Full Dragonball Teaser Trailer Hits As Well!

October 3, 2008


I'm almost reluctant to run this full teaser trailer for Dragonball today. It's like adding insult to injury with enough of a negative backlash already coming from the shorter leaked version of this teaser. It's still not officially out, but the guys over at got their hands on an early copy of the Dragonball teaser which can be seen in all of its glory (with audio) below. Although, it's not really a glorious trailer by any means, it's more of a shameful mess that will piss off every last Dragonball fan. I guess that's what you get when you throw the guy who directed the Final Destination movies on something like this.

Watch the full teaser trailer for Dragonball:

Dragonball is directed by James Wong, of Final Destination, Jet Li's The One, and Final Destination 3 previously, with a script written by Ben Ramsey, of The Big Hit and Love and a Bullet previously. The film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, James Marsters as Piccolo, Emmy Rossum as Bulma, Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi, and Park Joon as Yamcha. 20th Century Fox is releasing the Dragonball movie in theaters everywhere on April 3rd, 2009 next year.

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OMG way to ruin one of my favorite cartoons and throw it into a meat grinder.

f dragonball on Oct 3, 2008


i hate it. omg i hate it so much. just take it down, please.

garbage on Oct 3, 2008


hahahahaah alright so along with the shitty pics we get this shitty trailer that looks like it's part of the mortal kombat franchise which were so bad they kicked ass lol. NOW that all hopes are out the window of this movie being even decent. I definitely can't wait to enjoy a bad movie, there always a good laugh and i think we'll all be laughing at this one for a long long time......especially after growing up watching DBZ...hopefully one day they'll realize it and other animes potential so they can construct a finer piece of work

McGangster on Oct 3, 2008


Good quality, sound, music... everything... now find me onother excuse and tell me that it is not pure shit! I am a huge DB fan. I watched every episode of DB, DBZ, DBGT (but the last wan was poor). I am not a professional filmmaker, let`s say that I am an amateur interested in movies and I have at least 100 ideas how to make a movie based on DB really good. They have just threw to a garbage can my whole childhood ;P

szkari on Oct 3, 2008


It's crap like this that's got me not wanting to watch any other movie Fox distributes.

Denver on Oct 3, 2008


not that much impressed with the trailer but ill still check it out.

Q on Oct 3, 2008


I'll watch it for the lulz.

MegaMick on Oct 3, 2008


If the movie is like this teaser then it's gone suck major bollocks!!!!!! So lets hope we will be pleasantly surprised when it hits the theaters.

Martyn on Oct 3, 2008


never watch the cartoon, but this looks fun. but i also loved DOA the movie too. (and speed racer)

louis on Oct 3, 2008


i hoped for gorgeous asian chicks and typical dragonball humor in this movie...but after watching the teaser it looks like just another Dead or Alive crap.....lets see wht they have in stock in full trailer...

lostboy_1 on Oct 3, 2008


Wow that looks terrible

Atomic Popcorn on Oct 3, 2008


I wonder who is to be blame for making such movie!! The director/producer or the author who actually allow this happen. I am sorry but a main actor a white guy, COME ON!

cindarr on Oct 3, 2008


wher is Gohan, Trunks, Cell, Majin Buu...c'mon thumbs down..

DDOT3 on Oct 3, 2008


looks awful. i am admittedly not a dragonball fan though and have never seen a single episode. not good.

Jayme on Oct 3, 2008


Hey, you know what? I'm a huge fan just like most of the people here claim to be. Yeah, it looks sub-par, but fuck, I'll probably still see it! I mean, you guys can bash it all you want, but I'll bet that most of you will actually end up seeing this movie of your own free will at some point.

Josh M on Oct 3, 2008


DDOT3... first of all there is NO GOHAT because it is a Bragon Ball NOT Dragon Ball Z! Probably most people here were raised on DBZ and never saw original episodes of DB which is a shame from my point of view. I started to watch DB actually from DBZ but then I have heard about the previous episodes. I watched them and... I mus say they are pure great! Maybe they`re more childisch but sure they have that "something". I will watch this movie out of curiosity... to see and count what they have f... up!!!!!

szkari on Oct 3, 2008


What do you all expect? It's from Fox, after all. This studio meddles in the production of all their films. Mathieu Kassovitz's "Babylon A.D." was nearly cut in half by the studio (execs cut a whopping 70 minutes from the final cut), prompting Kassovitz to publicly lambaste the studio. They forced "Live Free Or Die Hard" into a PG-13 rating to make more money, completely disregarding its core audience. And look at their take on the Fantastic Four comic-adaptations. This studio has released nothing but garbage for years, catering to the pre-pubescent crowd.

BobbyB on Oct 3, 2008


While it looks like a crappy dragonball movie, it looks alright if you know nothing about the series

lolwhat on Oct 3, 2008


When are people going to realize that it's not the dragon ball cartoon we remember. It's impossible to recreate a cartoon into real life. All they did was take the dragon ball idea / concept and applied it to modern human life. If you keep compairing it to your childhood memories of how great DB and DBZ was, then ofcource it will be bad in your eyes, anything that isn't what you see in your imagination of what a dbz movie would be, will be bad. I love DBZ and i will go see this movie, looks entertaining.

Pascal on Oct 3, 2008


I'm a huge DB Fan. This movie will completely ruin the DB reputation! This just looks... terrible !!! PLEASE DONT RELEASE THIS SHIT!

Eradicate this movie! on Oct 3, 2008


oh my god how bad!!!!!

Perturabo on Oct 3, 2008


Dear Alex, please for God Sake...from now not post any material regarding on Dragon Ball movie!!! please...I'M BEGGING YOU!!! We all just hate it so much!!! stop doing it!!! its insulting us like hell!!!

safichan on Oct 3, 2008


surely the japanese will curse this movie!!! one of their greatest icon pop culture is being destroy!!! poor Akira Torimaya....

safichan on Oct 3, 2008


hey to the guy who made comment its called dragonball...not dragonball steps...anyways.....yeah this looks cheezy...who know...alot of poeple said the same about speed racer but i thought it was great......but you can only appreciate that movie if you watched the old cartoons...but with this....i dont think that even looking throught the bottom of a bottle will help...yeah.... ......hopes.....they're smashed......someone go kick the poeple who let this happen to such a great show.....

Eck0_81 on Oct 3, 2008


Ew. That looks..... terrible. Piccolo's not even green. Yeesh. Looks like the story line is all kinds of fucked up as well. Maybe I'll catch it on TBS.

bozoconnors on Oct 3, 2008


ow wow ooooooooooohh wooooow thank god we had the leak to prepare us for that utter rubbish unbelievable

mikesta on Oct 3, 2008


#19: Don't forget the "Watchmen" legal mess. The execs at Fox have to FUCK OFF, when it comes down to the creatively aspect of their films, despite their funding of them. I shudder at what they'll do with "Cowboy Bebop".

Roy on Oct 3, 2008


I take it it's an origin movie. The whole setup starts somewhere and leads to what we all see and love about the cartoon. I'm betting that Piccolo will end up becoming green throughout the movie. I'm still checking this out and leaving the bitching to a minimum!

Pickle on Oct 3, 2008


lol aw that was horrible need to rename it inspired by the cartoon dragonball or something; in name is the only thing they have in common hahahaha that was funny. no I won't be going to see this I still havent seen fantastic 4 rise of the silver surfer nor Speed racer of which both I am familiar with and I am also familiar with Dragon Ball and that was not it at all but someone mentioned that it should be good for those who arent familiar with it I agree and they'll probably like it, and not like the manga or anime. I wonder what Toryima thinks of this

Samuel on Oct 3, 2008


its bulletproof monk 2 .... eeeek !!! Such an obvious make money of a known title rip off !!

Fenris on Oct 3, 2008


I dont know why you guys are all getting so mad, I didn't think it looked half bad. I mean in Dragonball Goku/Bulma/Yamcha/ and Master Roshi go looking for the Dragon Balls. . . and that is like basically it. All they did for this movie is give them a dire reason to search them out. So its an action packed quest for the Dragon Balls, not a little kid looking for them for fun. I think this movie is going to rock and am in full support of it. And i have seen every episode of DB/DBZ/DBGT and am not at all dissapointed with the direction of the movie. Because the plot outline of Dragon Ball is definetly still in this movie. Plus Goku and Piccolo are going to have kick ass fights in this movie everyone needs to stop focusing on little changes to the story and focus on the fact that next Spring we are actually going to get a big budget live action DB film!

kduFF on Oct 3, 2008


:\ 'nuf said.

Nick Sears on Oct 3, 2008


if this was a trailer for the tv show, i would be more interested. but gonna rent it anyways. maybe they can do a big budget tv show of dragonball z in the future or a trilogy.. argh.. whatever.. i hope robotech does a better job.

malax on Oct 3, 2008


That looks terrible. Wow.

Daniel on Oct 3, 2008


Sigh, I was looking forward to this movie. Anyone that doesn't think this looks "bad" is just kidding themselves. And the actor they got for Goku??? Oy. Looks like a really bad rip off of Mortal Kombat with a dragonball tag slapped on top. And we all know why its going to suck, Fox's bigass hand in the cookie jar. They're trying to ruin the Wolverine movie right now as well... they want to make it more "family oriented." I guess DB lends itself to a younger audience... but it was so long ago, that they have a lot of older fans that were looking forward to this. Ah well, should have known better.

soSad on Oct 3, 2008


ok. that trailer is crap but the speed racer trailers were also crap but that movie was great but i'm not sure is this would be good.

Darrin on Oct 3, 2008


Amazing failure.

SillySil on Oct 3, 2008


Alex Billington if you can do better than Wong , step up make a better movie?

mjc on Oct 3, 2008


I have never played Dungeons and Dragons in my life but this still looks like a cool action movie.

Valeriewriter on Oct 3, 2008


I give it an 8. As in, there should AT LEAST be 8 people at 20th Century Fox who get fired for this crap! What... in... the... hell makes them think this looks anything but horrible? Alex, do the 'net a favor and take this down. Maybe that will be a good sign for the Fox folks to send this baby back to the drawing board before they have their own Speed Racer-type failure on their hands.

kevjohn on Oct 3, 2008


*shrugs* Looks like a rental to me.

gogirlwonder on Oct 3, 2008


this looks...awful... can you imagine them trying to do a super saiyan? let alone Broly...or *shudders* Vegeta...

James on Oct 3, 2008


What I am worried about is that Goku's core character seems all wrong. It's not like Goku to remark "I'm not ready for this." The true Goku relishes challenges and powerful enemies, a highlight he shares with the Saiyans. Justin Chatwin's Goku is simply too human, and nowhere near a future Super Saiyan.

vegeta on Oct 3, 2008


Dungeons and Dragons! WTF!! hahahaha. I'll just wait to see the pirated version 😉 (if someone gives it to me as a gift... maybe...)

Alvos on Oct 3, 2008


BTW, where the hell is goku's tail, I mean... wasn't he a sayan? this goku is human! that's just not right... what a waste of budget

Alvos on Oct 3, 2008


ok, i mean, who sat down and said, lets make this. then who decided to make it look like this, its such a waste. Ruined a good anime. sad, sad, sad. ill bet freeza will look crappy too, if they ever get that far.

taurinh24 on Oct 3, 2008


I didn't think it could get any worse than the pics and posters....oh my god. This is completely awful to an entirely new level! At least I still have the cartoon to work with

Chris W on Oct 3, 2008


Looks like a bad nikelodeon movie from the 90's. Will be horrific.

SmartGuy on Oct 3, 2008


He could be saying "I'm not ready for this," once he dies. Being in the afterlife he might be defiant and use that line. I'm looking forwards to it because I'm just going to sit back and take it for what it is. Yes I've wanted a DragonBall and DragonBall Z adaptation since I was a young man, but this isn't a dream crusher. If it's another hokey action movie so be it I can live with that. As for nitpicking I'll leave that to you people.

Charles Darwin on Oct 3, 2008


I honestly like the way it looks, I'm sorry, but it looks like a fun martial arts movie. The only thing that bothers me is that they made this movie so that they could make the sequel (Dragon Ball Z) but they chose an actor far too young. I mean, Goku was in his early 20's when him and Chi-Chi had Gohan, but Justin Chatwin looks way too young to be a father. How they're gonna do DBZ is a mystery to me. I'm still excited for this.

Kail on Oct 3, 2008


It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was also very short. It totally looks cheesy, goin for high action, bad dialogue and the like. I'll rent it, it can't be any worse than Mortal Kombat: Annihalation....

TeresaRedux on Oct 3, 2008


This looks really shitty. I think the leak version was less shitty than that. LOL.

Gab on Oct 3, 2008


I will never see this pile of trash. It could not look any worse if Ratner himself had chewed it up, let it fester in his bowels and took a shit all over Paris Hilton's face. It looks like power rangers, only worse. Even allowing children to watch it would be pure torture and tantamount to child abuse. Alex, if you see this, be sure to smoke a truckload of weed, so you can at least get a good laugh out of it. To those die hard fans out there, someone will eventually do justice to the original story. It's only a matter of time. Just because one movie on a subject tanks, doesn't mean people will stop trying. Hell, even if someone get's it right, there will still be people who think they can do it better. That's why we have six Batman movies to watch in the past two decades. And that's just counting live action ones. Everyone has their own interpretation. If it upsets you that much, quit bitching, go to film school, develop your craft, and do it your own way.

JL on Oct 3, 2008



Gee on Oct 3, 2008


Dammit vegeta! Quit holding back!

D-9 on Oct 3, 2008


Hey JL....are you in my class?!

D-9 on Oct 3, 2008


did anyone see what piccolo looked like? i mean im no hardcore fan but i watched quite a few of the shows as a kid. and that guy does not look anything like piccolo. this movie is gonna be one hell of an epic failure.

cameron on Oct 3, 2008


They vomited on everything I loved about DBZ as a child, then made me eat it in the form of this crappy half-ass movie. What the heck were they thinking???

Reza on Oct 3, 2008



Icarus on Oct 3, 2008


obviously, they're not sticking very close to the source material. Even though it might not be at all like the cartoon; which with an anime as immature as Dragonball was (I say immature in the sense that it wasn't as direly serious on it's subject matter as much as Full Metal Alchemist or Cowboy the top of my head.) I'm still thinking they might do a decent job with it. Sure, it's not the dragonball Z we all know and love, but I don't see why they can't make it a little bit interesting. That said, I'm not excited yet. I'll wait for more footage and reserve my judgement till then, or see the movie first.

maverick on Oct 3, 2008


DB movie should be stick with the DB story background and so on. Whats the point of making a DB movie and change it all the original stuff. The trailer is kind like a B grade movie.

Giggsy on Oct 3, 2008


It's a complete BULLSHIT! I now officialy hate director of this film, producers, 20th century fox studio, actors, and the whole crew. Maybe every person who took action to make this movie be cursed! I hate them all, they've ruined my favourite cartoon!

Pavel Sestakov on Oct 3, 2008


Yeah I agree with Giggsy. This movie would be so much better had it been put more in the DBZ world and realm....not in our "world". I mean the kid is driving a freakin' Ford Mustang...How stupid is this. Trailer is crap btw... I'm now looking less forward to this.

tabyo20 on Oct 3, 2008


Ok, people complain about Piccolo's skin color. But my biggest gripe (among a million others) is that there is no Krillin. I mean... really? No Krillin? He's one of the first characters Goku meets.. if memory serves me right, since i watched it over 10 years ago.

Alfredo on Oct 3, 2008


@ D-9, What class would that be?

JL on Oct 3, 2008


well i think many people are mistaking this for a dragonball Z movie, but seems to be based on the first series called 'dragonball'... where goku is supposed to be a child this basically looks like 'never back down' but with some 'crouching tiger hidden dragon' side dressing if i was a betting man i'd say this movie will flop big time and will be flamed against by any fan of dragonball and/or dragonball Z and/or dragonball GT

Janny on Oct 3, 2008


Was it couldn't of been!

matt on Oct 3, 2008


what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no!!!!!! which prophecy???????????

Paulina on Oct 3, 2008


I absolutely refuse to believe that this movie's budget was around 100 million. THERE IS NO WAY.

vegeta on Oct 3, 2008


@ vegeta (#46): EXACTLY. That was literally my exact thought after viewing this; and actually, what I think the most glaring inaccuracy is with this movie. Goku was blissfully naive - that was the whole point of the classic anime! He was always positive and would never despair over any fight - no matter how serious. He never even really understood the severity of any situations. Having Goku say some trite line like "I'm not ready for this" is completely uncharacteristic and turns his unique character into some emo, atypical, rice-rocket driving high school turd. Other than that, I thought it was great. Aside from all the sucking.

ShrekBlows on Oct 3, 2008


(Sigh) Once again, precious memories are trashed by leather-wearing, sports car-driving, cleavage-flashing teenagers.... I feel depressed 🙁

Frost on Oct 3, 2008


I just dont get how people make such shitty films. Like when the made Doom a zombie flick instead of demons released from hell. Why the hell would you change the plot and character look? So stupid.

John on Oct 3, 2008


I can't wait. this movie is going to be soo good. Piccolo looks awesome. They seriously blew my expectations away. I was expecting crap, but i am actually stoked for this movie. im goin to take my girlfriend the day it comes out!

moviebuff on Oct 3, 2008


AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY CRAP!!!! i hope those f$#king idiots at Fox read this I mean what the hell I'am a die hard Dragonball/Z/GT Fan I have every episode and know everything there is to know about it all and my god that trailer was insulting!! I mean this film and the rest of the series could have been the greatest films out of the consecutive years i mean what the hell??? did they look at an episode or read a manga??? bulma has green hair!!! ahhh thats not even the half of it I mean the guys who did the matrix the .... I cant spell their name brothers made their own cgi for Matrix if they had bothered to maybe put a little more effort into theirs this film would be amazing I cant believe what their doing to this world renowned amazing anime ehm... Piccolo is green!!! Im just so annoyed at the fact they ruined this scrap it and make another and at least ask the fans what to do!!!

DBZ RULES!!! on Oct 3, 2008


Could that POSSIBLY be any further from the comics? What a shitload of fuck. Why are there cars, why are there guns, and who the fuck is Mai?

DinoChow on Oct 3, 2008


just because the characters in this movie have the same name with the ones in the anime... or just because there's an item they're trying to find which is also the same in the anime.. IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT'S FREAKIN' THE SAME... AND IT'S NOT ALRIGHT! this movie doesn't even deserve the title DRAGONBALL... d'oh!

miracle disease on Oct 3, 2008


FLOP! This looks like its gonna be BIG...............Thats right, a BIG FLOP! I watched the trailer and thought of that Street Flighter Movie with Van Damme. These do us a favour and remove this piece of S**t from the site. We all need to forget this movie

Splinter on Oct 3, 2008


Oh noooo... they totally killed off Goku... he'd never say something like that :/ WTF

Jee on Oct 3, 2008


I can see the guys sent by Fox working real hard to deceive people into thinking this thing's any acceptable. Too bad everybody round the globe is pretty much part of the boycott movement by now.

PWO on Oct 3, 2008


I never really watched Dragonball. But... Piccolo is supposed to be green, is he not?!

Lauren on Oct 3, 2008



Tigs on Oct 3, 2008


i personally think it looks cool being the big dragon ball freak i am

edward on Oct 3, 2008


Does anyone else see the resemblance of piccolo and Voldemort (from harry potter)

Cyrus The Virus on Oct 3, 2008


Ok, I have read most of the comments here, at first I didn't get why was there a dodge Charger SRT10 in the movie and why is it set in a modern world environment, but I have to agree with Pascal#21 this has nothing to do with Dragonball that most of us grew up watching. Hate the fact they are making a movie with the name "Dragonball" because i do agree with alot of people on this blog, that will tarnish the DB brand. But none the less I really want to see what the end product will be. I think the cast is ok except for the actors playing Goku and Yamcha. Fox could of done better. I just think this is a Dragonball apart from what we know, focus for kids that are just getting into the concept of this japanese animation that has been here for years... Sorry this one isn't for the fans but the kiddies. I believe that even tho this is from a cartoon, if the right company had their hands on this project and the right director they can pull off a great live movie of DB. (ex: Michael Bay---Transformers). that might not happen anytime soon tho if Fox has the rights to this.

Rudy on Oct 3, 2008


I'm going to cry... thanks so much to ruin my weekend

Peter on Oct 3, 2008


They should name this movie DRAGONSHIT! because that what it looks like!

Ray on Oct 3, 2008


the only other good news is Chirstopher Sabat who does the voice for shenron will be voicing the dragon, he also did vegeta and yamcha and sum others

Evan on Oct 3, 2008


the name says it all

Hi kenny! on Oct 3, 2008


a yall we still have 6 months 2 freggin go yall i mean come on right now they are doing post production which means they are STILL working on the special effects...and all of u are not dbz fans or db fans because when goku was younger there was one instance when goku didnt know what to do but anyways i still wanna see dis movie i give dis trailer a B but yall for pete's sake they special effects aint done yet and watch ina few months the energy will look even better o and t ehre are going 2 be auras...yall mad because u didnt see the core of db and they didnt show too much of anything in that trailer u all will go and see it and u know it and another thing who cares about dead or alive dat sucked and speed racer wasnt bad all of u are critisizing too damn early i mean its coming out in april so damn o and dino chow..who is mai???now i know u aint a fan cause mai is a real dbz charachter who is lord pilaf's minnion O and also DIS IS NOW WHEN HE WAS A KID DIS WAS WHEN HE WAS OLDER AND GOKU WAS (AND LOOKED) YOUNG DAMN YALL KNOW NOTHING YALL ARE JUST A BUNCH OF HATERS WHO CLAIM THEY LOVE DBZ BUT DONT NOW IMA FAN THIS TRAILER SHOWED US NOT EVEN ONE PERCECT I DIDNT SE BACKGROUND IT WAS JUSS THERE SO U DEFF CANT BE CRITISIZING THIS CLIP AND ALSO PICCOLO LOOKS TITE AND EVIL LIKE HE SHOULD BE AND IT HAS SOME FEATURES OF PICCOLO SO YALL ARE JUST CRAZY I CANT BELIEVE ALL OF U SO CALLED DBZ FANS

idahosa on Oct 3, 2008


I can`t beileve this shit. This looks HORRIBLE. This has got to be the stupidest fucking director alive, wow what the FLYING FUCK was he thinking. God If I ever see him in person, am going to blow his goddamn brains out, he just took one of my childhood dreams, and shattered it after shiting on it. Jesus fucking christ I`ve never wanted to cry so hard in hate LOL **coughs** so anyways how about that Watchmen... lmao

buddhistwisdom7 on Oct 3, 2008


I was strongly disappointed.

Jose on Oct 3, 2008


It didnt look as bad as i thought it would ... i read all the coments before watching the trailer. Didnt get to see much in the video the action was flipping through to fast to see anyways... regardless if another trailer comes out and it sux even more than this one, ill still be there 2 see it. one thing i didnt get though and i think someone mentioned it before BUT why is Goku driving a car that looks like Bumble Bee? ... Last time i remember Goku trying to drive was when Chi CHi told Him and Piccolo to go for there Drivers Licence lol. I hope they didnt change Nimbus into a bumble-bee (Transformers) look alike lol ... This movie is gonna be the funniest thing to watch when it comes out haha.

Aucklander on Oct 3, 2008


it doesnt look THAT bad. they didnt really show much. i wouldnt call it horrible until a full length trailer is released.

