of the movie for awhile know. I'll just say this: The trailer was a bit...i dunno...anticlimatic? I can see a lot of people who havn't read the books becoming confused. And the lines were a bit lame. If I were part of the production team I would re-shoot or maybe even scrap the forest scene. It just didn't work. Honestly, I think the production team needs to just slow down. I think there getting pressure from fans and media outlets to hurry up and promote the film. I just think they should have took more time on the teaser. I mean, honestly guys! They just wrapped up filming last week...and now we get a trailer??? No wonder it's not the greatest!! The only thing that saved the whole thing for me was the car crash scene. I really thought it was well done. I was very impressed. Everything else was meh. Scenery was beautiful though. I hope that the next trailer will change my mind about the rest though. Anyway, I'll get off my soap box. G'night people and remember to RELAX!!

Moriah (teenage girl, fan of books, less than thrilled with the trailer? PARADOX?) on May 6, 2008


I think this trailer does what it should. Tease. It is not the full length trailer and honestly I think it was made mostly to excite the existing fanbase, though for an outsider it may intrigue. I don't think acting ability can be judged by seven lines in a clip less than a minute in length. I know Rob and Kristen's other works and I can honestly say they are both very talented. So do your homework before throwing stones people. I have high hopes for the film, I know films are never true to the book, in fact the only one that I can think of that is damn near verbatim is 'The Last Unicorn' and that is a CARTOON. So I just think of them as separate entities. I love the HP books and i love the films too, even though there are a multitude of changes. They had to change a lot for this film because most of the 'deep' conversation takes place in the volvo, not an interesting film concept, visually or they changed the scenery up a bit. All in all I think this particular trailer was to appease the fans because honestly those few lines mean A LOT more to us Twilgihters. And perhaps to cause a bit of controversy, they are not oblivious to the outrage and insanity of the Twilight Fandom (see the tree tops comment made months ago and ensuing madness thereof), smart marketing uses that advantageously. No publicity is bad publicity right? Ok, not always true in the film business but I think this one is going to be great.

Sanguina on May 7, 2008


Oh, and fellow Twilighters, I apologise for the above typo of our fandom name 🙂

Sanguina on May 7, 2008


Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of the books...but the teaser was really not that fantastic. I mean, it has me interested and excited, but it could have been done better. I agree, they should have taken more time on it, instead of releasing it a week after filming ended. So, it isn't the best. But, again, it is a TEASER. I'm willing to wait for the actual trailer before I start getting worried. And even if that doesn't look good, I still plan to see the movie. As for this ridiculous arguement between you "Twilight-bashers" and "Twilight-fans" can I just say, get a life? I mean, I love the books, but I'm not gonna cry because someone said the 58 second trailer looked "angsty." I have better things to do with my time and I'm sure all of you do too. So if people want to bash, let them bash. There's a chance they'll miss out on a really good movie because they won't give it a chance. Also, I think it's valid to give an opinion on the trailer being "stiff" without the fear of being named a "basher." So really, guys, grow up.

Casye on May 7, 2008


I agree with a lot of people here. It's 59 seconds, and if you didn't like those 59 seconds where the main characters only got a few lines in, and especially if you didn't read the book, and ESPECIALLY since it's JUST a teaser, a lot of people need to calm down. Can you really judge the entire movie and start labelling it with other vampire movies with such little information? Because the vampires in this movie are way more... what is it... sophisticated? Special? I don't know, but they're DIFFERENT. Like, yeah, the finished filming a week ago and whipped up a trailer most likely to drive us twilighters to the point of insanity. There are twilighters, and then there aren't. If you don't like it, don't watch it. But you'll probably miss out on the most highly anticipated movie of the year.

jennel smith on May 7, 2008


This movie doesn't look like it follows the book to much; which is a major dissapointment to some of us.

