First X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer - What Do You Think?

December 15, 2008
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

Fox has finally unleashed the first trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber. Fans have been waiting patiently for this very moment ever since Brett Ratner ruined X-Men 3, and unlike that film, this trailer delivers! Not only do we get to see Jackman at his finest with his razor sharp claws yet again, but we also get a first look at Deadpool, Gambit, The Blob, and even Emma Frost in action. I'm also excited to see that a lot of the story is taken directly from the Wolverine: Origins comic series. There's a lot to love in this trailer and not a lot to complain about. So from the looks of it, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is going to be a hell of a way to kick of the summer. Check it out!

Become the animal… Embrace the other side… Given this trailer has been playing in front of The Day the Earth Stood Still all weekend, its had a few days to soak in. Now it's time to ask whether it looks like the Wolverine movie we were all hoping to see or something else better or worse. What do you think?

Watch the first trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

[flv: 598 258]

You can also watch the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer in High Definition on MySpace

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar winner Tsotsi and Rendition previously. The script was written by veteran screenwriter David Benioff, of 25th Hour, Troy, and The Kite Runner previosuly. The character of Wolverine was first created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. back in 1974. Fox will debut X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters on May 1st, 2009.

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THIS MOVIE BETTER NOT SUCK!!!!!! Cause that trailer looked pretty damn good. I don't like though being in this. But go Wolverine!!!! Looks good!

Freddy13th on Dec 15, 2008


Wicked! Ive always been a huge fan of gambit, and was very dissapointed when he didn't appear in the trilogy. So this looks awesome.

SgtPepper on Dec 15, 2008


I think it looks fucking awesome.

Maria on Dec 15, 2008


I want more Deadpool, damnit!

Sethq on Dec 15, 2008



paul on Dec 15, 2008


I had my doubts from the content of the bootleg version of the trailer, but this version looks much more polished and enticing.

Sam Slaughter on Dec 15, 2008


That looked tight as fuck!!!!!!!...excuse my language...but damn

TREY on Dec 15, 2008


WOW!! Thats all I have to say. Oh and when is it coming to theaters?

Will on Dec 15, 2008


I think it looks on the level of X-Men 3... and that's not a good thing. Looks lame. But fanboys will go nuts b/c Gambit showed up for two seconds.

Adam Frazier on Dec 15, 2008


It looks great! I wasn't terribly excited after X-3, but this has me pumped.

mcmojo on Dec 15, 2008


Adam Frazier is a phony!!!

Mordo!!!!!! on Dec 15, 2008


^ agreed

nelson on Dec 15, 2008


I think this will be a Fox film that will do very well. Finally. The trailer is excellent, and I can't wait to finally see Gambit on the silver screen.

Robert on Dec 15, 2008


trailer looks good, but i seriously doubt that the movie can deliver. idunno, maybe 20 yrs of reading crappy rewrites and retcons have me jaded. I dont think there is any wolverine origin story you could tell that doesn't have "in-continuity" stuff that contradicts it. The trailer shows wolverine (presumably) with bone claws as a child, but even as recent as this year, he was in a book during WWI that had him with no bone claws.... anyways, like i said, its prolly just that the jumbled crapfest that his continuity is that has me biased against this movie.

9mm on Dec 15, 2008


YeaH i dont know, im kinda of going both ways with this.

THERBLIG on Dec 15, 2008


Great! Now i'm goin to need a new pair of pants! THAT MOVIE IS GOING TO ROCK!!!

conedude13 on Dec 15, 2008


sabertooth looks lame!! damn!! he should be bigger!!

ashton21 on Dec 15, 2008


Now how the hell did Brett Ratner ruin "X-3"? It was pretty good and the most action packed of the series--not to mention the most successful. Having said that, tis film looks kick ass. IT WILL ROCK! Also, I just don't see why the hell have in this either. I can't stand him. He seems to be everywhere--just like P. Diddy and Sam Jackson!

Blue Silver on Dec 15, 2008


Rubbish! Looks like a number stories mashed up into one melting pot of Hollywood drab. Can't wait (likely 10+ years) for the X-Men reboot... get some better actors and writers that portray the X-Men as the strong characters they are in the comics.

Opiated Sherpa on Dec 15, 2008


I can't shake the stupid name of this movie. "X-Men Origins" sounds corny as hell. But hey, I guess it'll get more asses in seats than just calling it "Wolverine." I didn't even expect for the trailer to come out today and I caught my eyes widen when I saw it on the front page here. That said, the trailer is considerably underwhelming. I know that says nothing of the substance in the movie... I'm just saying. T4 got me more amped. Then again I'm sure this one will be a better film overall.

Frame on Dec 15, 2008


Yea it is good

Kill the Batman on Dec 15, 2008


Looks mediocre to good. Some cool WTF moments, but a lot of the effects (especially Gambit) come off as cornball. The movie is going to be a musicvideo spotfest of action pieces with no weight behind it.

Colin on Dec 15, 2008


Left me blank and hollow inside! But screw it, still looking forward to the movie :))

sng. Sheep on Dec 15, 2008


come on guys... anybody? THIS IS THE SCORE OF SUNSHINE

Spike on Dec 15, 2008


Emma Frost = yay. The rest of this movie can suck it.

Fuelbot on Dec 15, 2008


Also, why in every X-Men does Wolverine need to be standing in front of, walking away in slow motion, or driving away in slow motion from a massive fireball?

Fuelbot on Dec 15, 2008


We will all be standing in line for the midnight screening the day of it's release---that's for sure. We know it! πŸ™‚

Spider on Dec 15, 2008


the title comes from the comic books moron!! you know, where all this other stuff comes from! And its a cool movie with a cool title, you wanna rip on a title then go talk James Bond somewhere else. what a fkin downer.

dumbass on Dec 15, 2008


Well here we go on the many rants and post of excitement. And here are mine. I was reaching for a handfull of hydrogenated palm kernel oil coated popcorn when I saw this trailer start and I could feel the entire audience inhale like the deep breath of a gas can being kissed by camp fire. My sons jaw dropped to the floor and my girlfriends heart started beating like a machine gun. I'm very excited to finally see some Wolverine. I think Hugh fits this role Heath made the Joker and he embraces it very very well. I'm also curious to see the other mutants like Gambit and Deadpool (because i'm a smartass too). Danny Huston is always a pleasure to see on film and i'm curious how Liev will do as Sabertooth. Am I afraid of it? You bet your Weapon X savings bonds I am. With Ratners 'Taming of the Wolverine' from X3 I hope Hugh is able to replicate what he did in the other X Men movies. And who knows how William will do (I refuse to call him Will I am...c'mon I am). Maybe he won't give us the bubble gum hip hop happy jelly bean performance as he does in Black Eyes Peas I am. I love origin lets hope that this one knocks us off our wheels.

Darren on Dec 15, 2008


well seeing as, my previous review of the last Fox/X-men project was that it would be preferable for people to watch me have a shit on a table and throw it people, perhaps something has changed, but I doubt it. The trailer looks great but don't they always, another wank fest about Wolverine, probably the shitest chracter ever to grace comics. I'll say it agin but it has been said before... Jackman is too tall, sabertooth too small and deadpool looks like a fairy...

Bant78 on Dec 15, 2008


i liked it but im not that big of like a x men shit

michael on Dec 15, 2008


Yey. Not sure what i think about that trailer. The idea of the movie is good and it interests me, but the trailer is a bit weird. No idea whats going on. Love to see Gambit! πŸ˜‰

max on Dec 15, 2008



Mordo!!!!!! on Dec 15, 2008


There is absolutely no way to put Deadpool into the "Xmen-Movie" universe. He barely fit in the Marvel Universe to begin with... they had to excuse all of his tomfoolery with him just being batshit insane. This is the guy that did it all... he broke the fourth wall constantly, he spoke and thought in yellow boxes, he was a chubby-chaser, he arbitrarily hit women (regular women), he crossdressed, he knew he was in a comic, and he knew the happenings of the comic world. He was Marvel's experiment. I just don't see this translating to a action movie.

