Four More Join Inglorious Bastards: Pitt, Pegg, Novak, and Kinski

August 8, 2008

Inglorious Bastards: Pitt, Pegg, Novak

As we've already mention, the cast for Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards is being finalized and that means we're going to see numerous casting announcements over the next few weeks until every last character in the script has been accounted for. We already confirmed Eli Roth's involvement earlier this week and now we've got four more today. Brad Pitt, Simon Pegg, B.J. Novak, and Nastassja Kinski are all in talks or final agreements to join the WWII film. Pitt will be playing Lt. Aldo Raine, aka "Aldo the Apache", a Southern rebel who is the leader of the group of eight Jewish-American soldiers. Pegg will play a British lieutenant. Novak will play PFC Utivich, alongside of the aforementioned Eli Roth as PFC Danowitz. And Kinski is meeting with Tarantino for the part of a German "movie queen" in the film.

Producer Lawrence Bender comments on the collaboration between Pitt and Tarantino, saying "they're going to push each other and really help make something special." Apparently most of the dialogue in the film will be in French or German and subtitles will be used, however, Pitt will speak in English as the "Tennessee hillbilly" who puts together the team. Pitt's character is a "voluble, freewheeling outlaw in the manner of Samuel L. Jackson's Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction" and says things like "we're gonna be doing one thing, and one thing only, and that's killing Nazis." So far we've got Brad Pitt leading a team consisting of Eli Roth, B.J. Novak, and potentially David Krumholtz. So there are about five more missing from that crew on top of, most importantly, the character of Hans Landa, the Nazi leader that Pitt is out to hunt.

Most moviegoers should be familiar with Simon Pegg as either Shaun from Shaun of the Dead or Sgt. Nicholas Angel from Hot Fuzz. B.J. Novak hasn't ever really had a major role in any feature film (besides very small roles in Knocked Up and Reign Over Me), but he does play Ryan Howard on "The Office." And Nastassja Kinski is a German actress from films like Say Nothing and Paradise Found. So far this is one of the most eclectic casts I've ever seen, but I trust Tarantino is working on one of the most amazing casts I hope I'll ever see, too. Although it may sound odd saying their names now, by the time this hits theaters, I expect we'll be praising each and every one. Stay tuned for more Inglorious Bastards casting announcements as they arrive - hopefully we'll have the full list finalized soon enough. Thoughts?

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curious cast, looking forward to this

James on Aug 8, 2008


I wish Nastassja's dad was still alive. Klaus Kinski would have been the ultimate Hans!!! The only other 2 people i could see as Hans are Udo Keir or Schwarzenegger!!!

REAL6 on Aug 8, 2008


Do we need to know about B.J Novak ? Who is he ? I saw him in the Office serial and he is the last actor that must be mentioned there too .... OK ...Brad Pitt and Simon Pegg are actors that we need to know about there future steps ...But Novak is the last actor I need to know about him of course after Adam Sandler - Ben Stiller and Mike Myers ... Hope no one will take my comment as a comparing between these actors .... I am just saying that for me Sandler + Stiller + Myer = 0 and for now Novak is -,0 🙂

Shero on Aug 8, 2008


Shero......When you read this article, do you consider it as a update on B.J. Novak's career or an update on Tarantino's new film? Because I clearly see it as the latter, thus I'm very interested to know who each character is and how they could possibly fit a mold.

Stuck@Work on Aug 8, 2008


Pitt, Pegg, and Novak are all great, I can't wait to see how this movie will turn out.

Eddie on Aug 8, 2008


i didn't even understand what he said.

Buttons on Aug 8, 2008


Pegg? Is QT really this desperate to claw back some semi-hip, semi-fanboy adulation? Oh well, it could've been worse. It could've been Ricky Gervais.

sleepykid on Aug 8, 2008


Great cast so far looking forward to seeing who else will be casted.

Curtis on Aug 8, 2008


20 bux pegg is the demolitons dude

Cody on Aug 8, 2008


Pegg = win But with what we're reading, he could be a minor cameo for all we know.

LW on Aug 8, 2008


Are you talking to me 🙂 Both of you 🙂 When you got real profiles and real names then I will answer you 🙂

Shero on Aug 8, 2008


LOL Shero win!!!!! btw. Buttons is my real name.

