Fox Developing Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Feature Film!

July 22, 2008

Cowboy Bebop

All your Faye Valentine fantasies are finally going to come true… if you have any at least! Following Akira and Ghost in the Shell announcements, apparently Cowboy Bebop is in for a live-action adaptation as well. IF Magazine talked with veteran producer Erwin Stoff (via AICN) and discovered that he's working on making a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie with Fox. Apparently it's very fresh news: "I'm really excited to be working on it, and it's in the really early stages. We just signed it the other day." If you're not so familiar with Bebop, it's an incredibly popular Japanese anime TV series that first aired back in 1998 and has become a hit here in the US as well as Japan. I'm not exactly a big fan myself, but considering Hollywood is caught up in the anime trend, I'm definitely excited to see this one come to life as well.

Faye ValentineStoff goes on to explain his enthusiasm for the project and their attempts to remain faithful. "I have such an enormous admiration for its creators, that our first and foremost concern is going to be a real degree of faithfulness to the tone of the movie, to the mix of genres, and so on and so forth. When I met with them in Japan, one of the first things that I brought up was the experience that we had on A Scanner Darkly, and how hard we worked to remain faithful to Philip K. Dick, and that was our big concern here." Don't get confused, this does not mean that they're going for a similar animated look like A Scanner Darkly, as he explicitly said that it's going to be live-action. And if you're wondering who Faye Valentine is, she's one of the main character's in the series and a fan favorite. The photo to the right comes from Bam Kapow's gallery of Faye Valentine costumes.

The show first aired in Japan in early 1998 and was brought over to America in 2001 on Adult Swim. The series follows the adventures of a group of bounty hunters traveling on their spaceship, the Bebop, in the year 2071. Sony released a full-length animated film titled Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heavens Door in 2001 where it was greeted with immense praise from fans worldwide. It is easily one of the most popular mainstream anime series and is beloved by many people even if they're not hardcore anime fans. I think it's the perfect series to adapt, but like Dragonball, I worry that it may get screwed up in translation if it falls into the wrong hands. Unfortunately both Dragonball and this adaptation are at Fox, which isn't a good sign so far, but maybe they'll find a good director. However, I'm enjoying Hollywood's anime trend and am anxious to see what they're going to do with Cowboy Bebop. Thoughts?

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Reader Feedback - 376 Comments


How about showing TRIGUN some love! Vash is the coolest anime character and his storyline is perfect for a movie! So much happened to his past and the action scenes were always breathtaking to say the least! We need TRIGUN! Bebop sounds cool too!

David on Jul 22, 2008


Oh god why? This is a terrible idea! So is it going to be a new trend like Comic Book and Video game movies? Making live action version of Anime shows? Cowboy Bebop is one of the only Anime I don't hate and I really don't want it fucked up. I guess it is possible that they could do a good job.. but I highly doubt it.

CSpuppydog on Jul 22, 2008


Ummm does anyone realize this guy is Keanu Reeves' manager? The only movie's he's produced have been Keanu Reeves films!!! Guess we found our spike. "Woah"

Kent on Jul 22, 2008


Ugh, this live-action anime thing had better not be the next big Hollywood trend. They should all stay as animes so I can easily avoid seeing them.

Brad on Jul 22, 2008


Alex you suck. Dragonball will be cool. I am a fan and I support the changes. Transformers made shit load of changes and you fucking moviebloggers didn't say shit about it.

Jojo on Jul 23, 2008


no. no no no no no. *facepalm, reads again* no no no no no.

shane on Jul 23, 2008


at #5 you realize what your talking about... a LIVE ACTION Dragonball movie?!?! There is now way in all hell that it will be good... it is going to be a fucking train wreck. The reason they aren't saying anything about the changes to Transformers was becuase it was a good movie which is something the Dragonball movie will not be.

CSpuppydog on Jul 23, 2008


Bebops always been one of the only animes that i can bare to watch. thanks for ruining it for me, Fox!

Mr. Pockets on Jul 23, 2008


Oh dear... please don't ruin Cowboy Bebop... If it does get ruined, they might as well cast Man-Faye to be Ms. Valentine. Please please let this movie not bomb... I can't bear to so it ruined...

Fuji on Jul 23, 2008


Now, Bebop could, could I stress, actually be done as a live action film. The stories are really about human interaction over action. That being said, it is more likely that it will be turned into a blockbuster action film. The only thing that could provent this is if a director and or screenwriter with indie expierence gets invovled. That's what has elavated Dark Knight. You can see Nolan's past expirence in the film.

goudos on Jul 23, 2008


Well, I've been expecting an adaptation of this series for years. I have always been a fan of the show and it is one of maybe 3 animes that is significantly better english dubbed. It makes me pretty sad to hear that it's being adapted though because there's a certain grittyness about the series that will be incredibly hard to portray in a live action film. That being said I will keep an eye on it just because of my love for the series and I'm just generally curious about who will direct and who will be cast.

Alexander on Jul 23, 2008


#10 I agree, If they took this film seriously it could be a pretty good sci-fi flick. Imagine for example, maybe Ridley Scott directing along the lines of Blade Runner but not quite as dark and moody. It could work.

Omega728 on Jul 23, 2008


I cried and died a little inside when i found out Akira and GITS were being redone. Anime is Anime and Hollywood is Hollywood. They should remain seperate! Also, why Fox? I hate Fox. Once upon a time they were the production company to beat, but now all they churn out is crap. I found my only solace in Akira and GITS remakes being that Fox was NOT doing them. and now Cowboy Bebop is going to be redone? What's next? A live action verson of Princess Mononoke (to the production companies, DO NOT DO THAT)? If Fox was NOT doing Cowboy Bebop, I might be able to get excited for it. I mean, of all animes, I agree with #10 and #12, this is one of the few that could actually work really well as a live action flick. However, only if they go about it right. And they better at least get the music right! The music is the whole reason I watched any Cowboy Bebop to begin with (and to be honest, while the 2001 movie rocked, I think the music is better than the series as a whole). Last note: Dragonball live action will suck. The anime wasn't as good as the manga, and I don't 'see how a live action version could work, especially from what details I've heard about the changes they've made.

dave13 on Jul 23, 2008


Chnages are necessary to make a Dragonball movie work fuckers.

Jojo on Jul 23, 2008


it's going to be a terrible,. do you really have any hope for live action Hollywood adaptations of anime to work? I mean everyone tried to choke themselves to death when the announcement of live action Evangelion was made, this is will just end in a disgrace and I call for live action hamtaro . Cause even Hollywood can't mess that up. I mean look ant Alvin and the chipmunks, obviously the best movie of all time.

ugotbekiddingme on Jul 23, 2008


I'm fine with it, if it's bad I can ignore it...

Staatz on Jul 23, 2008


I think almost any movie could work. It just has to have the right script, director, budget, production, etc. All of the anime movies that's done bad with live action was because none of them really had good production behind them. Guyver, Gundam, Crying Freeman, and so on... Think about it? If Transformers was given a $25 million budget with a cheap director, how do you think that would've turned out? I'm pretty sure a lot of you would be sitting here complaining how they should've never made it. I think anime live action movies are still in it's early stages like most of the first couple comic book movies, remember the first F4 or Captain America movies? Let's just hope that maybe Akira, GITS, or Cowboy Bebop can break that trend. On another note, DBZ looks like another flop in my opinion. It looks like a Forbidden Kingdom type movie. Lots of action scenes but with a bad script and corny acting. just my first impressions.

Omega728 on Jul 23, 2008


I don't see why everyone is bitching.. I really don't.. We haven't even seen an anime to movie adaptation that was properly produced, like Dragonball is going to be.. So if Dragonball is kickass, and you see that this CAN and DOES work then why would you not want your favorite anime turned into badass movies? If it ends up being bad, then just forget about it like the rest of the world will.. You all say they are going to "ruin" the series for you? WTF!? The show doesn't change at all.. All you pansy ass little nerds can still close yourself in your room with your dvd's or the internet and watch the shitty show while masturbating and wishing you could be with a real person.. That doesn't change.. So stop being a bunch of whiney little bitches.. Personally I am psyched every time I hear about one of my favorite shows being made in a movie.. Because I actually have faith in it... I personally feel that if the show is good enough for me to still be watching when I'm 17 than there is no way Hollywood or anyone can ruin it for me...

Blake B on Jul 23, 2008


I saw this dubbed in Spanish, and let me tell you... I didn't know what the FUCK was going on.

DCompose on Jul 23, 2008


NO!! Bastards will ruin it!!! Leave Bebop alone!!!

zwandaba on Jul 23, 2008


As long as they get someone good to direct im all for it, i only watched the movie and loved it. Hopefully fox doesn't screw up another great anime series (like they will with Dragonball). I also agree with David lets get a Trigun movie in the works.

Curtis on Jul 23, 2008


I dont see Anime films working really, like they did a live action Gundam movie and I don't remember that being good, in fact, I barely remember it and nobody ever talks about it so it couldn'tve been all that good. Dragonball WILL work though because Dragonball has a different tone than most animes.

Kail on Jul 23, 2008


All I have to say is the they better be CAREFUL! I know some anime lovers who will rip anyone involved in this movie to SHREDS if they don't get it right! Glad it's not my job!

Lolly on Jul 23, 2008


Man-Faye...very funny. I hope the soundtrack will be same as in the anime.

SillySil on Jul 23, 2008


Jesus. NOT. EVERYTHING. NEEDS. TO BE. A MOVIE. Soon they're gonna start making movies about everyday activities. DISHES. LAUNDRY. VACUUMING. God, I'm getting sick of Hollywood.

Ian Kazimer on Jul 23, 2008


Thank you #21... I was gonna go off about this... what a ridiculous idea... I am already pissed that they will jack up DB so bad (you know it will happen). Not gonna ruin my thoughts of the series, just is a terrible idea... guess we will see. Oh and Blake #19... your last paragraph summed up much of the posts that I have disagreed with you on. Personally I am psyched every time I hear about one of my favorite shows being made in a movie.. Because I actually have faith in it... I personally feel that if the show is good enough for me to still be watching when I'm 17 than there is no way Hollywood or anyone can ruin it for me... Blake B on Jul 23, 2008

Dusty on Jul 23, 2008


#26 well they've already made a movie about a vacuum salesman

Alexander on Jul 23, 2008


Wow. I'll admit I'm excited to see where this is going to go. Though I have heard rumors about them making Cowboy Bebop in to live action for quite sometime now. Dragonball on the other had surprised me. Granted they made Death Note in to live action movies over in Japan and I heard it was quite good. Let's just see what happens with these two. Dragon Ball I'm not really looking forward to. From what I've seen it just looks ... not what I though ya know? #3 ... Keanu Reeves ... oh god ... please no NO NO NO!!! If so they might as well just shoot the movie in the head. Keanu Reeves? Gah ... #27 ... I totally agree EVERYTHING is a movie. What happened to the good ol days?

Megan on Jul 23, 2008


this is going to be a terrible examle of th mess that hollywood has become Erwin stoff's production probably means that keanu reevese will be probably somehow tied to the project it will probably be completley americanized and what made bebop so great will be destroyed on the live action transfer. Bebop was a show that should have showed these hollywood producers how great a piece of anime could be without hollywood shit and live american actors. Hollywood could never ruin the series its adaption of the series will probably be a terribly funny shitty live action movie that just shows how shitty hollywood has become

Erich on Jul 23, 2008


nooooooo. leave this anime alone. its good the way it is. the show is awesome don't ruin it.

Darrin on Jul 23, 2008


I am pretty excited for this. If it ends up being bad, who gives a damn? We still have the amazing anime that's there already. But, my only two questions are, who will direct it, and who will act in it? Wachowski brothers would be good. And for Faye, I think charlize therone maybe... I donno it soesn't matter really. I just hope its good. Now all we need is a Paranoia Agent Movie and we're set.

skamando on Jul 23, 2008


Grrrr. Sure, it COULD be good. But if people didn't like Speed Racer and Aeon Flux, how are they going to take to this? Honestly, I'm beginning to think there are just some ideas that aren't made for the main stream audience. If they were, they'd all ready be watching the anime instead of waiting for a watered down movie version.

Josh on Jul 23, 2008


Wish they would start out with some crappy properties so they figure out what the hell they are doing, like they did with comics, and leave this, ghost, and akira alone until they do.

Alucard on Jul 23, 2008


Oh God.. A live action version of such a fantastic program would just be an atrocity. I can only hope that this horror never sees the light of day.

Rick on Jul 23, 2008


If the film does go through I hope they make it like the show, the ending of Bebop was "for lack of a better word perfect" (Somebody name that line.). Spikes fate was left to the viewer, if he died on that staircase after his battle with Vicious or. Hopefully the director and writers will bring that scene to the film I can see a Bebop trilogy in the works I'm on board as long as it stays true to the show. Not the biggest fan of anime, but Bebop was the one show along side of DBZ that I could remotly stand, and unlike DBZ Bebop does not start to dissapoint after a couple of seasons, Bebop always stayed true all the way until the end minus the episode where they all die by the glob of death! Make it work if not don't even try to make a live action.

Xerxex on Jul 23, 2008


Ah Fuck.... This is going to be painful to watch...

Jean on Jul 24, 2008


the whole point of anime, is ITS ANIME, Not live action... i hope to god this does not happen, what a way to tarnish one of the best animes of all time

null on Jul 24, 2008


Oh HELL no. This, along with the live action Neon Genesis Evangelion should be firebombed immediately and never spoken of again.

William Mize on Jul 24, 2008


quote: NO!! Bastards will ruin it!!! Leave Bebop alone!!! zwandaba on Jul 23, 2008 /quote: couldn't agree more. Damn you Murdoch! Damn you Fox! Damn you and your unholy hellspawn of profit!!

Mr. Murglewurms on Jul 24, 2008


Hollywood re-creating (read butchering) anime titles makes me cry. Fluffy endings, cliches and shallow characters will all that come out of any title carrying any anime title's name.

SideByEach on Jul 24, 2008


I HATE YOU FOX >>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fingerling on Jul 24, 2008


As long as they get Yoko Kanno to do some original music, it can't go far wrong; if nothing else I'll get another kick-ass CD to add to my collection.

Emanuel Nordrum on Jul 24, 2008


Oh great yet another company buying rights to an anime. If this trend continues we'll start to see anime we never expected to get live-action Bebop. Again it's not about who directs or if it will suck this is yet another cultural thing. But in the end Bebop comes down to the style. Bebop has a very distinct and immersive style and it's cross genre bending aspects give it so much more. Yoko Kanno has to do the music and I mean has to and the dialouge has to be right in the screenplay. Just like most of these anime adaptations most of the film is going to have to be CG especially with the space combat, space stations etc. but again I don't agree with any of it and think that another animated movie could be made and more appreciated than an American adaptation into live-action.

Onizuka on Jul 24, 2008


I agree. If they wanted to produce a new animated movie with much of the original crews, that would be more plausible. As for Death Note movie #28: I saw it and it was actually very good. Kept very true to the story, and only left out parts of the anime that were not needed or would have only caused confusion if used in the film. Its good to know Japan can adapt its anime succesfully.

dave13 on Jul 24, 2008


Did you get permission from the photographer or model in that photo you posted with this article? I'm assuming you didn't, so you should take it down. -MM

MicheleMonster on Jul 24, 2008


GTFO! dont want hollywood to ruin this for me. kkthnxbai

spike_spiegel on Jul 24, 2008


#33 you're joking about the ending being open to interpretation right? They had the old man talk about people's "Guardian Stars" and showing the star fading away at the end of the credits for a reason. Spike Dies, and if anyone tries to call spoiler on that, the series has been around for a decade. As to the actual topic, yeah, this is going to be god awful, almost without doubt.

Otacon on Jul 24, 2008


this is goint to be awsome.

someone on Jul 24, 2008


I agree with David. Bebop is fine and dandy. But "Trigun" would really shine on a big screen. Especially as a trilogy. If only the likes of Quentin Tarantino, Peter Jackson, or Christopher Nolan could be persuaded to direct it. Its a huge spread of styles I just listed, but Tarantino knows how to make some violence happen, Jackson makes damn good epics, and Nolan just kicks ass.

Adrian on Jul 25, 2008


Although I'm sure this will be entertaining to say the least, why does there have to be a live action movie. It's an anime and thats the way it should stay. I love my anime and one of the reasons is that it's animated. I love Cowboy Beebop, the movie may be good but I'd rather another season of the series.

Joel G on Jul 25, 2008


okay here's the problem with Trigun on the big screen, THE STORY IS TOO LONG! as for cowboy bebop the live action...where is Jet in the above picture and who's the broad that took his place? this is already a VERY disturbing idea, Cowboy Bebop without Jet just doesn't make sense.. the Bebop is HIS ship!! and anime to live action is by all means NOT a new idea.

pakodoom on Jul 25, 2008


For one to even think that such a perfectly created series could and should be translated into a live action Hollywood flick is by far one of the most ignorant and arrogant things I’ve ever heard of. If this new creator truly understood the perfect beauty of this show then he’d know that by trying to making it anything more would completely ruin its dignity. The characters, themes, colors and music distinctly fit together in the anime because it IS anime. The beautifully choreographed fight scenes and vastly rendered backgrounds contribute to the show’s perfection, and to even think that such attributes might and should be converted in to live action scenes literally rapes the show of its soul. Please do not do this, for the love of beauty do not do this.

David on Jul 27, 2008


I think this is bad idea and its going be done in way thats not going be faithful to what Cowboy Behop so good in the first place. Behop was combination of fantastic writing, unique choices of beautiful music & goregous animation. Hollywood is not known for none of the above, this will not be what fan loved. Its something for commerical digestion of people never seen it, don't get it. Either going be good, or dumb down for average folks who don't get sci-fi or SMART scifi.

Robert Colt on Jul 27, 2008


wow, so they're going to screw up Cowboy bebop now? "faithfulness to the tone" --> tone? LOL, I predict cheesy Hollywood crap and Dragonball's casting sucks.

klashinko on Jul 27, 2008


BEST CASE SCENRIO: They film the movie, cast Alec Baldwin and George Clooney as villains. They both drop dead 2 months before the film is released. The film is a big hit!!!

John C on Jul 28, 2008


John C that was probably one of the most tasteless jokes I've read on this site in the last 2 months since I started visiting here. Wouldn't saying 'this idea sucks' worked just as well?

dave13 on Jul 28, 2008


Leave it alone. Leave it all alone. Stop making remakes. Stop "adapting" things. Are the people producing these movies and series such mindless damn zombies with zero creativity that they cant even come up with their own stories anymore? whoa, guess i just answered my own question. And people laugh/complain about Uwe Boll? Atleast he only rapes videogames that sucked before their even more horrible movie form. But this, this is just wow.