Stevo on Dec 15, 2008


#29, the dumbass, you mean Wolverine Origins, right? I've never heard of "X-Men Origins" on paper. Regardless if its taken from a comic book or not it's obviously a marketting ploy aimed to capitalize on a successful franchise. I just wish they had pulled a Warner Bros. where they decided NOT to include the name "Batman" on TDK. If you think the name is cool then hats off to you, soldier. Have fun pulling your dick to this clip till the flick debuts. It sounds stupid as hell to me. And I didn't bash the movie. I have the utmost faith in it.

Frame on Dec 15, 2008


I think a big Holy Shit is in order. Except some moron cast Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. So im going to expect some heavy overacting on his part. Other then that. Gambit, Yes. The Blob., Yes, Sabretooth, double Yes. Bring it on

Chris on Dec 15, 2008


i just got a chubby

Curly on Dec 15, 2008


Deadpool was like Spiderman, except lacking a conscience and adding a dickhead, crazy, and perverted sense of humour. Ohh yeah and he used guns, swords, bombs and a teleporting belt. He also couldn't die. He once stole someone's pancreas.

Stevo on Dec 15, 2008


bad choices for sabretooth and gambit, but luckily the trailer is very entertaining and im anticipating this. btw, who is deadpool in this trailer...i am not familiar with the comics at all. is it ryan reynolds or or who?

LeeMan on Dec 15, 2008


Unbefuckingbelievable that was awesome, and the Gambit scenes looked sweet, Deadpool versus Wolverine FTW!!

NeoSlyfer on Dec 15, 2008


adam frazier @10, your a cunt, a hater, and a lil b!+(h, just cause you know nothing about whats going on.....your probly one of those Hancock 2 enthusists!!!!! asshole

fosho on Dec 15, 2008


Looks interesting enough. I'm a big fan of Jackman's work as Wolverine, but some of the action scenes seemed to tack on a little. But hey they were shown out of context, so we'll just have to see. good casting though

adrian on Dec 15, 2008


They had me up until the helicopter bit. You know I would have rather seen wolvie run his claws through the twirling propellers in mid-air than see him somehow use a truck explosion to launch himself up in the air and subsequently land on top of a helicopter, but under the propellers. What is this, Transporter 4? Please. And that bit where he's riding the helicopter like a bucking bronco looks really, truly bad. (I know it is a comic book movie, and he's got super powers folks, that doesn't change the way gravity works.) Otherwise, good to go. @#43 with all due respect, you uh... might want to recognize there's more than one opinion on the planet.

dRailer on Dec 15, 2008


#45, I know it's no excuse, but there were worse acts of gravity defiance in the first two X films.

Frame on Dec 15, 2008



samy on Dec 15, 2008


Sick Sick Sick!!! Just when i thought there were no movies to jacked for in 2009.

GMayne on Dec 15, 2008


awesome trailer, i love seeing gambit on the picture.. ..

Eligio on Dec 15, 2008


IT'S A MEGA BUCKS MOVIE. HUGH JACKMAN IS one of the best actors around and he had a great amount of input into this movie. He actually did not want to make it, but he did. All you negative responders will go and see it and help make the movie a Block Buster, grossing 100,000,000 millions of dollars.

ZMAN on Dec 15, 2008



Said on Dec 15, 2008


I bet you 1000 dollars, this movie gets a lower rating then spiderman 3 and sucks the life out of all fan boys. Enough to hurt Marvel other big releases like the avengers and capt. A. It just looks horrible to me.

food for thought on Dec 15, 2008


Well, I have to say that I think they captured the feel of Gambit with this guy. All in all, I think it looks pretty damn good.

CMK on Dec 15, 2008


I think Ryan Reynolds makes perfect sense as Deadpool, at least personality wise. Deadpool is a cocky, smart-ass, asshole....just like Reynolds in almost every movie he's in. The action sequences could be interesting but because Deapool has a full body suit (or at least should) you can have a stunt man do most of them. And, considering that Deadpool was in the Weapon X program and got his healing abilities from Wolverine it makes sense that he would be in this movie.

Seth on Dec 15, 2008


i just came.

Spencer on Dec 15, 2008


Fuck darkKnight!!! it was good too, i hope this is just as good, marvel needs to pull something ouuta there asses now.

mochonk0 on Dec 15, 2008


Did I just see a random Emma Frost apperance? or was that Dazzler?

LW on Dec 15, 2008


The movie looks flawless, I've been a fan and avid collector of all marvel stuff for 20 years now and that trailer gave me chills. There should be no complaining and Zero speculation that this movie will be one of the greats of all times. Every character looks perfectly cast.

Dalton on Dec 15, 2008


Looks like Fox might have a bonafide hit. Like Logan boxing with the Blob, and Gambit might get his own film, if this does well.

Roy on Dec 15, 2008


Oliver Martinez as Gambit...he was funny in SWAT

BaDGuY on Dec 15, 2008


Excerpt from the comic, Cable & Deadpool #2: (Regarding a villain's plan to physically change the way humans look and considering that Deadpool is one ugly ass person with his mask off.) Cable: And how exactly would that be a good thing? Deadpool: Hey, if you looked like Ryan Renolds crossed with a Shar-Pei, you'd understand! Aw whaddyou care? Superman with no kryptonite agita. This issue was made back in 2004, probably before any idea of casting a Wolverine Origins film. So I think Ryan Renolds makes sense as Deadpool as I'm sure the creators of the comic think so.

Enrico on Dec 15, 2008


I thought that it was a cool trailer. I liked, but the movie could totally suck. You have to see the finished product.

Branden on Dec 15, 2008


I do want to see more deadpool. Maybe in the next trailer? but I'm pretty pumped for this, yeah.

-Peter- on Dec 15, 2008


Looks a lot more glossy than I thought it would be. Thought it might have been a bit dirtier looking. Still going to the flicks for this though, can't wait.

Crapola on Dec 15, 2008


Amazing. Looks like an X Men movie, finally.

Darunia on Dec 15, 2008


To #56...Marvel needs to pull something out of their asses now? did you forget about Ironman, you dumbass ?

LORD POON on Dec 15, 2008


Hell yeah, my man!

Anonymous on Dec 15, 2008


People need to stop being so homotional with all this unnecessary name calling. You can be a nuthugger without having to go that far.

Frame on Dec 15, 2008



Mauricio Bermudez on Dec 15, 2008


Wow, that was exciting. I'm not up on Wolverine's origins so I all I care about is how fun the film will be and this looks like it has a great big hairy pair.

RandyG on Dec 15, 2008


OMG!!!! cant wait. This movie is going to show the world that it is possible to have multiple characters in a movie . So far, marvel has so many problems just getting ONE character right e.g. ghost rider, punisher, daredevil....Im anxious to see this. The trailer shows so much potential .

michael on Dec 15, 2008


I have to admit the trailer looks great. Don't get me wrong, I've been a Wolverine fan way back. However it could look like it has potential to flop. There are really talented editors out there ya know. But I'm rootin' for it anyway! So bring it on BUB!!

Mike Dee on Dec 15, 2008


It may not beat TDK, but it definitely seems to have the license to try.. Go Hugh Go...

Deepak T on Dec 15, 2008


woah woah woah i thought wolverine was made not hime being a actual mutant when he was born cuz didnt they say that in the comics that he was made into wolverine not him being born one

Darren on Dec 15, 2008


not really an expert with the wolverine story, but he got the claws and the adamantium skeleton when he was expirimented on when he was an adult? why did they show a picture of a kid with claws?

Jimmmyman on Dec 15, 2008


Oh, and for the record, even though he refused involvement when the opportunity came to him I thought Josh Holloway from Lost had the perfect look and swagger for Gambit, and I'm sure he could pull the accent well.