Chris on Oct 3, 2008


this is sersly trash, why the fuck is goku WHITE? why the fuck is his hair some sort of MOHAWK, its making goku look fucked. i can do 50 times better working on his hair, goku has fringes *sigh* its like mortal kombat or some shit. so fucked. its like getting kicked in the nuts, optimists shut the fuck up, and realize its SHIT

Jer on Oct 3, 2008


bro wtf?! i dont even know what to say. wait yes i do.....WHERE THE FUCK IS KRILLIN??!!! and that trailer was garbage.....they didnt show anything that even resembled the show/magna* i mean wheres nimbus? where's the big gorilla he turns into during full moons? where's destructo discs? where's kamehameha? (i know i spelled it wrong) wheres super saiyan 1? where's fucking KRILLIN?!!! where's Tien (is he in Dragonball?) i mean jeez, wtfbro! u know what.....imma just calm down becuz we havent seen the full length trailer and u never know what the movie will turn out like until u see the whole thing which we all know EVERYONE will do regardless of how much it sucks! im going to just sit and wait.

MovieJunkie88 on Oct 3, 2008


20 years from now I will reboot this franchise...

Heath on Oct 4, 2008


if the producers are watching this space - this movie is not gonna WORK!!!! I dont knw hw they even thght of making a Dragonball movie like this...........and who ate goku's muscles..........he luks like he's goin to die if he didnt ate anything for another day....

lostboy_1 on Oct 4, 2008


I cant believe they expect fans to see this piece of shit. Since when the hell is Master Roshi a damn monk? What Prophecy? they should all jump off a building for making this.

A mad ass guy on Oct 4, 2008


Best Movie of 2009. Yup, i said it. Now bash me.

Nikhil Hariharan on Oct 4, 2008


I can honestly say that, the trailer is not as bad as I expected. This movie, besides from what some other people may say, still may be pretty damn good after all. I did notice a couple scenes in the trailer that look pretty impressive

Movie Junkie on Oct 4, 2008


wut the hell is going

theori on Oct 4, 2008


I agree with whoever said that a DragonBall movie should make more of an effort to stick to the original DragonBall style. Why modernize it? I think that by "modernizing" it they've taken away a lot of the originality and made it into another generic movie. The main reason I'm disappointed is because if it wasn't for the fact that they show the names of the main characters, and for the fact that Goku does appear in his traditional orange and blue garb at the end, I would never have been able to tell you that it was a trailer for a DragonBall movie.

Random fan on Oct 4, 2008


i bet the japanese dont even care about this movie... the asian continent is suppose to be the biggest market for the movie after the States...bcoz most of DB fans are mainly base there...without support from asian market...this movie will become the biggest flop of the decade... asian audiences will respond toward the japanese "blessing" of the movie...after all DB is one of their "culture and religion"...if its not up to their standard or the whole continent will just follow the "wave"...

safichan on Oct 4, 2008


ha ha ha haaaaaaa.

Crapola on Oct 4, 2008


Although, I am a huge DBZ fan, this doesn't look all that bad. Yes they are taking liberties with the story, but what did you guys expect? Try to watch it from a point of view that isn't purely an anime fan. Watch it with an open mind, and you might actually enjoy it. Even though Piccolo isn't green, he still looks neat. Will definately watch.

Joe on Oct 4, 2008


dont watch this movie dont give the bastards who raped everything we know and love about DB-DBZ-DBGT...any $$$

curtfrmcali on Oct 4, 2008


OMFG this MOVIE is gona SUCK ASS its nearly not even the DB formula!!! DRAGONBALL fans are gonna be fucking pissed i know i am!!! RAWR!!!

joel on Oct 4, 2008


you think THIS is a piece of shit? you think THIS is a fanboy backlash? i cant WAIT until Akira gets some sort of first outing... in fact, let me incite this a little. The live action Akira is ALREADY so shitty; i cant watch nor read the genius originals. in fact, it's so bad, my grandma died in 1989 just to avoid the whole sorry mess.

paradus on Oct 4, 2008


I'm tired of reading the same crap like "i been a db/dbz fan forever!" like some kind of excuse before bashing the movie..????? Guess what I am also a db/dbz fan and I'm giving the movie a chance. I admit the format of the teaser trailer sucks but ITS NOT THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!! For what I've seen so far I think it looks okay, y'all should learn to open your minds a little bit because after all this is an ADAPTATION!!! If you want to see the exact same thing from Dragonball, then go watch the dam anime and stop bitching. I think we should also wait for the trailer being released with Max Payne I'm pretty sure it's going to be a different one.

jc on Oct 4, 2008


Well outside of the fact that the whats his ass that plays Piccolo isn't green, only two of the actors are asian, Master Roshi is about 40 years older then Chow Yun Fat, the lead actor doesnt look a thing like Goku and that the movie looks like it takes place in a modern day city instead of a distant planet this movie will probably be prtty good. Oh thats right. I eliminated everything already.

Chris Henry on Oct 4, 2008


this crap need to go right to Beta tape. Take this trailer of this site it smell like ninja turtle crap

bond on Oct 4, 2008


i wonder if those producers, director and studio's exec ever read this thread... i think the similar anti-DB movie "movement" has spread all over the globe around the net... its gonna get bigger from time to time...

safichan on Oct 4, 2008


are you guys serious? this looks amazing! i grew up on this show and now this movie will justify the greatness of this show. this movie looks amazing i truly cannot wait for it. this will be the best thing to happen to dragonball.

Daniel (314) 255 7799 on Oct 4, 2008


OK i have one question and then im done with this whole Fake DB movie? IS GOKU (Justin Chatwin) EVEN PLAYING A SAIYAN? if he is human im seriously no joke gonna kill someone or blow something up!!! I mean they already messed up Piccolo not being Namekian and Weaver replacing Krillin!!!

James on Oct 5, 2008


CRAP!!! WTF, why... GOKU was FUCKED UP in this movie.

FAT on Oct 5, 2008


My god, what does this all have to do with DB? The only thing that is similar are the names. The characters are completely different and let's not even mention the plot. If they want to make this movie, great, but PLEASE don't pretend that is has anything to do with DB or DBZ.

Nienke on Oct 5, 2008


what the hell this doesnt even follow the cartoon this is going to be donkey shit i wont even waste my time watching this stupid shit

raider98 on Oct 5, 2008


oh and piccolo is fucking GREEN!!!!!!!!!

raider98 on Oct 5, 2008


This looks like such a pile. Chow already did this movie with Sean William Scott, Bullet Proof Monk!

David on Oct 5, 2008


PICCOLO ISN'T GREEN? RAGE. Maybe, as someone pointed out, this'll be like Speed Racer, where it totally rocks. I'll watch it once in any case. But I'm thinking it'll suck 'Balls. Geez, they didn't really show anything in that teaser though. Saving all the good stuff for the movie, I hope.

Waldo on Oct 5, 2008


wat the flip. disrespectful to dragonball Z fans. dey dont drive cars. wat th-

Ric on Oct 5, 2008

122 looks horrible. Piccolo isnt even a Namek. Bulma has guns? GUNS????? GO FUCK YOURSELF ANONYMOUS DIRECTOR, GO FUCK YOURSELF. PS. Final Destination sucked.

Sean on Oct 5, 2008


Fox does like sending guys all over the net pretending to be Dragonball fans and then praise this crap. I guess what differentiates real Dragonball fans and fake ones now is that real fans will boycott this abomination.

PWO on Oct 5, 2008


White dude playing GOKU? Give me a break.

teh on Oct 5, 2008


Who the fuck approved that script?? Please let somebody change name of this movie from "Dragonball" to "Some prophecy ball shit" !!!

Ryba on Oct 5, 2008


yeah..... i'm asian and i always thought goku was asian but him being white.... well.... doesn't bother me..... however..... i just wished they used a green actor to play piccolo.... piccolo was bad ass and to see him played by a lime-pale green or something really pisses me off.

Minh on Oct 5, 2008


i dont know why some of you are so surprised. yall should have known not to expect much from this film. ill still go see this film cause im curious plus the women in this film look pretty sexy. yeah i agree they messed up alot of stuff. first mistake was not puttin krillin in there. i just hope the fight scenes are decent. judging by the trailer it looks like they could be. i also hope they do a pretty good kamehameha

Q on Oct 5, 2008


Thankfully there is the possibility to download this movie so I don't have to pay Fox to see them thrash the story and characters. As has already been pointed out, Goku never backs down a challenge, so the whole "I'm not ready for this" is BS. Even when half dead he tries to fight much stronger enemies. Since Chi Chi likely has a bigger part in the movie, Goku should have atleast reached his second part of training (after Roshis camp), and would not be ducking two simple minions with bo's. He'd stand straight and obliterate the staffs. And then there's the whole New York setting that just seems so off... This feels like Forbidden Kingdom all over. Why make a movie on an asian story, written by asians, taking place in an asian land when you somehow have to force a white american character into it? Just don't do the story from the beginning.

Anton on Oct 6, 2008


i hate dragonball, and i hate this one even more, what were they thinking having a white guy as goku!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

that guy on Oct 6, 2008


I'm agreeing with 121, if Goku is not is even a SAIYAN, this movie really have no credibility of calling it DRAGONBALL. SOme of you are saying, "oh it's an adaptation, be open minded, wait for the full trailer" Come on, if the teaser can't not get majority of people wanting to see the movie, it's crap. I'm not even talking about production, editing or EVEN CGI. It's about the culture, the essence, and feel of the Dragonball saga. I guess this was made for kids that "grew up with DB" starting from the late 90's in North America. The look of it was purely for American audience. Go watch any adaption of anime movies in Japan, they really stuck to the originality of the anime.

Joe C. on Oct 6, 2008


OMG! That sUxEd!!! I have waited for many many years for a movie of DB to come out and to see that....makes me wanna hurl!! But ill prolly still watch it, even though its gonna suck. booooo booooo

jR on Oct 6, 2008


... it's like they forgot that DragonBall was supposed to be funny and charming as well as a fight movie. Now it's all dark and angsty looking. I mean, half the characters are named after food and underwear. Roshii was a pervert, but he was so old that it was entertaining. If this Roshii is even half that perverted, it will be come off as super extra creepy.

MinFar. on Oct 6, 2008


Why does Bulma have guns?

xCloudbox on Oct 6, 2008


Ouch. My "High-hopes-for-a-good-DB-movie" just exploded.

soul on Oct 6, 2008


its good, been waiting for this for a long time...........Cant wait for the realese

jc062384 on Oct 6, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, surely in the current world we live in, with the track record of movie companys we all saw a change to the OG DB story line when it eventuated into a full live action adaptation. But her Im all for it. Im a massive DB fan and ill always be one. And I can tell you now this movie is already gonna be better then alot of the OG DBZ movies like the 3rd Broly movie for example. But thats the main problem, this is set right at the end of DB just before DBZ. When Goku is about 15-17 and where he grows from a kid to a young adult. He NEVER looked BULK in that stage of time in the story. He only started to bulk after the Saiyan Saga in DBZ where he completed King Kai's training. By that point though he was already 23ish-25ish and Piccolo was his friend. So to start here, with Piccolo as an enemy, Goku being 17-19 and him looking slim rather than bulk isn't as far fetched from the original story as people think. Goku IS ALSO clearly not just Goku but he has aspects of teen Gohan (his son) in him with him going to school, not always being ready to jump into battle etc... but by the end of the movie im sure he'll resemble to Goku we all know alot more than how he is at the start of the flick. This will most likely be a trilogy with this being more for kids/fam and setting up characters. 2nd will have Vegeta etc and will be more like DBZ (and im sure Krillin will be introduced) and the 3rd will be Frieza with Goku going super saiyan and it ended like it was spose to. (DBZ was never intended to go into Cell/Buu/GT). BTW ill watch it regardless.

Who Cares on Oct 6, 2008


what a joke really leaves a sore stich in my side when great ideas become shit and really thats being kind to the trailer

Alenik on Oct 6, 2008


What the FUCK !!!!

omar on Oct 6, 2008


why does piccolo look like the borg queen from star trek????? fail.

dave13 on Oct 6, 2008


Was this shot for $5? Did you see the crappy slow and fast mo. shots (esp. w/ the car pulling up in the beginning).

Ryan on Oct 6, 2008


We don't even have to get into the characters' appearances and the sets to see how much this movie fails. - "Prophecy" story which will most likely be ripped straight out of Bulletproof Monk. - Both Goku and Chichi changed until almost unrecognizable to allow for the obligatory teen romance subplot. Out goes Goku's naiveté so he can be at high school so teenagers can relate to them or some shit like that. - Master Roshi seems to have ditched his crazy and lecherous demeanor to speak ominously about impending doom. Also, losing both his baldness and his beard makes him hard to recognize as the original. I hope at least Piccolo keeps his character, as he was the most evil villain DB ever had. Though I doubt so.

fail noodles on Oct 6, 2008


WOW! This movie is gonna fuckin' suck!

X713 on Oct 6, 2008


Dragonball: Go to video hell. Go directly to video hell. Do not show in cinemas, do not collect any box office.

avoidz on Oct 6, 2008


no coments...ok ok I'll coment anyway...James Wong Eat My Shorts!!!!!! Eat That Shit!!!!! your country it´s so weak right now and he wastes large amount of money in this shit...BURN IN HELL James Wong for destroy a great Anime...what´s next???? Saint Seiya??? Mazzinger Z???? Damm You!!!!! TE LA COMES DOBLEISHON JAMES WONG!!!!!!

JuanK on Oct 6, 2008


The People That Enjoy this trailer saw the same trailer that I Saw???...Holy Crap It´s Horrible!!!!...I Like to hurt myself so I Watched the trailer again...Now I Know How Feels MR Hands when...well you know what happens to MR Hands...To Forget This Crap I'll watch the Watchmen trailer again...uhm...

JuanK on Oct 7, 2008


At least DOA was based pretty well on the could tell who was who. These characters and scenes look nothing close to what I would have pictured. This characters should have been done like they did with Speed Racer- very bright and colorful and at least the imagery staying close to the original.

Thom on Oct 7, 2008


"What do you all expect? It's from Fox, after all. This studio meddles in the production of all their films. Mathieu Kassovitz's "Babylon A.D." was nearly cut in half by the studio (execs cut a whopping 70 minutes from the final cut), prompting Kassovitz to publicly lambaste the studio. They forced "Live Free Or Die Hard" into a PG-13 rating to make more money, completely disregarding its core audience. And look at their take on the Fantastic Four comic-adaptations. This studio has released nothing but garbage for years, catering to the pre-pubescent crowd. BobbyB on Oct 3, 2008" BobbyB, I agreee with u. fox studio should have more respect to the DB die hard fan.

nekomajin on Oct 7, 2008


This is going to suck. This is going to suck so hard. Emmy Rossum doesn't even look like she makes a good Bulma. Bulma was awesome. Emmy Rossum is too much of a woman who does period films. AND WTF MASTER ROSHI. Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi? I mean, shouldn't Roshi be a bit of a pervert? And what is with this high school movie look. And shouldn't Goku PROBABLY BE, I DON'T KNOW, JAPANESE OR AT LEAST SOME SORT OF FUCKING ASIAN? Everyone is Asian except for Goku and Bulma. Bulma I can forgive, but GOKU? This is fail. Fantastic, Epic, Fail.

A. on Oct 7, 2008


maybe if it weren't the douche bag from war of the worlds as goku, and maybe if krillan was actually in it and maybe if any of the characters looked even remotely like they should this could be ok but this movie never had to compare to modern life like it is now, because dragonball was set in some wacky future setting anyway where people could actually just live off in the middle of nowhere and goku would never have to go to school and have some faggy coming of age story where krillan doesn't exsist! BRING BACK KRILLAN!!!!! also no kamehameha in the trailer? weird... and did chi chi have guns???? this would have been better as a complete computer generated movie like final fantacy 😀

trainedspoon on Oct 7, 2008


Only the most optimistc DBZ fans will go to watch this in theaters after seeing that trailer.

MrSammich on Oct 7, 2008


Finally, something worst than Dragonball GT.

MrSammich on Oct 7, 2008


This has got to be the dumbest thing i have ever seen (or close) by the looks of it the only thing that is going to be even similar to the actual thing is the names. Other than that all they did was make another movie where they try to find somthing (in which bad enough they did such a poor job they couldnt even get the most simple thing to look like the actual thing and by that im talking about the actual dragonballs) and they have to fight to get there... There better be humor atleast i might as well go watch a cheap martial arts movie. but i will most likely watch this just out of curiosty since ive been a dragonball fan about my whole life.

TJamesw on Oct 7, 2008


Piccolo is green! come on!

Visionnaire on Oct 7, 2008


This movie is officially dead to me.

Chris C on Oct 7, 2008


I'm sad that this isn't some kind of joke.

Anonymous on Oct 7, 2008


this isn't the best they have to offer. i'm still kinda pumped for this movie though, when the full trailer comes out i'll know then. i'm not that pissed off about piccolo because he would have either had really cheesy fuckin make-up, or would have to be in CGI. neither would i have liked to have seen. but yea if the full trailer isnt better i might be jumping ship.

Mr.Badass on Oct 7, 2008


Hey, at least it was made into a movie. Think about it wouldn't you like to see what it would look like. I don't care if its bad or good, as long as I get to see something new. I know all of you are going to see it anyway so don't bash on it, at least someone made one. its better then no one making one

jojobee on Oct 7, 2008


The one relevance this has to DB is the fact it has Dragonballs in it, and the character names. If you want to watch it "for the lulz" for god sakes don't go to a theater! Giving Fox money for shitty movies encourages them to make more. Pirate the movie. They don't deserve a god damned cent for butchering our childhoods like this.

Anon on Oct 7, 2008


F all of u who say it sux(it might)but this is modern and piccoleo is namik and they set Chatwin as Goku beause hes like Peter Paker when spiderman first came out an out cast and ITS DB NOT DBZ watch deadlock04 on youtube hes got all updates

JJJ on Oct 7, 2008


It still looks like a generic martial arts movie. And piccolo looks *wrong*

Anon on Oct 7, 2008


i'm watching it....there are epic lulz to be had from the steaming pile of bullshit.

Anonymous on Oct 7, 2008


this movie is fail... the fact that it premieres on my birthday makes my birthday fail... i will watch it though... i want to ruin the movie for all the people out there...especially those little kids with nothing better to do than to watch this steaming pile of dogshit called an "Anime to Movie Translation" FAIL

Anon on Oct 7, 2008


well that was really bad, arent all the characters sapossed to be chinese, i know they want to make money by putting real characters into the movie but, wait dont they already have the technology to make someone green? piccolo looked like he had cancer, no offence to cancer patients, he also looked like he had a little bit of A.I.D.S. anyways like the guy said way to ruin the saga of the cartoon, is the plot going to be some american teenager changes his name to goku then ... u can imagine the crap theyre gonna put on. ive watched alot of movies this summer and u know what these people are really running out of ideas to make money. u know what i say , instead of going to pay for a movie, u pay for internet right so watch them on those sites where u can watch them for free , cause from what im concerned i saw 11 movies this summer, batman twice which means i payed 110 dollars to watch it

manny on Oct 7, 2008


Okay...I'm going to avoid the bile-spewing fire that just about everyone else has heaped on this already and say that, while this does raise concerns about how good/bad this movie will be, it's got to be much, much better than the first live action attempt at the DB franchise, at the very least. And, despite all of the potential problems (a white Goku, Bulma without greenish hair, who the heck is "Mai?", and why isn't Piccolo green, to name a few) I'm still going to go see it. That might be somewhat masochistic of me, but hey: at least it isn't being directed by Uwe Boll. *shudder*

Gearran on Oct 7, 2008


bhahahahhaa! Man this is so horrible i nearly passed out from laughing my ass off at this bullshit. Straight to DVD for sure this one will be, and i bet the video stores wont be having copies of this pile of shit.

lol@hollywood on Oct 8, 2008


Wow,, i can't wait for this to come out. I loved the cartoon and the manga! Please, everyone stop having a hissy fit, unbunch your panties and look at the bright side, THE DRAGONBALL MOVIE IS BEING MADE!

Carl on Oct 8, 2008


AAAAAHAHAHAHA i think im just gonna see it out of curiousity of whatelse they screwed up. does look entertaining kinda

Socalsoldier on Oct 8, 2008


Wow, I can't believe someone (#174) saw a "bright side" in that footage. At least one person is going to see it!

avoidz on Oct 8, 2008


That was HORRIBLE!!! The "suck" factor went "Over 9000!!!"

Robert on Oct 8, 2008


Take liberties? no no no no liberties were taken with Dragonball Characters were changed and other characters were cut out and Characters who didnt play a role at all have been giving bigger roles (Mia I swear she was like what in one episode and one volume for a few chapters?! i wiki her and she wasnt even among the list of characters). the look of the characters i can let go i mean so Son Goku is inspired by chinese folklore but Dragonball is created in Japan none of it actually said or discribed Goku as Japanese of CHinese considering also that America Russia and all that didnt seem to really exsist in that world (tho I beleive the Red Ribbon army had some Russian soldiers) And how can this be for the kids? Dragonball the cartoon and manga are filled with imagination and its fun with a child main character who feared nothing (especially when he died later in Dragonball Z and he was killed by Radditz tellin me they finna have Piccolo kill him?! and isnt this suppose to be Demon King Piccolo not the Piccolo we all know and love (yes i know he and Goku had a knock down drag out battle loved it but he fought Piccolo's father first)) there was a flying cloud for goodness sakes is Goku's car liscene plate gonna say nimbus? I'm not angry about the movie I just hate that they named it something that it has very little to do with sure there are Dragonballs and a few characters from the manga/anime names are used but thats it. None of the imagination that came for Akira Toriyama. its a brief outline of everything we know. A kid name Goku (or in this case teenager) goes off looking for the mystical Dragonballs Roshi's involvement with the DB was limited at best. Yamcha was a bandit with Paur (who apparently was cut) Bulma was hunting for them with the Dragon radar so she could wish for a boyfriend. those aspects are far more suited then what they put together here for kid. alone it could be a fine movie i just cant see that since they wish to morph something i've enjoyed into something else Dragonball is suppose to fun and light this seems to be a very heavy movie in tone and the characters personality changes takes it even farther from Dragonball. lastly its Goku when he was young he wasnt all that buff DBZ takes place a couple of years after DB plenty of time for him to get more buff and by the time its time for DBZ he should be in his early 20s and look more fatherly if that helps you. (i dont think there is much they could change with DBZ so i'll probably see that DB however not for me its like they didnt even read it)

Samuel on Oct 8, 2008


i dont get it i thought yamcha was white? or am i wrong there

sam on Oct 8, 2008


i still can't get over that goku is played by a white guy

Ian on Oct 8, 2008


Whoever asked if Majin Boo, Trunks and Gohan were going to be in it. They CANT be, because they weren't even IN Dragon Ball, they weren't not added till Dragon Ball Z. Thank you for totally insulting every knowledgable Dragon Ball fan.

Kevin on Oct 8, 2008


I can get over the fact that Goku is played by a white guy... BUT THIS MOVIE JUST BROKE MY HEART! It has NOTHING to do with Dragonball. They should've just changed the names and switched the 7 dragonballs to the 7 whatevers, because they're gonna (actually they've already) piss off many many many fans. And did I see Goku and Bulma make out? Please say no.

Charlo on Oct 8, 2008


Hahahahahahahaha, WTF was that?!?!? I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I am a huge fan like most people here and yeah to be honest I will probably see this movie at some point, but mostly to have a good laugh (kinda like a good comedy film). This has nothing to do wih DB, DBZ or anything Dragonball for that matter, it really fails to capture what that show really was. This modern take sucks and looks god awful. Why would anyone agree to give over control on this series to these terrible people that would make it into this movie. Why?????