anonymous on May 7, 2008


First of all this site is not a Twilight hater as someone put it. We hate on a lot of different stuff. 😉 (If you don't believe that, checkout the shitstorm that happened when some one stated that Matt "Bongo Boy" McConaughey was up for the role of Captain America!) Anyway my little burst about the daylight vampire thing was me trying to understand a stylistic choice that flies directly in the face of centuries of fokelore and myth about what a vampire is. I'm also wondering why people are arguing about how great the books are/how much the books suck, on a MOVIE site. To the people telling me I should read the book and then I might understand the trailer/film better, that's a really poor argument. If I HAVE to read a book in order to understand the film adaptation, then that adaptation has failed. My wife has never picked up a comic book in her life, and yet she enjoyed Hellboy and Iron Man. Millions have enjoyed the Lord of the Rings trilogy without ever picking up the books. I've never read one page of any of the Harry Potter novels, but still have been very entertained by the films. The film has to succeed on it's own without the audience's prior knowledge of the book. Sure, it might be more fun to pick up the little details general audiences won't get (There's a lot of comic book geekery on this site, believe me we understand inside nods to the core fans) but if reading the book is required to understand or enjoy the movie, then the filmmakers have failed. This is why the Golden Compass film bombed. One last thing:To all the Twilight book fans that have showed up to either defend your taste in literature or tell us how stupid we are: Are you ever going to come back to this site and comment on any other topic? Or did you just swoop in to speak your piece, never to be heard from again? I hope not. Understand that my opinion is just that, my opinion. So you love the books and can't wait for the film. So I'm confused and turned off by this particular telling of the vampire myth. You know what? I'm glad we have different views on this. It would be boring if we all agreed on the same things, and this site would be pretty lame. So bring on the posts ladies...and stop by some of the other topics besides Twilight will ya? There's plenty of other fillms coming out between now and December...

jason_md2020 on May 7, 2008


I agree with Maria, this site is full of Haters. There's no need for such insults people! The trailer was just a teaser, a sneaky peek, a present for the loyal fans like myself. I would like to see the movie do well, so they can make all 4, but I will be there whether it's a box office hit or not. People always gotta have something to complain about I swear!! If you don't want to see the movie, then don't see the movie, but tearing it apart after all of the hard work that went into making it is unnecessary.

Sue on May 7, 2008


Reading a book should have nothing to do with making a film interesting. They are always two seperate entities, just because it was a book doesn't mean it's good. Look at "The Golden Compass" perfect example, movie sucked. Looks like an episode of "Goosebumps" with tweeny MTV angst.

Scorpio on May 7, 2008


I love the books and can't wait until the next one comes out, but seriously, not everyone's going to like what they see in the movie. Didn't that happen with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and so many other books that were adapted to the "big screen"? Yes. Remember that these books are anywhere from 400+ pages and the movie is probably going to be two hours at the maximum. If you really enjoy the books, then the movie shouldn't really matter, at least in my opinion. I might not even see the movie until it comes out on DVD. My obsessive-compulsive days ended back in my sophomore year of high school (a good 6 years ago). I think that Meyer has a great imagination and has a lot of potential going for her. I hope that in the end, she is satisfied with the movie.

Lala on May 7, 2008


Can't u guys atleast wait till the movie comes out b4 commenting on how horrible it looks ..its really pathetic hating on a movie after seeing the TEASER trailer...its not even the official trailer =| obviously, the OFFICIAL trailer will show more and summarize wat the story is abt for those people that aren't aware of it. This is really sad...theres still so many months till the movie comes out, i dont think its fair to judge it by a TEASER TRAILER! anywayz..ahh they expect us to wait till December O_o OH MY EDWARD! i absolutely LUV, LUV,LUV it! i noe its only 56 sec. but watever, i watched it who noes how many times! my computer started freezing up =P ^_^ ... Honestly to the haters out there or doubters ...its too early to predict anything abt the movie. Twilight fans r excited and thrilled that there's even going to be a movie based on our fav. book! so dont be all negative. we have to wait till the movie comes out. if its a flop then u can rub it in our faces, but i doubt that'll happen =) no movie is ever as good as the book we know that.

