Friday the 13th Gets an Unremarkable Lead - Jared Padalecki

March 21, 2008
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Jared Padalecki

Like Indiana Jones, Rambo and other '80s icons going through reincarnation, Jason Voorhees will be back. And the drowning at Crystal Lake that spawned the masked monster will apparently be investigated by CW's "Supernatural" Jared Padalecki in the upcoming Friday the 13th remake. Personally, I thought the Texas-native was annoying and useless as Wade in House of Wax, but I assume I'm in the minority. Hollywood Reporter tells us that Padalecki in the final stages of being cast as a lead in the remake, slated for - you guessed it - Friday, Feb 13th, 2009.

If you liked the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, you might enjoy the remake of this franchise as well, being that much of the same management is involved. Assuming the same roles as in Massacre are director Marcus Nispel, and producers Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. The writers, too, have pretty topical (albeit lame) experience; Damian Shannon and Mark Swift were writers on Freddy vs. Jason. Is that a help or hindrance?

Really, the character of Jason Voorhees has been bastardized a bit over the years. Jason X (2002) and Freddy vs. Jason (2003) did nothing positive for the iconic Hockey mask-wearing psycho. I wonder what the Friday the 13th remake might do for the franchise and what prominence Jason will have. If you remember, in the original Friday, Jason was not yet a full-blown murderous force. Rather, his character is the subject of flashbacks by Voorhees' mother. With the detail that Padalecki will investigate the drowning of Jason as a child at Crystal Lake, can we expect a similar take on Jason's character as in the original? In other words, is this remake going to deny us some good machete mayhem?

Hollywood Reporter tells us, "The remake will focus on the serial killer, who will wear his now-iconic hockey mask." So perhaps Padelecki is investigating the original incident well after it happened?

I can't say I'm overly anticipating this film, not just because of the lead, but because remakes of these sorts are always dicey. I enjoyed Massacre to an extent, but not as much as Rob Zombie's Halloween. Now that's a pretty good way to reinvigorate an old story.

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Well I really like Padalecki. Watch ONE episode of "Supernatural" Alex and I am sure you will change your mind on his acting abilities.

Ryan on Mar 21, 2008


I agree Ryan. "Supernatural" packs great storytelling, good supporting acting, and solid acting chops from both Padalecki and Ackles.....and that's every episode! I'd consider this a leap in the right casting direction for the "Friday 13th" remake!

Spider on Mar 21, 2008


Definitely agree with the previous two comments. Born Under a Bad Sign, Mystery Spot and so many more episodes on Supernatural - they will definitely change your perspective on Jared Padalecki.

wgin on Mar 21, 2008


Wow. I just remember him as "Dean" on Gilmore Girls. It's funny to think of any CW character playing such a classic villain.

Derek on Mar 21, 2008


I didn't care about this movie but now its peeked my interest i think Padalecki is a great in Supernatural and would love to see what he would do in this film. Ill keep my eye out for this one, watch a couple episodes of Supernatural Kevin and you'll change your mind..

Curtis on Mar 21, 2008


Derek.... i am not sure i read your post right... he isn't playing jason he playing another character;

JNYCE on Mar 22, 2008


Ahhh. For some reason I thought that he was playing Jason. That would have been...interesting.

derek on Mar 22, 2008


yeh...maybe I should give the guy another chance. I just had an immediate allergy to him in House of Wax, and he was equally 'blah' in Cry Wolf (though the film didn't help him in that instance)

kevin powers on Mar 22, 2008


Granted, there wasn't much use of Jared or his character in "House Of Wax", and no he isn't a DeNiro, but he has certainly come into his own on Supernatural. He has the chops and that show has started to prove it. Padalecki is more than capable to be the lead in Friday The 13th.

Barry on Mar 22, 2008


I really like him in supernatural but this im not to sure about.

Tracey C on Mar 22, 2008


I too have reservations about this remake - but not because of the casting. Come on, this is Hollywood and their remakes are usually sad and pathetic. In fact, the news that they cast Jared P is the only redeeming thing about this movie. I've seen his work improve considerably over the years - and trust me, if this movie fails it won't because of his acting. It will be because of the writers, the directors or the suits that don't know anything about the genre or quality movie making.

mdawn on Mar 22, 2008


Jared Padalecki is an amazing actor and, according to all reports, an all-around nice guy. The title of your "unremarkable" article was unnecessary. I don't follow the series, but as far as I know, this is the first time they've cast any kind of a "name" actor - it's usually a lot of unknowns. Padalecki does a great job every week on Supernatural and I'm sure he will bring something good to the role in this movie.

Barbara Sutton on Mar 22, 2008


Yeah, don't bag on Padalecki. Supernatural is such a cool show.

bat on Mar 22, 2008


What's with all this Padalecki love?! Kevin, I'm with you all the way. I'll be in the minority with you. I was hoping against hope that these upcoming Friday remakes might not suck, then I just saw this news on an E! channel crawl and a little bit of my soul died. I was a Gilmore Girls junkie, and it was agonizing to see Rory dating this guy's character - completely inexplicable. He was truly awful in House of Wax - I mean when you make Paris Hilton's performance respectable in comparison, it might be time to hang it up. (And did you see their brain-dead video commentary?!) I can't understand how Supernatural made it past the pilot episode, but then there are people watching Ghost Whisperer every week, too. His character is a cop, who I imagine should be able to find a clue. I sure wouldn't be hoping for Jared Padalecki to show up if I dialed 911....

Bloody Mary on Mar 23, 2008


It is time for you to check out Supernatural, Kevin! Jared is a fantastic actor who has really matured over the past few years. I think that even though you were not impressed with him in House of Wax that you might be now. His acting continues to get better and better and when he plays the bad guy? Watch out! He really shines. Check out the episode of Supernatural from season two called "Born Under A Bad Sign." It's two bucks on iTunes. You will not be disappointed.

LindsayW on Mar 24, 2008


It is unfair to gauge Jared Padalecki's acting skills by House Of Wax(his part was so small it is hard to determine) but I challenge you to watch him on Supernatural and keep your same opinion about him. In all of Jared's movies he has had bit parts and never really had a chance to shine on the big screen, but on Supernatural he is one of the main characters and he does an outstanding job. He portrays the character Sam Winchester like no other actor can. I cannot even begin to picture someone else doing justice to the roll. I was excited to hear that he landed the lead in the Friday remake. I've never seen the original, but I will see this one strictly because Jared is in it. That's saying a lot considering that I've never dare see a horror movie in theaters.

Lil on Mar 24, 2008


Jared is an amazing actor who's really developed over the past few years. I'm very excited to see him landing a role in this film as seeing him play the bad guy in supernatural was awesome! Congrats to Jared and i look forward to seeing this film 🙂

Zoe Kirkwood on Mar 24, 2008


Come on, Kevin. If the movie sucks, I'm sure that it won't be because of Padalecki. Maybe it will be because of the fact that this is, what, the 56th remake of the -same- movie premise? While I do love Jared on Supernatural and think his acting on there is superb, I agree about his other lackluster performances. But let's face it, his acting in House of Wax and CryWolf matched that of the quality of the movie. And seriously, does -anyone- take theirselves seriously as an actor when having to act next to Paris Hilton?

Cameron on Mar 24, 2008


i agree with everyone else Jared padalecki, is amazing. And if you have ever seen any of his interviews you can just tell he's a really, really smart guy. despite his role in cry wolf, which was not a great movie all around, so that wasn't his fault and H.O.W, which might have been better if the character was written better. so all you out there who are complaining about padalecki's acting, all you have to do rent the the 2nd season of SUPERNATURAL and watch a little episode called BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN and compare it to the rest of his character in the show and after that tell me he isn't a great actor. go on i dare you

Amina- #1 SPN fan on Mar 24, 2008


I've followed Jared Padalecki's career since the first season of Gilmore Girls, and it has been an amazing journey to watch him grow into the great actor he is now. I think that judging someone's acting ability based on one project is really rude/ignorant. Watch 3 or 4 different movies/series, then you'll get a good feel of their acting skills.

Chrissy6299 on Mar 24, 2008


Jared is such a fantastic actor and continues to get better and better. I think he will be superb in the role.

Chelsy on Mar 24, 2008


I'm not a fan of horror movies in theaters. Too gruesome for me. But I find I do like Supernatural, and both the boys who star in it seem talented to me. As for your article, isn't it premature to review an actor's performance before he's given it?

dj on Mar 24, 2008


Funny, I found House of Wax to be an entirely blah movie in the first place, with the guy playing Wade being about the only thing worth remembering. I didn't know who Jared Padelecki even was back then. But really, thats not whats important, whats important here is that you titled this article in an extremely unprofessional and rather dickish way, and attacked an actor who has managed to get by based on his chops rather than a squeeing fangirl base. The title and the article come across as both juvenile and, well, dude, jealous. Grow up a little and write like a grown up. Give us relevent facts, and not your 'I wouldn't want a big tall Texan cop to come save me' garbage.