Buttons on Aug 8, 2008


I guess it is just me but Pegg seems like a miscast here.

Ryan on Aug 8, 2008


Strange, he seems to be casting a lot of comedy actors for a movie with such a serious subject. On the other hand, I trust Tarantino to put together a good cast.

Zamora on Aug 8, 2008


Shero, you're a dumbass. B.J. Novak isn't just a supporting actor in the Office series. He's one of the producers and has become a pretty good part of the show. Do a little research. And learn English a little better because you syntax sucks horse chowder.

JL on Aug 8, 2008


That last sentence had a typo in it.

JL on Aug 8, 2008


JL ...Why so Serious ??? and By the way Are you talking to me ? 🙂 Get a real name and profile and then I will answer you IMDb researcher hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Shero on Aug 8, 2008


And for your information ...You don't need IMDb to find out that Novak is the producer ...because in the end of every serial they write his name as the producer and of course what it mean a producer and acting in the same time !!!!????? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh By the way this is not an answer for you JL ... I am just adding some information to the topic .... and again I don't care what will happen with Novak .... maybe after 5 years I will think again about what I wrote now and then I will let you know but until next 5 years sorry Novak is just a man who got money but not talent ... 😉

Shero on Aug 8, 2008


you don't have to go on imdb to see he is a producer and writer. It says that during the introduction of the show. And QT is great at casting roles. Also on a side note. What is this real name and profile thing you keep repeating?

Buttons on Aug 8, 2008


Novak is a producer for "The Office." He can play smarmy well. He's a good actor. He can go dark. I know it.

Catmandoo on Aug 8, 2008


B.J. Novak is great. Being a huge fan of the Office, I can promise you, he can hold his ground. Funny having him of all people be cast in the next Tarantino movie... Pitt, sure! he's a solid actor all around. I could definitely see him taking charge in war movie epic. Pegg?, i'm a little worried about him, but I have faith in Tarantino. He knows what he's doing.

Conrad on Aug 8, 2008


#7 - Pegg is not only in this, but he's also in Star Trek. I might say that J.J. Abrams and Tarantino are (arguably) two of the smartest filmmakers currently working in Hollywood and they're decision to include Pegg in their biggest feature films to date must shed some light on how great of an actor Pegg is... I really don't think he's as bad as you're making him out to be... Otherwise, I'm glad to hear so many people are as fascinated by these casting choices as I am! Rock on Tarantino, rock on...

Alex Billington on Aug 8, 2008


Ryan, how can you judge if someone has been miss cast if you haven't read the script and have no in depth knowledge of the character or of the film? Don't get worked up everyone, If you respect Tarantino then I'd trust the process. I speak for myself when I say he has never let me down.

Tim Sanders on Aug 8, 2008


oh f*ck ya Simon Pegg!!!!! 😀 WOO!

carlos on Aug 9, 2008


For all these bitches who care so much about Novak : What the hell you saw in him that you like that much he almost has no a complete sentence in the serial Office !!!! How can you judge on him as a good actor in a serial that he is the last character in it ... ? he has the smallest character in that serial and I even think he ruin the serial ... I think you didn't understand what I wrote before : He is the producer and actor in the same time mean a man with money but what about talent ? I didn't see it until now ... and I am sure just the money make him get into these stuff because he is far away to be consider for big movies .... and by the way I like the serial Office but not because of him ... I wish he was not in that serial and if he is as good as you think then why he doesn't get a character like Rainn Wilson or John Krasinski ??? It is a big prove that he is not that good and not that funny ...because he is the last supported actor on the list of Office .... and I am sure that the writing he does for some serials is just to give him self less speech 😉 and again this serial is not from his imagination or a creativity that just he can think about it ...The Office (2005) is the remake for the English serials The Office (2001) : and take a look to the IMDb profile for these 3 actors (Rainn Wilson or John Krasinski and Novak ) and see what is the different I am speaking about !!! it is huge and you will see what happen ... I am sure his role will be a man without word ... 😉 speechless ... his tongue has been cut ... or this rumor for now will clear soon that he is not good enough for that movie and they will kick him out 🙂 Think we are not speaking about The Office ..because I like the Office more than you think ...we are speaking about Novak the last actor on this planet 😉 who money put him in that place otherwise he will be washing dishes 12 hours a day and his blue eyes will not help him for nothing ... Think Again