Frame on Dec 15, 2008


My sister is yelling at the trailer because it has music from Sunshine in it. I'm excited.

Hannah on Dec 15, 2008


the voice over of the trailer gives me some hope but overall the film looks like a typical fox adaptation of a comic book. all flash some substance. i think fox is making the same mistake they did with daredevil and ghost rider. going for the cool special effects and stunts rather than worrying about the story, character development, etc. i love wolverine but this looks like its trying to hard to up the cool-factor. it's more of a wait and see for me.

andrew on Dec 15, 2008


Hell yeah!! That looks amazing!! Now, if only they could release today πŸ˜€

AZMT on Dec 15, 2008



Jackmanson on Dec 15, 2008


Hey Alex you forgot to mention Storm She's a little kid in this trailer Which is a good trailer by the way

Jaf on Dec 15, 2008


pardon my english but that shit looks awesome

Alfredo on Dec 15, 2008


I wonder if it is too early to get in line?

Tim "Cloverfield" on Dec 15, 2008



Chris W on Dec 15, 2008


oh the other good thing about the trailer is liev schrieber. he def. looks and seems to act like a great victor creed. i'm def. digging him.

andrew on Dec 15, 2008


Did anyone notice what appeared to be a white haired black girl? storm??

John Knox on Dec 15, 2008


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO My work blacks myspace so I cant see it in glorious HD, someone have a link to 720p?!?!?!??!?!

Richard on Dec 15, 2008


That was hot!!

Hector on Dec 15, 2008



Jackmanson on Dec 15, 2008


BRING IT. SEWN IT ALL TOGETHER!!! DON"T BLOW IT! This trailer is really exciting, I really hope they don't let this flop.

Nick Sears on Dec 15, 2008


#73 - Wolverine was born a mutant with healing but the Weapon X program covered his bones in adamantium and wiped his memories. #74 - In the first Origins comics it shows that Wolverine's claws are actually made of bone and he's always had them. See above for why they're metal.

Seth on Dec 15, 2008


darren the Irigin comics, wolverine had bones that petruded through his hands. the metal later coats it.

michael on Dec 15, 2008


....this....I mean....waa....awesome! This looks so so great.

Derek on Dec 15, 2008


this looks like it can compete with the dark knight, iron man,spider man 2,and watchmen for best super hero movie ever. plenty of action and what looks to be a solid story behind it makes me want to see this even more

cheater on Dec 15, 2008


Maybe this is a discontinuity, but in the trailer it shows young Wolverine get mad and attack someone with his claws, but doesn't he not have claws until his bones are replaced with Adamantium? I always thought that his power was regeneration and the strength and claws came from the bone transfusion.

David on Dec 15, 2008


He always had bone claws. They only covered his skeleton with Adamantium, that includes the claws, which are part of his skeleton.

Darunia on Dec 15, 2008


@45 - Thanks Drailer, and I agree - the helicopter scene was absurd. Live Free or Die Hard + Transporter 4. Of course there's nothing we can do. This movie will do huge business no matter how underwhelming and silly it turns out to be. I love the first two X-Men films, but this seems to deviate even further from what made those films great - at best we can expect the loose and illogical storytelling of X-Men: The Last Stand to bring this one home. All of these random cameos are just lip service to fanboys craving to see these overrated characters. If Gambit was such a great character, he probably would have shown up by now - but he doesn't work in film form. On paper a Cajun card-throwing mutant looks pretty good, but on the big screen it comes off as Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. None of the production design matches the continuity set up in the previous films - The Weapon X lab, Wolverine's tank, all of it has changed.

Adam Frazier on Dec 15, 2008


My girlfriend is going crazy over the little glimpses of Daniel Henney... especially when he shoots Logan.

heath on Dec 15, 2008

97 seems like many composers can't get enough of the theme song from Sunshine. it was also used in the Blindness trailer as well.

Matt Suhu on Dec 15, 2008


looks awesome wowow very nice i really hope the movie is just as good which every movie clashes with this one well.... good luck!!!

alan on Dec 15, 2008


gambit looks like a queer saber tooth is punified looks like reducto shrank him. wolverine is hugh jackass again i hope it comes out good cuz it just looks like another xmen let down. overhyped and overplayed. chris nolan needs to get his hands on this

BatmanIsKing on Dec 15, 2008


MARVEL may finally be getting things right! YAY GAMBIT!

taurinh24 on Dec 15, 2008


I think this looks kind of lame. I've been excited to see this trailer since I saw the bootlegged version online awhile ago....but I don't know, Sabertooth's crawling, the cheesy hanging on the helicopter, Jackman's constant scowling....unless it's got some interesting filming and special effects to set this film apart from the other X-men films....I wouldn't say this looks better than what we've already seen form the X-men. Even Gambit, I'm excited to see Gambit just like everyone else, but how many times did we see him come crashing down to the ground with his staff in this preview? 4-5 times? After Ironman, the Hulk, and Batman last summer.....this preview looks lackluster.

ImaginaryVisionary on Dec 15, 2008


fuck wolverine. gambit looks wicked.

darrin on Dec 15, 2008


If Deadpool breaks the 4th wall in this movie, I'll give it a standing ovation in the middle of the theater. Also, Ryan Reynolds is probably the best casting ever for a comic book character.

Cake on Dec 15, 2008


Hate the title and there was low expectations when I saw this during THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL on IMAX, but it really did blow everyone out of the wate.r

Ryan on Dec 15, 2008


i hope they can deliver on the cheezy effects and the slow-mo

Silver on Dec 15, 2008


I really hope Sabertooth running on all four's will cut.

JasonR on Dec 15, 2008


If the story lacks, its at least gunna be fun.

Lauren on Dec 15, 2008


Looks good....

crabby on Dec 15, 2008


Love Deadpool, but that one is piss poor =(

L on Dec 15, 2008


yeah this looks great

Janika on Dec 15, 2008



spanx on Dec 15, 2008



Clamson on Dec 15, 2008


I'm on the fence with this one. I'll see it, but right now, it just looks - eh.

Brian on Dec 15, 2008


too bad they edited the line from the comic con trailer "I'm gonna cut your goddamn head off, see if that works"

Christopher on Dec 15, 2008


Anybody notice the little black girl with white hair?

PimpSlapStick on Dec 15, 2008


I still don't know why everyone hates on X-3 so much. Obviously, it's no X-2 but I think it's more enjoyable than the first X-Men movie (not better...just more enjoyable). That said, this "looks" better than all three of the X-Men movies. Let's hope that the movie is as good as the trailer (though I do NOT like the guy playing Gambit, my favorite character).

Kevin on Dec 15, 2008


OK. I'm slightly confused. I was never into the comics much (about all i read was The Punisher) so i don't know the history AT ALL. But weren't his claws part of the metal added to his body? Cause the kid I'm assuming is a young Logan has them. thus my confusion.

SgtPepper on Dec 15, 2008


Hmm??why does the young wolverine has claws? i thought they were inserted into his body???

Fm on Dec 15, 2008


Look. It's a movie. Everyone has an opinion, whatever. As a Wolverine fan, I'm freakin' excited. This is awesome. Didn't get the double sword guy - I guess it's deadpool. And I personally thought the girl was Dazzler, not Emma. Otherwise, you can see Wolverines passion in this one. I'm going to have fun watching it. Feel free to join me. πŸ™‚

Kane on Dec 15, 2008



Jackmanson on Dec 15, 2008


....shoot the casting director........ QUICKLY!!!!!!

grham on Dec 15, 2008


No they were bones, then when he got the adamantium they were plated as well, according to the origin stories they were bone claws.

Richard on Dec 15, 2008


Same thing 115 said.