OhMyGod on Jul 28, 2008


Quoted from G4kenshin02 from Spike should be played by Adrien Brody. Jet should be played by Jeff Bridges. Faye should be played by Selma Blair. Ed could be played by Dakota Fanning. Though I thought of Jeff Bridges first =P

Zaxous on Jul 29, 2008


I'm a bit nervous about this, I must admit. I'm not going to freak out yet, though. I'm willing to give the producers the benefit of the doubt on this one, but depending on who they choose as director, what they do w/ the score, and who they cast, they could be walking on very thin ice. My biggest concern is director choice and casting for Faye. Obviously, were they to spring for the big bucks, they would choose someone like Christopher Nolan who has proven his knowledge of how to get into the "mind" of an animated feature. I would trust him w/ any project, whether cartoon or anime. He makes the project his baby and takes great care of it. I like the guy and his work. Poor casting for Faye would also completely ruin this film for me. She's the quintessential anime chick... every fanboy's wet dream. Meaning, SHE NEEDS TO HAVE SOME CURVES FOR FRAK'S SAKE! Let's face it, every well-known actress out there currently is uber skinny w/ not a breast or itty-bitty waist or substantial hip to speak of. There's also the issue of personality. I'm having a hard time imagining any current busty actress carrying off the Faye demeanor w/ believability. There just aren't that many talented young 20-something actresses around. *sigh* So, w/ all that said, my husband and I have come up w/ a cast list that we wouldn't balk at (at least not badly) should these people play the live-action version. We agree w/ #58 that Adrien Brody would actually make a really good Spike. He's got the aloofness, brooding and lankiness down-pat. Plus, as an actor, he has the ability to vanish into a role. That's good. For Jet, we're thinking Ron Perlman. Heck, he's got the voice, the brawn and the personality. Just slap a beard on him and you're good to go. For Ed, we're torn. Not sure about Dakota. I'm thinking more Abigail Breslin. She still has that childish exuberance about her that Dakota is growing out of now. And for Faye, it's a toss-up between Christina Ricci and Selma Blair. Both women, I think, could nail the personality. I'm still concerned w/ the fact that neither one of them have any boob or hip to speak of, but I suppose w/ today's concern over stick-thin stars, it'll be impossible to find that hourglass figure anymore. (Well, that's not entirely true. Katherine Heigl certainly has the figure. You could very easily give her black hair, that's not a hardship. My concern there for her would be, can she carry off Faye's personality? She's yet to be tested in a character role anywhere even remotely close to this.) Now the only thing left to determine is who's going to play Ein? 😉 Oh, lawd, please not some crazy CG crap. Please let it be a real-live corgi. Let's not have Scooby-Doo all over again. What a farce that would be.

BebopGeek on Jul 29, 2008


OK, one addendum to the above list: Ellen Page as Ed. I think a smallish young adult needs to play the role, simply because I just can't see a child actor actually knowing how to act like a child. Besides, there's a quirkiness to Ed that's just beyond defining, and I think Ellen would do a fine job.

BebopGeek on Jul 30, 2008


They are going to mess these movies up SOOO bad.

Toni on Jul 31, 2008


I WISH THERE WOULD BE SOME NEWS ON NINJA SCROLL MOVIE. I remember that Mortal Kombat producer Larry Kasanoff was going to make the movie based on Ninja Scroll and then taht movie Ninja Assassin was going to be a movie based on the Ninja Scroll series which its not. I think Ninja Scroll will be announced by Threshold Entertianment if the project comes with some Hollywood screenwriters to write the script. Larry Kasanoff and that Ninja Scroll director would be at Comic Con if the project comes in the future. Thank You. BRUCE ACOSTA AUSTRALIA.

Bruce Darren Acosta on Aug 1, 2008


Keanu Reeves as Spike? They'd be better off hiring someone to hide behind a life-size cardboard cutout of the cartoon Spike and move it around whenever he's on camera.

Dave on Aug 1, 2008


this is lame i love dragon ball z but come on people there killin the anime and cowboybebop i love tht as well but why does fox have to be the one makin a live action cant they leave it alone spike whn spike fought vicouse and died no fiar ill wach the movie but i maybe wont like it

johnny tran on Aug 2, 2008


I seriously hope n pray that they don't screw with the story or style to cowboy bebop. It's actually a really great anime. N it already worries me that their showing faye as the main person when it really is spike. 🙁 i feel the disappointment already

vero on Aug 2, 2008


W00t Hope for the best -Batman001

Batman001 on Aug 2, 2008


Oh come on Stephen Dorff should play Spike, he's perfect for it.

Spike785 on Aug 3, 2008


a live action version of Cowboy Bebop this will be ... interesting. All you can do is hope they don't mess it up. I also agree that Yoko should be the one to do the soundtrack for the movie. #51 that broad is from the movie, she is not Jet's replacement.

zero on Aug 3, 2008


Well Hollywood is a total shitfest as it is. Their main priority is to make everything that becomes successful a franchise. The huge unoriginality that Hollywood has reeks of filth, and they're probably desperate for a creative screenwriter who can bring about new substance for their films. After seeing 300 and Sin City become successful, Hollywood decides to bring EVERY comic books to the spotlight. They also witnessed the brilliance of Spiderman and decides to makes every Marvel superheroes their own movies. Hollywood also uses foreign movies and remakes them. So all in all, I have to admit, Hollywood lacks creativity in ANY genre now and uses anything in the past that was working well for a remake with nothing original to offer. So I laugh now when Hollywood "fight" (more like beg) people to stop downloading their work. If they can't even try to make a movie worth the 10 dollars and time of audiences, why do they deserve it? I watch movies that I find to be WORTH it, but rather ignore anything else that feels like a waste of my time.

Vevi on Aug 5, 2008


The only thing that could possibly make this good is if they treat it like a dark, grittier film, a good cast, Yoko Kanno's music and a good script. No Keanu Reeves! Somebody who actually knows some martial arts and can act PLEASE. If they could do this, I would love to see Spike's origin story of when he was in the mafia. At the end they could have him meeting up with Jet. This won't be good, will it... (;-;) Don't ruin Bebop!

Fifinambo on Aug 6, 2008


this can be a good movie but since it's going to be done by fox it probably won't be any good

mi on Aug 10, 2008


well, i guess we'll see. if everything was done faithfully it could end up being my all time favorite movie. although with Reaves supposedly playing spike i'm personally not as enthusiastic as i could be. and i've always imagined Tarantino directing it for some reason. if not Watanabe himself of course. anyway, without Bruce Lee around, i don't see how Spike's fighting style can be recaptured. which, i think, is important. and i'm worried that bebop has such a unique, and subtle style it cant be nailed down by anyone but its original creators. and unless the music is done as well as it was originally i'll be all the more disappointed. IMO a lot that can go wrong here, but i wish all the best to the whole thing. and if it doesn't work out the series and animated film will always be timeless classics to me.

sigh on Aug 10, 2008


I think if it done right, and faithfully then it could be alright, the problem is they're prob gonna use big names to try and reel viewers in... I will die if Kanno doesn't do the music...ANd I don't particularly want Keanu Reeves to be Spike, he's just not right for the role. Mmmmm, people are right, anythings is turned into a film nowadays... I wanna see Arnie in 'Piano Tuner': "I was the last Piano Tuner in Vietham!" If anyone doesn't get the bill bailey refernce please ignore me!

Blah on Aug 11, 2008


Alright, let's not freak out yet! It's still in it's very early stage so there's still a chance this movie won't get made. Let's just pray it stays in production hell.

JROD on Aug 12, 2008


Balance Cast Spike: Christian Camargo (Dexter/fast inc.) Faye: Ellen Page (I know, i know-but hey they can be padded or digitally enlarged 🙂 Jet: David Morse (16 blocks)

mike on Aug 21, 2008


Erwin, I hope you intend to get yourself a new meal ticket....Keanu is passed the used by date on this sort of role! Enough already! Rachxoxo

Rach on Aug 22, 2008


Meagan Fox as Faye and Vin Diesel for Jet(Though he'll have to change his attitude) and ah Justin Chatwin as Spike!!! Oh No What am I saying!!!

egor on Aug 22, 2008


Woah. Hold the phone. Megan Fox as Faye? Are you friggin' kidding me? OK, I understand she's hot and all that, but she can't act her way out of a bag, and more importantly SHE'S A STICK, MAN! Noted fanboy Michael Bey actually had to tell her to gain weight for the next Transformers movie! And even if she DID fill out some, she still would never have Faye's signature curves no matter how many Ho-Ho's she stuffed down her scrawny throat. She's just not built that way. Dude! Seriously! Don't take away some hot, CURVY actress's one shot at actually holding a leading role for once in a film instead of being relegated to that of "quirky best friend" or "strangely alluring extra" because she's otherwise considered too chunky for today's movie standards. (And by chunky, all I really mean is having measurements of 36-24-36 -- which is still a size 6 -- and not 32-30-32.) OMG! What is this world coming to?!

BebopGeek on Aug 22, 2008


Oh, and just a side note: I think Ellen Page would make a much better Ed. I really think a smallish adult needs to play Ed as opposed to a kid. I just can't think of any kid actors right now who could carry off Ed's mannerisms properly.

BebopGeek on Aug 22, 2008


You guys better not screw this up if you even follow through. Nothing can ruin the Cowboy Bebop series for me, but anything other than perfection on the project will turn me off of Hollywood indefinitely.

Dave Dischord on Aug 27, 2008


Please don't do this. The sacred characters and films in anime all have styles of their own and I sincerely believe that the American film industry can only bastardize these at best. Cowboy Bepop is so witty and subtle in its storytelling, the brute mentality of the average moviegoer is not gonna like a faithful adaptation. Besides, what is the film gonna be about anyhow? There is no reason to make a live action version! The same with Ghost in the Shell and Akira, you simply can't improve upon perfection.

Kilburn on Aug 30, 2008


well if you're expecting a similar experience to the series you're stupid it can never aquire that sense of style since it is a live action movie. (i loved the backrground drawings on bebop) however it doesn't mean it can't be a good movie. anyway i wonder about the fight scenes i just loved spike's fighting style

zwenkwiel on Aug 31, 2008


hahaha! John C hit the nail on the head! Mainstream moviegoers hate anime, comics, & real sci-fi. But wrap it up in celebrity-powered garbage and sensationalism and they'll eat it up till they puke. Hollywood will attempt to, and eventually destroy all of the culture and art that we love. Good luck with this one.

machina on Aug 31, 2008


They better get the seat belts in to do the soundtrack before I even CONSIDER seeing it. Even then its highly unlikely

Brodes on Sep 1, 2008


Fox, I hate you SO much.

Akiyhrah on Sep 1, 2008


damnit Keanu Reeves alone completely ruin's it not to mention fox they already fucked it up and i haven't even seen a trailer yet......fucking shit eating open mouth Keanu Reeves there cant seriously be a director who thinks he can act even slightly.

zmikgrek on Sep 2, 2008


This is the WORST idea EVER! Fpx is going to ruin Cowboy Bebop! And keanu reeves as Spike? HELL NO! Sorry Reeves, I am a fan of yours, but there is no way you could pull off this one, you just can't do it. Bottom line, SCRAP THIS IDEA, PLEASE!

Dhumraketsu on Sep 13, 2008


well...cowboy bebop is actually the only anime i would like to see in a live-action medium. the film noir/spaghetti western/bruce lee meets sci-fi background could all be well translated to film, considering that's where they come from! granted we need the right producer and director and cast. PRAY FOR THE COEN BROTHERS or something of that sort people.

achtzehn on Sep 15, 2008


Anyone else think Vin Diesel would be a good Jet?

Alex on Sep 20, 2008


I can't believe how absolutely disgusted I am. The first thing to note, is when the vice-producer says that he isn't even a fan. That alone is a signal that the movie will blow ass chunks. Cowboy Bebop is an excellent anime, and any idiot dumb enough to support this piece of crap, is not a fan in my book. This will not be good. I can guarantee it. Want to know how to keep the movie faithful? Don't make it. The anime Series was brilliant. Let it stay that way. Don't ruin it, you illiterate assturds. Honestly, Hollywood can't make a normal movie, what makes them think they can make a live action version of a hit anime series, without getting the rage of anime fans and bloggers alike. I will not go to see this movie.

Borinyukami on Sep 20, 2008


Sigh... After seeing what Hollywood has done to the Hulk, Fantastic 4, Speed Racer and what it is doing to Dragon Ball mouth must have hit the floor even at the idea of ANYONE attempting to turn Cowboy BeBop into a live action movie is horrifying. I really am saddened and I will make this perfectly clear that I am NOT going to see it. Knowing that the bumblers will probably be so clueless that they will cast a boy as 'Ed' Not to mention that there is an ominious sign already in that one of the major producers IS NOT EVEN A FAN. All Hollywood is really interested in is turning out a quick movie to make alot of money. They think they'll be able to pacify us with a half ass cast that doesn't quite match with a half ass script that doesn't have the heart of the original series. They think that we Anime Fans are dumb...dopey kids that play on the internet...or computer...or video games while drooling over HOT anime babes. WELL....We're not...we're sopisticated individuals whom want a REALLY GOOD ANIME LIVE ACTION MOVIE. Please stop this project now. Or place it on hold until you find someone whom A: REALLY LIKES COWBOY BEBOP B: REALLY KNOWS COWBOY BEBOP C: AND....YOU HAVE A SCRIPT FROM THE ORIGINAL CREATOR WHOM WILL OVER SEE THE PROJECT TO MAKE SURE YOU DONT F' IT UP Which....currently you are garenteed to do ...know the current success of the prior projects. Sincerely Peter Williams Anime Fan

Peothra on Sep 20, 2008


James Franco would make a better Spike than Keanu. He has the laid back attributes and is a bit younger.

baker on Sep 21, 2008


Well, I don't think it's a bad idea, of course, IF they really remain faithfull to the real animation and not doing faggie versions of it just for nowadays youth (sorry for that, but they're all retarded) like it (pretty much like what they did in spider-man 3 movie, argh! or are doing with the dbz movie).

Zeek on Sep 23, 2008


They need to do a Samurai Champloo live action, but with the guy that directed IZO. That would be Fucking insane. i forgot his name but search IZO, and you can find it.

Javier on Sep 28, 2008


It's all about the Director and script the cast you can get some up and comers and 2 -3 stars . Keanu has paid his dues when it comes down to these blockbusters Keanu brings it ...

chase on Oct 6, 2008


hell yeah this going to be great why not the future is all we have we all have some great memories of or favorite animes trigun,bebop,dragonball, all the cool ones the should make live actions because they could turn out really good for next gen to get in on some stuff we use to watch and still watch. I personally think they should make a tenchi and a sailormoon and i know theres going to be guys that say oh this guy is gay because he thinks that they should make a sailormoon live action but u all know u would go see it i know i would it would be fuckin hot. plus alot of guys use to watch it but they will say no that show was gay or my little cousin made me watch it withem no thats not how it is they all no damn well when that got home from school they went straight to the tv just to watch sailormoon,dbz,and tenchi so just be a man and put your pride a side and give up for the next gen so they will have something cool to watch to. thanks for reading SHOOPDAWG WAS HERE P.S. i dont want my kids to grow up and not know what dbz is or any cool anime this is for all the true anime freaks out there THIS WORLD IS MADE OF LOVE AND PEACE,LOVE AND PEACE,LOVE AND PEACE LOL<LOL<LOL

ShoopDawg on Oct 9, 2008


Here are some ideas who can play the role(s) for these characters: Aaron Lazar or Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel Kate Beckinsale as Faye Valentine AnnaSophia Robb as Ed A trained Welsh Corgi/CG as EIN Ving Rhames or Ron Pearlman as Jet Black Charlize Theron as Julia Hiroyuki Sanada as Vicious (Kelly Hu as Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener/Gren) now if Hollywood producers/writers starts to cast the character Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener, Kelly Hu can play the role as Gren (just teach her to play the tenor sax), although the character is a male, but i believe she pull it off as the character, because she got a sexy figure, nice long silky hair, and when i saw her pic on google sengine (search + engine) images, i said, "Yes!" Any ideas? What you think?

MDstatus on Oct 14, 2008


Well, I am kind of excited about the news...however i am not going to get my hopes up, counting down the days till its release because it will never be able to measure up to the greatness of the TV series and the animated movie....I am more excited about the news of new seasons of Hajime No Ippo starting in January.....that has to be the greatest anime news Ive ever heard.....if you haven't seen this series.......and you claim to be an anime fan check it out NOW!!

Denver on Oct 18, 2008


This is a terrible idea...In the Words of charles barkley ..."just terrible"

Syracuse on Oct 20, 2008


Keanu reeves should be spike hands down and lawrence fishburne should be jet them niggas got chemistry kate beckinsale sexy ass should be faye dakota fanning should be ed nicole kidman should be julia i'm kinda lost on who should be vicious tho i would say heath ledger since he kicked ass as the joker but hes dead!

d cobb on Oct 22, 2008


let quentin tarantino direct it n it will be perfect guaranteed cowboy is the best anime ever and should be taken very seriously fox please dont ruin it

d cobb on Oct 22, 2008


WHY!! Ugh.. Hollywood already fucked up Aeon Flux, Transformers and Speed Racer, now this? Hmm.. I predict tasteless over the top C.G.I. followed by bad dialog from over paid d-bags, and music that doesn't belong.. [I hope I'm wrong] but I doubt that I am..

Roark on Oct 25, 2008


As a fan of the anime, I am both 'excited' and slightly disturbed at this news. I'm excited at the 'possiblity' that a live action movie would actually work and be almost as cool as the anime is. I am disturbed at the fact Hollywood is lacking so much creativity that it wants to attempt to 'butcher' one the 'Anime Greats'. Either way Anime fans need to begin to embrace for the onslaught of other potential titles that will eventually be looked into for feeding the beast called Hollywood; Full Metal Alchemist (cringes at the thought!), Eureka 7 (which might actually work somewhat decently), Karas, Fate/Stay Night, Samurai Champloo, Pokemon, possibly Tenjho Tenge, Outlaw Star, Blood + (especially if Twilight does well), Trigun, Reruoni Kenshin, Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain, Speed Grapher, Cyborg 009, Hellsing, Trinity Blood, Gunslinger Girl, Desert Punk, Saiyuki, etc.

Kyle 'K2' on Oct 30, 2008


Ok, now Hollywood may be over steppin their boundaries and getting too overjoyed of remaking all anime/maga popularities, yeah, i am excited too yet i am prehaps be slightly miffed and/or cringe of the whole concept. If i am reading right, Hollywood is planning to do a live-action remakes on all these here?... (first of all, let me give my opinion along with this listing, ^ahem^ here we go: Full Metal Alchemists...umm no! i will explain, if everyone saw Hell Boy (the first one), and/or seen the FMA movie: the conquor of shambala, combine those two, along with the horrors of WWII victims, (holocaust, the war, hitler)......bla bla bla all i know that even though FMA is based on an era of 1942, but why re-live that time, plus why would Hollywood want to ruin a wonderful masterpiece, besides, you got to think of the CG graphics, along with special/sound efx, plus a real actor who can really move anyone like Vic Mignogna's Edward Elric character or as wise as Alphonse especially in a full metal armour (which i think is bad ass), and not to forget Roy "The Flame Alchemists" Mustang and the most hilarious and nicely insane Maes Hughes, and so on... All i know, it wont work, now dont get it twisted, i am not trying to down, or be pessimistic on Hollywood's take on anime/manga live action remakes but masterpieces of anime/manga should be left alone, period! (Perfect example, Speed Racer) and what make it so bad or scrutiating painfully terrible?, when i saw the promo and previews for the film, my gut feeling and intuition was 99.99999 to the 10th power was right, it's going to be a disaster. I rest my case. Anyways, back to the lists... Inu Yasha, it's a possibility unless you can find an actor who can do a whole movie barefoot like Kwai Chang Kane (Kung Fu). Samurai Champloo (*sighs*) please God dont let them ruin a good masterpiece.... i feel like i am standing in line trying to vote for someone into the White House. Bleach, that's a yes, Naruto (maybe), Eureka 7 (yes, i can see it) sci-fi, futuristic, yes. Poke a man, i mean Pokemon (go right ahead), Wolf's Rain, (no!!) it will be too much like the 80's version of tv's Manimal, and film Cat People and Dances With Wolves, so no. Trinity Blood (this is a masterpiece, music, voice actors/actresses, etc.) well ok, out of 100%, only 15 out of 100%, oh hell to tha naw! Now Trigun, 100% yes, now that i would not mind seeing that. The rest of the lists, i havent seen it yet, but i may have a general idea with Hellsing and Reruoni Kenshin, go for it. Now this is my word (my word is bond), if Hollywood has or already has made anime live-action disasters, (or come up with a great idea concept for a live action anime, which prehaps to be a disaster) i am and determined to purchase foreign films of a anime live action. I look at it like this, and this is my motto.... hopefully everyone who're die hard anime/manga fanatics (into live action) who would agree the same concept motto and that is: "Either do it better, or dont do it at all!"