Shero on Aug 9, 2008


Rayan : You must be out of your fucking mind if you think Simeon Pegg is miscast and do not say a word about Novak !!!!! You call your self a Movie guy !!!! but do you really have any idea what are you writing right now ? if Pegg is a miscast then I think Brad Pitt is a miscast too 🙂 What make you think like that and why the hell you don't mention Novak as a mistake not just miscast 😉 I will be glad to know the reason 😉

Shero on Aug 9, 2008


Shero, i think people would take you seriously if you actually said something good once and a while. It seems like every single comment you post on the site here, is something negative. Thats not me being me, thats me being honest. And yes, while I agree with you that B.J. Novak is a curious choice for a role in this film (as is Eli Roth), his previous experience on the office suggests that he is in fact a talented actor. And you have to make your break on to the big screen sometime right? So until Novak ruins this movie because of his poor acting, I will support QT's choice of actors. 🙂

Andy Adair on Aug 9, 2008


( Here we Go ) ... Again 🙂 Andy Adair : I remember that you promised me a month ago that you will never get into a discussion with me again ... am I right ? and you broke your word ... ( Don't worry I will not cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches... ) 🙂 However ... I never said that I am 100% right in everything ... every one has mistakes ...but I am sure about one thing that not all my comments are negative see it like this because we were in an opposite discussion before and you remember why and what it was .... ( let's we don't open the old paper again ) 😉 The truth is that after our discussion last time I registered in the site ...otherwise Firstshowing was the only site that I sent reviews and comments and new stuff about movies.... the point is that there is a lot of other sites but I wanted to be just with one ...I read most of them yes but I am not writing Comments or my opinion in others until I saw the mistakes that Alex do and your opinion about me that is why I decide to give up this site and go to and I even wrote some comments there .... Now why I am writing these ? I think you understand to let you know that I am still thinking that Firstshowing is one of the best sites and I like it and I want to give my opinions here ... But as I know you are a member of this site and I will be thankful if you tell me Shero please do not write again in our site ...then believe me I will never open this site again ..because I am a guest here like everyone ells ..and it is your site and if you do not open the door for me then I will not keep knocking again and again .... I am a man of my word 😉 Are you sure that I was negative all the time ? because as I understand that you do not remember the positive stuff I wrote because it is not so big deal to see : Great ..Wow ...I will be waiting for ...That will kick ass .... But it is easy to remember : What is this ? are you kidding me ? that is not right ? I think this is mistake ! specially when it is against your opinion ... for example : I was possetive about Pegg but you didn't mention that ....why ????... but when I am negative about Novak everyone is mad about it and they wag like a dog .... why ? because they even don't know Novak but they like the serial that he is a small part of it ...and they love Novak because of Steve Carell - Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski ...otherwise who is Novak ? No one ..... tell me and be real if Novak was not in that serial will be there any difference ? We all know the answer but we don't want to mention it that is the problem .... However I am again on my opinion that Novak is not a man who I want to know about him at least for the next 5 years ..but of course Pegg and Pitt are actors who I want to know everything about them day after day ... And I don't want to open a discussion about QT ....I respect him for his crazy style and new stuff he bring on and I am following his works one after another ... but still he has mistakes like anyone ells ...but we don't want to ruin his image just because he write a lot of good fuck Bullshits 🙂 ( hope you will not take this as negative because at least I mentioned that I respect him and he write a good *********** ) 🙂 In the end : Even you broke your word ( It is not good ) ....and even you still think I am negative in everything ( It is not true ) ...but at least thank you because you was a bit polite in your replay ... 😉

Shero on Aug 9, 2008


I am not trying to argue with you, your just so negative all the time!

Andy Adair on Aug 9, 2008


And I am sure everyone agrees with me that you are an important reader to, I just want the positive happy Shero! 🙂

Andy Adair on Aug 9, 2008


Andy Andy Andy 🙂 If I am so negative then Why I am with a smile in almost all my comments 🙂 believe me I am positive about everything ... Some times if you want to be positive then you must lie because there is no positivity in some stuff that going on in Hollywood right now and with the big names too and you know that ... And it mean that I can't lie ... I am just saying what I see and feel about the stuff that going on nothing more nothing less ... 🙂 Again I am not arguing but at least I have the right to defend my positivity 🙂 hhhhh ... By the way is there such a sentence ? 🙂

Shero on Aug 9, 2008


One question - is Shero on crack?