Aucklander on Dec 15, 2008


ohh my fucking god!

werdnafaz on Dec 15, 2008


ALRIGHT....Star Trek, Terminator Salvation and Wolverine look badass...Now if the Transformers 2 trailer can come out soon I will be satisfied.....and yes nobody gives a rats ass about G.I. Joe that looks horrible

LORD POON on Dec 16, 2008


Trying to keep a handle on Comic Book superhero continuity over a length of 30 years for a character is pretty difficult. Marvel can't even do it, which is why they have an infinite number of 'universes'. If they want to say that Wolverine had bone claws in WW2, then just set it in a different Marvel parallel universe and there you go. It's a huge cop out, but it's the price you pay for having a billion different people all trying to write comics for different characters in your universe at the same time. Personally I've never been a huge fan of superhero comics, so seeing the movies is kindof nice. It's too bad they don't hit up some of the better comics out there and make some decent character and plot based flicks instead of just dumb action movies, but blah. At least Watchmen got off the ground. Superhero flick or not, I think that movie is going to open up a lot of doors for some of the better non-superhero books to start getting made into flicks. You'd think that Road to Perdition and A History of Violence would have started a trend for some more interesting comicbook flicks, but nope... Very odd...

Squiggly on Dec 16, 2008



avoidz on Dec 16, 2008


A descent writer and director gave me hope for this one. Skepticism crept back in after seeing Wolverine hitch a ride on top of a helicopter. Being a fan of the comics as a kid, I thought Bryan Singer did a pretty decent job of interpreting them and bringing them to life. Brett Ratner had the potential to completely ruin the franchise but somehow managed to atleast keep X3 somewhat consistent in style and tone with the first two, though I haven't been able to bring myself to re-watch it. Really good comic adaptations are a rare thing though I have high hopes for Watchmen. I think filmmakers should really be taking a hard look at what Chris Nolan has done with Batman. I think grounding the characters in a somewhat believable environment helps with the suspension of disbelief and enables people to relate to the characters and story more. Over-the-top visual effects will never make up for solid characters and writing. My expectations were pretty low to begin with for this one so...I guess there's nowhere to go but up.

Evo on Dec 16, 2008


@ #130 "Over-the-top visual effects will never make up for solid characters and writing." Tell that to Michael Bay. ROFL that guy does exactly the opposite of what you just said and seems to be making a ton of money. It doesn't always have to be believable in order to work you know. Sometimes people go to movies to escape reality and suspend themselves in a completely fantastical environment. I think that this trailer looks awesome. Whether or not it will be a good movie or not is yet to be seen. I think that it would be wrong for all film makers to do exactly what Chris Nolan did. The Dark Knight worked, simply because of the universe in which Batman exists. Batman is a rich kid who has no special abilities but it's his will and love of Gotham City that keeps him fighting crime. It is a dark and twisted universe filled with crazy people trying to ruin Gotham. The X-Men universe on the other hand is a world filled with mutants. People who have special abilities. Some choose to be good but others use their power to do evil deeds. I think that X-Men Origins: Wolverine will work just as well. I mean could you imagine X-Men with the dark and gritty feel of the Dark Knight. I just don't think that it would work. I think Marvel has played their cards very well. The first two Spiderman movies, The first Blade Movie, The X-Men movies (no.3 was a bit off),The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man can more then vouch for that.

TKaihea on Dec 16, 2008


IT WAS FREAKEN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juice lee on Dec 16, 2008


WTH have they done to Gambit? Well... he's a wuss anyway. But Where's Wade Wilson? Gimme Deadpool!

Meow on Dec 16, 2008


It's pretty clear that most of you know next to nothing of the Ultimate Universe. Maybe a few of you know bits and pieces but overall I think most of you need to do some serious reading. Check out Wolverine Origins (in this series Logan has his memories), The new Captain America series, X-men Origins, Logan (three issue mini-series), Ultimate X-Men. There's quite a few others that are worth checking out too, but most importantly read Wolverine Origin. Not to be confused with "Origins". It's a six issue mini-series that does a fantastic job of explaining Logan's childhood years. Having said that, lets hear some real complaints. Not some crap about what the movie title is or the fact the will i am is in the movie. Let's talk about the fact the Remy's eyes apparently aren't red. Or that Dead Pool clearly shows his face in the trailer (and it's not scared up!). Or maybe that movie Wolverine is much taller than comic Wolverine who was only 5'3". Also let's get excited for the inevitable Captain America cameo during the WWII sceen. Anyway, do yourselves a favor and get to reading. For those of you that feel the stories contradict themselves, listen up. There are two Marvel universes. The the main universe that was created in 1963 by Stan Lee and then in the late 90's and early 00's Marvel came up with the Ultimate Universe with high hopes of rejuvenating an all but dead past time and sparking readers interest in comic books. There are two distinct story lines in which the characters and their powers are about the only similarities. Go now and read.

killerglove on Dec 16, 2008


It looks like it'll be a lot of fun to watch - I'll definitely have to catch it opening weekend.

BtnkDRMS on Dec 16, 2008


one question who is Tim Pocock? he is playing cyclops...

taurinh24 on Dec 16, 2008


I was all for it until that stupid freaking jump from truck to helicopter stunt. I know it shouldn't be completely realistic, but give us a fucking break.

WTF? on Dec 16, 2008


isn't gambit supposed to be a scruffy looking cajun bum with red eyes? who's the pretty boy?

seanzo on Dec 16, 2008


I was really excited about gambit in the movie, then I found out who they cast as him, then I wasn't excited about it at all. I mean c'mon, where's the red eyes? The overall idea is great, and I'm glad that they have a chance to put in all the other x-men that had been left out of the trilogy. However, right now I'm thinking that's the only reason why they did this movie. I mean, are they even going to put the part in the movie about him marrying a Japanese woman? looks like they changed that one already with the girl on the mountain. And dear god please let that flash back as him as a child be some sort of false memory he has/they implanted. Because the only mutant power he had as a child was the regeneration thing, he gained the adamantium skeleton and claws because of experiments. I'm going to watch it in the theaters no doubt, but I'm thinking that I'm going to be disappointed.

Sephina on Dec 16, 2008


Gambit! Yes! I just shat my pants. He was always a favorite of mine. And they're pushing the Wolverine and Sabertooth rivalry like they should have in the first one, excellent.

Syphous on Dec 16, 2008


Also, may I add. They hint at Wolverines age, no one knows how old he is, even he doesn't. his power basically makes him ageless.

Sephina on Dec 16, 2008


what did they do to gambit. at first this shitty writers turned half the cool mutants into kids now this. wtf?

TN on Dec 16, 2008


@134 I wondering how long it was going to take until someone mentioned the Captain America crossover. When I saw them running on the beach in full army gear, I thought how awesome it would be to see Captain running and leading a group of soldiers. Let's hope it's included. Was Wolverine ever mentioned in the conversation for the Avengers movie?

cracker on Dec 16, 2008


uuuummmmmm......who else noticed the little girl wit white hair?????? now that is what i call sticking to the comics.....dude this movie is perfect, besides the hated theatricals, noone shoul b hating on this movie......unless ur the cumsucker @ 10 n 97 or his homo lover @45

theori on Dec 16, 2008


deng, y is everyone hating on brandon and his homo friend......oh wait cause their gay....haha hey theori @ 42 and 144, good lookin i didnt notice her at first......accordin to the comics dat shoul b storm rite??????

gray ghost on Dec 16, 2008


spike: yes, the first part of the trailer music is from SUNSHINE (before 20th fox logo) *the scene when capt. kaneda die

kuli on Dec 16, 2008


Dear Sephina, check out my post on #134. Read the post... and then feel dumb for not reading a comic in the last 10 years and then pretending to know anything about the story. I'll say it again, in the Ultimate Universe (drum roll please) Logan has his memories. His healing power brought them all back about three or four years ago. Also, When James Howlett Jr. (Logan's birthname) hit puberty his powers manifested in the form of a healing power, animal like instincts, hightened senses, and bone claws. The surgical procedure he underwent simply infused his skeletal structure with adamantium. The procedure did not give him the claws. In 1973 when Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and Herbe Trimpe came up with the idea for a character called Wolverine they originally planned on him wearing gloves with "special claws". This idea was quickly discarded and replaced with the concept of bone claws that are literally part of his skeleton. In regards to his age. refer to my earlier post and read up about the differences in the Marvel Universes. In the Ultimate Universe he hit puberty sometime in the late 1880's which makes him roughly 130-140 years old. At the time of WWII he was already an old man by anyon'es standards and at the time of adamantium infusion he was about 80 or 90. For anyone that cares check out post #134. There's some good reading suggestions that are relevant to what I'm talking about.