Chris on Mar 24, 2008


just because the script for house of wax sucked does not mean that jared cannot play better. he is getting better and better just watch at least one episode of supernatural and you will see. he also has the movie christmas cottage coming up, which i heard he was amazing in.

yulez on Mar 24, 2008


Although House of Wax gave Jared a very bleak showing, Supernatural does him good. He happens to be a brilliant actor, and I'm excited to see what he brings to the re-make of Friday the 13th.

Wes on Mar 24, 2008


Wow, another remake, is what I first thought. But now that Jared is cast, I am going to go out of my way to see this movie. I know Jared's work and it has improved so much since his roles in House of Wax and Cry Wolf. I never watched Gilmore Girls but Jared's character on Supernatural is very intriguing and very well acted. He carefully adds the character's nuances and has brought out more dimensions of personality in Sam by taking him from one extreme to another. I think his role in Supernatural shows how flexible his acting is because he can be defiant, vulnerable, strong, humorous, scary, and heroic all in one episode! If anything can take a remake like Friday the 13th up a notch, it will be Jared's performance.

Heide on Mar 24, 2008


watch something with Padalecki in it that actually has good writing and a good role for him to play, then you'd probably change your mind. considering House of Wax was a crap film in the first place, that really isn't the arena to check on actors' talents.

nancy on Mar 24, 2008


Jared Padalecki is not an annoying actor. He is in fact on of the best actors out there who does an amazing job with anything the writers throw at him. He plays Sam Winchester brilliantly in Supernatural. I am positive he will do a great job in Friday the 13th, and I am excited to go see it!

Sarah on Mar 24, 2008


Well I'm not a huge fan of the remake movies but I take offense at your comment about Jared. As a lot of the people above have said, Jared has come a long way since House of Wax. I have to agree with Lindsay's comment about watching Jared take on a bad a$$ role. Watch the episode of Supernatural that she recommends and take note. Jared is no pansy when it comes to playing a kick a$$ and take names character. I will probably go see the movie if only to watch Jared and see what he brings to this role. I think if the movie sucks it won't have anything to do with his acting but will have to do with people not being very anxious to see Friday the 13th Part, what, 50?

Heather on Mar 24, 2008


I really don't think you should base your opinion of Jared Padalecki's talent on a couple of crappy movies he did once. If you're going to judge him, at least do it by the lead work he has done in Supernatural, which is more recent and displays his talent in a lead role. In fact, he and Jensen Ackles are the main reason the show has been as successful and awesome as it has been. Personally, I didn't find Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween entertaining at ALL. There was way too much nudity and use of the f-word for my taste. But I guess maybe that's because I'm not a guy. I am actually looking forward to this remake and not just because Jared's one of my favorite actors. I'm interested to see what they do with it and I hope there's not as much pointless t & a as in the Halloween remake.

Amy on Mar 24, 2008


The title of this article to begin with, was rude and only discredits you as a writer, Kevin. Second, if you're going to criticise an actor, make it constructive and not just downright cruel. I think that you've based your opinions on this actor on a few small roles, that Jared really didn't have much screen time in. Since his days on Gilmore Girls, Jared Padalecki has grown from a young (sixteen year old) boy, to the man we now see every Thursday on Supernatural. It is unfair to judge him from performances he gave when he was so young, and even then, I found nothing wrong with them. Now though, I watch Supernatural and I see this actor, who is giving his all in this role, and I'm amazed at how far he's come and how good an actor he really is. Despite what you're saying, I believe that Jared will have no problem holding his own as the lead in this film. And if it flops, it will be the fault of the writers\producers, not Jared's acting ability.

Kirsten on Mar 24, 2008


I can think of a lot of words to describe Jared, and "unremarkable" is certianally not one of them. Wade was not a great role for ANYONE to play. Would you have felt different if the part was given to another actor? As far as his role in this movie, how can you judge an actors preformance BEFORE the movie is even revealed? And wow, his minor parts in movies such as Cry Wolf and House of Wax may have done just as much good for his as his role on Gilmore Girls. But I can assure you, Jared Padalecki has grown tremendously since those parts. Maybe you should see some of his newer roles, like Sam Winchester on Supernatural, before your rip his acting to shreds based on roles he had in 2005. That was how long ago? Oh... More than 3 years ago. And I can guarntee you, that if this movie does suck, which it might because of the fact that there's be about 50 other remakes, that it will not be because of Jared and his acting skills.

Wes on Mar 24, 2008


hey's enlightening to see that the guy has such a vocal fan base. to be sure, my opinion was just that -- my opinion. I even went as far as to speculate that I'm in the minority here, which it clearly seems I am. yes, my current perception of the guy is based on earlier roles in similar-genre films. (granted, you can always cite bad material as the leading cause for a poor performance.) you have to admit there's a distinct difference between acting in a TV series and carrying a movie. personally, I'll never see back-episodes of Gilmore Girls, but judging from the comments, I might just catch an episode of Supernatural. but keep in mind, we're talking about MOVIES here. as such, my opinion is couched in this context. and considering that, it's hard to argue that Padalecki is a very compelling lead. that, of course, might change after this project. however, it seems that some folks think Padalecki is so golden he can save a bad script. if I had to guess, no matter how bad the rendering, certain folks will still hold him in a positive light.

kevin powers on Mar 24, 2008


I understand the authors feelings. A WB/CW star is a bad sign . . If I hadn't seen Supernatural I would feel the same way. But Jared is not who or what you think he is. Watch some classic SN episodes and you will be pleasantly surprised. He's not that snarky, talk-a-mile-a-minute with big words type of "WB star." He actually, ya know, acts. Besides, what do you have to lose with this doomed remake? After Rob Zombie's awful Halloween, I'm praying for the remake craze to end. If anything, I feel bad for Jared being attached to this, not the other way around. And yes, I'm somewhat of a F13 fan. But don't even get me started on the Elm Street remake. F off, Platinum Dunes. "Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies . . "

C on Mar 24, 2008


I happen to think Jared is a fantastic actor! I'm not into gore movies but I do intend to go see it just because Jared is in the movie! I can't wait to watch Jared fill in this character, he does it so very well.

Lila on Mar 24, 2008


I agree about the remake but Jared is a great actor that is getting better as his career expands. It all depends on the role and I don't really this this role will do him and his talents justice because rarely is there ever a slasher flick that does an actor justice other than a select few Jamie Lee Curtises that are out there. Most people (especially horror fans) watch to see gore and teenage boobs and creative ways to die by the hands of a madman. Not an actor's skills. Jared can act and if you need proof of that, I'm sure there are plenty of Supernatural fans that will lend you a copy of their dvds. No matter who was cast in this lead, it would probably be unremarkable. I mean, we've seen over one hundred Jason Voorhes films and types just like it. The only and I mean ONLY time I have been impressed by an actor in a horror film (not that they weren't great actors) was when I watched The Deaths of Ian Stone. I saw Vogel in Texas Chainsaw Massacre but there was nothing special. However, the way he portrayed Ian Stone (though not a fantastic oscar worthy movie) was very impressive to me.

Angie on Mar 24, 2008


I think Jared is a Great choice for the lead. He has already proven himself as an incredibly talented actor,on Supernatural. He has Great range in his character,and consistently puts out "out of this park" performances. I think you need to watch a few episodes of Supernatural ,before you make such a snap judgment.

Magoghair on Mar 24, 2008


Jared is really cool. Don't go raggin on him if you haven't really given him a chance in Supernatural.

jess/ or blackcamero on Mar 24, 2008


sorry kevin but your article came across as rather silly and ignorant ...i have followed jared since gilmore girls and watched him grow as an actor this boy is talented and his only getting better i respect your right to an opinion but a little respect towards him would not go a miss ....jared is the reason i watch supernatural wait until the film comes out then judge but dont put your 2 cents in now i strongly believe he as a big future no his not de niro but his no chad michael murray either he was younger when he did house of wax and lets face never got the chance to do anything look out for his role in home for christmas with peter o, toole but dont go down the old route of diss some one without knowing them ....i dont believe they have gone far wrong with jared in this film

tina on Mar 24, 2008


I'm sorry, but how is Jared Padalceki "unremarkable" as you put it? You may want to take some time out of your day and watch the series "Supernatural". He is a very talented actor. He puts so much into emotion into every scene. He doesn't even need to say anything to express what his character is feeling. You cannot judge Jared's acting abilities by that one movie. His acting abilities have grown tremendously over the years. If you think this movie is going to terrible then by all means feel free to think that, but it will not be terrible because of Jared. Please, next time, do some research before you go bashing such a wonderful actor.