WTF on Aug 9, 2008


shero and alex are correct about Pegg. But Novak is an integral part of the serial office. He was mainly just a writer in season one. But in season four he is a major player, having lots of screen time in episode.

Buttons on Aug 9, 2008


Is there anyway to block Shero??

REAL6 on Aug 9, 2008


why do you want to block shero. Although i don't always agree with what he says. He has the right to say it. And even though his sentences sometimes require a second read, he usually has something smart to say. Remember his discussion on the Pictures from Max Payne. On the internet we are all equal. *plays patriotic music in the background * Where your only limitation is your net speed which controls the refreash rate. ... ... .... although admins have more power than regular people..... so this is more like a dictatorship. 🙁 Anyway. R

Buttons on Aug 9, 2008


Thanks Buttons 🙂 REAL6 : I asked today .. one of the admins by myself ... If they don't want me to write any more... just they have to let me know and then they don't need to block me I will not enter this site again .... and I am a man of my word .... 🙂 But the problem are not in my comments and critics ... the problem are from people like you who can't take the critics ... and have no time for reading and understanding what I wrote ...because every time I explain the reasons that make me not like something or some one .... But you are people who just want to hear Wow ...Great ...Niceeeeee ... sorry I am not that man who agree with everything and that is it .... But what I can wait from people like you ? I became a refuge to be far from the Dictators in Iraq but I find million others outside 😉

Shero on Aug 9, 2008


If you look at the pictures on top of these dudes well i realized that in an action movie and I am guessing there will be a bit of action these dudes are perfect for a ww2 action movie. Pegg even played a cameo in band of brothers and he had the dramatic feel down

Cody on Aug 9, 2008


Whoa, whoa, whoa, Shero. Maybe it was a little tactless to call names. But I didn't get my information from IMDB. I actually watch the show, and I actually like the character Ryan. Get a profile? Why would I waste my time with that when I can make commentaries without all the trouble. I don't disagree with every comment you post on this site, but on this one, you're wrong. And by the way you accuse me of being an IMDB researcher, I'd say that's where you check your facts.

JL on Aug 10, 2008


I agree, #37, Pegg may have gotten his start doing comedy on BBc, but he does have chops. Now, he may not be the next Al Pacino, but at this point, it's too early to say how good he COULD be. Brad Pitt is a good actor, but if there is anyone I question for this movie, it's him. I like to see films made with not-so-well-known actors. It's refreshing and it's good for budding careers. I mean, who really wants to see the same actor in ten movies a year, in a vital role in each. Brad Pitt will overshadow every other actor on the screen simply by being there. That is unless the others really bring their guns to the show. On the other hand, if they hire big name actors, they can draw more revenue.

JL on Aug 10, 2008


After having read the script, these are my thoughts... NO SPOILERS, BUT DON't READ IF YOU LIKE 100% SURPRISE Pitt couldn't be better placed. While Lt. Aldo is known for violent actions, he has this really honorable sense to him. He's very similiar to Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction, but with the entire military aspect of the film, the whole honor before duty thing is very effective. Pitt will rock this role. Pegg....Lt. Hicox is an interesting character. He's not in the film for very long, but the portion he plays is extremely crucial to the storyline. He's an intelligent, young, promising British Lt. who gets thrown in the mix b/c of his resources for the situation. He's not a comedic character at all either, so Pegg isn't coming in here for any kind of humor relief. ELI ROTH...Besides Pitt, I honestly think this is the best role choice. The character of PFC Donnie or "The Bear Jew" is kinda of an erratic/wild character. He's kind of arrogant, violent, and even goofy in a way. Eli Roth's whole demeanor kind of spells out this character. THE YET TO BE ANNOUNCED CHARACTERS ARE SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT...Such as the male female protagonist and "The Jew Hunter". As for the Bastards, don't doubt Novak/Roth/Pegg(not really one, but yeah) because the characters are so unique that the awkwardness and strangeness of each actor will really help to evolve the roles.

Tyler on Aug 12, 2008

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