MDstatus on Nov 1, 2008


Personally, I'm hoping this story involves Vicious. He wasn't in the animated movie, and I'd REALLY like to see more history between him, Spike, and Julia. No idea who would make a good Vicious...but there's a villain that needs more love.

Ashley M on Nov 4, 2008


Why would they do this to us? Cowboy bebop deserves better than fucking keanu reeves. "I know Kung-fu." case and point. No human can ever be as badass as spike. Fuck this.

Jett on Nov 6, 2008


Ok, why not have Nicholas Cage (Bangkok Dangerous) as Spike Spiegel. Out of All Hollywood men in the business, or other men who're tryin to get into the business please give someone else another chance to play the role. This is the 21st century, new roles, new genres, new ideas (which means FRESH ideas, fresh baked bread outta oven!) I would love to see anime into live-action done right! If i hear another anime title and see a promo disaster like Speed Racer (which i heard pathetic line, and a F'd up cheesy scenes (4 example: they try to make Speed Racer actors do drama, then turn this genre action as an action which looked like an ABC child story for 3 year old to love, but adults were probably like....eeeww!) ill go rent Barney the dinosaur, to see this crap. Anyways, i have an idea, if Hollywood writes/creator decides to put Gren in it (which will be all out of sync), why not put Jeff Lorber (smooth jazz artists to turn to actor) to play as Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener, Why?! I have a pic of Jeff Lorber from his 1991 cd Worth Waiting For, on the cover he looks exactly like Gren in the face and hair. (dunno jus a thought!) I am not gonna say anymore til the film comes out then you'll hear from me. Til then......i bet not see any disasters of an anime live, just think i went to Walmart and they have still a boatload of Speed Racer DVD on shelves while everything else selling, NOW u know that's terrible.

MDstatus on Nov 6, 2008


ok I didn't read the rest.... I got to the part where it says Keanu Reeves is going to be Spike.... ummm I really enjoy some of Reeves work(A Scanner Darkly was one of the best films in a long time) but he does not fit Spikes build, facial features or nonchalant attitude. If Keanu plays spike heads will roll!!!!! (most likely figuratively after the movie flops, but I wouldn't put it past a dedicated fan to take up the cause)

Rueben on Nov 8, 2008


Fuck Hollywood! Anime should stay animated.

philipjfry on Nov 10, 2008


What is the story going to be? A 2hr oneshot that tries to explain the characters AND have a stand alone story? Retell a portion of the series? This strikes me as having problems like World War Z.... hollywood trying to cram too much good writing into a 90-minute format.

JD on Nov 17, 2008


live action adaptations of anime are rarely good even when the japanese do it. all this western influence on the anime is just going to make it that much worse. ghost in the shell, dragonball, and now cowboy bebop will, without doubt, just be dumbed down into action movies with lots of special effects and no connection to the original works other than the license. anyways if i keep my expectations ultra-low i wont be disappointed but it will really damper the experience for those who have not seen the original works and their first glimpse into these licenses be from the westernized point of view

ren on Nov 26, 2008


If the movie is varied, showing scenes of violence, but tender emotions, mixing violent scenes with sad songs, showing at the same time images from spike spiegel past, add melancholy and some cool phrases well it could be made, but don´t forget that more than a action movie, cowboy bebop is a sad series and has a lot of religon and philosophy themes. It´s really a hard task to accomplish, because if it is going to be a movie about being cool, forget about the movie. Spike was cool because he kept wahat he feels inside, but he shows that is no indiferent to what happens around him with small things, like a phrase or something that he do. I think that serenity is some kind of comparison to cowboy bebop, but cowboy bebop has a lot itself to self-him apart from Sir Whedon´s movie. Ow! almost forgot if kanno yoko is not making the soundtrack, believe me i wont buy the ticket to see it. PERIOD =P

Ricardo on Nov 30, 2008


i think whats important is that Erwin Stoff actually manages to come good with the atmosphere and demeanors of all the characters, i mean look at the way it all ended in the series, the final scene with Spike walking in and casually kicking a grenade, absolutely brilliant. Whilst reading this article i asked myself if this guy could deliver the same level of coolness, style, emotion etc. some things are better left alone although i think this could work, could be something great, but it just as easily could be rubbish. I agree, Yoko ftw making the soundtrack!

you're gonna carry that weight on Dec 2, 2008


Q.Q 1st i read about Ghost in the shell being defiled, now this *sighs* cant us fans just enjoy some great manga without it being messed with by hollywood? while i have seen some people argue it can be done (transformers) they need to think about that for a sec, transformers was a great transaction from anime to big screen because it was originally for kids (yeh i know adults like it as well) which makes it alot easier to come up with something good because it's ALOT, and i mean ALOT less complex than cowboy bebop and (especially) ghost in the shell which are aimed for the older generations. Don't get me wrong this could work but there are so many cool and fine subtleties in cowboy bebop which make it work, and for anyone who isn't the originator of such a master piece it can be VERY easy to overlook these details and mess it up big time.

call on Dec 2, 2008


you know what tho' i have seen the most,....ahem! i mean THE MOST TERRIBLE talked about vampire film which really made me felt like someone just drugged my drink at a concession bar, while im watching this...this.. **sighing heavily** *damn* i'm still recovering from this trauma which i saw it 3weeks ago, but... i felt like my manhood was cut off along with my intestins, liver and all except my heart and lungs, forget it, i have seen some chick flick in my past life, and all i know 'twilight' was THE MOST PAINFUL, (body stricken) DRY, HUMULIATING....i even hate chick films but this was... *sighing in disgust** ok, ill make it simple, ....damn the movie was so horrible, i felt like i lost $8.00 which seemed like the closest best friend in the world that died, and 2hours of my life, seemed like 2000 years, (well ok, id exaggerated, 20 years gone), i felt like.....i won the lottery and and got broke the same day and went to jail, and got bummed hardcore, and and.... it made the flop Speed Racer look really good on film and DVD. My friend loved it, and he laughed so hard at my reaction, i gave him a look like someone "stanked in their pants" then sprayed men's cologne to cover it up. I didn't even had the energy to get mad and cuss at the film, all i kno i thought i was in a mental facility seeing vampires/slash love mooshy stuff, jus in my head seein dead people tryin to act. I know some of you people are wondering what's this got to do with Anime live action of cowboy bebop, excellent film or flop future flim of live action bebop, it'll be better than the movie i suffered though, i felt a part of me is gone, i just hope some real good films are being made between now and next year.

MDstatus on Dec 5, 2008


Oh sweet God in heaven, please DONT LET THEM FUCK UP BEBOP! This is a very much beloved show and I for one will be very upset if this isnt done right. As much as I cant stand keanu, I think He would make a good Spike. I agree with #12 about Ridley Scott he might make a good choice. I also agree with #91 For this to be a success who ever directs this should know the show, its heart and soul, like an artist studies a subject, they should really feel this vibe. I also agree with some of the casting choices that #97 suggested. Ving Rames as Jet would rock! or as #100 suggested Lawrence Fishburne would be better still. OH DEAR GODS OF MOVIEDOM PLEASE SMILE ON US HARDCORE BEBOP FANS AND GIVE US SOMETHING THAT ROCKS OUR SOCKS and not piss us off that we spent $10 on yet another cinematic piece of fecal matter! P.S. The music is also just as important, get Yoko Kanno to do the soundtrack!

Joan on Dec 7, 2008


please, please don't go through with this. keep in mind, if dragonaball bombs they'll probably put this on hold.

Ben on Dec 11, 2008


The only thing you can do, people, is not go see it. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY! If you want to let these people know that you are against the remaking of these cherished anime into live action films, DO NOT GO SEE IT. It might suck, yeah? And what if it does? You saw it, you gave them your $9.00, Hollywood still wins.

infinitysend on Dec 11, 2008


This is far and away my favorite anime and I was horrified to find out that Keanu is going to play Spike. Cowboy Bebop is an incredible, artful, and touching anime. It's not that I hate Keanu as an "actor", but he just doesn't have it in him to really become Spike. Whoever thought of him right off the bat needs to be kicked in the head. This pick just goes to show that the developers for the live-action movie have no idea what they have in their hands. They're going to destroy everything about Cowboy Bebop that makes it amazing.

smartwentcrazy on Dec 20, 2008


I totally agree smartwentcrazy

Joan on Dec 20, 2008


Smartwentcrazy, I think the main problem you have with the movie is this: we've built Cowboy Bebop up to such tremendous heights in our mind, that the idea of ANYONE portraying some of our favorite characters gives us all pause. I'm sure the Japanese fans felt the same when the anime was being dubbed for English. "Oh no! Not THAT voice actor! They'll RUIN it!" But stop and think just how great this will be for Cowboy Bebop (and anime in general) if the movie does get made with Keanu Reeves, and it performs well in the box office. Keanu has tons of dedicated fans who will probably go and see the movie just for him. Likely there will be other actors/actresses that can inspire the same in people that get cast in the movie. More than likely, most of these people won't be avid anime watchers. Also likely, some of them will be so fascinated with the movie that they want more, and they go searching around to watch the anime the show was based off of. This is GREAT exposure, not just for Cowboy Bebop, but for anime in general. Why? Suppose that many of the people that then watch the series find they LIKE anime. That it's not all Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z (not to bash, I know some people really like these shows), and that it can cover riveting, adult-themed storylines. Now they're likely to want to see more. And America, to meet the demand, will likely begin importing more shows over from Japan. Cost on anime dvds and paraphernalia will likely go down, since it's no longer being supported mostly by teenagers that can't afford it. I think it goes without saying that almost nobody can live up to Spike Spiegel. But I don't think they'll do such a bad job trying, and I think it will be great for us all in the long run.

Ashley M on Dec 21, 2008


point taken ashley but if the actors arent up to portraying the characters, and MORE IMPORTANTLY if the director and producers dont understand and respect the gold they have or misinterpret the material, this movie will tank faster than a trunk full of bowling balls. P.S. Personally I cant stand keanu, but he might be able to pull it off.

Joan on Dec 21, 2008


Please Erwin Stoff, PLEASE don't mess this up. I don't want to see one of the best anime of all time BOMB. I saw the dragonball trailer (not a fan, but used to watch it when I was a kid) and I could tell it's going to suck. Don't mean to offend any Dragonball fans by the way. My birthday is in a couple of days and when I blow out the candles, I'm going to wish for this live action film to be good or almost as good as these big movies. Once again, PLEASE Erwin Stoff, don't mess this up.

Dude on Dec 21, 2008


Wow Ashley! Damn, good point! Preach it girl-friend!!! lol

MDstatus on Dec 22, 2008


Hey every1!!! Have you noticed Tom Cruise's new film's preview Valkyrie?! Ya'll know what Tom Cruise's character looks like in resemblence of?.... (ya'll know where i am goin' with this one), *The Flame Alchemists Roy Mustang (FMA movie: Conqueror of Shamballa), i can honestly say that they may not make a Full Metal Alchemists live-action. Oh well! [shrugs] Sorry bout that, i got carried away, i just had to throw that one in here, cuz one day i was doin somethin' and looked up at tv for a glimpse, and my reaction was....Roy Mustang (they finally came out with a FMA film unexpectedly), and on another day, i saw the whole preview, and i am goin to see it. The last time i saw a Tom Cruise film was Michael mann's Collateral that was awesome film and in my collection. Back to Bebop live, i really am irritable, and very impatient, please announce the BIG FILM's cast and who's legit to play the roles and ready-2-do-tha-damn-thang!!!! It's like We're starvin' ready 2 devour a good home-cooked meal of a film betta be done right, dats aww we kno'! All i know you got 2 box-office flops of anime live-acts, and 1 real good one (Deathnote). So... i am just w8in' 4tha BIG NEWS!!!

MDstatus on Dec 22, 2008


WOW....Are U serious? FOX NEEDS TO STOP. Cowboy Bebop is a good Anime and what Fox needs to do is Fire their V.P.'s & Producers because there people are wasting out time & Money with stuff people wanna see and turn into CRAP. Here are my thoughts on this.... Dragonball --- It's going to SUCK. Why? Well first off you have some stupid Caucasian no body playing Goku. Master Roshi is an old martial arts Perv, there is no reason why Chow Yung Fat should be in this film. I can do on for ever...especially on PICCOLO alone. In Fact this rant says it all on that supject. Now Street Fighter The Chun Li Story is going to SUCK as well. Now I love Kristen Kreuk but I don't think she should have left Smallville for Fox. The Teaser out there looks like crap and I have no idea why any one would want a story about Chun Li. Street Fighter is based on Ryu & Ken since they have been in the game since the first version in the early 90's. Now Let also look back at the past year of films made by Fox. The Day The Earth Stood Still --- SUCKED Max Payne (PG-13 instead of R)----SUCKED The Happening (WTF? TREES?) ---- SUCKED Jumper--- SUCKED Babylon A.D. --- SUCKED Now why would this be any different? Also they're trying to Sue Warner Brothers & they're making great films. Personally I'm boycotting anything from FOX. They're better off making stuff for TV into Movies like 24 in order to get people to sit in cause until that happens I'm not going to be there.

JoyBoy on Jan 1, 2009


I wish people would stop complaining. You're going to go see it. It may be at the theaters, on dvd, or on tv you're going to see it. And you're going to like it, maybe not the plot, the characters, or any singular part, but it will at least make you happy seeing it in live action. Eragon was steaming crap but it was still nice seeing what it translated to rl

Lyle on Jan 3, 2009



KEANU REEVES ...... WOW on Jan 4, 2009


HAY GUYS I JUST GOT OUT OF THE MATRIX,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, IM PERFICT FOR THIS MOIVE WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM THE COOLEEIST TRINITY ALWAYS SEYS SO... ILL SHOW YOU ALL ILL BE THE BEST SPIPKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEANU REEVES ...... WOW on Jan 4, 2009


please...stop what you are doing. maybe....maybe this wont be as bad as the DBZ, can take my my DBZ, and if you arent going to stop to listen to me...the fan...then i guess you are going to have a brutal prison shower scene on my cowboy bebop...but....akira...? you...even the mention of an making a live action blasphemey...that movie, as an anime, is better than a lot of good live action scifi, and even other genres. heres how you would make a good akira, or cowboy everything EXACTLY as it is in the anime, with no changes, if you cant...then DONT.

pleaseNO on Jan 5, 2009


The most important thing is that they keep the music intact...I don't want some crappy Hollywood symphonic orchestra playing some bombastic tune whenever action looms. They better use jazz and they better use jazz created by Yoko Kanno. I like Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker, but if they want to have any credibility at all, they should keep the music intact. Else they could just as well give Spike red hair and the ability to teleport.

ToJeeves on Jan 6, 2009


JESUS BALLS, they're turning my favorite anime of all time into a fucking movie!? And FOX is behind the wheels!? When I thought it couldn't get any worse... if Uwe Boll or some other crack pot director fills the slot, I'm protesting it outright. >_< Keanu Reeves as Spi-NO! D< *smacks* NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Keanu is very cute, and I've had a crush on him as a child, but NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, I cannot repeat myself ENOUGH times: A GIANT RESOUNDING HELL NO! D< This could never be done right! The fact that they're trying to do it at all is a slap in the face to the anime community! An experienced, 'legendary' producer? That just provides more for my suspcicion that some asshole producer wanted this up so as to make the crappiest movie version of a perfectly good anime just to milk money from it's fans, then laugh on his way to the bank with the money garnered from the fans who want to see what happened to one of their favorite stories ever. DX I disapprove, and am deeply upset... DX *sigh* This is going to SUCK. I HATE YOU, FOX! D<

Saku on Jan 6, 2009


The Dragonball Trailer is awfullll..... it's made for the tween crowd, I cringed. Cowboy bebop I a sure will be aimed at the same age demographic, instantly ripping out all the grittyness that the anime pulled me in with. Is hollywood so drained for new ideas? When will the remakes stop!

Nicola on Jan 8, 2009


As a side note, what dirt bags are giving hollywood the copyrights? Do the anime creators have no desire to preserve there own creations?

Nicola on Jan 8, 2009


Keanu Reeves is a horrible choice for Spike!!!

Lord Konpaku on Jan 8, 2009


I love Keanu. And I love Cowboy Bebop, but the two shall never meet! NEVER! This sounds like a hot mess! OH LAWD!! They need someone tall and lanky to play Spike, BOTTOM LINE! Also, he must have a sexy voice! No sexy voice, no SPIKE. Keanu has the voice but not the body. I can't believe this! They are gonna f*** it up! And to the person who said they are gonna aim towards teens... if this is true then it's already gonna suck hard. It should be rated R or NC-17 or NR not rated! Cowboy Bebop is about sex, drugs guns.... GUNS... LOL But it's so much more than that too and little 10 yr olds will not understand! And they better get someone hot to play Faye. Not a skeez like Pamela Anderson, but they should have boobs in that vicinity... no flat chested blondes for the role... and they better get the hair color right! It's not royal bright purple... its like blackish purple dark dark like indigo... Jet should be black or at least half... OMG who will play Ed??? Dakota Fanning??? AHAHAHAHA!!! U SEE! This whole thing just blows. They should just Let it Be perfect series like it already is... U know they're gonna fuck up dragonball right... Goku going to high school and driving a car... LMAO This is gonna be like hot garbage!

RedNoir on Jan 9, 2009


I think i good actor to play spike is sean from eastenders the only thing he'd need to do s change his hair colour and his accent

muj on Jan 15, 2009


you guys, this movie isnt happening. the article was posted a really long time ago and there's be no news about it lately. i cant believe people are still posting here..

doc on Jan 16, 2009


I am at this point and time torn on this issue....I'm not excited they're making this into a live action movie nor am I angry about it... If you think about it there has been a few good cartoons turned live action movies that have came out ie: Resident Evil and such, but then again some of them have indeed sucked it up hardcore!! I believe that they could've chosen a better actor to play Spike, not that I have anything against Keanu but I just don't think he is made for this part! All together I can say that i'm not all that thrilled about them trying to make an already exquisite show into what they think will be a smash hit but I will still end up paying the 8.75 it costs to go see it!

ChickWithSticks on Jan 16, 2009


Doc, this was just referenced again on Attack of the Show on G4TV for a 2011 release, so no, this is real.

Craig on Jan 16, 2009


craig, yea i just of my buddies told me about it. i guess all i can do now is hope it doesnt suck...or that it gets shelved. to chickwithsticks, bottom line is that bebop is an anime and (in my mind) should never be turned into live action. if anything go full cg like ninja turtles (which could have been better), but i really dont see it working with live action. i will say that i'm hoping to be proven wrong.

doc on Jan 16, 2009


All you weeaboo fags need to shut the fuck and go crawling back to your mother's basement. "OMG THEY'RE LYKE GONNA RUIN MY PRECIOUS ANIMES (anime is singular and plural by the way morons) BY TURNING IT INTO A LIVE ACTION MOVIE!!1 O NOOOEZ!!" Seriously, you guys are so close-minded to change it's pretty disgusting. How about going and seeing the movie when it comes out to see if your childhood memories will really be destroyed? And if it does, good, go kill yourself.