Quagmire on Oct 8, 2008


Oooo..i get it..this is inspired from the underground animes: Dragonshit and Elephantballs. everyone! its okay. its not from the the sickest cartoon ever created. I'm so relieved. i thought Fox fucked up another sick ass cartoon we all used to watch

Nasty on Oct 8, 2008


Joker: I thought my jokes were bad!!!

Jorge Rodriguez on Oct 8, 2008


the fighthing scene in the trailers makes goku looks so weak. Goku looks so terribly weak. Plus with that kissing scene???? WTF!!!!??? Goku is naive but pure hearted in the DBZ he never been seen kissing in the public, that's why he can ride the nimbus cloud. It seemed that they are making GOKU looks a little bit hentai. Another thing, Bulma looks like a whore in the trailers. And then Yamcha, seemed quit OK, but then he looks to old!!? And then master roshi is not perverted. come on FOX, that is master roshi main trademark. Master roshi is popular because of him being pervert.

death god on Oct 8, 2008


joker: If JAMES WONG is not dead within 30 minutes, i'm gonna blow up a hospital.

death god on Oct 8, 2008


Way to shit on my fav anime. Seriously. when producing a movie based on an anime shouldnt the first question you ask yourself be "How am i going to make this like the anime; how am i going to make the characters resemble that of which they were in the series?" Piccolo isnt even green! He looks like F!@#$% Gollum!! wtf were you thinking!!!! I HATE YOU!!!

Woody on Oct 8, 2008


Im gonna say the exact same thing to all the "OMG YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING" people that I said when the live-action Transformers movie was being made... I too am a fan of Dragon Ball (in my case since my high-school years. Started with Z, then Dragon Ball, and then GT when that came out) and while Im keeping my expectations low, Im not so damn upset that Im going to instantly boycott the thing and go spastic over things like Piccolo not being green (or in the case of the live-action TF, Megatron not being voiced by Frank Welker). In closing, what works a certain way in one medium will not translate too well in another medium. Changes will be made, and while not everyone's obviously going to like them, they will still take place. As much as many of you wish this movie wasnt coming to be, the simple fact is that its being made, and no amount of bitching and moaning is going to make it disappear. Besides, this cant be anywhere near as god-awful as the live-action Mario Bros movie.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 9, 2008


wow, fucking awful..way to ruin a great show...

dreday on Oct 9, 2008


wow..... Dragonball use to be one of my favorite anime shows...

Ballz on Oct 9, 2008


I have only seen a few episodes of DB, but this looks nothing like those.

Ajax on Oct 9, 2008


I had no idea there were this many people who could tell the future on the internet. You guys should be out making money, not pissing and moaning about a movie we've only seen a, what, 1 minute trailer for? So they changed a few things. Uh, gee, I wonder why they might do that? I mean, seeing as this is made for an American audience instead of a Japanese one (no matter what you might think, the original was made by a Japanese studio, for viewing by a Japanese audience) which means they would have to change things to suit the different culture. Also, the various groups running around that are afraid things in movies will corrupt their precious little Johnny could cause massive troubles if things like Roshi's perverted nature got pushed as hard as it was in the cartoon. Honestly, why don't you all wait and see instead of acting like a bunch of bitching 2 year olds who just got told the food was being cut off.

Doc on Oct 9, 2008


I agree with Doc. I understand people are obviously gonna have all sorts of (mostly negative) opinions on this, but its the people who go completely and utterly ape-shyte over the smallest changes that I cant help but laugh at, because Im willing to bet dollars to donuts that when this film is released, theyre going to do a complete 180 and find themselves unable to shut up about how cool the film was. As Doc said, just wait for the friggin' movie. Who knows, you may be surprised and, god forbid, like it.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 9, 2008


wow how dissapointing.. this sucks major ass!! made me want to kamehameha myself

dbmoviecanlickthesenuts on Oct 10, 2008


Dragon ball was an ugly anime anyway. Whoever are the retards that watches this cartoon should not have the right to complain about this movie which perfectly reflects the childish plot of the anime itself.

Qeqe on Oct 10, 2008


Well to be fair on this preview, its an early copy of the trailer, so I think all of the instances that looked dodgy (like the matte involving Goku's hand) will be polished by the time the official trailer is released. And here's something that caught my attention. Take a close look at the shot of Piccolo while he's wearing his hood. He has a slight green tinge in his skin.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 10, 2008


well i think it looks cheap and tacky!... i love the anime its a classic...the film will not be like mortal kombat lol

mccabe on Oct 10, 2008


p.s. I cant beleave that the cheap crappy post production house they have used cant even cut around a matte of gokus hand properly...looks like a fan trailer title shot...shockingly unprofessional

mccabe on Oct 10, 2008


AND (sorry for multi posting :S) ... i for one will not give them my money of this spin shite!...

mccabe on Oct 10, 2008


Not since the Double Dragon live action movie have I seen such a brilliant display of crap.

John-Bot on Oct 10, 2008


The trailer reminds me of Final Fantasy spirts within WHich had absolutly nothing to do with Final Fantasy. This movie seems like it only has the Dragonball name on it to make money

Nate on Oct 10, 2008


To the person who thought Goku and Bulma were making out in the clip, it wasnt Bulma, it was Chi-Chi.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 11, 2008


I am totally against the whole idea of making any anime into a movie. It just doesn't fit, and this trailor is total crap! I hate the look of the Dragonball movie, they don't seem to have gotten anything right about it. I plan to not watch all anime related films, especially if they plan to make stuff like Ghost in the Shell and Akira into movies. Gah, as a hardcore anime fan it gets right under my skin!!!! Grrr.

exodus_127 on Oct 11, 2008


well i'm pretty okay about changing the appearance a little bit so that the character will not be so 'cartoonish' (imagine real-life goku with the same hair as in the manga...), but this?! they totally change everything!! roshi become a somewhat serious, dark man (and younger too), picollo is not green (like woody said, he looks like the f***ing gollum), the environment is changed, and who the hell is mai?! i don't even see krullin in that trailer, despite he is goku's best friend! i'm a fan of DB (although not the die-hard type), and really,this movie offended the fan around the world. but i'm gonna check it out though, hoping it is not as bad as i thought. i hope... :-/

Silver on Oct 11, 2008


To answer your question about Mai, Silver, she was the right-hand woman to Emperor Pilaf in the original Dragon Ball anime, and served alongside an antropomorphic fox ninja named Shu. Together, Pilaf and co attempted to gather the Dragon Balls so that Pilaf could, in typical villain fashion, use the magical orbs to conquer the world. In the live-action film, it seems she is working for Lord Piccolo and, unlike the original manga and anime where she was just a regular human, Mai is a shape-shifter in the film (which would explain why Chi-Chi squares off against "herself" in the trailer)

soul_reaver265 on Oct 11, 2008


The film just shows how stupid and goofy looking the anime is, which is putting people off...maybe because now they realise 'shit, it really is a load of childish looking crap!'

chrisUK on Oct 11, 2008


this should be the best movie ever and is going to be the worst movie instead , why did akira toriyama have to give them the rights to make the movie?

stephen lee on Oct 11, 2008


I bet none of you would be complaining if this movie were made by a Japanese crew and had more of a Japanese feel. As has been said, the first attempt at a live-action DB movie sucked horrendously, and this is bound to be better than that regardless of how cheesy it turns out. For those who may not know, the first live-action DB movie from 1989 was made in China, and had pretty much nothing to do with Dragon Ball. While I personally have never seen it, the general consensus among the fanbase is that even the most die-hard fans cant watch the film with a straight face. Its THAT pathetic. As good as Asians are at making films, even THEY make some stinkers from time to time. Just look at Battle Royale. Yes, Battle Royale is an underwhelming, over-hyped pile of crap and doesnt deserve all the praise it gets. There, I said it. As far as all the complaining about this American live-action DB adaption is concerned, people seriously need to stop the hate (for the time being, atleast) Why? Oh, lets think about that for a moment. ALL WE'VE SEEN IS A "TRAILER" THAT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO BE SEEN BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC! And to everyone complaining about shit like Piccolo not being green, Bulma's hair not being entirely blue, and Krillin not being in the film, SHUT UP AND WATCH THE FUCKING ANIME IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT SO BADLY!!! Piccolo being bright green a-la the anime would look STUPID in a live action movie! Krillin's obviously not part of the main cast, but so what? He COULD get a cameo. Besides, hes a useless and annoying character in the anime. Apart from marrying a cyborg, what the fuck did Krillin do besides get himself killed multiple times throughout the Dragon Ball anime trilogy? Three words... ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING!!! You people want the anime, go watch the fucking anime. *takes a deep breath* There, thats my rant done.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 11, 2008


idk....the trailer didnt show much but i'll still go see the movie so i can see for myself. people are freaking out over this trailer. jeez....chillax people. the movie isnt even finished yet. yeah there are some thing that just suck ass about the trailer but they made these changes for a reason and im sure it'll all turn out awesome as fuck. all i can say is.....wait until April 09.

MovieJunkie88 on Oct 11, 2008


Holy sh...! a caucasian Songoku?? Piccolo looks fierce though..

Libre on Oct 11, 2008


WHERE IS KRILLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOKU on Oct 11, 2008


I'm thinking of sueing this movie for raping my childhood memories,anyone with me? I mean,yellow-green piccolo,an emo school boy goku (im 95% sure there will be a "i cant do this,i cant beat this guy" "no you can beat him,believe in yourself!" talk in final battle) and a lara-croft rip-off bulma...I also make a wild guess that yellow car will take place of the "nimbus" I want to know what they're smoking while they're writing this...

I Hate you on Oct 11, 2008


I one thing im not going to waste my money, nor my money on this junk

Ray on Oct 11, 2008


Another little tidbit I just found out, for those complaining about Piccolo's appearance... According to James Marsters himself, Piccolo will become green at some stage in the film. The reason he is so pale is due to being imprisoned, without sunlight, for so long. Think of the scene where Darth Vader's helmet is removed towards the end of Return of the Jedi. Remember how pasty white Anakin's skin was? Its basically the same principle here, although Piccolo will regain color gradually.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 11, 2008


people are ranting how this movie will be good and stuff,they call nerds who defends the show against this pile o' sh!t... They say it is an adaptation...Well gentlemen,adaptation doesnt mean they can fuck everything they want,so lets make an adaptation of LoTR where gandalf is a leprecaun,aragorn is a drug queen and legolas doesn't even exist...Lets make an adaptation of Speed Racer with Skaters! It is wrong...WRONG! Call the movie "Hai GUYZ WE HAV AWSUM BALL Z" and noone will care but if you making a dragonball movie... MAKE A DRAGONBALL MOVIE

fail on Oct 11, 2008


Actually, dare I say it, but Fail's mocking adaption of Lord of the Rings, with Leprechaun Gandalf and Drag Queen Aragorn, sounds much more interesting than the actual movies. I saw the first two movies, and the bored me to no end. I remember actually falling asleep halfway through The Two Towers while seeing it in cinemas. So for all of you who think that this Dragon Ball adaption is crap, you can think that, but just remember, there are worse, less entertaining adaptions out there.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 11, 2008


haha the interesting fact is that I have seen the made in China version or was it Taiwan or HongKong actually I got no idea. They used to make a lot of films like that back then, honestly I don't hate them, there were good Asian humor and all. Just had to not look at it as a Dragon Ball movie, then it's not that bad. After all it's 1989 and they had poor technology/capital. Now but seriouslly wtf is this shit. It's dead hard ot make a perfect Dragon Ball movie, but eh 20 years had passed and it's Hollywood. It's going to be like, the worst movie ever.

Random Man on Oct 12, 2008


I'm sorry but this trailer looks like a sequel to bulletproof monk. Leaving aside the DB comparison this movie looks very weak on it's own. I really wonder what's from with FOX studios, i hope someday they will go down and never come back.

AKUMARED on Oct 12, 2008


in case you people forgot, toriyoma has no problem what so ever whoring out his product, GT anyone? anyone that isnt an idiot can tell that this movie is just a last minute attempt to make some cash of a product with an established fanbase, hoping among hope that word of mouth, and whatever viral marketing will help this movie (bullet proof monk 2 lol) fill seats and payback tremendously. Even if it flops it really didnt cost shit to make looking at the quality so it is still a win/win for the studio and the 3rd rate actors they have hanging of Chow Yun Fats nuts. all i know is, i will never pay to watch this movie, i would rather watch this over 9000 times instead of letting hollywood shit on my childhood

Ap on Oct 12, 2008


this movie is gonna be ASS!!

forthegreatergood on Oct 13, 2008


I am a huge Dragonball/Z/GT Fan as well. From the start, I haven't had a great deal of faith in a Live Action re-make of the manga series but I have been willing to give it the benefit of doubt but so far things are looking 50/50 for me. I can understand that they may have made certain changes but some changes just cannot be made or they ruin a movie. So far: 1) Picollo not being being Green isn't the smartest thing. He looks stupid now. He looks like something I'd see from Stargate SG-1 or fricken Battlestar Gallactica. 2) Bulma's hair needs to be at least SOME kind of shade of blue...cmon. 3) If this is Dragonball....why is Goku looking around 16+? In the series he was a kid. Big stuff-up there in terms of getting the Characters fitted in with propper Chronology. Other than that I have no real other complaints and I'd probably still end up watching it.

Andrew/Baz on Oct 13, 2008


omg..what a crap mvie..that has nothing in common with the manga or anime!! The movie is going to be a mega disaster...damn Hollywood..they always kill good stories... I'm sure they also will destroy Ghost in the Shell..!

CowBoy dA 3rd on Oct 13, 2008


No Gohan with the adult Goku. Terrible idea (unless it is the only way to guarantee a sequel). This should have been a task for the creators of the Matrix. What they did with the Matrix, V for Vendetta, and Speed Racer was amazing, which surely could have translated into a better visual effect than what this trailer is promoting. Plus, I can imagine this movie will make the people who have never seen the cartoons know even less about the series.

Doc Ock on Oct 13, 2008


The Dragonball title, with Goku as a teen.... This movie is trying too hard to cater to the broadest audience possible. Why not name it Dragonballs (yes, with an 's'), and bridge the Dragonball and Dragonball Z stories. The movie can start with the memory of the destruction of the home planet, some childhood memories, then get right into the typical conflict of what Dragonball consists of. Fighting, eventually the dragonballs are collected, unexpectedly, someone very important dies. Someone gets wished back, and whatever goal was mainly trying to get accomplished is sacrificed. During the closing credits, an extra scene shows whatever it is that was sacrificed, or Frieza looking on over the planet. Surely this plot would include all the necessary elements of a Blockbuster: love connection, a plot with purpose and direction, emotional roller coaster, and for the sequel's sake, expectation for a sequel.

Doc Ock on Oct 13, 2008


WTF?! Fox ruined a good series! It doesn't even look like it could be related to DB. And very poor choice in actors. They could have at least made a plot that follows the series.

B on Oct 13, 2008


That just looks awful. I can't believe any one was low enough to want to act in it. I hope this movie kills all their careers. Yes even Chow's. WTF Picolo isn't even GREEN! *bangs head against the wall*

Linda on Oct 13, 2008


Looks badass to doesn't look like DB but im sure it's gonna be fun to watch ;D

Siduis on Oct 13, 2008


I know pretty much all of you have said what I'm about to say, but I feel I must comment anyway. As a fan of the series, I am extremely disappointed that the characters have no resemblance to the real characters of the DB series. For example, Piccolo is supposed to be green, Bulma should have blue hair and be younger. Goku is supposed to be a kid like 10 years old during the Dragonball series. Roshi shouldn't be some kind of monk, he's some old man who wears a turtle shell and has a long white beard and mustache and is bald. He usually wears some kind of glasses. Also, the Dragonballs don't look like Dragonballs either. I assume the one in the trainer was the one star ball, but they're supposed to be perfectly smooth (the one in the trailer was scratched and scraped) and the star should be a small red star, not a white glowing light. And the ball is too small. They're supposed to be about the size of a softball, not a tennis ball. This Goku didn't even get his license until later in the DBZ series, so why is he driving in this movie? You'd think the writers of the movie never watched the show before. I'm not expecting exact look-alikes here, but they could have at least paid attention to the big details like the hair color and in Piccolo's case, skin color. And considering he didn't have anything covering his head, where are the antenna? Ok, all that aside, if they just took the DB references out and made it something new, it might be a good movie. Those who have never seen Dragonball before will probably love this movie, but anyone who has ever called themselves a fan of the series will find it hard to accept this movie in its current condition.

CCH on Oct 13, 2008


Well it's going straight to VHS for sure.

asz on Oct 13, 2008


Seriously, this bitching about wanting it to be a carbon copy of the anime is pointless. At the end of the day, the casting choices have been made, the movie is being made a certain way, and all you people crying like malnourished infants isnt gonna change it. The simple fact of the matter is that if this adaption of Dragon Ball were to be a completely exact, down-to-the-letter carbon copy of the anime, IT WOULD NOT WORK!!! The live-action Speed Racer movie is a prime example of being true to the tone of the source material, and having the effort soundly backfire. The movie didnt attract a very huge audience, and didnt make nearly enough money back as was expected. DVD sales may boost those profits, but Im not too sure. The live-action Transformers film on the other hand is a prime example of how a property can be adapted, changed quite drastically in many areas, and yet still be immensely successful. Oh sure, the fans whinged and moaned about the revamped character designs, insisting "ZOMG!!! DEY DEZTROYD G-1ZORZ!!!" but The Transformers were redesigned to look the way they did because using their original G1 designs on-screen would look ABSOLUTELY FUCKING STUPID! I had serious doubts toward DBLA when it was first announced as officially going ahead, but now that I've heard more info about the movie and gotten a better idea of what to expect from it, Im not so against it that Im going to get my undies in a bunch and slam the thing over changes that ultimately are minor. As I mentioned in an earlier post, James Marsters himself has confirmed that Piccolo is going to be green in the film. Obviously not for the film's entirety, but think about it, if you were trapped in a place without sunlight for thousands of years and finally managed to get out, I bet you'd end up looking paler than a ghost. I can deal with King Piccolo being immediately green following his freedom in the anime, because thats animation, but it wouldnt sit well in a live movie. Im not even going to bother about Bulma's hair not being completely blue. Anyone who cant see the sense in that change is a few cells short of a functioning brain. I actually like the fact that Goku is a young man in this movie. Why? Because Chatwin's portrayal of the character actually looks like a friggin teenager. In the anime he was around 14 when he killed King Piccolo, but he was still drawn like a kid. In the movie, it seems he's going to be 18, and thankfully, he's going to fucking look like a teenager and not some chubby kid. Besides if the situation with Goku is bad now, I cant begin to imagine how much everybody would be raving if the role of Goku were given to a child actor. In closing: What works successfully in one medium wont work smoothly in another. Changes are made for a reason and as Speed Racer has proven, an exact adaption of the source material isnt always the best apporach.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 14, 2008



jm on Oct 14, 2008


Hang you head in shame Fox, .

jojo on Oct 14, 2008


i going to try my best and hope it only looks this bad because it's still in the beginning stages of development and wait i thought Piccolo was the only one who got the license of the two remember sigh

ls1ninja on Oct 14, 2008


@soul_reaver265 You are just repeating the same excuses that have been repeatedly rebuted And I advise you to save your breath, because people will only boycott this thing as soon as they see the trailer

PWO on Oct 14, 2008


Contrary to what you may think, PWO, Im not "repeating the same excuses". Im merely speaking the truth. Unlike the rest of you, I actually take a moment to think about this sort of stuff instead of automatically jumping on the hate train just because the adaption in question isnt an exact copy of the source material. I actually understand and accept the fact that changes are made for a reason, rather than go apeshit crazy like the majority of the fans have. Remember when the live-action Transformers movie came out? A sizeable chunk of the fans who complained about Micheal Bay and insisted that the movie would suck were quickly swayed, and ended up praising the film regardless of the differences. I personally reckon its going to be the exact same thing with Dragonball. All Im saying is that people should seriously calm the fuck down and give the movie a chance. For years, a live-action Dragon Ball movie has been craved for by the fans, and now that its finally coming to pass, youre all against the idea just coz of a few changes. As I've said before, in the case of Dragon Ball especially, a direct adaption of the anime would not work at all in live-action. Im all for being passionate about something, so dont get me wrong, but FUCK! Sometimes it can get a bit much. I stand by my earlier opinions, and I think all you other fans should just be thankful that a live-action Dragonball film is being made in the first place.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 14, 2008


I just want to say that THIS IS F ING DRAGONBALL PEOPLE. Be real with yourself the show did not get good until the Piccolo saga. Go back and watch Dragonball and tell me what you think of it now not DBZ and not DBGT. I am a huge fan but I can not stand any ep before Goku went SSJ THINK ABOUT IT.