killerglove on Dec 16, 2008


@143 cracker, I'm very confident that Captain America will get some screen time. You see, he was already over there fighting for the Americans when he met up with Logan who was with the Canadian Armed Forces. Captain America hated Logan because Logan didn't stand for anything but himself and his methods weren't nearly as upstanding as the Captain's. It was for the greater good that they teamed up and their union is what ultimately lead to the victory of the Germans. I'm unfamilar with the plot for the Avengers flick but it's entirely concievable that they may include wolverine. I really don't see it happening though. With the x-men trilogy and wolverine's new movie there's likely to be someone out there that's worried about overexposure and not being able to motivate people to see yet another movie with wolverine. That being said, I'd love it for Wolverine to be in every movie I watch. I don't think Logan would have any of the Dark Knight's reservations with taking out The Joker. Hey, I'd watch it.

killerglove on Dec 16, 2008


this will be fucking great really really great.

tyler w on Dec 16, 2008


It looks like it could be really good and I hope that it will be!! :D!

Susana on Dec 16, 2008


Looks good!! I look forward to being entertained. Great!

Bry from Chi on Dec 16, 2008


THAT scrawny dude was Deadpool? I gues the black guy was Maverick. Well, I hope the movie is at least decent, and I hope they do justice to Gambit. They already screwed over Deadpool.

Nate on Dec 16, 2008


Looks great. But the blob looks STUPID!!!! Why couldnt hey just get a fat guy to play that role? Other than that, pretty good..

Mr. Big on Dec 16, 2008


@131 "Tell that to Michael Bay. ROFL that guy does exactly the opposite of what you just said and seems to be making a ton of money. It doesn't always have to be believable in order to work you know. Sometimes people go to movies to escape reality and suspend themselves in a completely fantastical environment. I think that this trailer looks awesome. Whether or not it will be a good movie or not is yet to be seen." Maybe I should have been more specific, my point was that visual effects don't a quality movie make. I'm not referring to how much money they gross as gauge of quality filmmaking. Also, when I said that people should take a hard look at Nolan's Batman, I didn't mean that they should copy his style. I meant that they should look at the source material and be innovative in their approach to adapting it. I agree with you in that Marvel's new approach is a good one for the genre (for the most part). I neglected to mention Ironman, Hulk, and Spiderman 2 (which I enjoyed all). I would also site the new Punisher as ultimately a failure in that respect so, as you say, whether this will be a good film or not remains to be seen. Most of the trailer looked pretty solid. But come on...the helicopter scene looked pretty ridiculous. Maybe if Wolverine was wearing blue spandex and a red cape it would have worked better.

Evo on Dec 16, 2008


Dear killerglove, 10 years ago I was 10. Excuse me for not reading all 500+ comics in 5 years, I have school, a fiancee and I life. I don't spend my entire life reading comic books, I read them in my spare time, which getting a degree in theatrical costumes gives me little spare time.

Sephina on Dec 16, 2008


Is wolverine the only convincing character in this whole movie?! WTF were they thinking! John cho... JOHN fuking CHO?! Hes a low budget comedian! and they guy from VAN WILDER? You serious?! You have got to be fuking kidding me ppl. This movie looks like an attempt for comedians aspiring to be real actors conducting experiments... I dunno if those two ppl can pull this off as villains... I highly doubt it...

Abel MARTINEZ on Dec 16, 2008


Everything looks OK!!!...not too gr8 unless they have some costume on!!!... I think I will die to see Wolverine in his costume with mask!!!...(I'm thinking about the original brown and yellow one!!!) and as everybody else!!!... I HATE THOSE LEATHER JACKETS AND OVERCOATS!!!....pathetic!!!... make the story serious but c'mon guys stick to the comic feel!!!...damn they r neglecting everything these days!!!...these days movies are all about camera angles and special fx n lost are the pages of the script writing!!!....that's y u cant remember sh** of it n don't wanna see it again!!!...

xxx-gurls luver on Dec 16, 2008


Looks like it's taking a very different route then the first two x-men films. They had a very polished and clean style, this new Wolverine spin off looks more in the vein of the new Punisher, or the new Hulk film, more action, less story, and a whole lot of fan pleasing. Honestly, I now understand why other comic book films don't use more than a few villains per film, it makes it crowded and confusing, anyone remember spider-man 3? I wish this film would've taken a more conservative approach to Wolverines story, and kept in the same style, and vein of the first and second x-men films. Just looks like it's done by the same director as the transporter. To bad they took such a well adapted look and feel and left it to die with the X-men movies.

marc on Dec 16, 2008


Ok... this looks good. Although some of the SFX (explosions) looks a bit cheap but that can always be modified. Looking forward to this.

Smoker on Dec 16, 2008


The directors name is Gavin Hood and hes by no means a veteran director, Im just glad Brett Ratner didn't get his hands on it and destroy it like he did with the third installment of the x-men... However, Gavin has NO experience, and I mean NO experience with a film of this magnitude...Jackman will still get work but this guy wont( if the movie flops) which by the looks of the trailer it wont, but trailers can be very both fingers crossed on this one, I think you all should do the same..........

CHICK on Dec 16, 2008


@ #160 CHICK, What do you mean Gavin has NO experience? The guy did Rendition and Tsotsi, both very good films. Tsotsi also won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year back in 2006. The guy is more then capable of pulling this off. By the looks of it...he has. But you are right in that trailers can be deceiving. To be honest though it's not Gavin Hood or any of the actors for that matter that I am worried about. It's Fox that's making us all sweat. I mean look what they did to Babylon A.D. Great concept, very good director who happened to have an awesome vision of what the movie should have been. Then in comes Fox and everything is shot to the shits. Sorry guys but let's be honest. Who else here is a little bit worried about the fact that this movie is in 20th Century Fox's hands? That whole coloring of the sets thing really had my blood boiling.

TKaihea on Dec 17, 2008


@154 Evo, Yeah I understand what you are saying. I thought that Transformers was a horrible film in terms of character and story but hey everyone seemed to love it. I remember reading how Michael Bay gave directions to Megan Fox. Apparently she asked him how she should act and the best he could come up with was "Just look hot". I mean come on. WTF?? is up with that guy. It sounds like he still thinks that he is directing music videos. The latest Punisher film was indeed a failure and I guess it would have been better if they had made it like the Dark Knight or even the Crow. I guess we will just have to see how this movie goes.

TKaihea on Dec 17, 2008


@155 Sephina, Theatrical costumes... your parents must be proud. I would be if my daughter turned gay and I didn't have to worry about every guy she meets.

killerglove on Dec 17, 2008


@163 killerglove I am married, to a man thank you very much, and my sexuality has nothing to do with this. And generally, people who attack other people over their sexuality are insecure about their own. grow up. By the way theatrical costume gay stereotype only works for men, the majority of women who work in the field, both on stage, and on movie sets, are straight.