Schwelty on Jan 16, 2009


Keanu Reeves is gonna be spike for sure....the movie is dead

Dan on Jan 16, 2009


Generally. I think anime should stay anime. I really wouldn't want to go see a movie about a series i'd already seen a few times before. I watched Bebop a lot as a kid because it aired on Adult Swim for so long, so unless the movie has some seriously great plot, I won't be too interested anyway. People really shouldn't be complainging so much though. It's true that you've got DVDs you can buy, or already have. So you'll always have the original series. I'll agree though. If all Hollywood is doing lately is churning out anime-trend movies, they need to re-think things. Stop tossing out crap and get some nice original storylines to use. There's only so much you can pull from books and things like this until it gets old.

Layna on Jan 17, 2009


Ok, everyone's yelling about the casting, and I admit, Reeves is not my first choice for Mr. Spike. There are so many other great actors, known and unknown out there that can play the part mjuch better. Now, what I'm worried about is the casting for Radical Edward, and Ein. I agree with # 59, someone childish, yet mature in some odd, computer game freak way. 🙂 Be true to Edward! Also, if they use a CG Corgi, I'll just scream. There are talented Corgis out there that would be perfect for the part. Now, as for the anti-gravity scenes, I can understand CG, but please, use a real dog!

BlackxSheep on Jan 17, 2009


anime based movies always turn out like crap its as simple as that...

PokaChu on Jan 17, 2009


I hope Fox Reads these!! This was a very scary thought to me that Hollywood is taking the wonderful story telling of the Japanese and choosing to make profits out of several anime but if you add Mr. Reaves into the mix it makes it a complete NIGHTMARE!!! I don't know if anyone could do Bebop justice in a live action. I love Bebop as an Anime. Even Yokko Kanno did the music for Bebop and Ghost in the Shell live actions that would be the only good thing to come out of it. She's awesome! I wonder if Wantanabe will watch the live action of Bebop. Fox if you do decide to finish this film please, PLEASE, PLEASE get some no-names to play the parts. I couldn't watch Keanu destroy my beloved Spike!!!!

jadephoenix on Jan 18, 2009


hmmm I wonder who would do Edward. That must be pretty hard to find an actor who can pull off her crazy stunts off. Keanu playing Spike........I don't know. Maybe wit lots of makeup and hair extension..........and all that crap. I wonder when it will air!

Honey Delight on Jan 19, 2009


It'll be hard, very hard for someone to get the character of Ed spot on. The others, Im not so concerned about right now. But Ed I am. She's ace, she's such a lovable nut job!

BebopFan on Jan 19, 2009


Kill me now if they are gonna make Keanu Reeves Spike. I dont think I can think Spike being a dumb arse Surfer dude.

MEE on Jan 19, 2009


Let's start with this anyone who likes any part of Dragonball and still thinks they are intelligent enough to leave a comment here should do the world a favor and suck on an exhaust pipe. Dragonball is the worst piece of shit ever conceived and thank you assholes for making it popular. As far as Bebop, yeah they are going to piss all over it. Its probably going to suck goat balls. I love producers who are like, uh... I don't really like the anime know I can make a lot of money. We are supposed to trust that jackass, and if Keanu Walking Autism Reeves is Spike, it may be neccessary to take drastic action. To those of you whining, however, about "keep anime as it is..don't make a movie!" Get over it! Almost all good movies are adaptations or books, plays, short stories, folk tales, or some other pre-existing concept. Anime is no different. Just please don't screw it up by thinking you know better!

theoctopi on Jan 21, 2009


I don't cre if they make a movie from Cowboy Bebop just don't let Keanu Reeves any where near the movie.

Mike S. on Jan 21, 2009


At this point, I'm just hoping that it gets cancelled. What a terrible idea. They will not do the series or the characters justice. Please, no. nonononono.

Danielle on Jan 21, 2009


Atleast wait until the first trailer or sneak peek before deciding Reeves is a bad choice..I remember everyone bitching and moaning about Ledger playing the Joker until they saw the first trailer and heard his laugh. I wouldn't put money on Reeves doing Spike justice, but I also wouldn't condemn him right off the bat.

Cale on Jan 21, 2009


why live action? if they want to make another movie make it anime and keep keanu Reeves as far away as possible.

nathan on Jan 23, 2009


This could go both ways. Good casting could save it. Ron Pearlman for Jet Black, Charlize Theron for Fay (devils advocate), Dakota Fanning as Ed. But I'm not sure who should play Vicious or Julia. As long as they don't leave the bounty hunter parts out it might be O.K. But For Real, Hollywood, Stop Doing This Stuff. It is too easy to grab up other peoples ideas and trash them for a quick profit. I know that the folks in charge grew up on and loved these shows and stuff but come on have a original idea for once. Writers strike and this is what we get now. Keanu needs to use some pull to get good casting even if it means he isn't the biggest named star.

Jesse Y. on Jan 24, 2009


I'm worried big time about this. Bebop is one of my favorites, and I truly hope that they don't alter any parts of the plot. Perhaps my biggest concern is the casting; Keanu better not play a stiff, expressionless Spike, or I'll puke all over the theater. The women? Faye better not be played by someone who isn't a big fan, and if they cast anyone I've ever heard of in my entire life for Ed, I'm not even going to bother seeing it. Surprisingly enough, I'm excited about Ein (the cute little dog with a higher IQ than the average computer geek). I'll cry if they CG Ein, but if they use a trained dog and lots of talent, luck, and doggy treats, then they should be able to get a convincing act! All of these things would have to fall together in order for me to approve of this live-action of the anime. I'll just have to hope it all works out.

Arget-Maritialaanna Marciba on Jan 25, 2009


I feel the news of this film coming to light is both exciting and slightly scary. If the can pull it off properly then we are in for one hell of a treat lets just hope it doesn't turn into a dragonball flop and hope that Keanu has the talent to pull it off however I am more intrested in who they will pick to be ed

Joesus on Jan 26, 2009


You know... i agree with others who have said similar thing, but ANIME should be ANIME!!! I would rather see more Anime movies come to the big screen and shown here in the states rather introduce morphed Live Action anime. I admit, some of our comics have come to the big screen in live action and were successful, but again, these comic books are usually american, so the transition from comic book to live action movie works. But Anime is something completely different from our comics and American cartoons. I really wish they'd just bring more Anime to the theaters, and leave them as anime. Heck, i'd love to see Anime movies on the big screen in parts of a series. But seriously, who can play Spike Spiegel? I heard Keanu! Please dont!!!!!!!!!! Ghost in the SHell? Please please please don't!

Dameon Reese on Jan 28, 2009


anime is my fucking life, a lot of sucks, but a lot of it doesn't. they're taking the best of it and turning it into crap to try to appeal to the stereotypical western america demographic. They just want to milk it for all its worth while its a fucking trend. It's fucking stupid. Cowboy Bebop was deep and inciteful, a kind of poetic that can't be mimicked in live action. Yoko Kano was an amazing music artist and they probably won't dish out the money to have to original music because fox is the spawn of satan. I can just see it now, millions of jocks and preps are going to come out of the theaters saying how awesome it was and never get a chance to experience the true beauty of Cowboy Bebop or any other anime. I'm going to die. Keanu Reeves will make me cry if he is indeed spike. Spike is witty and funny and smart and talented and Keanu is none of these. He can't even act, the damn fucker. Stop touching fucking anime, americans can't do it, that's all there is to it. Americans can not cosplay, Americans can't take a good foreign film and adapt it. It's stupid, it's a foreign film, they just can't do it. They fuck it up everytime. And then they're going to remake the series like they did with transformers to be more like the live action movie. They fail. I hate fox and its stupid ways. (They censored naruto and dragon ball the original, and a bunch of other really good animes that turned out to be the stupidest shittiest pieces of fuck I've ever seen all so it can be "Americanized". dumb fucks don't know what they're doing. Assholes.) Dragon Ball Z is at best laughable. They spelled Goku's name wrong in the credits, they automatically fail. Bulma's hair does not look like chi chi's and james marsters, while I do love him, is the whitest guy I know and therefore can not be green. Master Roshi is a pervert. Mai can not be seen without Emperor Pilaf. There's no Vageta, no Gohan, no krillin! It's supposed to be a Goku origin story, except they even got the origin wrong. The dragon balls were made by namekians, particularly one namekian named kami who is piccolo's other half. They were not made by seven mystics. The damn fuckers. Plus Goku's hair doesn't look like Ace Ventura's. That is stupid.

siku on Jan 28, 2009


There are very few things as cool as watching guys in cheap suits, cigarettes dangling off their lips, streetfighting, ala "Enter the Dragon", with toothless old mexican gangsters in sombreros (complete with ponchos) on freaking MARS, and then zipping around in junker spaceships fighting the chinese mafia in space, all the while set to slick, cool jazz. I'm sorry, but that's just so fucking cool on so many levels that it's almost easy to conclude that you cannot in anyway go wrong with this concept. one of the great charms of 'Bebop' was it was set within a semi-believable future. Mankind had expanded beyond earth to find.... they're actually alone in the galaxy. They have high technology, enough to make interplanetary travel possible, but people are still driving beat up, dirtballed cars, everything still looks shabby as hell, and the mafia is alive and well. The characters were all relatable, despite their semi- fantastic backgrounds: An jaded ex-mob assassin, A washed up ex-cop, A snarky gambling addicted amnesiac, and a wildly spastic child prodegy. Oh, and a dog with human level intellegence that's still treated like a dog. perpetually broke, they travel through space taking on any odd job that will put food on the table, all the while wrestling with personal demons. Everyone was hopelessly flawed, and vastly entertaining. Cowboy Bebop was an unapologetic, genre-bending, Sci-fi Spaghetti Western masterpiece, which changed the face of the animation industry forever. So with that said, it's a pretty sure-fire hit if adapted into a film, right? Wrong. Unless it's handled properly, it will be STUPIDLY EASY to dick up this movie. Part of it's appeal was it's music. All we need is some top 40 "my-chemical-system-of -a-timberlake-rusted-hootie-&-the-blowjob-travellers" bullshit and they will completely fuck everything up. on another note: Dragonball is a guaranteed bomb. It looks terribad already. Just the idea of adapting it into a live action movie is laughable at best, simple because it's simply just too big/long to adapt into a film of any recognizable quality. I mean jesus, at it's heart is based off an adaptation of "journey to the west", a central theme that's pretty crucial, and instead they chose to leave it out. Watching lizard men fly through the air and punch holes in mountains is one thing. Watching a bunch of asians hit each other in bullet-time is another. No thanks, I'll pass on that one. I'm pretty much just holding out for James Cameron's Live action 'Battle Angel' adaptation. One of the biggest plusses is that it's james cameron, and that he is a -HUGE- Yukito Kishiro fanboy. Well.. who isn't really in this day and age. That's like saying "Who is masamune Shirow?". Riiiight.

Nerbomber on Jan 29, 2009


as long as they get the right person for ED, I could care less about the rest of the movie. Spike is a joke and I don't even want to think of who their casting for Jet, but if ED is solid they can have my $10.00

none on Jan 29, 2009


Keanu Reeves is the absolute worst person to play Spike. He is not only the worst living actor today, but he is also over twenty years too old for the role. According to the show and the manga Spike is twenty-six years old. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Franco, and Josh Hartnett would be much more appropriate choices. They have the look, build, and they can actually act. Spike is quiet and sometimes stoic, he's not a semi-retarded android. Reeves is the black hole of acting and if they go through with casting him in the film I think that all loyal Bebop fans should boycott the film. Hollywood needs to learn that they can't keep shitting on smart, rich material by throwing it to the Keanu's of this world. I can see the rest of the cast now; Megan Fox as Faye, Common as Jet, Miley Cyrus as Ed, and a horribly CG Ein, compliments of George Lucas and voiced by Mike Myers, even though Ein does not speak in the show. This is the movie they want to create and I think it's bullshit. If fans go see this film then it will make money and Hollywood will keep making this kind of trash because we'll still show up for it. I encourage everyone to voice their anger about this and maybe we'll get lucky and they'll pull him from the film. I don't want to live in a world where Keanu Reeves as Spike gets into a Matrix rip-off gunfight with Gerard Butler as Vicious. You know it will happen.

John Cooley on Feb 1, 2009


Oh no. lol this can only spell disaster. lol, this is akin to the forbidden zelda "games" that where created for whatever system that never sold lol. I'm serious this is bad. see, making an animation live action is like making a book into a movie, or a movie into a game. It just doesnt translate, and this wont either lol. It's actually laughable too, because for one, fey is supposed to be chinese, and the rest (i'm guessing Idk) is uhh, idk, jap? lol funny tho. Being a fan of Bebop since it came out, I must say any addition to the series should be done in animation lol.

?? on Feb 1, 2009


To those that are saying that we should'nt react without seeing it first. You guys are not a fan of cowboy bebop. cowboy bebop is the best ever period. The storyline, characters, music all are perfect. This anime has many lessons to be learned from.... Its been my favorite for more than 10 years now... And now its going to be ruined... Its impossible not to be affected when you're a biggest fan... And i'm sure there many of us... For those who will say that I should have a life... Let me just say that I have a wonderful life... I grew up watching this anime... I have repeated watching it many times and still i have'nt got tired of it... I really hope that the movie will be canceled. If that happens then I will pray that fox will get millions or billions of money cause they're so greedy in every projects that they will make....

Vaynard on Feb 3, 2009


Look there's no way fox isn't going to fuck this up royally. First indicator: KEANU REEVES AS SPIKE! The guy doesn't have the depth or the range to be Spike. He suprised the hell out of me in Street Kings, but Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was the role that man was born for. The other thing is the setting for Bebop: space—in the future. I don't need Fox to crap on my heart by using $20 million to make a "Sky Captain and the World of Cowboy Bebop." They'd be better off bringing the plot to something a little more current: stay on Earth, replace the fishing space ship with a fishing boat, replace Swordfish II with a nice motorcycle, etc. Lastly, it's the characters that really provide the driving force behind the story, the "stew mix that makes the stew." And how many episodes were spent unraveling each character's past? 2 for Jet, 2 for Faye, 4+ for Spike? Does Fox expect people unfamiliar with Bebop to study up prior to going to seeing the movie? I'd like to see them start from square one, Vicious and Spike, and work from there. I want them to start from a point in the whole timeline we've only been able to speculate about. Then, if they don't blow it, they'll have all the source material they need to continue the story. Please don't let them blow it.

Larry on Feb 4, 2009


Something tells me this it's already in a stage of failure. Take the fact that Keanu Reeves is supposed to be Spike.... wtf?! I always imagined Spike to be more of the Bruce Lee style character, (especially considering that was what he was based off of,) and the current actor doesn't even come close to fitting that role. Also taking into account that they have basically fucked up the Dragonball project, I can confidently say that it's going to be a horrible adaptation. Examples of fail: Resident Evil x 3 Speed Racer

Anubis on Feb 4, 2009


Fucker better not ruin it like he did with Constantine. Shit!

Spike on Feb 4, 2009


Okay, here is who I think they should cast: Faye - Kelly Hu - She's got the hairline, asian backround, body, and heartshaped face with cute lips Ed - Ellen Page - She won't get older, she has the face and body, and she tends to play young kids. she could pass as a young boy/girl [just like ed] Jet - Gerard Butler - He is barely taller than keannu reeves, but he's a lot bulkier, and has a great voice What do you guys think?

dominica on Feb 5, 2009


#163. (to John C.) I happened 2 read your comment about Keanu and the cast, and everything that clearly spoke your mind, and i damned there almost choked on my drink while reading it. DAMN U XDD You got a good point there, it as almost my brain jumped out of my head and got everything out of it chest. Ok, now i just realized something just now, i know that the economy is in dire straits, or in need of help, and everything's tight, on and so forth, but whateva happened of setting up auditions for certain projects of an upcoming film, for example, if Hollywood/Fox was under a strike last year (a writer's strike or something along that nature), and when everything was back to normal, how come they couldn't set up auditions for new projects, i.e, i dont know....shall we say,.........along the lines like......Speed Racer, or Cowboy Bebop (and so on)..... I mean DAMN are these Hollywood/Fox people are DAT (THAT) TOTALLY DOOFIS!!!! All i know with this live action Bebop, coming to theatres as soon as i see the first trailer on this website, and if it doesnt have in what i am looking forward with cast, plot/storyline, and real good music of Yoko Kanno/Seatbelts, along with the popular smooth jazz artists like Chris Botti, Al Jarreau, Boney James, Evertte Harp, Norman Brown, Joyce Cooling and many more, the film and soundtrack is straight to the toilet like the economy.

MDstatus on Feb 8, 2009


The way I see it is if they wanted it to have any success they should have cast it with unknown or less known actors for the characters. Otherwise we're just going to look at it and say whoever is chosen is wrong... Also, they'll have to get all of the actors right or it's not going to work. Oh, well. I'll probably watch it when it comes out on video, but unless it looks really good there's no way I'm going to see it in the theater.

DL on Feb 14, 2009


First of all, as far as casting goes a lot of you have to remember that the characters of the Bebop are not Japanese. The show is very clear when showing race distinctions; white people are white, black are black, and Asian are Asian, hence Moa Yen Rai. He's drawn Asian and he has an Asian name. Spike and Faye are white. Jet is drawn white but I've always seen him as a black man because he's voiced by a black actor (Beau Billingslea) and it gives Spike and Jet a Riggs and Murtaugh kind of feel. Secondly, this goes out to Dominica, Gerard Butler is fucking dreadful. He's almost as bad as Reeves. Ignoring the fact that all he did was snarl and yell in 300, did you even see Dracula 2000? What about Reign of Fire? All shit. No offense. The last thing this film needs is a cast list of stars. Bebop doesn't need stars, it needs actors. And if they're going to cast Spike twenty years too old, then for God's sake get Robert Downey Jr. already. He's not only a stellar actor but he even knows Kung Fu in real life. He's been doing Wing Chun Kung Fu (the springboard to Jeet Kune Do) for over five years. He'd pick up the moves in no time. What sucks, though, is that it won't happen. The cast will be full of pretty morons who can't act for shit, the entire film will be horrid George Lucasesque CG and the soundtrack will be full of Nickelback and Fergie. Anyone who is a fan of this film should not go see it at any cost. It doesn't matter if it sucks and critics hate it, as long as it makes money the studios will keep turning out this kind of shit. That's why we have two awful Fantastic Four's a shitty Daredevil, a shitty Hulk, and more Fuck-stupid video game adaptations than you can count, because even though the fans know it will be shit, they pay to see it anyway. Let's please learn our fucking lesson and leave the theaters empty when this shit-heap comes out. We owe the show that at the least.

Cerberus on Feb 14, 2009


The sad thing is it has such huge potential to be a good movie if it's done well, but you're right. There's probably going to be way to much CG... I read somewhere that it was going to be set early in the series (like around episode one). If that's the case, then Ed won't even be in it, right? She doesn't show up until later in the series.

DL on Feb 14, 2009


What is with people and Ed? She has her moments, but let's face it: she's useless. She barely has any depth or a back-story, and barely ever assists in driving the plot. I think it has something to do with all those wierd girls' fantasies to be over-the-top quirky and for regular people to appreciate it rather than just ignore the hell out of them. Let's worry about characters that matter, shall we? I heard they were casting the welsh corgi from the Purina commercials for Ein...

Larry on Feb 16, 2009


oh and the pick of Robert Downy Jr. for spike was inspired, Cerberus

Larry on Feb 16, 2009


Hey Larry! the thing about Ed......."Let's worry about the characters that matter"??? These people are a TEAM; These people are a FAMILY, they are a well oiled machine that needs ALL PARTS to function(disfunction, lol). Come on Ed is a hacker supreme, you cant have a team without the cyber/tech support!

