LATEST NEWS's Alex is Moving to Los Angeles!

August 22, 2008

Los Angeles

Alex is moving to Los Angeles! I thought I'd let all of our faithful readers know that I'm moving this weekend from my humble home in Colorado Springs, Colorado to Los Angeles, California! I've been looking forward to moving for over a year and will finally be driving out all weekend long. Don't worry, this won't mean any major changes are coming. If anything, this will mean we'll be bringing you even more fantastic interviews, better feature articles, and more of the content you want to see. In addition to my move this weekend, I'm already preparing to hit the road again next week for a whirlwind tour starting at the Telluride Film Festival, then the Toronto Film Festival, then the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

If anyone is curious, my apartment is actually located in Sherman Oaks. I'm moving with a good friend named Harry from Colorado who'll be my roommate out here. If there are any LA locals who read the site, be sure to shoot me an e-mail and maybe we can get some drinks or lunch sometime. And if anyone else is curious, I'm not a newbie to LA. I've been there at least 20 times in the last two years (literally) since starting and I've come to appreciate the city, which is why I'm heading there. I'm not moving to try and become and actor or any of that, I'm moving because I've wanted to move somewhere and LA works best. At least we really will be able to connect Hollywood to its audience now!

I do have one request: I'm worried that it might be tough to stay connected with mainstream (e.g. non-Hollywood) moviegoers and the moviegoing experience outside of LA that I've come to love hear in Colorado. So I'm hoping that my loyal readers will help keep me grounded and in touch with the cinematic world that isn't entirely wrapped up in ego and looks. Otherwise, see you in LA!

Los Angeles skyline photo courtesy of citron_smurf on Flickr.

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DUUUUDE! We totally need to hang out. Hey, now that you'll be local, come down to my place and do The Drill Down live with us sometime.

Mr. BabyMan on Aug 22, 2008


In-N-Out Burger... that's all you need to know... enjoy L.A.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Aug 22, 2008


Thats awesome, have fun out there alex. What is colorado like though. Is it just snow capped scenery and mountains everywhere like you see on t.v.? Im in new york so you already know how it is here. The women in L.A. and the cars (if you love autos) there sure make it a great experience im sure. Hope everything works out for you and good luck.

big r on Aug 22, 2008


you're moving??! as long as you'll continue writing and making reviews, that's fine with me. enjoy!

vanagwathiel on Aug 22, 2008


I move from California to Colorado and then you turn around and move out to L.A.! Haha Have fun out there! Make sure you try out Rosco's Chicken and Waffles and go to Diddy Riese cookie shop in Westwood. Colorado will miss you man!

Ken Evans on Aug 22, 2008


That awesome! Have fun.

Ryan on Aug 22, 2008


You were in Colorado Springs this whole time? I was seeing Dark Knight in Denver and Boulder and trying to blog about the film in the west. Now I'm back in Brooklyn, where bloggers grow like weeds.

Dave Gonzales on Aug 22, 2008


DUDE!!! You will be missed. Better come back and visit us for some shows. Speaking of which....we need one for the fall. We will hold a funeral for you 🙂 Enjoy LA.

Heckle0 on Aug 22, 2008


When, you get here let me know I can hook you up with all the best theater chains and best restaurants. Also welcome to a good way.

The Rambler on Aug 22, 2008


oh In-n-Out!! Double-Double, "Animal-style" fries and a chocolate shake...yum! Welcome to L.A. Alex!

cyn on Aug 22, 2008


OH This is great news! Welcome to L.A. Alex... now we will be able to attend your "local events" and movie nights! I am so excited!

Breebaby on Aug 22, 2008


So... what about the movie events out on Powers? Still on, or all gone?

Daniel on Aug 22, 2008


Good luck with the move. I'll finally be able to attend some of your famous local events now

Keith on Aug 22, 2008


whats up with all the love for L.A., that place is a smog bowl. the city is dirty, and congested. Hope you have been there before, because if u have not, I think you will be disappointed. I know you will prob make better connections,but that city does not live up to the hype.

jeremy on Aug 22, 2008


Awesome Alex! Have fun and good luck to you in L.A.! Be sure to share your adventures with us along with the usual flick info! 😀

Spider on Aug 22, 2008


Good Luck man founds like alot of fun!

Richard on Aug 22, 2008


FS still plans to do events in Colorado Springs on Powers at the Cinemark. Just because Alex is leaving doesnt mean the rest of the FS guys are as well.

Heckle0 on Aug 22, 2008


ArcLight Cinemas is the best place to see movies. You'll love it. There's one in Hollywood AND Sherman Oaks. Have a good trip.

Jeff on Aug 22, 2008


Good Luck Alex!!!! Stop in to Canter's Deli....Stars still hang there.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Aug 22, 2008


Alex... see you soon... in 3 months I will find out if my company want me to stay in KC or head to Chatsworth... (for non-CA.. that is north of LA about 20 miles IOW an hour.. haha) Good luck and safe moving.. I will be there in Chatsworth and down in the 'Wood all next week.. give me a call

Dusty on Aug 22, 2008


YES! Does this mean you'll host those awesome theater events here now?

kikakik on Aug 22, 2008


"keep" you grounded? ROFLOL. 😛 Vic on Aug 22, 2008


Good Luck ALEX, LA rules!!! your site is my favorite movie news database, KUDOS...

FAT on Aug 22, 2008


hope to meet you here...!!!!!

sean on Aug 22, 2008


I truly wish you the best of luck! I'm not big fan of your reviews, but I hope everything goes smooth at your new home. Cheers!

Mario Tenorio on Aug 22, 2008


Very cool...I'll be moving out there in January and attending school at the Gnomon school of visual effects which your site played a part in inspiring me to do so we should get together sometime once I get out there because I'll know no one. Good luck and I look forward to more interviews and free studio contest prizes 😉

Peloquin on Aug 22, 2008


Good luck Alex... and chance of a farewell party in the Springs?

Devon Shaw on Aug 23, 2008


@jeremy: Hype? Really? I thought it was well-known that there are many people who find L.A. a revolting place to live... But I like it well enough even though I have problems with the city. Eh. 🙂 Sherman Oaks is a pretty swanky area, nice choice but I'm sure you're aware of that. Good luck, Alex!

dire on Aug 23, 2008


ignore #18. Magic Johnson AMC theater.

mcfly on Aug 24, 2008


Good Luck in LA Alex.

Shige on Aug 24, 2008


Alex, Welcome!! Whatever driving time Google Maps estimates, add at least 20min. Embrace the chaos.

jeanine on Aug 25, 2008

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