Frank Miller's The Spirit Gets a Funky New Trailer

July 14, 2008
Source: Film School Rejects

Frank Miller's The Spirit

You might not understand what I mean by funky right now, but once you watch this new trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit, you will understand what I mean. I'm sure we're going to see a lot more footage than this next week at Comic-Con, but until then, this will have to hold us over. To be honest, I can't even explain what the heck is going on. There is a lot of excessive stylized visuals in this, which might be a problem for some people, but I actually think it doesn't look that bad - despite it doesn't explain any of the story of any of what's happening yet. Although this trailer isn't at all impressive, I've still got high hopes for the movie in the end. And some of the scenes near the end of the trailer actually give me hope - I think it could be pretty badass. Hopefully Frank Miller doesn't let us down, but he hasn't so far has he?

Thanks to our friends at Film School Rejects for uncovering this trailer. Let us know what you think?!

Watch the new trailer for The Spirit:

Trailer removed at the request of Lionsgate. Sorry guys!

Adapted from the legendary comic book series created by Will Eisner, The Spirit is a classic action-adventure-romance written for the screen and directed by genre-twister Frank Miller. It is the story of a former rookie cop who returns mysteriously from the dead as the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch-enemy, the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) has a different mission: he's going to wipe out Spirit's beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality. The Spirit tracks this cold-hearted killer from Central City's rundown warehouses, to the damp catacombs, to the windswept waterfront… all the while facing a bevy of beautiful women who either want to seduce, love or kill our masked crusader.

The Spirit is both written and directed by legendary comic book author Frank Miller, who previously worked with Robert Rodriguez to direct segments of Sin City. The film is based Will Eisner's newspaper comic strip of the same name that originally debuted in 1940. The Spirit will hit theaters everywhere on December 25th, Christmas Day, later this year.

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you're right..that is funky...it smells terrible.

Garrett.king on Jul 14, 2008


I don't know about it...It looks okay and I agree how you say that the visuals might turn some people off, but I guess we have to wait and see. Hopefully we get some more footage in the near future.....

Marcus on Jul 14, 2008


I think it looks funky as in old school saying of it's going to kick butt... Hope for more to come

D. Buxton on Jul 14, 2008


Ohmy god, this is everything I wanted (and expected). I am %200 more excited for this than I was before. I've read the comics, and they're brilliant. This is going to be like James Bond, Sin City, and Dick Tracey all rolled into one, and the high you get from that is epic.

Boris Van Der Ree on Jul 14, 2008



Cinexcellence on Jul 14, 2008


Boris Van Der Ree (@4)... James Bond, Sin City and Dick Tracey...I can't stand James Bond or Dick Tracey..they're really boring. Sin City's great..in small doses..don't own it yet, but want to. So I guess I'll pass on it, at least for it's theatrical run.

Garrett.king on Jul 14, 2008


i'll be honest it was looking good till the ending with sam jackson. anyway im glad the plot hasn't been told in the trailers. i really hate that.

darrin on Jul 14, 2008


The film looks good, but it definitely needs a better trailer.

Sean Kelly on Jul 14, 2008


Looks like a twisted trailer for a porn movie

Wicked on Jul 14, 2008


I'm confused. Is this about the women or his adventuring? How much are the girls going to play into this?

Nettle on Jul 14, 2008


So the Spirit is a man whore! Sweet! On another subject, Samuel L. Jackson plays a black Nazi? What's next...Denzel the Klansman?! CRRRAAAZZY!!

Dave V. on Jul 14, 2008


Hmm.. That left a really bad Grindouse-ish after taste.. It still doesn't look as stupid as that movie was (actually DeathProof rocked, the other one sucked anus) But it did not catch my interest at all..I really wanted to like this film. O'well better luck next time =/

Blake B on Jul 14, 2008


I read tht new Spirit comic, and this well doesn't feel like the Spirit. Well same old Miller, he loves writing his women as whores.

Jesse on Jul 14, 2008


What's the song playing in the trailer???

Nugeman on Jul 14, 2008


So, is Miller aiming to make the first NC-17 comic book movie here? All I'm seeing is hot and naughty girls and a hero who scores like Jordon in his prime. If that's the way it is then let Howard Chaykin make some movies as well (in for a penny, in for a pound)! Black Kiss--Christmas 2009!

Goudos on Jul 14, 2008


didn't think much of the trailer to flashy and weird for my likings, i really want The Spirit to be good but at the moment it doesn't seem like it will.