Symone on Mar 24, 2008


I think the only thing I've underestimated here is the Supernatural fanbase. I can't recall the last time I've seen such rosy comments. Clearly, you all are avid fans of the show because of Padalecki, or a fan of Padalecki because of the show. Either way, it's certainly been enlightening and I think it's great you all follow the actor/show so much. But speaking of research, the Kansas City Star said about the show, "These brothers are like most WB stars and starlets, pretty faces with negligible theatrical skills." As opinions go, everyone has them. Mine clearly sits on the opposite end of the spectrum than most, but I'm sure it doesn't sit alone. It's fine to have a discussion of the topic -- great, in fact, and I appreciate those who have participated in this way -- but it's worthless to defensively shoot down one's opinion as ignorant or otherwise just because it doesn't jive with yours.

kevin powers on Mar 24, 2008


I smell a rat trying to get more traffic. Wade would do no actor any good. And who is to say that Jared's new role would be like Wade from HoW or Tom from Cry_Wolf? Have you seen the script? Are you all knowing? Jared isn't like Chad Micheal Murry or Zac Efron who's acting abilities are very limited.

Rebecca on Mar 24, 2008


Kevin - I hope I don't seem rude, but you are very stubborn. You judge an amazing actor by the work he did in mediocre shows and movies, and you refuse to believe otherwise. Before you label someone as "unremarkable" and "annoying and useless" WATCH THE MOVIE...

Marie on Mar 24, 2008


Come on! Respect the author's opinion here. I love supernatural and I like Padalecki but everyone is entitled their own opinion. This is why there is not enough press about a good show, who would want to face rabid fans? Better to just avoid writing about it. Thankfully this is not the case of a vast majority of that fanbase. Why don't we just wait for the movie? Hopefully Jared will show his acting skills. If not (due to the role, the script, the director, his own work or whatever other reason there is) it'll not be the end of the world. Really...

jc on Mar 24, 2008


I was a little bummed to hear that Jared Padalecki was cast in the movie too. I hate horror films and now I'm going to have to go see this one. Padalecki's performace on Supernatural has impressed me very much and I'm now a diehard fan. He'll be great in the new Friday the 13th movie..

Mel on Mar 24, 2008


LOL I love how the Supernatural fans get wind of this article and come out of the woodwork. You did this just to get site hits didn't you? 😀 I had the misfortune of seeing Padalecki in Supernatural recently and was decidedly unimpressed. He hasn't improved since his Gilmore Girls days. It was supposed to be all dramatic with his screen brother dying and he was like a block of wood. I've seen more believable reactions out of a cartoon character. I'm not surprised he took this role in the remake. He seems to do any role he thinks might get him attention, given stuff like House of Wax and that Thomas Kinkaide vanity project.

Tarnus on Mar 24, 2008


Kevin, You are not alone in your opinion of Padalecki's "talent". Supernatural can be a good and entertaining show sometimes, but it's rarely because of Padalecki's acting. He has improved since the start of the series, but I would agree with you that he simply doesn't have the screen presence to carry a movie and he definitely hasn't shown any talent on Supernatural for elevating mediocre material. So for both those reasons, I think your assessment of this project is dead on.

Kel on Mar 24, 2008


Derek, I'll have to echo the other sentiments and ask you to give an episode or two of Supernatural a try. Padalecki isn't the same vapid teen actor that he was on Gilmore Girls. I almost didn't give Supernatural a try because of him, but in its third season, Padalecki's craft has taken a startling turn around. Two or three years ago I'd have agreed with you, but I respectfully disagree today. Try the season two episode, "Born Under a Bad Sign." Padalecki was so good in this episode he creeped me out. It's just a damned shame Padalecki isn't playing Jason. He has the chops to be a villain, and not just in a horror franchise movie.

galveston on Mar 25, 2008


Hee! A bunch of Padalecki fangirls have their knickers in a twist about an author with an opinion? I like Supernatural, but I actually watch because of the other guy (Dean). He's great. Jared is fine, but he's certainly NOT a "great" or "amazing" actor, c'mon. He's serviceable, if a bit one-dimensional. He'll probably be just fine in this type of movie. It seems he's perfectly willing to stay in this genre and he's used to it. I heard about Kinkaide's movie, and, what a joke! So, he's a mediocre actor doing a slasher remake? Eh, same old, same old.

Syd on Mar 25, 2008


Kevin, I agree with you and Kel. Padalecki has improved some in Supernatural, but he's far from "amazing". He's come a long way, thanks to Jensen Ackles' help, but Padalecki still lacks the quality that makes good acting. There are times when he's over the top, and times when he's high school drama, and times that he's wooden. Yes, he's had his moments, I will grant him that. Most of those are when he's playing against his co star. Otherwise, he's mediocre. Syd, I agree. Padalecki will do fine in this type of movie because most of these types of movies rely on gore to carry them, not acting.

strangeworld on Mar 25, 2008


Talk about opening a can of worms with fangirls. The author is entitled to his opinion, so there's no need to call him names. This actor, Padalecki, is a WB/CW actor, and the movies he's made don't help his reputation (and that includes the upcoming, god-awful sounding Kincaide movie. Wonder how much Peter O'Toole and Marcia Gay Harden got paid to be in that thing?). Padalecki is apparently looking to be rich and famous, and not necessarily looking to be in the best quality of work. Nothing wrong with that, but that doesn't mean he's a good actor (look at Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, etc.). Anyway, Kevin, keep writing and keep posting your opinions!

Jurist on Mar 25, 2008


Ha ha ha... I can't believe the attention this article has pulled, all thanks to who? Oh yeah, the Jared Padalecki 'FANGIRLS' -so suck it up hot stuff, otherwise nobody would have read this article in the first place. Just be thankful you have at least a couple readers who are on your side, obviously morons who haven't seen JP's best work. peace.

anonn on Mar 25, 2008


Yeah, anonn, appreciation of acting is such an objective measure of intelligence, so that those who don't think Jared Padalecki is the second coming of Laurence Olivier must be friggin' morons. That's clearly a reasonable position to hold. For myself, I think Padalecki's pretty average, as far as CW "talent" goes. I seriously doubt he'll elevate this movie with his performance, so here's hoping it's a pretty good script.

Dani on Mar 25, 2008


Hey anonn I've seen JP's best work. It's still mediocre. I don't need a college education to know good acting. I just need good taste.

lostsoul on Mar 25, 2008


You should reserve your harsh, pre-judgment of Jared Padalecki’s acting skill until you watch at least more than the Pilot of Supernatural, probably the "Best TV show you're not watching." From his previously noted, chilling performances in “Born under a bad sign” (S2) where he seamlessly shifts personas (the screen shot you use in your article is from “BUABS” but have you watched the episode?) and "Mystery Spot" (S3), to switching gears and proving equally adept at physical, comedic timing in "Bad Day at Black Rock" (S3) Jared shows off his acting versatility. Jared's performance through S1 was solid, but in S2 he begins his to "break out" some from underneath Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles always brilliant acting shadow as “the emo, sidekick geek boy, Sam Winchester” is given more opportunities to flesh out his character, and slightly closes the gap in characterization with the far more easily likeable and relatable “Dean Winchester” (Ackles). Mercifully, I never saw H O W, but I did see Cry Wolf and I would describe his performance as "Sam Winchester-lite" and he was "cute" in it and his acting wasn’t inadequate. I thought the plot was mildly intriguing and at least it was not another “teen sex/slasher” movie. I also saw his small role in "Flight of the Phoenix" (no, I'm not a JP stalker, I didn't even know he was in it - I saw the original and wondered how the remake compared to the original - the original won, which shows that even a far better known and experienced actor like Dennis Quaid and the addition of more special effects cannot elevate an inferior script). During the filming of "Cry Wolf", JP met his girlfriend, actress Sandra McCoy, and they recently celebrated four years as a couple. JP has been described as not only extremely likeable and modest but stable, rare accolades for such a young person in the film or TV show business these days. While it is fair to compare his acting in F13, a movie which has not even started production yet, to H O W, that is in the same genre, JP has grown incredibly as an actor on Supernatural and that is the comparison you should making rather than a movie that is over three years old filmed when he was barely out of his teens. Though it is "just a TV" show, the creator Eric Kripke intended Supernatural to be like "driving in and out of a different horror movie every week", and this show is where I urge you to gauge JP's performance in F13 against.