Sephina on Dec 17, 2008


@164, Sephina Actually i'm not an asshole in real life. I used to be pretty into drama in high school (millions of years ago) and I think it's great that there's still people out there that are into using their creativity to get by. I also think it's awesome to meet a chick that's into comics. I know there's a lot of you out there but females only add to about 10% of the comic fanbase. Seriously, check out "Origin." (here's a link to the hard cover at my fav comic store it's like 15 bucks... A major must read is Wolverine Origins (2006). In Wolverine Origins, Wolverine has his memories and in issue #10 you'll meet Wolverine's son Daken who is stonger, faster, more agile, and much much more ferocious because instead of getting a grasp on his berserker rage he's chosen to embrace that side of himself. You'll also see how Wolverine aquires the tool that means Sabretooth's end. It's an amazing story and very worth the read. anyway, sorry about being a jerk.

killerglove on Dec 17, 2008


yeah because The Dark Knight was just OK. Damn that pg-13 rating. Dude it'll never happen. There's so much more money in a pg-13 rating.

killerglove on Dec 17, 2008


1:39-1:40 the guy who did this was a retard

your mother on Dec 17, 2008


couldnt the man who says that hes putting together a special team be a recruter for the avengers?

cheater on Dec 17, 2008


@ 147 Thanks for pointing that out. its funny that some these so called "fans" of the Wolverine character didnt know about the bone claws. Go figure

Q on Dec 18, 2008


Yeah, most of the people I work with didn't even know that. kids these days.

killerglove on Dec 18, 2008


I just hope the movie doesn't "double back" on the X-men continuity aleady established (seeing a young storm & shorter, less primitive sabertooth)... That said, it does look really cool though. Can't wait.

jmoney on Dec 18, 2008


i jus had to comeback and say, that i hope this movie bombs, big time, and for those who think that this is the movie which best depicts wolverine, are only in it for the ride. as a fan of x-men (never the movies), this just hurts to watch this.

grham on Dec 18, 2008


The movies NEVER are like the books, but judging from this excellent trailer it looks pretty close. Sbaretooth looks like a slighty less feral version then X1 ( i would liked to see longer hair but what you gonna do?) Big ups 2 Jackman. Yet another great performance as everyones favorite adamantitum-clawed mutie.

Cyfer1 on Dec 18, 2008


Personally I was not a huge fan of any of the x men movies ecspically X2 which was a convoluted mess, however this looks FREAKEN AWESOME finally a movie too go in deep with one character instead of 1000 one dimensional ones. Also Gambit is awesome but next trailer I would like to see more of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool this is the part of the movie I am looking forward to the most.

moviekidmike on Dec 19, 2008


oh my god! gambit!! it looks nice, though the first part of the trailer looks more like a drama movie rather than an x-men movie. and i agree with the comment above, i need to see more of Gambit and Deadpool

F.C. on Dec 19, 2008



Nick Jancewicz on Dec 19, 2008


AAAMMAAAAAZZZIINNNGGGGG i like the inner development of the characters at the beggining

Elliot on Dec 19, 2008


The movie looks great. Doesnt seem to fit the other x-men movies. It has a different look compared to the other ones but for the best. Finally they portray wolverine as how he really is.

Jman on Dec 20, 2008


The boy in ice with different colored eyes at 1:23 is jason stryker from X2!! Im guessin he's gonna be the cause of wolverines amnesia.

Meh on Dec 20, 2008


I hope they give Deadpool his mask and another thing the trailer look good but if they give gambit and Deadpool short parts like they did venom alot of people will be mad because out of all the x-men movies everybody wanted to see Gambit and Deadpool afther this they should make his movie because it will not be right if Deadpool is on wolverines movie and then they don't make Deadpool movie it will not be right.

DJ on Dec 20, 2008


"Fans have been waiting patiently for this very moment ever since Brett Ratner ruined X-Men 3, and unlike that film, this trailer delivers!" That's comparing apples and oranges. The TRAILER for X-Men: The Last Stand was amazing. It was the MOVIE that didn't deliver. The trailer here is good, but not nearly as good as the trailer for X-Men 3. That, to my mind, is a *good* thing. It seems lately that the better a trailer is, the worse the movie, and vice versa. So a decent (but not mindblowing) trailer could mean a mindblowing movie. Let's hope!

Tom on Dec 21, 2008


looks kinda crap, i wanted a dark violent bloodbath of a story, this looks to have that polished metallic shiny aesthetic that the x-men movies had. actions looks bad, but the war scenes from his past looked pretty good. want it to be good, but probably won't be

jeremy kyle on Dec 22, 2008


shoulda had triplh as sabretooth

jeremy kyle on Dec 22, 2008


I have been a fan of the Deadpool comic series and I am an independent film maker and writer. I only hope that the origin story is accurate enough. I agree with most of the other comments about Ryan Reynolds but the thing that will ruin it for me is the writing. Deadpool as stated earlier is a completely pathetic psychopath with a destroyed appearance. When we see Ryan Reynolds swinging swords around in a red t-shirt I get worried. Considering who wrote the film and its director I am anticipating being very disappointing. Lets just hope that the changes made to all of these characters' origin stories don't completely misrepresent what the original writers wanted. Depending on the success of this film you can bet money on spin-offs for Deadpool and Gambit. I mean if Elektra can get a spin off why shouldn't they?

Ronin Reflex on Dec 22, 2008


Gambit wow~!

ilmcba on Dec 22, 2008


So, is Gambit a bad guy?

Lauren on Dec 22, 2008


Gambit's background is shrouded in villiany. He was a world class thief at one time.

killerglove on Dec 22, 2008


who would win in a fight wolverine or jason from friday the 13th

james on Dec 23, 2008


I pretty much pooped my pants when I saw it.

Tom V on Dec 23, 2008


I concurr with Ronin #185- Im also bracing myself for a colossa failure. I'm still hopefull though. A spinoff would be great, and there probably will be #189.....what?........

CHICK on Dec 24, 2008


Im really not sure how to feel about this one. Another X-Men movie is nice, but we've already had 3 movies basically centered on Wolverine. Is another really nessecary?

soul_reaver265 on Dec 24, 2008


Other than some costume similarities, deadpool was NOTHING like spiderman. He was an assassin, put in for Wolvie's process. it failed. miserably. so now he is a hitman for hire who makes jokes and overacts nonstop. sounds like ryan reynolds to me. Either way whatever. Im seeing it for Emma Frost.

Squall on Dec 24, 2008


well first i wanna clarify/explain something; in the following sentences i will be referencing the program that creates supersoldiers as only "Weapon program". Weapon X actually the 10th attempt, hence the X, which happens the subject is Logan πŸ˜€ (or as his actual real name is James Howlett) and the 1st (Weapon I) being our very good old star spangled avenger πŸ˜€ #15 >> the Weapon program has taken a drifting loner only known as Logan right before or right after the WW1 i am not sure. therefor he may have adamatium claws by then or even if he hasnt received the "special love" (!) from the program he had the bone claws and the artists rendition may be amiss i still wait on my copy of the TPB in transit so will have to read the story anf check out the drawings to make an actual comment πŸ˜€ but one thing for sure he had bone claws since the very first day he killed his own father (and its hinted in the "Origin" that he may not even be his real father :P). #45 >> well i dont know if you recall anything if i go and say fastball special??? πŸ˜€ it it doesnt ring anybells we have seen a version of it in X3 where he takes off the head of a sentinel πŸ˜€ its his special punch thing where he gets thrown at bigger things by mostly Colossus or Storm's gales. here he uses the oncoming Hummers momentum to throw himself back at the helicopter! its physics πŸ˜€ #74 >> everybody thought that claws came with the weapon x project as the adamantium implanted but in one of the greatest stories ever told, in xmen 75, Magneto actually ripped the adamantium atom by atom thru wolvie's pores everything changed for the grunt πŸ˜€ as he wlked up the evolution steps we saw the first bone claws. they didnt give him claws they were already there and had been covered all over just like every bone in his body with adamantium save his teeth πŸ˜€ (if not he would have been the original Jaws material for the bond movies :P) #185 >> hmmm considering that this is about the origin of the man we know as wolverine, not Logan, the weapon program (and actually X is the number and the tenth subject is Logan :D) and deadpool was one of the subjects of the program he is fit to be in the flick πŸ˜€ as to come to whether he is a good cast i believe so. he is built very athletic, he is a natural wiseass and cracks often. and deadpool didnt always had the hideous face. he has a rare timouric cancer and thats why he needed logans healing abilities inorder to survive both from the canser and the weapon programs treatments. his face could be made unlookeable after he was in the program, i am not sure, gotta check it with my collection. #157 >> actually wolvies original undies are yellow with dark blue/black stripes but from his Wolverine limited series brown and mustard costume is my fav too πŸ˜€ #158 >> well actuall for a guy whose origin is still foggy and hard to comprehend, branchy, even after all the recent revelations, to tell the storyright is very hard to do in one single film. so i prefer the storywise develeopment to be distinct but brief and let the knuckles talk scenes be fantastic. cause he is the old knucklehead, the bar fighter, one mean berserker we are talking about. hit first ask Qs later kinda guy πŸ˜€ if the director wants to develop the real character its surely gonna be a huge job to handle and one a very difficult one πŸ™ lets just hope we can get what we can get in two+ hours at best and let the film grasp us from our seats in "oh shit"s, "holy smoke"s, "darn that oughta hurt"s etc #128 >> up untill the Weapon program Logan always had claws but only bone claws back then. you see this revelation in xmen 75 πŸ˜€ wow this getting very long i dont want to bore or put any of you guys down. i am just sharing info they may be inaccurate or wrong if so correct me so that i can learn the truth πŸ˜€ i will have loads of fun watching wolverine but i really hope the only thing ruining this movie will be if they pg13 it... he is wild he is berserk he is definetely not anything less then a R rating πŸ™ younglings could go see Wall-E and let us see a R rated tru wolverine flick πŸ˜€ cheers