Curits on Jul 14, 2008


Looking good

Dylan on Jul 14, 2008


i dont know about you guys but i came 30 times watching the first teaser trailer and 15 times watching this one too 😛

mike on Jul 14, 2008


i have no idea what that was.

Nthngmn on Jul 14, 2008


(scratches head) ugh... I dunno.

James on Jul 14, 2008


There's nothing wrong with a trailer that examines one specific angle of the story. If it turns out they hype this thing big there'll be a bunch more of these. And then we'll know what it's about. And... hey, holy shit, it might turn out to be good...?....!

DCompose on Jul 14, 2008


to 11, The Spirit had always been a big "man whore" ^^, if you excuse the term. I've read through a collection of works by Will Eisner's, 'The Spirit' , ((which, btw, is a lot more light-hearted then the trailer shows ^^)) and he does indeed make plenty of man-lovin to various women. I hope this isn't a spoiler, but if you want to know his "powers", he's basically like a 'light-hearted' batman: - an all-natural at self-defense, pulls of moves with like, a crazy amount of ease. - stealthy - obviously high charisma - super reflexes - decent agility ... if anyone else has something to add, go ahead. That's just from the top of my head right now :/

LW on Jul 14, 2008


shut up and suck.

David on Jul 14, 2008


AHHH not Sin City style agian. Well I never seen a porno like that with special effects maybe Ill go see this.

boomboom on Jul 14, 2008


It's just that Frank Miller (and I love him) has some serious, serious women issues... he dwells on them too much. I like the Spirit, i love Miller's work, the movie looks solidly produced, but this is the wrong trailer to play if they want to appeal to anyone outside of Eisner or Miller fans.

Zach Forrester on Jul 14, 2008


I still think it looks pretty cool. I hate how everyone just bashes these movies before actually seeing them. It could suck, or it could kick ass, but we wont know till its out. True the trailer is a little odd, but im glad that it has that different feel to it. I havent been disappointed by Frank Miller yet, so I see no reason to doubt him.

John on Jul 15, 2008


wierd, looks good though, always up for samuel l jackson. and looks like hes certainly got the numerous beautiful women department covered as well

harrison on Jul 15, 2008


Ho ho ho! Santa is delivering you a bomb for Christmas.

Rudolph on Jul 15, 2008


Snagged the original poster for this a few days ago. I have faith in Frank Miller. Honestly, with that many beautiful women in one movie, it'll at least be visually pleasing! I'm anxiously awaiting another trailer just to it'll set abet my butterflies.

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Jul 15, 2008


is this action movie or sex movie

feras on Jul 15, 2008


Another sexist comic book movie for adolescent boys! Whoo-hoo! Hopefully it will bomb and make no money, but the boys in Hollywood will just keep cranking them out for you dolts anyway.

John on Jul 15, 2008


This could go the same way Mutant Chronicles will... poor cheesy envirnoments that just dont gel with the rotoscoped characters - it'll end up pulling audiences out - people wont be able to believe the world because it wont look real enough. Nothing like good old fashioned sets!

dom on Jul 15, 2008


Looks like pure shit... Sin City was okay, but still overrated as hell. This looks like a stupid musicvideo with all style and no substance. Love the women in the movie, but hate everything else...

Enola on Jul 15, 2008


I didn't care for the first trailer, but there's something about this one...maybe it's because I'm such a man-whore and would tear into each and every one of those delicious...er, uh, lost my train of thought, so yeah, I might actually check this out.

wetworks on Jul 15, 2008


The Song in the Trailer is: Hybrid - Choke

roeshen on Jul 15, 2008


Not sure yet!? Maybe he doesn't wanna give to much away, which is nice for a change. Have to wait and see.

K on Jul 15, 2008


I have never seen so many guys complain about attractive women in a movie trailer before. Are all of you not into women? The style is crazy yes and the trailer is a little odd but saying a movie is going to suck off a trailer is blasphemy, especially one that doesn't even tell you whats going on. Calm down it's frank miller he knows what he is doing.

Curtis on Jul 15, 2008


I actually liked this trailer, and the movie looks good, but the trailer is simply too weird for the average moviegoing audience (though every guy will get turned on when they see Eva Mendes drop that towel). It's interesting, though, that it focuses on all of the female characters, which is something you rarely see.