Joan on Feb 17, 2009


That and Ed's comic relief. Without her the show would just be the same thing over and over again. (That and if you get rid of Ed, there's no reason to have Ein either.)

DL on Feb 17, 2009


All right! sweat there going to tell the story of cowboy bebop into 2 1/2 hour long film, where as it took the anime SERIES 26 episodes. real brilliant! your going to ruin it! not just for me but everyone else that hasn't seen it! do us all a favor and drop it like ya did halo's film.

Shadow on Feb 17, 2009


ok here it is. kyana (or however you spell it.) is a fucking terriable actor. he has no emotion at all. fucking c3po had more emotion in his ASS than reeves. plus, hollywood has no good actors anymore, so knock it the hell off please. it was made as an anime for a god damned reason. if it was ment for live action it would be a live action movie. ao akira, DB, Bebop, death note, what is next? BLEACH? come on hollywood. the reason it was made into an anime to beguin with is because no actor could possibly portray spike, jet, faye, ed or anyone else just right. what about ein huh? are you going to make one of the beverlyhills FUCKING chiwawa's play ein? or viscious? will that be billy bob thorton? WELL!!!?!?!?! STOP IT NOW!

kewlkat on Feb 18, 2009


89 and 90 you both are genious's vin deisle would make a perfect jet and yeah if a FUCKING director isn't even a FAN you know it'lll tank. the reason transformers was soooo good was because the director was a huge fanboy. he has memoribelia from the origional series. NOT A FAN!!!???!!!! are you kidding me? it's a freaking sweet show. if you dont like it, don't direct it. period. and for all that is holy in this world. dont have reeves play my hero....please

kewlkat on Feb 18, 2009


DEATH TO FOX! Why do they think they can touch on anime subjects? Do they not have any original ideas of their own? Of course we would want to see a live action Cowboy Bebop, but we want the feel of the original anime....NOT with keanu monotone reeves...*sigh*

Yanise on Feb 19, 2009


Governor Arnold as Jet XD. (not really) But as many people have mentioned before, they should retain the gritty feel as much as possible, yet I think they should add a few dashes of hope to the characters lives. I do believe that the film should try to convey that sort of emotion along with It's action packed scenes. and story wise, I'm not 100% sure how to go about that one, but what I do know is that it should not be conspiracy crap, that leaves the viewer in the dark. bebop was the kind of show where you could catch any episode and not be clueless, I just hope they are able to retain such a feel and style.

Dud on Feb 23, 2009


It is possible to make a bebop movie just because its an anime that is not over the top cartoonish. I think if done right it could translate well into live action. By the way Vicious has to be in it.

Mugz on Feb 24, 2009


What some optimists here seem to be forgetting is that Chris Nolan or Ridley Scott aren't the ones picking this one up. It's this guy from the article that says he's not a big fan! It's gonna suck.

Omnia on Feb 26, 2009


Keanu Reeves? As Spike? Like we haven't let him ruin enough classics already, like The Day the Earth Stood Still. Listen, Hollywood, Keanu Reeves does NOT know kung-fu. And he's not humorous or intrepid enough to pull off a Spike. You could pump him full of all the cocaine and heroine in the world without ODing him, and he still couldn't pull off a Spike. He just doesn't have it in him. Cast someone else.

Mabus on Mar 1, 2009



Larry on Mar 1, 2009


To be honest, Bebop MIGHT work if they do it right. DB already looks stupid, sorry, Jojo, but it does. I mean yes, changes are necessary when taking a book or series and bringing it to the big screen but not when those changes are so drastic as to change the main character into a non-seiyan and make piccolo look similar to Xehanort in the KH:Birth by Sleep trailers. Yes, I've seen the series and I was a fan of it for a while and I've seen a trailer for the movie and right now, it looks like a waste of time and money. Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegal? Are you kidding me?! Keanu Reeves over does his parts, he's not a laid back enough guy for it and I hold a vast amount of doubt that he'd be able to learn Spike's moves to a passable degree. I'm almost scared to see the rest of the cast if Reeves does Spike. And I'm scared to see what changes they're going to make in the movie and plot line itself, what with what I've already seen in the DB trailer and all. Hopefully they listen to the fans, research the series well and take this seriously instead of screwing the whole thing over. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Rita on Mar 3, 2009


Well he s an actor isnt he so i think he can do it, i agree with yall that they should choose someone else but if keanu actualy like the serie he could make somenthing out of it. Personally im not expecting anything from it, beiing from france where manga and anime are something big and respectul ((my generation (1984!!) grow up watching anime on national channel tv , like dragon ball, saint seya, ken,ect)) and we see that as a big fat joke just like the adaptation of dragon ball. I think thats pathetic to adapt this kind of anime, i mean its one of the best anime (the best for me) ever done and putting all of this beauty in a movie is not possible, and like someeone said its not even a fan of the serie who gonna make this crap (who is he anyway?), its totaly uselesess and just gonna leave a bitter taste in the mouth for the fans.

roman on Mar 8, 2009


I really don't want to see Keanu fucking Reeves as Spike... I really really hope they either pick someone else or more preferably not do it at all... Don't turn Cowboy Bebop into another money mongering whore for some piece of shit Hollywood people... As far as I'm concerned Spike died in the last episode end of story. The only continuation I would even consider watching is if they returned to ANIMATED series and just followed what happened to the other characters after Spike died... Seriously if they cast Keanu Reeves its gonna ruin cowboy bebop for me!

DeRka on Mar 17, 2009


Oh well... At least I still have Wolfwood from Trigun...

DeRka on Mar 17, 2009


Jeff Bridges should DEFINITELY be Jet, especially after his performance in Iron Man as the sort of tough, mysterious guy. He totally looks the part.

Tigrgrl on Mar 18, 2009


This will be terrible. Why Keanu Reeves?!

blahsad on Mar 26, 2009


well... as long as Keanu ain't Spike it's ok... But apparently the film is going to be based around Asteroid Blues, the first episode. So if Hollywood has anything to do with it... it'll more about the drug than the characters. Think CSI... but the 'C' stands for Cowboy. Jet would probably turn into a Grisham type character, Spike will become Horatio... and Faye, I dunno... But I see a pattern forming here. Either way, I don't think Keanu has the acting ability to pull off spike... he can do the whole "I'm emotionless to make myself seem mysterious and aloof" thing quite well... but I've never seen Keanu be funny with a cool, sarcastic dry wit... and why? Because he's just not capable of playing anyone but himself... an emotionless lump of wood.

Stephen on Mar 30, 2009


These people are insane, they have tried to make live action films based on anime for years and every attempt has failed in the past. The very definition of insanity is trying the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome The thing about anime and this pertains most of all to cowboy bebop since its what got me into anime to begin with is that its expesses ideas and emotions that are impossible with a mainstream medium like hollywood, most people get into anime becuase it offers a unique and orginial form of entertainment that has been lacking in the large majority of mainstream movies and tv shows for years. To make a Live action version of ANY anime Especially a masterpeice like Cowboy Bebop is not only doomed to failure But it undermines everything that fans love about anime to begin with, diminishing our passion. The only reason they do this (and I use the new dragonball movie as a prime example) is to make an easy buck because most of the plots and character are laid out for em (meaning less they need to pay a talented writer to come up with this stuff) and they expect an augment to the income because the movie or series has an already established fanbase. Keanu Reeves may proclaim to be a true fan of anime but hes not. He may have been once but I am certain his soul died a long time ago because no one would willingly butcher something they claim to love without being clinicly insane. To the guy to posted before me you may think you want them to do a live action version of trigun with vash the stampede in all his humorous glory but to you i say "go to the cinemark theatre near you right now, pay 10 dollars for a ticket and go see "Dragonball". Sit through every single second of that movie and think long and hard about what you want because if you ever saw the original series and your not mentally challenged you will realise something is very wrong. Now run through your mind this simple question "If they did THAT to dragon ball, what would they do to TRIGUN if they made a live action movie of it?" I dont think you will like the answer. Now if you do that and still come up with the answer "yes i still want them to make that movie" then you are not a fan of anime, you never were, and you never will be.

Logan on Mar 30, 2009


Spike is skinny as hell, what action actor is skinnier then reeves? A buff spike would be awful. Reeves chain smoked in constantine and pulled it off. If he can just get the cocky attitude down, he is the perfect choice for sure. And anime fans have to accept some some changes for the movie to fit a mainstream audience, or else no "normal" people would enjoy the movie. If the DBZ movie was exactly like the anime or manga, nobody that was not an DBZ anime or manga fan would enjoy it. Catch my drift? Count your blessings people.

styxtap on Mar 30, 2009


If they use the original soundtrack, they have my 8 bucks. The movie could be terrible and I would pay to hear the soundtrack in a huge surround sound movieplex.

BD on Mar 30, 2009


haha as strange as it sounds your right 180 vin desiel would make a bomb Jet. He would look badass with the goofy beard and metal arm.

TickTock on Mar 30, 2009


How 'bout Josh Duhamel from Transformers as Spike?

Larry on Mar 30, 2009


How about they stop making live action animes because all they do, especially fox, is mess the whole thing up. Come on Dragonball was the biggest peice of shit i have ever seen. And same goes for The fantastic 4. I swear that they come up with ways to ruin the series for the younger generations who will go see this garbage. And I hear tht there make Keanu Reeves as spike. WTF what crack smoking retard decided to put surfer boy as one of the most bad ass lazy guys in anime. but no they just have to ruin it. And if james wong is the director, well then its doomed to fail.

JPK on Mar 30, 2009


They are making a Trigun movie just not a live action one, it's due out this year >_>

Trigun is mad on Mar 31, 2009


ok guys, lets face it. cowboy bebop may be the greatest anime movie ever. the show was incredible too. i don't support the changes to dragonball, it WILL be good, but you have to watch it as a new movie. pretend the series doesn't exist. its a separate experience.. i hope we don't have to do that with the bebop movie. i'm not a hXc anime fan, but i do love bebop and inyusha. i hope they could get to making that into a movie as well. gooo bebop! oh yeah, stop you're damn bitching. get a life. <333

CJ on Mar 31, 2009


I was extremely disappointed when I watched the Live Action DragonBall trailer, and almost cried/laughed at the sight of the guy playing Piccolo. Let's just pray that Keanau Reeves can be a little more bad ass than Neo. Spike is possibly the most hard ass, lucky, bad ass, anime character ever created imo. Also, GET A GOOD FUCKING DIRECTOR! I CAN'T SEE ANOTHER OF MY ANIME FAVORITES BUTCHERED BY F*CKING 20TH CENTURY FOX. Good Luck, and keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and If there's a lame ending that doesn't include "See Ya Space Cowboy", then I'll kill.

Chris M. on Apr 6, 2009


Sunrise is trying hard to ensure Fox won't screw it up. I sure hope the former succeeds as Sunrise threatened a bad script will result in no Cowboy Bebop Live Action...

Cowboy Bebop Live Action on Apr 10, 2009


^ ^ ^ That's great! thanks for the info. I'd personally like them to recast Spike but I won't hold my breath. I think this could work if the stars align just right. Here's hoping...

sigh on Apr 10, 2009


...Though I can't think any real person who could live up to the character of spike. 🙁

sigh on Apr 10, 2009


Yeah the need a younger, not-already-set-in-his-ways actor for spike. I don't want to hear Spike's wise cracks in that sweet sweet Neo-speech monotone. Just photoshop Spike's hair on keanu reeves for visual aid.

Larry on Apr 11, 2009



Evil on Apr 12, 2009


Excuse me, have they seen dragonball evolution

Curious on Apr 13, 2009


Thoughts? yah, THEY BETTER NOT FU*K THIS UP!!! THey already crapped all over Dragon Ball this better not a be a TRAVESTY like that was! IF you're going to an anime, even consider it YOU BETTER DO IT RIGHT!!!!

Raye on Apr 16, 2009


I think some of you guys saying that it will ruin Cowboy Bebop for you, is just stupid. Think of it this way someone is trying to copy Cowboy Bebop and is going to fail miserably... Now when they "ruin Cowboy Bebop" you can laugh in their face and say, "Ha, should of left it alone instead of losing all that wasted money" Can't remeber who said it (Heavy Rain developers?), but they said something like "Soon Hollywood will want videogame voice actors to act". That will probably never happen and yeah i know it's about video games but just apply it to anime or whatever. I think the original voice actors, maybe if they got a crash course in film acting (and stunts and fighting etc etc etc etc etc lol), they would do a really good job. They know the characters inside out and hearing their good ol' voice will make it even better. Back to the subject, i'm interested in this film. It's not going to be great. It's just not possible when compared to the original. But it might not be that bad. It might be so bad that i'll have to do my first walk out of a film... I'm saving that...

Jabz on Apr 21, 2009


they should just dub the movie

tobes on Apr 22, 2009


Honestly the Cowboy Beebop story is to convoluted to make into a movie. I can see making the movie "Knocking on Heavens Door" live action, but cummon..... Even though they have the director of Cowboy Beebop working with them I still am VERY skeptical that they will pull this one off

Puppy Dog on Apr 27, 2009


When something is as good as Cowboy Bebop you don't fuck with it. The name has such a good connotation prior to this live action flick... afterwards it'll be like, Oh yeah, Cowboy Bebop. It's all good, except for the live action. I can only pray that they won't screw it up too badly.

kels on Apr 27, 2009


Oh god! Fox is horrible, first dragonball and now this. And if you search around enough you'll find that other animes are made into hollywood moives. It's so sad and despression when I see this. There's a reason why it's called anime!!! I'm crying my tears out!!

nothingatall on May 4, 2009


oh no........this is awful. Not just awful but truly upsetting to me. When you have a piece of artwork as good as Cowboy Bebop you really shouldn't even consider trying to do something to it like alter it into a live action film. C'mon Fox please hit the breaks on this one before its too late.

thinktank630 on May 12, 2009


hay i think its great that their is a live action film coming out biased on this anime. i just hope it isn't messed up like bragonbal, man that movie could have been soooooo dam good. but hay that's Hollywood all was screwing a good thing up just to get a buck its sad really sad man.....

neil popson on May 17, 2009


No way. It better not suck like i heard the Dragon Ball Z movie did.

Allyson on May 18, 2009


Please people, chill out. If it fails, it fails. If it doesn't, AWESOME! There's nothing we can do about it. I've always been a huge Bebop fan myself, since way back in 2001. But this is something we just have to suck up, seriously. I'm just glad Kenau Reeves is playing one of my most favourite anime characters in the world. But I agree with an above post- show Trigun some love!!! Vash is another one of my favourites <3

Apple on May 21, 2009


hmmmm, I'm I little doubt about it. I think cowboy bebop has of al animé's the best change that it will a good real life movie. Because the characters and the story are more realistick it is easyer to make. I mean, compromise cowboy bebop with dragon ball. and maybe if people see the real life, they maybe go watch the originall to. esspecialy for people with prejudice on animés its a good thing. I hope fox will be prepared to spend enough the money for it to make it a good movie. ps I LOVE cowboy bebop

wertyhDA on May 26, 2009


they better not screw this up... hopefully they'll do a good job. Please, god please!! don't let it be like dragon ball evolution

BlackXWhite_Wolf on May 29, 2009


DANIEL HENNEY is more suitable for SPIKE

baz on Jun 3, 2009


How about you leave all the good anime just as it is, good anime. Make more animated shows or add ons, or movies if you have to. But fuck real people can't do justice to the way the characters move, boo. BOO I SAY!

Mushy on Jun 5, 2009


Dudes all I got to say is only in dreams by weezer for the theme song just like the amv

Gilbert on Jun 9, 2009



Spikelover on Jun 9, 2009


Fuck Fox and fuck Keanu Reeves! You have ruined a masterpiece

Fuck you Keanu Reeves on Jun 13, 2009


OH MY GOD, Adrian Grenier. He's totally perfect for spilke. I just saw a photo of him doing spikes pose with his hand like he was shooting someone, and I was like Oh my god. But, honestly, I hope they dont make whoever the actor is's hair green. It could be a really well done movie.

hannahc on Jun 15, 2009


Keanu Reeves? what the hell is wrong with hollywood? this guy has butchered every role he has been in. Cowboy Bebop is fucked. Proper fucked.

Jeremy on Jun 16, 2009


I watched my first anime about a year ago and I immediately fell in love with it. I most ashamedly admit that I just got around to watching and finishing Cowboy Bebop this last week. It is hands down the best thing, anime or anything else, that I have ever watched!! All I have to say is this: Keanu fucking Reeves?! How could one of the worst, emotionless actors on this planet be cast as Spike?! FUCK YOU Hollywood! Bebop is perfect how it is. It saddens me to think that such a treasure will be cheapened and destroyed by people who cannot even hope to fathom the depth and awesomeness that is anime. On a final note to Hollywood: DON'T EVER TOUCH BERSERK!!

Laura on Jun 19, 2009


Let's hope they don't screw it up...

Breanna on Jun 22, 2009


Hey, think of this, even though there is huge possiblity that they will screw this up, theres still the Death Note live action movies. they were good. i am aware that it was made in japan and all, but, with some discretion, Hollywood might actually do good. (ha ha.)

Nightmare Asylum on Jun 26, 2009


I don't have vary high hopes for this, after the Dragonball mess there's no way they can pull off a highly futuristic space film with so many detailed levels of character development and layered personality. It's already a risk taking a good manga and turning it into anime the final live-action step just wouldn't work out. But if we're all lucky I'm vary, vary mistaken and Cowboy Bebop will be the big hit everyone's waited for.

Moku on Jun 27, 2009


Fuck Fox and fuck Keanu Reeves really ruined this masterpiece, I agree with Keanu Reeves.

ashley nicky on Jul 2, 2009


I think this could be done well. i mean Cowboy Bebop isn't like dragon ball... spike isn't gonna shoot kamehamehas out his hands or anything.. lol and if anyone seen Star Trek then you know they can do future movies pretty good. so overal i guess it CAN be good as long as they make spike/ect. look like real plp and not dress them to look like they do on the anime. im sceptic about it being good, but its not like itll be "impossible" like dragon ball was oh ya, whats up with all this Keanu Reeves bashing lol have u seen spike next to him???? if u ask me he's a perfect match ...well as perfect as you can get...

Judas on Jul 5, 2009


This is appalling and absurd.I am a hardcore Cowboy Bebop fan.Cowboy Bebop is by far the best anime ever. A live action movie would be awful. If they want to make a live action movie they should stick with the voice actors from the anime (Steve Blum,Wendee Lee,etc). Not this bullshit where the actor hasn't even watched the series,knows nothing or little about it. There is so much depth, and personality to Cowboy Bebop, that it would be impossible to do a movie based on it or around anything related to it. That and I don't think there's an actor out there that could match Spike.

Amber on Jul 6, 2009


I swear to god, If Keanu Reeves is Spike. This movie will burn in hell. I'm anxious to see what they do with it. Some-what.

Rachael on Jul 7, 2009


Ehh we'll see. I'm a huge fan and it is more than likely that this will no doubt tarnish Bebop's great name but you never know. Now onto more pressing issues like making a live action film of Akira. I am literally on my knees begging hollywood to NOT make this disaster. That was the first anime I ever watched and if Hollywood decides to move forward with its production I will cry an endless amount of tears.