Faith on May 7, 2008


omg, why are most of you people leaving such bad comments. I think this movie is going to leave everyone awestruck and the books were way better than the harry potter series or what ever other books you people are reading. If you dont like the books or you are not thrilled about the movie than why are you wasting your time commenting on this board.

Megan on May 10, 2008


Well I'm incredibly excited for the movie... but I'm one of the 'built-in' fan base, so yes, I reacted differently to those who didn't understand the snippits of scenes they threw out in that short teaser trailer I thought it was interesting that people are pissed off that Twilight's vampires can go out in the day... Well some versions of stories are different than others! Why be so closed-minded about that? It's actually interesting... they can't be exposed to SUNlight infront of others (though cloud cover is fine) because when the sun does touch their skin it starts to faintly shimmer and glitter, making them look completely un-human. That's how the whole myth started that sunlight killed vampires, because they don't go out in it in order to keep their identies to themselves (kind of like the pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean movies not wanting to be exposed in moon-light) Comments on it being like the Convenant are interesting... How are they similar AT ALL? And it's hard to judge the acting abilities from such small clips... I'm reserving judgement

Melissa on May 10, 2008


Hey Melissa? The daylight thing was all me. Thanks for the explanation...But I still prefer the traditional vampire sunlight myth. Keeps 'em creepy...I think I explained my outburst better in post #65...

jason_md2020 on May 11, 2008


Hi Jason, I read your post 65, thanks for pointing it out. It's totally okay for you to to be "confused and turned off by this particular telling of the vampire myth." We all have our likes and dis-likes. For me, the vampire thing wasn't what drew me into the story in the first place, but once I was in the world I loved the ways the 'vampire myth' was re-invented. I personally think it's scarier that vampires have NO restrictions on where they can go... That they only choose to stay out of the light because they don't want to expose themselves. The Twilight world vampires don't sleep in coffins to wait out the daylight... They physically can never sleep...kind of doomed to a life of perpetual consciousness. Also new (at least to my knowlege) is their eyes change colors... signaling how 'thirsty' they are... the blacker their eyes become, the more dangerous (and beautiful) they become to us... But to each his own, of course. I just found it neat to have a fresh take on some of the vampire 'lore.' There are no easy 'stakings,' no crosses or holy water, these vampires do not even have fangs...but are strong and fast enough that they kill and drink blood quite easily... no neat little holes to mark 'a vampire has been here' I agree with you that the movie will have to stand on its own... I can't say if it will do that well or not, but I am hoping that it will do a decent job. I know book adaptations lose a lot, but not every book turned to movie has been horrible... You yourself named quite a few books-made-movies that the general public has seemed to enjoy. With such a rich story to go on, I hope the film-makers can do it justice... Though I'll have to wait until December to say for sure. And as to your comments that we should voice our opinons on other movies, I have started to do so 🙂 I was actually not aware this site existed until a Twilight lexicon article linked me to it, so I've been searching around a bit...

Melissa on May 11, 2008


I personally am very excited about the teaser trailer...pretty good for just having wrapped FILMING the movie like a week and half ago 🙂 And have you seen how many places people can watch this trailer? Myspace, the official twilight website, IMDB, this site, /film, a random article in the las angeles times (I suppose because they finished filming the last few scenes there??), youtube, two different places on and have you noticed how many times it has been watched in ALL of those places?? I'd love it if someone would visit all the sites that show the trailer and count the 'hits' it has just so we can see how many times it has been watched in less than a week 🙂 And to some Twilight fans... of course things will be different, it's a movie!!