Andrew on Jul 15, 2008


It's official: (and has been for well over a decade & a half) Frank Miller absolutely fetishizes his femme fatales. And that's not a bad thing, if you go all the way with it, cuz the girls can get into it, too. Sin City worked that way- puritanical comic geeks panned it, while the rest of us brought girls to it and they really, REALLY got into it. Last I checked, there are still a TON of hot girls out there who wish they were Scarlet Johanssen. Samuel L.? Yeah, he's definitely still got the cred to carry it & lay it down. My only complaint is that the music is WAY too "I'm a dude w/a guitar who wishes he was Trent Reznor" for this to be called an Adaptation of Will Eisner's Spirit. Eisner's work was all jazz & bebop. Recut this with some saucy Saxophone, and I'll give you FONKY.

Django on Jul 15, 2008


Is this another green-screen outing? Kinda getting tired of seeing films using this method. They seem to lack a certain grounding in reality which spoils the whole movie for me - it's distracting.

Chris on Jul 15, 2008


Why did they get Frank Miller for this? Will Eisner's The Spirit is much more light heated and humorous than what that trailer suggests (like 22 said)- Frank Miller is a republican and thus is limited to dark, mean-spirited humor. Edgar Wright might have been better for this.

Staatz on Jul 15, 2008


I'm...gonna doubt that political standing has anything to do with their moviemaking ability. That said, if anything, Sam Jackson--in my book--has entirely lost all types of credit. Mr. Jackson, if you're reading this: Please make one good movie instead of 35 mediocre-to-awful ones. Also, to Mr. Frank Miller: If you're going to pay homage to a mentor as influential as you state the omni-talented Mr. Eisner was, please take some consideration for the medium and story itself, rather than simply using your saved compositing files from two of your last movies. PS. When villains aren't shown in the comic, please don't show them to the public before the movie is anywhere near released. It just doesn't make sense. Love, America

Ian Kazimer on Jul 15, 2008


I think this movie looks cool. Really, Miller may be one of the few in Hollywood making visually compelling movies. He's still rehashing material instead of creating something totally original, but at least he's creating unique films to look at. With that being said, this may be the last time he can pull off a hit based on look alone. Eventually people will tire of the novelty. Samuel L. Jackson must really have a thing for super hero's because won't this be his third role in a "comic-esque" type film this year? (Jumper, Ironman/Hulk, Spirit, not to mention Unbreakable back when he was a little more badass)

ImaginaryVisionary on Jul 15, 2008


I loved the teaser, although it looked A LOT like another Sin City, but hey, I loved Sin City, so WTF... But, after watching this sort of a full trailer, mmm, i don't know what to think, it looks kinda messy. I always thought that composing a comic book and directing a fil would be a similar effort in terms of visual ideas, but now i'm not very sure. Anyway, I hope Frank Miller won't dissappoint us.

Jorge Leiner on Jul 15, 2008


A friend of mine used to manage Samuel L.'s 'account' at L.A.'s most prominent comic store. He's a big fan, and word getting out about that def. played a part in Marvel casting him as Nick Fury in their own Comics. I'll admit, I liked the last trailer a bit more, so far as it's look. This project is obviously a labor of love for Miller, as Eisner was a very dear friend & giant in the industry, whose creative output spanned some 5 decades +. I do wonder if the rest of the cast is basing their characters off Eisner's work, even though it's Miller's "look". He's really got such a talented (and attention-getting) cast. What I really would love to see is a film of Give Me Liberty, or Hard Boiled. THOSE are stories that could sell as films just on concept and relevance alone.

Django on Jul 15, 2008


Get Rosario Dawson for Give Me Liberty. I'm sure she could be convinced to play the only successful Black Female hero in comics history! (if she'd be cool w/ some nappier, bleached hair, she could really pull it off)

Adam Goldberg on Jul 15, 2008


THE SPIRIT will be the new SPEED RACER

Baltazar Markus on Jul 15, 2008


Dang it, got here too late. >.< I'm looking forward to this movie though, and can't wait to watch the new Trailer.

David R on Jul 15, 2008


I went and found the trailer somewhere else.. funky? Yes. Good? Not so much. The first trailer had me interested, now not so much. What WAS that?

Traveler on Jul 15, 2008


when i first saw the sin city trailer I had the exact same reaction, "What in the hell just happened" but in the end sin city was epically badass. The action looked like anything frank miller would write and the fine ass in that movie its bound to make millions. Hopefully frank miller wont have a fail on his hands cause everything hes done so far is siiiiiick

cody on Jul 15, 2008

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