Donna on Mar 25, 2008


Not sure what you mean by "unremarkable lead". I think Jared Padalecki is incredibly talented and I am a huge supporter of him. Honestly, he is the only reason I WOULD watch this movie.

Jessica on Mar 25, 2008


To judge Jared based on his performances solely in the movies 'House of Wax' and 'Cry Wolf', is a tremendous disservice to him. I look back on the reruns of Gilmore Girls and I cringe when I watch but then I remember that he was just starting out and learning his craft. In the past three years on Supernatural he has evolved into a skilled artisan. He has been directed by people who know what they were doing and can actually help an actor in navigating the nuances of a character. When we look at what he is like now in 2008 can we really say that he will be an unremarkable lead? I have seen him in his various projects and I have seen the growth he has undergone. Jared is not the same actor he was in 2005. He has matured and will continue to hone his skills. As for the nature of the remake, I have seen in several forums where people are already dismissing the film before it has even shot its first frame. Perhaps it would help to approach the film with an open mind and if it sucks...well it sucks...but let us not 'jump the gun' and say that it will.

Lacey on Mar 25, 2008


I love Jared he is a great actor and you do need to watch supernatural and see his acting abilities.

Colby on Mar 26, 2008


Jesus this made my blood boil. I understand you're a critic but how can you judge an actor on work he did years ago when he was a minor, minor part, if you had watched Supernatural as many many of these comments suggest you'd have noticed how much this kid has grown as an actor before you slated him for absolutely nothing. You're damned right you're in the minority, if the minority is a few narrow minded cynics who haven't got their facts straight. If you'd watched even a few episodes of Supernatural you'd be EATING your words right now. Jared is the most amazing thing about that show and before I am dubbed a fangirl, I'm a guy, and not a fan guy at that, a guy who watches this show with his kids and Padalecki rocks it. He deserves our support for taking on what may be a bad remake not our criticism before he's even begun it. It's totally unfair and uncalled for.

Chris on Mar 26, 2008


I love Jared in all his movies and shows, and it's not just because I'm an obsessed fangirl. He is an amazing actor, and it's really low of you to criticize before you've seen anything. Watch Supernatural, that's all I have to say.

Cara on Mar 26, 2008


Hey powers, Did you see the episodes we suggested? just out of curiosity which episodes did you see. please just list the materials you reviewed in preparation for this article. I'm not trying to get you to change your opinion because that would be pointless, i just want to understand your position on this. Just so you know also i am not a rabid fangirl, i am a really a fan of his work not his face and body.

Amina- #1 SPN fan/jjqt13 on Mar 26, 2008


"Yeah, anonn, appreciation of acting is such an objective measure of intelligence, so that those who don't think Jared Padalecki is the second coming of Laurence Olivier must be friggin' morons. That's clearly a reasonable position to hold."-Dani "Hey anonn I've seen JP's best work. It's still mediocre. I don't need a college education to know good acting. I just need good taste."-lostsoul Dani/lostsoul, Hey guys, I guess, everybody is entitled to an opninion, and my perspective on that opinion is, that neither of you actually care about anything the guy has done. You're just casual passers by to his acting, so I guess it's fare to say that you wouldn't 'really' know what he's like, trully. So, I'm betting you haven't seen the 'BEST' of Jared's work.No. You haven't sat through every scene of Supernatural, or even seen his performance in 'Born under a bad sign'? Do you even appreciate the show, at all? He will pull it off, it's not necessarilly his previous acting chops that are on show here, it's his determination and will at succeeding, his future performances. He managed to improve while filming Supernatural, I'm pretty sure he'll manage an F13 movie. That is, if the script doesn't screw him over...

Anonn on Mar 26, 2008


Kevin - if you're actually interested in trying out Supernatural, you might want to read this article. It gives a good synopsis of the show and why we love it so much. I took exception to your remarks simply because they seemed unresearched. You'd seen Jared in ONE movie from years ago and assigned him the label "unremarkable". One of the best things about watching Supernatural has been seeing how Jared has grown as an actor. When the show started, I will freely admit that Jensen Ackles outclassed Jared in that department (not necessarily Jared's fault as Jensen has more experience and if I'm not mistaken, acting in his family's background). As the show has progressed, I have been thrilled to see how much Jared has improved, and there is no longer a discreprency between the two in terms of ability. Previous posters have given you good episodes to specifically watch. I really hope you do, and then come back and give your opinion. Jared does not deserve the description of "unremarkable", point blank.

vanhorn on Mar 26, 2008


you people are nuts. "amazing", "incredibly talented", and the best one "He puts so much into emotion into every scene. He doesn't even need to say anything to express what his character is feeling." COME...ON... unremarkable is completely valid. at least he didn't say the guy sucks. get over yourselves. not that it matters because the film will probably be unremarkable as well! clearly the guy is popular with CW people. I doubt he's gonna be received well with horror fans when this comes out. the film probably won't either. even will all the screen time he's gonna get, I'd bet money not a single person will say such nice things as you all are doing here. and you'll blame the script or movie I bet! best thing for you all to do is hate on the fact he's even in this and ask yourselves why someone so "talented" would agree to it. and stop hating on the author for calling him such a bland name. how about that?

dale on Mar 26, 2008


To judge an actor on work he did in his teens when he's now 25 seems more than a little short-sited. As with any aspiring artist, Padalecki continues to grow and reach and evolve, and in his three years with Supernatural he has grown tremendously. There is power and talent in that young man that we are only just beginning to see, and slapping labels on him for a film that's not even made, derived from tiny parts he did years ago ... is simply shortsighted and unfair. I am no fan of Friday the 13th, but I will go see this simply to watch Jared. If he's as wooden and awful as you say, I'll be among the first to cry shame. However, I sincerely doubt that's what we'll see. Any failings will be with the writing of a remake, not with the actor in question. Oh, and per the Kincaid movie? What's so godawful about a feel-good Christmas movie? Give it - and Jared Padalecki - a break. At least until you have a film to actually critique.

Erin on Mar 26, 2008


Wow I had heard the Supernatural fans were intense, but this is a little scary. Kevin I liked your article and I kind of agree with your assessment of well, everything. I've seen a few episodes of Supernatural and I thought it was a pretty fun show. The car and the music are cool and those boys sure are pretty. Now this Jared guy isn't too bad, but he's hardly an emmy-award winner. So yeah, I think your assessment of "unremarkable" is right on the money.

duderino on Mar 30, 2008


This is still going? duderino, not all supernatural fans are this intense and not all of them think Jared is the greatest thing since Laurence Olivier. Suffice it to say that those who claim that he is are far from speaking for all of us. Yes, Jared is fine, but hardly award winning and he has a long way to go before he can even be considered for one. This movie fits him well though. It will require little acting skill since it will depend on the suspense and gore to carry it. As for the Kinkaid movie, let's call it what it is exactly, a vanity project for Kinkaid, the man who seems to preach what he doesn't necessarily practice if the suits against him are correct.

sillyputty on Mar 31, 2008


Jared Padalecki's acting talents have grown tremendously over the last 3 years. All of his early roles were small and seemed to cast him as the "nice" boy. He does well with that type of vanilla character, but I will admit, nearly everybody is unremarkable in that type of role; especially if the dialog stinks like most of HoW. However, Supernatural has given him the opportunity to expand his horizons. He is one of the 2 leads and Jared and Jensen totally carry that show on their backs. Jensen is definitely more experienced since he is 4 years older and his father is a professional actor, but Jared is a wonderful partner for Jensen. They naturally have that "brother vibe" and it shows in the performances. Jared really excelled when he got to step out of the college, geek-boy persona and become what fans call Evil!Sam in Born Under a Bad Sign. At a buff 6'4, he can be totally intimidating when he wants to. His fighting skills are also totally believable -- which could come in handy during a horror film. I don't think anybody here is saying he is the next Denzel, but come on, it is Friday the 13th we are talking about, not Shakespeare. I think if the part allows him to kick some tush, he could really shine in the role (or at least as much as one can in a horror movie remake). If he is a cringing victim, then it might not be as good. I hate horror films, but I will be there in an instant just to see what Jared can do with the role. I also can't wait until the Christmas movie. Peter O'Toole is one of my favorite actors and I look forward to seeing Jared with him.

deadbeat on Apr 22, 2008


i completely agree with the majority of these responses. Jared Padalecki is an awesome actor. At first when watching supernatural i didnt think he could pull it off and i was extremally skeptical but he was amazing in every episode so far. He is going to be great in this film because he is a very dynamic actor and I think he can pull of the character he is going to play. I'm not a fan of these types of movies but I'll see it because of Jared Padalecki (His acting will no doubt make the movie bearable)

Laurie Jo on May 16, 2008


All the other comments pretty much sum it up: Watch Supernatural and you'll be impressed. I do agree with you though, he wasn't amazing in Cry Wolf or House Of Wax, wasn't bad either. Supernatural is a mini movie every week anyway, and he does well with Ackles to produce a great horror show each week, so casting him as the lead in Friday The 13th is great, imo. As you've already seen, the SN fanbase is remarkably passionate about the show... have you checked it out yet? And if so, thoughts? Also, the Kansas City Star review is probably based on the first ep of the show where Jared was still fresh from GG and not so talented, imo. As I said, it's evidently different now. Watch the season 3 episode "Mystery Spot" or Season 2 episode "Born Under a Bad Sign" for proof.

