Fox Moving Forward With Gossip Girl Young X-Men Spin-Off

November 18, 2008

Young X-Men

Oh no, it begins! Fox is officially moving forward with an X-Men spin-off titled X-Men: First Class. Here's where it gets bad - "Gossip Girl" creator Josh Schwartz is writing the screenplay. He was also offered the chance to direct, but (thankfully) declined. Not only did Schwartz create "Gossip Girl", but he also created "The O.C." and "Chuck". Fox won't reveal any more details about the spin-off, but we can be sure it'll focus on some youngsters at the Xavier Institute. This isn't actually the first time we've heard about this - Schwartz mentioned it in an interview way back in May. However, it looks like Fox has decided to greenlight ideas like this in order to be more successful in the future since they had such a bad summer.

No director has been chosen since Schwartz declined. The only chance that this has to potentially end up any good is if a strong director comes on board. But I'm fearing even that won't help (or could even hurt it). Fox also mentions that they're continuing development on the Magneto spin-off and Deadpool spin-off, with no official plans for either at the moment. Besides X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I think X-Men: First Class is the only X-Men movie we're going to see for a while. If you need any further proof that bringing on Schwartz was a terrible idea, just go back and read some of his quotes from the interview in May. He talks about how bad he thought The Incredible Hulk looked and mentioned that "it's not like I'm adding new characters like Toaster Head." I'm getting a headache just writing about this!

This time I want to know what everyone else thinks about this news? Be sure to leave a comment below! Is there anyone (or anything) that could save X-Men: First Class from certain doom?

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Surge!! X-23!! Mercury!! These are all characters who deserve to be done right, and I certainly hope it will also bring back Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Might totally ruin their stories, but, hey, there's always a chance!

Laser-beak on Nov 18, 2008


I want to see a movie with Ice Man not Ice lame a-- teenager!

adam on Nov 18, 2008


Don't be so quick to write Schwartz off. If anything, the man does have some grasp of geekdom, which is more than we can say about Brett Ratner or anyone else of his ilk.

tyler on Nov 18, 2008


Don't know much about Schwartz, but I'm sure someone knows enough to have hired him 4 the project. All things considered Brett Ratner did a f***in good job on X-3! So what if some beatniks don't like him---he sure as hell had a big hit with it!!

Blue Silver on Nov 18, 2008


I dunno what to think of this. On one side, I'm excited for anything X-Men. In addition, this guy knows his teenage drama, which is what this would mostly be about regardless of who makes it. On the other hand, after his statement of this movie making him a pretty penny, I'm obligated to question his motives. Sounds like a douche to me.

Alfredo on Nov 18, 2008


I agree with #3 anyone whose seen the o.c. and knows the character seth cohen [a.k.a. adam brody] would know that schwartz has an in-depth knowledge of the comic book world. have you seen the o.c. - it has- i'll admit as a fan, i was surprised- layers and depth to the drama reminiscent of bryan singer's x-men. chuck and gossip girl haven't really developed it yet to that level, but they're showing promise in their second seasons. as for directing, i'm sure schwartz would have directed if he was interested or had more time, he must be busy being the head writer for two shows. i mean he could have at least directed one episode by now of the THREE shows he's created if he really wanted to. watch the pilot for the o.c. and then tell me if you still think the spin off has "certain doom" p.s. ratner's the last stand sucked- potentially ruined the franchise for me (the pacing was ALL wrong; over- simplified story telling not in line with x-men or x2)

don't hate on Nov 18, 2008


just thought: ryan (the o.c.) = outsider from the other side of the tracks trying to fit in to a new society he has nothing in common with whose inhabitants hate him and want him gone (newport) x-men = outsiders trying to fit into a world that hates and fears them

don't hate on Nov 18, 2008


I agree with #6. While I haven't seen the O.C. or Gossip Girl, I think Chuck is a well written show. The drama, comedy and action are pretty equal. I don't necessarily know much about the project, but I think we should give Schwartz the benefit of the doubt.

Drew on Nov 18, 2008


Yeah, I'm not sure why Alex is soo dismayed. Within the genre of teen tv shows, Schwartz is hand downs one of the best writers. His writing is sharp, witty, and addictive, and he handles dramatic moments in a compelling way. Again, this is within the teen genre, which is by nature overdramatic, at times superficial, etc. But Schwartz plays with the rules of the genre and creates decent original stuff, and his writing has a sense of humor about itself. I'd say give him a shot at stepping into this world- he might be just as adept at picking up on the 'rules' of the series, and combining geek-ness with sharp humor and good character development. As other commenters pointed out, the character of Seth Cohen should assuage your fears a bit, although alot of credit must be given to Adam Brody's delivery and improv. For the action part, other action movie producers have said it's more important to have a good story, as they've got other guys to make the action elements kick-ass. In your post, you seemed okay with the concept of the movie, but the 'bad news' was the writer. But if you're going to do teen x-men, this is probably one of the best options you've got.