Jamahl on Oct 15, 2008


So I've watched the trailer a few times and I'm not as mad about it as I first was. Granted, some of the changes do seem ridiculous at first but when you think about them rationally, they do seem to make sense. Bulma's hair not being blue for one. Think about it, if she had blue hair in the real world she would look completely out of place like some sort of punk chick, which she isn't. Krillin isn't in the movie because the movie is probably only two hours long at most and I can't see any way how the addition of his character could add to the story in any way. It would only slow things down. The movie already has way too many characters as it is because it is trying to turn a whole tv series that went on for years into a single cohesive plotline. And despite all your complaints about Piccolo's appearance, really, he was going to look stupid no matter what color they made him. He's a freaking alien for crying out loud. I know everyone is complaining about Justin Chatwin as Goku, but the guy is actually a pretty good actor. And who cares if he's white. I don't hear anyone complaining that there aren't any anthropomorphic animal characters in the trailer. In the Dragonball world the were no real races. Just people and talking animals wearing clothes. This movie isn't going to be great, it's not going to set any records, but at least it will entertain. The stunt work does look better than most american made martial arts movies. And this must be an early cut of the trailer because not even half of the special effects shots look finished. But I agree, the car in it looks retarded.

thulcandran on Oct 15, 2008


Yes, its an early cut of the trailer. Fox recently confirmed that the finished and better trailer will premiere alongside "The Day The Earth Stood Still". And, thulcandran, Im glad that you, like me, actually sees some sense in the changes. 😀

soul_reaver265 on Oct 15, 2008


did the directors even watch the anime and the title is dragon ball goku is supposed to be a kid and this guy look nothing like Goku are u serious or piccolo looks verry retarded they should cancel this movie or hand this production to someone else before they ruin the DBZ franchise also isnt it supposed take place in the future and where is Krillin u know what just watch the trailler and u will understand my point.

ishmell on Oct 15, 2008


Goku was a teenager when he fought King Piccolo, and in my opinion, making Goku a teenager was one of the film's smartest moves. I dunno about the rest of you, but I dont wanna some annoying child actor giving a repeat performance of Jake Lloyd's turn as Anakin Skywalker.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 15, 2008


Are you serious? Why? I am no longer a fan of the series, because of this abomination. My kid brother is more buff than Goku! Some cartoons cant translate to a live action movie well, but damn!!! WTF

someone somewhere on Oct 15, 2008


EVEN if you just took the idea DO NOT make the characters something they aren't I mean for gods sakes a white goku a bulma with guns....... this is garbage i personally hope this movie bombs into the dumps like no other movie.

andrew on Oct 16, 2008


sorry I'm not like hating the movie- okay My view probably sounds like it but still its just that are u watching something different to wat i have just watch? Im a fan at heart and i was giving this movie a chance but sorry i cnt now. why: 1) HOLLYWOOD:- if hollywood cnt do it then no one can? wateva u just made it worse.... I have given so much in hollywood b4 like in movies such as hmm lets think back- DEAD or ALIVE, MOTO KOMBAT etc which have bring such disappointment results not to mention street fighter 👿 - ooh god lets not even go there. i thought maybe lets give Dragonball a go because it was more successful than the others so its bound be a great movie NOT TO MENTION the bloody budget!! and wat they come wiv another moto kombat stage, fires spitting out fake rocks, SOMEhow cnt afford to make a real cloud so they got a YELLOW SPORTS CAR and NAMED IT NIMBUS!! thats leads to my second point 2) THE STORY JEEZ WEN DID THE FUCK did GOKU GO TO HIGH SCHOOL--- yes yes those who don't agree with me can say "they made it so that they can relate to 21st century and to relate to also non-fans of DB." "an adaptation of the movie and non-conan blah blah..." sorry but to draw in non-fans u cant change the whole story u have to make it more special by adding great effects making the scenery (which is not ""beautiful"" at all) better then that of wat i just saw and keep it original. GOKU AND CHCHI ARE TEENS WHERE CHI CHI IS POPULAR AND GOKU IS A GEEK OMG ISN'T THAT THE MOST CLICHÉ AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL FILM- LIKE (SUPER-BAD for example) god i cnt say any more on that issue. WHERE THE FUCK IS KRILLIN!!!. Probably, if KRILLIN WAS IN THE MOVIE THEY WILL JUST MAKE HIM THE MORE GEEKY ONE OUT OF HIM AND GOKU WHO GOES "OOOOH MAN GOKU YOU HITCH WIV CHICHI THE MOST POPULAR GIRL IN SCHOOL OR SOMETHING SO GEEKY LIKE DAT" 3) "IM NOT READY FOR THIS....." - WTF this is something u except Harry Potter to say not Goku. Bloody hell THE goku that i know and the goku U shud know will neva say something like this . Goku was up for any challenge no matter he was obsessed not AFRAID!!! 4) Race im NOT racist in anyway, i work for racial harmony so PLZ DONT get offend but i always imagine that if there was going to be a dragonball live action or wateva i always imagine him being japanese or at least aisan because……. he is!! And before ANYONE OF U HU says "BUT HE IS AN ALIEN" must think agen because yes he is from another planet but hello he has asian features IF U CAN'T SEE WAT IM SEEING then i fink u got the wrong show because a pale skin man wiv black hair and martial art suit is defo asian( japanese etc) Making Justin Chatwin as Goku is like making Denzel Washington as SUPERMAN who is also not human BUT STILL white!!! To me hollywood wants its main superhero character to be white and not interested in hiring other ethnic minatory and please dont mention something like (HANCOCK- SCTIPT WRITERS B4 U SAY ANTHING) - THIS IS WAT i call racism . so this wat i have to say and u can argue back and back but its not gonna change my mind or anyones else's who agrees wiv me - i just lost hope in this film 😀

janet on Oct 16, 2008


I'm sorry, but for all of you complaining about Goku being white need to shut the hell up. First off, Goku is not Asian. He is a Saiyan. In the anime, PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE looks Asian if you got light skin. So you automatically assume Goku is Asian looking. But he's not even human. He's Saiyan. So making him a white guy doesn't mean anything just as if they were to make him Asian. Cause the anime/manga never was specific on that cause you can't tell with comparing him to the other characters. That said, I still think this movie will bomb. But I will go see it anyhow for giggles. :p

Jen on Oct 16, 2008


@soul_reaver265 The truth is, Transformers was nothing like what this crap exploiting Dragonball's name. Although that idea was totally stupid, it at least had a little viewable value with its effects. And of course it was quickly forgotten as another dumb attempt at exploiting a popular franchise. But with this movie, it's just The One all over again, but with an even dumber script, no big shots starring, terrible action scenes, and a rape to the source material even more severe than Transformers. And yeah, about the 'official' trailer to be coming out, there's no way you'll see something that will actually differ from what was in the recent trailer, unless Fox redos the whole thing. All there will be are simply some cheap CGI effects pasted over the scenes you've just seen. In other words, there's absolutely no way Fox can fight the boycotts if they don't start over again.

PWO on Oct 16, 2008


I grew up on the Dragonball series and, despite what some of these ignorant queers are saying, I'm looking forward to this production. I wasn't a big fan of the Final Destinations, but The One was a great movie so I have faith that Wong can pull it off. I'm glad to see that there are real actors this time, and they all seem to fit the appearance of their characters pretty well. Anyways, don't let these comments bring you down and just keep doing your thing because this has major potential. I think people just don't understand the concept of a teaser.

Soul on Oct 16, 2008


BAHAHAHAHA "Ignorant queers". I dont think Id put it that way personally, but that line made me laugh XD coz indeed most of the people here are quite ignorant. No adaption of anything can be 100% faithful to the source material without scaring off the larger audience. Final Fantasy Advent Children is a prime example of what I mean in that it makes sense to those who played Final Fantasy 7, but it would leave a general movie-going audience absolutely stumped (thankfully theres a FF7 Digest feature on the DVD). If this Dragon Ball movie were to be a downright copy of its anime namesake (a little kid with a tail and super strength running around alongside talking animals and a slightly ditzy blue-haired tech-genius teen who ultimately fights a bright-green-skinned alien) it would look absolutely stupid, and nobody would be able to take it seriously. Thulcandran pretty much nailed the point Ive been trying to get across. As for THIS trailer, its not meant for public viewing, so the official trailer could easily be something completely different. Who knows? We'll just have to wait for when TDTESS to roll around. I personally am glad that there are people besides me looking forward to this film, and I think that all those hating this film so rabidly should stick to their precious anime. I also cant wait for April 10 2009 to roll around quick enough, so I can piss myself laughing as all the haters' opinions change from "this movie sucks ass" to "this movie KICKS ass"

soul_reaver265 on Oct 16, 2008


Ouch....Mi childhood. Itz cold Did the makers ever watch the show at all? No tournaments or flying green squirrel things. Not even a talking pig. Not 3 eyes or midget clowns There iz no doubt in mi mind, simply from this trailer, that this movie will suck...BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pained on Oct 16, 2008


I know nothing about Dragonball but this looks lousy.

amtt on Oct 16, 2008


As I said in my last post, a direct live-action adaption of the anime would look absolutely absurd and nobody would be able to take it seriously. I cant stop people from hating this film even after its release, but seriously wake the fuck up and quit complaining. Changes are made for a reason and in the case of Dragon Ball especially, a copy-and-paste live-action version of the anime would come off as extremely cheesy. The fact that the talking animals were removed shows that the people behind this film are obviously smart enough to realize that.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 16, 2008


soul_reaver265 is the only one who knows what he's talking about.

Soul on Oct 16, 2008


oh and the guy who was saying the same things like 678890349 comments ago

Soul on Oct 16, 2008


Did none of you watch the shitty one from the 80's...that was worse than this i'd say, i cant wait for this movie to drop, shit i'll be first in line, and you haters can stay at home and wack it to the cartoon

robolemur on Oct 16, 2008


What about this actually makes it Dragon Ball to begin with? Name sakes, some costume references, a watered down Kamehameha, and some glowy orbs, Dragon Ball does not make. Without proper adaption of the characters and plot, this movie is just trying to stand on the shoulders of something they makers knows is much bigger, and that they can never come close to. And that says something, as my opinion of both the DB and the DBZ series is definetely not a stellar one. But as a film-maker in the making, I know that you need to not only know when creative differances from a source are needed, and when its important to include a vital nod. Films like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and the later HP series have shown an ability to be truthful to their original sources, which are far more complex than anyone could validly claim the original DB series to be. Unfortunatly we have films like Eragon and Dark Is Rising: Seeker that give movie makers the impression they can stray as far from both source and common Good Film rules as possible, and simply sell on the source's legacy. And frankly we can only blame anyone here who goes to see it for supporting such rubish. I wish unpleasant fortune on anyone who pays to see this. You make it that much harder for me to actually push good ideas into the market, because its so much cheaper to produce shit like this. Thanks a hell of a lot.

Chip on Oct 16, 2008


I agree with #255.

Jen on Oct 17, 2008



wtf on Oct 17, 2008


@ jen yes i am complaining about that but it doesn't mean that i hate the movie because goku is not asian. im just saying and others who agree that we hate that fact that racism is used in casting people in hollywood's dumb live actions. And you say that goku is a sayian, not human so we do not know he's race, but isn't that the same when you compare it to like lets say superman.... he's not human but can't be black, asisan etc. so??? If superman was created by americans that makes superman a ""white look-a-like"", why can't they Goku who is made by a Japanse manga ka a """japanese look-a-like"""??? Thats what i question Besides i hate the movie manily because of the stupid script and story line- 🙂

janet on Oct 17, 2008


and i so agree with PWO on 239... 🙂

janet on Oct 17, 2008


To Chip I agree that the Harry Potter films have indeed shown that they can be true to the source material, and this is especially true of the first 3 films. With those films, intimate knowledge of the events in the books was not nessecary since those films told the story in a coherent fashion that could easily be followed from beginning to end. Unfortunately, the Goblet of Fire adaption was where everything started to fall apart, and this is a problem with the HP films in general: The books get larger as the series goes on, and while I understand that not EVERYTHING in a book can be condensed in the transition from script to screen, there are serious problems if you start the movie in the middle of the book, particularly for those who may not have read the books. The news that the final book will be split into two parts for film has ground my nerves. Why leave that decision so late? Why not do it at the more logical point of the fourth film? While Harry Potter and LOTR have shown that they can be faithful to their respective sources, such dedication to the source material varies depending on the property in question. Sometimes the change, no matter how minor or major, could occur from a simple whim, while other times changes happen out of nessecity. Ive said it before, I'll say it again. As far as Dragon Ball goes, a live-action clone of the anime would not work at all. Nobody would be able to watch it with a straight face. I mean, the idea of a super-strong little boy who happens to have a tail growing just above his butt and can accomplish these amazing feats would have movie-going audiences wondering "WTF is this?" While I do generally make an effort to respect people's opinions, this is one instance where, as I said, everyone who is complaining about this film just because it isnt a carbon copy of the anime seriously needs to wake up to themselves and accept that the film is being made in a certain way. All the ranting about Goku being white and not Asian, all the raving about krillin and the anthropomorphic animals like Puar and Oolong, all that kind of crap... IT NEEDS TO STOP! SERIOUSLY!!! As for your comments on "shit" anything-to-film adaptions, I can name quite a few off the top of my head in addition to the ones you listed Ang Lee's 2003 Hulk film Super Mario Bros Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Doom Wing Commander Mortal Kombat Annihilation Battle Royale To be fair on Super Mario Bros, it was the first of its kind, and considering that the source material available at the time wasnt anywhere near as expansive as it is today, the directors did an admirable job with the property.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 17, 2008



Dusty on Oct 17, 2008


soul_reaver265 sure brought here a lot of id's and excuses from Fox, although when faced with reality neither one of those will actually persuade anyone not to boycott.

PWO on Oct 17, 2008


To be quite honest and fair it does look like it's going to be crap but...this isn't the "teaser trailer." Hell it isn't even a trailer to be gin with, this footage is "unfinished and the real special effects haven't been finalized yet. This footage here was intended to show the look of some elements and to introduce some characters for the people at L&M. Even tho this doesn't look good it doesn't mean this will be the final product, everyone should just relax and wait for the real trailer to come out, which will be released officially in theatres with "The Day the Earth Stood Still" As alot of you may know is another Fox film. Just wait fot the trailer and atleast try to give it another chance.

Sean19a7x on Oct 17, 2008


Yeah I got hooked on the DB, DBZ cartoon and they really messed this up. I mean who the hell is Mai and where the hell is Krillin. And whats the deal with this prophecy buisess. I wonder if this film director has even wathced an episode of dragonball, Goku doesnt go to school and damn sure doesnt drive a car, and wheres the Red Ribbon Army. I hope at least we get to see Roshi and Goku do the Kamehameha wave.

Lamar Lee on Oct 17, 2008


"ID's?" "Excuses?" Like I said before, I cant stop people from hating this film, but its especially ignorant people like PWO who have the nerve to claim that a person who actually sees sense in whats being done with this film is just making crap up, that seriously piss me off. Especially considering that I was not looking to stir shit up or start a fight, and that I was merely taking part in this disscusion like the rest of you. The beauty of being an individual is having the ability to forge your own thoughts and make up your own mind on a subject. The fact that I am being virtually flamed and accused of bullshit like making up excuses goes to show how fucking sad the state of things can get when it comes to things like live action films, coz god forbid I actually look forward to the Dragon Ball movie. OH NOEZ! SUM1 LIKEZ DA DRAGGINBAWL MOOVEE! WOT IZ DIS WURLD CUMMING 2??? As far as the majority of the fanbase is concerned, if you show even the slightest bit of interest in this film, you are targeted as not being a true fan and for flaming to the N'th degree. Hate the film if you want to, its your choice, but the simple truth is a direct clone of the anime wouldnt work at all, and like it or not, NOT EVERYONE is going to boycott this and people, fans and otherwise, WILL end up paying to see this in the cinemas I thank everyone who has agreed with me and Thulcundran thus far for having enough of a functioning brain to see sense in the changes that this movie is making and not automatically switch into a fanboy/fangirl-induced anti-movie rant. If just about everyone out there is so intent on disliking this film, then as far as Im concerned, you can all - to quote Robolemur - "Stay at home and wack it to the cartoon"

soul_reaver265 on Oct 17, 2008


It just seems as if they've taken the very basic concept (title,character names and dragonballs) and couldnt be assed with the rest,so theyve just chucked in a bit of martial arts and some asian people to satisfy the actual fans of dragonball (which,it seems,the film makers are not) and then done whatever the hell else they like. I mean,in the anime you may see a car and guns here and there but they arent exactly everywhere and play no part whatsoever in the story,yet here goku has a car called nimbus instead of a cloud.And isnt picallo green and alien not just an ugly old white guy? I understand that its been adapted for people who have never before seen DB but i just dont really see the point in making a film based on something if its nothing like the something its based on. Ill probably watch it and it may be half decent but lets be fair,its not really dragonball.

nathan on Oct 17, 2008


You would of think by now the make up and cgi would play some role in making the actors resemble more of the anime, but they totally goofed up, i guess this is an extremely low budget film where they cant even make picolo look right.

dbz on Oct 17, 2008


OMG.... wtf is this... some animes just cant be filmed... dun they realise that? ~_~

nick on Oct 17, 2008



Silver on Oct 18, 2008


as a 15 year old there goes the first blow to my childhood...

Silver on Oct 18, 2008


LOLOLOLOLOL im soooooo going to watch this ^_^ I agrees with soul_reaver265 Unlike the many bashers who think its the end of the world that this is going to be released, im looking forward to watching it. Do I think its going to be a good movie? No I dont its looks like an average B movie, but come on its DB! Dont you people want to support Akira Toriyama! More publicity means more mula for this awesome mangaka. I think this movie is going to make me a laugh alot, seeing how wrong is it makes it funnier and if its actually turns out to be good in some miraculous way then yay! Plus if the rumors i heard are true, and Chris Sabat is gonna voice Shenron then i lov the director for giving a nod to teh original english VA's (also Chris is teh best!)

Anessa on Oct 18, 2008


everyone keeps comparing this to speed racer... i dont think thats fair. the speed racer movie wasnt TERRIBLE (i liked it but thought it coulda been better) atleast they got alot of the stuff from the old anime correct. they just modernized it. now if speed racer was wearing a purple jump suit and driving a dump-truck THEN it would be a fair comparison. this movie is going to completly destroy the DBZ name.

Failtrain on Oct 18, 2008


Failtrain, can I borrow your crystal ball? I need this weeks lotto numbers. Seriously, people, can't we wait til the damn thing comes out, THEWN bash it? Is that so hard?

Doc on Oct 18, 2008


what a HUGE PIECE OF JUNK geez

josep on Oct 18, 2008


it's like mortal kombat all over again -___- has this dude even seen dragonball?

seanzo on Oct 18, 2008


that was not very impresing i mean they could do way better than that crappy stuff!!!!!im just saying they should show real action!!!!!it is a PIECE OF CRAP WITHOUT IT

Josh on Oct 18, 2008


:(it sucks

Josh on Oct 18, 2008


DAMN!! this sucks..

RAG on Oct 18, 2008


well first of all there is nothing wrong with trailer and all you act like imature morons. Its just a movie.

kma on Oct 18, 2008


They're fan boys, kma. I don't think they'd know maturity if it bit them on the ass. Honestly, to all those that are whinging about this destroying your childhood, give it a rest. Did they go back in time and replace all your favourites with cheap imitations? No? Then stow it. To those complaining that the trailer didn't show any real action or anything interesting, I say good. I hate trailers that show the only good bits in a movie. Besides which, this is LEAKED. Which means it may or may not be the final product. Honestly, I almost hope FOX hears some of these complaints pulls this entirely, but keeps the rights so that, in a few years when all the fan boys are going 'OMG!! WHERZ MY DB MOVEE?????', you can blame yourselves for going sare over a ONE MINUTE LEAKED TRAILER!

Doc on Oct 18, 2008


Amen to Doc.

Lauren on Oct 18, 2008


They have to make changes to get it to the big screen. Its going to be different... we have to accept that. But I think it deserves a chance.

Logan on Oct 18, 2008


vile piece of rot this film is eh? i wouldn't waste a dime on this schlock rip off of a classic anime that i grew up loving! and i agree with akira comments brought up earlier as well, hollywood is destroying my favorite anime shows and movies from my youth and it's disgusting! not to mention the three x-men movies that fucking sucked! oh, and ang lee's version of the!?!?! esoteric crap about a character with so much explanation needed that it was a tedious film with serious flaws. i'm not saying all comic/anime movies have or will suck. they just need to think more long term when trying to compile thirty or more years of comics into one, two or three movies.....IT DOESN'T WORK!!!! when will they realize this in hollywood????

vegeta on Oct 18, 2008


oh and doc, i'm sure you're as out of touch with yourself as you are other human beings as well. just because you didn't love anything entertainment wise in your childhood (maybe you did, who knows), doesn't mean that you can cram an entire story like dragon ball into a single or even four movies. i do agree with one thing, PULL the movie now! it's going to suck and when it does come out, FANS (like me!), not fan boys won't even give it the time of day. for every one of the people you think you've figured out doc, there's nine more you haven't so it would be nice for someone who has no maturity to shut up and stop reaming "fan boys" for not wanting their considered "fond" memories ruined by some company who equates a name like dragon ball to money without considering the fans in the whole creative process. and yes, i did call you immature for trying to make "fan boys" feel like shit because they actually care about how the stories they love are represented by hollywood. have another dry martini and watch some more drivel that hollywood shoves down your throat, you seem to be doing just fine already following that course of action!

vegeta on Oct 18, 2008


Doc, along with myself. Thulcandran and anyone else who is willing to actually give this film a chance, are the few people here with enough common sense about us to realize that changes are nessecary in the transition to the big screen. Couple things I've learned over the last week, particularly in regards to this movie. Haters and "fans" (as Vegeta so elequently put it) are like pesky cockroaches that you cant get rid of no matter how hard you try. On that note, the lot of you who are complaining about this movie ruining the DB name are purist fans, am I right? Well another thing I've realized is that the term "purist" is just another way of saying "narrow-minded". Like Doc said, you wouldnt know maturity if it bit you right in the ass.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 19, 2008


Oh, and Vegeta, while I fully agree that Ang Lee's Hulk movie sucked (I understand it has its fans, and thats fine, but if even the folks at Marvel realize it sucked, THATS saying something), I disagree with your opinion on the X-Men movies. The first two were brilliantly made. The Last Stand, however, that was absolutely horrendous.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 19, 2008


omg what can i at day people are just making movies for money i mean look at spiderman movies i love spiderman!!! but the movies sucked so bad!!! the movies are like 2 hours and a half and there is lke 10 minutes of action through the whole damn movie i thought this movie was going to be better but its going to be another piece of ghost rider lol OMG!!!i still cant belive it they changed so many things i mean is understandable that changes are needed but .... oh well there is nothing we can do whats done is done

Superbeto_28 on Oct 19, 2008


Exactly what is this? from what I can tell this is not Dragonball- this is nothing even remotely Toriyama like. I can understand and appreciate that TV series such as this have to go through changes in order to become a full length film, but using that as an excuse is surely taking the piss. It looks as though the director- or anyone working on that film has never seen a single dragonball episode! Ok- so some directors like to make a film their own, but I think hes made a big mistake playing with something that is all ready so popular- and in a lot of fans cases- so close to the heart. I don't think the director has realised just how many peoples expectations he has to live up to- this is not something he can just play with as he could his own films. It is difficult re-making old classics such as this. The marvel comics and other such film re-makes sparked mixed opinions, but those that did their research right came out with a good film. I do not think it is impossible to make a good dragonball film- but I don' think this is it. They say adaptation- but It looks like its been adapted a bit too far- things that were important to dragonball have been droped. For me, the trailer looks like they've decided to take some random martial arts film (Which on its own may have been a very good film) and given it a 'dragon ball theme'. Where's the humor that made dragonball, dragonball? and why the hell is Goku- one of animes most love characters- played by some scrawny Canadian!? (I have nothing against canadians, but Justin Chatwin is not Goku,) Just reading the 'new' character profiles is horrible. From what I can tell these characters are not the same dragonball characters. Admittedly, I have not read the script, or seen any more footage than the trailer, but at the moment from what knowledge I have, It appears the director has decided to drag dragonball kicking and screaming into the real world and bastardised it. As a stand alone film, It could work, hell- it could be a good film providing you haven't seen dragonball! but as a fan I know I'm going to be cringing as I watch it since the characters that I grew up with will always be more prominent in my mind, than these versions. In the mean time, I hope that I am wrong, or that it is so far from dragonball, it will become easy to not associate with the original, or at least not take over the original. Or it will teach Hollywood to leave alone, or at least be more careful and sensitive with subjects such as this. And to James Wong I can only say good luck mate. Thanks for at least trying to bring back dragonball. I hope things aren't as dire as everyone seems to be expecting.

Adaptation or Bastardisation? on Oct 19, 2008


i can't believe they screwed up dragon ball. well, considering its from FOX, I can believe, but god.... everyone involved in the production of this TRASH is a complete and utter sell-out. the whole production STINKS of cheese (and yea, its just like a continuation of those horrible mortal kombat movies), it is horrible casted, I can't believe they took Goku, a role model for ASIAN guys, and casted that plastic-surgery tweaked white guy to play him. The US always loves to cut off the asian guy's balls. and what was that slutty action there? I mean, yea, we all know the Real World's Jaime isn't an angel (and is disgracing Chi-Chi's character), but the great thing about Akira Toriyama was his ability to create satire and poke humor w/the sexual elements in db. dbz and dbgt. It was never slutty. and .... what is that mess they're trying to pass off as piccolo?

uzhmakai on Oct 19, 2008


I don't know what to say, every one else said it already. But seriously, character choices, mainly for Goku, seems awful, Piccolo isn't even green, and whats up with the background it doesn't resemble anything like whats in the DBZ universe WHERE'S CAPSULE CORP!!!!!

Guest on Oct 19, 2008


oh please - if this didnt have the dragonball name attached to it you nerds would totally go watch it.

Dragonball sucks anyway on Oct 19, 2008


Man, where is Roshi's beard? It's the fucking SEX. I'm gonna see it though. It's of my general opinion that it will be far more entertaining if all the special effects were made out of cardboard though. And to "Dragonball sucks anyway," the very reason people are putting up an uproar is that just putting the name, Dragonball, on this movie doesn't make it Dragonball.

cardboard-ey on Oct 19, 2008


I gotta agree with everybody else who says it doesn't look like Dragonball -- I couldn't even recognize most of the cast. It looks like a generic Hong Kong flick that's recycling props from "Dragonball: The Magic Begins" and whose characters just happen to share names with characters from the series. And with their budget, couldn't they have at LEAST afforded a copy of the manga? Or even a few random episodes of the series? You can -- with lots of luck -- sometimes find old dubbed anime tapes in dollar stores. (I've even found old DVDs of anime in them...)