Andy on May 28, 2008


I wanted to comment on Jared Padalecki he is a brillant gifted actor who is Hadsome and I'm thrilled that he is in the new Friday the 13th remake. I also love him as Sam Winchester on Super Natural. I just meet Jared Padalecki in Dallas at the Super Natural conventin and he was a really sweet guy. I also loved his work in House of Wax and Cry wolf these people who don't like him and say bad things about his work just don't appreciate his talent and good looks. They are jealous. I'm so proud of his success and that fact that he has made it in the entertainment business. He deserves all the happiness in the world and I'm a huge fan. I also loved him in New Your Minute and Chaeper by the dozen. He was also on Gilmore Girls for 5 years. But he's mostly loved for Super Natural, The chemistry between him and Jensen Ackles is magical. They really work well together and their friendship really shows on the screen. Write me at if your a Jared Padalecki fan and like him as much as I do. I got to have lunch with him and get my picture taken with him and I got his autograph. He's a very nice man who loves his fans.

Jason Sturges on Jun 3, 2008


Hi Jason Sturges again, I asked Jared Padalecki several questions while I talked to him and he answered them all. I asked if a fan wrote a book about you would you take the time to read it and would you be flattered by it? He said yes to both! I asked, What's the best kept seceret about Jared Padalecki? He said I really don't have any secerts because I'm very laid back! Do you miss Jensen Ackles when your not working with him, And would you consider doing a movie together outside of Super Natural? Yes I miss him, And I'd love to do a movie with Jensen Ackles. I asked, Do you die in Friday the 13th or do you get to kill Jason? He said, I'm not allowed to answer that question? But if I could I would tell you! But thank you for asking! I asked How would you feel about you and Jensen doing an episode of Ghost Whisperer and having Jennifer Love Hewitt guest star on Super Natural? He said he'd never watched Ghost Whisperer but heard it was a good show but that He wouldn't care if he was on Ghost Whisperer that would be fine with him and Jennifer could do Super Natural as well that would be cool! Out of all your films is there any you regret doing? No, No regrets because each film was a learning experience! What's the best present Jensen Ackles ever gave you besides his friendship? A Watch during season one of Super Natural, I collect watches! Were you upset when Dean went t Hell on the season finale? Yes, I was shocked! It made me mad too! Where are you going after you leave here today from the Dallas Super Natural convention? I'm going back to Austin Texas to continue filming Friday the 13th! That was all the questions I got to ask, But Jared was a great guy to talk too, He was very nice and I loved talking to him. It was the best birthday present ever to meet him and take my picture with him. I also got his autograph. He was just a really cool guy! I love you Jared! Your the best! I hope you read this someday!

Jason Sturges on Jun 9, 2008


Dear Kevin Powers, I think your comments on Jared Padalecki were cruel and unfair. Who cares if you didn't like Jared in House of wax or Cry wolf. Your judging him for house of wax which was a small role in the first place and He has become a much better actor since then on Super Natural. He is the niceist man in the world. I have met him and he's a great guy. He loves his fans too. Him and Jensen Ackles are magical togather each week on the show. The chemistry is awsome! You need to give Jared another chance. Watch Super Natural. It sounds like to me you are jealous of him Kevin. Your comment on the unremarkable lead in Friday the 13th was unfair for sure the movie hasn't even come out yet! Wait untill the movie comes out to judge it. Or him and his acting ability's. You'd really like this guy if you would just give him half a chance or if you met him. Go to a Super Natural convention and met Jared you'll be glad you did! Thanks Jason Sturges

Jason Sturges on Jun 20, 2008


I was at the Super Natural convention and Jared Padalecki was very nice and a great Actor. Who cares what Kevin Powers thinks!

Jessica walker on Jun 21, 2008


I Love Jared Padalecki and would love to suck his Dick and make him come in my mouth he is so Hot. I'd blow Jensen Ackles too. They could do a Three Some with me that would be great too.

Jennifer Blake on Jun 21, 2008


Dear Jennifer Blake, I'm glad you find Jared Padalecki hot and would do him, But don't be so blunt about it. People all over the world read this stuff. It would probally embarress Jared if he ever read that. I like him too in that way, But I'd never be so blunt about it on a message board. It's ok to love Jared and think he's hot, But keep it clean. Ok Take care Amber

Amber on Jun 24, 2008


Kevin please don't equate all Supernatural fans with the crazies who worship at the alter of JP and think it is their sacred duty to defend him no matter how slight or innocuous the "criticism." Don't get me wrong, I think he's perfectly adequate as Sam Winchester but he's hardly the next Oliver, O'Toole or even Harrison Ford. I doubt he'll do anything to ruin the movie, but he's not going to help elevate it to something special either. That's my opinion for what it's worth.

RiseUp on Jun 28, 2008


Kevin, it is really lucky that you have RiseUp to stand up for you against all these obnoxious fans who would like you to take the time to research some of Jared's recent work before publishing your "slight criticism". I know it is quite harsh to be told to sit down and watch the completely entertaining Supernatural series before making a judgment about Padalecki's talent. I hope that your future critics are not as harsh as these "crazies".

Debbie C on Jun 28, 2008


To Debbie C it's fine your not a fan of Jared Padalecki and it's ok that you agree with Kevin But do not call Jared's fans crazy. Just because you don't like him doesn't give you the right to call his fans who defend him crazy. We love jared and it sounds to us your jealous of Jared Padalecki too. Somebody needs to defend Jared when you got an ass hole like kevin saying all this bad stuff about him when he hasn't even seen the movie. It's unfair and cruel. Debbie I have to say I don't like you either. Anybody who will dog Jared Padalecki is no friend of Jared Padalecki's fans. Get Lost!

Jason on Jun 29, 2008


Jason, take a breath and read comment #77 again; then read my note slowly. My comment was a 'sarcastic' response to RiseUp... comment #77. Your reaction to my comment was like all of the fans' reactions to Kripke's sarcastic comment that Chad Michael Murray was going to replace Dean in Season #4. Many fans thought he was serious -- when he was being sarcastic! That doesn't always come across in print. Nobody can replace either brother. Anybody that has ever seen a single episode of Supernatural should know that. However, many fans thought Kripke was serious. He actually had to put out a press release stating he was being sarcastic because he was getting flooded with Email. Read my note again knowing that I am a BIG fan of Supernatural. As a matter of fact I met you at the Dallas Convention... Also, what did I say that told you I am not a fan of Jared? At the worst, if you totally missed my sarcasm (which you apparently did), I said the fans were crazies (which was the verbiage from RiseUp) and were harsh to Kevin by asking him to watch Supernatural before judging Padalecki (I wish all of my punishments were that harsh)... how does that say I don't like Jared? You also said I was Jealous? I think you are searching for Jared criticism now. After posting comment #71, #72, #73, and #79 I think you got your point across... If a star or show has some 'crazy' fans, how is that a criticism of the subject of the adulation? It isn't.

Debbie C on Jun 29, 2008


So Sorry Debbie C I didn't realize you were being sarcastic and I also didn't realize we had met at the convention in Dallas. I'm very protective of Jared Padalecki and Yes I'm a crazy fan I love his work and He is the nicest Guy in the world and I get offended real quiick when somebody puts him down. I am so sorry I thought you were defending Kevin and I'm also sorry I said I didn't like you I truely didn't know you were being sarcastic there. please forgive me I'm only trying to protect Jared and his work. He's one of the greatest actors of our time. Yes I too was so mad at Eric Kripke for sending Dean to Hell and Saying that about replacing Jensen Ackles. I took him serisouly as well and felt like you did that you can't replace either brother on the show. I cried for two days after Dean went to hell and he's not even my favorite, Jared is. But I can't help but love Jensen Ackles too him and Jared Padalecki work so well together that I can't imagine them apart on the show it just wouldn't work without either one of them on the show. Again I'm sorry. I hope were still friends and I hope to meet you at another super natural convention in the future. Love Jason

Jason on Jun 29, 2008


No harm done Jason. I am not surprised you were broken up when Dean was sent down South... Also, I will definitely be going to more conventions. The entire cast is really friendly and Jared and Jim were just hilarious! Have fun and look for the bright side in everything. As long as you are pulling primarily for the boys, they will always come out on top.... eventually -- on Supernatural everybody else is potential canon fodder... Now that we lost Katie Cassidy (hopefully not Ruby) I am keeping my fingers crossed that Bobby makes it through Season #4!!! But, the boys are safe because they are the entire show! Of course, who knows what Kripke and the writers will do to them on the way! Be happy!