Maggie on Nov 18, 2008


Alex is dismayed because he's ignorant. He's proven this many times before. He'll bash a writer, director or movie without even having seen it before. Scwartz is far from the worst writer Fox could've chosen for this project.

Gale on Nov 18, 2008


they should just make it a tv show instead. heroes meets the oc, but with bad ass xmen characters.

B-man on Nov 19, 2008


Ouch Gale! Sure, Schwartz isn't the VERY worst guy they could've chosen... but that's not the point. I don't want a "Gossip Girl" + "O.C." version of X-Men! I can't believe you do? And I'm sorry, but I really don't think this guy knows what he's doing with the X-Men... Also #3 - How can you say he has a grasp on geekdom? Please provide some proof of this!!

Alex Billington on Nov 19, 2008


look at the o.c. season 2 => seth spends most the season developing a superhero comic series parodying the show itself. that's just one instance. the show is full of references to the "geek world." Alex, why do hate this guy so much? You seem a little biased.

don't hate on Nov 19, 2008


also "How can you say he has a grasp on geekdom?" um, why don't you check out ANY episode of chuck see The Buy More Staff- major series regulars

don't hate on Nov 19, 2008


I think he's an okay choice. He style is similar to Whedons. Young X-Men is not that different from The OC, it's basically a "teen dramedy show" with mutants.

Chuck Nails on Nov 19, 2008


number 4 your a fucking idiot!!! bret ratner can suck a big one, just like his movie did, I dont give a shit how good it did at box office or whatever the movie sucked a lot!!! and I mean a lot!! it was the worst thing to happen to the x-men series and I try as hard as I can to forget it. it sounds like this whole new thing wont be any better. they need to just stop while there ahead. origins sounds great and that should truly be the end of it. unless someone can come up with a really good idea and put some really good brains (like brian singer) behind it. but until that happens it needs to stop, fox is trying to help their cause but they will only make it worse. god bret ratner sucks!!!!! I really hate him. that movie makes me want to die.

tyker on Nov 19, 2008


the o.c. the o.c. are you serious, its x-men for christ sake come on!!! I dont care how geek he is, he writes for the o.c. please someone have some care about what the x-men are portrayed like, I agree with alex, really dont want o.c. + gossip girl, and god forbid + chuck (wich sucks) = x-men thingy it will be the worst thing ever. and he does sound like a deuche a huge dueche!!! sorry I should have wrote this with the other comment.

tyker on Nov 19, 2008


I think you hate the fanbase more than the actual shows. The OC and Gossip Girl are relatively well-written for what they are (soapy teen dramas), and this project isn't really that far off. This is especially true when you consider that Marvel always put characterization before gee-whiz superheroics. As far as examples of geekery go, I'll admit there haven't been many considering how short Schwartz's career has been. Though he did write the screenplay for JJ Abrams' unused Superman. There was also aspiring comic book artist Seth Cohen in The OC and titular (heh) Chuck, who's constantly namedropping comics and video games.

tyler on Nov 19, 2008


You know, I like "Chuck", so I'm not that hesitant about this writer. Knowing this guy, he may actually get the "X-Men" formula right, at least since David Hayter's writing with the first two films. If you watch "Chuck", you should know that Schwartz is obviously a geek.

Chris C. on Nov 19, 2008


Personally, I think that this film would be bad even if Schwartz wasn't writing. The last thing I want to see is X-men turn into a horible teen drama, but that seems the only thing that could come out of Hollywood. Now with him on, it confirms my dread. Even if he is a so-called geek, this film will be bad. Oh, and if he is such a geek, how could he create such awful shows? (Chuck doesn't count because its writing is poor)

Ajax on Nov 19, 2008


First off anybody in here who thinks X3 was good can go f*** off. Next, wolverine should be awesome, i don't see them even being able to ruin that one, but i will say that if they kill off Gambit then i will walk out and never watch another xmen movie that i don't personally produce... anyways, a gambit movie would be a better spin off, First Class will suck pretty bad i'm sorry to say... like an MTV version... They're raping Xmen the way George Lucas and Spielberg raped Indy... It sucks watching your childhood heroes get molested the way they are.