RH on Oct 19, 2008


WTF ??!!!! That is not Dragonball . Thats just a Piece of Shit movie like DOA . Where is the pure comedy and unadulterated pure great fight scenes . 1.) Get rid of the Dick head playing Goku. Goku was a kind, light hearted FUNNY guy , but when he fought look the fuck out . 2). Bulma , Gun toting WTF!!! She was a Scientist . 3). Master Roshi , he's a Dirty Old man that know how to kick ass and train Goku and the gang . 4) Was that Piccilo or just ripped alien/monster that looked like a grey vampire . 5).Where is Krillin , Tien , Chow Su , Chi Chi . And Capsule Corp 6). Where is the Saiyan history , Where is Goku's Tail . They did have the creator of Dragonball etc on board , but , he wanted to much control and wanted to change it to what it should have been . So they got rid of him (thats the last I heard) Ok enough of my ranting , last thing , they should have the Japenese make it , then , i think it would be much better .

Mulder on Oct 19, 2008


To be fair, Bulma has a gun in the original Dragonball manga. but this really does look like the worst thing ever, it's all so wrong and awful and AIhadjkgbas

Nathan on Oct 19, 2008


Well, for non DB fans, this movie is just another flick (like jumper, the forbidden kindgom, etc). I don't remember seeing a US remake/adaptation of a jp/kr animation/movie/drama being anywhere close to the original...but that's just America. We strip the concept of the original to get a KISS idea and go from there..kinda like writing the history of China in one sentence. I just as hell won't pay $10 to watch this garbage, but might rent it for a buck when it's on dvd.

Momo on Oct 19, 2008


300 whiney little posts. Jaysus. Just watch the movie when it comes out. Who cares what's it like. If it's good, awesome. If it flops, meh. I'm sure every single person here is going to watch this, be it for the lulz or for fun, whatever. Although...I think I saw Goku kissing Bulma...that might complicate future sequels a tad.

Regalia on Oct 20, 2008


there won't be no sequel to such a retarded movie

This Sucks on Oct 20, 2008


i expected more aura and flares like kamehameha etc.. but somehow this is nothing like DB, i think if they change the title and characters' name i won't even notice its a spinoff of DB =.=

cooler on Oct 20, 2008


to put things in vernacular, goku would be all over that shit instead of being a pussy. none of that "i'm not ready!" BS. moreover, he wouldn't be kissing that chick... he would, most likely, be tapping her crotch for telltale signs of being a guy. THAT's the goku i remember: blissfully, blissfully obtuse. AND WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT CAR DOING THERE!? please, please, please don't tell me that was goku's mode of transport. db has been pureed and homogenized for an american audience, i fear.

raphael on Oct 20, 2008


god damn! they just ruined the BEST cartoon ever this is pure Americanized filth way to go and shit on a legend!

Alan on Oct 20, 2008


OVER 9000 TEARS I CRIED WHAT IS THIS? IT'S SO B-BEAUTIFUL adjdlsLSKDJAKLksajksdljas -keyboard smash-

idunno on Oct 20, 2008


Simply disgusting, I can't imagine how Mr. Toriyama could have agreed with this. This is an insult to his work and everyone who has been loyal fan of his work!

Daddo on Oct 20, 2008


WOW, I'm not going to pay money to watch this movie. Probably going to stream it online or torrent it just so I can get my money's worth. (Which is $0.00) LOL.

LOL on Oct 20, 2008


OMFG! This movie is an insult not only to the fans & makers of the Dragonball series but also to the creators of great anime! Can you imagine if they tried to make live action movies of other great anime series??? This movie is just like the movie Bulletproof Monk who happens to have Chow Yun Fat in it as well. Several things caught my attention though: 1. Goku in this looks like a 21 year old who's acting like a big pussy and says he's not ready! (Hell Goku was only a kid when in the Dragonball franchise and he was a brave but naive kid!) 2. Master Roshi actually has hair in this movie and does not carry a turtle shell on his back! He is also acting like a real master as opposed to his "perverted" ways in the anime series! 3. Piccolo looks like an orc from the Lord of the Rings Movies. (I've seen better Piccolo's in cosplay competitions! They could have at least colored him green! Villains in the Power Rangers franchise look way better than this Piccolo. Instead of being scared of him, I'd say "Step off freak show!") 4. Does Mai in this movie happen to be Chichi? I hope not. Bulma, eh, Emily Rossum is hot but sad to say, she's playing the demeanor of another Dragonball Character which is Launch, the dual personality chick. Bulma isn't like Lara Croft but more of a techno wiz. Sad to say, I'd expect a few things missing in this movie as well: -Capsule Corp. Stuff -Nimbus Cloud -Supreme Martial Arts Tournament -Animals that act like humans (ex. the King of the City) -Giant Dinosaurs -and basically the other characters of the Dragonball Franchise I can just imagine the guy playing Goku turning into a blond Arnold Schwarzenegger when he goes Super Saiyan! Hahahaha! ROTFL then puke. Let's pray that this movie becomes the biggest regret Fox has ever made. The madness should stop right here in this movie. Oh God, I hope they don't plan to make a Naruto, Bleach or One Piece Live Action Movie!!!

un461v3n on Oct 20, 2008


That soul_reaver guy sure looks like somebody from Fox, as well as guys like Doc who are singing duet with all his crap

Kracken on Oct 20, 2008


they have shattered a dream of a dragonball fans... we all were expecting a movie from it, but not in this way, as if they have raped it....

rocky on Oct 20, 2008


What steaming pile of SHIT *vomits*

dwadw on Oct 21, 2008


The only thing I saw that was right was roshi wearing a hawiian shirt....... The rest didnt even look remotly DB baised, change the dragonballs name to IMO fox balls and its a new (tho still crappy looking* movie. Never mind even being remotly true to the DB story they havent even got the basic's down.

Coal on Oct 21, 2008


Oh, yeah, that'd be right. Im optimistic towards this film and get associated with Fox studios because of it. I both laugh at and pity those who dare go so far to make such an association, I truly do.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 21, 2008


It's not horrible. They just made an adaptation of the idea of Dragonball, and yea, since it's fox studios, I think it would be quite good. Anyway, they would have to tackle the large public, including dragonball fans even if they, like most people here, do not like the small hint of similarity with the original. I doubt it will ruin the reputation -- in fact, it's highly likely it will make it better. DBZ fans will be disappointed for the light adaptation, but it's really for the media, since DBZ was so popular....

Tan-Tan on Oct 21, 2008


It seems i have this deja vu feeling when they made FINAL FANTASY -SPIRITS WITHIN, where in they adapted american scriptwriter, and modify the whole plot, story and characters of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, which made it a flop and in a process force SQUARESOFT in some financial crisis. Im just happy the latest FFVII Advent Children was a saving grace. No offense though i'd rather prefer watching these movies in 3D n made by Japanese and not by some other people who are alien to this anime. Hollywood don't seem to respect foreign films, they either deviate or modify for the sake of profit. I dont want to hold my hopes high on this movie, people are not complaining on this movie cause of it "purist" sense, one has to analyse Dragonball has a lot of tremendous following because of its unique character and one which many are "familiar" with. But if you take the "familarity" of it, its like taking icing on the cake.

rikimaru_uzumaki on Oct 21, 2008


if this goes into theaters i totally lost all passion and respect for DBZ. i hope that the director kills himself. the person that did costume design burns in hell. and the people that picked leading roles fuckin dies a horrible death. this is an honest humilation to all DBZ fans. DBZ has been through alot and has made a name for it's self, and there going to throw it all away and fuck last little bit of DBZ fans away...... pittiful. P.S. DBZ fans if you ever know anybody that loves this movie or even thinks it was ok beat there ass for me and to all the DBZ out there thank you and good night.

nick 06' on Oct 21, 2008


ok every one please read comment i quote=It's not horrible. They just made an adaptation of the idea of Dragonball, and yea, since it's fox studios, I think it would be quite good. Anyway, they would have to tackle the large public, including dragonball fans even if they, like most people here, do not like the small hint of similarity with the original. I doubt it will ruin the reputation — in fact, it's highly likely it will make it better. DBZ fans will be disappointed for the light adaptation, but it's really for the media, since DBZ was so popular…. Tan-Tan you are a fuckin retard its for the media.. this movie wouldnt be shit without a fan base.

nick 06' on Oct 21, 2008


Holy cow. Way to stink up the place lol. Thats by far the worst thing ive ever seen, better go gouge my eyes out and do a basic lobotomy to try and forget it.

Eden on Oct 21, 2008


Why does Hollywood put a white male lead in an obviously asian story (speed racer de ja vu)? I rather see Jackie Chan attempt to portray Goku than this guy.

Rick on Oct 21, 2008


I'm just going to go to the movie to laugh at how terrible it's going to be. The original dragon ball live action movie was incredibly terrible, as well.

James on Oct 21, 2008


okay yes it looks really bad...but this is dragon ball....not dragon ball z so why are people complaining about, wheres trunks cell and buu? and of course it looks crappy. just dont watch it.

Hamid on Oct 21, 2008


OH MY GOD!!....THIS IS SUCH A BIG PROBLEM!....can some one beat up the director!....very dissapointing. It looks like a mortal kombat movie from the 90's....ITS 2008 people please keep up...boooo da director!, da writer, da producer!, etc.

ronald808 on Oct 22, 2008


Every one should probably take a breather, this movie still has almost a whole year until its released, a lot of movies look crappy at first, plus like Hamid said, this is Dragon ball not DBZ so why would all those people be in the movie

Markus on Oct 22, 2008


Wow, of all the bad things to make a movie of and live action no less, Dragon Ball? I know there are fans but come on, WHY? I didnt grow up with it since by the time it took of here in US I may have been late high school or early college (grad fromHS in 1998) but really, there is no need for this especially coming from a crappy cartton. No, I am no anime buff but still, like with most out of this world anime (DBZ Pokemon, etc) leave it in its animated form. I know that game/comics to movies is big biz these days but, look what happened with speed racer, need I say more, I rest my case!!!

J-Dog on Oct 22, 2008


this is very typical of Americans ruining every franchise they touch. Its called 'Americanising' someting!! A DB and DBZ etc will be ruined. The japanese will laugh at it!!!! thanks x xx x x

Alexx on Oct 22, 2008


The japanese will laugh at it!!!! Hey the japnese own the copyright to DB should held out and not taken Fox's money if they were so concerned about thier property being portrayed in cinema! There the one that should utimately be blamed by critics

MICHAEL on Oct 22, 2008


Have you seen the japanese version of Dragonball In Real ? It sucked as well! You can't re-film the whole story into 2 hours!

SSD on Oct 22, 2008


OMG, this is Dragon ball or Street Fighter the movie (jean-claude-van-damme) sequel?????? Anymay, I'll think this is the best parody of Dragon Ball ever Peace and love from chile ^^

Suparobo on Oct 22, 2008


lol. Epic fail right here. How could they? >': Poor piccolo dosen't even look like a namek OR have his trademark cape&turban. . </33 Not cool guys. Can't wait to see it though. So I can laugh even more at how shit it will be. xD;;

Lupin on Oct 22, 2008



Qq on Oct 22, 2008


Wild fanboys appears! Fanboys attacks soul_reaver265 with RAGEEEEEEEE! The attack missed! soul_reaver265 uses Logic on fanboys! It's not very effective... Fanboys use IRRATIONALISM! Fanboys become confused... soul_reaver265 uses persistence! It's super effective! The wild fanboy fainted! soul_reaver265 recieves $60.

Mudkipz on Oct 22, 2008


hahahaha, this movie looks bad. Even if it wasn't called dragonball it looks terrible. It looks like Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, but somehow... worse. LOL Master Roshi is a 'serious' master. Goku as a scarred white boy who is learning. I guess the only reason to call it Dragonball is to cash in on the franchise, but they HAVE to know people who loved Dragonball would want something that at least resembles it. At least keep the characters resemble their counterparts. They should have just called this movie "TigerBall" and named the characters differently. It still would have failed, but it least it wouldn't have taken the franchise down with it.

John on Oct 22, 2008


This is an EPIC FAIL! >_<

edz on Oct 22, 2008


LMAO @ Mudkipz's comment Best possible thing to wake up to 😀

soul_reaver265 on Oct 22, 2008


@mudkipz The only thing you said that is true to the fact is that soul_reaver265 is getting money for posting the "Logic of Fox" up here that nobody in their right minds would actually pay attention to, except for his other colleagues and id's he has here.

PWO on Oct 23, 2008


soul_reaver265 is probably the only intelligent poster on this board.

MICHAEL on Oct 23, 2008


way to ruin dragonball dumbass james wong

matt on Oct 23, 2008


I'm throwing in my vote for worst movie ever made or will be made. The only way they could have possibly made this good would have been either with perfect casting, a stylized format, and story that closely follows the original with only slight tweaking.....this looks like i'd rather watch a uwe bole movie back to back for a week straight without food, water, and sleep. wtf thank you for making this horrible translation you douche of a director.

Ihatethismoviealready on Oct 23, 2008


I was laughing from 10 seconds in to the end.

Hahaha. on Oct 23, 2008


why does piccolo look like something dragged out of star trek?

O.O on Oct 23, 2008


Gee, Vegeta, I didn't even have to read your entire post to realise what an absolute idiot you were about of yourself. These sentences said it all 'oh and doc, i'm sure you're as out of touch with yourself as you are other human beings as well. just because you didn't love anything entertainment wise in your childhood (maybe you did, who knows), doesn't mean that you can cram an entire story like dragon ball into a single or even four movies.' For one, what the hell does that last bit even mean? Out of touch with myself? What? And accusing me of not liking anything in my childhood shows you're grasping at a reason for me not to be siding with you and the rest of the fan boys. And at no reason did i say I expected the entire DB story in one movie. Hell, i haven't even seen the entirety of DB and I know there are elements missing. It's rather obvious they are going to a more known character/villains with Piccolo, adjusting the DB legend so they don't have to, theoretically, introduce Kami and the whole 'he is me' think between him and Piccolo. And it's rather obvious they skipped Krillin so they wouldn't have to go looking for a bald midget with martial arts and stunt training. I'm going to repeat what i keep saying. GIVE IT A CHANCE. And any future attacks at my likes/dislikes in shows or whatever are just going to be laughed at if they are delivered like Vegetas.

Doc on Oct 23, 2008


I know what this movie reminds me of now!! Dead or Alive.

duca on Oct 23, 2008


hahahahahahahahahaha Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! I HAVE TO SEE THIS! Just so I can laugh at how stupid it is 😀 Does this Goku have a tail? and.. and... and... Anyway in the end all this film probably really has in common with DB is really the names. So it won't have much affect on the originals (not for me anyway)

Merzky on Oct 24, 2008


And finally SOMEBODY gets it! Thank all that's Holy!! *kisses the ground Merzky walks on* Even if it is bad, it has no effect on your feelings for the original. and if it does, you can just go and re-watch if on DVD or whatever.

Doc on Oct 24, 2008


why the f*ck did they even make a movie of dbz? i mean WTH why make a movie of an anime... its meant for kids and now they want adults to become db fanz? this movie is nothing but bull

Rathaos on Oct 24, 2008


Great They destroyed another classic. This is terrible reminding me of a realllllllyy reallllyyyyy bad video game movie called Street fighter. Way 2 F up a classic. This looks like it is going 2 be worse and what happened 2 jet li playing vegeta?? I am pissed way 2 go Fox. Ohh and let not forget Dead or Alive anoter horrible movie just lave good this alone...especially u fox..ohh yeah superman sucked least we have batman and marvel movies

kamal on Oct 24, 2008


What the hell is a dragonball?

Watcher444 on Oct 24, 2008


What a bunch of crap, i'm insulted just watching the trialer...once again white boy saves the day. "Goku" should be japanese....

Lora on Oct 24, 2008


super gay. Goku is way more tank than scrawny there.

austin on Oct 24, 2008


Okay, guys, this is getting ridiculous. 1) A lot of the kids that watch DBZ when it first came out are adults now anyway. 2) AT NO POINT WAS IT SAID THAT GOKU WAS MEANT TO LOOK JAPANESE, CHINESE, VIETNEMESE OR ANY OTHER KIND OF -ESE! He's SAIYAN and thus they don't have to stick him under any qualification. Hell, they coulda given purple polka dots and they could STILL put it under the casters thoughts on what a Saiyan should look like. Plus it's an AMERICAN production, meaning a lot of the characters are going to be Caucasian. 3) It's rather obvious that this is NOT DBZ, kamal, but DB, meaning no Vegeta just yet. Finally, where were they going to find a body builder of the right age?

Doc on Oct 24, 2008


Ppl seem to forget that this isnt dragonball Z... this is Dragonball... With taht in mind... WTF MAN!?!? there is so many problems with this... like the part where u hear goku go "im not ready for this" ... at WHAT point would goku ever say something like that... chances are good master rochi would be like "im not sure if your ready for this and i thin... goku? ... GOKU?" *watches as goku runs off to battle* srsly tho, its dragonball not DBZ... dont expect Kahehameha's and shit kuz that stuff didnt happen till the TAIL END of dragonball. Dragonball Z is when the series got good anyways.

Bloodfrost on Oct 24, 2008


The idea to do the movie = great! Execution seems piss poor. I hope im wrong, but i doubt it. And the kid looks like he could be a decent goku. But the story line, from what I hear, is not going along with the manga. WTF. Dont get me started on Piccalo! 1. He is suppose to be green. im gonna stop there right now.

bobby on Oct 24, 2008


As far as I'm concerned, as soon as this movie is released, it will be the end of the anime Dragonball, DBZ and DBGT. =.= I Cant believe they left out krillin, and Vegeta is no where to be seen either... but then again, it is only Dragonball, and no Dragonball Z. BUt whats the deal with piccolo? Why the hell isnt he green the way he's SUPPOSED to look?! And why isnt Bulma's hair blue/green-ish?!! This movie is the biggest joke ever, and I hate it, because it will be the end of my favourite cartoon DBZ.

Moony D. on Oct 24, 2008


PICCOLO WILL BE GREEN!!! James Marsters confirmed that in even the earliest of interviews. However, he wont be green throughout the film's entirety. Thats the last time Im gonna speak on that matter.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 24, 2008


Moony, find me a bald midget with martial arts/stunt training and you'll have Krillin. Good freaking luck though (and be glad I didn't say find a bald midget actor and a bald midget stuntman). As soul-reaver has said SEVERAL times, James Masters himself has confirmed that Piccolo WILL be green. He'll just need to spend some time in the sun to darken his skin. You try staying indoors for a few centuries and see what kind of a tan you have. Bulma's hairs isn't green/blue/whatever because this is set in the MODERN REAL WORLD and the only reason it would be coloured like that in such a situation is because she was some kind of punk or something, which would be against her character ANYWAY. Finally, one movie is NOT going to end DB/Z/GT. Aside from the fact the series has stopped production anywa, it's still go way too big of a fan base. Grow up, stop acting like a drama queen, build a bridge and get the fuck over it.

Doc on Oct 25, 2008


piccolo in this movie looks like a sith

500 on Oct 25, 2008


This i have to say is the worst movie trailer i have seen, i mean if you have ever seen the chinese version of dragonball movie from the 90s i would suggest they had a better cast and idea with thier cheap special effects than what i just saw now it sickens me to think that they couldnt make it look like any of the characters even in this day and age. This will ultimately be a flop especially since they are using some american guy to be goku! Just like Rick commented i`d rather see Jackie Chan play the role of Goku. I could go on forever but i`ll leave it at that my minds bout to blow thinking about this

killiua on Oct 25, 2008


I forgot to mention I look more forward to watchin the NEW Dragonball Z anime movie that should be released sometime next month, check it out on anidb for more info.

killiua on Oct 25, 2008


The funny part is that this movie will make money regardless. People will pay to see it just to see how shitty it could be or how much it is like the actual Dragonball.

Akira Ueda on Oct 25, 2008


Okay, normally I can sit quite, first things they really need to deal with in this movie that are more than just a few minor details. First, remember Goku was still a little kid during the entire saga of Dragonball. And they have a scrawny, wirey adult playing as Goku. Bulma I think was cast appropriately in terms of appearance, so we'll leave that alone. Roshi is being cast as some mythical person which one would divulge from the name "Turtle Hermit," but those of us who know his character know he's anything but.. Chow-Yun Fat could pull the part off, but honestly it needed to be the old chinese guy from Sidekicks playing the roll. The biggest complaint I have is that the movie looks like it's going to be very dark, very evil looking just from the lighting, etc. It seems like it's another typical movie where the white guy picks up x sport in like a week and suddenly becomes the uber god of x sport and owns all the people who have been doing it since they were kids (Ref: F&F: Tokyo Drift, Forbidden Kingdom, etc). Now, those of us who've seen Dragonball know that the series was nothing like that. It was very bright, very campy, Goku was an alien who crash landed on earth and had been learning martial arts from Gohan (his adopted grandfather to which is son Gohan was named after) since he was a toddler. Several elements that are very important to the character were things like Chi-chi's father the Ox king (not present), Nimbus Cloud (not present), Oolong (comic relief, but still a main character), Emporer Pilaf (First half of DB's main antagonist). I mean they're skipping over things that would honestly be very easy to recreate. Now I give them major brownie points for starting with DB instead of DBZ just from a special effects standpoint, DB is going to be significantly easier to do since there's not much in the way of flying, ki-blasts are still at a minimum during this series, but the ones I did see looked horribly cheesy... Like Street Fighter: the movie cheesy.... I'll download the movie. I don't want any of my money going to this steaming pile of garbage

StaticX27 on Oct 25, 2008


OMFG, this is embarrassing...

Yihua on Oct 25, 2008


@ StaticX27 If there's one thing Dragon Ball aint, its the Simpsons. Unlike that show, the inhabitants of the Dragon World age, even despite being drawn in one particular way throughout much of the series (such is the case with Goku and Gohan, for example). During the series' first World Tournament/Tenkaichi Budokai, Goku reveals he is 12. He mistakenly thought he was 14 before learning to count using his fingers and toes. After this tournament, the date that each tournament is held is changed from every five years to every three years. By the time King Piccolo showed up during the next tournament, Goku was roughly 15 years old, despite being still drawn to resemble a child. As I've said before, having Goku actually be a young man in the film is a smart move since it reduces the stupidity factor that would be more in-your-face if Goku were a super-strong little kid.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 25, 2008


ohhww my god~~~im so lost of words for this.......*frowned*

michael on Oct 25, 2008


and @ Bloodfrost The Kamehameha Wave actually intro'd fairly early in Dragon Ball. Episode 10 if memory serves. (I find it amusing that Roshi had to work for 50 years to master it, and Goku does it seeing it just once) Goku himself didnt learn to fly without the Nimbus Cloud till the tail end of the DB series, although other characters had been doing it up till that point.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 25, 2008


omg, poor akira toriyama.. lol, whats so dragonball about this movie? the chars... nope, maybe the hair, nope.. the fighting, nope! what? what exactly it is?? just the stupid glowing ball??? lol can i give rate now? 1/5

sham on Oct 26, 2008


No, sham. Ratings, and if you ask me opninions, can only be given AFTER you see the damn thing.