Debbie C on Jun 30, 2008


Dear Debbie C What do you mean we lost Katie Cassidy (ruby) Is she leaving the show? Or is that a joke or something? I can't tell when somebody's kidding these days so I take everything litterly! Just wondering? I hope she sticks around long enough to get Dean out of hell. Debbie can I have your email address! Mine is Take care Jason

Jason on Jun 30, 2008


Well you all just keep proving my point don't you?

RiseUp on Jul 1, 2008


Rise up What stupid point would that be? Get lost you and kevin need to actually meet Jared Padalecki he is the nicest guy in the world. Nobody cares what you think!

Brenda on Jul 1, 2008


Debbie C Katie Cassidy (RUBY) Has to stick around long enough to tell Sam what he has to do to get Dean out of hell. That's messed up if she doesn't. I sent you an email Please read it! I like Brenda she told Rise up off didn't she!

Jason on Jul 2, 2008


Brenda and Jason you guys are so cute with your obsessive over-investment. Thanks for the laugh. 😀 "Kevin, it is really lucky that you have RiseUp to stand up for you against all these obnoxious fans who would like you to take the time to research some of Jared's recent work before publishing your "slight criticism". I know it is quite harsh to be told to sit down and watch the completely entertaining Supernatural series before making a judgment about Padalecki's talent. I hope that your future critics are not as harsh as these "crazies"." DebbieC, selective reading by you doesn't change the fact that some of the comments by Jared's fans were way OTT. You have people calling the author of this article stupid, cruel, ignorant, etc, etc. I found some of these comments to be an over-reaction to the fairly mild critique that Jared is an unremarkable actor who was "annoying" in one role. It's not like Kevin accused Jared of eating babies or destroying Hollywood as we know it. The funny thing is that I'm pretty sure most of these comments came from only a couple of people and several sock-puppets. But you know what? They still give Jared's fans a really bad name. Nor do they help their cause by attacking anyone who disagrees with their psycho rantings. Keep it up and Supernatural will stop getting any kind of coverage at all because nobody wants to deal with this kind of crap.

RiseUp on Jul 5, 2008


Rise up, Jason Here! Super Natural will continue to get coverage because it's a good show. It's fine that you don't like Jared Padalecki it's also ok that you disagree with his fans and you agree with Kevin. I don't feel us ( The Jared Padalecki Fans) Are giving ourselves a really bad name when were just defending Jared and his work! Take care rise up and have a nice day! I hope someday you get to meet Jared Padalecki because you would really like this guy if you meet him like I did!

Jason on Jul 5, 2008


RiseUp you caught me. I only read the first few and the last few comments which is what most people do when they find a new thread / blog. So, I just read a few more (keeping some stats) and scanned through the rest. About 50% of the comments #1-#40 could be summed up as: Try watching Supernatural, your opinion will change, or Padalecki will do well, or if the movie fails it won't be Padalecki... These comments (the 50% previously mentioned) have no criticism of the article's author or even true criticism of the article. Those are what I really saw before answering. Then there are also some with mild criticism like: don't bag or rag on Padalecki without seeing Supernatural, comment was unnecessary, unfair to judge Padalecki on non-lead work (HOW was mentioned most often), premature to judge performance before given, etc. Now we get to some of the actual criticism of the author or article (level based on actual name calling against author or article, but the name had to be mild).. there were a couple of things like the title or comment was rude / ignorant / unprofessional, comment ripped Padalecki's acting to shreds (I personally don't feel that "ripped to shreds" could ever be equated to being unremarkable :-), etc. There was also one comment that exceeded the previous level and could be called an unnecessary, personal attack against Kevin that I found in my first 40... #23 (although if he is British they don't take that word the same way we do). However, I found the one very anti-Jared comment more offensive, but maybe that is because I am a Jared fan (#14 - Bloody Mary). Starting in the 40's there are more harsh comments, but most of the harsh comments seem to be directed against the Padalecki fans or the Padalecki critics. I still feel that if you only take into account the comments directed at the author, Kevin, the majority of the comments could be summed up as "Watch Supernatural and your opinion will be changed", especially if you add the tag, "Your comment was harsh". Now, when I first saw the title of this article, I was totally irritated because Jared impresses me. Sorry, but that is what happens when fans read criticism without much detail to back it up. I was going to write to Kevin and tell him to "Watch Supernatural and your opinion will be changed" until I saw Kevin's comment at #8 where he said maybe he will try Supernatural. Then, when I flipped to the end and saw your comment, I flipped back to see if I saw anything rude (since I hadn't the first time around) and the only thing I saw was Jason saying Kevin's statement was cruel and "who cares what you think". That didn't seem excessively harsh especially when balanced against the many comments of "watch his current stuff"; although I did see a highly inappropriate comment about Jared... that should be deleted from the thread. So now I have read every comment and there are a few that are harsh, but there are even more anti-Jared, anti-Jared fan comments out there unless you want to include the mild criticisms like "that was unnecessary" which is about as vanilla as one can get. So, I would say yes I skimmed through the comments before my first posting, but now I have read them all and I found nearly as many rude comments about the "obsessive over investment" of the "crazies that worship at the alter of JP" as I found directed against Kevin and most of those were about his one simple statement and not directed against him personally. Did some exceed the boundaries, probably. But I feel that many more were just expressing the desire that people give Jared a chance before writing him off. If you are a horror fan or a Friday the 13th fan, don't skip the movie just because someone said that the protagonist is unremarkable. There are enough people already upset at another remake. I think that Jason (6'5 Derek Mears) fighting Jared Padalecki (6'4) could be quite impressive. I know I can't wait... and I hate horror films.

Debbie C on Jul 6, 2008


To Debbie C and Rise up! Debbie it's pointless to keep arguing with Rise up, Nothing we say will ever change his/her mind. Some people just have their own opinions and for what ever reason he/she doesn't like Jared Padalecki. I don't understand that because we have met the guy and he's a wonderful man. But untill Rise up meets Jared he/she won't ever change their mind! If and when he/she ever gets to meet Jared. Rise up all I can say is will just have to agree to disagree and be done with it. Why keep fighting about it it's pointless and you won't ever change your mind unless you meet the guy or like his part in Friday the 13th. This goes for Kevin Powers too! I think you were unfair about Jared's talent and you and Rise up think Jared's fans are crazy! So I guess were even! Everybody involved have a great Day and Jared Padalecki from all your fans here defending you we love you and can't wait to see you in Friday the 13th. Jason

Jason on Jul 6, 2008


Debbie C. thanks for taking the time to "analyze" the comments in this thread. All I can say is that after reading the entire thread in one sitting, I came away with the impression that a bunch of Jared fans where dogpiling on this author and that some of them had gotten way personal in their attacks on him. I guess in the end we all view things based on our own particular biases and obviously mine is different from yours. I think Jared is a perfectly nice guy and a decent actor but hardly Oscar/Emmy caliber. So I just didn't understand the extreme reaction to this article. Now I only made the post to point out that that this was just a small sample of SPN fans in the hopes that Kevin (and other writers) wouldn't shy away from covering the show because of this kind of fan behavior. As it is, the show hardly gets any mainstream coverage at all, so we have to rely on blogs like this to get the word out there. Jason your last comment continues to prove my point that some Jared fans seem to just flat out will attack anyone who has a different opinion from themselves. My issue isn't with Jared at all, but some of his fans. Also he may well be a nice guy (and seems to be from the interviews I've seen of him) but I'm not sure how that reflects on his ability as an actor. He's improved tremendously since season 1 but as far as I'm concerned he's got a ways to go. As long as he continues improve, you won't hear any complaints from me about his acting. But I gotta say the way some of you behave makes me much less sympathetic when he does get any sort of criticism. I think you are doing more harm than good but you obviously don't get that so just leave it at that. Let the rabid mouth-frothing continue.