switzerland on May 11, 2008


OMG.........I think its going to be pretty good movie probly not as good as the books, but still you never know! Did whos playing Jacob Black (HOTNESS)!!! SO..........ill be watching Twilight the day it comes out. I wish it came out sooner.........Bye =p

lala on May 11, 2008


So I was just re-reading the article that went along with the trailer... Some interesting comparisons, Alex. 😉 I suppose you're saying The Convenant because it looks dark (??), 30 Days of Night because of the vampire thing.. though the actual trailer (I noticed) doesn't even say WHAT Edward is... and the premise for those two 'vampire' movies couldn't be more different... BUT uh...Never Been Kissed?!?!?! EH?? Where did you get that from that 59 second trailer??? Other than that, I'm happy you have an open mind to watching the trailer! I hope more stuff to come will pike others interest as well (beyond the built-in fan base, of course)

Melissa on May 12, 2008


I have an idea if you dont like the books then dont go see the fucking movie. I still think it looks good.

Stepahane on May 17, 2008


35: whinny teen on CW show is exactly what bella is in the book, books 1 and 2 were good, number 3 SUCKED and I dont have high hopes for the movie.....vampires dont fall in love with preppy whinny girls, save that for the goths. Want a good vampire read or film? Anne Rice and The Lost Boys nailed it....Stephinie Meyer's appealing to the wrong crowd

Tara on May 18, 2008


this book was a fucking awsome book it covers alot of the truth about vampires and i know alot of guys who like it like me.... the movie does seem very loosly based on the book i hope it is more correct then what the trailor shows. this better come out in aus or i will be pissed off its TWILIGHT need i say more

shodow-hunter on May 21, 2008


These books are amazing and the movie is going to be good too. For all those who are dissing it, I think you should probably watch movies and read books for your age group then! Of course we'll all be hoping they don't butcher the book with the movie but non-the-less the book itself is absolutely amazing and brilliant. I love Stephenie Meyer and the bashing is unnecessary. Think about what you say before you decide to say it. Dur.

Somi on May 29, 2008


This movie is going to be horrible. The book was horrible and repetitive and this movie will be too.

Angelina on May 29, 2008


I think the mob=vie is going to be AWSOME. So all the people onb here that said its gonna suck or isnt going to be as good as the book should really just go flush your heads down a toilet beacause anyone with any intelect would realise that the fanbase on the movie is extraordinary. So go drown yourself in alake or something. The book and the movie ROCK! TWLIGHT IS THE FASHIZ!

TwilightLover on Jun 21, 2008


ok i have to say i am 100% in love with the twilight series. i dont only love the neverending drama between edward and bella i love how the author makes every single character ome alive. i wont be stupid i know the movie will be a disopointment...but that doesnt mean me and all of my other twilight obsessed friends will be there opening night:))) before i leave i have to say i amcompletly in love with edward cullen!!!!!! i hope it doesnt bother you that ilove a fictional vampire. hahahahaha,,,, well i suppose thats it. you know i could write soooo much more but i will restrain myself.....just one more thing GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.C.D. obsesive cullen disorder on Jun 21, 2008


You guys need to get a grip! If you have even read the books, you will have a better understanding for why this movie is highly anticipated. I am so PSYCHED for this movie, and I think they did a great job casting. Of course it's not possible for any human to play Edward, but Stephenie Meyer (the actual author of the books) likes the cast. So if the cast are good enough for her, they should be good enough for YOU. Oh and I am sick of comments about this being a superhero movie. It is much more than that, and romance is the basis for the story. So be happy and stop complaining please! TWILIGHT OBSSESSER

Miranda on Jul 3, 2008


i cannot wait for the movie. and all of you who are constantly complaining about it but haven't read the books, then of course you don't understand this anticipation we hold for the movie, so read the books than go complain to someone who cares.but other than that i am so content at the moment and hold high hopes for the movie to be as good as the book.

Nicole on Jul 6, 2008


I am really excited for Twilight! I just read the book and I loved it. I'm sure the movie won't be quite as good the book but it still looks awesome! And for everyone who says that this ad doesn't show enough of the plot or whatever, the movie doesn't come out until December. There are going to be more ads!