Doc on Oct 26, 2008


WHY WTF WHY ill never watch this movie. if i want to waste 90-120mins of my life ill go get stoned. now that i think of it thats a pretty good idea......

ll420 on Oct 26, 2008


uhm, to.. 15 wher is Gohan, Trunks, Cell, Majin Buu…c'mon thumbs down.. DDOT3 on Oct 3, 2008 maybe because this isn't DBZ, nor is it DB GT? 😛 Gohan is not born yet, thrunks haven't travelled back in time yet, cell is not created yet, buu.. well, no one ever thought of summonign him yet 🙂

ipwnu@db on Oct 26, 2008


hahahahah omg goku is white! i can't imagine that -______- yes they totally butchered the movie why is master roshi so serious? isn't he supposed to be like a perverted old man? i can't imagine chow yun fat being perverted rofl

sake on Oct 26, 2008


WHAT THE f%@# IS THIS?! I EXPECTD DRAGON BALL! KAMEHAMHA WAVES! EXPLOSIONS! GOD LIKE VILLANS. AND I GET THIS CHEAP MATRIX RIP OFF? ands whats up with the fanncy cars and high tech equipment. THATS NOT DB! I ought to find the person responsible for this... and rip his nuts out with my bare hands

Christian on Oct 27, 2008


@371: Why not? It's not confirmed what race he looks like. Hell, I always thought he looks white, personally. @372: You, like everyone else here apparently, expected an exact copy of the anime? Geez, man, I could have told you that wasn't going to happen. My little sister coulda told you that wasn't going to happen. Micheal jacksons pet monkey coulda told you that wasn't going to happen. Get over it, live with what you're getting and stop fucking whinging. no one cares.

Doc on Oct 27, 2008


Where is Krillin!! I want krillin in the movie.

amin915 on Oct 27, 2008


Rumor has it Krillin will cameo. Even if he doesnt appear in the film at all, I'll live. He's not that important anyway. And before anyone decides to give me greif over that last remark, name me one thing that Krillin did that was of real signifigance to his character and... A) Didnt involve knocking up Android 18 B) Didnt involve him dying or otherwise taken out of the battle. Besides, this movie has enough core characters to introduce as it is. Adding Krillin to that cast would be like trying to force together two puzzle peices that clearly dont fit.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 27, 2008


Besides which, I'll say it for the third time, where are they going to find someone to match Krillin without having you lot going on a bitch fest about them 'ruining the character'?

Doc on Oct 27, 2008


Indeed. Besides, Krillin pretty much got his ass handed to him since King Piccolo showed up. Hell, HE was the first person to die in Dragon Ball. That, in my eyes if nobody else's, proved that outside of the Saiyan saga, Krillin is not a character so much as cannon fodder.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 27, 2008


m8 i like battleroyle lol do dis on it lmao

harry potter on Oct 27, 2008


Geez, the same Fox excuses over an over again. Can't Doc and soul_reaver and some others (assuming they are really different people not working for one company) save your breathe and let this cinematic atrocity die in peace?

PWO on Oct 27, 2008


hopefully the director will die and the movie will be abandoned....that way many other lives will be spared

LOL @ THIS on Oct 27, 2008


@ PWO Geez, the same ignorant attitude over and over again. Cant you save your breath and stop associating the people who are smart enough to actually give the film a chance BEFORE trashing it with Fox just because we accept that this is not a carbon copy of the anime? Or do you really have nothing better to do with your time than spend it hurling insults at the people who are smart enough NOT to insatntly start ranting about how DIS MOOVIE HAZ DEZTROYED DRAGGIN BAWL OH NOEZ111. You all know who you are and you should not assume that the film is going to suck just due to drastic but nessecary changes. Like Doc says, you and the many other people who are incessantly whinging like malnourished infants seriously need to stop bitching over something that.. A) Is only just over a minute long B) Has clearly unfinished special effect shots C) IS NOT EVEN THE OFFICIAL FUCKING TRAILER In Doc's words: "Build a bridge and get the fuck over it". Seriously.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 27, 2008



greatguy88 on Oct 27, 2008


@lol @rhis Dont even say that jokingly wishing someone dead to stop a movie is is serious sick man!

MICHAEL on Oct 27, 2008

371 A brand new clip from the film, courtesy of a Japanese TV special.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 27, 2008


This looks like crap! But for those of you looking for good screenplay writers to make your movie looke descent. Go to and read EQUINOX. Maybe the should've hired him to write and direct this movie.

Tri Xuan on Oct 27, 2008


Okay, PWO, I'm lumping you into the idiot list. Why? Because you are assuming myself, Soul_reaver and others work for Fox just because we're willing to give the movie a chance. This shows the maturity level of a two year old to go with your ignorance. We don't agree with the fan boys therefore we mst work for Fox? The last time someone tried that was when I was called a Micheal Bay supporter for liking Transformers. thing is at the time I wouldn't have been able to tell you who Micheal Bay was if you had him sitting in front of me. You have made yourself look like just as much of a fool, so well done. And with Soul_Reaver's clip, oh look, the Dragonball looks pretty close to the anime/manga, huh? So, what are you all going to bitch about next?

Doc on Oct 28, 2008


I like it! But I have only seen 2 episodes of the anime, and read half a book of manga backwards. Because I did non like the childish play on them I never looked again. Could be that at the age of 31 it was too late, and I watched and loved the Z and some of GT before starting the original. Still I know my shit, and this movie is not Z and never will be! But it looks good and pars with X-Men and DOA, and granted they were shit, this is still the best real-life-anime-shit out yet! It is like comparing the original Fantastic 4 comics to the movie versions, ofcourse it sucks! They are starting to get a hold of how to turn a good book into a good movie, it will take decade to turn a good comic to a good movie, and there will be the same road to travel by trial and error they have gone with the book2movie, and as time passes, we will see shit turn to gold. If there is an instant way to transfer the manga to a movie with real actors then write the script and direct the movie, that is what worked for the previous examples but it took the time for the young minds to get the fame and land a good project!! Do it, and we'll love you forever! Whine about it, and we don't care!!

NotZ on Oct 28, 2008


The first X-Men, in my opinion, wasnt as bad as most think. My only major problem with the first film, and ultimately with the trilogy as a whole, was that Wolverine was given the spotlight and the rest of the team were treated like second stringers. Not that I have anything against Wolverine, but if you take the concept of a TEAM and put the focus on a single person (and in the case of X-3, the uneeded addition of the diva-tastic Halle Berry, who gave the most half-assed rendition of Storm Ive ever seen), that presents major problems. Its like Power Rangers putting all the focus on the Red Ranger and leaving the others to dwindle in the background.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 28, 2008


Shame.... Dragonball was and is my favourite anime. And now... this movie? Screw you "20th"

Hakky on Oct 28, 2008


hahaha What an ugli piccolo ><

Hakky on Oct 28, 2008


@Doc First of all, I did not lump you into Fox's payroll index, remember I just assumed that you and some others DON'T work for Fox. And second of all, why do you think this movie deserves a chance? You and soul_reaver265 had never given any good reasons except for the usual "wait till you actually see it" or something similar in kind.

PWO on Oct 28, 2008


WOW. Did anybody making this movie even watch the show??? Holy crap this movie is gonna blow! Don't waste ur money

Steve on Oct 28, 2008


LOL omg this movie looks so bad I can't stop laughing

Steve on Oct 28, 2008


Ok first of all....why does this look like a cheap mortal kombat? Why is there a yellow mustang with racing stripes in the trailer? Why is goku not a kid? Just so many issues it's ridiculous

Steve on Oct 28, 2008


holy crap somebody actually liked DOA? this reminds me of that. I really hope this is one of those movies that look like crap, but ends up being pretty sweet. But not impressed thus far, also, Roshi does NOT look like Roshi, wheres the beard and shades homie? so gay to the max!

Victor on Oct 28, 2008


OMG no all wrong god please send them a better producer and director some one who knows the story and knows the characters.

DBZ ALL THE WAY on Oct 28, 2008


@ PWO Doc and I have usually given the classic "wait until you see it" line namely because going off of the footage on this page, thats pretty much all that can be said. I've given perfectly logical reasons as to why the DB movie has been changed from the anime like it has, and why a direct clone of the anime wouldnt fly in live-action. Wether or not you and anyone else who's read them wants to take them on board or discard them is your choice. Ive said before I cannot stop people from hating the film even after its release, but hey, all I'm trying to say is that I think all you haters should calm down and give the movie a shot, because it may very well end up being completely different than the "OMG this suxxorz" vibe the crude promo footage on this page is giving. If you still dont like the movie even after seeing it, then hey, you can feel free to, because atleast THEN you intense dislike of the film would be fully justified. Yesterday I stumbled across an early review for the film on Aint It Cool News (the dude who saw it mentions it had unfinished SFX and no musical scoring), and in all honesty, it doesnt sound too bad. The guy gave a lot of praise to the film, particularly Justin Chatwin's turn as Goku and James Marsters rendition of Piccolo. Here's the link, but bewarned, it has spoilers so read at your own risk. Although I will say this in advance... I FREAKIN' TOLD YA'LL PICCOLO WOULD BE GREEN IN THE FILM And as for Steve, Ive said quite a few times that Goku is not a kid here because he was not a kid in the anime when he fought and killed King Piccolo. He was a teenage boy of roughly 15 years. If there's one thing DB aint, its the Simpsons and as we all know, characters in the Dragon Ball universe dont stay the same for too long. In the film, Goku is apparently 17 going on 18, so jacking up his age a couple years shouldnt matter too much.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 28, 2008


@PWO Alrighty, I'll give you a reason. Let's about, you haven't seen it yet, so how do you know its bad? From the trailer? You can tell that from such a small ammount as what we've got? Impressive. The lack of aspects from the anime/manga? Not seeing the problem. A modernised story will result in such changes. The fact that Goku's in high school, not a kid, no Nimbus Cloud, etc, etc, etc? all of this has been answered, mopstly by Soul_Reaver. So, you tell us. Why should we not give it a chance? Hm? You've been doing nothing but demanding a reason why we should give it a chance, yet have given no reason other than points that have been refuted by reason and logic. So, unless YOU can give us a solid reasoning why we should hate it, then I'll happily stand by my 'wait and see' approach.

Doc on Oct 28, 2008


I was also a childhood fan of the show. I know that they cannot recreate DB just like the anime; but, the plot and characters should reflect the show. The actors chosen for the characters are not good representations of the individuals visually. This may be changed as the movie is completed, but I doubt it. Lets hope for the best in this movie and not let the memory of the show be tarnished by a probable bad movie.

Mel on Oct 28, 2008


Dont worry guy win i get big ill revamp this film seriously

Tenn Williams on Oct 28, 2008


PLEASE tell me this is a troll. A horrible, horrible troll.

DeJO on Oct 28, 2008


lame, horrible, costume sucks, characters look nothing like db characters. They could atleast work on the costume and make the actors look like the character gosh >.>, how hard is it to find a wig with long spiky poofy hair for goku. The dragonball looks bad it looks like a toy lighting bouncy ball with a spiral design. Why not just make it look like a orange crystal ball. I think i'll just watch the new season of dragonball when it comes out

uoi100 on Oct 28, 2008


well this suxss i hopr it gets better some needs to smack the direrctor in the face cuz it dosent look nuthing like the car toon for real he suxs at this job get some fricken custumes man a he should a least try to make it look good

Kubin on Oct 28, 2008


lol, "high school". Fox is a piece of shit. You can not turn Animes into live action films. Except for Speed Racer, which was good, but DBZ is an exception. Fox is retarded. I wouldn't even see this movie if someone offered me a free ticket, popcorn, candy, and a soda to see the film. FUCK THAT!

XYZ on Oct 28, 2008


i feel as if i've just been raped...this is awful, piccolo wasn't even green, bulmas hair wasnt blue, chatwan made goku look like a pussy. this is worse than what Joel Schumacher did to batman, and wtf was up with the cars!?!?!? no flying nimbus? the only good that can come of this is if anyone who makes south park is a fan of dragonball or DBZ and does the whole rape thing like they did with indiana jones except this goes beyond rape. its like rape, then mutilation, then more rape followed by herpes

Buu on Oct 29, 2008


this is frikin ridiculous. i dont mind them making crap about shitty comics characters... like x-men and other cheap and *no-story-line* movies but this is too much. they are going to dirty smth that should not be dirty.

horo on Oct 29, 2008


They have totally fucked this up

Zen on Oct 29, 2008


why is it made like its modern. we should unite and destroy this film before its released

kevin on Oct 29, 2008


I was expecting something like superman,planet destroying,WTFING!ZOMG!devastating SFX! but what is that? thats trash...

lapispencil on Oct 29, 2008


Doc? I'm not a DB/DBZ fan, and you're never going to have me unhappy because nobody ever made a movie about large part because I know we'll always have "Dragonball: The Magic Begins." (We've already got a Dragonball movie, people were hoping for a *decent* one.) My problem is simple: it looks like they maybe read the back cover blurbs, and that was it. They didn't even bother flipping it over to look at the cover art, or opening it up to because the risk of contaminating their creativity with the sight of what they were supposed to be adapting was just too great. I don't think they read the back cover blurb of any of the DVDs, unless they had it read to them so they were spared the usual screen shots that are on the back of DVDs. Visually, this looks nothing like Dragonball. This is opposed to such things as all the recent American comic book adaptions, where somebody actually did take the time to make it look right -- even Ang Lee's Hulk looked like the people involved knew what the Hulk should look like. Now, for what we get in the leaked trailer of the plot... The prophesy is weird, if nothing else because our heroes, with the exception of Goku, would generally not get involved in saving the world except by accident. Maybe a few of them would have done so of their own will towards the very end -- but that may have been more from being used to ending up doing it than anything else. Bottom line here? I figure Fox let this leak on purpose -- it looks too polished to have not been intended for public viewing -- and with luck they will cut their losses, toss this, and make the people they tap for the next attempt at least flip through the recently-released art books -- or even seen/read the series.

RH on Oct 29, 2008


woow... i love it.. this is a very good one.. yes yes...

pareng angs on Oct 29, 2008


wth????? this movie is nothing like the series. thanks fox for crapping on a wonderfull series. i knw that i sound like all the others butall the fans that have posted this kind of comment are ture fans. true fans will not see this(or be high before seeing it,in my case drunk). what a hack of a plan and half baked movie. they probably went to boul for advice!!!!!!!

k brooks on Oct 29, 2008


DBZ is one of my favorite shows of all time. I will still go see it just cause I am a huge fan of the show but I have a feeling I will be dissapointed.

TIm on Oct 29, 2008


all of u guys heating on the movie should just shut the f... up n b glad that they made a db movie,,,yeah its gona have its ups n downs but since when have mayor movie deals done a movie from a cartoon or a comic book the way they r????? ok thats what i thoght,,,,i wathc db ,dbz n db gt im a great fan n i just cant wait till the movie comes out its gona b great

pancho on Oct 29, 2008


MICHAEL on Oct 29, 2008


Hahahaha, no. Not cool Fox, not cool at all.

Erika on Oct 29, 2008


why don't ya'll guys just sit in your couches and check the db,dbz, and dbgt from what it used to be with the moving pictures and forget everything about the live action movie so you could just live your lives peacefully. or better yet, make your own db movie and we'll all be thrilled to leave you some earth destroying comments!!!

edmon on Oct 30, 2008


I wonder if this goes well and they make a dragon ball z movie. who will be vegeta or raditz? I also wanna see the infamous Kame hame ha blast. The CGI has to be good if Goku will turn to a giant Ape. They probably wont explain gokus an alien til the next one. Im excited!

TIm on Oct 30, 2008


@soul_reaver265 Uh, sorry to cool down your ethusiasm, but first of all that review from aintitcool has already been revealed as another fake piece of news. Second of all, you guys have been saying things like "wait till you see the actors all made up", "wait till you see the official shots", "wait till you see the trailer", and what do we see when the pictures of the actors all made up, the official shots and the trailer came out? If anyone is still "waiting" after all this, it'll be hard to think they have nothing to with Fox.

PWO on Oct 30, 2008


Ahh, a fake piece of news. *shrug* Ahh well, it happens. I'm still psyched for the movie. I'll be there on opening night in Australia, and I'm taking my neice along with me.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 30, 2008


Goku was a little kid for pretty much all of Dragon Ball, Master Roshi was not freakin asian, nor was Yamcha, shit none of them were asian ~_~ Idiots, this shit has nothing to do with fuckin dragonball. Akira Toriyama would be ashamed.

Josh on Oct 30, 2008


I doubt Akira Toriyama takes his work THAT seriously. While he was working on the manga, he had intended to retire Goku and end the manga several times, but that didnt happen because of his editors and his fans, who forced him to keep going. Not to mention that he left a..I guess politely straightforward would be the term I'm after...goodbye note to his readers when he ended the manga. Here's a excerpt from a 1986 interview, posted on and featured on the DaizenshuuEX fansite, back from when Dragon Ball was really only getting started... "I wanted to keep it a secret, but I planned to submit my drafts to Shonen Magazine at first, but I found the deadline had already passed, so I had no choice but to send it to Shonen Jump. The reason why I became a mangaka… to be honest, I just wanted the 100,000 yen prize (laughs)."

soul_reaver265 on Oct 30, 2008


Why is piccolo white? Could they not even get a f---in color right? He looks horrible what the hell are they doing, did they even watch a single episode of Dragonball? Goku says "I'm not ready" ...are you sh---in me?

Evan on Oct 30, 2008


Alright, I know Im re-treading old ground here for the umpteenth time, but Im doing it for the sake of Evan and any future newcomers to this board to save them complaining about Piccolo's appearance... PICCOLO WILL BE GREEN! JAMES MARSTERS SAID SO HIMSELF! HE'S PALE BECAUSE HE'S BEEN OUT OF SUNLIGHT FOR SO LONG! He will regain his green coloring as the film progresses. If you look closely at the shot in the promo where Piccolo his wearing his hood, you'll notice his skin has a green tinge to it. I found another picture of the green-skinned Piccolo on IMDB a while ago, and if I find it again I'll post it here. So, yes, Evan, they have indeed "got a f-in color right", as you put it. Although, there will no doubt be complaints that Piccolo isnt green enough.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 30, 2008


I can't wait for this movie. It's going to be awesome. Don't judge it on your inability to accept change. Give Dragonball a chance.

guest_13 on Oct 31, 2008


Oh dear, that is just typical hollywood drivel. And the fight scenes look pathetic. Why do Hollywood companys try "BUY" cool and try adapt things with such cult status. All they care about is money and product placement...not what the actual original concept was. Its gona blow

Aku on Oct 31, 2008


@soul_reaver265 First of all, in the case you do have a niece, then I feel very, very sorry for her. Second of all, why are you trying to deceive yourself that Piccolo's green? Or do you and Marsters have a different definition of "green"?

PWO on Oct 31, 2008


i say we all should just watch so they would have enough funds to make a good dragonball.

guest on Oct 31, 2008


@ PWO I am not going to get into a fight about this, so I'll just say the following. Firstly: I'm taking my neice along to this film because she wants to see this. She's not some little kid either, she's old enough to distinguish between fantasy and reality (I took her to see Dark Knight and she wasnt scared at all) Secondly: If still deny that Piccolo will be green after seeing that photo, then quite frankly, youre color blind. Yes, im aware that its a very pale green, but its green regardless.

soul_reaver265 on Oct 31, 2008


[raising my hand - like i am in college for bad film review 101] [raises hand frantically waving] "oo oo pick me, pick me!!!" just by seeing this preview can i say, Bullet Proof Monk Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 Forbidden Kingdom and Jason Scott Lee's Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story all combined in one melting pot and call it Dragon Ball (without the Z), unless they're using the Z for the somewhat sequel, hint hint. oh yeah, almost 4got, and a little bit like Blade 2, look carefully, it looks like the villian in Blade 2 is playing as the villian again as Piccolo (im not talking about the actor, im referring to the pale baldy evil Sith lookin character).lol in da famous werds of Charlie Brown, good grief! *sighs* i jus dont know ya'll.

MDstatus on Nov 1, 2008


What!? Bulma doesn't have blue hair. She wouldn't look out of place if the movie gave her blue hair, she's Bulma. I've seen people in the real world with blue hair. Picolo's not even green? Nameks are green. That's a big part of DBZ! That's like changing Santa's costume from red to blue. Everybody keep saying Goku is played by a white guy and that's wrong....what!? Goku is a saiyan not a white guy, asian guy or any other race. What does a saiyan look like? This movie looks so lame and should be called something other than Dragon Ball because it's so far away from the cartoon.

guitaristJLB on Nov 1, 2008


ur gona ruin dragonball z

cuerdas on Nov 1, 2008


This is a total shot to the balls, I was hoping of some money being put into this making it amazing, nice combat graphics and even better energy graphics with the mix of the human interface. But after seeing that it makes me want to throw up in my mouth along with all over the directors and actors. Seen so many amazing DBZ cartoon this is just bad.

Ramon Lozada on Nov 1, 2008


...worest movie of 2009...that's all i can say

...db... on Nov 1, 2008


omfg this is so horribly wrong. i actually got red in the face from embarrassment. this is my first time watching this trailer and i am going to totally disregard this movie. the main reason being, the story line from what i can see is this white boy "goku" is just another human with a prophesy attached to him. What The Hell! and also, they need to leave the Martial arts out of this and show more ki blasts and power ups. THIS IS DISGUSTING

Nick on Nov 1, 2008


Subtle racism in the movie business once again because apparently an Asian actor can no long play an Asian character. All of the other characters are true to their ethnicity. Why isn't Goku? For that reason alone, I can't support this movie. But besides that, it looks like shite anyway.

TyroneBiggums on Nov 1, 2008


Fuck. Me. Dead. Wtf is this fucking shit? Shoving some Asian tits in our face in the hope of diverting ALL of our senses so we do not realize what a fuck up they've made? Not only casting a fucking WHITE BOY for goku (you fucking piece of shit Fox FUCK YOU) but he has to be the ONLY MOTHERFUCKING WHITE BOY in the movie. Oh, no, there can't be any fucking consistency, the main beloved alpha male character HAS to be white and will conquer all in the end. JUST like rambo. JUST like any Arnie movie. Just like the myriad of fucking shit-treated Hollywood bullshit being shoved down world-wide viewers' throat to strictly serve the single purpose of stroking the already hugely fucking inflated ego of the citizens of the worst motherfucking country on the planet. What a laugh-at-able pile of garbage. Trust some corporate scum-fuck to take something great and sodomize it until it turns into a puddle of fucking gayness. And yes, I'm being politically in fucking correct so suck a dick and stfu your silly opinion doesn't interest me. *FIRED UP*

Wtfisthishollywoodfiedshit on Nov 2, 2008


You people give Dragonball too much credit. It was a dumb, made-for-boys manga with no redeeming cultural value beyond its childish humor and fight sequences. If this movie is nothing but childish humor and good fight sequences, it will do the series proud. If it 'ruins your childhood', then your childhood need ruining. You should have gone outside once in a while, you basement dwelling freaks.