burak "daequitas" on Dec 24, 2008


wow u guys are all gay

dont fucking worry about it. on Dec 24, 2008


hello, its from 20th CENTURY FOX... so why are you guys getting excited?

evilnik on Dec 26, 2008


is this x-men origins sony owned or marvel,cos he migh be in the avengers if its marvel, just the WW2 bit and weapon X programme could tie in nicely with cap usa..????

james on Dec 27, 2008


looks good only hang ups are the castings of gambit and sabertooth, someone metioned will-i-am being in it and being displeased give the guy a freaking chance before calling judgement

neonblue on Dec 28, 2008


Of course I am going to see this!

RSH on Dec 28, 2008


Funny how wolverine became american. Everytime something good comes out of Canada, Hollywood rapes it.

Matt on Dec 29, 2008


Fukkin awesome! Can't wait, its long over-due!

Ken on Jan 2, 2009


I haven't seen the trailer in theaters yet, only online so far. And what I saw, left me breathless. For anyone that wants the 411 of all things Wolverine, you might wanna check out - it has biographies on him and many of the other characters you see in the trailer. Another good place to learn more about your favorite marvel heroes/villains (or at least the ones in the X-Men's corner of the Marvel U) is It cracks me up that people who don't know much about a character or his comic book origins have so much to say. The movie's title DOES makes sense. When I think of Wolverine, I think X-Men...but I've been reading the comics for 18 years. Not everyone is wired that way, so they have to let you know IN the title that it's a spinoff, plus the origin of the character. They're making another solo movie, for Magneto. It's being called X-Men Origins: Magneto. Why, because both of them are TIED to the X-Men. However, both movies take place before any of the X-Men films. Wolvie is seen here as a child (bone claws included), fighting in WWII (hopefully we get a Captain America cameo), the early bouts of his rivalry w/ Victor Creed (Sabretooth), the death of Silverfox (years before he hooks up w/ Mariko Yashida), becoming Weapon X (gaining the adamantium skeleton/coated claws). I'm not sure how Gambit & Emma Frost come into play in the film, as in the comics he doesn't meet either until he's been with the X-Men for a time. I'm hoping they come up with a decent way of explaining that. For the people who have been slamming the trailer, the directing, the "feel" of the film, or the casting of the movie...get over yourselves. Movies cost money, and the DREAM actors, directors, (wrestlers) that people FEEL would be the perfect match for a character/film are either not available, not interested, or are asking too much to be in the film/direct it. Movies like this are an escape, entertainment, fantasy, etc... You go see it, you feel good. Or in some cases, you walk away feeling let down. There's 30+ years of story to Wolverine (comic-wise), and in his characters case he's been alive since the 1800's. That's A LOT of back story to cover before he even gets involved with the X-Men. You can't cover all of that in 2+ hours...but it appears as if we'll get the highlights. So I'm psyched to see what Fox Studios and Director Gavin Hood, have in store for us come May 1st. I have no doubts Hugh Jackman will give us another stellar portrayal. And can't wait to see what the other actors (Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber, Taylor Kitsch, etc...) in the film have to offer us.

Craig on Jan 3, 2009


Awesome! Did anyone else see Storm as a child? Wonder what she's doing there..... >.> Still bumbed about Gambit's eyes being normal, but I hope this is good. *crosses fingers*

Ragin_Cajun_Gambit on Jan 3, 2009


The first X-Men's Saberthoot looked much better. This one looks like some random dude with nasty finger-nails and my grandpa's Halloween Dracula's fangs. As for the movie itself I will just say this. If you belong in that half of the viewers population that thrives on action: good for you, this movie will probably be a blast. You'll most likely get to see Wolverine doing some sick-ass moves, big old explosions and all the rest. Warning: do not bring your girlfriend to watch this movie, she will NOT be thinking of you when you have sex that night. If like me you belong to that other half, also interested in a little plot where possible, and possibly decent dialogues that won't make you feel like smashing your own head with a sledge-hammer. Go watch another movie. Unless it's one of those nights, and you really only feel like mindless on-screen violence. And for all you X-Men Affectionados: If you really want to watch this movie, please do remember that it is JUST a movie. Don't forget that it is called the Marvel Universe also because of the many many interpretations of it that can be found, and timeless occasions in which the X-men's (or any other superhero's) origins have been re-written. You should go in there with an open mind and just enjoy. If you really can't do that, then go fuckyourself elsewhere, get a life, and stop nagging you whiny bitch, you are ruining the movie for people who are just there to relax and get a little time off the bullshit they suffer daily on their work-place.

L'Archiduc on Jan 4, 2009


it looks good I'll probably see this I watched it again after someone said they saw storm I'm curious on why she's there I could ask why she doesnt remember him in the films but who knows maybe it'll explain in the movie. The black guy in the bar was that jarmaine dupree? who is he bishop? I like the people they have in there Emma, Blob, Beak, Deadpool, and Gambit but they dont really have anything to do with WOlverine's weapon x days. Yeah deadpool was in Weapon x but he wasnt in the mutant program with Logan they didnt meet until later I thought. why not (even tho some people think they are lame) have Alpha Flight be in the film? they are actually involved with his origin. And Wolverine beating Sabartooth like that? hope the fight is better then whats in the trailer

samuel on Jan 4, 2009


GAMBIT FINALLY GAMBIT! It took them 3 movies but he is finally in one.

Charles Mac on Jan 4, 2009


If their close to wolverine's origins graffic novel for the beggining of the movie that would be deccent , i.e. making you assume sabbertooth was wolverine and the asthmatic kid was just a character but later finding out that the asthmatic kid was the love child of the (drunkard and abusive )gardener who was also the father of the later to find out "sabertooth",who watched his real father die by the hands of the asthmatic friend who is actually wolverine . Hence helping you understand why there is such a love hate relationship between the two and why sabertooth wants to take away what matters most to wolvy. But how do you explain Saber being such a dumbfounded meathead in X 1 ,unless they tie in some type of Stryder dummy juice that causes that type of process. And lastly is it just me or would Jack Nicholson been an awsome wolverine if of coarse it was 20 years ago and the technology we have was then available?

Emmett on Jan 5, 2009



Nicola on Jan 8, 2009


thank God somebody as save the saga X-men by the little filmaker(Bret go back to music vidΓ©o ) who everybody probably know.