Megan on Jul 8, 2008


mmmmmmmmmmm i lyk loved the book but the choice of actress 4 Rosalie and Bella is well disapointing....:( scrummyyummytwizzleytoes Edward tho....... yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

kittykat on Jul 10, 2008


I think this shall blow.. Intensely.. Like a Las Vegas hooker on her first night out.. Didn't quite care for the books.. I was hoping the movie would help me to like the series.. But.. I want to enjoy this, so I'll probably at least see it and be disappointed.. However the story isn't even supposed to spark my interest.. I think it is aimed more towards, 14-17 year old (not necessarily) slightly over weight, emo-esque girls who like to smear their blood on a canvas with a stick in order to "express" themselves.. (the end part of this is a joke... I know so insanely hot girls that love the series.. But sometimes have moments of rant-iness in which I need to state my fake opinion... It happens from watching too much Scrubs!! Damn you Dr.Cox!! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME!!! lol Sorry about this whole stupid mess! Hope all you fans enjoy the movie! I know I sure won't lol) Bye bye!

Blake B on Jul 11, 2008


i love reading the books...but this movie looks whack

Viv L on Jul 17, 2008


i love the teaser trailer!! I know that I will enjoy the movie.. for those people who hate the teaser trailer, I don't care.. DOnt watch if your not interested.. But I think It will be great because Stephenie Meyer herself approve the movie.. she even loves the cast so I think there's nothing to worry about.. the teaser trailer really melted my bones and leave me wanting and craving for MORE! I am also anticipating the 4rth book breaking dawn!!! LOVE the books!!

-abz on Jul 20, 2008


I agree with#91 Your Right on Abz!!

Rosaline on Jul 23, 2008


two words... robert pattinson. once i found out he was in this, then i started reading the books. the books are absolutly amazing. those of you who think the movie is going to be stupid and shitty and angsty teen well then dont fucking watch it! wow that was difficult! #13 has it right! kristen stewart is the worst actress. she is absolutly nothing like bella (KS has a warped face... its scary!). ks is just some fugly bitch that gets to act with the hottest guys (Adam Brody, Emile Hirsch, and Rob Pattinson). oh and i def agree with #27. i was really looking foward to seeing edward tackle bella in his room. and the fact that they are in the woods when she finds out seems stupid. and wtf is victoria doing at the prom!? some scenes seem to be nothing like the book. i think it is def not going to be able to live up to the hype everyone is giving it. i also think that they got esme and rosalie all wrong. if the girl who is playing rosalie is what the casting director considers to be the most gorgeous girl on the planet... then i would hate to see the rejects. i will agree that after seeing the new trailer that premiered at the dark night showing, that the movie will probably be filled with stupid cliches. which is seriously unfortunate because the books had such potential to be made into awesome movies. too bad it was ruined by kristen stewarts presence. and the car accident scene is supposed to take place in the snow and she is supposed hit her head and then carrried off on a stretcher. because that is how she meets carisle for the first time. but the movie makes it look like she is totaly fine. sorry for all the typos. and dont u worry i have more to say, just not enough time.

Carolyn on Jul 25, 2008


OMG I love the book i love the look of the movie I Plain love edward 😀 And jacob suckkks :]

riss on Jul 27, 2008


I LOVE the books. This movie, however, looks terrible. The guy playing edward looks possessed... and he's not hot. The girl playing Bella sounds bored out of her mind. Ugh.... they are ruining an amazing book.