Sean on Nov 2, 2008


People seem to be forgetting that the entire concept of Dragon Ball is based on myth. Myths, regardless of wherever they come from, can be interpreted in all kinds of ways. Even Dragon Ball itself has been changed several times, and it was based on the Chinese myth Journey To The West. To help further prove my point, all the below examples are Dragon Ball-specific and yet, like this current live-action film, diverge drastically from the standard Dragon Ball storyline in several different ways... 1. "Curse Of The Blood Rubies": The storyline involves a corrupt king terrorizing local villagers to uncover magical Blood Rubies that he hopes will satiate his immense hunger. When that fails, he starts to seek the Dragon Balls. Meanwhile a young girl enlists the help of Goku and Bulma, who are hunting for the Dragon Balls, to restore the king to normal and in turn, save her village. 2. "The Magic Begins" is a Chinese live-action version of the above film. However, the king featured in this film wants to recover the seven "Dragon Pearls" so he can use them to rule the world. All the characters are renamed (Goku is called "Monkey Boy" for instance, and claimed to be descended from the Monkey King Son Wukong), Puar is replaced by a wise-cracking cockatoo, and the Oolong-based character is portrayed as a shape-shifting human. 3. "The Path To Power" is yet another re-telling of Dragon Ball, loosely based on the beginning of the series. Aside from the new DBGT-style animation, other major differences include The Red Ribbon Army replacing Emperor Pilaf and his goons as the main antagonists. So you see, changes CAN happen - regardless of the country, regardless of the story, regardless of how drastic the changes may be - and yet, the property can still bear the Dragon Ball title. Krillin not being in the film?: I'll live. All Krillin ever had going for him when he wasnt six feet under was making an ass out of himself as the comic relief, with very few if any real important moments that didnt revolve around him dying. Not to mention Krillin was DEAD in the arc that this movie is based around. The real kicker for those bitching about him not being in this live-action film is that NONE OF THE FILMS I LISTED INCLUDE HIM AT ALL! Goku being a tail-less high-school student and instead of a little kid and, more importantly, being played by a Caucasian?: I can deal with it, for several reasons... 1. Goku is a SAIYAN, an alien from another planet. And considering the movies I listed above are new interpretations of the Dragon Ball story, how should this movie be any different? 2. Having Goku be a super-strong, tail-bearing child would look absolutely totally stupid, and making him a young man in the film lessens the stupidy factor. Not only that, but again, Goku WAS a teen when he fought and killed King Piccolo in the manga/anime. In addition there are also child labour laws to contend with. 3. The people working on the movie will cast whoever they feel gives the best performance in whatever role they may be auditioning for. Of course, there are even some cases where a specific person is requested. Whatever the case may be, Justin Chatwin, who happens to be a Caucasian citizen, is playing Goku. Bulma's hair not being blue?: People walking around with their hair dyed entirely, isnt exactly the most common of sights, and most of the time people will simply streak their hair, such is the case with Bulma in this movie. In all honesty, it would look silly and if you need further proof of just how wacky the idea of someone with blue hair could look, take a look at the below screencap from the season finale of Power Rangers Mystic Force, where the Pink Ranger (who initially hated the color pink) has dyed her hair completely pink. Look how silly that is. Look at that picture and take a moment to consider if Bulma having completely blue hair is something that really should be done without it looking as awkward as that pic. Piccolo's skin being pale for much of the film?: Again, you need not be Einstien to figure out why this has been done. Ever see Return of the Jedi? Notice how ghastly white Anakin's skin was once his helmet was removed? You try spending a prolonged amount of time locked away without sunlight and see what happens. Its been confirmed by James Marsters that Piccolo will be green in the film, and you can check the pic I posted a few posts back if you need further proof. Ive copped a lot of shit from people all over the internet for expressing my thoughts on this film, from being called racist simply for not nodding in agreement that Goku should be Asian and calling Justin Chatwin American (I didnt know at the time that he was Canadian) to being associated with 20th Century Fox for not jumping on the hate bandwagon like the majority of the fanbase has. So, in an effort to clarify my stance once and for all... I am a fan of Dragon Ball/Z/GT, have been for a long time and Im not gonna stop any time soon. The idea of a live-action Dragon Ball movie does not sit well with me either. If the film were to be made in a medium other than anime, I would PREFER it to be CGI like Final Fantasy Advent Children. HOWEVER, considering that it IS being made in live-action, I can accept that and any changes that come with it, and I want to support this film. I dont care about Goku being played by a Caucasian dude. Goku could be played by an actor with a thick French accent for all I care and I'd still support the film. Why? Because as I said, stories can be interpreted in different ways, and I dont give a stuff about ethnicity and race. All that concerns me - and should concern the rest of you - at this point, is how well the actors play their parts. I have my opinion, Im entitled to it.

soul_reaver265 on Nov 2, 2008


Oops, forgot to add the pic to my little rant about Bulma, lol Does that not look stupid? I dunno about you, but I think it does

soul_reaver265 on Nov 2, 2008


She has been shown with a gun few times in the anime. First episode of Dragon Ball saw her shoot Goku when he went to attack her after being run over. Later on, she shot Goku with an SMG after finding out he'd removed her panties in her sleep. Even the end credits show her clutching a firearm. Now, as we all know, Bulma is the one who starts the quest for the Dragon Balls in the anime, and Goku joins her later on. Im not entirely sure how things will go in this movie (by the looks/sounds of it, it'll be the reverse situation) but for the sake of my next point, let's say Bulma starts the quest on her own a-la the anime. She's not superhumanly strong like Goku is, and she'd need a way to defend herself, so logically, she would be packing heat, would she not?

soul_reaver265 on Nov 2, 2008


OMFG Take THis off how dare fox disgrace the dragonballs we looked so hard for I have only 5 of them but the guy who playes me looks awful like a fucking crackhead Piccolo(ma Jr)loks like he is on meth I strongly suggest making a movement against this movie and is relese to all of my fans put threr dont let them disgrace my legend like this

GokuSSj5 on Nov 2, 2008


Is it me, or isn't it sad that a cartoon can convey more energy, and creative joy, than a multi-million dollar big screen movie? And besides all that...a Caucasian Goku. Nice. Thanks Hollywood.

Yikes on Nov 3, 2008


i cant believe this bull... this has nothing to do with the original plot of the db cartoon it looks cheap and will hurt the new comers of db opinion of the franchise. on second note this movie will be so terrible that maybe it will force a new full-length animation movie to clean up the mess and this movie will feature a new villian but with a background steming from a story we already know. For the future maybe we american film makers need to leave animae alone for a while because the last thing any of us wanna c is a cheap gundam movie

awwl mane on Nov 4, 2008


Omg...what a shame...the people who worked on this film have no idea of the true concept of this story line...Cars? Goku had nimbus to fly him around, not shia lebouf bumblebee transformer. Krillen? Trained with Goku AS A LITTLE KID , THAT HAD A TALE and was a NOT A F**CKING TEEN. Bulma and piccolo don't even look like the characters of the manga. Its sad that i waited nearly over ten years for this adaption and it is an utter disappointment. Prophecy ? Come on my dude, give us what Die hard fans want and that s a true adaption of the Akiro T'S work, not the corny English version. Akiro T should sue fox for this film, completely destroying one of the greatest shows ever, Just sad.

Loyal fan on Nov 4, 2008


This movie should be boycotted.

dbzfan on Nov 4, 2008


@soul_reaver265 Can you stop repeating the same excuses from the standpoint of moviemakers with absolutely no sense of color, faces, myths, character and respect to originals?

PWO on Nov 4, 2008


PWO this might make a good movie but since it has the title of Dragon Ball, which it is nothing like Dragon Ball, it is not going to be a good movie. If it wasn't titled Dragon Ball, it looks like it might be an okay action flick. The bad guy looks ridiculous, like he's out of the power rangers or something. Who wants to watch that? When the movie flops in theaters and the sequel goes straight to dvd and the third one doesn't even come out, then we'll know for sure it's a lame movie.

gokufan on Nov 4, 2008


@ PWO I'm not going to do this dance with you again. I've said before and I'll say it again: The movie is being made, people can bitch and moan about it all they like, but they cant do anything to stop or change it. If you read my second-last post at all, you must've skipped over certain parts, especially the last paragraph. Just like the rest of you, Im entitled to my opinions on the film, and Im starting to tire of being attacked by people such as yourself simply for not blindly agreeing that the film should be boycotted and the filmmakers should be destroyed. As I said in my most recent post, I dont like the idea of a live-action Dragon Ball movie anymore than the rest of you. I would prefer a CGI one to be done. But considering that the filmmakers have gone with the live-action route, Im going to do the smart thing and accept the changes that come with it as well as actually wait until AFTER I see the movie to say wether or not it is actually bad, rather than follow everyone else's lead and start foaming at the mouth over things like Goku being played by a Caucasian and a minute-long clip that wasnt even made for public viewing. Furthermore, just because Im one of the scarce few people here to actually think LOGICALLY about the film before even expressing my opinions in the first place, that does not give you or anyone else here the right to associate me with those working on the film. So with all due respect, get off my case.

soul_reaver265 on Nov 4, 2008


I find it interesting that Japan is receiving the film first. According to the Japanese movie poster, their release date is March 13, next year.

soul_reaver265 on Nov 4, 2008


@soul_reaver265 Look, if you actually watched "The Path to Power", then you should know the right path a movie adaptation of Dragonball should take, and that Hollywood has clearly taken the path to wrongness with this one. So why are you pretending to be logical and making so many excuses for something that doesn't deserve the slightest chance?

PWO on Nov 4, 2008


@ PWO Yes, I actually watched Path to Power. With the exception of the Chinese live-action movie, I OWN all the movies I listed in post #439 (Curse of the Blood Rubies was a bonus feature on the "Saga Of Goku" Dragon Ball DVD 2-pack) and rather than bitch about all the changes they present, I enjoy them for what they are, and that is what I'm going to do in regards to this movie . Honestly, i find it extremely ironic that people are ranting and raving and cursing up a storm in regards to this film, and yet, they say nothing even remotely bad about any of the past 3 adaptions, which, as I mentioned previously, diverge a great deal from the standard Dragon Ball storyline. To quote a DB-movie-related Youtube video I recently saw: If so many of you are talking so much about this movie, even in a negative light, that means you are interested, and chances are you're going to end up seeing it regardless of how much you say otherwise. With that, I shall take my leave for now. I do not wish to continue arguing with you, PWO, and I know you dont want to continue bickering with me, so whats say we just drop this?

soul_reaver265 on Nov 4, 2008

440 childhood

ShinmeiSuzaku on Nov 5, 2008


This looks crappy, man i pray they do somethin better with this, b/c this seems nothin like dbz more like power rangers or somethin.

carroll, Lekendrick on Nov 5, 2008


Even I can't save this movie! I am Very Disappointing You know. You should get what ever kind of money you can get from this movie and do not, I repeat! And do not put it on your resume. There is know hope for the way you are going about making this movie and it will cripple your carrear, if not seriously destroy it. Word to the wise, get what you can get from this movie and burn it or, just give it to me and I will through it into Eternal condemnation...! Meaning the lake of fire witch I am sure, I will do a way better job at destroying it than you. better yet, Start over and lest pretend that the way you are going about it, never Happen....!!!

GOD!!! on Nov 5, 2008


AWESOME!!! Dragonball was a good show. Can't say the same for Z though... You people are overreacting. xD

Nobody. on Nov 5, 2008


I have a theory. Uwe Boll Took the alias James Wong so he could continue to make movies without people wanting to vomit at the mere sight of his name attatched to a project.

They Call Me Squishy on Nov 6, 2008


My biggest Problem with this: 1. actors aren't believable, nor are they good, aside from the actor that plays roshi. And they even went and fucked that to hell. 2.! I heard NOTHING about Grandpa Gohan, what the flying fuck. It is GRANDPA GOHAN THAT TELLS GOKU ABOUT THE DRAGON BALLS 3.!!! WHERE IS HIS FUCKING TAIL GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111???? HE'S A FUCKING SAIYAN, AND HE HAS NO TAIL AND HE'S A FUCKING PUSS ASS. I BET THEY WON'T EVEN MENTION SAIYANS AT ALL! 4. Very upset with King Piccolo's outfit, if that debauchery carries on into a DBZ movie, i might shoot myself. 5. NO KRILLIN!? HALF THE STORY OF DBZ/DB IS KRILLIN BEING THE COMIC RELIEF WTF. BUT THERE'S YAMCHA. WTF. 6. kamehameha????? saw nothing about that, that was a HUGE part of DB. 7. World Tournament? Jackie Chun?!? 8. where's Nimbus?! If that fucking charger is "Nimbus" i'm gonna kick someone in the pants. I used to be a HUGE db/dbz/dbgt fan, i've seen every episode, every movie, owned merchandise, and have all the budokai's/tenkaichi's, along with a few DS games. I am severely disappointed as everyone else. Of course i'll walk into the theater totally optimistic, but once those lights dim, and this feces get's thrown onto the screen like there's a monkey behind the projector, then i will laugh my fucking ass off and probably walk out. What really pisses me off, is that The One was a kickass movie, kinda ridiculous sure, but the fighting was fucking awesome. If the fighting is anything like that in this movie, then sure it'd be a tad better, but the fact they flew so far away from the storyline and the character plots and how they look, just ....can't be made up for. It's a franchise that's been around since late '80's, you can't just go and do that. It's disrespectful to Mr. Toriyama.. =/

Andrew on Nov 6, 2008


1. good actors? sow the film yet for that statement? not looking right can be forgiven if you get a feel they are that character (roshi doesnt give me right feel tho) 2.wrong, Bulma does (Goku thinks 4 star dragonball is his grandpa) 3. indeed, most time he didnt have it was in dbz... i hope he is still sayan in the movie 4. clothes are minor detail for the movie, since characters are attached to them in anime, movie is too short for such attachment 5. its just trailer, full cast might not be in (to the one saying krilin didnt do anything: he finished most of invading creatures in dbz with 1 blast, he wasnt all that bad there :)) 6. again, just a trailer (prolly reserved for end fight in movie) 7. Jackie is roshi (allready in), with destiny thing prolly no room for tournament 🙁 8. again, trailer (im personally wondering if they gona be able to levitate/fly, at least Picolo should be able to)

Alex on Nov 7, 2008


I agree with Alex. Any and all negative opinions about the movie should be left until the finished movie comes out. Regarding Justin Chatwin playing Goku, the casting choice is done! Get over it! If anyone must complain about him, then complain about how well he plays the character, NOT WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE!

soul_reaver265 on Nov 7, 2008


Oh, and Alex, from what I understand based on interviews I've read, the people working on the film are striving to keep the feel of a Dragon Ball fight, with things like flight, and ki/energy auras & blasts

soul_reaver265 on Nov 7, 2008


WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE>< THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS THAT I CAN'T STOP SCREAMING. They have destroyed everything I love about DB/DBZ, I am so angered and disgusted, this is worse than the mutilation of Eragon and Harry Potter 3-5. It's like some asshat got ahold of the names from DBZ, edited out the ones that they didn't like (like oh say, the MAIN CHARACTER'S BEST FRIEND) decided to come up with new character designs, make some Forbidden Kingdom RIPOFF movie because OHO PEOPLE LIKE KUNG FUUUUUUUUU, and call it Dragonball to suck in the oldschool anime fans. IS THERE NO GOD -_- I hope they junk this and save themselves the embarrassment. It's a half shitty cast, OOC, terrible mockery of an okay anime.

Mithril on Nov 8, 2008


this is going to be the worst movie ever.. the characters do not match at all. There goes the legend of db..

animeView on Nov 8, 2008


OMG! GOKU HAS TURNED INTO A WHITE DOUCHEBAG!!! And he's so NOT cute. At least get a cute white guy, if you're going to go white at all. Akira Toriyama! Why did you sell out!!! =( Or were you too naive and sold your rights to your publisher who then sold it to Fox? Sigh.

irichan on Nov 8, 2008


Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool it everybody! You can't judge the movie until you see it. And by the way the mortal kombat movies were awesome. And i thought the street fighter movie was ok. So quit complaining!!!!!!!!!!! You can complain after you see the movie. Jeez........................ DBZ RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody on Nov 8, 2008


dude...WTF is up with the cast? Jackie Chan or Jet Li should so play Goku

Kasi on Nov 9, 2008


Damn you Fox for ruining a franchise that was loved by many. The 99.9999% of the Dragonball fans and I hope that the millions of dollars and recognition that you lose will teach you bastards a lesson

Strider on Nov 9, 2008


@soul_reaver265 You know, it's not just a matter of negative comments, there's also the matter of Fox trying to cheat people by deceiving them with the name of 'Dragonball'. Besides, it'll be too late if negative comments are left till people see the movie(even though there'll be an explosion of those by then), because it is obvious Fox isn't making this garbage so it'll get positive comments.

PWO on Nov 10, 2008


Dear soul_reaver265, You lose. You've realized, I hope, that no matter how much sensible points you're making, the number of people who will ignore what you are saying based off of your opinion. They outnumber you. So allow me to post something sensible: I am truly disappointed at this trailer. A trailer is meant to convey the sense that viewers would love to see the movie. However, if they can't make a trailer that shows their skills at the film-making process on a short-term scale, how can those that see this expect the actual movie to hold their attention on a long-term scale? An article I read somewhere said that Toriyama-san didn't want to base Dragon Ball off of other things, preferring to use his own mind. Dragon Ball is original. As many before me have stated, the trailer conveys the sense that the movie will be an amalgam of others. It seems that the people making this have chosen to base it of other movies. Dragon Ball is original. Can you really attack the people who enjoyed the quirky childishness of Dragon Ball? They would like to see their favorite elements included, like the perverted Roshi, brave Goku, Goku's tail, etc. Can you blame them for wanting to see the characters portrayed as the way that they wish to see them? To remember them? This can possibly be a good movie, but besides a few copyrights, can you really say that this will be a good DRAGON BALL movie? They don't care --- WE don't care if they have a bunch of stupid-looking stuff. How do you think Dragon Ball got popular? It was quirky, humorous, had moments of stuff FAR away from real life, etc. The movie should be true to its origins. The quirkiness would bring in way more people than the seriousness is. This is NOT Dragon Ball. This is something else. Goku is going to High School. That takes away from the humor aspects of the movie. So many potential opportunities missed. Goku's stupidity was one of the things that made me laugh. He was uneducated and lacked common sense. So again, whatever this movie will be, right now, from what we've seen, it isn't Dragon Ball. Can that be denied?

RK Joker on Nov 10, 2008


Shit man, this is not DRAGONBALL, heck Akira Toriyama should sue these people for using 'dragonball' to title a lame sick kung-fu fighting with bad acting! Heck, you might want to say this is 'STAR TREK' in 'STAR WARS' disguise, BUT EVEN WORST!! it's like STAR WRECK! p/s : sorry didn't mean to offend star trek fans, but darn am i pissed off!!

neato4u on Nov 10, 2008


Well, Did anyone really expect a person with crazy black Cloud Strife hair to be flying around? Seiously now. As a critique, I can't make any final comments on the movie till I see it, being a DB fan myself. We can only hope that the story is decent to a degree. Perhaps the movie will be better than the MK movies and much more better than we expect. at least they got the first basic concept of Piccolo being a villian(incase DBZ and DBGT have forces you to think he's been a good guy from the start, not counting the fact he's just a half of Kami) but I, like you people, have my doubts. We can only wait until the movie is at theartres before we all make final judgements. PS A Bad DB movie would be proper payback for all the fuckin episodes I was forced to wait for! XD

JonasXIX on Nov 10, 2008


Prophecy? haahahaha this looks like it was made by the disney channel. I prophesize this movie will kick all the fanboys in the ballz.

toddflanders on Nov 11, 2008


Firstly, I would like to apologize if I came across as "attacking". I am simply sick and tired of hearing/reading people slandering this film simply because its not exactly like the anime, as well as being associated with Fox Studios simply for being willing to accept any and all changes this movie has made. I too enjoy the anime as it is, for what it is, and I am fully aware that this has strayed as far from the anime as can be. Do I care? Nope. Have I gotten completely up in arms over things like Goku being Caucasian and Roshi not being perverted as well as a lack of Oolong, Puar, and Krillin among the myriad of other changes? Not in the least. You are right, this is NOT the Dragon Ball we know. This is indeed something else, I wont deny that. I own the entire original Dragon Ball series on DVD (I'll gladly take pictures to prove it) and, speaking for myself, atleast, I do not want to see the same old story that I can watch anytime I like played out on the big screen. I want to see a new and different take on it, and thats what this movie is delivering. Now, I know fully well that I cannot stop people from hating the film, or the changes made, nor do I have any intention to. All I tried to say in all my posts is that unlike the vast majority of you, I was not expecting a carbon copy of the cartoon, and in all honesty, none of you should have either. As Ive said many times before, what works successfully in one medium, wont translate so easily to another. Dragon Ball works the way it is in ANIMATION, yes. But would it really fly in a live-action film. I for one sincerely doubt it. Truth be told, I would hate the idea of this movie more than I already do if they tried to make it more like the anime. That possibility was one of the MAJOR reasons I was against this when it was first announced way back in 2002. I knew even back then that if they tried to make it like the anime, it would just look ludicrous, and thats saying something considering how big a fan of the series I am. As I said to PWO before, I own atleast a couple of the anime-style Dragon Ball adaptions (such as Path to Power for instance) and I accept and enjoy them for what they are. Ive been keeping track of the film like the rest of you, and from what info I have discovered online, the movie is keeping atleast some aspects of the anime, like the Ozaru/Great Ape, Piccolo's green skin, as well as the basics of a typical Dragon Ball fight. And as for your comment about Toriyama not wanting to base his creation off of anything, did you know that the very beginning of Dragon Ball was based upon and actually parodies the Chinese myth Journey to the West? Goku himself is a direct send-up of Son Wukong, the Monkey King, right down to being Wukong's physical opposite (more man than monkey) as well as carrying a flying cloud and enchanted staff similar to Wukong's. Hell, the name "Son Goku" is the Japanese variant of "Son Wukong". Secondly, what you see on this page, is not the official trailer. Its just a video that Fox threw together for the higher-ups as a way of saying "Hey, we finally have this project off the ground". I have read on many websites that Fox has confirmed this is not the official trailer, and that the real trailer will be released with The Day The Earth Stood Still. I feel that such unbeleiveable negativity towards a film thats under six months away is unjustified. I beleive that people should wait until the film comes out and they've seen it before being such sourpusses. The movie could do quite well, and turn out to be far better than any of us have anticipated. We dont know for sure at this point. And as for myself, if it happens to displease me, I will gladly join in the chorus of haters, but Im going to wait until the film actually comes out first rather than form a negative opinion solely based upon promotional material (and in the case of Goku, being negative about him simply because he's being played by a white guy). PROOF THAT THE OZARU WILL BE IN THE FILM (Courtesy of It has since been removed due to fox, but I found this floating around in IMDB)

soul_reaver265 on Nov 11, 2008


Oops, forgot to mention that the above post was aimed at RK Joker

soul_reaver265 on Nov 11, 2008


my lord, that wasnt so bad. for a teaser i mean, and yall need to remember, it is just a teaser. we've still got months till this hits theaters, and fyi, they arent even done with the computer effects yet. just imagine how it would look of they were. when superman returns came out, the trailor looked so badass it gave me chills, and then after that, the movie kinda sucked. maybe, just maybe, this hold the opposite effect. i think most of yall r to quick to judge.

master cheif = Leonidus on Nov 12, 2008


truth is, this teaser was a minute long. . . A FREAKING MINUTE LONG!!!! give or take ten seconds of text to go with footage, u got a 50 second teaser. how long r most movies? anywhere from an hour and a half, to two hours. lets just assume, its two hours. UVE ONLY SEEN A FREAKEN 50 SECOND CLIP OF A WHOLE TWO HOUR MOVIE, AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS DOG ON IT. the only oppinion that matters, is the oppinion of the creator, Akira Toriyama himself. you know what, he is pretty proud of this movie, and if the maker is proud, then screw yall, cuz so im i.

master cheif = Leonidus on Nov 12, 2008


look here this is some bullshit i watched every single episode sence i was little and this is not close to what it suppose to be. piccalo is not green, goku has no fuckin tail and he's white, bulma's hair is suppose to be blue and were the hell is the flying nimbus... i mean what the fuck is going on!!! uhh who ever made this shit slap yourself!!!

jt smove on Nov 12, 2008


i guess ima still see it though i jus hope im not too disappointed!

jt smove on Nov 12, 2008


This is going to be the a crap movie becasue fox does not no shit about making movies and this James Wong does not no shit about making a live action movie about DB

Blade on Nov 12, 2008


yall been working on this movie for how long? and it looks like this s**t. i admit im still going to watch it but i dont think its going to be any good. that fag looks nothing like goku and where the hell is everybody else. it seems its going to be a new movie based on old stuff.

dont have a name. on Nov 13, 2008


They could of just made a 3D version instead of the real life version similar to TF. The characters and acting don't even depict the spirit of the DB. Piccolo is a green alien...

morissen on Nov 13, 2008


Lmao.... Lets see... 483 Comments and only 10 of them Somewhat Resembling Positive.... Okay, Now Did anyone IN this film actually WATCH what Dragonball was about? NO? Akira Toriyama May be counting the Bills in his wallet right now But to me he's Become another George Lucas Whos Screwed over something great. To EVERY DIRECTOR OUT THERE! Bigger effects, more explosions does ((NOT)) Make a better movie... 10 to 1 we'll see this movie rereleased 20x with new THX sound.. Crap total crap... Take a 5 yr old kid show him DBZ & I guarentee he'll make a Better Movie.. I Bag on this Movie simply cause Ive watched Animes... Good ones.. Fall Into the wrong hands.. and the ONLY movie ive seen thus far that comes close to Original Plot & Storyline Is Transformers... Give this movie to Michael Bay, He'll Fix it... otherwise I wouldnt pee on this film reel to save it from fire on opening day.. How Could you Sell Out Akira? =(

Chris on Nov 14, 2008


As to Soul_Reaver265 I do agree that Ppl should be openminded But I have to Side with RK Joker, I Too Fell in love with the Originality of Dragonball & the silly antics of Goku, whereas Most people would be shocked at Roshi's Pervyness I Laughed (being too young at the time to fully understand what he was doing with bulma) I grew up on the Origional Transformers, Voltron, Gi Joe, He-Man & She-Ra... So Yea Im not expecting a Carbon Copy of Dragonball... however I Dont want it to lose the reasons why I Fell in love with it in the 1st place... Period.