Beau on Jul 10, 2009


everytime i see clive owen, i cant help but to see him as Spike. just ANYBODY but keanu reaves!! i really really hope the studios keep tabs on what fans here and on other boards have to say about the much rumored casting. it seems that hollywood is acting completely without accountability and is perfectly fine making shitty movies with a big title (i.e. Transformers, Terminator) because they know theyre going to collect big on opening weekend, regardless of the quality of the movie. NO KEANU!!!!!

stephen on Jul 14, 2009


i actually heard about this from a friend of mine and ive got to say that i WAS a bit skeptical. like everyone here, i'm a huge fan of the anime and this movie could potentially ruin the series for me. but now that i think about it, i dont think it should be too bad. i think it would make a great live-action film actually. HOWEVER, i cannot see how keanu reeves will pull of spike. i simply cant. he just doesnt seem right for the part!

Joy on Jul 15, 2009


WHY!!! It seems that they cant leave well enough alone. The best anime of all time is going to be defiled by K. Reeves(fag), playing Spike,why. Now they have announced Bebop, Akira, and Ghost in the Shell live action movies. Next it'll be Halo, Gears of War, and God of War. Hollywood will keep making this trash as long as those few jackasses keep buying into it. "Take the best and trash it" the new Hollywood motto.

Vicious Reaper on Jul 16, 2009


By the way #235 has the right idea.

Vicious Reaper on Jul 16, 2009


Seriously? Can Hollywood for one second stop turning good things into steaming piles? Reeves? Really? How about really just smaking the fans in the face and have Eliza Dushku play Faye and have the Wachowski Bros direct.

RWgirl on Jul 18, 2009


why is there so much Reeves hating, he's a big actor so most likely he'll do fine.. ghost in the shell and Akira will prolly suck but i think cowboy bebop is gonna be doable .... i bet its gonna be like the animated movie they made, just a different bad guy, but still its not gonna be impossible to make into a big name movie.. and you KNOW there gonna put MILLIONS behind this

Judas on Jul 20, 2009


I do believe the best anime to create for the big screen would be Gundam Wing. It would blow transformers away!!!!

Snipes on Jul 22, 2009


If yo ask me they should just DUMP the movie idea, its basicly a finding needle in a hay stack for the chances it will be good. ( though I am glad the original creators are hamming fox to make it right ) I am positive I can speak for almost all the Cowboy Bebop fans when I say, hire the original team back from 1998-2003 and start making another fantastic series. I want to speak out and let people know I HATED anime before Cowboy Bebop then one night staying up late I saw it was on for cartoon network so I watched it and after that night I spent night after night staying up to watch these shows I actually had a tear in my eye when I watched the last one, and no other show has given me that much feelings for it. Just continue where the movie left off or even add more to it or SOMETHING its too well made to be produced into...this.

Nikolai553 on Jul 23, 2009


If they give the score work to Yoko Kanno like they should I'll be MORE than happy. Some details I hope will change just a bit...okay, just Spike's hair. I hope it's not green and perhaps a fitting brown. I love anime hair styles and colours but I never liked the chlorine pool green Spike has. I wonder if they'll have a new story line set or will use the Julia story. Luckily, the name will stay that same, I have faith in that much. I've yet to see a good adaptation of any live action film version of an anime, in ANY country, so I have my hopes. I have my hopes.

Waspala on Jul 23, 2009


You've gotta be kidding me. Keanu Reeves puling off Spike. this Movie is doomed. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!!!! Im hoping Ed and Ein are in this movie to but if they are Im worried about who will act them. and if theyll get it right. If this movie fails as well as them not using the same soundtrack. Im pulling out my shot gun and killing everyone who worked on the movie.(joke) heh heh. but you know what i mean. I really REALLY don't want them to stuff this up. Bebop Is one of my alltime favourite animes. I HATE YOU FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squiz on Jul 24, 2009


Okay, #242. the reason for so much Reeves hating is that can you actually see him not saying "Dude, I know Kung Fu!"

Bob Calso on Jul 26, 2009


Dragonball Evolution is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. If FOX screws this up, I will have lost all faith in mankind. As a producer you don't have to know your ass from a hole in the ground, but please, for the love of god, hire people that do!

Marcus on Jul 28, 2009


Comment deleted.

ANON on Jul 28, 2009


Western style of anime in a live action motion picture, brought to you by Fox and Hollywood productions, here's my (or our views and comments about the truth) in your films. This is your report card: *sighs* (in disgusts; nodding my head - i need regular asprin for this, um no wait, EXTRA Strength Excedrin) lol **deep breath** sighs* here we go: Street Fighter F Double Dragon F Speed Racer F Mortal Kombat D MK2: Annialation F Chun-Li Story F- (i know it has some great actors like Michael Duncan Clarke, nothing against him personally) but film, F- and now coming up films like Cowboy Bebop... now wait, did Keanu Reeves already done a film that was almost anime like but has the actual actors in it, (it was a preview i saw years ago), all i know it wasnt good, from what my collegues told me. Any other anime live action, films came out that i havent named it flopped/failed badly. The only live action anime was the (AHEM*) THE ULTIMATE BEST, i'd said it before and again, DEATH NOTE and the Sequel as well. Listen, I may be a little humourous, but the truth is I want my money's worth, it's like you go to a restaurant Hardee's, T.G.I.Friday's, or any expensive restaurant, if i am going to a place where i can get a good meal, good service (even if service doesnt give me a smile but just be real and yet they're tryin to service me right, and, AND give me a wonderful happy ending at the night, then i am well pleased. All i know Fox and Hollywood better just leave the anime realm alone, or IF they continue to do this live anime projects, you better get some fresher minds and/or wiser minds who's into anime and let the REAL professional directors, producers, and real actors who can pull it off. So Fox/Hollywood, you've failed again, it looks like you're diggin in deeper and deeper in your own grave into the abyss of a bottomless pit of hell, you might as well pass the baton to someone else, and quickly.

MDstatus on Aug 2, 2009


Have Yoko Kanno develop the music for this!

sm on Aug 4, 2009


all this talk about K. Reeves i want to know what about the 3 old men that show up all the time who will make good doubles for them???????????? and then there is the two that do the bounty hunters show BIG SHOTS??? you cant fuck thesa two up there just two of the many originals for this show!!!!!!!!!!!! then there is bebop it self this is not something thay can change because they want too the ship is as much a part of the story as Spike, Jet, ,faye, edd and the rest of the show

wiskybob on Aug 5, 2009


Keanu Reeves cant emote. there's a difference between expression and actually not having emotions

Spike Spiegel on Aug 6, 2009


Well to be honest I think this will go one of two ways with an anime like this, one way being it will be complete an utter crap (this unfortunately being the more likely turn out) or the other way it could be absouloutly brilliant cowboy bebop is one anime that is realistly do able with the right cast, budget director etc. I dont know how much cash their throwing at this project but i think it will have to be a fair amount for it to be believable. i completly agree with NO. 49 if quinten tarantino got in on this film he would be perfect cowboy bebop is a very slick programe and i think its got the same kind of pace and atomosphere to it that pulp fiction had thats why i think quinten would be great for this movie. Personaly i dont think having keanu would make a bad spike, but the negative side to having such a big name would mean that if the film is shit people will assume the anime was crap aswell, but on the other hand if its good the attention he would draw to the film would surely make people give the anime a chance aswell.

lorenzo on Aug 8, 2009


WHO THE FUCK WANTS "TED" to be spike huh? Fuck it im boycotting this theregunna do to bebop what they did to fire fly kill that fucker dead, i hope he gets aids and fucking dies I HATE that non acting sonouvabitch SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING GOD FUCKING DAMN IT I WANNA GO KICK A FUCKING PUPPY NOW>

KELEVRA J. Greywolfe on Aug 13, 2009


they should get james franco to play spike

Dan L on Aug 15, 2009


Keanu Reeves can't act! I definitely agree with (a good year later on this) people that Bebop could potentially work as a live action film, but it has to be taken seriously and cast very carefully. I want to know how they'll pull off Ed and her quirky character. And in restropect of Dragonball...the only good character in that movie was Chow Yun Fat as Muten Roshi. He was awesome. Everyone else sucked, which is a shame, because Justin Chatwin was actually really good in The Invisible.

ML on Aug 21, 2009


Yeah... no... i really don't like this new hollywood trend of making animes in to movies.... Us anime fans like them because THEY ARE ANIMES!!!!! and those who don't like anime don't want to see them why why do they keep producing this crap? And i love to stare at keanu reeves and drool as much as the next girl but can you imagine..."Faye...... Look into.... my of them is real....the other...i lost... in a bar fight...."

Kitsunene on Aug 23, 2009


I don't think, the director for this film, is the right person for the job. Honestly Cowboy bebop should be looked upon as a masterpiece. Ridley Scott and Quinto terantino working together would make this Film amazing. Is this going to be a disaster like Dragon Ball. Look what happened to Dragon Ball live action, hollywood destroyed it, it was as if the director of the Dragon Ball film, watched 2 or 3 episodes of the anime and made up a plot that had nothing to do with Dragon Ball. Please, you hollywood parosites, I entreat you, make Keenu take 4 years of Gung Fu 8 hours a day 7 days a week, and let the Hung Gar Grand Master of Hong Kong determine if he is ready to present skill in Jeet Kune Do, that is aparently at the skill of Bruce Lee. (By the way, the Matrix martial arts scenes, were sloppy, Keenu needs to have more than Hollywood magic to pull off spike.)

Jonathan Skurtu on Aug 24, 2009


The bebop crew is Asian, so, maybe you could CAST KEANU AS SPIKES NEMESIS. It might be good for his Career to pull a Villain, instead of always playing the hero, which seems stoned in every role he takes up. He could play something like, a ex military test subject, who smoked weed and took red eye while being genetically modified like pier de le fu. His mind became more like a stoned child, a child that knows KUNG FU and can float. The entire time he seems stoned, sort of like an actor I know named Keanu Reeves. Keanu would make an awesome Pier De le Fu. Seriously though, Ridley Scott and Quentin Terantino, are the perfect directors for this film. Spike: I Don’t think Keanu is the Man for the job, even if he was similar to Spike in Johnny Menatomic. (Btw Mr. Director and Keanu who I am sure haven’t watched cowboy bebop, you should watch Pier de le fu, it’s an episode in the cowboy bebop series) Keanu would make an awesome Pier De le Fu. Please I ask you to let me pick the actors and directors to help you make this film possible and of masterful quality. This film needs real art, not Hollywood parasites sucking away at the great modern art of our time.

Jonathan Skurtu on Aug 24, 2009


Most of you guys need to piss off. If you don't like anime, then dont comment. I admit, going to live action is a scary proposition, but we need to just wait and see if it goes well. Besides, if Shinichiro Watanabe will direct it, then it'll probably be acceptable. And think about it, of all Spike candidates, Keanu sounds pretty good; I can definitely see him as my favorite bounty hunter.

Ben on Aug 26, 2009


I don't get it. Hollywood thinks they're giving anime fans a treat by doing this? Or more likely, they just figure'll it's a fast buck. But ask anybody who's actually a fan of anime. We HATE to see this stuff become live action. It's disgusting. Anime and manga aren't just some cheap form of story telling that needs to be graced by live action film. They're perfect the way they are, which is why they have such a loyal fan base. If I'm not really clear, just watch this:

Colin on Aug 27, 2009


Ok, good afternoon evryone!!! Is Ben Affleck adapting anime of Cowboy Bebop for 20th century fox and Keanu Reeves? OR Did i read this right?, or is it my hangover headache distorting my vision?, cuz i dont know whether to be confused, or lose interested on this live-action CB. (this 411 ive found when i read about 'Bad Boys 3 in the works' google search, the last paragraph. please ya'll tell me sum'n!?!???)

Monte' (aka MDstatus) on Aug 31, 2009


Wow... this will either be epic. Either an epic win, or an epic fail, but either way... epic. (I'm heartened to hear Spielberg will do Ghost in the Machine, since he has the oomph to back up what should be a really amazing translation.) This could all come down to if Fox learned from its last mistake, Dragonball. I wish there could be some homage paid to the original English voice actors; it was partially their help that made Cowboy Bebop the hit it is today. Even the Japanese creators and staff have commented that the dub is favored above the original Japanese voice work. Does this trend mean that Evangelion will NOW be greenlighted into existence, or do we have to wait indefinitely? And what's next? ....Naruto? (Which, like most anime adaptions, needs to be downright faithful to attract the older, die hard fans.) I've heard Death Note is in works, as well.

Rose Koneko on Sep 8, 2009


The only possible positive thing about this is that this might mean some new stuff from the seatbelts. But I think the chances of them making the soundtrack completely hard rock, are high, which will make me weep, for days at a time... you don't even know because I will have to see it... opening night... no exceptions... also screw Keanu reeves...

Damien on Sep 9, 2009


I hope you're already aware (@ Rose Koneko) Death Note live-action films are already out on dvd there are 3 of 'em, i'd just bought the 3rd installment at walmart (or to some peeps out there call it) Wallyworld. Anyways, (L change the world) the unwritten chapters of death note, did come out in theatres last year for only a 2day promotional thing, and i never had the opportunity to see it, but yes, it is out and i am going to see it as soon as i finish my laundry, clean my apartment, and other projects, but trust me.... All Death Note live action IS WAY BETTER, far out the BEST films than Fox/Hollywood could ever ruin all anime live action masterpieces put together. I cant stress that enough about it, love it! All i know is that Leonardo DiCaprio is in Akira (which for some reasons keeps getting pushed back) in another date, Or maybe already came and went, dunno, but i guarantee im not seeing it. Ok, I heard Dragonball revolution came and went quickly like a ninja in running in the trees, what else?, umm,.. Speed Racer, oh yeah, it went so fast off the tracks and got yellow flagged into red flag flopped, i mean hell you can even see the previews and knew it'll be a disaster film. Hey ya'll something just came on like a light bulb in my head and realized, Hollywood still never got the hint for making the First disaster STREET FIGHTER movie, and come up with another sequel Street Fighter : the story of Chun-Li, it is on Dvd and all i can say is that..... Isn't Chun-Li suppose to be Asian?, so if anyone look at the cover on the dvd, she....umm look nothing like Asian, or nowhere look close to being Chun-Li look-a-like, oh well that's just me. That's funny though, now Fox/Hollywood try to use the video game storyline and make it into a film, uh?, yeah ok whateva...anyways who cares, it was a disaster, period! IF anybody want their money's worth, in spite of economy downsizing, or recession, go rent, and/or own a copy of Death Note (live action series) directed by Hideo Nakata. Speaking about Hollywood films and so forth, Hollywood is trying to use some of anime ideas (whether being clothing design, characters, character look alikes, and styles and throw it in any action movie and try to make it a hit, or have some audiences think that's cool). Now i am not much of a moviegoer but ill get to the point, in the film Valkyrie, Tom Cruise as a solider, compare Full Metal Alchemists: the night of the Shamballa movie with Roy Mustang, the whole WWII era, uniforms (although it's not blue but u get the picture), and Cruise had that Mustang look to identical, and the reasons I'm mentioning all this because there's rumours of a live action FMA. G.I. Joe : The Rise of Cobra which came out this summer, it was decent, i kinda expected more action or sumthing, but anyways, there's a fighting scene with Baronness and (dayum brain fart) anyways, one of the soldiers was wearing a stealth (invisible) uniform, and of course, you know where i am going with this.....Ghost In The Shell, and there's rumours about doing a live action on it too. (All i can say it'll be like The Matrix series. Now, Fox/Hollywood should NEVER ever, never never touch anymore anime masterpieces, unless you really want to piss off someone (other than all anime die hards including myself), if you really insisting on offending people, i dare Fox do a live action fairy tale of 500 years ago feudal era of Inu Yasha, or do another typical vampire movie Trinity Blood or Blood +, and you'll really have lotta hate. But then again, i just realize too, the more Fox and Hollywood think they're trying to be brilliant and do more live action animes, they're the ones are losing money, just taking a match and to their cash and losing dollars, cuz Hollywood don't seem to listen to what the anime audiences want. I know, i am talking alot, as you can tell i am bored and haven't slept yet and wired on coffee, ONE more thing, i have heard that James Cameron is doing Avatar, now that looks awesome, I will go see it for sure, that IS what Hollywood need is go get real Hollywood heavyweight directors, and let them analyze the scripts and so forth and make it work. Go get John Woo, James Cameron, JJ Abrams, Stephen Speilberg, great musican composers like Yoko Kanno, Seat belts, Michael Kamen, and so on.....come on, get with the program Fox/Hollywood your live action animes stinking beyond like a rotten corpse and surrounded by gallons of chitterlins, and just got sprayed by a 13 skunks and no shower for months. Just stop, you're in too deep in your grave; more like the bottomless pit of sulfur acids.

MDstatus on Sep 13, 2009


Okay first of all. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I'm a bit livid about this. Second... FOX are you serious! Like they have any credibility at all!! Thirdly. NO NOT KEANU! oh god really...really really! I respect the guy for reasons that I don't want to defend right now, but he is not the actor to fill Spikes shoes. We can only hope that they will get Shinichiro Watanabe, or Takashi Miike to direct it. I know that's a long shot though. As far as the script goes. Any Bebop fan could spit on a napkin, and come up with a better script than any writers Fox can find. Hell I'll write this for free just so this doesn't get screwed up. That's a direct challenge.

R.T. Gerwaski. on Sep 18, 2009


WHAT!?!?! why! Why would they do this. They are gonna trash it more then any other anime live action movie could ever be trashed! Who are the going to get to play ED, huh! tell me that. This is horrible, just awful. Yes i do have to admit i want to see where it leads to. But Cowboy Bebop is a legendary anime, and their is no way on this earth that it could become a live action movie. The people they will get to play the parts is going to be awful. ED is one of my of my main concerns. How on earth are they going to find a girl to play her? and play her well enough to. This is the dumbest idea i have ever heard. Fox you fuckers, how dare you.

Jaye on Sep 20, 2009


Jet is my biggest concern as far as finding actors go. Though I know just what your sayin' Jaye. Who are they gonna get for Jet... Morgan Friedman?? That would.......actually almost fit, but would be really lame/stupid/ it what you will. Hmmm. You're right, I can't think of a soul that could play ed correctly. (Maybe!!) Drew barrymore in her ET days. Maybe. Well if any one can think of someone for the part...I'm curious....Not that we have any say in the actual move. But if you think of someone, I'd like to know.