Shaun on Nov 19, 2008


... there are things I like about all the x-men movies and things I don't like. but I never went in with super high expectations. Movies hardly ever follow the book... they're always changing something. But it would be nice to see a story line with Cable, Bishop and Apocalypse. Or if they do the teen thing... go the route of the Generation X storyline. I think if they keep a serious tone and tell a good story with any future x-men movies its cool overall. So I'll probably go see it. But I'm not in love with the title... they need to switch that up a bit.

DJ Sid on Nov 19, 2008


gossip girl meets spiderman. how much drama we need. hell no to this guy. Although when the movie comes out we all know we are still goin to see it.

darrin on Nov 20, 2008


Has anyone here actually ever watched Gossip Girl? I have watched it with my teenage daughter, for taken for what it is (within its own context and world), it's a decent show. Superficial, to be sure, that that's WHAT IT IS. I know plenty of people who were hooked on the OC, but it never caught my attention, so I can't comment on it. Chuck is a great show. It's surely one of my favs on tv right now. Solid acting, fun stories, and it never takes itself too seriously. As far as anyone thinking that X3 was a good movie... uh... um... hrmmm... lemme see: X3: fight. run to the next fight. fight. why are we fighting? I forgot. fight. run to the next fight. toss character developement out the window with Warren. fight some more. While I appreciated the casting for Beast (I thought it was spot on), the movie itself left a bitter taste. The First Class comic, in case no one bothered to look it up, actually involves the original X-Men as youths, when they first come to Xavier to train at the school. I believe it cocentrated on Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey, and Professor X. Now, from what I can tell from reading about this spin off, it looks like this may actually be more of a "New Mutants" type thing, but ya never know. I'll give this project the benefit of the doubt until we see more.

CMK on Nov 20, 2008


Wow a lot of haters, but before we start bashing Schwartz, lets look first on what we as X-Men fans did(I watched all three movies + owns the DVD, was an avid comic book collector - over 400 comics to be exact), we never said anything good about the film. We are so engrossed on what we want, yet sad to say most if not all cant be coherent on what we want to see in the cinema. The X-Men universe by itself is so varied that it has multiple timeline/storyline, yet most fans keep on whining of not having a "darker X-Men" - sorry but I think we all want to have a Batman thingamajig - which by the franchise by itself has many reboots/changes. Let see first what they can do, who knows it could be very well made, Schwartz is a decent writer, he writes perfectly for his audience - Gossip Girl for tweens, Chuck for your average geek, maybe he could really write for us die hard X-Men fans, enough with the anger.

bishop8496 on Nov 20, 2008


i think if they did this it would be great but only if things were added like cyclops as the main character and others like gambit,beak,emma,jean,beast,chamber,husk,prosimian,iceman,colossus,sentinels,sinister, glob herman,angel salvador,magneto,xavier,and stryker were some how involved,and it was a prequel to x-men 1 and right after wolverine's movie. anyway keep the x-men films coming i love to watch them, and they are the best comic book movies out there........

chris on Nov 23, 2008


i think in magneto apocalypse should be magneto's and xaviers big villain,because they are best friends and don't turn on each other until after charles and magneto start the school if you remember in x-men 3 they show a little back story. anyway love em....

chris on Nov 23, 2008


Please have Gambit and the way Rogue supposed to be please and i'll be a happy camper.

Star on Feb 21, 2009


Sorry, but lets look at this film for what it is... its a way to make money for the studios. They are trying to make money out of the tween followers of things like Twilight etc. it will be full of teenage problems. because it being made deliberatly for that market. with that in mind, who is one of the best writers for teen drama today? Schwartz! This film will be almost completely wrong, won't appeal to the die hard fans of the comic (who will probably see it anyway) and be moaned about. He isn't the ideal candidate for a real adaptation of the comics, but he is good for a film based about teenagers. And yes, whoever has seen Chuck, the OC etc. knows he does tend to stray into what you've all been calling 'geeky'. he does it quite well. Your problem isn't with the writer, its with the premise of the film! Personally, i didn't like X-men 3 that much - but i've still seen it a ridiculous amount of times, and i imagine people do acutally like it. Can i truly fault them for that? no, as i like plently of films that are labelled 'bad' by others. Now, i'm sorry for this rant, but seriously!

Loser on Oct 27, 2009

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