Chris on Nov 14, 2008


I've been soo looking forward for this movie to be made but...this is bad. Goku's character seems weak in this. He can be heard saying,"I don't know if I can do this".MAN that is so far from Gokus true character of always believing that he could take on anything and overcoming it. He sounded more like Gohans character, always doubting himself and needing Goku to push him forward. They could've done some different things with the other characters and I don't think it would've mattered, IF they would've stayed true to Goku's character. From the beginning of the dragonball series to the end, that guy had an uncanny ability to, "get back on that horse".He's the main if not the only reason for dragonball's success and you guy's blew it. Didn't matter that he was white, I mean he turned back into a child in GT but Goku was still Goku. Maybe the people who made Stormriders would've been better off making this movie. Looks like too much drama in this one.

lenny on Nov 14, 2008


i agree, they shoulda let Asians do it

iceman on Nov 14, 2008


you know everybody bashes on haveing a white goku but if you watch the series nobody looks asian except like yamcha lol. bulma is white as can be and so is goku. honestly this movie looks a little too dark and well crappy to be dragonball. they dont even have krillin, oolong, or puar! granted i could probably do without oolong and puar but krilllin!!!? thats madness. im even ok with this justin chatwin guy as goku but they didnt get the hair right at all and that is the most important part of the entire series! lol just kidding but somebody above me mentioned how Goku said "I don't know if I can do this" and i have to agree with lenny on this one, goku always believed in himself and thought he could do anything he is the most confindent character in the series. it also looked like they tried to make this a teen flick with the fancy cars and on a trailor somewhere i saw goku making out with who i can only asume is chi chi. when the hell did goku every make out with anybody??? in the anime series he had a kid with the woman but he never made out with her LMAO. alright guys to be perfectly honest i will go see this movie probably the day it comes out and i will probably even enjoy it because im going in with an open mind. i know its not the same as the original anime series but whatever i bet its a good action flick and DB was such a big part of my childhood i wouldnt miss the live action movie.

staffordsoldier on Nov 15, 2008


tyra banks should play piccollo. The rest of the charaters should be played by the cast of seinfeld: george= krillin, newman= majin buu..ect.

kingzoidberg on Nov 16, 2008


Complete shit! This movie should not exist! The movie title should be changed! The names of the characters need to be changed! And Akira Toriyama should sever all ties with this project! And the movie, if it isn't axed should be released as a completely non-DB related film. Although a new Dragonball project hasn't existed for over 12 years, the series still runs on the Cartoon Network every now and then, and I think anyone familiar with the series in any way, shape or form, will be outraged to see the complete DB Universe torn apart by money hungry executives.

Modzulla on Nov 16, 2008


I must say the trailer looks pretty bad, i wasnt expectin anything good but common could have been way better! I grew up watching DB, DBZ, DBGT, and am a HUGE fan of the series, i will still watch this movie when it comes out, but im not going to let it ruin my obession. If i were to make a movie on this it would be 3D animation, (kinda like the final fantasy movies) that way the characters are represented as close as possible to the series. You could also throw in some cool energy blasts, and effects:). but this is my point of veiw, not sure if anyone else thinks that would be a better idea.

)v(alin_P on Nov 16, 2008


@ geraldsfield. ...You know nothing about martial arts, huh? What he was doing with Roshi is either a) a kata (a program of martial arts moves done at slow to normal pace) or b) tai chi.

Doc on Nov 17, 2008


Owh , Sh!t , Wut de Crap, did I just saw a yellow sponge doing a martial art? also did I Just saw Goku kissing a girl? god damn this film and America!! salman ( not a true name) 😀

Masked Salman on Nov 17, 2008


HAHAHAHA try to fight an alien using tai chi! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

geraldsfield on Nov 18, 2008


First - I'm a big big big fan of Akira Toriyama and Dragon Ball Second - I didn't realize some of you guys is really idiot.Why?You want 100% like a Dragon Ball anime?Did you guys know how hard to bring such a anime that has many effects into a reality?You guys just stuck in front of computer and didn't do anything in real life?Have a life guys. This movie worth to watch. Don't just sit in front of computer commenting and didn't do anything. Throw some good idea.They are trying to bring this movie to audience like us. Third - Many of you guys threw some bad comment such as "money hungry" and so on. What you are going to say?Don't just commenting badly without reason and no idea or suggestion. Luckily some of us made some good point and idea for better movie. But, I still definitely watch it. What I want to say is, eventhough you guys say something bad about it, I bet 100% that half of u guys(that is keep saying this movie is bad a shit or etc) still going to watch it. thanks.

razor on Nov 18, 2008


496 "They are trying to bring this movie to audience like us." What group of people are you talking about? Kids can understand dragon ball. This trailer just made me sad.

atomsk on Nov 19, 2008


All yall haters just need to shut the fuck up. If you guys think this movie is going to be so shitty just Move on with ur worthless lives and shut the fuck up. U are all only making this movie more famous. What if it doesnt suck? u are all going to feel fucking stupid. anyways what im trying to say is that if you aint got nothing NEW to say then shut the fuck up. all i hear is "this movie is going to suck, way to kill my fav cartoon" blah blah blah

Kev on Nov 19, 2008


In response to somebody's comment earlier: Goku and Bulma are white as all in the cartoons?! If you think Bulma and Goku are white in the cartoon and they act white, you're looking at it from the U.S. point of view. Dragon Ball Z was not created in the U.S. and in the real DBZ episodes (non U.S.) Goku, Bulma and everybody else do not act like that. But really, Goku is a saiyan, what race is he?

dbzfan123 on Nov 20, 2008


Frankly, i think people need to just chill out. It's just a movie, a movie whose intent is to make money, it's not a personal attack on you and your precious childhood icons. Grow up. Move on. Think it's going to be terrible? Instead of whining about it, just choose not to see it. It's very simple. On that note, I think the movie looks sort of fun. It looks to be action packed and campy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sure it's not completely true to source material. but no adaptations ever are... which is why they're adaptations, and not direct translations. It's impossible to make something perfect to every single person's vision. Perhaps it's a reimagining. Reimaginings can often be far better then the original source material- look at battlestar galactica for god's sake. Rather then lambasting a preview- which isn't the movie, it's just a preview, perhaps save your critical reviews of the entire film for when you actually see the entire film- not a 60 second teaser trailer.

N on Nov 21, 2008


Sizzling Suns!!! It’s like the Super Mario Bros movie all over again.

The Sentry on Nov 22, 2008


dude i am one of the biggest db/dbz/dbgt fans & i have to say i'll probably speedwatch the movie after i buy it in the 99 cent bin at the local car wash laugh & cry at it then go on the rest of my life pretending it didn't happen oh and by the way i did watch every episode of every show anyway getting back to what i was saying this movie is either gonna be really good or really bad but since goku's going to high school, bulma's hair isn't even blue, master roshi is less of the pervish turtle hermit and more of a grand master, krillin isn't in the movie & piccolo, like all of me and my also db/dbz/dbgt fan friends agree should've been portrayed by a black guy not a B-list actor who is white

Dylan Gutierrez on Nov 23, 2008


I read through the comments before watching the teaser... Didn't really thought it would suck this bad...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *sobs* *sniff* MUWAHAHAHAHA!!11oneone

Eh? on Nov 24, 2008


@ master cheif = Leonidus I already saw 60 seconds of crap..why should I bother torturing myself for 120mins of this suckage. This movie is what I call FUBAR.

Eh? on Nov 24, 2008


this isn't the 1st dragon ball movie... the last 1 i saw was worser than this 1.. the worst part of the last movie i saw they had a chick playing goku, you could tell goku was female when they did high view angle shot looking down on goku, anyone that has seen this flick will know what i'm talkking about... After watching the preview it kinda reminds of the mortal kombat movies, chow yun fat playing roshi is a bit of a stretch, the way the preview played it was like listening to chow's monologue from bullet proof monk.. some anime based live action movies don't translate well into film, a great example of this, street fighter and the mortal kombat trillogy, for cgi and wire work they were flawless though through storeyline they lost the plot, to be honest i think it would of been better doing 3d cgi movies instead of wasting money making artistic movie flops... i think anything but a 3d cgi production is the only way to go, trying to replicate this in a live action setting isn't going to translate very well unless they employ same type of setting for visual that was used in superman returns...

jackknife on Nov 26, 2008


Piccolo.... LOL!!! Total trash.

CupcakeAssassin on Nov 26, 2008


It's just a movie for Christ's sake! It's not supposed to be some monumentally awesome movie.... it's just a fun popcorn fluff type movie.... like transformers. I don't understand the "omg they just spit in my childhood" and whatever lol, that's just lame... I grew up watching the show it wasn't some life altering "omg it changed my life" was always fluff... IT'S JUST A SHOW.

Carla on Nov 26, 2008


to carla you've got to be fucking kidding me alright we're men you're a woman you would never understand the impact that tv & anime has had on alot of guys, like me for example, if it wasn't for dbz i wouldn't have the 29 stories i have written right now & by the way in the trailer transformers looked good & it was good, on the other hand this movie looks awful & probably is going to be awful, so don't come in here saying it's just a movie when you should damn well know it's not just a movie if 506 upset fans made comments about the trailer looking awful so fuck you!!!!!!

Carlito Sanchez on Nov 27, 2008


So what if Carla's a girl? I happen to know quite a few female anime fans, some of whom are Dragon Ball/Z/GT fans. She does have a point though. At the end of the day its just a movie. As has been stated before, this isnt the official trailer, and if the film bothers people to such an extent, they can easily choose not to see it.

soul_reaver265 on Nov 27, 2008


Calrlito SFTU 506 people did not complain this movie !! It's only 4 or 5 people that keep this thread going for so long.

mjc on Nov 28, 2008


The only thing the people who made this travesty care about is getting asses in seats or using marketing tools ie. toys, videogames, tapons etc. to make enough money back to make a sequel. This is not made for the fan base this is for the general public as a family film for its very difficult to fit 153 episodes into 2hrs and this is typical. 20th Century Fox Studios and Dune Entertainment have a long history of making mindless special effects driven crap. They expect even if the fans don't like it that fans will see it anyway out of sheer curiosity and blog about it since any press even if it is bad press is still good press. DB is still considerd to be in production and is due to be out in April 2009 so there is still time and this is teaser trailer anyway, simply wait for the other trailers to be released and make your final decision then. Me personally I have no desire to see this since I've already seen the original series so I don't need to see a nutered live action version and if I want to see DB i'll just go online and see it on some tube or ill buy the box set. The Pop Corn fluff mentality is what will drive this movie to its sucess, people don't see movies to think, be challenged, or get to see what they enjoyed as a book, videogame, or TV show fully translated to the big screen. No one wants to sit though a 4hr film these days and OMG!!! What if it had subtitles??

Decameron on Dec 1, 2008


i agree with carlito. maybe not in those exact words but more or less. the dragonball, dragonball z, and dragonball gt series were my favorites when i was a kid. heck it still is one of my favorites of all time. anyway this isnt just a movie all the people that havnt seen the anime are going to think that the anime sucks just like the movie when in actuality the anime surpasses most movies in the first place. also i dont think they should even come out with a live action movie and if they do they should at least get japanese actors... its stupid casting american actors for a japanese anime nock off. how pathetic anyway ill stick to the anime....

saiyan on Dec 2, 2008


I want to kill myself watching this trailer - this should not be called Dragonball but Mortal Kombat 3 or some shit.

Thor on Dec 3, 2008


@ Eh? #504 I DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF YOU GO SEE THE 120 MIN MOVIE, POINT IS, THE MOVIE ISNT FINISHED YET! AND TO EVERYONE WHO THINKS THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS MOVIE SINCE 2002. . . They mentioned the idea way back then, but never moved on it. they had a script, and dumped it. this is sumthen completely different, from the idea they had in 2002. Ive read many comments saying that, "Theyve been working on this movie for how long, and it still looks like crap!" They started production midway through 2008. and theyve got a month to go till its supposedly finished. now, this trailer, was a leaked trailer, no one ever ment for it to get out, becuz they knew it wasnt done yet. sum of yall need to get the facts straight. . . and so what if you think it looks like crap. 85% of you will still go see it, and yall know it.

master cheif = Leonidus on Dec 3, 2008


This comment was left on the official movie site, on november 10 of this year. "A purported Dragonball trailer was leaked a while back which left some franchise faithful scratching their heads. That preview, we’ve learned, was merely a promotional video made for licensing purposes and does not necessarily properly represent the final version of the film. Sure, Piccolo may not be totally green-skinned — we hear he turns a green-ish tint near the end of the film — and that leaked Goku “monster form” pic (that we can’t show you) was somewhat awkward — but it’s still several months away from the expected release date. And a movie like this is at least half-made in post-production. We don’t think it’s a bad thing that Fox delayed the movie — it was originally set for an August 2008 release — to ensure that there’s enough time for proper tweaking. Reshoots of the flick are reportedly being done. The officially released promotional stills all look pretty cool, so we’ll remain cautiously optimistic. A legit trailer should be arriving before the end of the year." Theyve got 4 months till the movie hits theaters, and as this clearly states, they are doing reshoots. People who claim to be hardcore, or everyone who says, "Im the biggest db/dbz/dbgt fan!" and still shoot down the movie arent as big a fan as they say. its funny how there over 20 people who are all the single biggest fan. Truth is, the Dragonball serious in whole is the largest known anime in the world. and has a bigger fan base than Bungies Halo serious. To everyone who claims to be a true fan, save your comments till after the movie is released.

master cheif = Leonidus on Dec 3, 2008


Well I assume this is a scam from fox to pull in big money from their insurance carriers for this flop...Nothing about this says dragon ball aside from the name. Master Roshi, although I love yun fat, have a gut feeling he's going to be this all knowing and wise master instead of the fun loving laid back pervert we love. Then there's goku in the trailer he's whining about not being ready for this....wait WHAT, in what way is this goku, especially younger goku? Goku generally ran head first into battle whether he was ready or not he was prepared, wasn't until he had gohan that he actually start thinking things through... and Piccolo, my god doesn't even resemble him BAD make up artist and costume design BAD BAD and since when did piccolo wear leather....Seriously fox is expecting a flop because the only people that would go and actually PAY to see this movie is parents taking their kids that don't know any better, people that kdon't know the series and just see an action movie, and then those that just want's to see how bad it really going to be. This will most likely sink lower than ANY mortal kombat franchise DOA or any other piss poor real time game/anime/manga based american made film. I look forward to the remake with better script writer and director that actually KNOWS about the DBZ series...

Xerogias on Dec 4, 2008


I really really....reallly really really really............... really hope that the movie is way better than the trailer. Lets just see on April 3 2009. I hope it wont end up like dragon wars. But i will still go see the movie since i used to watch after school evryday and wait for the show to come on.

Howard on Dec 4, 2008


NOOOOOOOO WYF!!! this shit is Not Dragonball, no one even looks half thee wayy theyy do in thee cartoon!!! I dont like this at all!!!

Tim on Dec 5, 2008


complete shiet... hands down

Antonio Cruise on Dec 5, 2008


relax i heard that this was an unfinished trailer and wasnt even supposed to be released they still had to put the effects in the real one is supposed to be released either by the end of this year or next year

dee on Dec 7, 2008


um why would they do this...omg i love db but why they could have done bettter....-crys her eyes out- nooooooooooooooooooooo db is reuined

jamie on Dec 7, 2008


I am only going to watch so it makes money and hope a dragonball Z comes out that will be worth watching

sad on Dec 8, 2008


I have seen all the DB,DBZ n DBGT , goku belived he could do anything , he had this childlike aura around him that endeared him to all who watched the show . let us hope , that when they finish this movie and finally release it , it will remind us of the show that we've grown up with and not this pale shadow of what FOX say it should be and to those who wrote comments about how the fans of all the dragonball series were offended by this teaser? so what, i'm not happy either , but will keep an open mind , you have your opinion , leave us with our's. Here's to hoping for an awsome and well liked release by ALL dragonball fans.....btw...WHERE is , just kidding

Allen on Dec 9, 2008


Wanna know what the biggest indicator of how truly god awful this movie will be? Aside from the fact that "Dragon Ball: The Legend Begins" is more true to the series, the guy playing Piccolo actually compared the franchise to Shakespeare. ...No, seriously. Look it up on Wikipedia. I don't think someone put it there as a joke. -Tabris

Tabris Macbeth on Dec 13, 2008


this is gonna be worse then super mario bros the movie... im a huge db and dbz fan and this completely ruined the series for me....but ill probably see it anyway....

Bob on Dec 14, 2008


Why is piccolo not green?! This movie looks crap tbh. It's an insult to the anime

TDeeerm on Dec 22, 2008


they need to see the first japanses dragonball live action... it resembles the first RR saga of the anime...they even did the part when goku catch a big ass fish to bring gohan(the grand father) and bulma showed a must see.

hatake on Dec 22, 2008


wtf is this. when did they have cars and guns and this crap. atleast make new characters.

bill on Dec 22, 2008



wow lame on Dec 24, 2008


i love dragon ball z

vegeta on Dec 27, 2008


Hey, it can't be as bad as DBZ... Or... GT.... *shudders as the utter stupidity of GT* You know what they say... How many DBZ characters does it take to change a lightbulb? One, but it takes at least 100 episodes. Anyway, this movie would look good if it was an original idea. But since it's not, people (like me) want it to be like the original Dragonball, which I can appreciate. However, since it is not, I refuse to see it in theaters, or buy it, and I may not even rent it, depending on reviews and such. Also, I HIGHLY doubt this movie will have sequels leading to a live action movie for DBZ, and not for the reason that I don't like DBZ. It just seems like something that would be hard to make a movie of, and I doubt many people would watch it.

MAMA LUIGI on Dec 31, 2008


Back in 1991 I started watching in Okinawa Japan. There is a group of kids using stuff from and made a WAAAAAAAAAY better version of DBZ with Super Saiyaman( Gohan) and all, with the androids and it is 100% better than that and it only 4 minutes long. go here we need to support these guys so they can become a big studio and produce some good shyte...

DBZ Nut on Jan 1, 2009


Holly shit! That youtube version was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy better! What the hell is Fox thinking? Just because transformers was awesome in present time, doesn't mean you can phuck up my show! The whole concept is crap. How can u stear so far away from the original concept? I know its hard to make a movie from a cortoon, but damn! The only thing the same is the charaters names, and the 5 dragon balls! Thats it! wheres goku's tail? How is going to turn into the big ass monkey without it? And they wonder why people illegaly download movies online! Thats why!

DB Fan 4 Life on Jan 10, 2009


I Imagine like spider mad it will start off gay...and like starwars it will build into a cool movie! dont forget DBZ got cool when vegita showed up and technically this storyline takes place in dragon ball and not BBZ...personally they should of started it off in the sayan saga, but screw it and lets just hope this is there money maker to make The actual DBZ Movie killer...if they make a freeza and a cell move thats when shits gona rock. P.S. Goku would whoop supermans ass

Meat Clever on Jan 15, 2009


ooOOOoooo may not be much like dragon ball but i think it would be good enough to be some entertainment!

jared on Jan 20, 2009


what the hell this is crap it make the people who wrote dragonball/z/gt look like fools at least i know one movie im not going to see this movie is bull sh%t for the people who think this movie is cool you people dont know the first thing about dragonball

DBZ/GT rules on Jan 21, 2009


i've watched the entire series, including the movies and i just hope they stick to the story.if they can do that, then there should be no problem at all. either way i'm going to see it. but if it isnt to the story at least alitte bit people will really really really mad including myself.the dragonball series is one of those shows/movies that has millions of people bitting there tongue because its such a great story. the story has to be close to the real show or else people wont like it. but like i said i'm still going to like it because i've been waiting for something like this for a long time.

shaun on Jan 22, 2009


@shaun If you've been waiting for this for a long time, then why don't you wait a little longer and boycott this crap so Fox will lose a big deal and force others to make a better movie

PWO on Jan 26, 2009


Boycott this film, its time FOX went bust. I wont even bother downloading this rubbish on bit torret! Its looks like a cheap made for TV sequal movie. You all know what i mean, like home alone 3, replace all the A list Actors we liked with Z list actors and cut the budget from millions to thousans and use pentium 3 pcs to add special effects! Waste of film, time and Money, an insult to fans of DB

SuperJ on Jan 26, 2009


i love dragonball but when is see this... i am not sure if i love this O.o this film has nothing to do with the manga dragonball except for some names like goku, piccolo or the dragonballs why is goku so old, when he meets bulma? where is the old muten roshi? he looks like 30 O.o and why does he meet piccolo sooooo fast? looks like they took everything from what they thought the fans love it and put it in this tryed to make something new... without taking the good old story did the writer watch or read dragonball? do they know what it is? i don´t think so... realy poor...

GevatterTod on Feb 14, 2009


This will probably be the only movie I actually cry to when I see it.

Frankie on Feb 18, 2009


No true fan of the dbz universe can say this movie looks good because it doesnt look anything like the series we love . Still i havent seen it yet maybe by some miracle when i watch the movie goku will suddenly act like a saiyan instad of the weak human he appears to be.

olu on Feb 25, 2009


ARRIVANDO DALL'ITALIA CLANDESTINO,COSA SUCCEDE? Se un americana ti lava obbligatoriamente vengo io,se è un americano was guy come i baresi vedi Bisceglie a Torino no altrove i boys come me boy possono capirmi in Italia immagina in America del nord,l'Alaska,esiste sul serio una città di nome Whitehorse,si,non "cavallo" "bianco",horses "yellow" "blue".Esclamation for blood risk made in Italy,Aitalia del mondo! EmOcTiOnEd?ìsòà+è-ù*here not the snow delight at air to umide never -.

Andrea on Feb 28, 2009


I have watched this moive for three times, and evrytime I watched, I cried, too.

ashley nicky on Jul 2, 2009

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