TwilightFan on Jul 30, 2008


I'm gonna be honest here ok. Kristen (I forget) is not & never will be Bella she looks the part but that's it, the movie is LOOSELY based on the books-that much is blatently obvious-& is sadly a HUGE dissappointment. The person who wrote the script should be bitchslapt (sorry) for wrecking the most amazing book(s) in the world-personal opinion-& the movie is going to be an epic fail amongst the real Twilght novel fans.

leonie on Aug 14, 2008


excuse me if u have notiuhng nice to say about twilight leave it alone!! it is amazing we are going to fail year 12 cuz we cant put it down we are using class time to google it and this book is so amazing EDWARD MARRY ME U SEXY VAMPIRE!!!!! WE LOVE U TWILIGHT

maths buddies on Sep 16, 2008



maths buddies on Sep 16, 2008


i wish he would carry me to sick bay

maths buddies on Sep 16, 2008


edward root me to the moon and back

maths buddies on Sep 16, 2008


OK peole keep b*tching about the trailer saying WHY IS EDWARD HUNTING DEAR? and WHY IS HE SAVING TEENAGE GIRLS FROM OUT OF CONTROL VANS? 1: The Cullens are "Vegetarians" they don't eat people! 2: Edward doesn't want the van to kill Bella in the beggining when he still doesn't love her because her blood is attracting to Edward and he didn't want to see her blood all over the ground or he would go insane and everyone would know he's a vampire. GOSH PEOPLE READ THE F*CKING BOOK!!!

Jacob lover on Sep 24, 2008


i like how boys are the only one's who are dissing the movie lame i love the book and i will love the movie. now, keep you're opinions too yourself. i also and praying for New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn to be realised as a movie.

maggie on Oct 4, 2008


o.k. so originally when i heard that Rob Pattinson was doing this new movie about vampires the first thing that came to mind was "The Lost Boys". i had never heard of the books. so i checked out Twilight and i did like it but i found the character of Bella slightly annoying. then i saw pictures of Kristen Stewart and nearly threw up. i dont know what the casting directors were thinking. worst casting choice EVER!! and as to only guys are ragging that is sooo not true. this movie is going to be an abomination. i feel bad for Rob Pattinson b/c this is all he is ever going to be remembered for. he is ruining his career before it even gets started by doing this movie. he has already done two amazing movies that no one even knows of (not including Harry Potter). he just won best actor for his role in How to Be at the film festival, but no one knows cause all they care about is this stupid twilight. don't get me wrong, i love the books, but this movie is going to suck some serious ass. all these little 13 and 14 yr olds are going completely nuts over this movie. and the reality of it is, its not going to be good at all. i just dont understand how people would want to be clumped into the same group as these pathetic teeny-boopers. and as for praying that the rest of the books are made into movies is just a waste of time. Rob will be close to 30 by the time that happens. and al the promitions for the movie are ridiculous. poor Rob they are tarnishing his career before it takes off by these movie promotions. the entertainment weekly cover was frightening- they spraypainted him white and gave him an orage toupee (for those of you who didnt see it). and in what world would Bella be wearing a dress?! all of the promotional pictures are completley inaccurate. its just sad really. this movie is getting all bad publicity because it is apealing to the wrong crowd. ik its harsh, but its true. dont worry ill probably have more to say.

Carolyn on Oct 5, 2008


Carolyn I love you. I don't know you but I love you. The books are my favourite books of all time, every thought I have relates to Edward or Edward & Bella (that's not a lie, yes I'm sad) & this movie is going to destroy the books just like the Harry Potter movies did the books. It's not just guys ripping the movie, I am & I'm deffinately female. So yeah Carolyn I agree with everything you said.

leonie on Oct 6, 2008


The books are my favorite.And I am dying to see the movie.

Lyra on Oct 8, 2008



cherrycute on Oct 17, 2008


#90 IS A F*CKING ASS BURN IN HELL BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cherrycute on Oct 17, 2008


#107 grow up the movie does look awful but there is no denying the books are absolutely amazing

leonie on Oct 18, 2008


okay i want to see this looks awesome

gertrude on Oct 26, 2008


the movie is... very very very BAD The books are awesome

leonie on Dec 13, 2008

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