Sony on Jan 8, 2009


I think all you Comic book geeks need to get a grip. ITS A MOVIE!!!! There doesnt have to be a life lesson in every film. Were the X-MEN movies the greatest? NO they weren't, but they were exciting and the special effects were awesome. If you go into this movie thinking it's gonna be the best thing since sliced bread you will be dissapointed. If you go in looking to be entertained for a couple of hours I think you will love it. How many good books have they made a movie out of? A whole lot. How many of those movies followed the books page for page? Not many, so lets just get used to the fact that although there will be some similarities for the most part it will be a new story. I am a older comic book geek myself but i realize that these movies are trying to entertain all walks of life not just us GEEKS.

ricardo on Jan 8, 2009


hey ricardo how about you quit crying. nobody here cares about your opinion.

killerglove on Jan 9, 2009


Wow nice. Interesting to see a pre-feral version of Sabertooth.

Kreaden on Jan 12, 2009


The trailer looks good and I think Hugh Jackman is THE Wolverine (I know some ppl dont like him). And Wolverine is the first among all X-men for me. So, I was excited to see the teaser and I liked it in general... BUT.. I have some doubts. For example, Gambit... I really like Gambit, and it is very nice to see him at last. But I feel like this the wrong movie to see him!! What the hell is he doing in the Wolverine movie? I'm afraid that they just included him because of his popularity and complaints over his absence in the X-men trilogy. I hope they have a proper introduction for him in the movie and I really do hope that they won't change his history to fit him in the Wolverien trilogy. That would suck. I believe if they don't do so, I mean, if they introduce him well enough, they can lead to a Gambit trilogy as well. He is real cool character. =) I thought he would be cameo, but now that we know he is in all three movies, I'm quite afraid about Gambit. Second, Sabertooth... Did he shrink or what?? I think Ryan REynolds is very good for Deadpool and I feel we'll see him more often. The short appeareances of X-men legends seemed very nice to me. But I hope they won't disrupt the contiunity of the story. It wont be nice if they just pop-up for the sake of popping-up... Well,I'm excited...and I'm not convinced with the teaser... They should give us more of it =)))

atomicuso on Jan 18, 2009


Well, I just learned that there was a mini series once, just about Gambit and Wolverine. I did't know that, so maybe that's how they will fit Gambit in the movie. Second, I forgot to say, I would like to see Josh Holloway as Gambit. He would fit better.

atomicuso on Jan 18, 2009


damn! this is that i was talking about, wolverine is the best, everybody knows that

yelfree on Feb 26, 2009


yea there was a mini series of 4 comics called "wolverine and gambit-victims". The movie though looks good and i look forward to all the characters.

ismail on Mar 18, 2009


So far, marvel has so many problems just getting ONE character right e.g. ghost rider, punisher, daredevil….I'm anxious to see this. The trailer shows so much potential.

Crown molding ideas on Apr 20, 2010


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Decorative shelf brackets on Apr 29, 2010


Were the X-MEN movies the greatest? NO they weren't, but they were exciting and the special effects were awesome. If you go into this movie thinking it's gonna be the best thing since sliced bread you will be disappointed.

Corian countertops prices on May 8, 2010


Thank you I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog.

Sweet sixteen cakes on May 11, 2010


Wow its been a whole year since it came out... watched it three times in theatre, 4 times in Blu ray and yep i even watched pre special effects leaked version. did i love it: no did i like it: hell yes could it have been better: yep wayy better. before i talk about the movie first i would liket to add/to touch up some issues discussed here (and i am not an expert, only a die hard fan and a massive collector so bare with me :D): i dont think i have came across any hint of all my collection where indicated that Logan/Wolverine was designed/created to have bone claws, only to be laced with adamantium afterwards. if my memory serves right: the bone claws were first revealed after the devastating events on our fav 'nuckle head, namely Magneto ripping the adamantium from logans bones, practically licking it clean (i think it was '92 in Xmen 25 Magnus ripped Adamantium off, and in Wolverine 75 first Bone Claws was shown to everyones surprise πŸ˜€ only to be regained in '99-00 in issue 145 ). we fans were shocked that we wouldnt be hearing that famous popping sound of A-claws "Snikt" a sound only seconded by "Thwip" πŸ˜€ but thanks to writing stuff we were given a new sound for almost 6 full years, Bone ripping flesh sound πŸ˜€ so about the boneclaws there is not one mention of bone claws under those adamantium ones. everyone assumed the claws were inserted during the weapon x program. (of course my name is not Stan or Len so what would i know πŸ˜€ if wrong please correct me) Now back to movie issues πŸ˜€ > Logan being taller than he is in the comics, well they couldnt get Danzig play him who would suit up just great πŸ˜› but hey i love our loveable Aussie face of wolverine πŸ˜€ Jackman really live the role. he is great as Wolverine. > Sabretooth looking smaller. yep he looks smaller than he is in the comics only in comparison to hughs real height. and Liev's Sabretooth is really cunning. he is Sabretooth imo. the sabretooth in the comics is not some mindless "go fetch boy" type animal. he is cunning, he is planning, he just also happens to be far side of the maniacally sadistic and feral animal πŸ˜€ you may like the way "Go fetch boy" Sabretooth in the first X movie but he is nothing like the real Sabretooth in the comics except the looks. > Gambit not looking the type. personally i think Taylor was a good choice for his looks. but he could have tried harder with the accent. And the phsical traits of Gambit was not that bad. we all know Gambit has burning eyes, and we also know that it becomes more visible as he uses his energy based powers and not that apparent otherwise due to his control over his powers. so it was not that bad. > Deadpool. well deadpool was deadpool up until he had underwent the weapon x treatment, he was the perfect Wade Wilson. Ryan really made him become real πŸ˜€ was funny, great action scenes. but as deadpool in XO:Wolverine it really sucked πŸ™ the guys in suits really made their move again and ruined what could have been a perfectly good adaptation of a character. πŸ™ > Wraith. hahaha dude was good almost as good as he could sing πŸ˜€ i liked his part. he did what he was supposed to > Weapon Zero/Maverick well if you ask me i really couldnt make anything out of him πŸ™ credits name him as Zero but Maverick was missing from the pic. he should have been Maverick. (I know I know Zero was infact maverick's lateron alias but hey the key word "LAter" πŸ™ ) but he had his moment πŸ˜€ where he shot logan in the head as he emerged from the tank was great πŸ˜€ > Finally the worst... if there was only one complaint regarding this movie it should have been the rating... πŸ™ we are talking about wolverine. the guy who is the best there is at what he does and what he does aint pretty.... for him killing is second nature. he has no problem with killing if its whats needed to be done. but here we have a pg-13 flick .... again we see the suits in action... darn them πŸ™ we are talking a Mature reader tagged comic character so why bother to get 10-13 year old kids in the theatres. i am sure adult fans way outnumber the kiddies (hey no offense guys just trying to make a point) since wolverine has been out there since 30 years πŸ˜€ so average fan age is about 25 πŸ˜€ get this franchise from fox. give it to legendary pic. Seat a veteran director who also happens to read some wolverine so he knows him... than everybody shall see the real wolverine on screen. ok all those complaints not enough for me go home and rewatch it once again... but there is watching and there is watching as you drool on your tshirt, sofa even the producers, the suits please, have some respect for the characters for what they really are... ok enough talking πŸ˜€ cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on May 11, 2010


I think a big Holy Shit is in order. Except some moron cast Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. So im going to expect some heavy overacting on his part. I enjoyed reading about this.

Squirrel monkeys for sale on May 19, 2010


I think it looks on the level of X-Men 3 and that's not a good thing. Thank you for this information.

Flat bottom boats on May 28, 2010


X-Men 3 is one of my favorite films. I was really intresting to see, how wolverine was created.

Tommy Hilfiger on Jul 8, 2010

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