R.T. Gerwaski. on Sep 21, 2009


I'd just had an epiphany, i just realized why Fox/Hollywood are running out of ideas, and snatching up ALL of the coolest masterpieces of the East; namely Japanime/manga, and putting it into their Western-style genre of a live-action (which they create into their masterpiece)? ..yeah more disasters (Western version). Fox and Hollywood are hatin' hardcore; hatin the fact that Anime/Manga Masterpieces, along with great voice actors/actresses and the audiences are viewed from all ages namely appeals to an adult generation, not to forget it's so widely phenomonal that in Japan, everyone's welcome to dress up as their favorite anime character in cosplay, or If that's not the case scenario, Hollywood and Fox wants a piece of the (key lime, apple, sweet potato, pumpkin, cherry, and/or money) pie and bring ALL the die hard anime fans back to see it in the Western - style anime live-action genre to bring more of a Universal appeal to it. If that is the case, then Fox/Hollywood should allow all rights reserved given to where it is and was ORIGINATED from Japan, and get all the actors, writers, creators, and also directors and elaborate with other the directors, and writers from Hollywood, and...AND let the die hard fans, and japanese casts handpicked and choose which actor should play for the part of ...whatever anime that's in development. InuYasha Akira Ghost In the Shell (this should be a rated R film, ya kno nudity, jus my opinion) Ninja Scroll Afro Samurai Cowboy Bebop just to name a few, but hey, if Cowboy Bebop live action fails in the movies/box office, they should do a re-boot like The Incredible Hulk (ang lee's version), Edward Norton did an exceptional role for Hulk, and that's why i have it in my movie collection, so... Hollywood/Fox take notes you can learn ALOT from the fans, (voicing our opinions), and as well as learn from ALL the other anime masterpieces, besides,... Hollywood/FoX you're not looking too good, and that's on the real. Deuces

MDstatus on Sep 23, 2009


I apologize if i lost some of you, if you're reading my comment above, but some may understand what i am sayin', but when i try to talk how i feel, and i have alot of other things jubbled in my thoughts, and type too fast i get carried away....kinda like Fox/Hollywood jump-the-shark in getting all of japanime masterpieces and making them live-action no-nos. lol Now, I have heard there's a film by James Cameron Avatar is coming out, i think November?, Now i can tell you right now, i am definitely seeing this film, because James Cameron does his movies RIGHT, and he takes his time to make it right, and that's why his movies are so over-the-top engross millions in the box office. I saw the preview for Avatar, the special efx, plot, and so on, i know i will see this film for sure, and yes, you've heard it from me, to bad i wished he could've done Cowboy Bebop. anyways, you know wut i mean! XD Deuces

MDstatus on Sep 23, 2009


I am really excited about this movie. I have loved Cowboy Bebop since it's debut air in the US. I think Keanu fits the part well. He kind of has the same personality as Spike, but let's hope he acts as well as he can and not try to over-do it, which is usually what causes him to screw up a roll. As for the other characters, I think Angelina Jolie would be good for the part of Faye, but there are others who could potentially pull it off. For Jet, I came to the decision that Ron Perlman would be great for the roll. I know he's white Jet is black, but Ron has his entire body painted red for Hellboy, and coincidentally, Red looks a lot like Jet. Ein needs to be a real dog, and Ed needs to be played a young playful/goofy actress. There may be some possibilities available, but a new name might actually work if one comes about. I kind of see Vicious being played by someone like Robert Patrick (The bad cop from Terminator 2) if you are looking for an American to play the roll. But in my personal opinion, Vicious has a very calm, clean, smooth appearance with a bad-ass temper, so a Japanese actor like Oguri Shun would work wonders.

JeiKureno on Sep 26, 2009


Fuck you Fox! You will fuck this up like every other anime adaptation. You will show the source material no respect. I look forward to spending hours plotting the death of everyone involved in this shit. Stick to lying on the News. Why can't this be another one of the thousands of lies you tell. Hell the producer fucking admits in this article "I am not a fan".....then piss off. You don't like the source material, get the hell away from it.

NOoooooooo on Sep 30, 2009


Post 257....I second your thoughts....Post 274...Angelina Jolie?...Keanu? gimme a break. Ron Perlman however can do no wrong.

R.T. Gerwaski. on Oct 1, 2009


Oh yeah. on a pretty unrelated note. "Japanime" is NOT a word!

R.T. Gerwaski. on Oct 1, 2009


WHY does fox not learn they suck at this leave the anime alone.

Amani on Oct 3, 2009


The only thing thats pissing me off is the fact that when this movie comes out,many people will think to them selfs "whats a bebop?" Then they will go on google and search for it,then they will find the anime and then,they will just start to abuse the show,I get very angry when people do that, This anime is the best ever and if they mess this up,i would expect the members of FOX will be assassinated,hopefully they scrap this,i cant watch cowboy bebop anymore without thinking about this and its pissing me off >:( i hope it goes by really really fast that no one notices and we all can go back to dreaming of Faye Valentine >:)

qaiz on Oct 6, 2009


If the original creators are involved... I'm there. Ideally I'd love for this to be a Japanese film. That's not going to happen. Keanu Reeves... I like him but NOT as Spike and NOT in this film. So I guess I'm going in expecting it to be horrible. If there's SOMETHING good about it then I guess I'll be pleasantly surprised. A sucky hollywood version of Cowboy Bebop won't hurt the fantastic original show and animated film at all. So whatever.

Brittny on Oct 11, 2009


I always have hope that things like this could work, but only time will tell. I am a hardcore 'Bebop' fan and so I look forward to seeing what Hollywood creates.

Brian on Oct 11, 2009


This would be easy casting Keanu could play spike average but i saw a comment earlier that said Adrien Brody Cowboy bebop is more based off of a 1930s jazz atmosphere...king kong also the subtle effects that events have on humans amplified by melodramatics....Darjeeling Unlimited For Faye I say Uma Thurman the action from Kill Bill's...and she is used to and capturing the artistic value of film is something she does well... Edward and Ein Would be tough to fill...Ein would have to be such a small character Ill be back in a minute to finish

Josh M on Oct 16, 2009


I hope it's not as bad as Dragobn Ball Evolution. Hollywood rarely comes out with good stuff these days.

elde on Oct 23, 2009


THIS IS INSANE.. its ruined what is left of my night. FIRST i find out about GHOST IN THE SHELL on G4, and now THIS WTFFFFFFFFFFF.. two of my favorite anime's being turned into hollywood trash. Its too terrible for words.. but ill continue anyway. THESE no talent having script writers who arent even fans of the japanese culture are going to ruin these artist's work. THERE LIFE WORK is going to be ruined in a freaking 90 MINUTE MOVIE. with godawful CGI and terrible acting EX( KEANU REEVES) ARE THEY SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ONE PEOPLE AFTER ALL OF THE WORK THAT YOKO KANNO put into for the OST's HER LIFE WORK DOWN THE DRAIN JUST DO THAT people like keanu reeves can make some more money even though they should stop! HOW CAN THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

HIGHLY UPSET on Oct 23, 2009


These Hollywood Bigwigs have to have their fingers in everyone else's pie. They refuse to create anything new or inventive, so they reach across the table and buy classic franchises and turn them into one hit wonders. This is offensive to me as a human being, and a fan of graphic art (I consider Cowboy Bebop Graphic Art because it doesn't share most of the idiosyncrasies that the majority of anime is plagued by). What the flimsy, gilded Pseudo-Utopia of Hollywierd wants, Hollywierd gets. They plug in shit-for-skill actors and make millions off of consumers who don't know a plot hole from a shoestring. This is just another sign of American Capitalism's total disregard for substance. They had better give the script to Christopher Nolan. He's the only person I've seen take a classic and give credit where credit is due.

Matthew on Oct 26, 2009


highly upset, you're just a little fanboy crying that other people are going to see your show. Wait till the movie comes out before you start lamenting its failures.

wat on Nov 7, 2009


you guys act like just cuz they make it,you gotta watch it,and if you dont wanna watch it,no one should be able to(of course this statement doesnt apply to anyone who isnt whining like a 5 year old)if they make it,they actually have a good chance of doing a good guys need to grow up,shut up watch it when it comes out then youll have logical room to have an opinion on if it was good or not.besides,its the story thats important,as long as they get that right the format shouldnt matter.anime used to rock back in the day when it was rare outside of Japan(80's,90's),nowadays when animes are a dime a trillion,good anime is a needle in a the irony,gotta love it.just an afterthought.

NapalmSanctuary on Nov 8, 2009


NapalmSanctuary please just shut up it's obvious you have no idea what the f*ck you are talking about when i first heard about the cowboy bebop live action movie which was very recent i thought oh no really? then i saw the text "fox" i gasped THEN i read keanu reeves was attached F*CK! i blurted i could not believe what i read keanu is nearly f*cking fifty! anyone who knows cowboy bebop KNOWS spike is NOT middle aged! i don't like to rant so i will wrap it up quick to all who assist in the destruction of an iconic title knowing full well the atrocities they will be committing i convey to you my ill will towards you and those you love with this entry i truly hope for your sufferance both physical and mental i wish for you to have much success and to procreate plenty fore my wish to tear you asunder transcends mere physical agony therefore it is required you produce offspring and when you reach the apex of contentment you are diagnosed with aids and upon further investigation you discover your life partner and all your children are infected as well and as your partner contemplates the impossible it is realized that you molest your children! and as you fall from grace you are shunned and detested by all those you love AND as you prepare for a voluntary ending you are apprehended by the law and sentenced to life in hell (prison) where you will spend the rest of your agonizing life terrified raped and beaten brutally and as you suffer through one of these anal massacres... epiphany! this must be what "they" feel! no! to those who think i have gone too far i have not to put things in perspective the value of human life to me is...insignificant in comparison to the exquisiteness in around and far from us but i do NOT! wish misery upon the world it is miserable enough i am simply trying to convey my utter disgust for these sleazy grimy devils in human clothing who would cut your throat for a nickel i think a beautiful creation like cowboy bebop outweighs the lives of a few of these (not for lack of a better word) fucks! who threaten the integrity of an entire genre final thoughts...i am no otaku kudos if they happen to make a good CB live action movie f*ck those who mock my lack of punctuation my sincere apologize to all the cutthroats i may have offended i am now bored BYE BYE ^ ^

Concerned on Nov 8, 2009


Any of you tools who don't see a problem with this kinda thing are just fuel for the fire. Hollywood has NO business with intelligent Anime. Poster above me is a real human being. I salute you.

[]tana on Nov 11, 2009


I have to completely agree with the above two posts.

Dayna on Nov 13, 2009


NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This movie could be done well but it won't! Keanu Reeves is a little OLD AND TALENTLESS to play a character like Spike. I should play Spike! I'm tall and skinny, and with hair and makeup I'll look just like him! To bad I can't act. Also post 274, I'm pretty sure Jet is white. I think the guy who plays Sylar on Heoes would make an excellent Viscious, he doesn't really look like him but he plays an excellent villain.

Joshie on Nov 13, 2009


Leave it to fox to fuck this movie up... I don't care who plays the secondary roles... I just want Adrian Grenier to play Spike Spiegele, and Bruce Willis to play Jet.

Big Fan on Nov 14, 2009


i am seriously hoping the project will be dropped. i fucking hate it when people turn anime into live-action films. ANIME SHOULD BE LEFT AS ANIME! theres' no fucking way they're gonna find anybody to play a good enough ein and edward. actually, they won't find ANYBODY good enought o play ANY of the characters. fucccckkkkk youuuuuu foxxx. and keanu only fit the dumbass characters...

pissed off fan on Nov 15, 2009


I'm honestly excited for the live action film. I just hope they dont fuck it up like they did the dragonball movie. that movie was horrible. MAKE THE ACTORS LOOK LIKE THE CHARACTERS. and stick with the goddamn story line. and please, get good actors.. keanu reeves does not fit the part of spike..

yaa on Nov 15, 2009


to all you guys like Concerned who love to whine and cry like ornery little children,if you dont like the idea of a CB live action movie,then dont watch,you act like no one should be able to see this if you dont want to see it.grow up,get a life,no one is gonna die if it sucks.just cuz fox is the studio backing the project doesnt mean its gonna suck either

NapalmSanctuary on Nov 25, 2009


Well it is really....weird, to watch a Cowboy Bebop live action. Honestly im looking forward to it since the plot is really good and is a nice way to make more people intrerested in the original anime. But I have to be honest and dragonball was a big fail (if you're a fan, my dad thought it was a nice movie), if fox is really going to do the movie, they should follow the original storyline (one or two changes al cool if the story remains the same) because is a really good story, besides, it would be easy to deal with the transaltion from anime to live action because the drawing gives you this posibility (more realistic backgrounds an characters... unlike dragonball). Ohh an anothe thing, If the movie is called "Cowboy Bebop" at least they should make something alike or based in the real thing (like a tribute) iI mean what would people have said if the GI Joe live action was turned into a western.....

Zero Zeiner on Nov 27, 2009


Bruce Willis' Surrogates was a phenomonal film, i loved it, reminded me of Ghost in the Shell, so you know if they [Fox] tempts to do a G.I.T.S. live action film, then DON'T too late, there are films already out that took that concept ideas, (follow along): 1. Surrogates (mentioned already, loved the car chase scenes) 2. The Matrix Trilogy (self explanatory, well the first 2 films, sorry didnt see the 3rd installment) and 3. G.I. Joe:The Rise Of Cobra (there's a scene where 2 female soldiers in combat and 1 of them realized she was wearing the invisible camoflauge gear, and she'd activated it, and disappeared but still whuppin her opponents tail. My reaction was like, "Oh HeLL 2thaNaw!!" SweeeT!" Another awesome live action that i saw which came out to DVD/BluRay Blood: The Last Vampire live action motion picture (sorry no Hagi), this is AWESOME, and yes, i am a PROUD fan and have this in my movie collection, stars Gianna, Allison Miller, Liam Cunningham, and directed by Chris Nahon. Oh yeah, remember there's an anime version AND live action of the same title Blood: The Last Vampire. I also own and have the Death Note trilogy: Death Note, The Last Name, and L:Change the World The unwritten chapters of death note. Maybe [FOX] needs to take note and REALLY need to do their homework. Now unless Cowboy Bebop live action IS ALREADY in development right now before the 2011 release, then....all [Fox] can say is, "Oh boy, here we go, let's hope we made it work and made THE BEST FRANCHISE of a film ever, and pleased our die hard anime fans, customers, and new age patrons, otherwise these anime live action projects AREN't our forte'. Now, do i need to say more about Fox and their anime live action fail...............

MDstatus on Nov 28, 2009


i think that it could be good, maybe if they got the kill bill director. i really wanted to see a cowboy bebop live action but it has to be done right because it will totally ruin it if fox fucks this up. the 3 animes i always thought could be live action were cowboy bebop, trigun, and deathnote but if they do it wrong it would totally ruin them all. Deathnote already has a successful Japanese live-action movie, so if they do this right it'll be great if they do this wrong it'll be the worst thing since the dragonball movie.

mike on Nov 29, 2009


It's an great anime. It can be a decent movie. Even though 2 hours may not be enough time to catch the whole feel of the series, it can still be a good sci-fi flick with all that humanity stuff blah blah blah. But I have my doubts.

jhon on Dec 16, 2009


You know besides Serial Experiments: Lain and Hellsing Cowboy Bebop has to be one of my all time favorite anime series. And...Just the thought of Keanu Reeves playing Spike kind of makes my skin crawl. I suppose he could do a good job. But I think Johnny Depp could do good as well. And considering Dragonball was a train-wreck from what I've heard (personally I haven't seen the film nor care to) this one will only follow suit. On another note the Zelda movie comes out on April 1st. So it seems that animes aren't the only thing that are being picked up to have movies made out of them.

Erin on Dec 17, 2009


As many people have said before I believe this movie could be done good, but I doubt FOX will be the one to do it. Keanu Reeves better do a good job as spike. Anyone seen the picture of him in the spike costume? I don't know if its photo-shopped or not, but he looks horrible as spike. The whole afro thing, they should use a light skinned black person to play the role, it would look way better. And spike had a bit of a tan anyways so you wouldn't be able to tell much especially in make-up. Hollywood has been ruining many good things lately. If they do the same to this show, they should all be fired.

D.Tay on Dec 29, 2009


Are directors and writers in Hollywood so dull minded that they have no other choice but to steal and ruin the works of others? all for the pursuit of profit? I am not watching any hollywood adaptation of anything anymore, all they touch turns into crap, multi-million dollar crap that only serves to further stupidify the population so they cant think actual significant and intelligent thoughts. Time for Hollywood to move on and be creative for once. Cowboy Bebop will stay in my mind as it is right now, which is a great anime series and thats that.

Picopata on Jan 7, 2010


this is horseshit they're going to ruin the anime seriously let japan do it they made the damn anime they have an awesome director let them do it you bastards

Will on Jan 10, 2010


This is the worst news ever. Literally.

Rebecca on Jan 14, 2010



ARod on Jan 17, 2010


I cried without meaning to when I read this. I'm beyond upset.

brianna on Jan 21, 2010


dragonball was crap. keanu reaves was awesome in bill and ted. bebop has potential but its not going to live up to it. but the one single piece of news that i just simply cant believe is why on earth would they even fathom redoing ninja scroll, or akira, some things are sacred and u just dont mess with me on the facts.

deeply concerned on Jan 25, 2010


This had so much potential, right up until they casted Reeves as Spike. Odds are this film is doomed.

Dear Lord on Jan 27, 2010


Fuckin' relax dipshits, the movie may turn out like crap, but its not going to ruin Bebop at all, bebop lives forever, and FYI some of yall need to get outta the house every once in a while!

skipi on Jan 31, 2010


Ben, the script writer of Dragon ball live action movie, has destroyed all credited amount on the black communities. the work of such activists and talents such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Michael Jackson has now been tarnished in the wake and aftermath of this fiasco called a movie. I pray to God every night that he will erase the memories of what i witnessed via, watching this movie. My childhood and many others as well has been destroyed and sunk to the bottoms of the endless void of emotion and strife. I try not to issue any ill will towards others, but i think now is an exception. I will ask for bad luck and misery to follow the script writer for DB movie. thank you.

:D on Feb 2, 2010


hollywood best keep away from my anime.

cin. on Feb 7, 2010


K so. 1. Dragonball sucked big... 2. All other live action conversions sucked...(except the first death note..i liked that) 3. The only directors that would do a decent job would be imo Peter Jackson George Lucas or Michael Bay (only problem is all he cares about are graphic effects...:/) 4. They have Reeves to play Spike...huh...i wonder if he can actually pull it off...i doubt it. Seriously need i go on? I spose all other live actions were made in japan with japanese directors. ALL I that they get Mr.Watanabe (original director) and dont ignour him. If mr Reeves reads this. Please watch the original series and see what kind of character Spike really is.

Aphro on Feb 7, 2010


I have high hopes for this film. What we experienced with Speed Racer and Dragonball is a bad idea for a film + when the creative directors don't have a thorough understanding of the content they are dealing with. Cowboy Bebop in live action may beunderwhelming, yet sensational. They just might pull this off with good visual direction (a la 300, Watchment etc), good casting, scripting and musical score.

filleritem on Feb 11, 2010


Let the Japanese handle all the anime live action films, they do it right, Hollywood stop fuckin around with classics just to make money.

Shyam on Feb 22, 2010


I think everyone needs to stop freaking out. No matter how bad this movie is, it's not going to ruin the anime. It'll always be there being as awesome as it always was, and nothing is going to change that.

shmobeline on Feb 22, 2010


I think that this movie could actually be pretty good given they actually go about it right. Like several people have said the show itself is more about human interaction then anything and aside from the few space battles in the series there isn't much that would make it particularly hard to bring out in a live action flick (as long as they don't screw the story up and or get terrible actors) As far as if it sucks i have a solution for that... DON'T WATCH IT. Wasn't that easy?

Marc on Feb 25, 2010


Holy Frak! (Yes, I'm a BSG fan). I only read the first few comments. Is no one positive anymore? Frak me! IT COULD be a really great movie. I love the picture of Faye Valentine anyway! Why does everyone assume it is ruined and that it will be horrible? You don't know that! If they cast Keanu Reeves as the lead, I'll be a little perturbed, BUT I'll give it a chance. (They aren't casting him are they? *lol*) Anyway, I think it could be a kick ass movie. There have been BOTH successes and failures with putting comics to live-action. I thought watching anime would give people more of an artistic mind to wait and watch rather than come to instant conclusions. I don't think they are doing it "just to make money." They've got a GREAT story in Cowboy BeBop. They have action, romance, a kid, a dog, friendship, mystery. It's just awesome. Really if any anime should be made into a live action, it is this one. I agree there is so much to the anime that makes it special, the shadowing, the color, the movement. All of those things make it unique and great on its own. It doesn't mean we have to cast into Hell and act like raging lunatics because someone also found the great art in it and wants to portray it as a live action movie. Yes, bad things COULD happen with ANYTHING. I'm willing to give this one a shot. (You do realize if we never put anything that was in another form on screen, we wouldn't have had many classic movies we do today?)