RiseUp on Jul 7, 2008


Rise up, For what it's worth I wasn't trying to attack you in my last comment! In fact, I never meant to cause any harm to super natural or jared padalecki. I have always loved this show and Jared I just don't understand why some people that don't like Jared's acting will attack him and put him down. When I was a kid my mother always told me if you can't say something nice about somebody don't say nothing at all. And I have always tried to stick with that rule. I'm not always succesful but I try to stick with that rule. If you don't like somebody's acting, Why get on a web site like this one and say there an unremarkable lead in A movie role when you could of just left it alone. It's the polite thing to do. I mean why hurt someone's feelings! Why upset the fans in the first place, When you could have said nothing and allowed somebody who did like his acting to say something a lot better! It wouldn't have caused all these negitive comments in the first place. I hope you see my point on this! If you don't agree with that, I'm sorry, But I feel Kevin came out in the first place attacking the guy and it was uncalled for! The fans have only been defending Jared because Kevin in my opinion attacked Jared and his acting! He could have just left it alone untill the movie came out and then judged the movie and Jared's performance. At least that would have been more fair. Than to attack him before the movie was even released! Rise up I don't understand why you agree with Kevin when you said your self Jared seems like a nice Guy! Your judging him for house of wax and cry wolf. You also said yourself his acting is getting better, Can't you cut the guy a break and just be nice and not keep putting his acting down. Is that too much to ask? I don't want to fight with you, I just want us to get along and be nice to each other! Do you think we could do that? Take care Rise up and Have a nice Day! Jason

Jason on Jul 7, 2008


To Rise Up are you male or female because I don't like calling you a He/She that seems harsh and I don't want to call you that! First of all let's end the fighting! I don't want to fight with you or kevin. You both don't agree with the fans and that's fine. I'm ok with the fact that you don't like Jared's acting even though you said his acting was getting better. Thank you for saying that! I simply want to call a truse here! I'm not out to harm Jared or Super Natural so I'll end the fighting right now! I'm just a fan Of Jared Padalecki and I feel lucky that I got to meet him. He's a wonderful guy and I think he's prooved himself as Sam Winchester on Super Natural as far as being a desent actor! You might not agree with that, And that's ok too! I want us to be friends can we do that! Kevin, I'd like us to be friends too, I don't want to fight with you anymore, I still don't agree with you comment but everybody's intitled to their own opinion! Can we just call a truse here! Agin I feel very lucky that I got to meet Jared and you both would like him if you met him. Take care both of you and let's end the fighting! Ok! Jason

Jason on Jul 9, 2008


Before I forget I want to wish Jared Padalecki a Happy 26th Birthday. His Birthday is July 19. I wish him only the best!

Jason on Jul 9, 2008


To Jared Padalecki from Jensen Ackles Happy Birthday. I really enjoy working with you!

Jensen Ackles on Jul 17, 2008


To Jensen Ackles I enjoy working with you too. Your the best friend a guy could have!

Jared Padalecki on Jul 19, 2008


I'd also like to wish Jared Padalecki a Happy 26th Birthday! And to say to the fans, Please keep watching Super Natural it's fans like you that keep our show on the air. We love and thank you!

Super Natural / Eric Kripke on Jul 19, 2008


I'd just like to say, I can't wait to see Friday the 13th. The fact that Jared Padalecki is in the movie makes me want to see it more. I love him in Super Natural as Sam Wichester. I also like his movies and I use to watch him on Gilmore Girls! He's Hot! Hot! Hot! Happy Birthday too Jared. yor 26 soon you'll look up and you'll be 30. It comes before you know it! I'm 37 and still Holding! I'd love to see Jared Padalecki and Dolly Parton do a movie togather! He could play her son or younger boyfriend! I'd also like to see Jared and Tom welling do another movie togather. They did Chaper by the dozen togather but Jared had such a small part that you don't remember him in the movie. In Fact he ddn't even get credit for the movie in the credits. I'd like to see them work tgather and I'd like to see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki do a movie togather outside of Super Natural. It would also be neat to see Tom Welling guest star on Super Natural. Or Jared could guest star on Smallville or Ghost Whisperer. It would be neat to see Jennifer Love Hewitt on Super Natural as well. Jared I love you take care!

Horror movie fan on Jul 19, 2008


Hi I'd just like to say Kevin I disagree with you. I love Jared and I can't wait to see Friday the 13th. I saw a clip ( Preview ) on the internet and it looked like it was going to be really scary. I hope it's a huge box office hit with Jared Fans and Friday the 13th Fans. Love you Jared.

#1 Jared Padalecki Fan, Christy on Jul 20, 2008


Hi I just wanted to be the 100th comment. I think it's neat that Jensen would leave that comment for Jared's Birthday on #95 and then Jared would respond to it on #96. I also noticed Eric Kripke left a message as well. Totally cool. I hope Super Natural lasts for several more years even though Eric said he wanted to end it after 5 seasons. I hope he will change his mind! Again Happy 26th Birthday to Jared Padalecki. We all love you except Kevin and Rise up! But that's cool not everybody feels the same way about you Jared that we do!!!!!!

Jason Sturges on Jul 20, 2008


Hi, I love Jared Padalecki and can't wait to see the new Friday the 13th film. I'm also excited about the new 4th season of Super Natural. Starting up on Sept 18, 2008 on CW 33. I love Jensen Ackles too. Both guys are HOT HOT HOT! I wish they would kiss each other that would be HOT HOT HOT! Too! The fanfiction and the wincest stories are great for Super Natural. I'm surprised nobody has left a comment since July 20th but hey what ever! Take care Jared Padalecki your the best most drop dead gorgeous guy on the planet. If I were a girl or was going to go there you would be the guy I'd want to go there with. I have a crush on you. I don't mean that in a gay way either. I'm simply a huge fan who thinks your Handsome. I admire and respect you! Your my idol and I look up too you! Take Care Jared!

Jared's Friend! on Sep 4, 2008


The ONLY reason I would see Friday the 13th is because Jared Padalecki is in it. I think his presence will give this tired old franchise a big boost. He's a wonderful actor, very talented and puts a lot of soul into his work. If you've ever seen Supernatural, I don't know how you can say he's not a good actor - and he was very good in "House of Wax"! So where are the previous Friday the 13th "remarkable" leads? I can't think of one. The only lead in this series has always been Jason. The producers were very smart to cast Jared in the lead - it can only bring bigger box office.

Barbara Sutton on Dec 2, 2008


I totally agree with Barbara Sutton. Jared can only bring box office sucess to Friday the 13th by being in it. He is a wonderful actor. Barbara thank you for your wonderful comments about Jared. I'm a big fan of his and got to meet him. June 08, 2008. At the Supernatural convention in Dallas Texas. He is a very kind man. I also just finished a book about him called, " Jared Padalecki, From a fan's point of view." It should be out in February 2009. Or March 2009. If you would like to know more about the book you can email me at Thanks and take care! Jason

Jason Sturges on Dec 2, 2008


I think it's a very good thing that Jared has to show more off his acting skills. He deserves it, and I'm happy for him.Knowing that he's a very good man,hard working, and everything good. He's a real fox, and knowing he's a catch.

Crystal on Dec 13, 2008


Frankly, I was googling around for information on Friday the 13th and ended up here, somehow. I am a fan of Supernatural, though, and I gotta say that you need to give him a chance. Somebody cited the episode "Born Under A Bad Sign," and I'd second that he's fantastic in that one. By that episode he'd really turned his acting around and, frankly, having caught Jensen Ackles, the other lead, on stage here in Texas as well as having seen him on SPN, anybody who says he can't act is ignorant. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, of course, even ignorant opinions. Jared used to be pretty stagnant, but with Jensen challenging him he's really stepped up his game. I'm just hoping the second half of this season turns the light back on him and gives him more challenging material -- because it's when the material gets challenging and he's not dialing it in that he really shines. Another episode with good Padalecki focus is "Mystery Spot," a take on groundhog day that goes through comedy and emotion with a strong focus on his character.

Callie on Jan 5, 2009


Hi Callie thanks for your nice comments on Jared Padalecki I understand your in Texas, what part? Because I'm from Texas too. please email me. I saw Christmas Cottage on DVD and it was a great movie. I can't wait to see Friday the 13th as well. Jared is a great guy and us fans know it. I have read several comments on some of the other web sites about Jared and people are down right cruel. They said he was ugly amd couldn't act. That is horse shit. The man is very handsome and is a brilliant actor. The people that don't like him that's fine but quit dogging the man. He deserves better treatment than that . Than for people to say hurtful things about him. They are dogging him too over his break up with Sandra McCoy. They don't even know what happened. And even if they did it's nobody's business. That's his personal life. It has nothing to do with his acting. Jared is a kind man and I wish him all the best in this business. The fact that he's living with Jensen Ackles doesn't make him gay. There just really great friends. I wish people would leave them alone and let them be happy. If they are gay so what. Who Cares? There not hurting anyone.

Steve on Jan 5, 2009


Jared Padalecki is an amazing actor. Supernatural is my all time fav show have all of them on dvd watch it every week! He is gorgeous and i believe he will make it far in his career. I can't wait to see this movie just because he is in it! =) This article is crap though.

Diane M on Jan 24, 2009


why not use kane hodder

travis on Feb 4, 2009


I saw Friday the 13th last night. ( Opening Night ) And the movie kicked ass. It was scary and wonderful. Jared Padalecki rocked in the movie. When I saw the film the movie house was packed. So I believe it will be a huge hit. I hope it's #1 at the box office for the weekend. This movie was great. Jason was brutal and just plain scary. He has never been this brutal before and it made the movie reallistic. Jared plays Clay and you can't help but love this guy who is looking for his sister. I'm so glad he survived Jason and found his sister. The movie is a KICK ASS movie. Worth seeing over and over again. GO SEE THIS MOVIE, YOU WON"T BE SORRY! Now I can say to Jared's critics that Jared was not a unremarable lead in Friday the 13th. He brought style and class to the movie. Jared will be a huge movie star in the future and I believe this movie is just the start of that huge box office success. Jared is goodlooking, Smart, and can act and this movie prooves that. So up yours Kevin and Rise up because your both dead wrong about Jared Padalecki. GO JARED YOUR TERRIFIC! YOUR FANS LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU 100% . FRIDAY THE 13TH ROCKS! JASON VOORHEE'S ROCKS. AND SO DOES JARED PADALECKI.

Jason on Feb 14, 2009


This movie has made 54 million dollars world wide. Which prooves there's still life in the Friday the 13th series. Jared Padalecki rocked in this movie. He's a great actor and is so good looking. I was thrilled beyond belief that he survived this movie. From Here on out Jared will be known to Friday the 13th fans as the man who survived Jason Voorhee's. He will also be known to the Supernatural fans as the sweet Sam Winchester who survived Jason Voorhee's. Jared is by far the best looking actor in Hollywood. I hope he's in the next Friday the 13th as well. I hope they will let Jensen Ackles be in the next Friday the 13th film with Jared. And have them both kick Jason's ass and survive. That would be totally cool. Also I'd like to see Adrienne King and Besty Palmer return in the next Friday the 13th film. The fans would really love that. GO JARED PADALECKI YOU ROCK.

Jason on Feb 19, 2009


You are wrong. He played an amazing role on House of Wax. He is the ONLY reason I watched that movie and when he died I cried. You really should not say anything. Have you ever acted?!?!? okay then.

Sydney on Mar 1, 2009


Friday the 13th made 80 million Dollars world wide. Now who's having the last laugh, Kevin and rise up? I guess Jared Padalecki turned out to be a remarkable lead after all. Jared should be very proud of him self. Kevin and Rise up, Your both Dick Heads. Next time, Don't be so quick to judge a movie and it's lead actor before the movie even comes out. At least wait to see what it's going to do at the box office first. Let this be a lesson!!!!!!!

Debbie on Mar 16, 2009


I agree that Kevin and rise up should never have judged this movie before it came out. Jared was great in the film and the movie made 80 million Dollars. I went to see it not only as a Jared fan but simply because I was pissed off that Kevin made this ugly web site about Jared. I wanted to proove him wrong more than anything in the world. I saw this movie 5 times and loved it. I also told everybody I knew to go see the movie to help support it. Just to show Kevin that this movie could be a huge hit and it worked. It has made 80 million Dollars world wide. So in your face Kevin. You can eat your words. I hope this is a lesson for you too. NOBODY MESSES WITH JARED PADALECKI OR HIS FANS AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. WE WILL PROOVE YOU WRONG EVERYTIME. WE LOVE JARED AND HIS MOVIES AND WE WON'T STAND BY AND LET YOU DOG HIM OR BE CRUEL TO HIM WITH OUT A FIGHT. SO PISS OFF KEVIN.

Justin on Apr 1, 2009


Hey, Kevin. I think that was such a rude article. Jared Padalecki has improved so much since his Cry Wolf and House of wax days that it is not fair to judge him on that, let alone write and ARTICLE about that. Get your facts right, research who you write about THOROUGHLY before you put your stupid fingers to your keyboard. I'm actually embarrassed that I'm even dignifying this with a comment as you really don't deserve it. Jared Padalecki is an amazing actor, he really takes whatever is thrown at him and works with it as best as he can, constantly improving and bettering himself. He doesn't deserve to be bashed around by the likes of you, spreading lies about him before you've even fully researched him. I hope you get fired for being such a pathetically whining writer. Go to hell.

Brigid on Apr 19, 2009


This guy in photo is not a Jared Padalecki. This is Jensen Ackles !

marbed on May 21, 2009


Marbed, Your dead wrong the guy in the photo on this web site is infact Jared Padalecki. Sorry to disappoint you. But your wrong! Friday the 13th was a kick ass movie and Supernatural rocks. Season 4 is the best so far. The season finale was AWESOME! Jared Padalecki is AWESOME!

Justin on May 21, 2009


Hey Jared Padalecki fans, I have just finished a book about Jared Padalecki. Called, " Jared Padalecki, From a fan's point of view! " I should have it out soon. It's about meeting him in Dallas Texas on June 8, 2009. At the Supernatural convention. It also talks about his movies and Supernatural as well as Gilmore Girls. I also talk about Jensen Ackles in the book. I'll keep you posted on where to order the book once it's out. God bless you guys! Jared if you read this, My book is dedicated to you.

Jason on Jul 28, 2009


Hey Jared Padalecki fans, I have just finished a book called, Jared Padalecki, From a fan's point of view! I hope to have it out soon. I talk about meeting Jared in Dallas Tx. June 8, 2008. At the Supernatural convention. The book talks about his movies, Gilmore Girls, And Supernatural. I also talk about Jensen Ackles in the book. I'll let you know when it comes out, So that you can order it. God bless you guys and Jared if you read this, I dedicated my book to you.

Jason on Jul 28, 2009


hehehe well, i stumbled onto this little site pretty late but i must say that it has been a most interesting read. why hasn't kevin commented on jared's acting post friday the 13th? to be fair, it wasn't an oscar winning performance (i am a padalecki fan, so please don't construe this as jared-bashing) but most of the reviews i have read seem to go along the lines of "...the bunch of kids were annoying, talentless brats who deserved their comeuppance. and then there's jared as clay, who is looking for his sis..." it's gotta say something for his acting that clay comes off as someone likeable despite michael bay's best efforts to the contrary. i mean, some of his lines were totally cringe-worthy but jared is such a good sport that you kinda let them slide while watching. could anyone else have done better with the material and MICHAEL BAY????

jenna on Aug 26, 2009


Hi, You can email Jason at to ask questions about the new Jared Padalecki book, " Jared Padalecki, From a fan's point of view! " I talk about meeting Jared in Dallas at the Supernatural convention. I also talk about Jensen Ackles as well.

Jason on Sep 10, 2009


Jared Padalecki is one of the greatest actors i know of. Sure he might of had a couple of bad roles, but i thought he did pretty well in any movie or show he's done. He just keeps progressing more and more. When i saw Friday The 13th (2009) i thought he did an absolute phenomanal job. Just the other day i saw "The Christmas Cottage" with Jared as the role of Thomas Kinkade and i was blown away, i cried like a baby. Not only because of the story and what happens, but because of the way Padalecki shows it, the way he plays his character / role. I also watch Supernatural every thursday and he amazes me each week in some type of way. Jared and Jensen are 2 of the greatest actors ever, in my opinion anyway. I'm a very big fan of Jared Padalecki's work.

Rachel on Oct 27, 2009


Rachel I couldn't agree more. Jared Padalecki is AWESOME! Thanks for your nice comments about him. I met him and he's a really nice Guy!!!! Supernatural Rocks too. I watch it every Thursday night. This is really a kick ass show. I love Jensen Ackles too. My book Jared Padalecki from a fan's point of view will be out soon. I'm a huge Jared Padalecki fan. Jason

Jason Again on Oct 28, 2009


When you've only seen two movies when the actor have the lines that are as intelligent as an ape, you should shut your mouth and watch something he actually acted in. Hate bias little shit like you.

Fijdjdijdji on Jun 28, 2011

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