Robyn on Mar 5, 2010


PLUS, you have an awesome female character. Yes, she is a bit unrealistically buxom, BUT she is courageous, has heart, and can kick some major butt! LOVE HER!

Robyn on Mar 5, 2010


Watched cowboy bebop in my freshman year in highschool, (early 2000). Loved it, and is still my all time favourite anime series. For those who think dragonball could ever be good, then you shouldn't even comment. Dragonball is 1 dimensional when it comes to a storyline. Ex. Badguy comes to find the dragonballs, fight him, lose, power up and train, power level OVER 9000!!!, beat the bad guy with a spirit bomb. That is how dragonball is. It was doomed once it was put into production. Fox failed with dragonball because it didn' have a strong story line. I understand the passion for them CB fans, but some of you guys need faith and chillax. Cowboy bebop will not change, and who cares what other people think if this movie bombed, Cowboy bebop will always be epic. The reason why I loved CB was because of the storyline and the character development. Spike is awesome. Fox has a foundation of an awesome storyline and awesome characters. They said they are going to stay true to the series, and they have the original series writers/producers watching their every moves as producers for the film. However, if they do not have a great director then my faith will go down the drain. (and a hot faye...can't forget bout faye... ) Other than that, I can't wait for the trailer. PS. I enjoy watching keanu reeves hahaha, but imagining him as spike.... ... If he pulls spike off, he should get an oscar.....

Filipinobacon on Mar 8, 2010


cowboy bebop is the greatest anime ever so don't fuck this shit up

alex on Mar 15, 2010


i think if they got james franco (pineapple express, spiderman) as spike and maybe quentin tarantino. and if they kept the same music it would be good... i dont really see keanu fitting in too well...

mike on Mar 15, 2010


Um, Did you all forget about “Johnny Mnemonic”???? It had gun play and some fighting! It was alright in my eyes! I think Keanu can pull this off (have faith). But what about every body else??? You need that right mix and chemistry! Like Jet, do you go with Mr. T, or Bruse Willas?? Miss valentine, Anglia jolie, or Megan Fox?? ED<–I got no IDEA for ED! Julia, Jeri Ryan?, or I don’t know I think Jeri Ryan is hott! There is still a hand full of others maybe George Tikai and James Hong as leaders of that triad gang thing was going on. um what about dohan (Not sure of the name but the guy that gave spike the swordfish) T.C. and “zeros”??? It has been a while so I may be a little off on who is who but Keanu is in it already so let us stop fussing about it! Lets do our best to help fox….um for lack of a better word, NOT SUCK! maybe even get that “REAL-D” company involved, make the space seens in 3-D or something?

Matthew on Mar 16, 2010


Keanu starring as the suave quick-witted sharp-tongued smooth-jazz cowboy? Yeah, no saving that movie. It's not like star wars where there are a whole bunch of interesting characters to take attention away from Hayden Christensen.(Better choice for Spike than Keanu) There's Spike, and there's Faye, and there's Ed. From what I've heard Faye has also already been horribly cast, Ein will have to be played ... See Moreby a welsh corgi (Better choice for spike than keanu) So all that's really left of great interest is Françoise Appledelhi Aka Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV who looking at the casting so far will probly be played by Miley Cyrus with Johny Depp reprising his role as a captain jack sparrow(STILL better choice for Spike than Keanu) for jet. I've heard of people planning attacks on Keanu's house if he doesn't drop out of the film, people are actually angry. It's one thing to cast an actor who isn't really good enough (like Keanu) It's another thing to Try and jam a Square peg into a much much smaller round hole. I can't believe they're doing this to such a great serious. And dont tell me "just dont watch it" That's like telling an art fanatic "You dont want them to smear poop all over the cieling of the sistine chapel and burn it? Just dont watch mang." Or an animal lover "you dont like that people are clubbing baby seals? Just stay out of Alaska."

Actual Fan of the anime on Mar 31, 2010


Keanu Reeves is sexy. But Spike is so much sexier. He's like on a whole other level. Love Keanu but as far as Spike goes, he can not touch it!

Chrissy OK on Mar 31, 2010


To Actual Fan of the anime.... I agree with you 180%. Your comment actually made me smile today after hours of loosing at Need For Speed. The sad thing is that even though we like many others are TRUELY upset fans these people will still make millions of dollars from this... Its like the Harry Potter tragedy I get into arguments with non-fans (people who only watch the movies) all of the time but thats beside the point.. my point here is You are Awesome!

HIGHLY UPSET on Mar 31, 2010


Just play Knockin' on heavens door in American theaters and we'll never speak of this again. And no it wouldnt ruin the series if they made it, it would just give a very bad impression to people who have never seen the anime. The movie will suck and more people will think the anime sucks, anime sucks in general.

cbass on Apr 25, 2010


Dear "Actual fan of the anime" You summed it up perfectly, like you were typing from my own mind. I <3 you.

cbass on Apr 25, 2010


Wow, the level of whining in here has pegged my "Whiny-Baby Meter". I am a big fan of Cowboy Bebop, it its in my top-5 all time favorites right along side of Trigun (which I think could be an outstanding film if handled correctly). Anyways a little advice to the "Big Talkers" and Bashers of anything that deviates from their little bubble of understanding that they cling to, quit crying and/or throwing tantrums over a trivial matter such as a movie. If and when Fox totally fraks this movie up, no matter how bad they mess it up, they CANT RUIN BEBOP unless they somehow magically track drown all copies of the Anime and make changes to those too. All Fox can do is mess up their version of Bebop, and if that ruins all the past Bebop in your mind then I feel bad for you. For Crap's sake DONT go on YouTube and see any fan made films of any show you like, it will ruin those too, possibly bringing the world to an end!!! So sit back, chill out and quit making yourselves look like bitter spoiled 10 year-olds. And do like the rest of us, wait for it to fail and when it does, then simply post "OMG Fox pwnt themselves hard! haha fox is teh noobiz!!" or something a bit more refined. But please stop the tantrums, its hard to watch.

LaughingAtNoobz on Apr 26, 2010


How about this, commenters... y'all stop whining when people like LaughingAtNoobs stop whining about you whining. I think it'd be interesting to see how that played out. Just a thought...

Well... on Apr 26, 2010


To: LaughingAtNoobz, and Mr. "Well..." THANK YOU! and now my soap box I still have a glimmer of hope to be honest. I mean just look interviews of Keanu when he is not acting. He has personality when he is not trying to act. Also I leave you with a line from a movie where he acted well (for 5 seconds) "I WANT ROOM SERVICE! I WAnt the cold Mexican beer! I want the $500 a-night hooker! I want my shirts laundered, like they do, at the Imperial Hotel, *sigh* in Bejegin. I think if he tries to be himself more, as spike,and act less like spike he could be interesting. Not exactly an exact match; but worth a look.

Matthew on Apr 26, 2010


Allow us to be the first to say that you are not only good looking, but you are also amazingly astute. It’s been great getting your feedback—especially the bits about how much you love us!

Beavers bend cabins on Apr 29, 2010


Spike the dude from Entourage.Start training dude! Faye NOT! Angelina Jolie too old.Some young mixed asian babe that OOZES Sex! And Must!and this is the most important she must have a sexy voice like Wendee Lee. Jet easy one for the pukes in Hollywood.Edward WOW.

AmanoJyaku on May 2, 2010


WHY!?!?! WHYYY!?!?!?!?!?! WHY DO AMERICAN "FILM PRODUCERS" ALWAYS HAVE TO SCREW WITH THE THINGS I LOVE MOST! Cowboy Bebop has lived on in my heart as the best anime of all time, and will DIE the best anime of all time. Keanu Reeves can go to hell.

Shin on May 4, 2010


LOL because they forgot how to have an original idea! ILD and reel D need to work together on this movie! But that means Lucas would have to touch it at some point. I dont know how everyone would feel about that.

Matthew on May 5, 2010


Anyways a little advice to the "Big Talkers" of anything that deviates from their little bubble of understanding that they cling to, quit crying and/or throwing tantrums over a trivial matter such as a movie.

Boat seat pedestal on May 8, 2010


Why should anyone stop crying, throwing tantrums, or doing whatever it is they're doing? It's not like anything gonna happen if they don't. Someone's comments under some little article on the web is even more trivial a thing then a movie. To go complaining about a trivial thing by telling people to stop complaining about a trivial thing is called hypocrisy. So I'm gonna whine a bit about this trivial matter myself. OMG!!!! I can't believe Fox is doing this. And Keanu??? WTF were they smoking!?! What pisses me off the most is that there may have been some very slim chance of a true continuation of this series, in some way, shape or form. But Fox just comes along and shits all over any future it might have had by making this bane on it's existence. FUCK THEM!!!! Is that a good enough tantrum? Am I clinging adequately to my bubble of understanding? I know you said to quit, but I'm not and you know what's gonna happen... nothing. Nothing at all. At the most, you're annoyed, and since I'm not and I'm saying whatever I want... I guess I win. Unless you're into indignation. So I hope you enjoyed the multiple paragraphs I wrote there. Must have really struck a nerve with me, right? Golly, I'm so sensitive. I just get carried away, don't I?

RONIN on May 8, 2010



pancho on May 10, 2010


Wow, the level of whining in here has pegged my "Whiny-Baby Meter". I am a big fan of Cowboy Bebop, it its in my top-5 all time favorites right along side of Trigun. I enjoyed reading about this.

Metal shelf brackets on May 19, 2010


This is a terrible idea! So is it going to be a new trend like Comic Book and Video game movies? Thank you for this information.

Bookkeeper job description on May 28, 2010


i cant see america losing translation with this... to me its the first anime that seemed half westernised... it will probably feel like bladerunner hopefully

meh on Jun 3, 2010


I'm a bit half-hearted about this movie. I'm interested to see whether they can actually come up with something worth watching but i'm worried we'll get a new trend of live-action movies now. I really don't wanna see a pokemon/naruto/one peice live-action movie... Although bleach could be cool. But hopefully they won't do to bad of a job

The good ship Bebop on Jun 3, 2010


I read that the screenplay already drafted up is fantastic; the problem is this: the movie would cost over half a billion dollars. lol so they're going back and rewriting it. xD

Stephany on Jun 5, 2010


@Stephany Sources, damn you.

RONIN on Jun 5, 2010


HELL NO! They can do thousands versions of comics and games but Cowboy Bebop is too good to be f**ked by Hollywood. HELL NO!

Mikolaj on Jun 6, 2010


??? You Know, Good, Bad, or Ulgy... I Will see it anyway. Who Is going to see it with me?

Matthew on Jun 7, 2010


All of you seem to be forgetting, they did this story already. A misfit crew of bounty hunters just trying to survive in the universe? Anyone ever heard of a little show called Firefly? No, I realize its not exactly the same, but the idea is. And that was awesome. I think if they get the right writer, a better cast (not including middle-aged men playing late 20/ early 30-somethings), and the right vfx teams, this could work. And before you flame me, I love the anime. I bought the "Perfect Sessions" dvd set, and the movie. I've even cosplayed as Spike (and did rather well, or so I was told). And besides, like Matthew commented before me, you know you're going to go see it regardless of how it comes out.

Ian on Jun 14, 2010


I think that if keanu reeves gets spikes fluid movements down that he can pull it off. But I also think that James FRanco could be a good Spike. Bruce Wilis would be good as Jet and Zooey Deschanel as Faye. She has the right attitude. As for Edward I donot have any idea who it should be. I also think that christian bale would be a good vicious.

Greg on Jun 21, 2010


Joseph Gordon Levitt (GI Joe) is a good choice for spike. Very skinny build, right age, similar facial features, and he's an ok actor.

Joe on Jun 21, 2010


Zooey Deschanel???? Humm I never thought of her as a sexy Fey type. Could be interesting!

Matthew on Jun 23, 2010


I am very worried about this movie for the simple fact that Fox screwed up Eragon very VERY badly. If they ruin another one of my favorite things, I am going to boycot them so hard they still probably won't care because I'm just one person but still... and btw the DB movie blew balls and this is coming from someone who's been a fan of Dragon Ball since he was like 9.

Brandon on Jun 24, 2010


if you don't like it simply don't watch it , the original series will always be great nomatter how the movie will be

Johhn D on Jun 27, 2010


fuck trigun! and im gonna be pissed if this movie sucks!

Wyatt on Jun 28, 2010


Movie adaptations of books are usually not nearly as good as the books themselves. Therefore the same likely applies to animé. It probably isn't going to be good but it doesn't mean It can't be. I'm more interested to see how they market it.

Mark R. on Jun 29, 2010


With Reeves as Spike, that role's already ruined. I just wanna see what the Bebop and the Swordfish II look like in CG and hear some new tracks from The Seatbelts. I'd also like to see a good Bebop game (that I actually get to play). One based on the anime, having nothing to do with the movie. It'll happen people. Just wait and see.

RONIN on Jun 29, 2010


A bebop game???? COOL I have not seen a descent space flight game since the likes of games like "wing commander 3 and 4" "Tachyon: the fringe" "Desent" and "Colony Wars" And the last one of those came out like 10 years ago! Think of what can be done now?

Matthew on Jul 3, 2010


Its in the hands of Fox. They genuinely enjoy screwing up anything that is doing well or has potential. Look at Family Guy and Futurama. The same people who stand by Rush Limbastard no matter what he says or does. They will screw it up, its what they do best.

Krath on Jul 6, 2010


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! SPIKE HAS TO BE HOT! Keanu Reeves CANNOT IN NO WAY BE FUCKIN SPIKE! EVVVEEER! Fox is seriously going to RUIN Cowboy Bebop. *siiigh* I hate you Fox....I really, really do.

Heather on Jul 8, 2010


FOX will fuck this up. and i WILL be driven to murder.

shag on Jul 23, 2010


When first learning that Cowboy Bebop would be a movie I felt both worried and excited. Worried because Hollywood tends to ruin everything. And excited because this would be a cool movie to see, if done right. After being dragged to see Dragonball Z, I have to admit I laughed the whole time I was in the theater. I also think I was the only female in the theater as well. Jojo, Dragonball was a terrible movie. I know you really wanted it to work out, but it didn't. When first hearing that The Last Air Bender would be a movie I was once again both worried and excited. However I refused to see TLAB until I heard otherwise about it. It sucked. This was a major dissapointment to me. So now with Cowboy Bebop being made into a movie I fear for the worse. Hopefully Fox is reading these comments and I hope they understand that Cowboy Bebop is a classic for if they ruin it I think there will be blood bath on their hands.

Joy on Jul 28, 2010


#5 and #14 LOL YOU AND YOUR DBZ MOVIE FAILED.... i watched it online (thank god for me not wasting my $) only about 30 minute into the film... this isnt dbz, just some people with the same name as the character from dragon ball. the dbz movie should'nt CHANGE, WHAT THE FUCK were you thinking, oh wait thats right YOU WEREN'T THINKING... both your comments = failed mother fucker. so whiteboy go shove a peddle up ur ass.... thank you, no encore pls. ps the anime and manga was beast.

theone on Aug 25, 2010


i never finish the gay god damn dbz movie. maybe when im high or maga baked, but hey that movie failed...... FAILED

theone on Aug 26, 2010


I'm not too bothered what it turns out like, whether it comes out crap, shit, good or maybe even brillant. I'll like it no matter what, because I love Cowboy Bebop enough to worry but not enough to freak out about it. I think their doing these Animes as live action moives because their running out of ideas, and it will introduce a new crowd of people to anime itself. I, personaly ,am looking forward to it, and I hope it comes out ok, but to me anything Bebop gets full marks =D And yeah, Reeves does look like Spike. (If only less...hmm...cuter :P) I guess the only thing I'm actually worried about, is Fayes costume XD

Brit on Sep 7, 2010


"I'm not exactly a big fan myself, but considering Hollywood is caught up in the anime trend, I'm definitely excited to see this one come to life as well." <.< No you're not. You're just excited about having your name at the top of an article. When I first heard about live action Bebop, I was ecstatic. Then I saw the word "FOX," and decided that, no, there still isn't any justice in the world. Yeah, Bebop is a great show. Yeah, FOX sucks. Right now, I'm just waiting for the release to determine if they're still beating a dead horse. Until then, it's no big deal. Nothing's different. Just a bunch of suits trying to milk as much money as they can from something they don't understand.

Jaeger Law on Oct 1, 2010


This is a pretty long comment thread... Is the director of the original Anime series Wantanabe going to be involved in this? I heard he is the producer or something. This movie can be good but FOX really took the essence out of Dragonball and I am kind of expecting the same from FOX this time. However, if they get Reeves in as Spike then I will expect it to be really good because I have not really seen a Reeves movie that wasn't decent. I don't think he will sign on to something that doesn't have potential to be epic, especially at this point in his career when he can pick and choose.

efeezy619 on Oct 1, 2010


my god NO! Reeves is a good actor,yes , but he is no Spike and I want Cowboy Bebop to be remembered as it was intended by Wantanabe. It's unique story can only be interpreted through animation.

Val on Oct 31, 2010


This has potential but if you're bitching about them ruining it, just be thankful for what you did see and the fact you have appreciation for... THE ANIME. Yes it one of the few animes that people in the US seem to like and can stand watching but it is critically aclaimed as one of the best animes ever made with notable the best soundtrack ever for an anime. Yes Shinichiro Watanabe is going to be heavily involved along with the 2 other execs... It has potential but even if the movie sucks, take it with a grain of salt that you knew of and watch the anime/manga long before the movie ever came out.

Radical Ed on Nov 6, 2010


When I first heard about live action Bebop, I was ecstatic. Then I saw the word "FOX," and decided that, no, there still isn't any justice in the world. Yeah, Bebop is a great show. Yeah, FOX sucks. Right now, I'm just waiting for the release to determine if they're still beating a dead horse. Until then, it's no big deal. Nothing's different.

hats shop on Nov 19, 2010


I can't bear to watch this movie if Keanu plays spike. Adrien Brody as Spike, with Jeff Bridges or Laurence Fishburne as Jet, Kate Mara as Faye, and someone we've never seen as Edward. Kate Mara is a MUST !!

Oneofgosound on Dec 5, 2010


What a load of bollocks.

Attila the Cunt on Jan 21, 2011


yes, adrien brody for spike, that shit is mandatory

eskers on Dec 12, 2010


do not eff this

mogly on Jan 21, 2011


For the love of god, why doesnt hollywood think of there own movie idea's rather then messing up classic anime or asian movies, the list speaks for itself when you look at it. The latest DBZ my god the horror. Now this and also making other anime movies leave them be.

Madhatter on Feb 10, 2011


For the love of god, why doesnt hollywood think of there own movie idea's rather then messing up classic anime or asian movies, the list speaks for itself when you look at it. The latest DBZ my god the horror. Now this and also making other anime movies leave them be.

Madhatter on Feb 10, 2011


How about they have another go at Mobile Suit Gundam? There was a Gundam movie that came out not to long ago called G Saviour, but it was sadly lacking in recognizable bots or characters. If Transformers proved anything it's that giant robots can look freaking awesome on the big screen. I say let's do it and have it set in the UC universe.

Operationoverlord1944 on Apr 16, 2011


The guy's helping out on it seem to be really faithful to the series he even says he watched every episode.

Secret Z fan on May 7, 2011


So where is the news? 14/05/2011

Nimb on May 14, 2011


 i think this would be an awesome idea. do it up keanu reeves would be a most excellent spike.  just get a new director   the one who did dragonball should be shot and then shot again ... over and over...  this could be a great movie given the right respect

STU on May 17, 2011

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